Whore and Order

Alley behind The Slut Dumpster strip club, Saturday 12th March, 1.02 AM

A scantily-clad blonde hurried out of the fire escape of the seedy strip club and, stumbling on stilettos, fled into the darkness of the alley. Hot on her impractically high heels, a man pursued her.

'Hey, Honey,' he called after her. 'Where do you think you're going?'

His words caused the young woman considerable alarm and whilst she raced toward the light of the street he took the time to admire her exquisite silhouette and take a final swig of his beer.

The girl's panicked flight was brought to an abrupt halt when one of her heels snapped and she was deposited, with a shriek, on the hard ground.

Chuckling to himself, the man tossed aside his beer bottle and strode after her without haste. When he reached her she was still on the floor; her long platinum hair tussled and draped over her face as she desperately pushed herself away from him with her one good heel.

'Honey,' he said as he loomed over her, 'I told you I wouldn't let you leave without giving me a lap dance.'

There came a sickening crunch and the man's confident smirk fell away instantly as he looked down to find the girl's stiletto heel buried in his left testicle.

'Sorry,' growled the girl who had thrown herself onto her back and pistoned her one good heel up at him. 'I only know one dance and that's the Twist!'

A sharp turn of her heel was all it took to seal the fate of the man's gonad.


Police Headquarters, 1.10 AM

Detective Shucks had no sooner stepped into the lobby of the bustling police precinct than she was turning to leave. Catching sight of her reflection in the glass of the door she stopped and stared at it.

A pretty blonde in her early twenties, Sarah Shucks was the sweetest, most earnest person you could hope to meet, which did not bode well for a career in the police force, but Sarah had worked hard to develop her mean side.

Narrowing her eyes at her reflection, much like she did in front of her bedroom mirror every night before bed, the young blonde put on her gravelliest voice and growled, 'Where do you think you're going, bitch?'

'Excuse me?' said a surprised voice, causing her to spin around with a gasp.

A busty redhead in her mid-thirties stared back at her with a quizzically-raised crimson eyebrow.

'Nothing!' gushed Shucks, panicking terribly. 'I was just...'

'You must be Detective Sucks,' said the woman, unimpressed. Shucks was too overwhelmed to correct the woman whose protuberant breasts had her pinned against the door.

Shucks took her for a secretary, but when she introduced herself as Grace Fox, captain of CUNT, the young detective could barely contain her shock.

'CUNT?' she repeated, astonished. 'You're captain of CUNT?'

Fresh from the academy, Sarah had immediately applied and been accepted for a role on the Crimes of an Unsavoury Nature Team; a crack team which dealt mainly with her pet hate: rape, but whose responsibilities also included investigating any other crimes that the regular departments found too icky or depraved. And now it seemed she was boob-to-gigantic-boob with her new commander.

'Yes,' said Captain Fox; eyeing Shucks reproachfully. She turned away, allowing Shucks to once again breathe freely. 'Follow me.'

Shucks skipped quickly after her, unable to ignore the redhead's full, rolling rear in her tight miniskirt.

'Can I ask you a question?' asked Shucks as she struggled to keep up with her captain as they climbed a staircase.

'If you must,' said Captain Fox tersely.

'How many rape cases do you deal with on a monthly basis?'

'Not many,' said Fox.

'Really?' asked Shucks with a puzzled frown.

Fox drew to an unexpected stop on the stairs and before Shucks could take a step back she turned to face her; unintentionally pitching her weighty melons at the young detective's head.

Shucks only narrowly ducked the swinging rack; sheepishly reappearing from beneath when the redhead asked where she had gone. The redhead gave a sigh of exasperation, but patiently went on to explain, 'When we started out all our cases were rapes, but one of our detectives turned that around.'

'Really?' asked Shucks, straining her neck to make eye contact over Fox's mountainous rack. 'How?'

'She went into schools and colleges and gave training on rape prevention to the girls. Since then the number of rapes has plummeted. Now we mainly deal with the castrations.'

'Castrations?' cried Shucks, horrified at both the word and Fox's blasé delivery.

'Of the attempted rapists,' Captain Fox said matter-of-factly. 'Castrations and... worse.'

'Worse?' cried Shucks. 'What's worse than castration?'

The redhead smiled faintly. 'We currently have a cooler down in the evidence locker containing several full sets of male genitalia.'

'Oh, god,' said Shucks, covering her mouth.

'A bit over the top, I know,' said Fox, airily, 'but who's to judge what these girls do in self-defence.' She turned away and continued up the stairs with Shucks taking several seconds to follow.

'Anyway,' continued Fox, when Shucks was once again behind her swaying ass, 'the fall in rapes is a real win for the department.'

'But the castrations and the cooler full of...' Shucks shuddered, unable to finish the sentence.

Fox shrugged. 'How else do you stop a rapist raping?'

Her reasoning struck Shucks as heartless, but essentially sound.

When Captain Fox reached the top of the stairs she stopped at a door upon which "Crimes of an Unsavoury Nature Team" was emblazoned. As Shucks approached she held out her hand to halt her.

'CUNT is my team and it's pretty stretched right now so there's going to be no time to ease you in gently. So tell me, Detective Sucks, are you sure you want to be in my CUNT?'

'I want in your CUNT so bad,' said Shucks, gushing unashamedly. For the first time, Captain Fox gave her a smile.

'I'm extremely choosy about who I let inside,' she said, pushing open the door for her, 'so consider yourself privileged.'

Shucks stared open-mouthed at her new place of work. Tens of young, dynamic young women bustled about the office reading case files or banged their fists while conversing forcefully on telephones.

So star-struck was Shucks that it took her a moment longer than it ought to have to notice the one glaring peculiarity.

'They're all nude!' she said in a gasp.

'They wear all they need to wear,' said Captain Fox as her hand fell on Shucks' back to forcefully guide the reluctant recruit inside, 'their boots, belts and badges.'

'But...' said Shucks, her eyes skipping from one exposed pussy to another, 'you can see everything.'

'Don't worry. It takes most recruits a few days to see the benefits of our dress code.'

Still overcome, Shucks turned to enquire what exactly the benefits of parading around with your minge out were, but was rendered speechless when Captain Fox's bra fell away and out spilled an ocean of pale tit-flesh atop which bobbled two cherry-red nipples, surrounded by the faintest pink areola imaginable.

'Mmm,' she purred, her long eyelashes flickering orgasmically. 'Doesn't it feel good to get your bra off and just hang free?'

Shucks was a relatively modest C-cup and couldn't vouch for the "hanging free" part, but she did know the relief of removing a restrictive bra after a long day. And yet she was still unconvinced that the benefits outweighed the disadvantages; even when the redhead proceeded to slip her miniskirt over her hips to present the young blonde with an immaculately-trimmed triangle of auburn hair.

'Oh, my,' said Shucks; her eyes wide with an equal mix of shock and wonder. Her uttered approval was drowned out by the clatter of Fox's pendulous breasts as she continued to twist left and right as she worked her tight skirt down over her thighs.

'Now,' said Fox, finally kicking the skirt from around her ankles, 'I'll show you to your desk and introduce you to your first case.'

Shucks' eyes followed her as she sashayed across the office and with all higher-level thinking suspended while her frazzled brain cooled off, the only thought to enter her mind at that moment was: Her ass looks even better out of her dress.

As if having read her mind, Fox looked back over her shoulder with a wry smile and beckoned her on.

On arriving at her new desk, Shucks immediately collapsed into her chair. She was lucky she did because the moment her cheeks met the seat, Fox slammed a folder down on her desk and several graphic close-up photographs of a man's battered scrotum spilled out and her legs turned to jelly.

'This is the case that just came in,' she said as Shucks recoiled. 'An attempted rape, but as you can see from these photos she was able to snap on her phone, the victim fought her attacker off.'

'Oh, good,' said Shucks; unable to think of what else to say.

'It would have been a nice open and shut first case for you too, but somehow the pervert managed to drag his remaining bollock out of there while she was calling it in. He's on the lamb. I need you to track him down before he strikes again.'

Shucks doubted greatly the need for such urgency. 'Is he really still a threat after losing a testicle?' she asked, causing Fox's mood to darken suddenly. She leaned in close; her heavy tits swinging forward with the menace of wrecking balls.

'I've seen a man lose both his balls and still maintain an erection for long enough to run in through a schoolgirl so you tell me, Detective – is he still a threat with one?'

'I... guess so,' squeaked Shucks; struggling to maintain eye contact as her boss' suddenly stiff nipples continued to sway right in front of her.

'Good,' said Captain Fox, straightening until her hanging tits clattered back down on her chest. 'Now get out there and bring me back this pervert's remaining bollock.'

'Not so fast,' growled another woman, causing Shucks to spin around on her chair only to be confronted by another pair of formidable naked breasts only inches away from her face and showing no sign of slowing their animated advance.

Shucks attempted to scoot backwards, but at the same time Captain Fox stepped forward to square up to her dissenting subordinate and inadvertently enveloped the blonde in her considerable cleavage.

Held captive between Fox's warm pillows, Shucks was unable to turn her head from the approaching jugs and before she could even take a deep breath she was smothered as the two women came together.

'A rookie can't handle a case like that and you know it,' the woman told Fox; inconsiderate of the feelings of the rookie sandwiched between them. 'I'll take it.'

'Not a chance, Gash,' growled Fox in return; her face only inches from that of Detective Lauren Gash. 'You may be the best cop I ever had in my CUNT, but there's no way you can handle this and the quadruple castration case.'

'The quad-nadding case is closed,' said Detective Gash, slamming down a thick case file which sent more photographs of mutilated manhood spilling out across the desk. 'She was framed.'

'By who?' challenged Fox.

'The ex-boyfriends.'

'But they were the ones castrated!' scoffed the redhead, incredulously.


'Bullshit! What motive?'

'Jealousy. She'd got a hunky new swimwear model for a boyfriend.'

'But he was castrated too!' cried Captain Fox with exasperation.

Shucks was pretty sure she was about to suffocate, so completely engulfed was her head by the two buxom ball-breakers' breasts. And while she could have bitten or scratched, the warmth and impossible softness of the enveloping tit-flesh was too pleasurable an experience to escape. Not that Sarah Shucks considered herself even remotely bisexual.

There had of course been one or two drunken nights in college, but what girl didn't experiment? And the couple more times in the academy were just to confirm she was definitively not that way inclined. Yet, she could not deny that there was just something wickedly thrilling about being smothered by an ample pair of tits which not even a dick in the ass could compete with.

'A coincidental accident,' continued Gash, oblivious. 'It can happen when you sit down with garden shears tucked in the front of your posing pouch.'

'Seems careless,' said Fox, relaxing her stance enough to allow Shucks to slip out from between them unnoticed.

The blonde slumped back in her chair, gasping desperate lungfuls of air, but grinning ear to ear.

'He wasn't renowned for his brains,' said Gash, adding with a smirk, 'Well... not those brains anyway.'

Fox grinned and cocked her eyebrow. 'He sure knew how to fill a pair of Speedos,' she remarked while opening the case file to pull out a photo of him sporting tiny trunks and an obscenely large bulge. 'Shame all his junk is filling now is an evidence bag...'

'I suppose,' said Gash with an ambivalent shrug.

'Well, great work, Detective – another case closed.'

'So I get the Slut Dumpster case?' asked Gash.

'Of course,' confirmed the captain. 'Detective Sucks will assist.'

'Great,' said Gash, sarcastically. 'I'm babysitting the rookie.' With that she turned her peachy ass and left.

'Don't mind her,' said Fox; finally acknowledging Shucks' existence, but staring off after the departing detective admiringly. 'She's the best we've got – closed more cases than anyone. You could learn a lot from her.'

She looked down to find Shucks flushed, panting and glistening in sweat. 'Well now. Detective Sucks,' she said, a grin forming on her plump red lips. 'Is that an orgasm you're having?'

'What?' cried Shucks, mortified, but too breathless to refute the insinuation.

'No need to be embarrassed,' said Fox, winking devilishly. 'A girl can get a little... flustered with all this talk of castration.' Shucks' jaw dropped, but before she could protest Fox leaned in once more, only this time much more amiably, to add in a whisper, 'Maybe once you close this case I'll show you the contents of that evidence bag.'

'Oh, golly,' whimpered Shucks as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fainted, leaving Captain Fox free to a take slip a hand up her skirt in order to confirm her suspicions.

'Just as I thought,' she said with a smirk as her fingers gripped the drenched fabric of her panties. 'I'll just take this away and dry them for you, sweetie,' she told the insensible young blonde as she slipped the sodden underwear down her thighs.


'Rookie!' barked Detective Gash; waking the unconscious blonde, who was dismayed to be greeted by Gash's pouting pink pussy.

'Oh, gosh,' she sobbed, distraught. 'It wasn't a dream.'

'This isn't a court-mandated sensitivity training session,' Gash told her with annoyance, 'you can't sleep through your shift. There's criminal scum to bust.'

'Sorry,' said Shucks, hastily lifting her gaze from her colleague's luscious folds only to have it catch on every other breathtaking detail of Gash's body as it went; starting with the neatly cropped strip of pubic hair which crowned her fantastic slit. Shucks' eyes sparkled as they followed the trimmed mahogany curls up to her flat stomach, bordered by wide, prominent hips which gave way to an exceptionally narrow waist, around which hung a belt holding her badge, torch and a curious set of miniature handcuffs.

Though her aim was to make eye contact, her gaze failed to scale the jutting peaks of her partner's mountainous breasts.

'They're so firm,' she found herself whispering in disbelief as she stared up at the taut, bulging undersides of Gash's jugs.

Gash was well used to having her tits ogled and, though Shucks' sweet, awestruck stare reminded her of the looks of idolisation she got from the young girls she taught in schools, she didn't have time to enjoy it right then. 'Let's go, Rookie,' she said in a despairing sigh and turned to leave.

Shucks found herself leaning instinctively out of her chair after the departing tits, but the moment the impossibly perfect breasts were out of sight it was as if a spell had been broken and she was overcome by embarrassment.

'Rookie!' Gash called back.

Still dazed and blushing deep red, Shucks jumped out of her seat and raced to catch up with her irritable partner who, to her horror, was exiting the office without pause to dress.

'Gash!' she called after the brazen brunette. 'Your clothes!'

'What about them?' asked Gash as she descended the stairs with an eye-catching bounce in her step. 'I'm wearing everything I need.'

'Oh,' said Shucks as she contemplated the deluge of unwanted attention which would come from hitting the street with a fully naked bombshell. 'Shoot.'


Alley behind The Slut Dumpster strip club, 2.41 AM

When they pulled into the car park behind the strip club, Shucks could see that the crime scene had already been cordoned off and the victim was perched upon the back of an ambulance being given a once over by a curvaceous Latina paramedic.

Gash unfastened her seat belt only for it to retract at speed and catch under her big right tit, hoisting it up into the air conspicuously. Ignoring it and the surprised look she was getting from Shucks, she told the blonde, 'If you're not going to follow department dress code, you could at least try to look less... uptight. Tie a knot in your shirt and pop a few buttons for god's sake.'

Shucks didn't respond. She was watching intently the progress of the brunette's upturned tit which gradually slipped free of the seatbelt until its pronounced teat caught and brought it to a halt. Feeling the unpleasant sensation of a pinched nipple, Gash gave a shrug to dislodge it and the loud slap of her fleshy jug landing back down to her chest snapped Shucks out of her trance.

'Buttons,' she blurted guilty, before fully absorbing Gash's words. 'Oh,' she said uneasily. 'I haven't knotted my shirt since college...'

'Don't worry – I'll help,' said Gash. She leaned across the car and before Shucks could stop her, the detective had, in on swift move, torn her shirt open, top to bottom.

'Gash!' cried Shucks, as popped buttons bounced off the dashboard back at her. She stared down at her exposed bra and midriff in horror whilst her partner finished the readjustment by deftly knotting the shirt beneath her breasts.

'There,' said Gash, before eyeing Shucks thoughtfully. 'Shame about the bra though...' She reached out once more prompting Shucks to clutch her breasts in terror.

'Please, not my bra!'

'Calm down,' said Gash, drawing back slightly. 'I'll get you out of your bra off soon enough, but for now I just wanted to do...' she pulled out the pin holding the blonde's hair in a bun. It quickly unwound into a short, high ponytail, '...that,' she said proudly.

Shucks pulled down the sun visor and looked at herself in the mirror. 'I look like a naughty schoolgirl,' she protested.

'I know,' said Gash with a smirk. She pushed open her door and cocked her leg to exit only to halt as a stiff breeze rushed in. 'Cruel wind tonight,' she said. 'Do you have any lip balm? I don't want mine getting chapped.'

'Oh, I do!' declared Shucks, genuinely happy to feel helpful. She pulled a small stick from her bag and popped of the lid before handing it to Gash proudly. The brunette accepted the stick without thanks and twisted out a long measure of balm before hitching her legs apart and sinking it deep between her pink lips.

Shucks watched speechless with shock as Gash liberally applied the balm, making sure to coat her every delicate fold in the fine grease.

'Perfect,' she said when she finally withdrew the stick to offer it back to Shucks. 'You should do the same – there's a cruel wind tonight and if it finds a bare pair of wet lips it'll have them whistling Dixie.'

'My... lips...' She shuddered at speaking the word. '...are neither bare nor wet, thank you very much.'

'That's funny, because I remember the captain distinctly saying your panties were so absolutely drenched that she had to put them on a radiator to dry for you.' She gave Shucks a huge grin and with that she exited the vehicle, leaving the horrified blonde to put her hand quickly up her skirt to find her fingertip meet soft, moist flesh.

'Oh my god!' she squeaked. She scrabbled out of the car quickly after her colleague. 'Gash!' she hissed as she chased after her. 'How could you let me leave without any panties?'

Ignoring her, Gash greeted the paramedic who met them halfway. She seemed surprisingly unperturbed by Gash's nudity; in fact, it was Shucks who received a curious look from her. The blonde blushed self-consciously and crossed her wrists across her bare stomach, not realising that only made her look more infantile.

The paramedic thumbed at the girl perched on the back of the ambulance who Shucks immediately took for one of the club's strippers, what with her bleach-blonde hair, cheap boob-job and negligible clothing. 'She had a close call, but she's going to be fine,' she told the detectives.

It struck Shucks that for an attempted rape victim the girl seemed extremely unflustered; nodding away happily to music on her phone.

At that moment the young girl looked up caught sight of Gash. Her eyes widened and her jaw fell open. For obvious reasons, Shucks assumed. But when the young girl excitedly shrieked the naked detective's name, she was left dumbfounded.

'You two know each other?' she asked.

'She's just one of the many girls I've taught self-defence to over the years,' Gash explained with haste, only for the girl to race to greet her with a big, boob-squashing hug. Shucks raised her eyebrow and folded her arms whilst Gash sheepishly pushed the girl back and held her at a more professional distance.

'Mindy,' she said, gravely, 'tell me what happened.'

'I popped his plum, Detective Gash!' enthused the girl, proudly. 'I popped it good!'

'That's really great, Mindy, but before that...?'

The girl shrugged, seemingly uninterested in what came before the popped testicle. 'He came after me yelling, "Hey, honey, where's my lap dance?" or some sexist shit like that, so I was like, "Here's your lap dance, bitch," then pop! I burst his bag!'

Gash chuckled uneasily. 'After he touched you though... right?' she asked, her eyes imploring the teenager to say yes.

'Ew. No. I did like you taught us – I skewered his sack before her could get near.'

'Of course you did,' Gash cooed, pulling the girl into a tight embrace whilst at the same time covering her ears. She gave Shucks a sideways glance to gauge her reaction. The blonde detective did not look impressed.

'She's traumatised by the ordeal,' she told her in a whisper. 'Classic case of molestation. Just put down that he grabbed her breasts and stuck his hand up her skirt – the usual.'

'But—' protested Shucks only to be cut off when Gash turned back to the paramedic.

'Has she been swabbed for semen?'

Hearing this, the girl pulled away from her embrace and cried, 'No one's sticking anything in me! He tried and got a popped nut same as the rapist.' She was pointing at a male paramedic who neither detective had noticed as he lay curled up on the ground quietly sobbing.

'That prick came at a rape victim with a vaginal swab?' demanded Gash, scowling furiously at the gently writhing medic.

'He's new,' the Latina paramedic told her apologetically. 'But he's learnt his lesson.'

'My nut,' sobbed the grief-stricken medic.

'Besides,' said Mindy, suddenly brightening, 'if it's the rapist's semen you want there should be a bunch of his nut-butter on the heel of my boot.' She raised the boot high for Gash's attention, but, in doing so, upturned the thin strip of material she wore as a skirt.

Shucks recoiled and hurriedly averted her eyes from the teen's carelessly exposed slit, but not before noting that, as she had expected, it was waxed bare. Gash's eyes never strayed from the glistening tip of the stiletto heel.

'Is this the same heel you used to turn down the vaginal swab?' asked Gash.

Still smiling proudly, the girl nodded.

'Okay,' said Gash, patting the teenager on the head before calmly walking over to where the paramedic lay squirming. There was something in her manner that made Shucks uneasy.

'What are you doing?' she asked, anxiously, as her partner kicked apart the man's legs and knelt down between them.

'This prick contaminated the evidence,' Gash told her, reaching for the dropped vaginal swab. 'I'm going to extract a sample of his nut-butter so we can rule out his DNA.' Shucks heard the disquieting sound of a zipper being unzipped.

'Extract...?' she repeated with concern.

'It needs to be a fresh sample. Am I right, Marta?'

The female paramedic looked at Shucks and nodded earnestly. 'The fresher the better,' she affirmed.

All of a sudden, the silent and still young man became very loud and very animated.

Shucks was moved to intervene, but before she could Mindy stepped in front of her and, with an intense look of resentment, growled, 'Detective Gash told me she didn't do work experience placements – why are you following her around?'

While it was quite flattering to be mistaken for a schoolgirl at twenty-three, it was hardly conducive to police work so Shucks set her straight. 'I'm a detective.' She reached inside her jacket pocket for her badge only to suddenly realise she hadn't had her jacket since she woke after fainting. 'Shoot,' she cursed; reasoning that someone must have slipped it off her while she was unconscious.

As the girl continued to eye her distrustfully, Shucks found herself taking an intense disliking to the blonde brat. She went for her notepad only to remember that it too was in the pocket of her jacket. 'Double shoot,' she cursed. Unperturbed, she went on to probe the girl.

'You seem pretty composed for an attempted rape victim,' she challenged.

'What's that supposed to mean?' demanded Mindy.

'And taking a photo of your attacker's ruptured testicle...? Sounds to me like you wanted a souvenir.'

'There's a simple explanation for that,' Gash hurriedly interjected as she returned with a glistening swab of freshly-squeezed semen which she passed carefully to Marta. 'I teach all my girls to photograph their attackers.'

'But she didn't take one of his face – she took one of his scrotum!' stressed Shucks, eager to not let the little brat off the hook.

'There's no point taking a picture of their faces,' said Gash, as if it were blindingly obvious. 'The way their faces scrunch up after a popped 'nad makes them impossible to ID.'

Much to her frustration, her partner's answer did make sense to Shucks, who grudgingly relented – until Mindy blobbed out her tongue at her triumphantly.

'Clothes!' snapped Shucks, thrusting out her hand expectantly. 'For evidence.'

Her intention had merely been to wipe the smug smile of the girl's face, but, with an unconcerned shrug, Mindy gripped the underside of her boob-tube and whipped it swiftly off over her head to unashamedly present the stunned detective with her silicone-pumped puppies. Shucks barely had time to absorb the sight of the taut, shining, ridiculous globes before the warm boob-tube caught her in the face and by the time she had peeled it away, Mindy stood completely naked in front of her, smiling boastfully.

'We have all we need here, right?' Shucks asked her partner, weakly.

'I guess,' she said. She stepped up to Mindy and gripped the young girl by her shoulders. 'Now don't you worry about this sick rapist, Mindy. I'm going to catch him and I'm going to finish the job you started.'

'Wait... what?' cried Shucks, aghast. 'No you're—'

Gash's glare cut through the inexperienced detective and rendered her instantly silent. 'Come with me,' she growled, snatching the girls cast off clothing and tossing it to Marta, before taking a firm hold of Shucks' arm and quickly dragging her out of earshot.

'Don't you know anything about reassuring a rape victim?' she demanded.

'Attempted rape,' corrected Shucks. 'Alleged attempted rape.'

'Oh, I see,' said Gash, suddenly. 'You don't believe her.'

'You saw how unaffected she was – she just stripped naked in the street for heaven's sake!'

'Oh, now I get it,' said Gash, narrowing her eyes. 'Because you feel uncomfortable showing a bit of skin that must mean every woman who does is a slut just asking for it.'

'No! That's crazy.'

'And what about me?' she asked, planting her hands on her hips. 'Do you think I deserve raping?'

'What? No! That's not what—!'

'You've got a lot to learn, Rookie,' Gash told her with a scowl. 'I suggest you start while we're examining the crime scene.' She turned and ducked under the crime scene tape into the alley.

'I didn't mean it like that,' Shucks called after her weakly.


Shucks stepped tentatively in the darkness of the alley; her eyes being unable to adjust due to the repeated flashing of crime scene investigator's camera. Gash strode with purpose, her fantastic figure appearing as mouth-watering silhouette against the strobing light.

'What've you got for me?' asked Gash of the young man whose jaw dropped when he saw her.

Finally, thought Shucks, relieved that someone was actually giving a normal reaction to Gash's nudity.

'I, um...' His camera went off unexpectedly and when he looked down at the screen his face was unable to hide his delight at the photo he had inadvertently taken.

'Hey!' Gash snapped, impatiently. 'Concentrate – there's a rapist on the loose.'

'Sorry. I just...' He tore his eyes away from the screen and cleared his throat. 'There's no obvious sight of a struggle.'

'Of course there isn't,' said Gash with a sigh of frustration. 'Rookie, help me recreate the incident.'

'Er, okay,' said Shucks as she watched Gash approach a nearby dumpster and begin rummaging through it.

'Ah-ha,' said Gash, lifting out a mesh bag of lemons. She singled out the two ripest and emptied the others back into the bin. Then she held out the fruit-laden sack for Shucks who reluctantly accepted it.

'You be the man,' Gash told her, nodding at the fruit.

'I don't follow.'

Gash exhaled sharply and took the innocent blonde by the wrist to reposition the lemons by her crotch.

'Oh,' said Shucks with discomfort as she stared down at the swaying sack.

'So,' said Gash, turning away from her partner, 'I've left the club. I'm walking down the alley. Maybe I drop my purse.' All of a sudden Gash bent forward at the hips and touched her toes.

It was pitch black in the alley, but Gash's fuck-hole twinkled explicitly in the moonlight, causing Shucks to let the lemon bag slip from her grasp.

Gash stared up at her from between her upside-down-hanging breasts and spread legs. 'You dropped your balls,' she said, wearily.

'Sorry,' said Shucks sheepishly; her apology directed toward the indistinct, but unmistakably gaping slit which she was unable to take her eyes off.

She dipped down to feel blindly for the bag; all the time hoping the CSI might let loose another flash of his camera to illuminate the obscenity, but he had sidled off to one side to keenly study the image captured on his camera screen. With disappointment, Shucks rose slowly back to her feet and dangled the bag once more from her crotch.

'Right,' continued Gash, 'so she's picking up her purse when she notices him creeping up behind her – his cock already in hand. That's your queue,' she told Shucks, expectantly.

'Oh, right.' Half-heartedly gripping at her imaginary penis, she started toward her bending partner.

The swinging fruit caused her to waddle with awkwardly splayed legs and she was busy wondering how men managed to walk with those things hanging there when, without warning, Gash whirled around and unleashed a devastating snap kick which lightened the load of Shucks' sack by half in a spray of juice and pips.

Yelping with surprise, Shucks looked down to find one of her lemons painlessly reduced to a pulp; it's bitter juices dripping from the mesh bag down her inner thighs.

'Well, don't just stand there staring at it, Rookie!' Gash urged her. 'Act like I just popped your ball.'

Shucks had never seen a man get kicked in the balls in real life, let alone lose one, so she fell back on what she had learnt from the movies. 'My ball!' she squeaked unconvincingly. 'You popped my ball!' She made an unsuccessful attempt at going cross-eyed whilst turning her knees inward and folding in the middle.

Risking an upward glance, she saw Gash was unimpressed by her performance. Too comedic, she thought to herself. Needs more tragedy.

Gripping distraughtly at the mushy lemon, Shucks then held up the pulpy mess which covered her hand and bellowed theatrically, 'Why?'

Gash dropped her head and sighed dejectedly. 'You are truly terrible at this.'


'Out of the way.'

Shucks stood aside, still absently clutching the dripping lemon sack to her groin.

 'You,' barked Gash at the CSI who jumped with fright and guiltily dropped his camera. 'Over here.'

'Me?' he asked, before cautiously walking over.

'Stand there,' Gash told him sternly and the man obediently took his mark in the puddle of lemon juice. 'Right,' she said, turning her back and bending over once more. 'Stick your dick in me.'

Her instruction knocked the wind out of him. 'What?' he asked in a whisper.

'Your dick, in my vagina. I shouldn't need to draw you a diagram.'

He shook his head and squeaked, 'I can't.'

'You do have a dick, don't you?' asked Gash with a cocked eyebrow.

'Yes,' he said defensively. 'But—'

'Use it or lose it, pussy!' barked the brunette; unashamedly spreading her ass cheeks to present him with a startling choice. 'I'll even let you choose where you stick it.'

'Oh, my...' said Shucks. She caught herself licking her lips and averting her eyes with embarrassment.

The young man's expression was one of extreme discomfort, but his hands were automatically unbuttoning the flies of his trousers, against which six-inches of solid man-meat were straining. He was obviously conflicted, but there was only ever really one outcome to a man presented with no-questions asked pussy.

Freeing his throbbing fuck-stick, he charged the naked detective, ready to run her through.

Gash's leg was a blur. She had dropped forward onto her hands and pistoned her heel backward into her assailant's crotch to stop him dead in his tracks. The crunch of his splitting nut-shell echoed in the empty alley.

There was a stunned silence for a time as all three participants struggled to come to terms with what had just happened.

'Oops,' said Gash, finally.

Shucks' wide eyes were on the place where her partner's heel was buried in the young CSI. She asked, faintly, 'Did you just...?' but couldn't bear to finish the sentence. She looked down at Gash whose pendulous, upturned breasts rested on either cheek as she remained balanced on her hands.

'I think so,' said Gash, guiltily biting her plump bottom lip as she retracted her boot from the man's smashed scrotum.

Shucks looked down the pulped lemon remains she still held. 'Oh,' she said, before swiftly dropping the sack. No longer propped up by Gash's boot, the CSI hit the ground at the same moment as the lemons and let out an awful agonised yelp. Shucks rushed to help him, but Gash caught her hand and held her back.


'But... you just popped his—'

'Sure, sure,' said Gash dismissively. 'But what's done is done. You won't learn anything if you don't just stand back and observe once in a while.'

Shucks was horrified: it was her first time witnessing a man have his testicles ruptured. But at the same time, she knew that if she were going to get anywhere as a CUNT detective she would have to get used to the sight and learn all she could. So she watched as, squealing with anguish, the man clutched his smashed scrotum whilst his deflating penis leaked a steady stream of expelled semen.

After an uncomfortably long while of this, he managed to recover enough sense to roll himself onto his front and drag himself away from his attacker and toward the safety of the strip club.

'There it is,' said Gash, pointing to the slimy, glistening trail his leaking prick left behind on the concrete. 'Most people would mistake a mess like that for a snail trail, but that's a classic indication of a man dragging around a busted bollock.'

She took a tiny flashlight from her belt and shone it over the ground all around him. 'There!' she announced as the torchlight glinted off another trail. 'I've found another.'

Shucks gasped. 'It must be from our suspect,' she said with excitement as she stared in wonderment at the brilliant piece of detective work.

'It leads this way,' said Gash, beckoning the blonde after her.

Shucks went to follow, but caught herself. 'Wait,' she said, looking back guiltily at the sobbing CSI. 'What about him? We can't just leave him.'

'No, you're right,' said Gash, fastening the torch back on her belt. She walked back over to the young CSI and knelt down beside him to roll him onto his back. His by now limp cock flopped comically sending strings of his spilt seed this way and that. Gash flicked the slimy sausage aside and fished in his flies to pull out a lop-sided-looking ball-bag.

Recognising the significance of the asymmetry, Shucks winced. Gash, however, was unmoved. With startling boldness, she gripped the remaining testicle between her finger and thumb and rolled it back and forth.

'Swollen, unusually hard and with a strange blue tinge. I knew it!' She looked to Shucks and asked, 'Can you tell me what causes all those characteristics in a testicle?'

'Being kicked in it really hard...?' ventured Shucks hopefully.

Gash shook her head with disappointment. 'Acute blue balls,' she declared. She looked to the CSI; unsurprised to find him staring up at her in silent terror as she knew from experience that if you wanted a man's attention all you had to do was take hold of his nuts. And if you really wanted a man's attention, pop one of his nuts first because nothing focused a man's mind like the sight of a woman holding his only testicle.

'You haven't cum in a long time, have you?' she asked him, matter-of-factly. The CSI blinked a few times before the statement sunk in. He shook his head. 'Let me guess. Your fiancé is making you wait?'

He nodded and squeaked with a sob, 'Until we're married. It's been months.'

Gash turned to look up at Shucks. 'See?' she asked with a shrug. 'There's no wonder his nut popped so easily – it was full-to-bursting. This one's the same,' she added, giving his remaining nut a light squeeze. 'It would only take the slightest bit more pressure to split it like a grape.'

'Oh, golly...' murmured Shucks staring down longingly at the turgid orb pinched between her colleague's fingers. A cruel gust of wind found Shucks' pouting cunt and the resulting whistle caused her to snap her tights together with a guilty grimace.

'Regretting not taking my advice on the lip balm?' asked Gash with a wicked grin. She tossed the CSI's nut aside and rose to her feet.

'Marta,' she called to her paramedic friend, 'another popped nut over here when you're done.'

Marta looked up from the sloshing scrotum of her still shrieking colleague and rolled her eyes. 'You do like making work for me, don't you Lauren?'

'You know you love it,' replied Gash with a knowing grin.

With her colleague's mushy nuts in her hands she let out a mischievous giggle and confessed, 'I do!' The pair shared a girlish giggle before Gash turned her attention back to searching the crime scene.

'Come on, Rookie – let's follow that trail.'

Still self-consciously squeezing her thighs together, Shucks minced after her.


The trail led the detectives into the club through the same back door the retreating CSI had been heading for.

The corridor they found themselves in was even darker than the alley and the trail was less distinct on the worn carpet. Shucks stayed close to Gash so not to lose her, having no flashlight of her own. Her outstretched fingers would occasionally brush her colleague's naked ass and, mortifyingly, probe more intimate regions when Gash stopped unexpectedly to bend lower and track the trail.

'Jesus,' said Gash as another of Shucks' digits inadvertently entered her for the third time. 'Buy me a drink first, Rookie.'

Before Shucks could gush an apology, Gash pulled back a curtain and she was blinded by an intense light. Shielding her eyes, she stumbled forward only to hear a bawdy cheer go up. When she became accustomed to the glare of the spotlights only to find herself stood splay-legged on a stage above a crowd of delighted men craning their necks for a better view, she let out a sharp gasp and snapped her legs shut with a clap! Then, with a squeak of disgrace, she clutched turned to beat a hasty retreat, but Gash stepped out on stage after her, blocking her path.

'Gash! Let me past – they can see up my skirt!'

Gash regarded her with distaste. 'Are you telling me that if the rapist was at the end of that stage right now you'd scurry away because some perverts might see your snatch?'

Shucks was rendered speechless by the way her partner was capable of being both extremely callous and unarguably right all at the same time. 'I...' she began feebly.

'Get out there and get an ID for the perp,' said Gash, forcing a photograph into her hand before spinning her around to face the stage once more. Shucks glanced at the photograph she had just been given. Her eyes bulged as she beheld another piece in what must have been a series of photographs taken by the alleged victim. Unlike the others, this one was not restricted to his smashed scrotum and took in the whole genitalia, leaking cock and all.

'I can't—' she protested, only to be thrust forcefully back into the spotlight. With her thighs pressed firmly together and her hands protectively at her crotch, she minced her way along the stage which projected out into the club.

Her modesty was something of a novelty and caused excitement among the club's clientele who rushed to the edge of the stage to see if they could sneak an illicit peak at the little prude's pussy.

'Do any of you recognise this man?' asked Shucks holding out the photo in an attempt to draw their attention away from her nether regions.

'Hey!' came an irate growl causing Shucks to jump.

The stripper who had, up until that point, been obliviously working the pole, gripped it with her powerful thighs and tipped herself upside down to confront the stage-crasher.

'Oh my,' said Shucks as the young woman's balloon-like tits remained unmoved by the sudden change in orientation.

'I'm on for another five minutes – you wait your turn!'

'Oh golly, no – I'm a detective,' explained Shucks apologetically. She went for her badge, but remembered she didn't have it so instead she asked forcefully, 'Do you recognise this man?'

The stripper squinted at the, to her, upside-down photograph. 'Hard to tell without my glasses,' she said. 'I see a lot of those in my line of work.'

'Ah, yes, but this one is missing a testicle,' said Shucks, bending lower to give the girl a better look.

'Oh, yeah,' said the stripper with a chuckle. 'Nice.'

Irked by the woman's amusement, Shucks said, 'This man had his testicle ruptured – probably irreparably. It's hardly a laughing matter.'

'Chill,' said the stripper affronted. 'Don't tell me you wouldn't laugh if one of those perverts ogling your snatch got a crushed nut.'

Shucks looked back over her shoulder to see men were clawing at the stage in an attempt to get a better view of the sight she had carelessly exposed by bending forward. 'Shoot!' she cursed, snapping upright; her cheeks burning.

Grinning, the stripper cartwheeled down from the pole and began rubbing her ass against it instead; leaning forward so that her heavy implants tugged on her over-stretched skin as she grinded. She wanted to enjoy the young police woman's discomfort, but couldn't help but feel sorry for the blushing blonde. With a sigh she said, 'Look, if you want to know what happened earlier go ask Tony the doorman – he's been here all night. The dancers do their shift then leave.'

'Oh,' said Shucks, surprised, but grateful of the girl's sudden change of heart. 'Thank you.'

'No problem,' said the stripper as the timid detective backed slowly away. 'That's all for you, by the way,' she said gesturing at the dollar bills which strew the stage. 'I assume you won't be bending down to take it though...'

Blushing deeper, Shucks shook her head and scurried off stage.


'Ow!' cried Shucks as she ran chest-first into her partner waiting behind the curtains. 'My boobs!'

Whilst Shucks stumbled back clutching her smashed breasts, Gash simply watched her with an expectantly raised eyebrow. 'Did you get an ID?'

'How did that not hurt you?' asked Shucks, rubbing her modest mounds in a soothing circular motion.

'Never,' said Gash, leaning in with a pointed finger, 'let anyone know your weaknesses. Do you think men would be scared of us if they knew how tender our tits were? Or how a kick in the clit can drop us to our knees?'

'I guess not—'

'Put any woman in a ring with a man, strip them both naked and you see who wins that fight. All the woman has to do is stare down at his fragile little balls and he knows he doesn't stand a chance against her because, for all he knows, she's invincible.'

'Wow,' said Shucks, overawed by her intensity.

'Now did she give you an ID?'

'Oh, well, no, but she did tell me to speak to the doorman, um, Tony.'

'Tony!' came an outraged cry which made both the detectives turn and spy a crack of light leaking out from under what must have been a door.

'I guess he's that way,' said Gash, clicking on her flashlight.


They entered what turned out to be the club's dressing room and was filled with girls in various states of undress and make-up.

'Get off my tits!' screamed a barely-legal cowgirl in pig-tails and assless chaps as a bear of a man reached around her to violently jiggle her breasts and revel in the reflection in the mirror. 'You know I've only just had them done, you fucking prick!'

'Hey!' yelled Gash, outraged. 'Come try that on me.'

The girls stopped what they were doing to turn and stare at the two detectives with unwelcoming scowls. 'Who are these sluts?' asked one girl, who was particularly angry as she wore a schoolgirl outfit not dissimilar from the remains of Shucks' skirt suit.

'Tony, are they new hires?' demanded a cheerleader, accusingly.

'No,' he said, turning to leave the cowgirl to clutch at her tender new tits, 'but maybe they're here for an audition.' The girls shuddered noticeably, recalling their own "auditions". 'Besides,' he continued, standing to approach the detectives; his eyes all over Gash's naked body, 'we've already got a girl dresses as a cop... Although...' He circled her, studying her from every angle. 'How about I let you be a feisty firewoman? You look like you could handle a hose.'

'How sweet,' said Gash, deadpan. She tapped her badge. 'But I'm a cop.'

'Fair enough,' he said with a shrug. 'Tina will be pissed, but it's about time we got some new pussy in here – the old ones are starting to stink.' As one, the girls turned in their seats to give him the middle finger which he roundly ignored. 'Those tits look legit,' he said, rubbing his hands together. 'We could get you pumped up real good. Put all these other sluts to shame.' With his hands adequately warmed, he raised his them and, with his thick fingers wiggling, moved in for a grope.

'Touch me and you'll be assaulting a police officer and I will defend myself.'

'Let me guess,' he said with a smirk, 'you know self defence?'

'I know enough. This much precisely,' she said holding her thumb and forefinger and inch apart. 'But it's enough to have you sobbing like a baby.'

'Oo, I like a slut with attitude,' he purred. 'Attitude and a fat pair of jugs.' He sank his thick fingers deep into Gash's naked chest-meat and she reciprocated by pushing her hand down the front of his trousers; her finger and thumb still held an inch apart, or, as it turned out to be, a testicle-width apart. With her tit-flesh spilling out from between the doorman's fingers, Gash closed her grip likewise causing him to let out a surprised yelp and jerk immediately stiff.

The big man's cry of anguish caught the attention of the strippers who watched with glee as his hands slowly released the detective's breasts to be held up in surrender.

'Okay, babe' he said, anxiously. 'I get the message.'

'I don't think you do,' said Gash before pinching his rubbery testicle until her fingers all but met in the middle.

'Stop!' he squeaked in a blind panic; dropping his hands to grip desperately at her wrist as she continued to bear down on his nut. 'You're going to crush it!'

'Don't stop!' urged the cowgirl he had just been molesting.

'Tell me what happened in the alley,' demanded Gash.

'Some slut was screaming she'd been raped is all.'

'Some slut?' spat Gash. She pinched his nut harder out of spite causing the failing organ to give an audible crunch.

'Oh, god! My ball – it's cracking!' Weakened by ball-pain, his legs were unable to prevent him from collapsing under his own weight. But Gash's grip was stubborn and, after sinking low enough to feel his scrotum snap taut, he was brought to a sudden, painful stop. 'Urk!'

'Who raped her?'

'No one!' he squeaked.

'Sounds like you're covering for someone, ' said the brunette, narrowing her eyes at him. 'Maybe you're the rapist. He is missing a nut after all...'

Shucks could barely bring herself to watch as, with a barely perceivable tightening of her forearm, Gash caused Tony to throw back his head and release a saliva-filled, gurgling scream before beginning to shake his head violently side-to-side.

'It was Dan!' he shrieked abruptly.

Gash looked to the girls for details. 'The guy's a regular,' said the cheerleader.

'He came crawling in with a popped nut,' wailed Tony. 'I assumed one of the girls had done it so I packed him into a cab with Honey.'


'One of the strippers,' he sobbed.

'Honey is his favourite,' said the schoolgirl with a look of concern. 'I tried calling her and she's not answering. You don't think...?'

'She should be fine for the time being,' Gash told her. 'He'll need a while to recover from a popped nut, but we're going to find him before he does and make sure he never does anything like this ever again.'

'I told you all I know,' said Tony, weeping pathetically against the arm that held him captive. 'Can I keep my nut? Please?'

'Unfortunately, I don't have time to take it in the slow and humiliating way you deserve,' growled Gash. Tony let out a sob of relief, only to fall deathly silent when she added, 'But these girls do.'

The girls' eyes lit up at the prospect and they leapt from their seats as one; five pairs of silicone-pumped tits barely moved by the sudden animation.

'No. You can't let them,' Tony begged, staring up at Gash with big, terrified eyes. 'You're the police.'

Smiling down at him she said simply, 'Why don't you girls take him out onto the stage and introduce him to the pole?'

'Oh god, no!' he cried as the girls hoisted him up by the arms and his trousers were unceremoniously stripped from his legs.

'Gash,' said Shucks, lost for words as the screaming man was dragged naked out of the room.

'Sorry, Rookie – we don't have time to stay and watch if that's what you were going to ask.'

Gash didn't stop to wait for Shucks' indignant gasp. She headed out of the room leaving Shucks to stumble in the darkness after her.

However, as Shucks was hurriedly fumbling her way along the wall toward the exit, the wall disappeared suddenly and she was sent tumbling through the curtain out onto the stage once more.

Face down on the stage with her arms out in front of her, she let out a groan. But when her wrists her seized suddenly and she lifted her head to find herself face-to-face with Tony who lay on his back whilst a cowgirl, a schoolgirl, a cheerleader, a nurse and two simply naked girls took hold of and spread each of his legs.

'Help me,' he squeaked. But before Shucks could answer, he was hauled at speed down the stage with her dragged helplessly after him.

'Let go!' she cried over the squeaking of his ass cheeks against the polished wood, but he had stopped craning his head back to look at her and his attention was on the stripper pole with which his testicles were on a collision course.

'Oh, shoot,' said Shucks, peering over him to appreciate what would surely be the eye-watering end to the contents of a scrotum she could see was draped perilously low and loose. 'Suck them up!' she implored him.

'I'm trying!' he wailed as he desperately clenched the muscles deep inside his gut which controlled the measure of nut-cord unfurled. As two fat bulges began to crest the peak of his pelvic bone, a single inch of nut-cord was all it would have took to see them pulled clear, but mere moments from impact, Tony panicked. He released his grasp on Shucks and dropped his hands to shield his sex organs from impact, but in doing so let the fragile orbs drop straight back into harm's way.

As Shucks skidded to a halt on her tits, she noticed the pitiless girls pull his legs together, tight around the pole at the last second to ensure his dangling balls had nowhere to go but pop.

'Nooo!' cried Tony as his genitals met with the pole.

His dick took the initial impact, being smashed flat against his perineum until it reached his ass hole. Meanwhile, his wily gonads managed to slip out either side, but immediately found that they had been penned in by the girls' cunning and his own muscular thighs. Trapped, they were forced to warp themselves best they could around the stainless steel pole and simply await their doom as his pelvis came crashing into them like a freight train.

'Ooo!' cooed Shucks, wincing as the pole reverberated from the impact and a sound like someone stepping on two particularly large and thick-skninned grapes escaped from between Tony's tensing thighs.

The club erupted into fits of sympathetic clutching, moaning and retching; as if every patron had simultaneously suffered the same eye-watering anguish.

For the few girls in the place, however, the sight of the club's loathsome doorman violently castrated was a cause for celebration and, as Tony lurched upright to headbutt the pole with his legs spasming wildly either side, they broke into dance, with those girls up on stage still even nominally dressed quickly shedding their clothes to heartlessly flaunt their smooth, impervious pussies at him.

'My balls!' he sang, soprano in pitch as, to Shucks revulsion, the purple head peeking out from between his impossibly tensed bum cheeks let loose a powerful geyser of liquid remnants which struck her square in the face.

'Don't worry, Tony,' mocked the cowgirl, venomously juggling her newly enhanced tits in his face, 'We'll get you some nice big fake ones.'

'Yeah,' added the cheerleader in a spiteful growl, ''cause your real ones were fucking tiny.'

Spitting and wiping the muck from her pretty face, Shucks opened her eyes to see a pair of boots planted either side of the streak of ball juice which soiled the stage.

Shucks didn't have to look up to know who it was, but she couldn't resist. 'Hi, Gash,' she said, staring directly up at her partner's angrily pouting pussy.


Vlad's Cabs, 4.06 AM

The ride across town had been one of unbearable silence as Shucks had ashamedly tried to clean herself up without drawing irritated groans from her partner.

By the time she climbed out of the car she had the majority of the nut-butter wiped from her face, but the two strands of blonde hair that framed her pretty features were still heavy with goo and giving off a powerfully musky odour. Not only that, but after being dragged across a stage coated in baby oil and bodily fluids her white shirt was utterly repulsive and refused to knot.

Seeing her irksome partner struggling to tie her shirt, Gash gave an irritated sigh and stormed purposely towards her. 'Arms by your sides,' she ordered and as Shucks complied, Gash took the shirt by the shoulders and simply tore it off her.

'Gash!' shrieked Shucks, throwing her arms across her chest to hide her white cotton bra from view of the group of drunk young men who were prowling the street in search of some poor slut to fuck.

'Urgh,' groaned Gash in disgust at the blonde's choice of underwear. 'Plain cotton? Of course...' And with that she turned and marched inside the taxi booking office.

Shocked, Shucks remained stock still until the prowling group of lads noticed her state of undress and let out an inebriated cheer of approval which chased her as she scurried into the building after her partner.

The waiting room of Vlad's Cabs was just as Shucks expected from a low class, downtown taxi firm. Its filthy, threadbare carpet was stained with vomit and riddled with holes, its décor was dilapidated and badly in need of renovation and its clientele for this time of the morning was a lone sorority girl who had obviously been plied with enough alcohol and Rohypnol to knock out a bull elephant as she was slumped, comatose, in a plastic chair with her legs wide open and her exposed pussy still oozing one or several strangers' semen.

Shucks gasped and averted her gaze from the slut's leaking snatch to discover the only surprise the room held – a gorgeous young girl who sat behind the counter and regarded her with disdain.

'Hi,' said Shucks, almost apologetically. 'I'm Detective Shucks.'

'Oh, my god,' groaned the raven-haired, just short of Goth-looking girl in an accent so heavy with Russian that Shucks deduced correctly that she was Vlad's daughter. The rolled her grey eyes and turned to Gash who was leaning over the counter, baring her perfect round ass and hint of pussy between.

'Tell me about it,' she agreed conspiratorially and then looked back at Shucks with thinly veiled distaste.

'I can fix this,' said the girl. She pushed back her chair noisily and stomped out into the shop through a door in the secure shop front. Stopping at the unconscious brat leaking cum onto her carpet she pulled up her sparkly top to expose a strapless, push-up bra which turned her underwhelming B-cups into impressive bumps.

'Wait,' said Shucks, as the girl reached around the brat to unfasten the bra. 'You can't do that!'

'I just did,' said the girl, whipping the bra away to let the brat's modest tit-flesh settle into a more comfortable arrangement. 'Now put this on because your bra is so ugly it makes me want to tear it off you and jam it down your throat.'

'At least pull her top back down,' Shucks implored.

'Rookie' snapped Gash with impatience. 'Inessa isn't kidding. I've seen her jam the majority of a girl's panties up her pussy while she was still wearing them.'

Staring with open-mouthed horror at the grinning teen, Shucks accepted the bra and asked quietly, 'Where's your restroom?'

'There,' said Inessa, nodding at the door, 'but it's occupied. And I'm not waiting.'

Bowing her head with shame, Shucks reached grudgingly behind her back and unclasped her bra. As the garment went limp, the cups released their doughy prisoners and an inch of pale under-boob slipped into view before Shucks hurriedly covered herself with the other bra and let hers fall away into the waiting hand of Inessa.

When it became obvious to Gash that shucks was not about to expose herself even slightly in the changeover, she lost interest and turned to Inessa to say, 'I need to know which of your drivers picked up a couple from the Slut Dumpster at some time after one.'

'Urgh. Randy,' said Inessa with a shudder. 'He does all those runs.'

'Why "urgh"?' asked Gash distractedly, her eyes flitting to Shucks' rising chest as the blonde reached behind her back to fasten the bra which, in that stance, made graphically apparent its inadequacy.

'He's a creep and brings in half the fares he should 'cause he'd rather force "favours" from his female customers. I swear, when I hand him his paycheque he looks at me like he'd rather I just blow him instead.'

'Sounds like a pig,' said Gash, barely paying attention as she watched her partner struggling with the clasp of her undersized bra.

'Holy shit,' said Inessa as she followed the detective's gaze to find the blonde barely contained by the push-up.

'Finally!' said Shucks with a sigh of relief as the clasp held. Seeing the open-mouthed looks the other women were giving her, she glanced down to find to her mortification that peeking out over the insubstantial cups were her stiff pink nipples. 'Oh, crap!' she squeaked, hurriedly thumbing them back inside. But no matter how deep she pushed her thumb into her highly compressed tit-meat, she could not keep the top quarter of her tightening areola from rising back into view.

'Those are some her tasty teats you have there, rookie,' said Gash with a smirk.

Shucks scowled up at her sharply, but managed to hold her tongue. Turning just as sharply to Inessa she growled, 'Where can we find this prick Randy?'

'It must be your lucky day, Detective because he's the one in the restroom,' said the girl. 'He's probably washing his cock with bleach or whatever he does before her forces himself on this poor slut.' She thumbed back at the exposed sorority girl who gave a Rohypnol-addled groan and blew a bubble of cum from her violated hole.


Gash's kick made light work of the lock and the three girls burst into the dark restroom.

Stood at the sink on his tiptoes, Randy's head snapped around with surprise at the sudden invasion of his privacy.

'Police!' barked Gash. 'Hands up, prick!' Terrified by the violence of the intrusion, Randy complied.

'Now turn around,' commanded Inessa with the same authoritative tone. Shucks glared at her reproachfully, but Inessa shot back a look of utter disregard and then went back to watching Randy who had taken one step to turning around before releasing what he would be exposing.

'You heard her,' barked Gash. 'Turn around!'

Slowly and looking down at the floor with a look of sheer humiliation, Randy turned to face the girls.

'Holy shit!' scoffed Inessa with amusement as his cock ring and the barely four inches of meat it held solid was revealed. But while his prick was laughable, his loose, leathery scrotum and its two monstrously over-sized occupants were no joke.

'Inessa?' asked Randy, suddenly recognising the girl's voice. He raised his bowed head and fury wrinkled his heavy brow and tightened his strong jaw. 'Is this a joke?' he demanded, seeing neither of the women with him held weapons.

'No joke,' Gash told him. 'We're here to talk about what happened to one of your customers earlier tonight.' A look sheer panic filled Randy's eyes and Gash knew immediately his fight or flight instinct had kicked in. 'Make a run for it and I'll take one of your balls,' she told him in no uncertain terms.

Seeing her chance to get her much-hated worker a popped nut, Inessa cried, 'Run!' and Randy did not disappoint.

'Oh, god!' squeaked Shucks as the big man charged straight for her, his cock bouncing and humongous balls flapping wildly.

She was pulled to one side in the nick of time by Gash who, not skipping a beat, spun on the spot to launch a parting shot up between his legs. The kick drew a nauseous groan from the big man, but did not stop him fleeing the restroom and slamming to door shut after him.

'You all right?' asked Gash as she turned to hold Shucks by the shoulders. Scared speechless, Shucks simply nodded. Her partner gave a nod and in doing so noticed the pink nubs which had sprung free in all the commotion. With an ever so light touch she ran the pads of her thumbs over the tips of the juicy teats, eliciting a purr of pleasure from Shucks, before she gently sunk her thumbs deep into the soft flesh held within the cups and stowed the blonde's nipples once more.

'You should go after him!' cried Inessa urgently. 'His cab is right outside!'

'He's going nowhere,' said Gash confidently. Slipping her digits out of Shuck's bra, she turned and casually opened the door.

Randy had barely made it two metres and as he took a sluggish and shaky step forward it was clear he was having trouble remaining upright.

'Wow!' said Inessa, clearly impressed. 'I didn't think you'd got him.'

'Oh, I got him,' said Gash with a smug grin as right in front of the stirring sorority girl he dropped to his knees with a terrible groan which roused her abruptly from her drug-induced slumber.

With her waking thoughts pervaded by befuddled memories of her night's various violations, the brat was horrified to wake topless and immediately confronted by a huge man with a tiny hard-on, reaching slowly for his massive bollocks.

Letting out a shriek so shrill it caused the girls rushing from the restroom to halt and shield their ears from the painful din, the hysterical brat gave Randy an almighty shove to put him on his back at which point she drew one leg up to her bare tit before thrusting it powerfully downward with the spiked heel of her shoe aimed squarely at the fattest of his testicles.

The gristly crunch! as her heel punctured his nut-shell to run it threw was sickening enough to make even Gash wince. And as the brat sprang from the chair and attempted to flee only to yank his skewered nut after her, Shucks found herself reduced to dry retching. Gash and Inessa, however, watched the agonising tug of war with grim satisfaction.

Randy kicked and flailed whilst his spine curled violently this way and that, but despite his anguish the brat seemed either unwilling or simply too brainless to give up her stuck shoe. And just as it seemed that she might actually pull his nut right out of his sack and make off into the night with it, her shoe finally came away and fled the building only to stumble topless and dribbling cum into the group of lads that had decided to wait in ambush for the bra-wearing blonde they had witness run inside.

'Oh, thank god!' cried the brat, hugging the closest lad. 'I think he was going to rape me.'

'You don't say...?' said the lad with a grin as he looked to his friends who nodded back their approval.


With a high heel penetrating the nerve-packed innards of his nut, Randy was understandably perturbed when Gash sat herself down on the cum-soaked plastic chair in front of him, pulled off her boot and proceeded to carefully slip her foot inside the empty shoe.

'Oh god!' he bellowed, delirious with pain.

'Fits perfectly,' said Gash with a grin as she rotated her ankle to both show off the fit and stir the hyper-sensitive mush within his pierced bollock.

Randy's back arched violently backward and his limbs and head shook uncontrollably.

'Tell me,' said Gash, leaning forward to sink the heel deeper. 'Who was the man you picked up from the Slut Dumpster and where did you drop him?'

'Man?' squeaked Randy, shocked and slightly relieved her questioning wasn't about the incredibly drunk girl he had forced himself on in his taxi only half an hour earlier.

'A rapist,' Gash told him. 'He was with a stripper. Would have looked a lot like you do just now: pale, sweaty and pathetic with ball-pain.'

'I kicked him out!' Randy blurted; earnest through his agony. 'He puked in my cab, but I've dropped him off before.'

'Go on...' Gash urged him with a subtle twist off her heel.

Randy cried out. 'Never at home. Only at work the next morning.'

'Sounds like a real gentleman,' Gash spat with distaste. 'Where?'

Randy let out a distressed sob and continued with effort. 'The bank on Eighth Street. I forgot the name, I'm sorry!'

'The one with the logo like a cock and balls?' offered Inessa helpfully.

'That's the one!' he said with immense relief.

'And the stripper that was with him. Did she look like she was being held against her will?'

'Not that I could see – she was rubbing his dick the whole time.'

Gash eyed him suspiciously for a time, then slid her foot out of the shoe and back into her boot much to his relief.

'Thank you,' he sobbed. 'Thank you!'

'What are you thanking me for?' she said, standing from the seat. 'You still owe me a nut for running after I told you not too.'

'But...' he squeaked, staring down at his ruined bollock; distressed that it wasn't enough for her.

'That wasn't me,' she said matter-of-factly before stomping her boot down heavily on his intact gonad.

'Gash!' cried Shucks, having regained control of her gag reflex to protest as Randy threw back his head and wailed.

'You're right,' said Gash rolling her eyes. She stepped off his nut with a sigh and Shucks watched with surprise as, despite the deep imprints of her boot tread, it swelled back into a perfectly ovular shape.

'Really?' she asked with shock. 'You're not going to crush it?'

'No,' said Gash, miserably. 'Inessa is.'

'But—' Before Shuck could finish her half-hearted objection, the teen sprinted past her to leap into the air and land with both heels of her boots on Randy's only salvageable sex organ.

'Nooo!' cried Randy over the sound of his testicle rending explosively.

'Suck it, you disgusting fuck!' Inessa roared down at him as she jumped up and down on the rapidly liquefying organ until the area of scrotum it used to fill resembled a puddle of tenderised pink flesh and only wet squelching noises could be heard escaping from beneath her stomping boots.

'I think you got it,' said Gash with a smirk as she patted the beaming young girl on the head.

Pale-face and swaying slightly, Shucks announced weakly, 'I think I'm going to be sick.' And then her ill-fitting bra launched itself from her chest to land in the puddle of spunk expanding outward from Randy's withering cock and across his stomach.

'Restroom's that way,' said Inessa with an impish grin.

To be continued...