The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop

Humorous. Contains ball-busting, castration (once graphic) and big tit themes

The Application

Jack stepped into the coffee shop focused; his application form held out in both hands ready to plant on the counter. He was no sooner inside than bumped by a pale young woman he mistook for a schoolgirl until he noticed that on top of the tiny uniform she was wearing an apron and happened to be carrying a tray of drinks. She righted herself and gave him a faint scowl before clomping away. Jack watched her go, intently eyeing her stunning attire: worn black shoes, knee high white socks, a short grey, plaid skirt and a thin white shirt. Her dirty blonde hair was of course up in pigtails.

‘Can I help you?’ called a breathless voice from behind the counter. Jack tore his eyes off the young waitress only to feast them on the buxom beauty at the till.

Flushed and glistening with effort, the till girl brushed her fringe out of her pretty face and forced a smile. Jack stood dumbly in front of her with the application still held out.

‘Oh, is this an application?’ she asked excitedly, promptly ripping the paper from Jack’s clammy grasp. She skimmed through it quickly and, with an unexpectedly squeal, she jumped on the spot causing her immense boobs to bounce so considerably that Jack was unable to take his eyes off them for the subsequent few seconds that they continued to jiggle.

‘You’re perfect!’ the girl had exclaimed before adding: ‘Just take a seat and wait – we close in a few minutes and then we’ll have a proper interview.’ Jack had nodded wordlessly and made his way to the closest seat, attempting to hide his embarrassingly evident erection.

He sat there for several minutes willing his hard-on to soften to a manageable size, but every time he thought it was flexible enough to bend into a less obvious position, the young waitress in the school uniform would stomp by in her heavy shoes to drop off drinks. And each time she set the drinks down she would bend casually at the hips causing her tiny skirt to slide up over the curve of her arse to reveal the obligatory white cotton knickers.

Jack could only sit with his hands across his lap and hope nobody noticed the rise of his errant member in proximity to the waitress.

But somebody, he felt, had noticed.

He had been purposely keeping the counter out of his line of sight as the mere glimpse of the till girl and her massive rack brought on the mental image of them bouncing in languid slow motion and caused his erection to be stirred back to full strength. Nevertheless, he was acutely aware of a stare burning into his tented crotch coming from behind that very counter.

He risked a sideways glance and saw immediately that he had been caught. It was not the till girl as he had suspected, but the girl who had been operating the coffee machine at the time he arrived. All Jack made out of her from behind was that she was tall and slim with platinum blonde hair and a nice, tight arse. Now from the front he could see she was no less stunning, but her beautiful face was fixed in an angry scowl directed toward him. Jack swallowed hard and felt his dick belatedly begin to shrivel.

Suddenly the girl turned away and in a strict Eastern European accent, called over the young waitress to collect some drinks. The pair exchanged brief words and the waitress picked up the coffees with a nod. She clomped over to Jack, who looked guiltily up at her, honestly expecting to be told to piss off, yet still not managing to avoid staring at her impressive rack. Instead, she said chirpily, ‘Judie says go wait in the back room while we close up.’

Jack nodded with relief and looked over at the girl called Judie to see her smiling back at him.

He did not even see the coffee mug slide off the waitress’ tray. He only felt its steaming contents splash over his lap before the heavy mug struck him squarely in the nuts. Jack’s legs kicked out in panic, catching the waitress’ shin.

‘Ouch!’ she cried lifting her leg to rub her shin; in the process flashing Jack the most breath-taking of up-skirts. Unfortunately, he was in no position to enjoy it as another mug of coffee toppled into his lap.

‘My dick!’ he squealed with anguish doubling.

‘Oh, here – let me help you,’ said the waitress, with perceivable resentment. She batted away his hands and her nimble fingers unzipped his flies.

The remaining customers, two office workers bitching about their bosses, watched on in amused disbelief as she proceeded to tug at his waistband whilst he struggled against and whimpering, ‘Please, no!’

‘They have to come off!’ she insisted, as the hilt of Jack’s cock came into sight.

The two office workers rose slightly out of their seats to witness the tug that would surely see Jack’s scalded, pink penis flop out into full view, but fortunately for Jack, the till girl rushed over with a bag of ice with which to cover his schlong and spare his humiliation.

‘Ice!’ she cried. ‘I have ice!’

Unfortunately though, she planted it so firmly into his crotch that his much-abused testicles began to spasm and up popped his semi-erect dick to squirt countless globs of hot man-fat into the unsuspecting till girl’s cavernous cleavage.

She shrieked and pulled back causing her heavy tits to slap together with a wet splash.

When his balls were finally emptied, Jack seemed to calm to the point of unconsciousness. He slumped back into his seat and went completely limp.


Jack awoke in the back room, naked from the waist down, a bag of ice the only thing shielding his pink privates from the scrutiny of the three girls before him. He looked at them all uncomfortably and then down at his crotch.

‘Oh, you’re okay’ reassured the till girl, who had stripped down to her bra as her shirt had been soiled with spunk. ‘We checked down there.’

‘Yeah, nothing’s hard-boiled,’ said the waitress; sounding disappointed. She had taken her hair out of pigtails and rolled down her socks to reveal a darkening bruise.

Judie, the most senior of the trio, was uninterested in Jack’s coming round. She poured over his application instead. She seemed wholly unimpressed and when she was through reading, she looked up from the paper and gave his crotch the same look. Finally, she spoke. ‘You work in a coffee shop before.’ She stated coldly. ‘You know to use till? Make sandwiches, yes?’

Jack stared at her confused. Then, he realized: this was his interview. After all that had happened, they were still giving him an interview!

‘I know how to work a till, yes,’ he said. ‘I didn’t make sandwiches in the last place I worked ’cause we sold them pre-made, but I make sandwiches in my spare time, you know… to eat,’ he added lamely. Judie stared at him severely, the till girl smiled sweetly and the waitress snorted at his discomfort.

Jack suddenly became very aware that the ice in the bag was rapidly melting and would soon leave him with only a bag of water with which to conceal his scalded organs. Not that it made much difference, he thought, as all the girls had apparently helped themselves to a close inspection of his good while he was unconscious, but still he asked, ‘Can I get a towel or something?’

‘Later,’ said Judie, dismissively, ‘We have questions. Gemma?’

The buxom till girl who had been so kind to Jack responded. ‘Erm…okay. Do you like to have a laugh?’

‘Sure,’ Jack said apprehensively.

‘Cool, ‘cause we do too. We’re always playing pranks or daring each other to do crazy stuff, aren’t we Lilly?’

‘Yeah,’ confirmed the young waitress with a grin. ‘Gemma dared me to come in today wearing my old school uniform even though I told her I barely fit in it anymore.’ Jack couldn’t help but notice she had all but the lowest of her shirt buttons fastened to allow room for her ample breasts and Lilly couldn’t help but notice his noticing. ‘I had a very localised growth spurt recently,’ she explained. She rolled her doughy tits around in her hands. ‘One-hundred percent natural, of course.’

Jack gulped and pressed the ice harder into his stiffening dick, hoping that the cold would subdue it.

‘In fact,’ Lilly continued with a mischievous grin, ‘seeing as how I’ve now done two dares in a row,’ she looked accusingly at Judie, ‘I have one for you, Gemma.’

‘Okay,’ said Gemma clapping her hands excitedly. ‘What is it?’

‘I dare you to take two ice cubes out of Jack’s bag and spend the rest of the interview rubbing them around your nipples.’

‘That’s so embarrassing’ said Gemma, sounding anything but embarrassed. Jack was stunned. The bra that kept her enormous jugs held so perfectly aloft was made of flimsy white cotton; the introduction of ice would be…Fuck! Jack felt his dick begin to stir.

Gemma jumped up from her seat, unintentionally making her barely contained jugs leap almost completely to freedom. She bounced over the Jack and bent to reach for the ice bag. Jack watched her huge tits bulge dangerously out of her bra as she changed stance and thrust her hand into the bag.

Jack squeaked, his whole body tensing dramatically. Gemma looked up at him quizzically.

‘Those aren’t ice cubes,’ he wheezed.

‘Then what are they... Oh!’

She quickly withdrew her hand and placed it apologetically over her mouth. Lilly burst into laughter; Judie simply gave a derisive chuckle and shook her head.

‘Are you okay,’ squeaked Gemma, hand still over mouth. Jack found the strength to nod, though his teeth were still bared in an agonised grimace. ‘I’ll just take two from the top,’ she said, quickly dipping her hand into the bag to retrieve two cubes. She skipped back to her seat and sat down, giving Lilly an embarrassed shrug to which Lilly returned a thumbs up.

When Jack’s eyes began to regain focus, he was delighted to see Gemma circling her nipples with the cubes. He was next overjoyed to see her nipples and the bra responding exactly as he had hoped. As the salmon pink of her areola became apparent, he thought the pain in his balls was almost worth it... almost.

‘I’ve seen enough,’ announced Judie, sounding suddenly bored. ‘You start tomorrow. Five days trial. If we like, we hire.’

‘Wait,’ said Lilly, ‘I didn’t get to ask him a question. Jack,’ she said sweetly.

‘Uh-hu,’ said Jack, without taking his eyes off Gemma’s stiffening nipples.

‘Why do you shave your balls?’

Jack’s wide eyes locked immediately with Lilly’s. Even though he had been sat half-naked and in crippling ball-agony for the last half hour in front of three amused strangers, Jack hadn’t yet felt this humiliated.

Lilly giggled wickedly and added swiftly, ‘Never mind,’ before jumping up from her seat, grabbing her coat and disappearing out of the room, leaving Jack staring blankly at the empty seat.

Next stood Judie. ‘Tomorrow. Eight AM,’ she said coldly, before also leaving the room.

That left Gemma. The pair of them sat in silence until she took pity on him. ‘I’ll fetch your trousers,’ she said, standing; her bullet nipples jutting spectacularly through the transparent cotton.

Finally alone, Jack slumped into his chair and sighed. What an interesting day, he thought, knowing all the time that tomorrow would be even more so.

The First Day – 7:55AM

Jack turned up for work five minutes early; he had planned on being much earlier, but his aching ’nads had slowed his pace to a pained waddle. Still, once he caught sight of Gemma there would be a different type of swelling going on and that ought to take his mind off the pain.

‘Yay, we didn’t scare him off,’ Gemma cheered happily when she saw him enter.

Lilly rubbed her hands and eyed his package as she said, ‘I love fresh meat.’ Her hungry gaze unsettled Jack for a moment, but Gemma’s fantastic rack soon wrestled back his attention. Today she was wearing what appeared to be a casual corset – not that it affected her tits in any casual way. The constricting garment held her unfeasibly immense melons together and aloft to create a gravity-defying shelf of mouth-watering, jiggling tit-flesh that Jack wanted so badly to dive into headfirst.

Jack was still staring when Judie threw an apron in his gob-struck face. ‘Put this on,’ she ordered. ‘And get in back on sandwiches.’ Jack pulled the apron off his head and put it on as he walked behind the counter.

‘Hey, Gemma,’ said Lillian, ‘isn’t it your turn to give a dare?’ Jack turned away from the kitchen to listen intently.

‘Oh, yeah.’ The buxom blonde mulled it over for a short while before announcing, ‘I’ve got one!’ The staff gathered round expectantly; Jack was especially excited as he hoped Gemma would decide to get her own back on Lilly with a breast-related challenge.

‘The dare is for Jack and Judie to go naked from the waist down.’

Jack was stunned speechless. Judie wasn’t fazed: ‘We keep aprons, yes?’

‘Of course,’ said Gemma, her eyes twinkling. ‘It would be unhygienic not to.’

‘Why doesn’t, Lilly have to do it too?’ Jack asked quickly. He felt Lilly had been unfairly spared the embarrassment, but mostly he was keen to see her tight bum in the flesh. Although, when he thought about it, he couldn’t for the life of him picture her bum, clothed or otherwise. He had been too fixated on Gemma’s rack. Come to think of it, he hadn’t even paid Lilly’s tits much attention. He corrected his mistake at once giving them a covert evaluation.

Lilly had a formidable pair it couldn’t be denied, and under any other circumstance, Jack’s eyes would have been all over then constantly, but up against Gemma’s heavyweights they didn’t stand a chance. Even in the super-low-cut T-shirt she was wearing, she only managed to draw Jack’s attention away from Gemma for spilt seconds at a time.

‘Lilly has to go out and serve drinks: that’s why she can’t do it,’ explained Gemma, as his eyes flitted back and forth between her jugs and Lilly’s. ‘You two are behind the counter.’ Jack had to admit that this was a fair point. Judie was already slipping out of her jeans and thong. Jack saw the thong and, with a depraved plan in his mind, he made a mental note to watch where she put it so that he could find it later.

Suddenly, he realised that everyone was looking at him expectantly. Awkwardly, he reached under his apron and undid his flies. Feeling a mixture of embarrassment and arousal, he dropped his jeans and boxer shorts and kicked them off. Judie quickly scooped them up and took them into the back room along with her own shed garments. Jack couldn’t help but watch her go; taking his eyes off Gemma’s rack for longer than he had managed since they had met.

Forget Lilly’s arse, he thought, Judie’s is tight! She had narrow hips and pert, compact buttocks that pinched tight one after the other as she walked. Jack felt the sensitive tip of his dick brush against the itchy fabric of the apron and knew he was in danger of tenting it with a full-blown boner. Shit! He tore his eyes off Judie’s ass and found himself staring deep into Lilly’s ample cleavage. Fuck! His eyes flitted away only for his gaze to fall upon Gemma’s corset-up-thrust pillows and that did it. Turning quickly away, his bare arse retreated into the kitchen pursued by a giggle and wolf-whistle from Gemma and Lilly respectively.

The shop opened and the morning rush began as office workers, desperate for a coffee to wake them up, queued up out the door. Jack was rushed of his feet with the amount of breakfast sandwich orders coming through. He was so busy in fact, that he forgot entirely that he was naked from the waist down; that was until, when, whilst bent over lifting a tub of tuna mayonnaise, Lilly entered the kitchen and commented, ‘Those things look funny without hair.’ Jack stood quickly and his low-hangers disappeared back between his legs. ‘They don’t look too cold though,’ she added playfully. ‘All pink and loose.’

‘Do you need something?’ Jack asked trying not to sound terse.

‘I do actually; pass me a cucumber,’ she said, pulling herself up onto the worktop and working down her tight jeans until they were around her supple thighs. Jack swallowed hard and handed her the cucumber. ‘No, that’s too thick.’ Jack swapped it for one with a more manageable girth and passed it her. ‘Perfect,’ she said, slipping the vegetable under her apron. ‘Oh, it’s cold,’ she exclaimed, and then bit her bottom lip with concentration.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Jack faintly.

‘What does it look like?’ she asked with a raised eyebrow. ‘There’s this customer who I can’t stand and he always has a cucumber sandwich. So...’ She gestured to her out of sight, cucumber-wielding hand, now making deep thrusting motions beneath her apron. Jack couldn’t take his eyes off the rise and fall of the garment, which was now accompanied by tantalising, slick, wet sounds.

‘What did he do to you?’

‘Oh,’ gasped Lilly, ‘He called me a bitch.’


‘Spilt coffee on his nuts – like I did yours, but his was an accident.’ It took a moment to sink in, but eventually Jack realised what she had said.

‘Wha—? Mine wasn’t an accident?’

‘Uh? No. Judie dared me.’

‘That really hurt!’

‘But it was funny.’ Lilly’s words were coming in deep gasps. ‘And you seemed to enjoy the attention from Gemma.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You came all over her tits.’

‘I did what?’ Jack scoffed, before the awful recollection returned to leave him feeling queasy. ‘Oh, god… But I… Now she’ll never…’

‘That gives me an idea!’ said Lilly, ignoring his minor breakdown. ‘You can give the bastard some of your “special sauce”! I know you’re packing plenty in those big, hairless nuts of yours – I saw how much Gemma had to mop up.’ Jack blushed. ‘Come on! Just a few tugs!’

‘I - I can’t.’

‘You can!’ Lilly insisted. ‘From the looks of that hard-on you’re sporting, you’re ready to go right now.’ Jack noticed his massively pitched apron and swiftly covered it ashamedly. ‘Here, take this pot.’ Lilly tossed him an empty mayonnaise container and when he still looked hesitant she said, ‘Race ya’,’ and began to pump harder with the cucumber.

Though mortified, Jack couldn’t resist the challenge – especially with Lilly’s masturbation fuelling his hard-on. So he put the pot to his dick and began to stroke frantically.

At that moment, Judie entered and raised her eyebrow at the spectacle. ‘What is going on here?’ she demanded. Jack shrieked, instantly turning away so that his bare arse faced her. Lilly, however, didn’t break her rhythm. ‘I’m waiting on a cucumber sandwich.’

‘It’s coming,’ Lilly panted, before throwing back her head to cry, ‘Yes! Yes!’ Her orgasmic screams trailed off quickly and she breathlessly presented Judie with a dripping, pungent cucumber. Judie batted it away with distaste.

‘And what’s he doing?’

‘Making “special sauce”,’ he said weakly, still cowering over his erection. Judie nodded.

‘Okay – get on with it.’

She folded her arms and waited impatiently. ‘I can’t,’ came his pathetic reply.

‘I see,’ Judie said. ‘You need Gemma.’

‘What? No!’

But it was too late, Judie called her into the kitchen and Gemma’s jaw dropped when she saw Jack, still ashamedly holding his rod.

‘He’s making ‘special sauce’ for cucumber sandwich man,’ explained Lilly, ‘but he’s having a bit of trouble. Maybe you could give him a hand?’ Gemma blushed obviously.

‘Come. Chop, chop,’ said Judie.

Still unable to look any of the girls in the eye, Jack murmured over his shoulder, ‘I really don’t think I can.’ Lilly and Judie gave imploring looks to Gemma who looked back uncertainly before eventually buckling and encouraging him.

‘Please, Jack – he’s a prick to me too sometimes.’

Jack fought the awful feeling of self-abasement and began to work his cock mechanically. The girls watched jubilantly – all except Judie who kept looking to her watch with impatience. After a minute of hard pumping at a soft pole, Jack began to forget the withering pressure upon him and get into the swing of things – quite literally, as he unintentionally parted his legs enough to let his balls sway. As Jack’s pumping grew harder and faster and his pendulous, pink plums grew ever more lively, Gemma found herself too embarrassed to watch. When she turned away only to then hear the frantic slapping of his balls against his arse, she left the kitchen, leaving Lilly in barely suppressed hysterics and Judie studying the spectacle closely.

Gemma’s departure was followed almost immediately by Jack’s ‘arrival’. His eyes rolled back into his head and his cock began spurting thick, milky cum into the tiny mayonnaise pot.

When Jack’s load was well and truly shot, he sagged and withdrew a refilled pot much to Lilly’s amusement. She snatched the stinky pot greedily and then looked at Judie mischievously.

‘Don’t you dare!’ gasped Judie in horror as Lilly came towards her with the pot held out threateningly. Lilly stopped short of hurling it at her and giggled impishly. ‘Make sandwich,’ Judie huffed in both anger and relief, and then she went out into the shop.

‘Judie has a huge fear of spunk,’ explained Lilly as she slopped the goo onto a slice of bread. ‘I think she nearly choked on some or something. I, however,’ she continued, spreading the lumpy slime as evenly as it would go with a knife, ‘absolutely love the stuff.’ She chopped the fishy cucumber and dropped a few slices on the bread and then pressed another bread slice down on top.

‘One cucumber sandwich coming up,’ she said with a grin.

10:00 AM

A little later, as the morning rush began to ease, Jack felt himself beginning to stick to his apron. Desperate to freshen himself up, he walked into the back room towards the toilet, only to spot Judie’s shed clothes in a heap on the floor. The black thong stared up at him enticingly. Looking around to make sure he was alone, he bent over and lifted the dainty garment close to his nose. He was about to fill his nostrils with Judie’s most intimate fragrance when he heard someone enter the room behind him. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ screamed Gemma. Jack looked around guiltily, with the evidence still clinging to his face.

‘I was... I was...’

‘You pervert!’ she yelled, stomping her foot. ‘I thought you were better!’

‘I am, Gemma,’ Jack insisted, the thong flapping about his face as he spoke. ‘This is just a... a...’

‘A dare,’ said Lilly, stepping out of the toilet. Both Jack and Gemma looked at her with surprise.

‘You dared him to sniff Judie’s underwear? She’d go mental and fire both of you!’

‘But that’s not the end of the dare,’ Lilly said with a grin. ‘And Judie will love the second part.’ She turned to Jack and snapped, ‘Follow me.’ Jack followed obediently; whispering thankfully as he went.

As they walked past the counter on their way to the kitchen, Lilly called Judie over. ‘I need you for a dare,’ she said and Judie agreed as long as it was quick. ‘It will be,’ Lilly assured her with a wink.

They all lined up beside the oven and Lilly tugged Jack in front of the appliance and told him to lean over it.

‘Er... why?’ asked Jack apprehensively.

‘’Cause Judie is going to slam the oven door on you balls.’

Gemma gasped and Judie grinned with relish. ‘You’re joking, right?’ asked Jack, horrified. Lilly smiled and shook her head. She leaned in close to whisper:

‘Either you let her do this or I tell her and Gemma the truth, either way, you’re balls are going to get hurt; at least this way you get to keep your job and Gemma won’t think you’re a pervert.’

Jack was impressed by her cunning and his brain was too overloaded by pretty young girls and ball-ache to challenge her. With no other option, Jack nodded and did as she had explained. He lifted the apron and leaned awkwardly over the oven so that his loose nuts dangled in front of the door. Lilly pulled open the door, which pushed his nuts back before they slid over and hung inside read to be trapped. Lilly then closed the door slowly to make sure his balls would be caught fully when it shut and when she was satisfied, she handed control of the door to Judie with a final warning to Jack.

‘Don’t you even think of pulling your nuts up at the last minute – if I don’t see them both slammed fully in that door, you’ll do it again.’

Jack nodded weakly and braced himself best he could.

‘Won’t this hurt?’ asked Gemma naively.

‘He’ll be fine in few days,’ said Judie before slamming the door shut with all the strength her slender frame could muster.

The sound that followed was unexpected.

Because the door never met the chassis, thanks to Jack’s fat nuts, there wasn’t the usual deafening, metallic clang. Instead, there was a soft splat. This was succeeded by a vocal reaction from Jack: a low, throaty mewling, which started almost inaudible, but built up to a high-pitched wail that had Gemma covering her mouth with sympathy and the other two girls giggling girlishly.

The door bounced open and, to the girls’ surprise, Jack’s nuts didn’t appear any different, having instantaneously re-inflated. Jack, however, reacted like he’d lost them. His legs immediately gave and he slid down the oven to the floor where he curled into a tight, sobbing ball.

Gemma rushed to the freezer and pulled out a bag of ice. Judie noticed and said, ‘Oh, no! I can’t watch after last time.’

Gemma recalled the torrent of spunk that had ruined her favourite shirt and reconsidered the ice, putting it back in the freezer. Then, lost as for what else to do, and unable to watch the pitiful sight any longer, Gemma tip-toed past Jack and whispered apologetically, ‘I’m sure you’ll be fine,’ before retreated outside. Lilly and Judie watched his agony for a few minutes more until they could find no more entertainment out of his constant torment.

‘How did you get him to agree to that?’ asked Judie as they left.

‘Wouldn’t you like to know,’ said Lilly.

11:30 AM

Jack was beginning to regain his senses when Judie burst into the kitchen and snapped her fingers impatiently. ‘Hey! Boy. Get up. I have drink needs serving.’

He hadn’t even had time to check he still owned a pair of balls, but nevertheless he slowly and laboriously climbed to his feet, which in itself, proved he hadn’t lost a nut or both. Relieved, he hobbled awkwardly after her.

‘Take,’ she ordered when he finally made it to the coffee machine. She thrust him a coffee and added, ‘Table four. Go.’ Jack nodded wretchedly and accepted the hot mug. Stepping from behind the counter, he scanned the shop for table four to find that there was only one customer around to serve and Lilly – the shops waitress! - was already chatting to her. Jack growled inwardly.

‘Lazy bitch,’ he said and then waddled over to them.

The customer, a girl a year or two younger than him, who bore a striking resemblance to Lilly – even down to the cup-size – smiled up at him.

‘One...’ he examined the milky coffee, ‘Latte?’

‘Thank you,’ she said sweetly. ‘I’m Jamie, Lil’s big sister.’

‘Oh, hi,’ said Jack. He stood there awkwardly as the pair of sister looked up at him in silence.

Finally, Jamie said, ‘You can go away now,’ and Jack turned glumly to stagger back toward the counter. He was halfway there when Jaime called after him, ‘You dropped a napkin.’

Jack knew he hadn’t dropped the serviette, but Judie was watching him closely so he had no choice but to bend over and pick it up. Widening his stance, he bent into a squat and leaned forward for the napkin. As he did so, both Lilly and Jamie burst into hysterical laughter and suddenly Jack remembered that he wasn’t wearing any trousers. Jamie put her fingers in her mouth and wolf-whistled as Jack realised the view he was affording them; with his legs spread wide and his body down low, his swollen, pink balls must have been hanging down low and heavy from between his arse cheeks. His fears were confirmed when Lilly shrieked, ‘See! I told you he shaved them!’ and their laughter doubled.

Indescribably exposed and humiliated, Jack rose slowly, pressing his legs close together to hide his hairless, dangling shame, and then he waddled back behind the counter as quickly as he could.

Judie and Gemma were, uncharacteristically, in tears of laughter; Judie’s usual cool, derisive nature had been overwhelmed completely, though Gemma still managed to retain enough of her humanity to gasp, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry,’ between giggles.

Jack retreated into the kitchen, but Gemma hurriedly followed him, giggling despite her best efforts.

‘I’m sorry, Jack,’ she said. ‘I didn’t think you’d seriously fall for it.’

Desperately trying to recoup some dignity, Jack replied, ‘I didn’t fall for it – thought I’d give you girls something to giggle about.’

‘You did that on purpose?’ Gemma gasped. ‘Wow, you are up for a laugh aren’t you? To think, Judie thought you were a bit too serious for us. I knew you were fun.’ She gave him a tight hug that squashed her soft, warm tits wide across his chest. Jack’s dick was embarrassingly quick to respond and Gemma was quick to notice; she pulled back quickly.

‘What’s that?’ she demanded, but Jack had reacted swiftly; slipping his hand inside his apron he pushed out the tented material further in thrusting motions.

‘Got you!’ he said with a nervous chuckle. Gemma eyed him suspiciously for a moment and then burst into laughter.

‘You really are funny!’ she said, walking out of the kitchen. Jack sighed with relief and pulled his hand out of his apron to let the fabric fall back over his deflating stiffy.

A few minutes had passed and Jack had prepared a few lunch sandwiches when Lilly crept in behind him and said, to his surprise, ‘Gemma tells me you were just playing along – showing me and Jamie your cock and balls.’

‘You saw my cock too?’ Jack asked with dismay.

‘Yeah,’ confirmed Lilly. ‘It was hilarious!’ Jack wasn’t sure whether she meant the whole event, or just his cock, but he felt further belittled and violated either way.

‘Anyway, I’m making a fun calendar for us to put up in the back room and I wanted raunchy shots of us all doing our jobs.’

‘Okay...’ Jack said uneasily.

‘I wanted a photo of you holding a sandwich with your privates in.’ Jack was speechless. Lilly mistook his consternation for incomprehension. ‘You just have to put two slices of bread round your meat and veg,’ she elaborated.

‘I get it,’ Jack snapped, ‘But - ‘

‘Please!’ Lilly begged. ‘I’m having mine done bending over a table serving coffee in just my apron... You can take it if you want!’

Jack thought for a second, seeming to warm to the idea. ‘Are the others doing it too?’ he asked.

‘Er... they did it yesterday.’

Jack looked disappointed. ‘I’m not doing it.’

‘Please,’ cried Lilly, her mind raced. ‘Gemma did it lying naked on the counter with only a few coins covering her bits and let me tell you, there’s only some much a fifty pence piece covers when you’ve got jugs that big!’

‘Can I see?’ Jack asked almost drooling.

‘You’ll see when I print off the calendar, which Gemma won’t let me do until we all have our pictures taken.’ Lilly impressed herself at how well she could lie on the spot.

‘And I have to put my bits in a sandwich?’ Jack asked with a sigh.

‘It’s the only funny thing we could think of which involved sandwiches. And like you told Gemma, you don’t mind showing your cock and balls for a laugh.’

Jack was all out of objections. ‘Fine,’ he said. ‘But you go first.’ Lilly agreed chirpily.

‘Come on then – while it’s still quiet outside.’

She handed him a digital camera and dragged him over to the table where her sister still sat.

‘Hello, again,’ Jamie said. ‘I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again today. Are you’re little friends with you?’ Lilly hushed her angrily.

‘He’s taking my calendar photo. I need you to be the person I’m serving.’

‘Sure, whatever.’

‘Great,’ said Lilly beginning to strip.

‘Whoa!’ yelled Jamie as Lilly lifted off her T-shirt beneath her apron. ‘What are you doing, Lil?’

‘Calm down,’ Lilly whispered. ‘It’ll be so worth it.’ Jamie wasn’t convinced, especially when Lilly then began to slip out of her jeans and panties and Jack began snapping pictures of her naked round ass.

‘You better be about to bust this bastard’s nuts,’ hissed Jamie, not breaking her smile for the camera.

‘And more,’ promised Lilly, posing provocatively for another snap.

‘How about you turn your top half towards the camera more,’ suggested Jamie, deciding to trust her sister and go with the flow. ‘That way you’ll show more of your lovely big tit.’

‘Great idea!’ said Lilly, baring Jack some fantastic sideboob. A few snaps later, Lilly announced that Jack had taken enough photos and, coyly turning her ass away from the camera, she bent over and climbed back into her jeans.

When her head popped out of her T-shirt, she said, ‘Now it’s your turn, Jack.’ She snatched the camera off him and dragged him back into the kitchen, calling after her, ‘Coming, Jamie?’

Jack was relieved of his apron in time for Gemma and Judie to enter. He was also relieved to be sporting an impressive hard-on after his photo session with Lilly; as mortifying as being naked in from of four girls, one of which he fancied helplessly was, it would have been much worse with a cock shrivelled like a maggot. At least Gemma was seeing him at his proudest, even if the situation he was in wasn’t particularly dignifying. Even the swelling of his balls was a welcome increase in size, he felt.

‘Here’s the bread,’ said Lilly and she readied the camera as Jack tentatively arranged them around his enlarged genitals. Lilly took a picture and it was only when the flash went off that Jack felt the magnitude of the humiliation fully sink in. Between the slices of bread, his erection began to wane and hang out of the sandwich over the top of his big, pink, sagging balls.

‘Better take some more quickly, Lil,’ said Jamie watching his dick shrink, ‘while the sandwich still has some filling.’

This only made matter worse. Lilly snapped away – utilising the zoom feature and taking shots from all angle, all the while, the girls clapped along in a way that felt to Jack to be malicious. Except for Gemma of course: she was genuinely having fun along with him.

When Jack’s dick had disappeared inside the sandwich, leaving his throbbing plums to face the camera alone, Lilly took a final few snaps before announcing she was finished.

‘Cool,’ said Jack, putting on his apron as quickly as possible. ‘So when do I get to see the calendar?’

‘There’s going to be a calendar?’ asked Gemma with delight. Lilly grabbed her arm and led her out of the room hurriedly. Jack’s brow creased as a dark thought began to form in his mind. Had he just been tricked...?

‘You see my calendar pictures,’ said Judie, lifting her top to distract him. ‘Imagine me naked. Two tiny espresso cups over nipples.’ She held two imaginary cups over her perky, bra-clad tits. ‘See? Sexy, yes?’ Jack forgot his suspicions and nodded stupefied. Judie smiled. She knew it didn’t matter the size of the tits, it just matter how much you showed.

She pulled her top back down and said, ‘Now, back on sandwiches – lunch rush will be starting soon.’ With that she left, leaving Jack to watch her bare buttocks depart, unaware of Jamie’s continued presence.

She watched him watch Judie until she could take no more and shoved past him saying, ‘You deserve all you get.’ Jack would have found this statement disturbing if he hadn’t have been too engrossed in her sexily swaying rear to hear it.

12:30 PM

Half an hour pasted and Jack’s balls were beginning to recover; instead of crippling agony, he felt only a constant dull ache in his stomach and groin. He was not yet able to stand up straight, but when Judie called him out of the kitchen, he was able to walk out with relative ease.

Jack was shocked to see Judie back in her jeans, but before he could start a righteously indignant rant, Judie cut him off. ‘I’ve been on lunch’ she explained. She slipped her apron back over her head and again dropped her jeans before tucking them safely into a shopping bag. ‘I get these from sex shop,’ she said producing two shiny orbs from the bag.

‘Love eggs?’ said Gemma in a gasp.

‘Yes. Remote controlled. You put them in pussy.’

‘I know what you do with them,’ said Gemma, raising an eyebrow.

‘No, I mean: you put them in pussy.’

‘Oh,’ she said taken aback.

‘Jack,’ said Judie, turning to him still holding the orbs.

‘I control them?’ he dumbly presumed.

‘You turn them off when Gemma tells you... using this.’ She produced a length of string with a noose at the end. Jack looked at the string then her, dumbfounded. ‘You put love egg in this,’ she explained.

‘What?’ Jack asked.

‘Love eggs,’ she repeated, this time making a cupping gesture below her crotch.

‘She means your balls,’ said Lilly helpfully.

‘You want me to put my nuts in a noose?’

‘I press remote, Gemma moan. Gemma pull string, you moan. You turn off and you both moan no more.’

‘This is going to be so funny,’ Lilly enthused.

‘But my nuts are still so tender.’

‘Boy’s nuts always tender,’ said Judie dismissively. She passed the string to Gemma. ‘You tie him off tight.’ Gemma nodded and bent down to crotch level.

She looked up at him and pleaded, ‘Please, Jack – I’ll be gentle, I promise.’ Jack couldn’t resist her big, blue, begging eyes and breath-taking cleavage.

‘Do I at least get to put the love eggs in for you?’ he asked hopefully.

‘Jack!’ she gasped, offended at the very suggestion.

‘Just joking,’ he said quickly.

‘Well, don’t – it’s rude. Now lift your cock out of the way while I tie this around your bollocks.’

Jack did as he was told and Gemma pulled the noose tight around his sack before tying another knot to make sure the noose wouldn’t garrotte his nuts off, but also to ensure he couldn’t loosen it off and slip out.

When the noose was secure, Judie ran the string underneath him so, with a sharp tug, she could yank his nuts down and backwards. She gave it a few tentative test tugs that had Jack yelping instantly.

‘Okay. Gemma you put in the eggs.’ Gemma accepted the orbs.

‘I’ll be right back,’ she said disappearing into the back room.

‘What?’ cried Jack. ‘I don’t even get to see her put them in.’

‘You can go watch,’ Judie said. ‘But I stay here.’ She wrapped the string firmly around her hand to make sure he understood her.

When Gemma came out she looked uncomfortable. ‘They’re so cold,’ she complained. ‘And they clank together when I walk.’

‘That must be what it feels like to have big, hairless balls,’ said Lilly. She looked to Jack for confirmation. ‘Am I right? Do they get cold and clank together like big tender love eggs?’ Jack said nothing and just looked at the floor uncomfortably.

‘And don’t worry about cold, Gemma.’ said Judie thumbing the controls. ‘They warm up when I turn on,’ Immediately, Gemma bit her lip. In seconds she was quietly groaning and then Judie turned them off with another click. ‘Little too high,’ she said, turning down the vibration. ‘Okay. We ready to open. Gemma on till. When you want Jack to turn eggs off you pull on this cord.’ She tied the string to the counter.

Jack walked warily into the kitchen, watching the string as it trailed after him, lifted off the ground and, as he got to the worktop, went taut. The string had been measured perfectly; it was just long enough to allow him to perform his job, but also just short enough to have him in constant pain as he shifted for utensils and ingredients just beyond his reach. Judie followed him in, purposely twanging the string to make Jack feel uneasy. She ducked underneath it, careful not to bare her ass, and walked to the far wall of the kitchen. There she placed the remote after turning it on.

‘Whoa,’ said Jack. ‘I won’t be able to reach that!’

‘Oh, I think you will... given the right encouragement.’

She gave him a playful wink and left, and this time she ducked under the string with her ass brashly bared for him to see. Jack gasped as her cheeks parted and her luscious, pink lips came into sight for a split second before she stood up and caught the string. Jack appeared to have a rug pulled from under him as the string yanked his nuts backward causing him to lurch forward and then collapse to the floor.

‘Oops,’ said Judie before leaving him writhing.

Outside Gemma’s pussy was beginning to fill with the warm, tingling sensation she had allowed herself to feel only a few times in the past, and because of this, she was already beginning to get flustered.

‘I can’t do this,’ she said to Judie as she entered from the kitchen. ‘I can’t come in front of customers.’

‘You won’t need to,’ Judie said matter-of-factly, ‘Just tug the string when you want Jack to turn them off.’

‘Well, I want them off now.’

‘Now might not be a good time for Jack. Wait until you are closer.’

Gemma nodded subserviently and turned back to her customer. ‘So that’s a cheese and pickle sandwich,’ she confirmed. She ripped off the receipt and passed it to Lilly who opened the service hatch into the kitchen and leaned in.

‘One cheese and pickle sandwich,’ she said smiling down at Jack’s crumpled form. ‘Come one, move it... before Judie starts getting impatient.’ That seemed to do the trick. Jack reached up to the worktop and pulled himself to standing. Lilly couldn’t help but giggle when she saw his fat, red nuts pulled back between his arse cheeks and whilst she waited for the sandwich she didn’t take her eyes off the throbbing pair.

‘Are you all right, dear?’ asked a little old lady, as Gemma, red-faced and covered in a fine sheen of glistening sweat, panted the choices of coffee to her.

‘I’m fine,’ she said, for the first time reaching for the string. ‘I’m just very hot.’ She gave a gentle tug on the string, which coincided with Jack overreaching for a jar of pickles. There came a smash from the kitchen and Gemma let go of the string guiltily. She turned back to the old lady and tried once more to deliver the coffee menu, but her voice was quivering orgasmically and the sweat running down her neck and chest was beginning to pool noticeably in her cleavage.

The old woman frowned. ‘Maybe you should sit down, dear.’

Oh! ... kay,’ Gemma cried, before slowly lowering herself down behind the counter. The old woman, surprised by just how literally her advice had been taken, gave an angered huff and stormed out of the shop.

Judie came to Gemma’s side. ‘Pull string,’ she said insistently.

‘I did, but Jack!’ she cried unexpectedly loud, as a wave of pleasure washed over her, ‘hasn’t turned them off!’

‘Then pull harder.’

Gemma gave the string another, harder, tug and in the kitchen Jack yelped and automatically fell to his knees. Lilly covered her mouth to stifle the laughter so the customers wouldn’t hear. Pulling her knees up into her chest and hugged her shins tightly, Gemma desperately tried to contain herself. Her words came in short, trembling gasps. ‘Why... isn’t... he... turning... them... off?’

‘Maybe he ignore you on purpose.’

‘Why... would he do... that?’

‘Who knows? Boys are like that.’

‘That boy’s not, Gemma insisted, grabbing Judie’s arm tightly.

‘Maybe, but he same as all boys on the end of string.’ For a moment Gemma didn’t understand her meaning, but she quickly got it. Wrapping the string tightly around her hand, gave it a monumental jerk.

Jack hadn’t been aware of the first tug, or rather he had attributed the sudden sharp pain in his nuts to his overreaching for the pickles; the second tug was a clear message, but had been so unexpected it had dropped him to his knees. Now, with Lilly watching with amusement, Jack focused his teary eyes on the remote control and pulled himself up onto his feet. Unfortunately, this was at the same moment that Gemma gave the fateful tug, which yanked his balls further from his body than they had ever been before and sent Jack diving to the floor squealing bloody murder.

Lilly lost control of herself at the sight and burst into a fit of giggles that had the whole coffee shop looking to see what was so funny. She turned away from the hatch, tears streaming down her face and her nipples obnoxiously erect through her T-shirt, because she knew if she watched for any longer she would wet herself. She dropped to her knees and desperately tried to catch her breath through the laughter.

Behind the counter things were getting out of control also; Gemma could hold it no more, with the crotch of her jeans dark with dampness, she cried out with pleasure she desperately wanted to end. Her tugs on the string were coming, as she was, fast and hard, and from the kitchen came ever higher-pitched yelps as Jack was tugged inch by excruciating inch across the linoleum floor by his balls.

With every customer now on their feet and scanning the shop in confusion, Judie realised the dare had gone too far. She rushed into the kitchen to find Jack sprawled out o the floor, his legs spread wide and his purple, swollen nuts stretched several inches from his groin.

‘Useless boy!’ she huffed and stomped down hard on his bloated gonads, causing Jack to arch his back briefly before passing down cold. She stepped over his lifeless body and picked up the remote control; switching it off furiously.

Gemma was lying on the floor still shaking, but silent, when Judie went back out. Lilly had managed to get a hold of herself, but rushed past Judie into the back room. Judie heard the toilet door slam and knew exactly why the young waitress needed some privacy.

Looking around the coffee shop, Judie sighed and announced, ‘Sorry. We are closed.’

9:13 PM

Jack awoke to find himself still sprawled out on the cold kitchen floor. Only now he was fully naked.

He began to climb to his feet when he felt his balls be pulled slightly in different directions. Freezing, so not to cause himself any further pain, he looked down to investigate and found his nuts had been individually trussed up with string and tied off to points at opposite sides of the room.

Sitting up carefully, he could see through the darkness some tiny writing on each nut. He squinted down to read the word ‘freedom’ on his left nugget and ‘dignity’ scrawled across his right. The string running off from his right was tied to a doorstop holding open the door to the kitchen. Beyond, heaped atop the counter, Jack could see his clothes and laid mockingly over the heap was Judie’s little black thong. Jack’s dark-accustomed eyes then followed the string from his left nut to find it tied to another doorstop, this one holding open the shop’s heavy back door. If he moved his nuts either direction more than an inch, the opposite doorstop would be pulled out and the door would slam shut, and at this time of night, with the security system active, that would result in it locking.

He looked around for something to tie the strings off on but he was in the middle of the floor with nothing at all in reach. Even trying to untie the tricky knots caused his thick, clumsy fingers to prod and pinch his inflamed testicles to the point where he had to concede he was truly ensnared.

He was left with two unthinkable decisions: he could skip freely off home, bollock-naked, or he could get dressed and spend the rest of the night locked in a coffee shop with only a pair of thongs for company. Hmm, he thought, maybe that last one isn’t so bad after all. He nodded. That’s what he’d do. Forget freedom, the faint aroma of Judie’s cunt would get him through the night.

Standing as upright as he could manage, he staggered quickly toward the kitchen door. The doorstop under the sturdy back door didn’t come free as easily as Jack had expected and his left nut paid the price; being stretched so far that it seemed to yank his guts down with it.

As he wrenched and clutched his stomach, he noticed a red light begin to flash above the slowly closing back door. The silent alarm! he thought in a panic. If he were caught in the shop, clothed or not, he would be in big trouble.

Forgetting his clothes, and the fact that his right nut was still attached to a doorstop, Jack dived for the closing door.

The other doorstop didn’t budge.

Jack’s arc through the air came to an abrupt and agonising halt as this time his right nut was near torn off, before the doorstop decided it wanted out after all and rocketed after his right nut to stab squarely into it. Jack sang soprano like never before as he dropped to the floor and watched both doors slam to. Physically unable to do anything else, he curled into a tight foetal ball and waited for the police to arrive.

The back door was opened much sooner than he expected. A hand reached in for the light switch and Jack was blinded as the fluorescent strips kicked in.

‘Please,’ he sobbed wretchedly. ‘I can explain everything; just take me to the hospital first.’

‘Jack,’ said a concerned, familiar voice. Gemma rushed forward, her gigantic boobs bouncing freely in her flimsy nightwear. ‘Judie only just told me how they left you. I came as fast as I could.’ She spotted the flashing security alarm and quickly tapping in the code to shut it off. The light blinked out and stayed out.

‘Do you really need the hospital?’ she asked, coming back to him. Unable to answer in words, Jack simply opened his legs wide and invited her to make up her own mind. She winced when she saw the state of his stretched and sorry plums, and for reasons Jack couldn’t even begin to fathom she put her hands over her camel-toed crotch and cupped it in sympathy.

‘They look... angry and swollen and all the veins are bulging, but they’re still the right sort of shape... so that’s good, right?’

Jack responded with a pitiable moan.

How has it come to this, he thought. Lying there spread eagle in front of the sexiest woman he had ever met with his battered and bruised ball-bag stretched out for her inspection; its contents forced to the bottom and bound tightly with string.

‘Come on,’ she said sweetly. ‘My car is right outside. I’ll take you back to my place and we can make sure they still work properly.’ She said that with such innocence, but Jack could only interpret it one way; he perked up immediately, as did his dick.

‘Oh,’ said Gemma, catching the movement out of the corner of her eye. She stood up quickly, blushing. ‘Looks like there’s hope for you yet.’

She quickly averted her gaze. Jack assumed she was embarrassed, but she hissed suddenly, ‘Get up! The security guard’s coming!’

Somehow, probably defying the laws of badly busted balls, Jack managed to launch himself off the floor. It was the first time he had been so vertical in many hours and he was shocked to see his nuts hanging so very low, but he didn’t have time to stare in wonderment – the guard’s torch light was sweeping the shop’s interior. He heard keys jingling prompting him to attempt his first tentative steps after Gemma who was frantically beckoning him over to the open door. His awfully aching nuts swung side to side and bounced painfully off his legs, just above the knee. The pain was dizzying and the swaying of his heavy plums disorientating; he stumbled out of the door, the two doorstops trailing metres behind him, just as the security guard entered the shop and turned on the rest of the lights.

The heavy shop door slammed behind Jack and right in front of him was Gemma’s tiny car. She was already inside with the engine started. ‘Come on!’ she yelled, her jugs jiggling wonderfully as she waved him on. The sight spurred him on. He staggered forward, picking up enough speed to nearly castrate himself when the doorstops he hadn’t remembered to pull out after him caught under the closed, locked door. He gave a sudden, sharp yelp and pitched forward into the concrete.

Inside the shop, the security guard heard the sudden noise and rushed into the kitchen to investigate.

Gemma leapt from the car and bounced over to Jack, who was lying deathly still and silent. She saw his nuts, stretched an inconceivable distance away from his crotch and found it impossible to believe they were still attached. She reached out hesitantly for the closest nut and, with her eyes closed, she gave it a timid squeeze to check for a reaction. Jack gave a reaction. A single, pitiful squeak. Gemma clapped her hands joyfully and suddenly Jack was yanked powerfully backward by his balls. Gemma screamed.

The security guard had spotted the doorstops and mistaken them for part of a cunning attempt to break into the shop, possibly left there by one of the staff so that their criminal friends could sneak in later without raising any alarms. He snatched up the wedges and found they were attached to string. This was interesting. Maybe he was about to foil an ingenious plot. Maybe it would earn him a raise or promotion! He wrapped the string around his thick wrists and heaved once more.

Jack slid backwards so far that his nuts slapped solidly against the door and frame. Gemma tugged her hair in blind panic; one more pull would have his nuts slip under the door and come out the other side in an explosion of bloody spunk and nut-sack. There was only one thing she could think to do – she lunged at Jack’s ball with teeth bared.

Jack woke suddenly to give a full-blooded scream as Gemma went at his gonads with the fury of a lioness, trying to bite off the string encircling his plums.

The first string snapped quickly, but inside the guard was already steadying himself for the final pull. Gemma gnawed desperately at Jack right nut, sucking it into her mouth, trying to get a hold of the string, whilst behind her Jack squealed and sobbed at the torture.

Gemma caught the string between her teeth a fraction of a second late – Jack’s fat bollock was pulled from her mouth and already halfway under the door by the time she chomped clean through and released it. The security guard was propelled backwards, two lengths of string fluttering after him as he crashed into the sturdy oven and knocked himself unconscious.

Gemma pulled her head away from Jack’s half crushed nut and grimaced. It bulged out from under the door like a large welt about to burst. She brought herself to look closer and noticed it was rocking slightly, as if deciding whether to roll out or under the door completely. Gemma gave the thin, stretched skin of his scrotum a gentle tug and the nut popped out from underneath the door.

Unable to look at it in case it was badly damaged, Gemma grabbed Jack underneath the arms and dragged him onto the back seat of her car. She then climbed in the front and sped away.

1:03 AM

Jack woke to the most intense pain he’d ever felt. Hours of agony, accumulated as he slept, leap up from his balls and hammered his brain.

‘Here,’ said Gemma, offering him pills and a glass of water. ‘Take these.’ Jack snatched the pills off her and downed them without the water. ‘Poor baby,’ said Gemma, heartbroken. ‘I hoped you’d feel better after your sleep.’

‘My balls,’ Jack squeaked.

‘Yeah,’ said Gemma, biting her bottom lip. ‘About that.’ Jack’s eyes opened heart-rendingly wide as the possibility of having lost one or both filled his mind.

‘Are they... still there?’

‘Oh, they’re there all right.’ She pulled back the cover over his legs and Jack swore he saw a small, plucked chicken sitting between his thighs. Only it was bordering on purple in colour and attached to him by a length of baggy pink skin.

Jack lost his lunch in the bin beside him.

‘It’s not that bad,’ insisted Gemma. ‘They keep getting bigger, but the right one’s back to its old shape now.’

‘I want to die,’ he groaned.

‘Don’t be silly!’ snapped Gemma, suddenly angry. Jack looked at her apologetically and she softened. ‘You shouldn’t say things like that.’

‘But look at me. Look at my balls. They’ll never work again.’

‘Oh, I’m sure I can get them to work,’ Gemma said with a smile; the kind of smile Jack had longed to see on her since he’d first met her.

Under the dim glow of the lounge’s opal bulb, Gemma leaned over him and pulled down her T-shirt to reveal a large, pink nipple. She put her other hand silently over her mouth in schoolgirl-like shock. Jack craned his neck toward the fabulous teat, but Gemma had put it away by the time he was close.

‘Uh, uh,’ she warned. ‘Wait ‘til you feel up to it and then come up to my room and wake me.’

‘I feel up to it,’ Jack called after her as she headed up the staircase.

‘You’re not up to what I want you to do to me,’ she said winking down at him. ‘Let the painkillers set in and if you can make it up the stairs, I’ll think about letting you test your big balls out on me.’ Her beautiful legs clicked up the stairs and she vanished from sight.

Jack fell back into the sofa and groaned in aroused frustration. He’d test his balls on her all right. He’d empty the gallons of love-goo sloshing around in his big old nuts all over her juicy, fat titties! He just had to wait for the painkillers to kick in then there’d be no stopping him from pounding her ass... His fantasy faltered slightly when he imagined the effect his pounding her ass would have on his freely swinging grapefruit.

He reached for the painkillers and downed another four, before starting on what would no doubt be a long and torturous ascent of the stairs.

He crawled along the floor to the staircase, the sensitive skin of his ball-sack skimming the rough carpet as he went. When he got to the stairs he attempted to crawl up those as well, only to knock his nuts against the first step. He tensed as the fresh wave of pain washed over him. He would have to think of another way to climb the stairs.

Turning onto his back, he reached down and carefully scooped up his massively sagging nuts and laid them softly on his stomach. Holding them gently in place, he then began inching up the stairs on his bare backside, shifting one buttock after the other until he had made it to the top of the stairs. There, he carefully rolled back over and crawled toward the door open invitingly at the end of the corridor. When he got there he squinted into the darkness of the bedroom.

He saw Gemma’s long blonde hair poking out from beneath the bed covers. She was lying on her front and Jack could see she had on a sleeping mask. Jack recalled that woman with especially large tits had to sleep on their front, but he couldn’t remember why. He reasoned that being under the weight of such hefty jugs might cause suffocation and then he imagined himself beneath them and crawled at speed to the bed. He gently pulled back the covers and climbed into the warm bed.

Gemma’s body was a sight to behold; somehow managing to be slim and curvy at the same time. Her legs were already quite spread, as if awaiting his entry, but Jack needed much more space now that his balls were so greatly swollen. Pushing her legs out as wide as they’d go, he found there was still only enough room for his balls so he put his knees either side of her splayed legs and lined himself up for an awkward entry. First though, he took greedy handfuls of her rear and amazed at how perfect it was – definitely on par with Judie and Lilly’s, which he hadn’t expected. Then he leaned in close and inhaled her scent. Again, it was not what he had expected; it seemed almost familiar. She gave a quiet murmur.

‘Gemma,’ whispered Jack, pointing his stiff dick at her open hole, ‘I’m ready.’ And with that he plunged his thick rod into her.

She woke with a gasp and arched her back allowing Jack to quickly slip his hand under her chest and grab some of her fantastic fat tit, but when his fingers closed around her jug he was shocked to find it barely a handful.

‘Gemma?’ he inquired, with fear.

Judie screamed. Her legs snapped shut instinctively in defence against the violation of her cunt and it was Jack’s turn to scream as his nuts were crushed between her powerful thighs. Judie recognised the reaction. She squeezed her legs tighter around the slippery, rubbery objects between her thighs to educe higher- and higher-pitched squeals.

‘Gemma! Help!’ she screamed. The mention of Gemma’s name and the thought of her walking into find him in such a situation caused Jack to panic and wrap his strong hand around Judie’s mouth. As he did, the door burst open and light poured in around a recognisably top-heavy silhouette.


‘It’s not what it looks like, Gemma!’ he insisted; his hand still wrapped tightly around Judie’s mouth. ‘I thought she was—Argh!

Judie crossed her ankles, locking his balls in a vice-like hold. She shook away his hand and, still blind under the sleeping mask, she yelled, ‘Take his balls!’

Jack froze. The pain disappeared as panic overwhelmed him.

‘No! Wait!’ But Gemma surged towards him. He was bucking his hips desperately, trying to free his dick from Judie’s clenched hole, when Gemma’s fist landed on his on the tender rear of his left nut.

‘You bastard!’ she growled as he screamed. Her fists pummelled his nuts relentlessly, but her blows lacked power to cause any real damage. Realising this, she climbed up onto the bed and screamed, ‘Get off her!’

Seeing her shadow loom over him, Jack’s efforts to free his trapped dick doubled to the point where his desperate tugging was actually starting to bring him to orgasm.

Judie sensed the approaching climax and, screaming with fright, she parted her legs and pulled herself off Jack’s pole as Gemma leapt into the air above Jack’s nuts.

Gemma’s tiny feet drove Jack’s globes into the mattress, distorting them like fleshy party balloons and displacing a large amount of cum that only had one place to go...

A high-pressure jet of cum hit Judie across the cunt and ass as she fled the bed. She let out a shrill cry and rushed out of the room, her cum-spattered butt-cheeks pinching tight one after the other as she ran.

Gemma let out a scream as, without Judie’s legs to keep them stationary, Jack’s nuts were able to slip out from under her feet at the last moment and send her back-flipping onto the floor.

Crippled and still oozing spunk, Jack collapsed onto the bed face-first. Somewhere behind him, he heard Gemma curse and stand. She then began searching through drawers and, finding whatever it was she was looking for, she said, ‘Ah-ha!’ Next Jack heard the sound of scissors being worked menacingly.

‘Gemma,’ he appealed, but he was panicking for the wrong reason, Gemma wasn’t about to end his balls with a quick, clean cut. He heard a snip and then felt the all too familiar feeling of his nuts being individually bound. ‘Oh, god,’ he groaned, as he realised a far more dire fate was in store for his nuts. Gemma ignored him.

‘Do you know how scared I was when I saw your nut get pulled under that door?’ she asked, and without waiting for a reply continued, ‘I was terrified you were going to lose it. Now I wish you had. Then you wouldn’t have tried to rape Judie.’

‘I though it was you!’ Jack cried without thinking.

‘You were gonna rape me?’ she yelled in outrage and before Jack could answer she yanked so hard on the string around his plums that he pitched off the bed and onto the floor. He lay on his belly, moaning and twitching sporadically while Gemma went to work binding his ankles and wrists together behind his back.


‘I’m going to make sure you never touch anyone again,’ she promised and then continued to tug him along by the balls until he was at the doorway to the landing.

‘Gemma,’ he sobbed, craning his neck to see her running the string under the door. He summoned up all his energy and, as she began to close the door to, screamed, ‘I love you!

Gemma stopped closing the door instantly, stunned by what she had just heard. ‘You do?’ she asked faintly.

‘He loves your tits,’ said Judie unexpectedly; her naked body still glistening from the shower. With one hand she dabbed at her pussy with a small towel, in the other she held a mobile phone.

‘I called Lilly. Her and sister are on way.’ With that, she pushed past Gemma into the room, picked up a pair of her dirty panties and stuffed them into Jack’s mouth. Jack screamed into the fabric after her.

‘Wait,’ said Gemma, as Judie exited and began to shut the door. Judie studied her suspiciously. ‘I want to be in there when his nuts pop,’ she explained. ‘I want to see his face.’ Judie eyed her closely for a moment longer before nodding finally.

Gemma was about to slip back into the bedroom when the front door burst open and rapid footsteps pounded up the stairs.

Judie quickly wrapped the towel around her slender waist and turned to be greeted breathlessly by Lilly. Jamie joined her side, holding a set of car keys she could find nowhere to stow as she was wearing only a long T-shirt and bunny slippers. Lilly wore even less; just slippers and a thong.

‘So he’s in there?’

Gemma nodded apprehensively.

Her nipples stiff with excitement and the cold night breeze, Lilly pressed on: ‘And this is it? We’re going to end his balls?’

‘We are,’ affirmed Judie, equally unabashed to be standing there half naked.

Lilly clapped her hands excitedly. ‘Can we see?’

Gemma felt awful doing so, but she opened the door wide and allowed them to gawk and giggle at Jack’s pathetic form.

‘All trussed up like a turkey,’ commented Jamie. ‘What’s the plan? How are we going to do this?’

‘Gemma has interesting idea,’ said Judie, waggling the string at them. ‘We pull his fat bollocks under the door – like putting them through mangle.’

‘Ouch,’ cooed Lilly and Jamie as one – Lilly’s nipples, having begun to soften in the warmth, stiffened once more.

‘I’m going inside to watch his face,’ said Gemma. ‘You three stay here and pull the string.’ The others nodded happily – all preferring to perform the castration over seeing his reaction to it.

Gemma shut the door and pressed her back against it as her mind raced. The string around Jack’s nuts began to twitch as the girls took a hold. Gemma rushed to kneel beside Jack. ‘Do you love me?’ she asked.

Jack nodded frantically and screamed, ‘Yes!’ through Judie’s underwear.

‘And did you really thought it was me you were having sex with?’

Again, Jack began to nod, but he was cut short when he was jerked abruptly backward and his nuts slammed into the door. He squealed desperately into the thong for Gemma to help him.

‘It’s okay,’ she said, ‘I’ve done this before, remember, and this time I have these.’ She produced the scissors and Jack instinctively panicked. He shook his head deliriously and screamed his throat raw, but Gemma just patted his head and stepped over her him.

‘Don’t worry,’ she said and there was a snip. Jack froze. ‘Oh, my...’ said Gemma, covering her mouth with a hand. ‘Jack, I think I just cut off one of your...’ Jack began to wretch. ‘Don’t worry,’ she continued, trying to sound upbeat, ‘you’ve still got one—’

His nuts disappeared under the door with a sickening crunch-squelch-pop followed by the sound of heavy, wet globs raining down onto the carpet outside and three girls simultaneously crying, ‘Ew!’ before bursting out into laughter.

Gemma bit her bottom lip and watched as a puddle of nut-butter began to seep under the door. Feeling a sudden pang of guilt, she tossed the scissors under the bed and then began to gingerly roll Jack out of the way of the door – whispering apologies all the while despite his unconsciousness.

With the doorway clear, Gemma sucked in a deep breath and then pulled the door open to enthuse, ‘That was amazing!’ Her friends didn’t hear the lie though – they were too busy rolling around in the remains of Jack’s testicles, laughing hysterically, whilst flicking the stuff over each other’s bodies. Even Judie, who was famously repulsed by cum, was rubbing sticky handfuls of it over Lilly’s fat tits.

Gemma smiled: maybe if Judie could get over her fear of spunk, she could get over Jack. Hell, she was going to give it a try. She pulled her nightie off over her head and, with a genuinely gleeful giggle, she jumped into the fray.