Ball-busting Holiday

Ballbusting Holiday

(Contains prolonged ballbusting, castration and big tit themes)

The Bus

Mike was sat, legs spread wide, at the back of the bus willing a cool breeze to gust up the legs of his shorts. His unusually large nuts felt like they were cooking inside their sack which hung at the limit of its laxity.

The sweltering bus was parked outside the dilapidated Spanish airport ferrying passengers from their flight on to their respective hotels. The driver was slow to let the English holiday-makers onboard, checking their tickets thoroughly before loading their bags. Mike had been the first to climb aboard the un-air-conditioned bus and was now regretting it.

Just then, a vision of beauty climbed aboard the bus which took Mike's mind instantly off his baking balls: Danielle.

Standing at five-foot-four she was a petite beauty with sparkling blue eyes and short, red-streaked mahogany hair in two cute pigtails. Her body was perfect; curving in all the right places and barely covered by a tiny string bikini and short, see-thru sarong which she had apparently changed into the moment she had landed.

But her attire, or lack of, wasn't the thing which blew Mike's mind; it was the contents which the woefully under-sized garments struggled in vain to contain: a gigantic pair of melons bigger than any Mike had seen in the abundant, jiggling flesh.

The owner, Danielle, climbed up the stairs into the gangway, dragging after her an apparently hefty carry-on case; every single tug on which pitched her colossal jugs so violently sideways that, for a brief moment following each tug, her big cherry nipples were ejected from their shelter beneath the bikini's miniscule triangles.

Mike's shorts too were pitched with a sudden violence; the loose material rising to uncover the underside of his full and low-hanging pink ball-bag.

Danielle continued to struggle up the gangway towards him, checking as she went the rows in the hope of finding an empty seat. But all she found were lustful stares or venomous glares.

In fact, the only empty seats were directly in front of Mike and, seeing this, he quickly covered his erection with a strategically placed baseball cap and then just waited.

Danielle made it to the free seat and looked down at her heavy case, then up at the overhead compartment, before finally looking to Mike with hopeful eyes.

She wants my help, Mike surmised. Tough luck, babe.

Danielle was quite surprised to find that fluttering her big blue eyes had failed to illicit help from the young man as, usually, men were incapable of resisting her charms. So, huffing miserably, she hauled the cumbersome case off the ground. Her straining arms squashed and pressed her huge jugs together so that the fat orbs squished out of shape and out of their attire. Mike could now see a good half of each pink circle and her big nipples were threatening to slip entirely out from under the paltry shreds of material.

Suddenly not even the baseball cap was enough to hide his throbbing hard-on and his own massive orbs were on display as they hung freely from the leg of his pitched shorts.

Luckily for him Danielle was too busy struggling to notice, otherwise his exposed danglers would have been unceremoniously ground beneath her designer flip-flop.

Danielle had the case lifted to waist height and was using her thigh to raise it higher, inadvertently flashing Mike a breathtaking view of her barely concealed camel toe. Slipping her arms under the case, Danielle prepared herself for the final heave and with a loud grunt she pitched the case up into the overhead compartment.

Luggage safely stowed at last, she sighed with relief and wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. That's when she noticed the white strings hanging down from the compartment. Curiously she tugged the strings to draw out two small triangles, one after the other. It took Danielle far longer than most to realise the significance of this, but then buxom beauty was not known for her quick-wits.

With a sudden, shocked screech she threw her hands around her enormous, naked knockers.

The girl's embarrassment was too delicious for Mike to bear. With his dick straining violently against his shorts and overheated balls set to explode there was only one course of action: he had to wank.

His only salvation was the tiny toilet closet beside him. He pulled open the door, almost tearing it from its hinges, and dived inside. As the door slammed a blushing Danielle was joined by her best friend Samantha.

Samantha, or Sam as she preferred to be called, was five-foot-nine and extremely svelte; her slim body was contained by a small pair of hot pants and the exact same bikini top as Danielle, in the exact same size, only hers fitted her modest B-cups as intended.

She had thick, dark, arching eyebrows – the kind a professional dominatrix would kill for; plump, but dry lips which were sexually alluring, but ultimately uninterested; black hair in a lazily-platted pony tail, which was so long that it rested on the smooth curve of her arse and a pale, tired complexion. The only effort Sam made toward make-up was thick mascara which served to darken her already dark eyes.

She tapped Danielle on the shoulder causing her to spin around with a fright. She was still desperately clutching handfuls of tit-meat. Sam raised one of her dark, impeccably sculpted eyebrows.

'Again?' she asked wearily. 'You've only had it on ten minutes. How did it happen this time?'

'It came off when I was putting my suitcase up there.' She pointed lamely whilst still trying to keep hold of her bulging baps. 'Can you tie me back up?'

Inside the toilet Mike's shorts were around his ankles and his fist was a blur along the length of his cock. The bus began to move catching him by surprise and he stumbled forward into the wall behind the loo. Figuring that standing was far too risky whilst the bus was in motion, he carefully knelt over the toilet bowl; his low-hangers touched the cold seat causing them to temporarily retreat. Lifting the cold, thick metal toilet seat out of the way he picked up where he left off, not realising that the warmth from his jerking had caused his nuts to once again descend onto the toilet rim...

Outside, Sam had retied her friend's inadequate bikini the best she could; a procedure she likened to restraining two excitable puppies whose sole intentions were leap out and play with one another.

It was true that the immense pair were forever escaping the inappropriately small crop tops and boob-tubes which Danielle chose to wear and it was always Sam who would have to wrestle the weighty, gelatinous orbs back into the inadequate garment. Not that the raven-haired beauty minded; despite her weary protests.

Wither her friend secured for the time being, Sam plopped herself down in Mike's currently unoccupied seat.

'There's a bloke sitting there, Sam,' Danielle told her, her cheeks slowly returning back to their original hue. 'He just went to the toilet.'

'After seeing your tits pop out?' asked Sam; her eyebrow raised yet again. 'I wonder what he's up to in there...'

Seeing that Danielle was incapable of following her meaning, Sam resorted, as she so often had to, to basic hand gestures in order to get her point across. She pounded at her crotch with a loosely clenched fist whilst grunting orgasmically.

'Ew!' cried Danielle, suddenly getting it. 'That's disgusting, Sam.' Sam shrugged. 'You don't really think... over my tits?'

'Oh, he wishes over your tits,' quipped Sam with a chuckle before asking, 'Why don't you take a peek?' she whispered devilishly. 'The door isn't locked.' She was right; in his rush to empty his balls Mike had neglected to bolt the door.

Danielle's mouth fell wide open at the thought. 'I couldn't do that... could I?'

'Of course. It's only fair after all – he's seen yours.'

Danielle sucked in her lips and thought it over. Finally she gave Sam a mischievous grin. 'Okay!' she said. 'Let's see what he's got!'

She threw herself, with a little too much energy, across the gangway to catch hold of the handle to the toilet door.

It was at that moment that the bus driver happened to cast a cursory eye over his cabin mirror to see what his passengers were up to. He was more than slightly surprised to see Danielle's bikini, overwhelmed once more, let slip her massive tits to leave them swinging pendulous and exposed.

Sensing her friend's panic Sam enquired anxiously, 'Danielle?'

'Sam,' responded Danielle, who having overstretched was unable to pull herself upright in her seat, 'I've slipped out.'

Racing to at once protect her friend's modesty whilst also helping herself to an authorised grope, Sam wrapped her arms around Danielle and grabbed one of the redhead's nipples in each hand.

So shocked was the bus driver's eyes at the sight of the girl-on-girl action unfolding at the back of his bus that his foot jammed the brake involuntarily.

The bus stopped in an instant.

One consequence of going from fifty miles an hour to a stop in under a second was that Danielle's massive tits were ripped from Sam's grasp and lurched forward off her chest taking both girls pulled her almost halfway down the gangway.

The pair came to a rest in a tangle of limbs and jiggling tits.

The other, more significant consequence was that the heavy metal toilet seat that had been standing upright whilst Mike worked his meat was sent crashing down on his plums which had been perched precariously on the toilet rim.

The resultant crunch was heard by Sam who recognising the distinctive, gristly pronouncement of a crushed testicle even over the screeching of the bus' brakes.

Picking herself up quickly, she raced to the back of the bus and stared in awe into the toilet closet, the door of which had swung open during the rapid deceleration.

'What is it?' asked Danielle, who, clutching her bare tits once more, joined her in peering inside. 'Wow,' she gasped.

With whatever was left of his jewels trapped firmly beneath a solid steel toilet seat, the man was leant backward against the wall in cross-eyed agony. His mouth was wide open and he seemed to be screaming, but Danielle couldn't hear anything.

But it wasn't the position or even the predicament that the man was in that held the two girls' attention; it was the expansive spattering of spunk which had been jettisoned from the man's dick upon impact. The creamy, stringy goo covered the back wall, but the biggest glob was actually hanging from the ceiling like some slimy stalactite.

'Wow,' gasped Danielle again.

'Excuse me,' said Sam, pushing aside Danielle, who had completely forgotten about covering her tits. She stepped into the closet and, with a large smile, closed the door.

Danielle quickly recovered from her shock and pounded on the door.

'Sam, what the fuck are you going to do in there?'

Sam opened the door a crack and told her, 'I'm going to check whether his baby-makers are still whole and if they are I'm going to have a bit of fun.' With that she closed the door.

Danielle was about to bang on it again when Sam reopened the door to add, 'Oh, and afterwards I'll help you find your bikini, okay Dani?'

As the door shut once more, Danielle shrieked and grabbed her bared jugs.


As the pair climbed off the bus Danielle asked unhappily, 'Well, were they still whole?'

'Yeah.' Sam smiled. 'They were.'

'Bitch!' Danielle yelled.

'What?' asked Sam, playing the innocent.

'I can't believe you didn't let me watch – you know how much I like to see them pop.'

'Aw, Danielle,' said Sam throwing her arm over her friend's shoulder. 'After that toilet seat came down there really wasn't that much left to pop – it was more like grinding on two deflated squash balls.' This seemed to cheer Danielle up a little.

'So you grinded them to paste?' she asked. Sam grinned.

'I didn't do anything.' she said fluttering her eyelashes innocently. 'I just went in there and did exactly what he did – I frigged myself off.' She shrugged. 'Sure, I may have been bouncing quite vigorously on the toilet seat and, okay, I guess I forgot to take his crushed bollocks out from under it first, but...' She trailed off and gave a delicious cackle.

'Oh, poor bloke,' said Danielle with a delighted giggle. 'I bet that hurt!'

It may have come for her childlike complete lack of comprehension, but Danielle's talent at understating the pain a brutally castrated man suffered was one of the things that Sam found most endearing.

'Yeah,' she agreed, rolling her eyes, 'I bet...'

The pair lugged their cases up the steps to the hotel and the two of them went inside.


Sam had lied.

While Danielle was outside, squashing her jugs against the back of a seat while trying in vain to tie a knot behind her back, Sam was inside the closet locked similarly in a battle to squash a large pair of organs, but no matter how hard she slammed her athletic ass down onto the toilet seat, she could not finish off Mike's robust rocks; even when resorted to standing on the seat and jumping. She was just too light.

Mike woke suddenly. His nuts wasted no time communicating their plight and he almost passed back out immediately. Breathing heavily, he looked down at the toilet seat and despaired at what he would find beneath. If anything.

His fingers gripped the underside of the seat and gingerly he prised it off his relieved happy-sack. He gasped with both relief and horror when he saw that there were still two objects that just about resembling the juicy ovals he remembered.

Keeping a tight hold on the toilet seat he drew back his hips to withdraw his battered bollocks from the rim. They swung down and back in-between his legs so far that they smacked the wall behind. The shot of pain caused an involuntary twitch that saw him collapse sideways out of the closet and into the aisle with a straggled yelp.

He was greeted by the sun-kissed legs belonging to a pair of blondes who simply exploded into fits of hysterical laughter when they saw his bright red cock and balls flop awkwardly onto his spunk-spattered belly.

The bus was now headed back to the airport loaded with tourists ready to depart the country. The blonde twins had been there a fortnight, but the image presented upside-down in front of them would be the one they remembered always. One pulled out a disposable camera and began to finish off the film before Mike could summon up the strength to pull up his shorts.

'Oh, no you don't!' said the closest twin. She swooped down and snatched up his swollen bollocks to lift Mike's arse high off the ground.

Having already been crushed to the brink of rupture, Mike's nervous system was unable to handle the violent stretching of his body's most nerve-packed organs. He was left flopping comically around in the gangway like a fish out of water, much to the twins' amusement.

His fish-like performance prompted the giggling blonde to hoist him higher until she held him aloft much like a record-breaking catch whilst her sister snapped away until no more film was left in the camera.

As the twins frenziedly searched their bags for another camera, Mike garnered his strength and, half-naked, flopped his way to the front of the bus followed by whoops and calls from the other bus passengers.

Hopeful his passengers' excitement was caused by another girl falling out of her bikini, the driver turned to see instead a semi-naked man with big, angry-looking genitals lurching towards him. He slammed on the brakes.


The Hotel

Mike hit the floor and was engulfed by the dust cloud sent up by the bus which accelerated away with every female on it pressed up against the windows on his side.

All Mike wanted was to be sick and, more than anything, lay down with no one around to witness him sob and cradle his busted bollocks.

It was still several hours until sunrise, but he decided against passing out in the street half-naked. Lifting his face from the dirt he looked up and saw a hotel directly in front of him. With a self-pitying groan, he pushed himself to his feet and headed for the entrance; taking every step with legs splayed so wide apart that he was almost squatting in order to prevent his plums knocking painfully against his thighs.

Stumbling into the empty lobby, he propped himself up on the reception desk and rang the bell. A cute Spanish receptionist appeared smiling.

'Could I get a room?' he asked her; his voice cracking and embarrassingly high-pitched.

'Of course,' she said brightly and began tapping away at her computer. Her preoccupation allowed him a moment to himself in which he couldn't help but stare down forlornly at his purple and angrily throbbing scrotum.

'Any bags you would like help with?' asked the receptionist with a smile which made his paranoid brain think for a moment she had caught sight of his mangled nut-sack and was poking fun.

'Um, no,' he said uncomfortably.

'And how will you be paying for you room?' she asked him.

He automatically reached down into his pocket for his wallet only to gasped in horror when it found only thigh.

'Um... actually, I left my wallet outside in the taxi,' he said weakly.

'Okay,' she chirped and then stood there watching him expectantly.

'Oh,' he said. 'You're going to stand there while I get it.' She nodded, smiling. 'Actually,' he said, wiping his brow, 'could you fetch me a glass of water – I don't feel well.'

'Of course,' she said sounding quite concerned and quickly exited into the back room.

Mike sprung into action. Waddling around to the computer he checked which room she had found free and hurriedly began scanning the rows of hooks behind the desk for the corresponding key. He had just located it when from behind him there came an ear-splitting shriek and the smashing of glass.

When he spun around he found the young receptionist wide-eyed in terror, staring at his horrifying genitals whilst making a cross on her chest.

'Cojones del Diablo!' she gasped before putting her hand to her forehead and fainting.

Well at least she didn't laugh, thought Mike sourly. He picked up the key for room 67 and headed for the lift.


Room 66

The girls had tossed their luggage on their shared double bed and whilst Sam began to unpack Danielle excused herself and scurried off into the bathroom.

Sam knew exactly what the horny slut was doing in there. She always excused herself after listening to one of Sam's titillating tales of ball-busting and on the way to their room Sam could almost hear the redhead's sopping pussy-lips smacking as she walked.

Her presumption was proved correct when a few minutes later, Danielle's moans of ecstasy echoed around the marble-floored apartment.

'Oh, oh, yeah. Do it. Bust his balls! Oh yeah! Bust 'em good, Sam!'

Sam? Though Sam, stunned she had heard her name called out in a pleasured gasp. She rushed over to the door to listen closer.

'Squash 'em. Make him squeal. That's it. Pop 'em, Sam. Pop his fat, hairy plums!'

Sam could hardly contain her glee at the realisation that her otherwise unresponsive love-interest pictured her during masturbation. She had always assumed that the redhead merely imagined herself in Sam's place; doing the busting herself.

'Flatten them, Sam!' cried Danielle orgasmically. 'Do it! Yes! Pop those nasty bollocks over my tits! Yes! Yes! Yes!'

Danielle felt silent. The only sound was the rattling of the toilet seat as her legs shook, gripped by a blindingly intense orgasm.

'Oh, Sam...' she gasped, finally, ' ruined him.'

And I'll ruin so many more for you, thought Sam. For the next two weeks no man is safe. She began to chuckle devilishly and was caught off guard when the bathroom door suddenly opened.

Danielle was similarly surprised to find her friend waiting by the toilet cackling to herself maniacally. 'Oh,' she said, suddenly thinking she understood why. From behind her back she produced an enormous, flesh-coloured dildo and thrust it into Sam's hand. 'All yours.'

'Thank you,' said Sam feebly as she stared in horror at the monstrous implement whose length, girth and gratuitously distended veins made her stomach turn.

'You're welcome. Make sure you wipe it off first – it's covered in me.'

Sam remained frozen in horror. She couldn't take her eyes of the disgusting appendage which continued to flop mockingly in her unenthusiastic grasp. How can I compete with this? she thought sadly.

Her eyes lit up suddenly. I don't have to compete with it! she thought. I just have to make her realise how ridiculous it is! How ridiculous all cocks are!

She raced out of the apartment in time to see the next door down, number 67, slam shut.

'Sam?' called Danielle with puzzlement at her friend's unannounced departure, but moments later when Sam returned with a jaw-dropping bulge straining at the crotch of her hotpants.

'Sam?' asked Danielle, gobsmacked.

'Oi,' she called out in a deep, guttural voice. 'You and me are gunna 'ave a little fun.' She grabbed her fruity junk and deftly shook out a few tantalising inches of thick rubber cock, adding crudely, 'If you know what I mean.'

Danielle burst out laughing, suddenly cottoning on to the hilarious role play. 'Okay, Mister Tough Guy,' she said, cupping her tits. 'Why don't you come and get what you're after.'

Sam's pussy quivered with anticipation as she stomped towards Danielle, her arms out wide and chin thrust forward like some aggravated football hooligan. The moment she was close enough she grabbed Danielle's tits and squeezed them roughly. 'Nice and big,' she grunted, feeling the familiar shiver of pleasure she got on the rare occasions she was allowed to handle Danielle's jugs the way she had always wanted. 'How I like them.'

Danielle blushed and batted her eyelids coyly. 'Thank you,' she said with girlish giggle. 'How about we see what you've got for me?'

She unzipped her friend's hotpants and gently tugged them down until they fell to the floor and the reason for Sam's disappearance became clear: she had made a stop at the hotel lobby's fruit bowl.

Seeing the two hairy kiwi fruits, which only precariously remained inside Sam's tiny bikini briefs, Danielle asked incredulously, 'Are those k—'

'My bollocks?' interjected Sam so not to ruin the moment. 'Yeah. Nice and big too, eh? Just the way you like 'em I bet?'

'Oh, yeah,' purred Danielle with genuine pleasure.

'Just what I thought, you dirty slut.'

'Slut?' asked Danielle, knotting her brow and putting a finger to her lips like a naughty little girl as with the other hand she reached down slowly to cup the fruits.

'Oo, that's it,' said Sam, still shamelessly helping herself to her friend's soft tits. 'Take a good hold.'

'Oh, I will,' said Danielle, grinning. 'If fact, I think I'll just take them.' And with that she slammed her knee into Sam's crotch with the full force she would have a real man. Sam's eyes bulged in what Danielle took for a perfect imitation of ball-busted surprise.

'Oh, oh god,' Sam whispered as Danielle laughed in her face, 'It's gone up inside me.'

Danielle clapped her hands with excitement. 'That's perfect, Sam,' she enthused, 'Just like that bloke at the airport you busted; you knocked his nut so far up inside him – I bet he volunteered for a cavity search!'

Sam was hunched over, her brow knotted and mouth open. The mushy remains of one of the kiwis slid down her thigh a way before dropping the ground with a splat.

'Oh, fuck – I completely flattened the other!' she exclaimed, before slipping back into character to goad, 'What do you think of that you filthy pig? I splattered one of our big, hairy bollocks all over the floor.'

She stopped to fan herself with her hand. 'Sam, you're getting me so hot again,' she said; her face and breasts flushing red, her hand inching across her thigh toward her pussy.

'Danielle, I'm not joking,' groaned Sam, hoarsely. 'One of the kiwis went up my cunt.'

Danielle gasped in horror. Her hand snapped from her inside bikini to over her mouth. 'I'm so sorry, Sam. I didn't mean to. I just got carried away... Do you think you can push it out?'

'Maybe' rasped Sam. Her brow creased as she concentrated on working her pussy muscles.

She yelped suddenly, then, sobbing with child-like frustration, moaned, 'It's so scratchy,' and pushed past Danielle to shuffle awkwardly, in a perfect impression of a ball-busted man, out onto the balcony saying, 'I need to think.'

The fresh, cool air did little to focus her mind. The prickly sensation in her cunt had her complete attention... that was until she noticed the man leaning over the balcony next-door in a similar splay-legged stance and wearing a similar look of anguish to her.

It was the man from the bus!

Shit! thought Sam, ducking back into the room before he saw her. How is he here? If Danielle see him... sees his balls. She'll know I lied to her!

'Did you get it out?' asked Danielle, making Sam spin around with surprise.

'Wha—? Er, no.' She slammed the sliding door to and locked it.

'Oh,' Danielle said, biting her lip bashfully. 'Well, I'm no fanny doctor, Sam, but if you want I can have a go at, you know, fishing it out for you.'

Sam was blown away. The thought of Danielle fingering her hole was the fantasy that Sam fingered her hole to most often, but she couldn't enjoy it knowing that out on the balcony were those balls, dangling mockingly, just waiting for Danielle to see.

'It's tempting, Danielle, really tempting, but I'm gonna see if I can walk it off first.'

'Er... okay?' said Danielle unsurely.

'Listen, you stay in here and...' Sam pulled the huge dildo from her bikini bottoms and presented it grudgingly to Danielle, ' know.'


Room 67

On her way out of the apartment, Sam watched Danielle disappear into the bathroom with the monster cock.

'You are going to pay,' she growled, glaring at the door to apartment 67.

Not only had she missed out on a fingering (however clinical it may have been), but now Danielle would have fucked herself raw and be less likely to be convinced to fool around.

'Damn it!' Sam cursed, seeing her sole agenda for the holiday come so close only to slip away because of a pair of bollocks.

She rapped on the door and waited impatiently.

Mike hauled himself off the balcony rails that had been supporting him as he aired his throbbing nuts. He staggered back into the apartment and called, 'Who is it?'

'Room service,' called Sam in her best Spanish accent.

'No, thank you,' groaned Mike, turning back to the balcony.

'I have ice,' said Sam, thinking quickly. Mike froze. Ice. That would feel so good on his balls.

'Okay,' he yelled, hobbling quickly to unlock the door, only to have it kicked solidly into him the moment he did so.

'You bastard,' Sam growled, on him in an instant, one hand around his neck the other around the neck of his scrotum. She surged forward pushing him out onto the balcony. His bare arse slammed against the cold steel rail. Sam looked to his side to see a clothes line tied off on the rail. She quickly snatched it up and wrapped it securely around his nuts with practiced skill.

'So they can take my little frame jumping on them,' she growled, 'but can they take your weight?' With that she pushed him in the chest and watched him topple over the rail with a terrified gasp.

The clothes line whipped after him until there was no more slack. It tautened with a loud snap and the shrillest squeal Sam had ever heard.

'That had to do it,' Sam said confidently. She glanced over the rail expecting to see a length of string with a pair of bollocks at the end and she wasn't disappointed. She was disappointed, however, when she noticed the man hanging a foot or so below the bollocks still very much attached.

'What was that?' said Danielle stepping out onto the balcony to her right.

'Danielle!' cried Sam, waving her arms to attract her attention away from the sight below. Danielle peered round the partition which separated the balconies right up to the rails.

'What are you doing next-door and what was that noise? It sounded like a bloke being—'

'No, it was me,' lied Sam. 'Would you believe it, but there's a gynaecologist right next-door.'

'No way,' gasped Danielle.

'Yeah, and he just got the kiwi out – that was why I made the squeal.' She bit both her lips and nodded emphatically.

She felt bad lying to Danielle like this, but Danielle being gullible enough to believe such a huge coincidence made it all too easy sometimes. 'In fact,' she whispered as if there was someone behind her she didn't want to overhear, 'he's here right now "checking me out" if you know what I mean.'

Danielle didn't know what she meant.

'You know – give me a thorough inspection.' When this too whent right over her friend's head she reached back and slapped her own ass.

'Oh!' she cried looking back.

'Oh, I see!' said Danielle. She quickly strained to peer around the partition.

'Hey, perv,' said Sam, pushing her back.

Danielle looked disappointed and she inquired, 'What's he like, then?' She added in a whisper, 'Is he big?'

'Oh, yeah,' said Sam, taking a guilty glance down at Mike still dangling unconscious from his nuts. 'He's very well hung... Now go back inside and give us some privacy.'

'Fine,' huffed Danielle and she turned to leave.

'No, wait,' said Sam suddenly. 'Could you pass me some lube?'

'Wow,' said Danielle. 'He must be big.' She disappeared behind the partition returned with a tube of lubricant, which Sam accepted gratefully.

'Now go,' she said, shooing the redhead back inside.

'Okay, but you better bust him good afterwards,' hissed Danielle backing out of sight. ''Cause I want to hear all about it.'

Hearing the sliding door slam shut, Sam sighed with relief and looked over the rail at Mike.

'What am I supposed to do with you now?' she asked no one in particular.

With a weary flick of the wrist she untied the clothes line and watched Mike plummet into a dumpster where he was almost entirely engulfed by black bags. 'Don't go anywhere,' said Sam with a smile. 'I'll be right down... after I get this fucking kiwi out my cunt.'

She staggered inside the apartment, sat down on the couch and after squeezing a handful of lubricant into her pussy she began to push. The feeling of a prickly, hairy object up her minge wasn't new, she'd stuffed nuts up there plenty of times to give them a good crushing the way only girls could, but never any as big or as hairy as the kiwi.

The kiwi exploded from her cunt with a pop and skidded across the floor leaving a trail of lube and pussy juice behind it. Sam collapsed into the couch. 'Thank fuck!' she groaned happily. She let out a long breath and then pulled herself up to deliver a devastating stomp to the freshly unloaded kiwi. Its green mush squished out from between her toes.

'Now to do the same for your kiwis,' she said, storming over to the balcony rail only to find the dumpster gone. 'Fuck me!' she cried with exasperation. 'Where'd he go?'


Sam dragged her feet as she went back to her apartment and when she was inside she collapsed into bed and threw the covers over herself, groaning dejectedly.

'What's wrong?' asked Danielle coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped round her waist. Her big tits were left bare and they jiggled as she walked across the room.


'Good,' said Danielle. 'Could you rub some moisturiser into my boobs please? I just painted my nails.'

'Yes!' Sam said, bursting out from under the covers.

'Aw, damn,' said Danielle searching through her bag. 'I forgot to pack it.' Sam could barely take it. She wanted to cry. She fell back into bed and buried her face in the pillow.

'You're sleeping in your bikini?' asked Danielle perplexed. She dropped her towel.

'Yep,' said Sam, unaware she was missing the sight of Danielle's neatly trimmed bush.

'Well, okay,' said Danielle with a shrug. 'Oh, so I don't forget, tomorrow you have to give me a bikini wax.' Sam gripped the pillow tightly. Danielle slid under the covers and wished Sam a goodnight before promptly falling asleep.


Outside, a trio of extremely inebriated young women were making their way back to their apartment when the blonde of the group spotted a piece of string coming out of a dumpster. Drunkenly, she stumbled over and snatched at the string. After a few attempts she caught it and out popped two large, red globes.

'Balloons!' she announced.

'Balloons!' repeated the brunette, flashing her breasts as she had been doing all night for no particular reason.

'Pop 'em,' said the redhead, sniggering.

'Yeah, pop 'em!' growled the brunette, shaking her tits side-to-side enthusiastically.

'Okay,' said the blonde, giggling. She pointed her long fingernail at one of the orbs and jabbed it violently, but the balloon didn't pop and suddenly out of the pile of black bags a figure rose up groaning awfully.

The girls screamed, the brunette inexplicably exposing her tits a final time, before racing away from the dumpster as fast as their high-heels would allow.

Mike fell out of the dumpster clutching his massively inflated nuts. Slowly and agonisingly, he dragged himself out of the alley and into the first dark room he could find. And later, when he could bring himself to do so, he unfastened the noose from around his dark purple plums and braced himself as the blood rush in and reawakened his deadened nerve-endings.

A chilling cry of torment echoed around the hotel complex.


As Mike fell unconscious once more, Sam was finding it difficult to doze off.

Staring at the ceiling, she was trying desperately not to look at Danielle's sweat-covered body as it glistened in the moonlight.

The redhead had thrown off the covers almost as soon as she was asleep, leaving Sam to wrestle with her most base urges and actually seemed to be winning, right up until Danielle rolled toward her and flopped her fat, squishy tits right in Sam's face.

It took the fat pair almost a minute to settle themselves and stop jiggling. It was then that Sam realised that she had been staring at Danielle's fantastic tits for a minute. Without blinking once.

She could fight it no longer; slowly she stretched out her tongue and ran it around Danielle's soft, warm nipple. Danielle moaned almost imperceptibly and rubbed her thighs together. Sam heard the slick sound of wet pussy-lips sliding against each other and noticed her own were literally dripping with juice. Slipping a finger deep insider herself she went to work, gently at first, on Danielle's tasty, big teats and when the explosive orgasm overcame her she buried her face into the soft, yielding tit flesh to smother her screams of ecstasy.


By the Pool

Mike awoke in the tiny, dusty storeroom and was suddenly consumed by the devastating, excruciating pain surging from his testicles.

As he lay there curled in a tight ball, rhythmically dry retching, he realised there was no putting it off any longer: he would have to go to hospital.

Using every last ounce of strength and determination, he picked himself up off the floor and pulled the door open just a crack to check if the coast was clear.

It wasn't. He was right beside the pool, which was now completely packed with the hotel's residents all sunning and splashing happily and all bound to see him if he tried to make it for the only exit: a flight of stairs on the far side of the pool which led up to the hotel's lobby.

Just as his eyes were on the stairs, Danielle came out of the lobby doors in her "tanning" bikini: a garment which somehow managed to cover even less of her flesh than the several-sizes-too-small number she had worn the day before. It comprised of the most insubstantial shreds of the thinnest material imaginable and held together by straining, floss-like string that cut into the doughy flesh of her tits as they bounced and swayed as freely as if naked. Each step she descended caused massive fluctuations to ripple through her jugs which carried her nipples out from under the tiny triangles of shade for a tantalising moment in the sun before snatching them back beneath.

The sound of twenty pairs of Speedos stretching in unison was audible. In fact, one particularly well-endowed male stretched his Speedos so far that they twanged free his straining cock and snapped forcefully into his nuts. He toppled off the diving board with a squeak, but his misfortune and subsequent near drowning went unnoticed by all as Danielle's wobbling rack continued to hold their attention.

'Fuck me,' gasped Mike, recognising her as the girl wearing the ludicrously tiny bikini from the bus just before the accident and the subsequent night's torture at the hands of...

Sam stepped out of the lobby after Danielle; ignored by all in the top-heavy shadow of her friend. All except Mike who drew a petrified breath at the sight of her.

Mike slammed the door to and scanned the room for another exit. None. He was trapped. If he wanted to make it out of there and to a hospital he would have to wait for the bitch to leave.

He peered back out of the door. She was oiling her little bare tits and appeared to be settling down for a long day of sunning herself. Fuck!

The pain in his balls increased, urging him to do something. He scanned the room again. No alternate exit appeared, but he did notice something of use peeking out of a sack on the floor: a colourful bundle of material. He waddled over and lifted it out. It was a clown costume.

Perfect, he thought.

He pulled on the trousers with the hula-hoop waistband and fastened the braces. The super baggy trousers were actually quite comfortable as his balls barely touched them. He then put on the flowery shirt and battery-powered spinning bow tie, and rummaged through the sack for face paints to make certain he wasn't recognised. He found a red afro wig, honking red nose and finally the face paints.


He stepped confidently, if awkwardly, out into the hot Spanish sun and made a beeline for the stairs which Danielle had just come down.

To avoid coming into too close a proximity of Sam, he waddled around the other side of the pool only to come face to face with a flustered looking resort entertainer, replete with the mandatory blonde hair, orange skin colour, overly-tight red polo shirt and tiny black shorts. When she saw him she gave him a huge, blinding white smile and said, 'There you are! Thank god, 'cause the girls are getting uncontrollable.' She grabbed his hand and pulled him in front of a large group of girl scouts. 'Here he is,' the rep announced breathlessly.

'A clown?' bellowed one girl, infuriated. 'What are we – five?' The rep giggled nervously.

'Er, naughty clown is late,' she said.

'So?' said the bold girl, wearily. 'Kick him in the balls.' The other girls giggled and bumped shoulders with girlish delight. For the rep, their amusement was relieving, for Mike it was terrifying; he began to back away slowly.

'Um, okay,' said the rep, seizing a whipped-cream-topped paper plate and her chance to win the crowd's favour. She turned to Mike, who hadn't retreated far enough to be out of reach, and giving him an apologetic shrug she planted the 'pie' in his groin with a splat.

The light globs of cream settled on the poolside and were the only sound as the tittering crowd of teenagers went silent in breathless anticipation of Mike's reaction. They leaned forward expectantly, their budding young breasts pressing against their bikini tops, and Mike did not disappoint.

Folding in the middle and turning a dark shade of red, he let out a long, agonised groan to which the girls cheered and high-fived. The entertainer swelled with pride and ducked down to speak to Mike who was croaking: 'My bollocks!' repeatedly.

'Hey, really funny, but watch your language – they're only fourteen.'

'My balls,' Mike rasped.

'That's better,' she said brightly before picking up another cream 'pie', walking around behind him and asking the girls, 'I think he deserves one more, right girls?'

The girls cheered as she planted the pie with confidence between his legs.

Mike let out a shrill squeak and dropped to his knees, losing his squeaky nose in the process. It fell into his trousers, wedging itself firmly in-between his apple-sized nuts.

'Oh, he's lost his nose,' said the rep, on walking back around. 'Where did that go?'

'Down his trousers!' yelled the girls.

'Well, I'll just find it for Mr. Clown,' she said giving the girls a playful wink and pushing her hand into Mike's roomy trousers. Her finger wrapped instantly around his left nut.

'So this is where you clowns keep your juggling balls,' she whispered obliviously, squeezing down on the orb and causing Mike to squeal hysterically.

'That's it!' the rep said in an enthused whisper. 'You get the idea.'

She turned to the girls and said, 'Oops, that definitely wasn't his nose!' to which the stiff-nippled girls laughed uproariously.

'I'll try again.' The rep lifted her hand out and put it in again theatrically. This time she clamped her hand around his right nut. 'Ew, these are quite squirmy – how do you keep hold of them?' she asked softly, whilst again Mike screamed.

'That wasn't it either!' she announced, lifting her hand from his trousers for the second time. 'One last try.' She pushed her hand in once more, this time feeling for something smaller. Her fingers caught his bell-end. It was soft and rubbery and about the right size, but when she tugged it it didn't come away. And now she thought about it, it wasn't making much of a squeaking sound as she squeezed it either.

With dread building in her gut, she felt the object more closely to find it was actually part of a much larger object – an object that was getting larger by the second in her fumbling grasp. She shrieked.

She pulled her hand away quickly, catching his novelty bow tie and knocking it off into his trousers where it began spinning wildly to the sound of squeaks from both the clown nose and Mike as it struck each of his balls repeatedly.

With the holiday rep dancing hysterically by the edge of the pool and the crowd of girl scouts shrieking with laughter, all eyes, including those of Sam and Danielle were on the scene of Mike wrestling with an unseen assailant inside his baggy trousers and gasps went up as, tormented to the edge of his sanity, he simply unfastened his braces and jettisoned the trousers completely.

'Oh. My. God!' said Danielle, at the sight of his massively swollen balls.

'Oh, my god!' gasped Sam, at the sight of his massively swollen balls.

'Oh, my god!' screamed the entertainer, recoiling at the sight of is massively swollen gonads. 'They weren't juggling balls at all!'

Mike made a hasty retreat with the group of mean teenager girl scouts in hot pursuit.

'Did you see those balls?' asked Danielle. 'We should go after him and—'

'Nah,' said Sam quickly, 'he's probably Spanish so we wouldn't know what he was saying anyway.'

'We'd be busting his balls,' said Danielle, as if the answer were obvious. 'He'd be saying: My balls! My balls! What else?' She scrunched up her nose. 'What is Spanish for balls anyway?'

'Let's find out,' said Sam, snapping he fist out into the path of an oncoming waiter, in an attempt to take Danielle's mind off the big-balled clown.

'Mi cojones!' exclaimed the surprised waiter; dropping his tray of drinks and toppling to the floor.

While Danielle giggled, Sam was deep in thought. She'd tried crushing Mike's balls and ripping them off and yet they still remained; bigger and more infuriating than ever.

'Maybe...' she said to herself. She looked the groaning waiter. 'Do you have any scissors?'

'Ca?' he squeaked with teary eyes. Sam made a snipping gesture which the waiter mistook for a threat. He screamed and hobbled away at speed.

'Cohonies,' said Danielle, wiping away the tears. 'What a funny word for bollocks.'

'Yeah,' said Sam distantly. She was scanning the poolside and bolted upright when she saw a gardener trimming the hedge. 'Perfect,' she murmured, her eyes locked on the large shears he had just set down whilst he wiped his brow.

'I'm gonna go see the gynaecologist again, Dani, you think you'll be all right on your own for a while?'

'Course,' said Danielle settling into her tanning pose: arms and legs spread wide; her tits rocking gelatinously as she breathed, her pussy swallowing material like it was ravenous for something to fill it. 'Why wouldn't I be?'

Sam sighed hopelessly. She didn't like leaving her alone. She didn't trust men, even women to be around her overwhelmingly sexy friend without giving into their baser urges, but she had to find Mike and end his balls before Danielle figured out she had lied to her.

Silently, she lifted the shears and made after Mike and his band of screaming followers.


Danielle had begun to fall asleep when an unpleasant sensation awoke her. Something wet had landed on her great expanse of bare tit meat. She squinted into the blinding sun to see another large droplet fall out of the sky and come to a rest on her baps followed by another and soon thereafter by a heavy and highly localised downpour of thick liquid.

Sitting up quickly to retreat under cover, Danielle caught a dollop of falling fluid in the eyes. Stumbling half-blinded, she looked up to see where the stuff was coming from and caught sight of hunched figures retreating from the balcony directly above her sun lounger.

'What the...?' She wiped the sticky goo from her eyes and looked down at her thickly spattered tits. 'Is this... sun cream?' she said hopefully. Scooping a handful of the lumpy goop from her melons she took a sniff of the stuff and instantly she knew.

'Ew!' she shrieked, flapping her hands and dancing on the spot in disgust. She looked up to the empty balcony and roared, 'I'm coming, you sick pigs! I'm gonna crush your nuts to paste!' And with that she took a firm hold of her jugs and raced up the stairs to the back of the complex where the entrances to the poolside apartments were found.

When she was suddenly faced with a long row of identical doors she faltered, but only for a moment, as Danielle, though lacking intelligence and common sense, was blessed with an almost photographic memory and she recalled the scene from the poolside; counting the balconies to come up with the correct door. Unfortunately, despite her astonishingly accurate recollection, Danielle couldn't count.

Her fist rapped at the apartment's front door with vehemence and she was actually quite surprised when it was so brazenly opened. The man that greeted her barely had chance to absorb the sight of the spunk-soaked beauty at his door before the spunk-soaked beauty launched a devastating knee into his baby-makers.

'That's for cumming on my tits, you pig!' she spat as he sunk to the ground with a look of hurt due in equal parts to the physical and mental anguish she had just caused.

All of a sudden a young woman leapt out of the apartment's bathroom and screamed, 'You did what?' To which the boyfriend's only reply was a piteous sob and a shake of the head. 'I told you if you ever did anything like this again I'd take one of your nuts!' She pulled her knee up high and then sent the solid ball of her foot slamming down into his soft plums.

Danielle felt suddenly uncertain of her judgement as she stared down at the man clinging to his girlfriend's leg as she went to work grinding his bollocks into the floor.

'Excuse me,' she said meekly, 'I don't mean to interrupt, but are there any other men in this flat? Anyone who might have joined your boyfriend in cumming on my tits?'

'Not in here,' growled the girlfriend, steadying herself against the wall so she could lean in with her full weight, 'but sounds like something those animals next door might do, filthy fucks.'

'Next door,' Danielle repeated sadly. 'So close.' As she turned away, she felt guilty leaving the innocent boyfriend to his enraged partner, but she was certain that the girlfriend wouldn't actually carry out her threat...

A chilling squeal rang out as the door swung shut; a squeal which Danielle was all too familiar with having spent as much time as she had growing up with an avid ball-breaker like Sam. She bit her lip guiltily and then knocked on the next door along.

The door swung open a little and Danielle poked her head inside only to be grabbed by the pigtails and thrown into the room. The door slammed shut behind her and when she picked herself up off the floor she found she was surrounded by three naked, muscular men. Straight away she did as Sam had always told her to: she examined their weaknesses.

'Looks like she wants some more of our cum,' said the biggest-balled of the three in the very guttural tone Sam had been mimicking the previous night in her role-play with the fruit goolies.

He goes down first, thought Danielle. A single hard blow should leave him blubbering like a baby while I deal with the others.

'Yeah,' agreed his smaller-balled friend. 'She's absolutely gagging for it.'

A swift downward tug and it'll be lights out for him. I just have to make sure I leave them attached so I can take my time crushing them later.

'She will be gagging when I'm through with her!' exclaimed the third brute, whose balls made a curious shape in his unusually wide scrotum.

I'll save him for last, decided Danielle, so I can figure out what's going on in his nut-sack.

'We will, but I need a little time to reload,' said big balls.

'I don't,' blurted odd balls. The other two gave his bollocks an uncomfortable glance but said nothing.

'Let's tie her up,' said small balls.

As the three of them stormed towards her, Danielle primed herself for action and just before the three pairs of massive hands gripped her she pounced.

Screaming, 'Hi-ya!' she inexpertly snapped kicked the huge bollocks of the brute directly in front. The immense orbs were knocked up very slightly, but her shin didn't follow through to inflict the damage necessary to cause him to blubber.

While he stumbled back cursing, Danielle dropped to her knee, snatched the little balls of the brute to her left and jerked powerfully down. Unfortunately her hand was slippery with tanning oil and slipped off his sweaty sack without causing nearly enough trauma to put his lights out.

Distressed her attacks weren't having the desired effect, Danielle had no choice but to follow her plan out to its conclusion. Grabbing the brute to her right by the balls she squeezed with all her might only to have one, then a second bollock slip unscathed from her fist leaving her bearing down on...

'Oh, fuck!' she shrieked disgust; automatically releasing his nut-sack and scooting backward. 'He's got three balls!' she cried.

Hunched slightly and cupping his nuts, the tri-balled brute looked at her with upset more at her repulsed reaction than her attempt at castrating him.

'Hey!' said his big-balled friend, rushing to his defence. 'Leave him alone – it's not his fault.'

'Yeah,' added small balls. 'There's nothing he can do about it.'

'You're right,' acknowledged Danielle, before screaming, 'But maybe I can!' as she lashed a foot into his trio of clutched bollocks to finally drop one of them to their knees.

'You bitch!' cried small balls.

'Let's fuck this bitch up!' bellowed big balls, prompting Danielle to make a dash for the balcony where, in a last-ditch attempt to attract attention, she tore off her bikini top and flung it over the rails.

'Looks like the sluts raring to go again!' said small balls, as he spun her around to find her topless.

Spinning Danielle around to, 'You know what?' said big balls, as he feasted his eyes on her flopping bare tits. 'I think I am too.'


Sam had walked the length of the beach hunting Mike, but she had had no luck. Still carrying the garden shears she made her way back to the hotel pool, dragging her feet dejectedly all the way.

She got back to find Danielle's sun lounger empty. Figuring she may have gone into the pool to cool off, the concerned brunette scanned the turquoise waters, but there was no sight of her friend.

Sitting herself down on Danielle's lounger, she set down the shears and sighed. Suddenly she spotted the top half of Danielle's so-called "tanning" bikini lying on the floor beside the lounger.

Sam gasped. Danielle never went anywhere topless.

Although her friend's tits were constantly either spilling out or at least on the verge of spilling out, Danielle never intentionally flashed her rack in her life. She was far too modest.

Her stripped off bikini could only mean one thing: she was in trouble.

Sam picked up the tiny garment and dropped it instantly with repulsion. She examined her palm and found it covered in hot, drying man-muck. 'Oh, god,' she said brushing away the flaky mess. A muffled scream caused her to look up at the balcony directly above and suddenly everything added up. That's where the bikini had come from; the semen too no doubt.

She snatched up her trusty shears and, though it sickened her to touch, Danielle's bikini and rushed up to save her friend and return her shed clothing.


Faced with the same row of doors Danielle had been minutes earlier, Sam made the same mistake.

She burst through the door to find a sobbing man nursing his crotch with a bag of ice. Good old Dani, thought Sam, she didn't give up without a fight!

'Where is she?' she yelled at the man, throwing Danielle's crispy bikini at him. 'What have you done with her?'

'Who's this?' screamed a woman, stepping into the bathroom to find her boyfriend with a tiny bikini top draped over his head and a girl with tiny tits stood over him. 'You bastard,' she growled, her own breasts seeming to swell with rage. 'I take one of your balls and five minutes later you're fucking around again?'

Her boyfriend could only blubber as she kicked away the ice pack and raised her foot above his half-filled nut-sack.

Sam didn't have time to set the woman straight. She dashed out of the apartment and into the next one along. Immediately, she knew she was in the right place. Two men stood with their wide, muscular backs to her with their right arms mechanically pumping away. Beside them, curled up on the floor was a third man; obviously in pain, but watching intently whatever was happing in front of the two men standing.

As she crept towards them, Sam crouched lower to peer between the men's open legs. In-between the legs of the man with the most impressive set of undamaged balls Sam had seen in some time she saw Danielle. Or at least she could make out her friend's lower half as the man's arse and fat danglers obscured the rest.

It appeared the men had force her onto her knees and bound her hands behind her back. The muffled yelp she let out as she strained to raise herself higher on her knees told Sam that they had also forced something in her mouth. Sam didn't have to use her imagine to know what.

Sam's face hardened as she silently parted the blades of the garden shears just enough to fit a dangling scrotum in-between, but rather than start with the brute face-fucking her friend, it was small balls who, feeling the terrible sensation of cold steel slide either side his nut-sack, looked down to see the reflection of his own terrified face in the two polished blades.



Job done, Sam retracted the shears and watched him sink away. With his hulking frame out of the way, Sam finally discovered exactly what sickening acts were being performed on her friend. She was shocked and appalled.

'Suck it you bouncy slut,' groaned big balls, as, rather than using the traditional "hand on the back of the head" method of controlling a woman's head bobbing, he pinched her cruelly by nipples, hoisted them as high as they would stretch and then proceeded to shake them back and forth with increasing insistence.

Danielle caught sight of Sam's horrified face and her eyes widened with urgency.

Sam ducked quickly behind the man to see his heavy bollocks had begun to rise and had almost reached the point of no return.

Sam wanted to ensure that not a single sperm left his filthy balls and entered her friend's mouth, but at the same time she felt he was getting off lightly with a painless snip.

Well, she thought, painless in comparison to this...

Opening the blades wider, she slipped the shears lower, around his juicy plums, stopping when they reached the widest extent of the plump organs.

'Suck this,' she growled and snapped the shear's handles together with extreme prejudice.

The sound was sickening; the reaction intensely satisfying as the brute formerly known as big balls gripped himself by the hair and let rip an eardrum-piercing shriek which drowned out the heavy slap of Danielle's surrendered funbags landing back down on her chest.

With a relieved gurgle, the redhead extracted the eight inches of stiff meat from her throat and collapsed onto the floor breathless.

Walking around the front of the man still miraculously standing Sam stared down at the length of cock that he had fed Danielle to the hilt. Readying her shears around the offending object she said, 'Guess you won't be needing this anymore either.'

Danielle averted her gaze, but couldn't help but smile at the sound of a hefty piece of meat hitting the marble floor.

'Thank you, Sam,' she said staring up at her friend with grateful eyes.

'No problem, Dani,' said Sam, deftly cutting Danielle's binds before slipping her shears down the back of her bikini bottoms coolly. The shears hit the floor as did her bikini bottoms. 'Balls,' she cursed.

'Speaking of...' said Danielle nodding at the man still in possession of an above-average allotment of testicles who was slowly crawling away with a look of utter dread on his face as his eyes flitted back-and-forth between the various male off-cuts littering the floor.

'Holy shit,' said Sam, catching sight of his bizarre nut-sack. 'Did you kick one of his balls in two, Dani?'

'Not yet,' said the redhead ominously.

'Please,' he begged. 'Just leave me with two.'


'It's a shame all men don't have three balls,' said Sam whimsically as the girls stepped out of the apartment. 'Two is just never enough.'

'Yeah,' agreed Danielle before suddenly gasping. 'I can't go out like this!' she hissed, clutching her gigantic bare breasts best she could. 'Didn't you bring my bikini?'

'Oh, shoot!' said Sam, clicking her fingers. 'I left it next-door, but seriously, Danielle, look at me – I'm walking back naked. Do you see me worrying about it?'

'I need to go next-door and clear something up anyway,' said Danielle.

Sam grimaced. 'I think it might be a little late for that, Dani,' she told her the redhead as she let go of her tits momentarily to rap briskly on the door.

The door was wrenched open by the furious girlfriend. 'You!' she snapped, her hot glare burning into Sam who looked away guiltily. Her eyes flicked over to Danielle and softened. 'And you. What do you want?'

'I think you have my bikini?' said Danielle hopefully. 'Also I wondered how your boyfriend is doing?'

'Ex-boyfriend,' snapped the woman, before smirking. 'Ex-boy for that matter... Wanna see?' Danielle nodded enthusiastically and, after giving Sam a final scowl, ushered the redhead into the bathroom from where self-pitying sobs could be heard.

Whilst the girlfriend was busy showing off her handiwork, Sam sneaked into the bedroom and hid the garden shears under the bed; making sure to wipe away any prints with the scraps of her ruined bikini briefs.


'She made a really good job of them,' said Danielle as she and Sam strolled back to the hotel lobby. 'Barely a lump left. Then again, I doubt she could have managed the fine paste you turned that bloke on the bus' balls into, eh, Sam?'

Sam laughed nervously. 'Yeah.'

'God, castration makes me so hot. Just the thought of turning a man into a... Well, not a man. Get's me so wet!'

'You wanna go back to the apartment then?' asked Sam, seizing the opportunity to exploit her friend's horniness. 'We can try a little more role-play... I'll strap on that big dildo of yours and—'

'I need real cock,' said Danielle, oblivious to how devastating her words were to her friend. 'Do you think you could share your fanny-doctor friend with me?'

'What?' cried Sam; taking great offence.

'Please?' she begged sweetly. 'I need cock. I need a big, veiny one pounding my pussy like there's no tomorrow! Please, Sam?'

'No, no, no, no, no,' said Sam, shaking her head. 'Not a chance. He's... he's mine.'

'Okay, Sam, don't think of it as me fucking him, think of it as you and me fucking him.' Sam was instantly hooked.

'You and me?' gushed Sam. 'Together. Like a threesome?'

'Yes!' said Danielle, suddenly animated. 'Just like a threesome! We can fool around – you know kissing and touching each other up – really tease him. And then, when he's good and hard, he can fuck my little pussy 'til I scream!'

'But we get to fool around first?' reiterated Sam, feeling faint.

'Sam,' said Danielle solemnly, stepping forward and placing her hands on her arms, 'I will eat you out if I have to – I want his dick stiffer than it's ever been.' Sam gasped as a tiny orgasm rocked her.

'Are you okay?' asked Danielle, raising an eyebrow.

'Go back to the apartment and wait for me there,' Sam said in an orgasmic whisper. 'I'll fetch him.'

Sam rushed back down to the pool wondering how on earth she was going to find a man well-hung enough to pass off as her gynaecologist lover without putting her hand down the swimming trunks of every man in the holiday complex; an undertaking she did not relish the thought of.

The unpalatable thought was still preoccupying her mind as she came out onto the terrace beside the pool to only stumble upon something that might just make her quest achievable: an army of impish young girls.


It had taken her the remainder of the morning, but the resort entertainer had finally managed to track down the wayward girl scouts with whom she had been entrusted to a secluded part of the beach. There she found they had caught up with the trouser-dropping clown and were engaging in some pretty inhumane activities involving his inhumanly large testicles.

It had taken the inexperienced young blonde much effort, but eventually she had succeeded in persuading the girls to stop tormenting him and return to the hotel where she would buy them all ice creams and anonymously call for an ambulance for the poor clown.

She had got as far as buying the girls ice creams when a stark naked girl her age sauntered over and, addressing the scouts, declared brazenly, 'Hands up who wants to find me a man with a massive cock.'

'Me! Me! Me!' squealed every last one of the girls pushing their hands as high into the air as they would go.

Understandably shocked and outraged the entertainer turned to Sam and demanded, 'Excuse me?'

'I wasn't talking to you,' said Sam dismissively.

The indignant entertainer gasped and turned back to the girls. 'Girls, get your hands down!' yelled the entertainer. 'There's been more than enough mischief with... male parts for one day. Besides, she's not in charge.' She tugged at the front of her red polo neck. 'This means I'm in charge.'

'She's right,' Sam admitted, much to the entertainer's relief. But her relief was short lived as Sam went on to clarify: 'That T-shirt is the only thing that means she's in charge.'

'Wait, that's not what I meant,' said the blonde; catching the devilish glints in the girls' eyes as the naked young woman's carefully chosen words put a wicked thought in their heads. 'I didn't mean this T-shirt was literally the thing that put me in charge.' Adding weakly as the girls began to close in on her, 'I have certificates.'

Her qualifications, it seems, were not enough to dissuade the girls who were intent on separating her from her the source of her authority and, with an excited squeal, the group pounced as one.

Overwhelmed, the entertainer was swiftly stripped of her T-shirt and was horrified to find that the girls did not stop there. 'You little shits won't get away with this!' she screamed as one particularly impish girl pulled her shorts off her legs to leave her in just the string bikini she wore beneath her uniform.

'You little cunt!' cried the entertainer as the girl waved the shorts to rouse cheers from the others.

'Cunt?' growled the girl, her grin suddenly turning to a snarl as she reached for the knot in the blonde's bikini string. 'I'll show you a cunt.'

'Oh, no,' said the entertainer in a terrified whisper as she watched the knot come undone with barely a tug, shortly followed by the knot on the other side. 'Please,' she begged as she felt the rear of the briefs fall away from her ass leaving her the slender triangle of material clinging precariously to her crotch.

'I'm guessing you went full slut,' said her teenaged tormentor, before lifting the garment to reveal a bald snatch. She feigned a gasp of surprise and said, 'How did I guess?'

The girl's smug remark added to the baring of her most private part caused the entertainer to finally snap. She let out a full-blooded Amazonian scream and began to thrash her limbs against the hold of the young girls.

Her furious display did little to impress the girl holding her bikini bottoms. She balled up the untied briefs and tossed them to another girl. 'Shut this bitch up,' she told the girl so coolly that even Sam was impressed by her dispassion.

'No! You can't—' cried the distraught blonde before the scrunched up material was unceremoniously jammed into her mouth. 'Mmph!'

'Nice work, girls,' said Sam; stepping into the black shorts just stripped from the entertainer. 'Now just tie her up and pop her in one of those bins over there.'

'Already on it,' said one of the girls, tugging this time on the knots that kept the blonde's bikini top fastened. In seconds she had torn the beachwear in two and used the two pieces of mostly string to bind the young woman's hands and feet.

'Good work,' said Sam. She pulled on the red T-shirt and by the time her head popped out of the polo neck, the girls had disposed of the entertainer and were keenly awaiting further instruction.

Sam couldn't help but be thrilled by their youthful exuberance; finding to her surprise that she too was bristling at the sight of so many teen girls so giddy about ball-busting. Though stretched out by the entertainer's considerably larger rack, Sam's nippled still managed to poke obviously at the fabric as she told the girls, 'I'm looking for a cock no smaller than six inches soft and nine, no, better make it ten inches hard.'

'How do we do it?' asked one of the girls; eager, but uncertain. 'How do we make them get their things out for us?'

'Don't over think it,' she told them. 'If you can’t think of anything creative just pull down their shorts.'

'What if they get angry?' asked another.

'Girls,' said Sam with a smile and a raised eyebrow. 'Even if they don't get angry I expect you to give them all a good swift kick to the bollocks.'


Having already taken a smack to the sack earlier in the day, the poor waiter was walking understandably gingerly as he made his way from the bar and around the pool to the two young women waiting impatiently for their cocktails. They lowered their sunglasses and glared at him with irritation.

Being unaware of that morning's meeting between his testicles' and Sam's bony fist, the women could only assume his unhurried steps were due to his poor work ethic rather than the crippling waves of pain emanating from his smashed 'nads.

'It's about time,' complained the thirstier of the two. 'What kept you?'

Her question was answered in a somewhat surprising fashion when his shorts were unexpectedly yanked down around his ankles to reveal the two swollen and agonisingly tender organs which had hindered his journey.

'That's what!' answered her friend; pointing with a huge grin at the swollen, pink swingers.

Similarly unaware of the hilarious bloating of his busted bollocks, the young girl who had stripped him off his shorts naturally took the women's laughter as amusement at the pitiful size of his cock and didn't stop to check it herself before launching a kick up between his legs from behind.

The two women watched with delight as the girl's petite foot appear from nowhere to catch his hyper-sensitive hangers and fling them, along with his impressive six-inches of flaccid man-meat, up against his stomach with a fleshy slap!

They were less delighted when, with a nauseous groan, he collapsed and deposited their mojitos into their freshly waxed laps.

'You fucking idiot!' cried one as the mixture of lime juice and alcohol soaked through her bikini bottoms to meet the still raw triangle of skin hidden beneath. 'It stings!' She hurriedly slipped down the sodden swimwear and kicked it off with relief.

Her friend was less inclined to bare her angry snatch at a public pool and kicked her legs in the air shrieking whilst her clutching hands only furthered her grief by squeezing more of the zesty juice out of the saturated material onto her raw flesh. 'It hurts so much!' she exclaimed.

'I bet it's not as much as we could make him hurt down there,' growled her half naked friend who had quickly recovered and was eyeing with intent the red meat which spilled from the squealing waiter's desperately grasping hands. She reached over and tore the flimsy bikini bottoms off her friend. The woman's recovery was instantaneous, as was her appreciation of her friend's meaning once her mind was off her minge.

'Oh,' she said, a malevolent smile forming on her face as she joined her friend in prying the waiter's fingers from around his precious jewels.

'Por favour,' squeaked the waiter, as the grinning women began to sink their digits into his bloated balls. 'No mis cojones.'

'What did he say?' asked one, over the cracking of nut-meat.

'Who gives a fuck,' replied the other.

There came a pop! shortly followed by a blood-curdling scream and a second, grisly pop! And then the waiter fell into the gap between the two sun loungers where he lay their twitching whilst the women went about casually wiping the mess from their hands before laying back down to resume sunbathing, now brazenly bottomless.

'Erm, nice work,' said Sam, coming up behind the grinning girl scout after watching her exploits from afar. 'But maybe next time you should check the length of his cock yourself first.' She nodded down at the snaking six inches of soft schlong which spilled from between the waiter's scrotum-clutching hands still spurting.

'Oh,' said the young girl, guiltily biting her lip. 'Oops.'


At the hotel's poolside bar a group of six lads had converged on a similar sized group of way-out-of-their-league babes and immediately set about bothering them. The babes looked less than impressed at the lager-swigging louts' crude attempts to get their attention, but their obnoxious antics did succeed in attracting the attention of the group of girl scouts who had just entered in search of promising targets.

'They don't look very big,' said one girl studying with dissatisfaction the negligible bulges in the front of the lads' shorts.

'I heard some men are growers not showers,' said one of the other girls who had an experienced older sister.

'How are we going to make them... grow?' asked another with trepidation.

'Easy,' said the more knowledgeable girl, eyeing the increasingly annoyed babes the lads had surrounded. 'You lot just be ready for my signal.'

As the other girls took up positions behind their unsuspecting victims, the mastermind of the plan slipped through their ranks to whisper something to the babes whose eyes lit up at the young girl's hushed proposal. The babes looked excitedly at one another before nodding enthusiastically back at the girl who, grinning, sat herself down on the table to enjoy the show.

'Oh, boys,' said one of the babes as she and her friends placed their hands on the bottom of their bikini tops. The lads' mouths fell open at the very prospect and when the girls did proceed to upturn their bikinis the young men's dicks responded predictably.

'Now!' cried the smug mastermind once the louts' growth had peaked, and in a shocking instant their shorts were torn around their ankles to send their universally unimpressive erections springing back into their stomachs.

'Fuck!' cried the lads, each rushing to cover their exposed genitals with their variously filled pint glasses.

'Well?' asked one of the girls standing behind the humiliated men as she readied herself for what she hoped would be a resounding thumbs down from the babes.

Again, the babes took a brief moment to looked at one another for consensus before all agreed with a sneer, 'Nah.'

A bare or flip-flopped foot appeared instantaneously between the legs of all the lads to smash their dangling testicles into the bottom of their cock-covering pint glasses and launch the drinks into the air to once more reveal their distinctly average organs.

With the pitch and harmony of a male soprano choir, the men let out a long, unfaltering squeal of anguish and, with the symmetry and timing of a synchronised swimming team, collapsed to their knees and fell sideways, toppling one another like dominos. And there they lay in a groaning, writhing mass whilst the babes shared delighted chuckles and clinked their glasses triumphantly.

'What's the matter boys?' asked one, leaning forward to jiggle her hanging tits at them. 'I thought you were going to show us what you'd like to do to us?'

'I say we show them what we'd like to do to them,' said another as she tucked herself back into her bikini.

'Yeah, come one, girls,' agreed another who, leaving her tits hanging bare, skipped around to take one of the lads by the wrists. 'Let's drag these creeps to the ladies' room and show them our idea of a good time.'

The other women agreed with eager nods and wide, twinkling eyes.

'Want to join us?' asked one of the babes as she dragged her sobbing victim by the girls scouts. 'I have to warn you though – it might get... explicit.'

Having been offered a proposition which was basically impossible for any teen girl to refuse, the giddy scouts snatched up the ankles of the unfortunate young men and helped the babes cart them into the bathroom from where their hysterical squeals were heard for several minutes until, one by one, they fell silent.


Sam was annoyed to find that almost half of the girls had vanished from the poolside whilst her back was turned. Thankfully the remaining girls were going about their work with gleeful gusto.

A few had put on snorkels and were diving for the treasure to be found in the trunks of the men playing a game of girls versus boys pool volleyball. And every now and again one of the men would let out an agonised yelp and sink beneath the waves only to reappear moments later spluttering something about his balls, much to the delight of the opposing team who had been losing badly up until then.

'Anything?' asked Sam hopefully as one of the girls returned to the pool's edge.

'They're all tiny,' complained the girl, tossing another pair of stolen Speedos onto the pile the girls had been accumulating.

'What if a few of the girls on the other team were to lose their tops?' asked Sam with a wink. The girl nodded excitedly then disappeared with a splash.

'I'm never going to find a monster cock at this rate,' Sam said to herself bitterly. However, her frustration was lessened greatly by the sight of one of the girls, the one who had so spitefully stripped the entertainer of her bikini bottoms, thrusting her hand into the trunks of an unsuspecting bronzed beefcake only to hoist out two plump, shining specimens of manhood that took Sam's breath away.

Waxed and silky smooth from moisturising, it was obvious the stud pampered his plums and took great pride in their appearance. Sam couldn't help but let out an orgasmic moan as she pictured turning them into useless mush before his eyes. The young girl, however, was much less impressed by the huge, squirming organs.

'Not bad,' she told him dispassionately as he danced up on tiptoes in order to remain attached. 'Let's see if your cock's any bigger.' With her free hand she delved once more into the helpless hunk's trunks and found to her satisfaction an appendage which did not meet the strict measurements she had been set.

'Aw, too bad,' she said as her fist tightened around his duck-egg-sized nuts; tautened the smooth skin of his freshly waxed scrotum until it glistened in the sun.

Desperate to be the one to ruin his precious jewels, Sam raced over to bark, 'Stop that at once!' at the girl who looked back at her with surprise and indignation.

'But you said—'

'Put this gentleman down this instant,' she snapped.


Sam grabbed the girl by the strings of her bikini top and pulled her close to growl, 'Go pick on a pair of balls your own size, little girl – these are mine.'

'Fine,' said the girl, close to tears. She threw down the hunks nuts with a huff and stormed away.

Sam moved with speed to quickly grab the stud's swinging balls before he could. 'Oh, I am sorry about that,' she told him earnestly as she stroked his plums ever-so softly. 'Those girls can be such a handful... I suppose they're just like you in that respect.' She looked up at him and fluttered her eyelashes as she gave a deliciously coy giggle.

'Listen, is there any way I can make it up to you?' She released one of his balls and set her free hand to stroking his modest length of cock instead. She watched with smug satisfaction as his expression turned from terrified to turned-on in an instant. Stupid prick, she thought with contempt.

'How about you come to room 67 in an hour's time and I'll make sure you're all still in working in order?' He nodded mutely. 'Good boy,' she cooed and then, after moment's reluctance, released the nut she still clung to.

She watched him tuck his treasured organs ever-so tentatively back inside his trunks; chuckling inwardly as the overly tight Lycra sprung back to squeeze him cruelly and cause him to wince. Then, despite the humiliation he had just suffered at the hands of a schoolgirl, he puffed up his chest and declared in a voice a couple octaves higher than it should have been, 'One hour 'til I rock your world, babe.'

Sam could barely keep a straight face, but she managed and retorted knowingly, 'Trust me – it's your world that'll be rocked.'

'Right on,' he said before turning to waddle awkwardly back to his hotel room where he would spend the next fifty-five minutes curled up on his bed with an ice pack pressed gently against his scrotum.

A sudden outbreak of women's screams caused Sam to whirl around and find to her relief that it was only the cries of the three volleyball players who had simultaneously and unexpectedly lost their tops.

Their sudden toplessness caught the attention of the man on the diving board who, rather than jumping in and missing the show, continued to bounce at the end of the board; oblivious to the mischievous young girl creeping up behind him.

While he went up and down, his cock went in only one direction as he watched the distraught young women try in vain to secure a hold their slippery tits whilst twisting around in the water in frenzied search of their mysteriously vanished bikini tops.

It was almost too easy for the creeping girl scout who, in one fluid movement, yanked down the man's trunks and tore them off his feet as they left the board on an upward bounce. It was very nearly a perfect manoeuvre, but as she snatched away the trunks they snagged on his toes and pulled his legs out from under him, leaving the two parts of his anatomy least suited to heavy impacts to be the ones to meet the diving board as he came crashing back down.

Watching him plummet through an expectant wince, Sam knew that catastrophic rupture was the inevitable outcome even before he hit the board and his inescapable castration was all down to the tilt of his hips.

If he had tilted his hips backwards his balls would have hit the board and bounced off relatively unscathed as his arse slammed down behind them. Had he not tilted at all and hit the board perpendicular, his nuts would have been smashed beneath him painfully, but momentarily as their innate slipperiness would have seen them squirt out from under him having suffered only moderate permanent damage. As it was though, the yanking of his feet from under him saw him falling towards the unforgiving board with his hips tilted forward and his doomed danglers curled back under him flapping in the wind. The scene played out before Sam in glorious slow motion.

While his bollocks were the first parts of him to set down on the board, his pelvis followed almost immediately to thereby cut off the obvious escape route out the front. This meant that if his precious testicles were to escape obliteration as his entire body weight came crashing down on top of them, their only hope was to find enough slack in their cords and scrotum to make it to the safety found between his soft, shock-absorbing arse cheeks. This seemed unlikely to Sam who felt grim satisfaction at the sound of the ruinous crunch! which confirmed her assessment and caused the entire pool to fall silent and turn to look.

Even the three girls who had lost their bikinis turned to squint up at the diving board behind which the sun shone blindingly. As each girl hesitantly raised a hand from her sopping, barely contained tits to shield her eyes, the sun was suddenly blotted out by a soaring geyser of thick, chunky nut-butter which slapped them in their beautiful faces and filled their sweet mouths when they made the regrettable mistake of drawing a horrified gasp.

Sam watched with an unsympathetically grimace as, with their bare tits forgotten, the young women let out gurgling squeals of distress and stumbled blindly in search of a helping hand only to send their friends, and the few men left able to, leaping from the pool shrieking.

'Oops,' said the girl scout who had started it all as she stood up from behind her victim. 'Sorry,' she said, biting her lip. 'Did he have a big willy?'

'Thankfully not,' said Sam gloomily. Then suddenly it hit her: there had been a man with an exceptionally big willy on the diving board that very morning who, at Danielle's appearance poolside, had caused himself an eye-watering mischief when his massive erection snapped his tiny Speedos into his balls.

Sam rushed over to the girl in a yellow T-shirt and red shorts she believed to be the lifeguard, but was in fact the hotel manager's daughter who had been told to sit by the pool and stay out of trouble. Sam really should have realised this from the way that despite multiple men almost drowning after receiving vicious nut-pinches from girl scouts in snorkels she had remained in her seat simply giggling throughout.

'The man,' Sam said frantically. 'This morning. On the diving board.' She pointed to the board upon which a cross-eyed hotel guest now sat, his legs dangling either side, useless, but twitching sporadically.

'Si, si,' said the girl through giggles. 'El eunuco.'

'No, no,' said Sam with a sigh. 'The other man. This morning. With the huge cock.'


'Oh for fuck's sake,' growled Sam. She gestured with frustration at her crotch and then dangled her arm limply in front of it. 'Senor with mucho dong.'

'Ah, si!' said the lifeguard nodding animatedly. She too dangled her limp arm down by her crotch. 'Mucho dong!'

'Yes!' cried Sam with excitement before adding uncertainly, 'I think.' She shook her head and asked, 'Where did he go?' She put her hand to her brow and looked theatrically about the hotel.

'Ah, room veintidos.' Seeing Sam's incomprehension she flashed a count of twenty-two with her fingers.

'Twenty-two? Thank you!' gushed Sam turning to leave. 'I mean, merci beaucoup. No, wait – that’s French...'

'Hey, bitch,' called a young girl's voice from across the pool.

Sam to looked around and find the girl she had prevented from castrating a man only moments earlier looming over a terrified man she had bound to his rickety wooden deck chair with his shorts around his ankles, but his hat placed on his lap to protect his modesty.

'I found some balls more my size like you suggested,' she said as she put a hand down between his legs and began to apply pressure, much to the man's displeasure.

'My ball!' he shrieked as, beneath the chair, a pink, shining bubble began to swell out from between the slats. 'You're crushing it!'

'I haven't got time for this,' said Sam to herself, but before she turned away the man screamed once more.

'It'll never fit! It's too big!'

Sam knew very well not to trust a man's estimations on the size of his own genitals, but there was certainly already an impressive volume of testicle bulging out of the gap and the squirming organ didn't appear to be even halfway out when the deliciously malicious girl paused to leave his precious egg hovering on the brink of rupture while she growled, 'Either it fits or it pops.'

To be continued...