Invulneraballs and Wonder Juggs

Contains ball-busting, castration (many), rape and murder (once, comic book style)

Mandy leant forward to hit the button for the top floor, her miniscule skirt rising over the curve of her ass to within a pubic hair's length of exposing her faultless pink flaps.

Not that all-American bimbo, Mandy Minge, had any pubic hair, committed as Wonder Juggs was to portraying her alter ego down to the smallest, most demeaning detail.

Her superhero partner, Invulneraballs, paid much less attention to maintaining an unrecognisable alter ego. But then he did have testicles the size of boulders which took some disguising. Still, Wonder Juggs would have liked to see a little more commitment from the man stood beside her in the elevator with his naked scrotum hanging out of his flies and stretching all the way down to his ankles where his nuts sat squirming upon a wheeled flatbed, lazily concealed by a pair of XXL Y-fronts, leaving large portions of the hairless orbs peeking out of the legs holes.

As her finger withdrew from the now lit button, a firm hand met the bare portions of her fleshy buttocks with a solid smack!

'You need a shorter skirt,' announced Dick Sack, Invulneraball's half-arsed attempt at an alter ego.

'Shorter?' growled Mandy, as her ass began to sting. 'Do you see what happens to the men in the office whenever I lean over the copier?'

'No,' said Dick with a shrug. 'I'm too busy checking out that fine cunt of yours.'

Mandy's blood boiled, but before she could protest, Dick continued, 'Anyway, I'm your boss, and I say shorter – I shouldn't have to wait for you to lean over something to get a peek at that pink.' He slapped her ass once more and laughed loudly.

As the elevator rapidly ascended, Mandy took a step back and glowered down at Dick's mighty nuts. It was Mandy's responsibility to push the tender pair around after him on the flatbed. In essence, she was his ball caddy, but at that moment she was imagining taking a golf club to the enormous pair and beating them to a mushy pulp: an impossibility as Dick's balls were completely impervious to damage. Impervious, but not insensitive, thought Mandy with a mean grin, as in her mind's eye she clubbed Dick's indestructible plums while he sobbed and squealed girlishly throughout the assault.

Dick's voice snapped her back to reality. 'When we get to the meeting,' he was saying, 'keep your mouth shut and your cleavage on view – leave the talking to me.'

'Fine,' Mandy snarled; her fists white-knuckled.

'That's my girl,' said Dick turning to wink at her. 'After all, you're just the tits of this outfit – I'm the brains.'

That did it.

The elevator door swished open and Dick stepped out as far as he could before his lengthy scrotum went taut and he was painful tugged to a halt. He turned to see why Mandy wasn't following along with his nuts only to watch with horror as, grinning smugly, she jabbed the button to the ground floor with his jewels still very much inside the elevator compartment. 'Mandy,' he said; his tone carefully measured.

'Brains of the outfit my ass!' yelled Mandy, as the elevator doors began to close. 'Let's see how you do without them!'

The doors slammed shut and Dick eyes widened for a second before he was yanked by the nut-sack backward into the doors. His thick fingers scrabbled desperately at the crack between the doors, but not for long as the terrible gut-wrenching pain raced up his stretched sack and seized his brain causing his hands to automatically reach down to clutch at the place his jewels should be. 'Help!' he shrieked to a passing secretary who was eyeing him quizzically.

'I've got myself trapped,' he yelped, his voice raising several octaves in the course of the sentence.

The secretary noticed the slither of pink flesh hanging from his flies and recognised the comical way he was clutching at his crotch. She burst out laughing assuming at once that he had caught some private and hilariously delicate part of his anatomy in his zipper.

'Meat or veg?' she asked him giddily before enthusing to herself, 'Oh, I hope it's veg!' But laughter turned to shock when Dick's pinstriped trousers were suddenly torn clean from his body by the descending elevator, leaving him completely exposed and humiliated. This period of shock lasted only a millisecond before the secretary was once again in hysterics, this time with renewed vigour and an outstretched finger pointing at his little prick which flopped around comically as Dick continued to senselessly try and cup at his pain-filled plums which were by now several floors below.

Every vein in Dick's body was bulging grotesquely and he had turned a worrying shade of purple, much like his testes which, twenty floors below and counting, were swelling rapidly. Mandy fought the urge to punch the massive nuts, now straining against the compartment's ceiling; she didn't want to give Dick any other sensations that might take his mind off the hideous agony that was no doubt building deep inside his crotch as his nut-cords pulled relentlessly at every nerve-ending in his guts. But in the end she couldn't resist and delivered a sharp uppercut with her tiny fist. Though the pain had to travel up many tens of metres of stretching nut-cord its potency was by no means diminished by the time it reached his brain. With his bare ass squeaking against the cold metal doors, he slid to the floor wailing hysterically.

The secretary was similarly brought to the floor as tears streamed down her cheeks and juice trickled down her inner thighs. She had never laughed herself into an orgasm before, but at that moment she was close.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity to Dick, his balls halted their descent and his mobile phone, thrown from his pocket when his trousers had been ripped from him, began to ring. Curiosity piqued, the secretary picked it up and answered breathlessly.

The voice on the other end asked, 'Do you apologise or do I have to send your "brains" down to the basement?'

'Excuse me?' asked the secretary, perplexed.



'Oh. Sorry. I just assumed it was – having his balls stretched fifty floors tends to make him sound like a woman for a while.'

'I can imagine…'

'Can you please ask him whether he apologises for me?'


'Oh, tell him it's "the tits".'


The secretary looked at Dick. '"The tits" wants to know whether you apologise or does she have to send your "brains" down to the basement?'

She relayed his response to Mandy, 'He's shaking his head and crying.'

'So he's not going to apologise?' growled Mandy. She hit the basement button and ducked under his bloated bollocks as she exited the elevator.

'Um, no,' said the secretary, 'I think the way I structured the sentence confused him. He's shaking his head because he doesn't want you to send his brains down to the basement.'

'Oh…' said Mandy looking back at the elevator doors as they shut. 'Well, tell him it's too late. Oh, and tell him he'd better pick me up tonight at seven on the dot or next time I'll put each of his nuts in separate elevators and send them in different directions.'

'Ooh-hoo,' said the secretary in a giggle. 'I'd pay to see that.' This gave the secretary a devilish idea. She said their goodbyes and ended the call.

Then, with a devilish grin she told Dick, 'She'll see you at half-past seven.' Holding out the phone for Dick to take, she couldn't help but add, 'Oh, and on a personal note...' she glanced down at his shrivelled prick, its soft, pink head steadily oozing, and gave it a look of utter contempt, '...I'm not impressed.' She tired of holding out the phone so just dropped it into the growing puddle of spunk in front of him. 'I haven't got all day, baby dick.' And with that, she walked away, looking back only to wag her little finger mockingly as his nuts descended the last few floors to the basement.


Mandy stepped out of the shower wearing her little bikini top. One of the downsides of having mesmerising melons was that not even she was immune to their power and therefore she couldn't risk going topless at any time in case she accidentally caught sight of her own incredible tits fell into what Dick called a "titty-trance."

Many times in her youth, Mandy had lost entire days overawed by the sight of her own jugs; sometimes even on purpose, as the experience was like a constant, mind-blowing orgasm; better than any drug. Then, at her first Spring Break, she had been coaxed into sharing her powers with the world.

In front of a Girls Gone Wild camera crew she had lifted her bikini and sent two-hundred teenagers into instant, uncontrollable orgasms. For the girls it was understandably heaven, their clits fizzing and their pussies pulsing with the pleasure of multiple powerful orgasms, but for the boys it was hell: instant, agonising blue balls. Their dicks stiffened in a flash, filled with more blood than was ever intended, but, without the immediate physical stimulation they needed to cum, their balls were simply overloaded with spunk; swelling up like balloons until, much like balloons, they popped violently. Mandy shuddered as the sound of two-hundred testicles exploding simultaneously rang in her ears; vivid as the day it had happened.

The media called it the "Spring Ball-Break" and a dangerous mix of alcohol, youthful rebellion and girl power was blamed for the incident in which over one hundred young men lost the ability to reproduce. Only Mandy knew the truth, and after the events of that day she vowed to use her tits only for good and to never expose them to anyone, except those that deserved it: criminals, miscreants... and Dick when he annoyed her, but only because his invulnerable bollocks rendered him immune to testicular detonation… if not the agonising pain of acute blue balls.

Mandy looked at the clock: 7.05 PM. 'Son of a bitch,' she grumbled, peering out of the window to find Dick still hadn't arrived to pick her up. 'Wait 'til I see his balls.'

She towelled herself off and walked over to her bed, upon which lay her superhero costume comprising of an orange microskirt and a scrap of white cotton which had started out as a cut-off T-shirt, but which had been gradually trimmed by Dick until it boasted a plunging V-neck which ended barley a thread before the bottom of the garment which had also been trimmed so that it ran barely a thread below the bottommost edge of her areolas to leave masses of her bulging underboob on display. At the foot of the bed were her tan, fur-trimmed Ugg boots which she had secretly weaponised with steel toecaps. All-in-all it was a pretty demeaning outfit and somewhat of a liability if during downpours which rendered the cheap fabric of her T-shirt instantly and shockingly transparent.

Landing heavily on the bed with a miserably sigh, she lifted the remote to the TV which had been playing to itself whilst she showered and was about to jab the power button when a commercial caught her attention.

'Ever wished you were the world's greatest superhero?' asked the voice-over as a young boy nods onscreen. 'Well, now you can be, with the Invulneraballs super costume!' To his delight, the boy was instantaneously switched out of his clothes into the Invulneraballs costume: a Lycra wrestling singlet complete with gigantic rubber scrotum hanging out of one leg hole. 'Now you can fight crime just like Invulneraballs!' The advert cut to the boy waddling at speed with his preposterous nut-sack squeaking on the ground behind him as he charged at another young boy dressed in robber's mask and pushing a girl a little older.

'I'll save you!' bellowed the bescrotumed boy before clobbering the tiny thug with a mighty THWAK! The pubescent criminal fell to the floor and the young girl clapped and cheered, 'Oh, thank you, Invulneraballs!' before leaping forward with a hug to land accidentally, but squarely on the boy's squishy, rubber nuts to send up a comical squelch as well as a surprisingly realistic squirt of semen.

Both the boy and the girl turned to the camera, one with a cross-eyed grimace, the other with sheepish lip-bite and a face dripping with a repulsive-looking mixture of water and corn flour as the voice-over declared, 'With realistic sounds and ejaculation!' before muttering hastily, 'Seminal fluid sold separately.'

With her mouth hanging open in disbelief, Mandy said faintly, 'Son of a bitch.' She was about to thumb the remote's power button when the commercial took an unexpected turn for the raunchy.

'And for your older sister,' the voice-over announced, 'it's the Wonder Juggs super costume!'

'What the fuck?' cried Mandy in outrage as a barely legal girl burst onto screen modelling her "super costume." The model struck various highly sexual super heroine poses, showing off generous amounts of camel toe, ass and underboob before clutching the bottom of her T-shirt. Mandy got an awful sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach as she awaited the inevitable.

Grinning proudly at the camera, the young woman tore her top skyward to release a blinding flash of light which filled the screen before too much areola had been revealed.

Mandy was left stunned. The TV remote slipped from her hand and she fell back onto the bed. 'How could he?' she said in disbelief.

Her cell phone rang. She reached out and felt for it blindly; lifting it to her face once her seeking hand had located it. It was Dick. She accepted the call and growled, 'Don't ask me how, Dick, but I'm going to take one of your balls for what you've done. You hear me?'

'Sorry,' yelled a girl's voice. 'I can't hear you over this guy's squealing. Are you the emergency contact of a Dick Sack?'

'I'm a dick-sack's emergency contact all right,' grumbled Mandy as she threw down the phone and pulled on her boots.


Mandy climbed out of the taxi wearing a short trench coat to hide her consume.

'That'll be twenty bucks,' said the driver.

'Aw, nuts,' cursed Mandy as she felt her empty pockets. 'I forgot my purse,' she confessed.

'Well, sugar tits,' she said leaning out of his window, 'I accept payment in kind, so why don't you open up that coat and give me a look at the goods.'

Mandy narrowed her eyes at him and found herself loosening the belt around her waist. 'Okay,' she growled. 'But remember – you asked for it...'


Mandy refastened her belt as, with a big mean smirk on her face, she walked away from the taxi with the hysterical screams of its driver pouring from the open window.

'My balls!' he cried. 'My fucking balls!' The impish blonde couldn't help but grin as she looked back to see the man fish out his precious organs and let out a shriek. Bloated, blue and bulging with veins: the same as any man she subjected to a fleeting glimpse of her wondrous jugs.

After too many failed attempts to mention, Mandy had gotten the non-rupturous flashing of her tits down to a tee: as long as she kept exposure under half a second there would be no permanent damage caused to any man getting an eyeful. There would however been pain. Lots and lots of excruciating ball-pain. Mandy giggled as she skipped down the stairs into the basement car park and approached the elevator whose doors were stuck in a perpetual cycle of closing on the two unimaginably swollen testes which blocked them.

Mandy couldn't believe her luck. 'Ooh - perfect,' cooed Mandy with a wicked smile before noticing that the nuts were actually balanced atop two traffic cones in what looked to be a particularly painful fashion. She at first assumed that the cones had been placed there to warn people against entering the elevator and the unfortunate mixture of gravity and swelling had caused Dick's nuts to become impaled, but as she neared she spotted the marker-penned statement scrawled across his scrotum, which read, HOW'D YOU LIKE HOW I PARKED THESE? and instantly realised that the cones had been positioned with malicious intent; no doubt by one of the many women whose parking Dick criticised each morning.

'You go, girl,' she clucked happily; ducking down to inspect the ingenious torture scene from beneath. She found to her delight that the pointed top of the cones had sunk several inches into the rubbery and particularly nerve-packed undersides of his bollocks. It looked painful, but not as painful as she felt he deserved so, standing back up, she placed her palms on top of each beach-ball-sized gonad and began to press and twist them down onto the cones as if she were juicing two tremendous oranges.


It had fallen to the lowest on the office's food chain to wait with Dick until his emergency contact arrived: a young intern, fresh out of high school, who had better places to be than stood by an elevator listening to some random loser squeal like a hysterical housewife for the best part of three hours. She had drown out his constant piercing wails with music and only when the man went suddenly stiff then slumped lifeless did she take out her earphones and appreciate the silence of the by now empty office.

'Everyone's gone,' she said, shocked, as she looked about herself for the first time in an hour. Suddenly her phone vibrated with a text.

Where are you? The party starts in 10, it read.

Still at work, she texted back glumly. Some prick broke his balls and I'm stuck baby-sitting him.

LOL!!! What did he do to them?

Dunno, wrote the girl, then, after checking once more that she was alone, added mischievously, Want me to find out?

Knowing she need not wait for the inevitably affirmative response, she crept cautiously toward the unconscious half-naked man. His hands, previously white-knuckled with the urgency with which they clutched their injured contents, were now limp and easy to prise apart. 'Huh?' she said when the only thing to flop from his grasp was a shrivelled little cock. 'Where'd his balls go?'

The elevator announced its arrival on her floor with a sudden ping! which caused the girl to yelp with surprise and stumble backward. But her retreat wasn't nearly far enough to escape the powerful and sustained ejaculation which erupted from his puny prick the moment the elevator doors parted to finally free his pinched nut-cords. The girl's cry was cut short when the several gallons of semen caught her in the chest and lifted her off her feet to send her sliding backwards down the corridor.

With a huge sigh of relief, Dick collapse backwards onto his beanbag sized scrotum and let his head loll backwards to fins to his horror Mandy looming over him looking extremely annoyed.

'I saw the commercial,' she growled down at him.

'Did you like it?' he squeaked hopefully. Mandy's scowl intensified.

'As much as you're about to like dragging your balls down the thousands of concrete stairs to the parking lot,' came her venomous reply.

Suddenly, the furious blonde's attention was caught by the spluttering of the young girl who lay, winded, in a puddle of unspeakable substance. But it was not her predicament that caused Mandy's jaw to drop, it was her attire; the girl's shirt had been ripped open by the force of the ejaculate and to Mandy's horror she wore beneath it a Wonder Juggs branded cut-off T-shirt. 'Why are you wearing that?' she demanded the furious blonde heroine as she stepped around Dick.

'I was supposed to be going to a cosplay party with my friends,' sobbed the girl as she wiped the salty mixture of semen and tears from her eyes. 'But now my costume is ruined!'

'Costume?' Mandy balked. 'It's a scrap of material that barely covers your boobs. It's demeaning.'

The young girl looked down at her spunk spattered chest with a look of hurt. 'It's Wonder Juggs' super costume,' she said. 'She's my hero.'

Ready to retort no matter the girl's explanation, Mandy opened her mouth only to find she was at a loss for words. 'She is?' she managed feebly.

'Yeah,' sobbed the girl, petulantly throwing down her arms to streak cum down the walls. 'She's incredible. I wish I had her confidence, but I don't even deserve to wear her T-shirt.'

As the girl took hold of the bottom of her sodden top, Mandy was moved to cry, 'No!' Adding hurriedly, 'Hang on, I might have a spare costume you could borrow... just give me a second.' She turned around and growled down at Dick, 'Back up.'

Wrapping his thick arms back around his nuts he scooted hurried back into the lift as Mandy stomped towards him, looking intent on grinding on his still oozing cock into the carpet.

From her steaming puddle, the young girl looked on as the lift doors closed only to open moments later to reveal the women holding out a handful of white material. 'Oh my god!' gushed the girl, recognising the scraps of clothing instantly. 'Where did you get those?'

'I'm a big Wonder Juggs fan too,' lied Mandy, glumly.

Wiping off her hands best she could, the girl raced, half slipping, to accept the scant handful of fabric. 'Thank you so much!' she cried hugging her benefactor who grimaced as she felt the sickly sensation of warm, wet cum seeping through her trench coat to meet the now completely naked skin of her breasts.

'No problem,' she said with a sigh.


'I'm driving,' said Mandy, snatching the keys from his jacket pocket as the elevator doors opened into the underground parking garage.

'You can't,' objected Dick, rushing after her only to be jerked back when his massively swollen bollocks refused to budge. 'Eep!' he yelped, pausing to hunch over and clutch himself.

'Better hurry,' Mandy called casually after her. 'I think I accidentally hit the button for the top floor...'

With a squeak of terror and the doors closing menacingly on his trailing nuts, Dick was at once shuffling forward again. 'Eep!' he cried shrilly as his bloated balls failed to clear the elevator doors entirely and were cruelly pinched before being spat out. His pitiful bollock-based anguish was enough to send most women into a fit of girlish giggles, but Mandy had much more amusing agony in store for him.

'Get in,' she ordered; holding the passenger door of his car open for him.

'But this side doesn't have the special seat,' he protested.

The driver's seat of Dick's sports car had been altered to allow him to slip his massive nuts behind him and place them in the safety of the car's softly padded trunk, enabling him to work the pedals without any eye-watering pinching of nut-meat and also ensuring that even when his balls were swollen to the size of beach balls there was always room for them. 'Where will my balls go?' he asked, staring down at the monstrous orbs sat squirming on the cold concrete.

'I like them just where they are,' said Mandy, before shoving him roughly into the car and simply slamming the door shut on his nut-sack with a gristly crunch! Giggling inwardly, Mandy watched Dick, gripped by the distinctly male agony of pinched spermatic cords, lurch forward to press his wide-eyed face against the window whilst his hands wrenched in vain at the door's latch. 'I put on the child locks,' she told him as she leaned in close sporting a feigned look of concern, 'because I'm always thinking of your safety.' With that she let out a chuckle and walked around the car to plop herself down in the driver's seat.

As she keyed the ignition she said over Dick's squeals, 'Dick, I want you to use this car ride to consider the downsides of the commercialisation of the Wonder Juggs brand.' Then, after adjusting the passenger side wing mirror for a good view of his big pink balls, she pulled out of the parking bay; letting out a delicious chuckle at the sight of his bollocks suddenly yanked after the car and forced to bobble about the concrete in order to keep up.

'Mandy, please!' begged Dick, peeling himself from the window to look back at her with wide, earnest eyes. Mandy's attention remained on the bouncing of his balls in her mirror.

'Did you ever stop to consider the effect that costume might have on the impressionable young girls who bought it?' she asked him.

'Of course!' shrieked Dick. 'I thought about it long and hard!'

Mandy's eyes narrowed and she met his gaze. 'You thought they might flash their tits more,' she said accusingly and Dick was unable to mask his look of guilt.

'Mandy...' said Dick, nervously as she drove slowly alongside a concrete pillar so close that it almost clipped the passenger side wing mirror. The pillar passed by his window and the cold concrete caught his balls, impeding their ability to follow the car. 'Oh god, Mandy, no!'

Mandy watched with grim satisfaction as his beach-ball-sized gonads were drawn backwards and ever so gradually dragged under the pillar to be pancaked between it and the side of the car.

'Zzghn-gigitt!' squeaked Dick; his face once more pressed against the window with his hands pawing at the glass in a miserable attempt to reach the source of his considerable anguish.

Once Mandy was sure she had crushed Dick's balls as flat as they would go without them slipping out the other side, she pulled the handbrake and turned to him with a big, mean smirk. She could see his enormous sex organs, crushed to bursting and squirming back and forth in a desperate search for freedom. The sight tickled her no end, but she forced a stern look as she told him firmly, 'You're going to get that Wonder Juggs commercial reshot. And this time the girl keeps her top on and fights crime the same way I do – by busting balls. Got it, Dick?'

Dick tried to nod, but only managed to smoosh his face up and down the window with a squeak. Mandy pretended not to notice. 'Oh, well,' she said, sounding only mildly disappointed, 'let's see if any of the thirty or so pillars on the way out change your mind.'

All of a sudden, Dick's personal police radio crackled into life and a gruff-sounding man said urgently, 'Invulneraballs, come in. This is the Commissioner.'

Mandy snatched up the handset and yelled over Dick's squealing, 'It's me, Commissioner – Wonder Juggs. How can I help?'

'You can help by putting Invulneraballs on,' came the man's discourteous response.

'Oh,' said Mandy, crestfallen. 'Well, I'm afraid he's hard pressed to get to the radio.'

'Well, tell him to get his ass down here to LA Advanced Storage ASAP.'

'Will do, Commissioner,' said Mandy. She waited for a response, but after a sharp crackle, the radio went dead. 'We've got an emergency to get to,' she told Dick as she released the handbrake and floored the accelerator, forgetting momentarily that Dick's balls were primed to pop.

As the car screeched forward, there came the sound of buckling steel as Dick's invulnerable testicles were spread flat across the side of the car before finally firing out from under the pillar at an incredible speed. They swung around and slammed against the windshield with a mighty splat! which spread them wide and caused Mandy to give up a shriek and swerve in an attempt to dislodge them. The much-abused organs squeaked forlornly across the glass before slipping off the side, one after the other, but no sooner had they vanished from sight than they reappeared, having hit the speeding floor to be  flicked up into the air to sent windmilling around and around past the window through which Dick watched through crossing eyes.

Unperturbed by the in a big pink blur which smashed her wing mirror clean off, Mandy gunned the car out of the parking garage and pointed it toward downtown.


LA Advanced Storage was a high security storage facility which stored mainly valuable or volatile scientific equipment. Its network of conveyors transported goods between the drop-off point and hundreds of impregnable vaults without the need for human supervision and as such, its only staff were a receptionist and two armed security guards posted in the lobby.

The security guards stiffened as the entrance door was pushed opened and in stepped a raven-haired beauty in a red cocktail dress which clung so tightly to her breathtakingly voluptuous figure that it was clear for all to see that she wasn't wearing a bra. She smiled seductively at the Kevlar-clad men and unable to resist her shrink-wrapped charms, they smiled back with more than a hint of lust. Recognising and flattered by the look of desire in their eyes, she shot them back a smouldering smirk and purred seductively, 'Hello boys.'

The young woman sitting at the reception counter sighed wearily, but the welcoming smile she beamed from behind her bulletproof glass window never faltered.

Having graciously held the door open for the woman, a man in an expensive tuxedo drew up beside her and proceeded to plant his huge hand quite forcefully on her shapely buttock. Already dangerously unsteady on her killer high heels, the top-heavy beauty tottered forward clutching at her stinging ass, inadvertently drawing her dress tighter across her tits until her stiff nipples threatened to puncture the fabric.

'Honey!' she said, doing her best to regain her composure. 'Go see to whatever it is that's so urgent so we can get back to the party.'

'Okay, babe,' said the man, smirking as he leaned in to deliver a passionate kiss which had the woman arching her back to escape.

'Don't push it,' she hissed, the moment she broke his lip-lock, but undeterred, the man grabbed her roughly by her huge right tit.

'A squeeze for good luck,' he told her as the woman let out a gasp of alarm before smacking his hand away.

'Are you trying to get yourself killed?' she demanded furiously, causing the security guards to look at the receptionist for permission to intervene. She shook her head curtly and the men stood down.

Finally seeming to have taken the hint, the man turned away from his partner and swaggered over to the reception, leaving her to brush her fringe back self-consciously and smile weakly at the concerned security guards.

'How can I help you, sir?' asked the receptionist brightly as the man leant over the counter towards her as close as the glass would allow. His breath steamed the window as he leered down at her with a grin that made her skin crawl, somewhat literally in fact as it felt like something was slithering up her leg. 'What is that?' she cried, pushing away from the counter to look down and see something unspeakable coiled around her shin and staring up at her through its single red eye.

But before the scream could leave her lips and alert the guards, the woman with whom the man had entered ran a single finger of each hand outward along her collarbone to catch the spaghetti straps of her dress and slip them from her shoulders. The guards watched gobsmacked as the dress fell away to leave her naked but for her killer heels. 'Like what you see?' she asked as she gripped forcefully at her naked tits and pointed their suddenly red glowing nipples at the men's holstered weapons.

As the receptionist's scream echoed around the lobby, blinding red laser beams shot from the woman's jutting teats to sever the belts holding the guards' holsters. The heavy pistols fell to the ground taking with them the men's trousers to leave them suddenly half-naked. Instinctively they made to pull them back up, but the woman barked, 'One more move and the next thing to hit the floor will be your pricks!' and the men fell immediately still.

Back behind the safety of the bulletproof glass the receptionist kicked her seized leg in a desperate attempt to shake off the monstrosity gripping it. 'That's it,' said the man, groaning with pleasure. 'Really work that cock.' His shocking works caused the receptionist to freeze and take the time to follow the snaking length of veiny flesh back to its source. It hung over the counter, snaked through the slim postage slot in the window and, as the man took a backward step from the counter, disappeared inside his open flies.

'Ew!' she cried as she rushed to hit the alarm which would slam a piston-driven barrier down on top of his freakish prick. But the man had predicted her next move and in the blink of an eye his cock shot up her thigh, wrapped around her waist, individually bound each of her tits before securing her arms by her sides and finally ending by jamming its fat tip in her mouth. 'Mmph!' she protested.

Behind him, the naked woman had the security guards kick over their belts and trousers and stand back to back with their hands on their heads. Keeping a tit trained on them, she reached into the pile of discarded trousers and, leaving the guns, retrieved instead a pair of handcuffs.

'Cuff your junk,' she ordered, tossing the handcuffs to one of the guards.

'What do you mean?' he asked with terror.

'Put one of the cuffs around your cock and balls and snap it as tight as it'll go.'

'But...' he clucked. The woman's fingers sunk deep into the doughy flesh of her right tit and her nipple began to glow menacingly. 'Okay!' He hurriedly snapped the cuff shut around his dangling genitals and let out a shriek as it pinched his sensitive flesh into a tight bunch which bulged out the bottom.

'Now, pass it back between your legs and, you,' she gestured to the younger guard, 'take it off him and do the same with the other cuff.'

The men complied with some pain and difficulty as the chain between the two cuffs was short meaning they really had to press their naked bums together and stretch their sex organs to make it reach. Finally, after lots of pained squeaking and anguished yelps, the two men were secured together by the genitalia.

'Good boys,' she cooed before adding frostily, 'Now sit down.'

'What?' cried the men in unison, acutely aware that the careful angling of their buttocks was the only thing keeping them from a particularly painful tug of war.

Without word, the woman ducked down and aimed her tits up at the men's trapped packages.

'Okay!' the men shrieked and hurriedly began to lower themselves to the floor. The woman watched with satisfaction as the men's junks were stretched back underneath them until they almost reached their assholes and their balls were forced into a compact and shiny bubble which looked fit to explode.

'I can't go any further!' cried the younger security guard; his testicles unable to match the droopiness of his older colleague.

'You can,' his friend encouraged him through gritted teeth. 'Dig deep. You've got it in you.'

'Oh, brother,' said the woman with a sigh before simply pushing down on both men's shoulders to send them plummeting to the marble floor with a crunch!

The men's cries of agony filled the lobby and had the receptionist struggling to free herself from the grotesque appendage which bound her. 'She wants to help them,' announced the appendage's owner as he stepped aside to let his partner see the young woman he held suspended in the air.

'Oh, does she?' asked the woman. 'Well, all she has to do is tell us which vault belongs to RoboCorp and your friends leave here intact.'

Finally able to see her two colleagues' seemingly harmless predicament the receptionist frowned with incomprehension. 'What is she doing to you?' she asked, unable to see their stretched and crushed bollocks trapped beneath their own weight.

'She's making us sit on them!' shrieked the younger man.

Still bewildered and having lost all respect and concern for the pair of pussies squealing in her lobby, the receptions shook her head and said defiantly, 'I won't tell you anything.'

'Well, that is a shame,' said the woman, she leaned forward, resting her forearms on the men's shoulders and her gigantic tits on top of their heads. The added weight caused a further cracking of gristle to escape from beneath the men and a renewed bout of hysterical screaming.

'She's going to crush them!' cried the older man, his feet scrabbling wildly to take the weight off the only other parts of him touching the ground. 'Vicky, I've had my kids, but Danny ain't! Tell them what they want to know!'

Suddenly appreciating the men's eye-watering circumstances, the receptionist was moved to cry, 'Even if I told you the number you wouldn't b able to get into the vault – it's made of twelve inch steel and can only be opened by the computer in New York.'

'Well, in that case you won't mind telling us the number we need and saving your friends' baby-makers,' said the woman. She waited, leaning forward expectantly to further force her weight on the men, but even their increasingly shrill screams didn't sway the receptionist.

'Sorry boys,' she said sadly. 'But my job's worth more to me than your nuts.'

'What?' cried young man.

'You fucking bitch!' cried the older man as, with a snarl of frustration, the woman pivoted on one foot to straddle him before leaping into the air to drop down on his shoulders and bury his screaming face in her pussy.

There was a sickening squelch as the objects propping his buttocks an inch off the ground exploded under the strain, but his shrieks of anguish were lost in the woman's gaping cunt and by the time she climbed off him he was unconscious.

'Oh, god!' sobbed the younger man as next she straddled him. 'Please, Vicky,' he begged the receptionist. 'I want kids!'

'And if I have any I want to send them to college,' she said, coolly.

'You fucking cunt!' he screamed before his face was engulfed in the woman's dripping folds. His firm young nuts gave with a resounding crunch! which signalled the end of his hopes of procreating.

'Fuck you, nutless,' retorted the receptionist, unmoved.

'You are one sick bitch,' said the man with his penis around her.

'Hey, at least they went out with their face buried in a pussy,' said the receptionist who would have given an indifferent shrug had she been able. 'Now put me down. You've done your worst. I didn't break.'

'Oh, honey,' cooed the woman, having climbed down off her final, twitching, victim to approach the window, 'he hasn't even begun to do his worst.' She squeezed her tits and cut a huge hole in the glass like it were butter. The man shoved it and carefully rolled it away so not to let it land on his cock.

'This here is The Serpent,' continued the woman, noticing the immediately terrified reaction of the girl. She smirked. 'I see you've heard of him.'

'He's an urban legend,' said the girl, he voice aquiver.

'You'd think so, wouldn't you?' said the woman, enjoying herself. 'A serial rapist with a prehensile fuck-stick that can tear a woman in two – sounds like monster made up to scare little girls, but not so.'

'I'm as real as it gets, bitch,' boasted the man.

'What are you going to do to me?' sobbed the receptionist, finally appreciating direness her own situation.

'Nothing,' said the woman with a smile. 'If you tell us the number of the vault. Otherwise...' with a flick of both tits she whipped a thin beam of laser around each of the young woman's isolated breasts. The blouse and cups of her bra fell away in a neat circle to leave her naked tits exposed. Next, a single downward twist of the woman's left breast saw the receptionist's skirt cleaved in two and slide to the floor.

'Oh, god,' she whimpered as she looked down at her own nakedness only to have her attention caught by the fat purple head of the man's cock snaking its way down between her tits and over her stomach until it took a sharp 180 degree turn and plunged inside her. She let out a bloodcurdling scream and shook violently against him.

'Please,' said the woman, rolling her eyes. 'Any man could do that to you. This man can smash his way through your cervix and keep going to poke out both your ovaries.' She chuckled. 'You might think that the boys suffered when I crushed their balls, but honey, you ain't seen nothing yet.'

'415,' blurted the receptionist. 'The number of the vault you're after. 415.'

'Good girl,' the woman cooed, unable to hide her contempt for the young woman any longer. 'Finish her,' she told the man.

'Wait! Please. No!' cried the reception as the man's cock slid from her cunt and drew back ready for a violent re-entry. With a whip-crack! his cock shot inside her causing her to yell out in anguish, 'Wrong hole!' before her head snapped back and his cock burst out of her mouth.

'Hey,' said the man over the young woman's dying gurgles, 'at least you went out with a cock in your ass.'

To Be Continued…