Sneay Nuts

Sneaky Nuts

Contains ball-busting and castration (once, graphic)

'Say cheese,' chirped Amber's older cousin, Rachael, prompting Amber to grudgingly force a smile as her bothersome brother Ian grinned and squeezed her tight. The moment the phone's flash went off Amber pushed him away with the usual look of disdain that came from his proximity.

Rachael, who had been giving the dubious honour of being phone photographer for her sister's wedding party, gave the photograph a cursory glance and announced, 'Perfect!' before skipping back into the conservatory in search of her next subject, leaving the fractious siblings alone on the patio.

With Ian still grinning at her inanely, Amber groaned and went to follow her cousin, but as she stepped through the patio doors her brother jogged after her to hiss, 'Hey, Amber.' Amber paused, her heart sinking as she contemplated what banal or repulsive thing he was about to say to get a rise out of her.

'What?' she asked tersely, turning to find him looking very please with himself.

'Got you,' he said, glancing downward. Amber followed his gaze to find herself looking at his exposed pink testicles, which he had popped out of his flies as his cousin was taking their photo. Amber gagged with disgust. It was by no means the first time Ian had spoiled a photo of hers with his "sneaky nuts" stunt, but Amber made a decision there and then that it would be the last.

'No,' she said, grabbing her brother by the balls quite unexpectedly, 'I've got you.' And with that she yanked them out as far as they would go and slammed shut the patio door on the length of scrotum which stretched after them. Her brother's response was to throw himself into the sliding door with such force that Amber actually retreated a few steps in fear that she might be showered with broken glass.

Ian pressed himself flat against the glass at which his hands pawed at desperately. Amber had never seen such a look of anguish on anyone's face, let alone her perpetually smug brother's. Glancing down at the shining pink eggs which bulged from where the door met the other, she wondered for a moment if she might have gone too far.

Nah, she thought with a chuckle as she smashed the trapped organs back against the door frame with the flat of her palm to send a violent convulsion rippling outwards through her brother's body.

'That little bastard!' bellowed Rachael, storming into the conservatory with her phone held out. Amber turned with a gasp and threw herself back into the patio door, inadvertently crushing Ian's plums with her ass as she did so. 'Move!' ordered her irate cousin, before shoving her out of the way. With her eyes locked on Ian's, she reached down for the door handle and grabbed the first thing her hand fell upon. However, the squishy nature of the protrusion caused her to instinctively let go and step back with a repulsed grimace.

'Rachael...' said Amber slowly as her cousin's expression twisted back and for the between repulsion and confusion.

'Holy shit,' said Rachael in a gasp. 'Are those his balls?' She looked to Amber who was biting her bottom lip guiltily. She looked back to the steadily purpling orbs and hesitantly reached out to give them a sharp squeeze.

On the other side of the glass, Ian's entire body shuddered so hard that his unfastened trousers fell around his ankles.

'Holy fuck!' squeaked Rachael as gleefully as a kid at Christmas. She looked to Amber once more, her cheeks flushed and her eyes twinkling. 'Did you do this?' she asked. Amber simply blushed and gave a bashful shrug. Rachael's grin sharpened suddenly and her eyes narrowed. 'We should teach him a lesson,' she said. She put her phone to the glass against which her cousin's face was pressed. 'I almost posted that on Facebook,' she growled at him, referring to the photo of him and his sister and his exposed nuts. 'If you want the world to see your balls so bad you should have said.' She tossed the phone to Amber and crouched down beside his throbbing plums. 'Take a picture,' she told her.

Amber was a little surprised, but she quickly aimed the phone and took a snap as Rachael gave a toothy grin and held up her hands to proudly present the bloating bollocks to camera. 'Nice,' said Amber, tossing the phone to her cousin. 'Now one of me flicking them.'

The girls switched places with an excited chuckle and, with her nose scrunched and a spiteful snarl, Amber let fly a resounding flick to the underside of her brother's swelling left bollock. 'Oo, nice,' cooed Rachael as the flash went off. 'Do the other.' Amber obliged with a delicious chuckle and then went one better by flicking both her brother's nuts at once to send them bobbling.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amber could see Ian's legs responded to every flick with a frantic little jig. 'Hey, look,' she said, snapping one finger after the other into his pinched plums. 'I can make him dance!'

'This needs a video,' enthused Rachael, hitting the record button. 'Keep going – this could be the next internet sensation!' Amber giggled into camera and continued to rain lightning-fast flicks on her brother's trapped bubble of meat.

'Look at him go!' shrieked Rachael with glee as her insufferable cousin's knees knocked rhythmically against the glass.

'Okay, your turn,' said Amber finally. She flexed her hands. 'My fingers are tired.' She accepted the phone as her giddy cousin dropped to her knees beside her.

Rachael seemed to ponder her course of action for a moment before announcing, 'I've got it!' She shuffled closer to cock back her head and open her mouth right beside Ian's defenceless nuts.

'What are you doing?' asked Amber with a mixture of horror and excitement as Rachael bared her teeth and slowly closed her jaws around Ian's fat left nut.

With his face pressed to the glass, Ian could only watch in horror as his cousin looked set to bite his bollocks off. He felt her hot breath on his pimpled sack as she accepted his bloated testicle into her mouth, but it was when she stopped, his nut only halfway inside, and began to close her jaws that panic really set in. He hammered on the glass as her teeth began to sink into the rubbery flesh at the plumpest extent of his plum.

'Oo, he doesn't like that,' remarked Amber, briefly raising the phone from her brother's bitten ball to document the look of intense desperation in his face.

'What about when I do this?' mumbled Rachael through gritted teeth before letting out a snarl and shaking her head this way and that; wrenching his poor bitten bollock after her.

For the first time, Ian's squeals hit a high enough note to penetrate the double-glazing.

'OMG!' cried Amber as she burst into laughter. 'Did you bite it in half?'

'Nah,' said Rachael, spitting out his greatly dented nugget. 'He's just a little bitch.' She spat again and as she was wiping her lips she looked up to find her cousin watching with her nose scrunched up cutely.

'What was it like?' asked the younger girl.

'Salty, but so satisfying,' answered Rachael enthusiastically. 'Have a go.'

'I'm okay,' said Amber, tentative, but clearly tempted.

'Go on,' enticed Rachael, wickedly. 'They're so rubbery you won't be able to resist sinking your teeth in. Nom, nom, nom.'

'Okay,' said Amber with an impish giggle. She shuffled in close beside her older cousin. 'We can do it at the same time,' she suggested.

'Nice!' enthused Rachael; her eyes twinkling at the prospect.

Both girls planted their hands of their thighs and began to lean in; toward their helpless prey, but also toward one another and, as the girls parted their lips in anticipation, they found themselves staring past Ian's trapped nuts and deep into each other's eyes.

Following her more experienced cousin's lead Amber pouted her lips and ever-so-slightly poked out her tongue which she mimicked Rachael in curling up underneath her chosen gonad to help guide it inside her. She accepted her allotted nut into her mouth and, with a hungry slurp, sucked it in much harder than necessary only to find herself in an unexpected lip-lock with her older cousin.

With their noses pressed against one another, both girls opened their eyes and inhaled with a start. And whether it was the power of Ian's salty ball-musk, the obscene thrill of a squirming sex organ filling their mouths or simply the overwhelming beauty of the eyes they were staring into, but both girls let out a muffled whimper of suddenly intense yearning and thrust their tongues into each others' mouths.

Ian's nuts slipped this way and that, tying themselves in knots as the kissing cousins' tongues poked and pushed them in an attempt to make contact. And though frustrating, the unpredictable squirming of the hairy obstacles and the sudden changes in taste from salty to sweet made the girls' incestuous kiss somehow even more erotic, but even Rachael was taken by surprise when her cousin's hands gripped her suddenly by the boobs.

Amber had for a long time been both curious and envious of her older cousin's breasts and had tried to engineer several scenarios in which she could get a handful of the girl's squishy flesh. Now that her opportunity had arisen she was taking it with gusto.

Rachael gave a pained moan as Amber's inexperience led her to squeeze and tug at her tits like she were milking a cow. Placing her hands quickly over Amber's, she began to subtly guide them toward a much more pleasurable massaging motion. So pleasurable that after a while she couldn't resist shuffling closer to her cousin to push her hand up the girl's pretty dress and slip it without permission between her thighs.

Amber rose up on her knees and let out a surprised moan as Rachael's probing digits found their target. With her eyelids aflutter, she tilted back her head and let her brother's fat bollock slip from her mouth. 'Ooh!' she groaned orgasmically.

All of a sudden Rachael became aware of several voices growing nearer.

'What' the matter?' asked Amber when her cousin's fingering came to a frustratingly abrupt stop.

'Shush!' hissed Rachael, ejecting Ian's nut from her mouth. She quickly reached around Amber with one arm whilst reaching back with the other to draw the curtains shut around them both.

The pair peered through the crack in the curtains to see three young women in matching pink dresses and heels walk into the conservatory looking extremely vexed.

'It's my sister's bridesmaids,' hissed Rachael.

'We have to tell her,' said one, the bride's maid of honour, a tall, skinny blonde called Hilary.

'On her wedding day?' demanded a short, busty brunette called Kimberley; so shocked by the thought of ruining her friend's special day that her sudden outburst almost ejected her enormous breasts from her overly-tight dress.

'Well, I'd want to know,' said Faye; pretty, but otherwise distinctly unremarkable.

Hilary let out a sigh and cradled her head in her hands. 'I can't think in here,' she said spying the exit to the conservatory. 'I need some fresh air.'

The girls gasped as the woman click-clacked across the tiles toward them and just as she reached out to part the curtains Rachael had a brainwave.

'Boo!' she cried, leaping out from behind the curtains to catch the blonde completely unprepared.

At over six-foot in her heels, Hilary did well to stay upright as she let out a scream and stumbled backwards at pace; her ankles buckling at every precarious step. 'You idiot!' she bellowed the moment she caught her breath. 'You little—'

'She's not an idiot!' roared Amber, leaping out from behind the curtain and to her cousin's defence.

Already fighting for her balance, the further unexpected outburst was enough to topple Hilary completely. Losing all traction on the slippery tiles, her heels slid suddenly out from under her causing her long legs to be pulled wide open and rend her expensive dress in two, back and front. And by the time her bony arse hit the tiles the tremendous tear reached her navel and had exposed the lacy pink panties she wore beneath and which had been almost completely swallowed by her spread lips.

The girls stared down at the bright pink flesh bordering the crumpled strip of sheer fabric and gasped with horror. 'We. Are. So. Sorry,' said Rachael, pausing between each word to stress her sincerity.

But, despite her sore bum, ripped dress and exposed parts, Hilary didn't seem to be angry at all, instead she was staring quite bemused at a spot behind the two girls. 'What's that?' she asked, raising an outstretched finger to point at something behind the contrite cousins. 'It looks like a...' she squinted, '...a pair of bollocks.'

The girls spun around with fright to find their hasty exit had left the curtains parted just enough to expose where the two door frames met and Ian's pink organs were trapped between.

Alarmed, Rachael struggled to form an adequate explanation. 'It's not... They're... Um... Amber?' she asked hopefully.

'Novelty nuts,' blurted Amber.

'Right!' affirmed Rachael with relief. 'They're just toys. We were just having a giggle.'

'They look so real,' said Kimberley, scrunching her nose. The girls moved closer to block her discriminating stare, but she bent forward and despite almost pouring herself out of her dress, she shuffled closer for a better look.

'They do,' agreed Rachael as she attempted to intercept her sister's friend only to be shoved aside by the older girl who proceeded to press her thumb recklessly into the rightmost ball.

'Ew!' she shrieked, quickly retracting it with a surprised giggle. 'It squirmed.' She reached out to deliver a second prod. 'They put individual bollocks in there,' she remarked, looking back at Hilary who had got to her knees to shuffle forward beside her friend.

'Oh, yeah,' she said, impressed as she plunged her thumb into the remaining bollock, squashing the delicate organ flat against the door frame until it turned white as it spilled from under her digit. 'And they feel so nice and rubbery!'

'Hey,' said Faye, causing the women to turn. 'Let me show you what we should do to You-Know -Who.' The women shuffled out of her way with gleeful giggles as she hitched up her fancy dress to expose her long, silky legs and single garter.

'Erm...' said Rachael, weakly, but before she could protest with any conviction, the young woman surged forward to deliver a front kick so demolishing that it had an audible effect on Ian's pristine young nuts.

'Ooo! Did you hear that?' asked Kimberley in a half-appalled, half-overjoyed groan as she looked at Hilary. 'That's the same noise that guy's nuts made when you...' Suddenly noticing Amber staring at her, fascinated, she faltered. '...Accidentally did what you accidentally did to them,' she finished weakly, feeling the need to stress once again, 'Accidentally.'

'Shit, yeah!' said Faye, not at all fazed by the presence of the two younger girls. 'Do you think these will pop like those did?'

'Let's find out,' said Amber clapping her hands excitedly and causing Rachael to look at her suddenly anxious.

'They could actually pop them, Amber,' she whispered with concern.

'I know,' said Amber, with a shrug. 'It'll serve him right.'

'My turn!' announced Hilary, only for Kimberley to protest.

'No way – we know you can pop them! Let me have a go.'

'Fine,' said Hilary with a dejected sigh, but secretly she bristled with pride. She stood aside and as the buxom bridesmaid lined herself up for the kick before bursting into a sprint which lasted only two full steps but succeeded in jolting the upper halves of her huge areola out of her dress. Then, rather than kick, she simply thrust her foot into the hanging scrotum and stopped herself dead in her tracks.

Restricted by their tight sack, Ian's balls had no means to escape as the woman's full weight and momentum came crashing into them. They were crushed flat and wide against the door frame with only lucky portions of each nut able to spill out from under her shoe in bulging white bubbles of stretched flesh.

There came a second, louder crunch which caused Rachael to wince, but all the other girls to coo disingenuously, 'Ooo!'

'I bet that popped one,' asserted the kicker confidently. The girls watched intently as she withdrew her foot, expecting the red sack to hang empty and loose like a deflated balloon. To everyone's surprise it sprang back into its previous bloated shape with the two orbs looking plumper and rosier than ever. This greatly aggrieved Kimberley who took their solidity as an insult to her kicking prowess. 'Real ones would be mush by now,' she complained.

'Stand back,' Hilary told her confidently, moving her to one side. She casually raised her leg to set the ball of her shoe above the throbbing package so that the deadly heel loomed above the larger left nut.

'Oh, fuck,' said Rachael beneath her breath. She peered behind the curtain to see Ian had lost the use of his legs entirely, but was, by some cruel miracle, left hanging from his still attached, but unfeasibly stretched scrotum. Even more implausible was his weak, but undeniable grasp on consciousness.

She looked back to Amber to find her watching with bated-breath as Hilary began to slowly sink her heel into her brother's tender ball-flesh. 'Don't you want nieces and nephews?' she hissed with panic.

'What – more little Ian's?' replied the young girl with distaste. 'No thanks.'

'I wish this was John's bollock,' growled Hilary as she pushed her heel deep into Ian's nut-meat and began to circle it maliciously.

'Why John's,' asked Rachael; puzzled as to why her sister's best friend would want to torture the testicle of her new husband, but suddenly remembering what the women had been discussing as they entered the conservatory. 'What did he do?' she demanded.

'Shit. Nothing,' said Hilary, looking suddenly panicked. While she ceased her cruel twisting motions, her heel remained imbedded in Ian's supple nut. 'I didn't mean anything by it.'

Beside her Faye rolled her eyes and let out an irritated sigh. 'Your new step-brother stuck his dick in a stripper's mouth at his bachelor party.'

'Faye!' cried Hilary, incensed that her friend had made a decision without her approval.

'He what?' roared Rachael, her little hands tightening into fist by her side.

'Rach, we were going to tell your sister,' said Kimberley, sincerely. 'Just not today. Let her enjoy her special day.'

'Fuck that,' growled Rachael. She pointed at Ian's bloated bollocks and said, 'These should be John's balls we're popping. All we need to do his trick him into standing close enough then yank his balls in and slam the doors shut.'

The women looked at one another for a moment opened-mouthed and then burst into a fit of derisive giggles. 'Oh, honey,' said Hilary, her condescension apparent even through her chuckles, 'that wouldn't work.'

'Oh, no?' asked Rachael, pulling open the curtains to reveal Ian swaying slowly side-to-side by his pinched sack.

'Holy shit!' cried Hilary, finally withdrawing her heel from his ball to find to her horror that the deep imprint it left behind refused to fill back out. 'I've ruined that kid's bollock!' She looked to Rachael and squeaked, 'Why didn't you tell me?'

'It's fine,' Rachael assured her dispassionately. She gave the sliding door a tug and his fat nuts slipped through the still painfully tight crack one after the other to allow him to fall to the floor. 'The curtains were closed so he didn't see you.'

'That's not the point!' shrieked Hilary. 'I could have popped his ball!'

'No, the point is it worked and you could actually pop John's balls the same way, right Amber?' She looked to her cousin to find her looking back angrily with arms folded tight across her budding chest.

'She's right,' said Faye, stepping up to Hilary. 'He'd never be able to prove who it was behind the curtains if whoever lured him here went back outside.'

'He's a prick, but he's not stupid,' countered Hilary. 'How would we trick him into getting his balls out and...?' She slapped her forehead and sighed. 'Oh, what am I saying? He could never turn down a blowjob from you, Kimberley.'

Kimberley beamed proudly, big tits swelling up out of her tight dress like baking dough. 'I'm on it,' she said, hungrily, before skipping off in search of her prey.

While the women put their plan into action, Rachael approached her furious cousin. 'Amber,' she said apologetically.

'She was just about to do it,' said Amber in a huff.

'But, Amber, if they had we'd never get to do it again,' said Rachael seductively. She took hold of the girl's hand and placed it softly against her boob. 'You do want to do it again, don't you?' Amber looked up at her with big eyes, and then slowly a sad little smile began to spread across her face. 'And besides,' Rachael continued, grinning wickedly, 'where's the fun in letting someone else pop his balls?' At this Amber beamed and threw her hands around her cousin.

The girls' attention was caught when Hilary and Faye returned, having just dragged Ian off to some secluded corner of the garden to recover.

'Poor fucker's nuts were swinging around his ankles,' said Hilary with a depraved chuckle as she stepped back into the conservatory and pulled the curtains together once more.

'Now, I need you girls to keep really quiet for me,' she said. Her condescension did not sit well with Rachael, but before she could object Kimberley's giggles were heard through the open door.

'I knew you always had a thing for me, John,' she said.

'Oh, I've got a thing for you, babe,' came his skin-crawling reply. 'And it's all yours.' There came the sound of a zipper being unfastened theatrically and then Kimberley gave an impressed gasp.

'All mine?' she said with glee. 'And what about these...' she asked. 'Are these all mine too?'

'Babe,' he said arrogantly, 'if you can fit them in as well, they're yours.'

'Oh,' she said with a girlish chuckle as she stepped slowly backwards over the threshold with what appeared to Amber and Rachael to be two kiwi fruit in her hand, 'I'm sure they'll fit!'

With her free hand she grabbed the door handle and slammed it shut on the slither of flesh which attached John to his precious sex organs. There came a distant bellow of anguish and a heavy thud on the glass.

'I got them!' cheered Kimberley, leaping up and down to finally send her big tits spilling from her dress completely. Seeing her breasts had worked themselves free, the brunette snatched them up, but rather than hastily tucking them away she instead pressed them against the glass either side of where the two doors met and began mockingly sliding them up and down. 'Never going to touch them, pervert!' she declared triumphantly.

'That's enough,' hissed Hilary, conscious the two young girls were watching her debauched display. 'Now get back outside and bring Claire with you. We need a witness that you weren't the one that did it.'

 Kimberley pouted dejectedly. 'I can't believe I don't get to be the one to pop him,' she grumbled, still holding out her tits.

Hilary tugged the curtains together until only the door frames and John's balls were left visible. 'Oh... have a quick go now then,' she told her busty friend.

'Yes!' cheered Kimberley jumping with glee only to clout herself in the chin with her unrestrained jugs. Crouching slightly, she balled both fists and squared up to the hanging plums. 'I've wanted to do this for so long!' she enthused, before pistoning her fists one after the other into John's tender little speedbag with such ferocity that her enormous tits were sent swinging wildly this way and that; curling around to slap noisily into her sides. But even over the fleshy clattering the high tempo wet splats of her knuckles smashing his gigantic trapped gonads could be heard.

Clapping and cheering with delight, Amber turned to her cousin and hissed, 'They're so big!'

'And hairy,' added Rachael, screwing up her nose with disgust, but her jutting nipples belied her true feelings on the impressive full-grown gonads.

Finally exhausted, Kimberley dropped her fists and let out a deep sigh, during which time her glistening tits settled back down and resumed the gentle, but seemingly perpetual jiggle the mere act of breathing caused.

'Now go show the bride just what kind of man she married,' Hilary told her. She nodded, heading for the exit only to be stopped in her tracks when the blonde called after her, 'Put those things away first, you daft slut!'

'Oh!' cried Kimberley, spinning around to clutch her tits and blush deeply. She jammed them back into her dress and scurried away sheepishly.

'Why is she bringing Claire?' asked Rachael with concern for her older sister.

'We're going to get the truth out of him,' said Hilary.

'Yeah,' added Faye with a wicked grin, 'we're going to get him to "spill the beans".' The two women shared a cackle while the two girls simply smiled, a little unsure as to what was so funny.

'We should listen too, then,' said Rachael. She quickly opened one of the conservatory's many windows and immediately John's frantic cries of anguish flooded the room. Then there came another voice Rachael recognised.

'Honey,' said her sister, sounding concerned. 'What are you doing? Are you alright?'

'Claire?' came his high-pitched and panicked response as he glance back over his shoulder best he could to address her. 'I'm fine. I'm just... so happy.'

'Happy is he?' said Faye before levelling a punishing front kick at his swelling plums.

'Oh, god!' he wailed hysterically and there came a thud as his a powerful ripple ran up his spine and caused him to slam his head into the door frame.

'Honey?' said Claire again, her concern deepening. 'You're worrying me. What is it? Tell me.'

'Yeah,' challenged Kimberley. 'Tell her and the pain might go away.'

'That's my queue,' said Hilary, once more raising her heel in anger.

Amber and Rachael watched with wide eyes as the blonde's heel skewered the fat nugget of shining flesh that was John's left ball; warping it into more of a donut shape than an orb and causing several audible crunches to be emitted as its structural integrity was irreparably compromised.

At almost triple the size of Ian's nut, John's would have easily allowed for the majority of Hilary's three inch heel to sink inside it, but Hilary held back with only an inch inserted. 'Come on, Faye,' she told her friend. 'There's one free.'

Beaming madly, Faye hitched her dress and mirrored her friend's stance to pin John's right bollock against the door frame.

'What the hell is going on?' demanded Claire over John's suddenly unrestrained fist beating and howls of agony.

'Tell her, you prick!' yelled Kimberley, grabbing him by the hair to tug him backwards and stretch his already taut nut-cords to the brink of snapping.

'Okay!' he shrieked, finally unable to maintain the facade. 'I got a blowjob off a stripper!'

'And he was going to let me give him one!' added Kimberley, earnestly.

'But...' said Claire; overwhelmed by the shocking confession. Distraught, she said the first thing that came to her mind, '... you told me you didn't even like blowjobs.'

'I don't, baby,' cried John, reaching back a hand in a futile attempt to reach her.

'Lair,' growled Rachael, grabbing Hilary's ankle to force her heel deeper into John's fit-to-burst bollock.

'Rachael!' objected Hilary as the teen overpowered her.

'Hey!' cried Faye as, to her surprise, she too was taken by the ankle.

'You were holding back,' explained the Amber, matter-of-factly, as she plunged the unwilling woman's heel in further.

'We're only trying to get him to confess!' cried Hilary, desperately attempting to resist Rachael's urgent draw.

'Yeah,' agreed Faye with terror as she saw the nut beneath her heel begin to balloon dangerously out of proportion. 'We weren't actually going to castrate him!'

Assuming correctly that the intensification of his torture was in reaction to his ludicrous lie, John threw back his head and shrieked in all sincerity, 'Not off you! I don't like blowjobs off you! Your teeth scrape, you hardly suck and you only take a couple inches before you gag.' With his brain in meltdown, he sucked in a deep breath and then squealed at the top of his lungs, 'And you're too flat to tit-fuck!'

Claire let out a hurt sob before her ire rose inside her and rushed forward to knock aside Kimberley and seize him by the hair, wrenching him backward whilst screaming.

'Flat?' growled Amber, taking personal insult. 'Come on, Rach, let's show him who's flat.'

With his sack drawn around his nuts so tight that it appeared almost transparent, the girls could see every gruesome detail of John's testicular destruction.

'Oh, my god,' sobbed Hilary as both she and Faye shielded their eyes from the sight.

With the gristly shells of his gonads unable to withstand the point of the women's heels any longer, there came a sickening splitting sound that was heard on both sides of the glass doors and, all of a sudden, John's scrotum was able to pass through the infinitesimal gap between the doors without difficulty. He sailed backward through the air, slamming into Claire, knocking her to the ground and landing in her lap he reached down at his, futilely searching for the organs he no longer possessed.

'My balls!' he wailed inconsolably; clutching the shredded remnants of his manhood. 'My fucking balls!'

Pushing him off her, Claire picked herself up and looked down at her grass-stained wedding dress. 'It's ruined,' she said and with a surreal calmness she slipped it over her shoulders and let it fall to the ground.

'Baby,' John sobbed, staring up at his naked wife with wide, tear-filled eyes. 'They popped my balls. They popped them!'

'Never mind,' she replied with alarming detachment. 'You would have only lost them in the divorce.'

John stared up at her speechless for a few seconds before Kimberley rushed over to cover her nudity and bundle her hurriedly inside. 'Baby?' he squeaked forlornly after her.


'Oh!' exclaimed Kimberley when she guided Claire through the curtains to find Hilary, Faye, Rachael and Amber had also stripped out of their dresses. 'What happened?' she asked, shocked by their mass nudity.

'We... kind of made a mess,' said Amber, sheepishly; her hair wet and matted, her hands spattered and glistening as they covered her young breasts.

'Well, fuck this then,' huffed the brunette, flopping her massive tits out of her suffocating dress to suck in a grateful breath. 'Now,' she said, as she casually slipped the dress over her hips and let it fall the rest of the way, 'who wants to join me in fingering themselves silly whilst watching John writhe through the window?'

Still a little too traumatised to accept her invitation, Hilary, Faye and Claire simply sank to the tiles whilst, dizzy with glee, Amber and Rachael rushed over to join Kimberley in pleasuring themselves to the scene of male suffering playing out on the lawn.

'Mmm,' purred Amber as she rubbed her slick clit to the sight of John's distraught and agonised grimace. 'I can't wait to see that same look on Ian's face.'

'Me either,' said Rachael, reaching across to squeeze her young cousin's peachy ass cheek. 'Me either.'

The end