Hermione's New School

Hermione's New School

Contains fantasy ball-, tit- and cunt-busting, castration (many, some graphic) and big tit themes


Hermione sat on the broken down school bus with her arms folded tightly across her budding breasts.

‘I bet I finger the new girl first.’

‘No way - I’ll have her stink on my fingers before home time.’

A chill ran down her spine and she re-crossed her arms tighter over her tender young tits. It had been a month since she had been expelled from Hogwarts and a week since her appeal had been denied.

Her hearing had been one to remember; the five boys she was accused of castrating were there giving evidence; their testicles magically reparoed back on, but still walking extremely gingerly.

The evidence against her was all fairly circumstantial. She had been careful; none of the boys had actually seen her during the mass emasculation as they had all been stood side by side at the urinals with their back to their assailant. In the end, however, Hermione’s patience had snapped during one of the victim’s high-pitched accounts and with a cruel flick of her wand five pairs of gonads dropped from trouser legs and hit the floor for a second time. She was banished. Her wand confiscated and snapped in two before her eyes. Still, it didn’t matter, she thought. I have another. Moreover, she had liberated a page from a very special book of magic.

The crude boasting between two boys had now turned into a full-blown fight, which had spilled out into the aisle beside Hermione, who was tense with fury and primed to go off at any moment.

‘She’s mine!’ cried on boy and thrust his hand, middle finger outstretched, up toward her pussy, but Hermione’s fingers got their first and with a slick, wet sound she produced a short, stubby wand which she then pointed at the wrestling teens and growled ‘Do you know what you’re problem is?’

The two boys stopped grappling to take in the wondrous entirety of the leggy new girl as she stood over them, her nipples obnoxiously erect as the blood rushed back into her breasts. ‘Your problem is too much testosterone,’ Hermione furiously. ‘Too much by half, I should say, and there’s only one way to solve that!’ She snapped her wrist and yelled, ‘Testicular reducto!’

There was the sound of popping corn and the two boys stiffened suddenly before curling up beside each other their hand clutching delicately at their teenage scrotums. Still wielding the tiny wand, Hermione stepped over the mewling, writhing thugs and stormed down the aisle and off the bus onto the grass verge of the lay-by.

The driver was underneath the front of the uncooperative vehicle poking at it with a spanner.

‘Excuse me,’ Hermione said, announcing her presence.

The driver grunted an expletive and pulled himself from under the bus. His eyes lit up when he was met by a length of fine, bare leg and he pulled himself out further until Hermione had to step back for fear of him seeing the whole way up her skirt.

‘How much longer are you going to be?’ she asked tersely.

‘Dunno, sweetness,’ he said leering. ‘Maybe half an hour, maybe more. Say, could you bend over there get me that big shiny tool out of the box?’

Feeling sick to her stomach, Hermione bent at her knees as swiftly and unsexily as she could managed before tossing the large spanner toward him. He driver grunted unhappily and, catching the tool, growled sourly, ‘Get your arse back on the bus.’ With that, he disappeared underneath the vehicle once more.

Hermione shook with rage. Her first day at the new school and she had had her dignity tested twice before she had even arrived. The driver’s legs were sticking out from beneath the bus and his crotch was invitingly defenceless, so it took all of Hermione’s will not to pull down his zipper and ruin him on the spot. She knew she would never make it to school if the bus didn’t have a driver, but once they had arrived, well, that was a different story. She waved her wand and uttered, ‘Reparo.’ The bus immediately juddered into life and the driver emerged triumphant.

‘I though I told you to get your arse back on the bus!’ he yelled when he saw Hermione was still standing there.

‘Oh, I’m sorry Mister Driver, sir,’ she said with a filthy innocence. She picked up the toolbox and stepped closer, ignoring the alarm bells that rang in her head, until she was sure he could she the whole way up her skirt. ‘I just wanted to put your big tool in my box.’

The bus driver swallowed hard and to keep him that way for the length of the journey to school, Hermione sat, legs spread just wide enough, in the view of his mirror. So fixated on her young cunt was he, that he didn’t even notice the two boys still writhing in the aisle.


The bus pulled into its parking space behind the school and the students who could, rushed off the bus to whichever lesson they were now late, leaving the two, by now unconscious, boys, the bus driver and Hermione onboard.

With a confident smile, Hermione stood from her seat and walked toward the driver who was also smiling, not to mention sweating and straining through his trousers. When she simply marched past him and down the steps, he leapt from his seat and caught her shoulder forcefully. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ he growled.

Hermione turned around still smiling, her face now a crotch height. She ran her hands up the inside of his thighs, over his intimidating bulge and took hold of his zipper. ‘I just didn’t want to have to kneel,’ she explained, freeing his expectant cock and balls. She licked her lips. ‘I find sucking cock on my knees to be so degrading, don’t you think.’ The driver nodded blissfully, his eyelids were already flickering ecstatically as she took his loose-hanging balls in her hand and pulled them closer to her hot mouth.

‘These are impressive,’ she said honestly, her hot breath causing his nuts to tingle, ‘I imagine you’ll miss them terribly.’ The driver nodded blissfully once more, but a moment later, his eyelids ceased to flicker and opened wide with shocked realisation. Hermione had her finger on the exterior door control button and a huge grin on her beautiful young face. There was a sudden hydraulic hiss and the bus doors concertinaed close with a loud thud and a quieter squick of pinched flesh.

Rather than insert the wand back inside her cooch, Hermione had simply tucked it inside her waistband. Drawing it quickly, she aimed it at the trapped plums and yelled, ‘Petrificus Totalis!’ The immobilising spell zapped his nuts and travelled up his nipped cords to the rest of his body.

The driver’s scrabbling arms snapped immediately to his sides and his legs together. He stood there for a moment stock-still and powerless to move, yet the pain from his balls continued to assault his brain. His eyes filled with a sudden terror as he felt himself begin to fall slowly, unavoidably backward; his trapped balls the only reason he wasn’t already on his back. His sack went taut and on the other side of the doors his eggs turned white as his sack was pulled tight around them making explicitly clear their exact size and shape. Hermione watched with fascination the webs of veins as they stretched and begin to throb. Eventually the driver’s fall slowed to nothing. He was leaning motionlessly at 45 degrees with his scrotum an impressive foot long and was in more pain than he had ever imagined possible.

Fighting the natural urge to go cross-eyes, he looked through the smeared Perspex doors and saw that the young girl was apparently having a change of heart. She lowered whatever weapon she had frozen him with and gently slid it up her skirt, her brow creasing and her bottom lip bitten with stifled pleasure as she did. Though in ball-wrenching agony, and not to mention under a total paralysis spell, the driver’s dick twitched instinctively.

Once the weapon was safely stowed within her folds, the beautiful teen then reached for the button that would open the doors and free his captive manhood. The driver was sighing with relief when he noticed she had reached beyond the button – to the compartment beside the doors where he kept his toolbox.

‘Who needs magic?’ Hermione asked herself as she lifted the weighty spanner and lined up her swing. There was a sickening double POP! and the driver’s emptied scrotum snapped back into his groin. He hit the floor frozen like a statue and remained that way long after the Petrificus Totalis spell had worn off.


As she walked away, sticky with sweat and nut-butter, Hermione mused about how much messier the manual method was than the magical, but decided at once that she preferred it considerably.


Not knowing where she should be or by when, Hermione walked the campus with little urgency. She rounded the school’s bike shed to find a pair of students her age fooling around.

‘No wait,’ said the girl, as he unbuttoned her shirt. ‘There’s someone watching.’ The boy turned around to see Hermione.

‘Wow,’ he said approvingly. ‘She can watch.’ He pulled away from the girl to look at Hermione straight on. ‘She can join in if she wants.’

‘Terry!’ the girl gasped in disbelief.

‘Shut up, Danielle. She wants to, don’t you sexy? Why don’t you bring those amazing legs over here and show me what’s between them?’

‘In your dreams,’ Hermione growled, her fists clenching.

‘Fuck you then. Who wants you? Titless little bitch. You wanna see what tits should look like?’ he asked turning back to Danielle. ‘Get your baps out for this titless bitch.’ Hermione was horrified – she’d never heard such an order, yet at the same time she was also voyeuristically curious – she had never a pair of jugs so big on anyone her own age.

‘Terry, no,’ Danielle pleaded quietly.

‘Shut up, slut and get them out!’ he ordered, grabbing her lapels.

‘Please don’t…’ But he ignored her, ripping her shirt wide open.

‘Hey, Terry!’ yelled Hermione, her conscience winning over her voyeuristic nature a moment too late. ‘You want to see what’s between my legs?’ On hearing this Terry couldn’t help but turn back to face her and he was treated to the sight of her nimble fingers being inserted deep inside herself.

‘You slut,’ he gasped as she then withdrew a stubby piece of wood from her tight hole.

‘Here. Now, let’s see what you’ve got,’ said Hermione aiming the wand at his crotch. ‘Accio!’

Terry’s trousers tore clear off his body leaving him naked from the waist down. His cock had barely flopped back down before Hermione followed up with: ‘Testicular Leviosa!’ and Terry was hoisted off the ground by his scrotum.

Danielle’s face was frozen with horror, but as the seconds passed, Hermione noticed her nipples begin to strain at the flimsy cotton of her shirt. Finally, after a minute watching her obnoxious lover hang powerlessly from the organs he had emptied into her mouth and cunt and onto her face and tits many times, she burst into uncontrollable laughter. Hermione was relieved; she had never had to ‘deal’ with a girl before. She wouldn’t have known what to do if the girlfriend had run off to get help.

‘Why do you go out with this dick?’ enquired Hermione. ‘I mean his balls are pretty impressive, but still…’

‘Oh I don’t go out with him,’ said Danielle, through the laughter. ‘I suck him off more than most, but that’s all. And those balls aren’t that impressive – there are plenty bigger.’ Hermione was astounded at her depraved admission, but intrigued.

‘So you’ve seen a lot of balls?’

‘Definitely, although I don’t pay them much attention – I just tend to notice the weight of them on my chin.’

‘Wow,’ Hermione said. ‘You are a slut.’

‘I try,’ said Danielle proudly. She motioned to Terry, still hanging in midair, his legs kicking less and less as he slipped into unconsciousness. ‘Can I spin him around when he’s like that?’ Hermione grinned broadly.

‘Sure. In fact, I insist.’

Danielle skipped happily over to Terry and grabbed his head roughly to look him in the eye. ‘Hey, Terry. Focus,’ she coaxed, opening her shirt provocatively with one hand. ‘You wanted me to get these out right?’ Hermione swallowed hard as Danielle’s big, round tits were let loose. ‘Well here they are,’ she continued, and then proceeded to spin Terry around on his scrotum. As he reached a full, cord-twisting rotation, Danielle swung her jugs and hit him in the head with all the force her double-Es could supply, speeding his revolution considerably.

As Hermione watched Danielle continue to slap and spin Terry with her heavy melons, she experienced a strong sensation in her pussy. She was aware, more than ever, of the sensation of arousal. Every fantastic nerve impulse her sweet, young cunt gave out seemed to be amplified to the point where she could feel, actually consciously perceive, the sticky sensation of her slick lips parting.

As she watched Danielle tit-spin Terry’s stretched and twisted nut-sack closer and closer to the point of snapping, Hermione felt something deeper begin to grow. At first she thought she was about to come, but the emotion rising to the surface was much darker and soon she was filled with overwhelming rage.

She was jealous.

Hermione just about filled a B-cup; she felt a little bouncing when running down stairs and her chest drew some attention, but only on cold days; she had never spilled out of a top and had never got a man to do her bidding by flaunting her cleavage, in fact, Hermione had never experienced the tit-related joys she so desperately longed for.

Danielle on the other hand, would have been fighting boys off with her tits – if she didn’t instead stick their dicks between them.

As Hermione watched Danielle shriek with girlish glee at Terry’s massive, purple throbbers, she slowly raised the wand and levelled it at her beautiful, unbearable tits.

Rounding the corner, appeared a teacher…

Miss Ault

‘Balls!’ shrieked Danielle spotting the young, female teacher, whose subject, it appeared from her tiny shorts and sports-bra-restrained-rack, was PE.

Hermione snapped out of the furious, tit-centric trance she was in and broke the spell suspending Terry from his baby-makers abruptly. He crashed heavily to the ground with the SMACK! of bare arse hitting concrete followed shortly by the squick of soft nuts doing the same.

‘What’s going on here?’ asked the teacher, having only seen Terry fall to earth, his massively stretched and swollen scrotum flapping after him. She raced over. ‘Oh, my,’ she said, putting a hand over her mouth to suppress the giggle that came involuntarily at the sight of Terry’s wrecked junk. It reminded her of a prize she had received at a hen night the previous weekend – a big, red balloon cock and balls. When she had woken up the next morning she found the cock and sack withered, but the nuts remained defiantly bloated. They hadn’t stayed that way for long though and she couldn’t help but chuckle aloud when she recalled popping the pair in her stilettos. She collected herself quickly. The boy was still conscious and in unimaginable amounts of pain.

‘What happened to him?’ the teacher asked.

‘Nothing, Miss Ault!’ said Danielle, tucking away her flushed breasts.

‘Nothing? It doesn’t look like nothing!’

‘I can explain,’ started Hermione desperately.

‘It looks like this pervert exposed himself to you.’

Hermione was speechless. Danielle too remained silently staring at the teacher, who finally let on what she was doing with a playful wink.

‘Oh, that’s right,’ said Hermione. ‘He flashed us his cock.’

‘Animal. Just what I’ve come to expect from you, Terry. Always posturing like you’re Mister Big,’ she looked down purposefully at his pain-shrivelled prick, ‘I always knew you were overcompensating.’ Pointing generally at his distorted and distended danglers, she asked, ‘And what happened to these?’ and to her genuine surprise, Terry answered.

‘She lifted me by my balls,’ he squeaked as if on a lung-full of helium. Miss Ault frowned and looked Hermione’s slim frame up and down doubtfully. She rolled her eyes and sighed theatrically.

‘If that’s your story then I suppose we’d better check that they’re still both attached.’ She looked at the two girls and added with a smile, ‘Can you two give me a hand?’

The three women knelt down to attend to Terry’s plums.

‘How can we help?’ asked Hermione, getting into the swing of things.

‘There’s only one way to check that a bollock’s still attached,’ she answered matter-of-factly. ‘You take the left one and Danielle takes the right and then you both squeeze, I’ll watch for a reaction.’

Hermione snatched up Terry’s swollen left nut, by now the size of a small grapefruit, and rolled it in her hands greedily. Danielle took the right nut with similar enthusiasm, weighing it in wonderment. ‘It’s heavier than my tit!’ she exclaimed with a gasp.

‘Okay, girls,’ said Miss Ault. ‘Squeeze.’ The girls didn’t need telling twice. Terry bolted immediately upright as the two teens sunk their thumbs deep into his nut-meat.

Hermione took the chance to work off her feelings of inferiority on Terry’s lovely soft nut; she had never felt one so swollen before. It had lost all the hard, rubberiness that a normal nut had and it now felt like a water balloon that had been massively over-filled.

‘Okay, girls,’ said Miss Ault, ending their fun only moments before it would have been complete. Both girls stopped increasing pressure, but lingered as long as possible before releasing hold abruptly.

While the crushing had been painful and the stretching gut-wrenching, it wasn’t until the blood rushed back into his nuts and awakened his nerve endings that Terry felt true, blinding ball-agony. His high-pitched screams trailed off to silence, his eyes rolled inwards and every muscle in his body tensed so stiff that he appeared to have been frozen.

‘I think they’re still attached,’ said Miss Ault, standing.

‘Shame,’ said Hermione standing also. Danielle seemed less willing to stop. She still gripped Terry’s right nut tightly.

‘Danielle,’ warned Miss Ault.

‘Just one,’ pleaded Danielle looking up at the PE teacher. Miss Ault paused and thought it over for a second.

‘What did he do to deserve it?’

‘Made me show my boobs to…’ Hermione introduced herself. ‘Yeah, Hermione.’

Miss Ault shrugged. ‘Well, you do that a lot yourself, Danielle, but I suppose…just one.’ Danielle giggled with glee and Hermione swore she would have clapped if she weren’t still gripping Terry’s right nut.

‘Right,’ said Danielle, preparing herself. She adjusted her grip on the nut and, with her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, she concentrated completely on crushing it. Slowly at first, she started to reapply pressure and gradually the nut began to cave, but as she squeezed the nut to near breaking point, she began to lose her hold. The fat, squishy nut squirmed for its life.

‘I can’t…’ she started to whine, her concentration turning to despair as it became apparent she was losing control. ‘It’s too slippery.’ As the words left her mouth, the nut slipped almost entirely out of her hands; only the nut’s bottom curve didn’t escape and bore the full weight of Danielle’s powerful pinch. There was a meagre, muffled squelch and the nut deflated in a lazy anticlimax. Danielle watched, disappointed, as did Hermione and Miss Ault. Even Terry seemed to be disappointed his fat nut had gone out so lamely.

‘That would have been a guaranteed orgasmic pop,’ whispered Miss Ault.

‘If she hadn’t have messed it up,’ Hermione quietly agreed.


Danielle looked up at them distraught. ‘What did I do wrong?’ she asked. ‘They never go like that in the movies. Where was the pop?’ Miss Ault patted her on the shoulder comfortingly. She looked at Hermione rolled her eyes.

‘There, there. It’s okay, Danielle. Maybe you should stick to getting you tits out,’ she suggested. Danielle stood sadly and Hermione, feeling sorry for the girl, put her arm around her and gave her a squeeze.

‘What do we do with him?’ Hermione asked as she surveyed the wreckage. Terry, like his nut had deflated to nothing. He lay sprawled out on the concrete limp and lifeless.

‘Leave him there.’ Miss Ault shrugged. ‘He’ll get up when he’s ready.’ Hermione shrugged impassively and the three women began to walk away. As the left behind the tragic scene, Miss Ault finally asked, ‘How exactly did you lift him?’


‘No, seriously, because there’s this other teacher that I’d love to do the same thing to.’ Hermione stopped abruptly.

‘Tell you what,’ she said, a plan forming. ‘I’ll make you a deal: I’ll help you ruin this teacher without any consequences for you, but you have to help me.’

‘Anything,’ Miss Ault said excitedly.

‘I need to find out who the boys with the biggest and smallest balls are.’

Miss Ault looked puzzled.

‘Surely you can just ask Danielle here,’ she said. ‘She’s given them all blowjobs.’

Hermione, slightly perturbed that a teacher knew and did nothing, explained, ‘She can’t tell me for sure.’

‘They’re hard to see with a dick in my mouth,’ Danielle chimed.

‘Okay…’ Miss Ault said perturbed. ‘But how am I meant to find that out?’

‘You’re a PE teacher,’ said Hermione with an impish grin. ‘Don’t tell me you never take a peek at the boys in the showers?’ Miss Ault blushed and couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. Hermione raised her eyebrow.

‘Okay, I look,’ Miss Ault confessed. She turned bright red and giggled uncomfortably. ‘But I can’t say I pay attention to the size of their balls. And it’s really hard to compare them while they’re soaping up their schlongs…I just don’t know how I could check them all out, Hermione.’

‘I’ve got an idea,’ said Danielle with a devious smile. ‘But first you’ll have to soften them up a little…’

Finding the Biggest Balls

‘Right boys and girls,’ announced Miss Ault as her class stood before her in swimwear, ‘Today we’re going to find out who’s the best at doing star jumps off the diving board.’

The class looked at one another puzzled, neither sex relishing the thought of falling spread-eagled into the water, but each for very different reasons.

First up was a girl; slim, modest breasts and wearing a one piece. The rest of the class watched as she began to bounce. Though slight, her tit movement caused stirring among the boys, but it wasn’t until she leapt off the board that there was obvious tenting; legs spread wide, the girl fell through the air displaying such A-grade camel toe that she may as well have painted the swimsuit on.

Next up a boy; sporting his own springy plank, he waddled self-consciously to the end of the board and jumped, throwing his legs out wide. The impact of the water on his exposed plums was, to say the least, unexpected. Miss Ault began to worry when he didn’t come up for several seconds, but when he finally did, gasping, ‘My balls!’ it gave the girls a reason to continue without argument; for every camel toe, nipple slip and lost bikini top, there followed a progressively more devastating ball-bust, until by the end of the lesson the girls had lost all inhibition and the boys had lost all use of their legs.

Back in the boys’ shower room, Miss Ault innocently assessed the damage while Hermione and Danielle watched from inside a cubicle.

‘Now boys,’ said Miss Ault gravely, ‘I have some worrying news to tell you.’ The boys, all hunched over and nauseous with ball-pain, listened as best they could above each other’s piteous groans.

‘It seems that one of the school’s more…promiscuous of students, Danielle Lancashire, has been diagnosed with a nasty case of gingivitis. As I’m sure you know, if infected saliva comes into contact with the genitals, it could leave you painfully infertile…and I’m noticing a few of you walking funny.’ The boys looked at one another anxiously. ‘Before I ask you all this question, I must stress that whatever you tell me will go no further than this room…Have any of you received oral sex from Danielle?’

‘What if we have?’ asked a panicked boy. ‘What does it do?’

‘Maybe nothing,’ said Miss Ault. ‘Have you noticed any tenderness or sensitivity in you testicles lately?’ As she asked this question she could barely keep a straight face.

‘My balls are killing me!’

‘Mine too.’

‘Oh, my,’ said Miss Ault acting aghast. ‘It’s worse than I thought. All you boys line up and let me take a look at you before it’s too late!’ The boys quickly shuffled into a line.

‘Are my balls going to be okay?’ sobbed one boy, pulling down his trunks to reveal his throbbing, pink nuts, and prompting the other emotional teens to expose themselves.

‘Oh, my…’ Miss Ault repeated, scanning the parade of gonads that ranged from impressive to amusing. Then, gasping, she said to herself, ‘We have a winner.’

She marched over to the boy with the biggest nuts, the size of lemons, and bent down to take a closer look. ‘How long have they been this big?’ she asked him.

‘A few years,’ he sobbed. ‘Are they going to be all right, Miss?’

‘Let me check.’

She took a hold of each nut and rolled the tender orbs in her hand with no particular kindness. He grunted and groaned above her. Miss Ault turned to look back at the cubicle in which Hermione and Danielle were hid. She gave then the thumbs up.

‘Brian, I’ll need you to go to my office.’

He nodded tearfully and started to pull up his shorts.

‘You can leave those here; I’m not done examining you yet.’

Scared and confused, Brian slipped out of his shorts and waddled, butt-naked, into Miss Ault’s adjoining office. ‘The rest of you,’ Miss Ault announced, ‘should be fine, although I will need to check you out regularly to make sure you aren’t showing symptoms.’

‘What are the symptoms?’ asked one slightly more alert student.

‘Did you see the size of his balls?’ she asked. He nodded. ‘Do you think that’s normal?’


After the other boys had gotten dressed and left the changing rooms, Miss Ault beckoned Hermione and Danielle out of their cubicle.

‘That worked like a dream, Danielle!’ she exclaimed. The busty brunette glowed with pride. Miss Ault turned to Hermione and said apologetically, ‘I found the biggest balls, but I’m sure there are smaller out there.’

‘It’s okay.’ Hermione shrugged happily. ‘I can only take one at a time.’ Miss Ault nodded.

‘So what’s the plan?’

‘I just told you – I take one of his nuts.’

Miss Ault looked flustered. ‘And by take you mean…’

‘Take; acquire; steal. I need it for a spell.’

‘A magic spell,’ Miss Ault said incredulously.

‘Yep. It’s on this page I’ve got.’ She produced an ancient piece of parchment from her waistband. ‘I tore it out of a powerful magic book. All I need is the one of the school’s biggest nuts and one of the smallest and then, after I do the spell, all the ones in-between will be under my power. I’ll be able to tell any boy do whatever I want and if he doesn’t do it I’ll give him the most intense ball-pain he’s ever felt without even touching him.’

‘Cool!’ exclaimed Danielle.

Miss Ault rolled her eyes. ‘You can’t do magic, Hermione,’ she said with a sigh.

‘Yes she can!’ Danielle insisted. ‘I saw her lift Terry with one flick of her wand!’

‘Oh, you’ve got a wand now.’

Miss Ault was sounding increasingly sceptical. Hermione recognised this and withdrew the tiny stub of wood. ‘Holy shit!’ Miss Ault gasped. ‘I know I’ve hidden things up there before, but that thing looks gross!’

Ignoring her revulsion, Hermione aimed the wand at Miss Ault’s ample chest and said, ‘Accio!’ The teacher’s sturdy sports bra simply exploded off her and the massively compressed volume of her tits was released dramatically. Her expanding tit-meat rippled outward until gravity caught up with the fleshy orbs and they bounced and tugged her after them. She caught her balance and quickly hugged her bare baps. Looking up at Hermione in astonishment, she struggled for a reasonable explanation: ‘M-my tits are always falling out.’

Hermione then rolled her eyes and levelled the wand down at the teacher’s shorts.

‘No! Wait!’ cried Miss Ault, releasing her tits to instead cover her pussy. ‘These are my only shorts.’ Hermione relented.

‘So you believe me?’

‘I guess.’ She took a breath and reasoned, ‘I suppose not even my tits could burst out of a sports bra like that, and it would explain how you lifted 10-stone of idiot by his balls.’

Danielle clapped her hands excitedly. ‘So do we get to go take one of Brian’s nuts?’ she begged.

‘I don’t know,’ Miss Ault said, once again covering her tits. ‘The spell sounds fun, but taking a boy’s nut. I’ve never done that before and I’m not sure if I can allow it.’

‘He’ll get it back,’ Hermione insisted, and to illustrate she turned to the ruined sports bra that was lying on the floor behind her. ‘Reparo!’ she ordered, and the bra flew toward Miss Ault, wrapped around her chest and began to constrict her tits back into an unmoving mass.

‘Holy shit,’ she said again, as the garment’s torn edges joined together. ‘That’s amaz…’ she trailed off, suddenly noticing the bra had restored itself backwards, and that, while they did hold her tits snugly, the criss-crossed back straps did little to hide her nipples, which were pushed together and squeezed out of the middle opening. ‘Huh.’

Hermione bit her lip with mild embarrassment. ‘Would he really notice his nut was the wrong way around?’ she asked. Miss Ault raised an eyebrow, clearly unimpressed.

‘You can have the nut,’ she said. ‘But first I want you to perform your end of the bargain.’

‘But he’s right there,’ Hermione said pointing to Miss Ault’s office.

‘And he will be when we get back,’ Miss Ault promised, before marching into the room. Danielle’s forehead creased.

‘How is she going to keep him there?’ she asked, only to have her question answered promptly, when a shrill scream came from the office followed by a thud. Miss Ault came out brushing her hands.

‘He won’t be going anywhere for a while so let’s go.’

Mr. Richards

‘He’s in this class, Hermione,’ said Miss Ault, stopping outside the door to the history class. ‘He’s the dirtiest bastard I’ve ever met. Just look at him now!’ She pointed though the glass. Hermione looked in to see a girl who had apparently misbehaved, standing with her face to the wall beside the teacher’s desk.

‘He makes them stand there when they’ve been “naughty”.’

The teacher himself appeared to be concentrating on something on the floor beneath her. ‘I can’t see anything unusual,’ Hermione declared after a while, then a square of light flashed up the girl’s leg and disappeared under her skirt. ‘Wait. What was that?’

‘He has this little mirror on a stick that he holds underneath them…’

‘To see up their skirts,’ said Hermione, finishing Miss Ault’s sentence with a gasp. Miss Ault nodded slowly.

‘At the Christmas party he tried it on me.’ She faltered and then carried on sounding on the verge of tears, ‘And I wasn’t wearing any knickers.’ She hung her head, closed her eyes and finished in a whisper, ‘He saw right up my slit.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Hermione growled. ‘He won’t be feeling the urge to perv after you take his nuts.’ This seemed to cheer Miss Ault; she fixed her stare on Mr. Richards’ tented crotch and nodded with a grim smile.

‘Just follow my lead,’ she said and then opened the classroom door and stepped in.

‘Mr. Richards,’ she said loudly, scaring him into dropping his mirror contraption. ‘I have a new girl for you.’ She took Hermione’s arm led her in.

Hermione felt Mr. Richards’ lecherous stare on her the moment she entered the room.

‘Well, hello, new girl,’ he said in a way that made Hermione shiver with revulsion. ‘Please come in and introduce yourself.’

‘I’ll be waiting in the supply cupboard,’ whispered Miss Ault to Hermione before leaving. Hermione nodded and with Mr. Richards’ stare lingering on her smooth, milky thighs, she walked over to his desk.

‘What’s your name, new girl?’ he asked.

‘Hermione,’ she said, trying to disguise her discomfort with a smile.

‘Well, hello, Hermione. Why don’t you take seat and I’ll introduce you to my subject?’

Hermione nodded compliantly and sat herself down at the front. Mr. Richards picked up come chalk and stood at the blackboard. “History”, he wrote extravagantly before turning back to the class to deliver a pompous, self-aggrandising monologue about how important his subject was. Hermione allowed herself a faint smile as she read the word.

Wingardium Leviosa,’ she whispered, and behind Mr. Richards, a piece of chalk levitated and above the word “History”, it scribbled: “Your balls are”. The class gasped as one. Mr. Richards stopped his speech and raised an eyebrow. ‘What is it?’ he demanded. He eyed them suspiciously. Hermione held her wand like a pen so he wouldn’t notice it, but still she cast magic and the class began to giggle; she had turned her attention to Mr. Richards’ flies and the zipper was now descending silently.

‘Quiet!’ Mr. Richards ordered. Hermione popped the button of his boxer shorts and suddenly the class was hysterical with laughter. ‘What? What is it?’ he demanded desperately, unaware that his loose balls were now hanging in the breeze for all the class to see.

‘That’s it!’ he yelled finally. He turned to pick up his stack of detention slips and caught sight of the writing on the board. ‘What the…who…who wrote this?’ he stammered, scanning the roaring class with alarm. He then looked sharply at the ‘naughty’ girl in the corner who was also giggling uncontrollably. ‘This was you wasn’t it?’

He stepped towards her aggressively, but no sooner had he done so than the chalkboard eraser picked itself up and rocketed across the classroom to strike his exposed nuts in a dusty explosion. The class whooped as their stunned teacher staggered back into the blackboard and let out a straggled yelp. Then, in front of his raucous class, Mr. Richards slowly, pathetically reached down to clutch his chalky nut-sack.

While boys were enjoying the spectacle, it was clear the girls of the class were getting a special kind of pleasure from witnessing it.

Before Mr. Richards could sink to his knees and refuse to get up, Hermione ensured he would hold up her end of the bargain with Miss Ault; she accioed his trousers clean off and yelled to the rest of girls, ‘Let’s get him!’

Summoning what strength his ball-pain hadn’t sapped, Mr. Richards dashed for the exit and made it, but only just. The bloodthirsty crowd of teen girls was hot on his tail and he knew he couldn’t outrun them in his weakened, hobbling state so instead he ducked into the nearest lockable room – the supply cupboard.

Inside the dark closet, he listened with his ear pressed against the door as the first of the girls poured out of the room to find him gone. Their dismay and confusion made him chuckle. ‘Dumb bitches,’ he said to himself, only to feel something cold and hard press firmly against the back of his scrotum.

‘We’re not as dumb as you think…’ said Miss Ault, holding the stapler steady against his fat left nugget. ‘…but we are bitches.’

Hermione, herself pressed against the supply room door, heard the snap and subsequent scream, and knew that Miss Ault would be able to take care of herself.

‘He’s not in here,’ she said to throw the other girls off the scent and then she replaced the wand inside her cooch and went in search of Danielle.


Danielle had gone to change into her spare school shirt as not a single button remained on the one she was wearing. Hermione had forgotten to ask where she would be once she had delivered Mr. Richards’ balls to their well deserved fate.

Turning another identical corner, Hermione unexpectedly caught sight of a familiar face. She recognised the attractive girl with the raven black hair, but could not bring herself to believe it was true. It was only when the girl met her eye and screwed her cute, innocent face in a scowl that Hermione accepted that it was Cho.

Cho marched toward her, her beautiful Oriental eyes narrowed wrathfully. Hermione felt the urge to back away, but caught herself immediately. The two hadn’t liked each other back at Hogwarts; they had exchanged bitter insults and badmouthed each other at every given opportunity, but Hermione could not understand Cho’s present apparent rage. Still she was going to beat Cho to the punch:

‘Well if it isn’t the Shaven-Whore of Ravenclaw.’

‘I wax actually,’ Cho shot back, ‘and if those bushy eyebrows are anything to go by then so should you.’

Hermione gasped in outrage; she had been bested. ‘My eyebrows aren’t bushy and neither is my…’ She could not bring herself to say the word.

‘Prim and proper as ever, not to mention uptight. It’s a wonder you unclench long enough to stick that wand up your cunt.’

She knows about the wand, thought Hermione in a panic. She considered going for it then and there, but she knew Cho might be bluffing. The only way to have sneaked a wand out of Hogwarts would have been inside her…but how did Cho know she had a wand in the first place.

‘I saw your handiwork,’ said Cho, seemingly reading Hermione’s mind. ‘Behind the bike shed; a boy hung by his balls, or what was left of them, – that’s the kind of priceless agony that has your name all over it, Hermione. And I know there’s only one way you managed that.’

There was a long, tense silence before Hermione asked, ‘What are you doing here, Cho?’

‘Got expelled if you must know. And all because I got caught by Dumblefuck following your advice.’

My advice?’ asked Hermione baffled, her faultless brow creasing adorably.

‘With Harry.’

‘You did it with Harry?’ Hermione squeaked with excitement and resisted the urge to clap.

‘If by “did it” you mean fuck, then no. But if by “did it” you mean crush the spineless bastard’s balls then yes.’

‘You crushed Harry’s…balls?’ Hermione was devastated by the news of her friend’s no doubt agonising castration, but at the same time a powerful curiosity was piqued and her pussy and nipples tingled as she enquired, ‘How?’ Wanting desperately to add ‘be graphic’.

‘I’m not telling you, you sick pervert. I know you get off on it and you don’t want get wet and have your wand come slipping out now do you?’

‘I do not get off on it!’ Hermione lied admirably. ‘Poor Harry,’ she said quietly.

‘Poor me,’ snapped Cho ‘That pussy didn’t deserve balls – he never used them. I gave him every chance to do me, I even accioed my own skirt up in front of him once, gave him a great flash of cunt and he just ran off trying to cover his boner! That Ron Weasley took more interest.’

‘Leave Ron out of this!’ cried Hermione, next to tears.

‘Oh, yeah. I forgot you had a soft spot for that freak. I should have popped his ginger nuts while I was at it.’

‘That’s it!’ Hermione roared, her hand reaching instantly up her skirt.

‘Oh, no you don’t!’ Cho spat, grabbing Hermione’s shoulders and bringing her knee up in-between her supple thighs. Hermione’s hand was mashed into her pussy and her probing fingers pushed the wand deeper insider herself than it, and anything else, had ever gone before.

There was blood.

‘Oh,’ said Cho, surprised, but unperturbed. ‘Guess I just popped you cherry.’ She smiled and let Hermione sink to her knees. Hermione began to sob.

‘I’ll have that wand, bitch. I don’t care if I have to reach up inside your minge and take it myself.’ With that and a mean giggle she left Hermione to clutch at a pain she couldn’t reach.


When Danielle found her, she was sitting behind the bike shed where they had first met sobbing beside Terry’s unconscious form.

‘What’s the matter?’ asked Danielle, horrified that the strong girl she had met hours prior now looked so helpless.

‘I can’t reach it.’ Hermione wept.

‘Can’t reach what?’

‘The wand,’ she explained. ‘It’s too far up.’ Danielle suddenly realised what she meant.

‘Oh, don’t worry,’ said Danielle comfortingly. ‘It’s never too far up when you’ve got a friend with long, flexible fingers.’ She waved her own at Hermione one by one and Hermione seemed to cheer.

‘You’d do that; stick your fingers up me? You hardly now me.’

‘I’m a slut remember,’ said Danielle with a wink. She wet two fingers in her mouth and then expertly found Hermione’s slit with the slick digits. Hermione grabbed her arm at once.

Danielle assumed it was to stop her, but instead Hermione said, ‘Thank you,’ before letting Danielle’s arm go free to work its magic.

‘You’re welcome,’ said Danielle with a smile and then Hermione threw her head back and gasped.

Taking the Smallest Ball

‘I’ll lose things up there more often,’ said Hermione breathlessly, when Danielle finally withdrew the wand from her dripping quim. With a proud grin, Danielle handed over the wand and then sucked each finger clean, revelling in the taste of Hermione’s young pussy.

‘I had a think about who might have the smallest balls while you were gone,’ said Danielle, still licking her lips.

‘Oh, yes,’ said Hermione, wiping her glistening brow. ‘Have you got a candidate?’


Danielle pushed open the doors to the library. Hermione followed her in, her walking slightly pained.

‘His name’s Melvin; he’ll be in here somewhere. We should split up though – this place is massive.’

‘But I don’t even know who I’m looking for.’

‘Just keep your eye out for the world’s biggest geek.’

‘This is a school library,’ Hermione said plainly. ‘It’ll be full of geeks.’

‘Believe me, Hermione,’ she said walking away, ‘you’ll know him when you see him.’ Hermione huffed and limped off in the opposite direction.

She stumbled eventually into the library’s internet access zone: twelve aged PCs all overlooked by a hawk-eyed librarian scanning screens relentlessly for unacceptable content. And there, at the middle machine, was the biggest geek Hermione had ever seen playing some kind of video game.

‘Damn it,’ cursed Hermione, knowing she would have to get him to follow her somewhere more private. She composed herself; tidying her hair, rubbing some colour into her cheeks and pinching her nipples to maximum pointiness. All done, she walked over to him as sexily as she could her tender hole would allow.

‘Hello,’ she said sweetly. She held her wrists behind her back to make her modest chest as obvious as possible. He completely ignored her, clicking frantically on his mouse, oblivious to outthrust her tits.

Hermione was knocked back by his lack of attention to her bullet-like nipples, which were straining the fabric of her flimsy shirt incredibly. She changed tact. Unbuttoning her shirt down to her solar plexus, she leaned in close to whisper seductively, ‘Hey there, Melvin, want some fun?’

‘Having fun,’ said Melvin. ‘Go away.’

Hermione snapped upright and growled angrily. She glanced quickly over her shoulder to see the librarian taking a sip of coffee. Seizing her chance, Hermione undid the last few buttons of her shirt and whipped it wide open before pulling up her bra. ‘Look at my tits, Melvin,’ she commanded, but still the uber-geek managed to ignore her perky, milk-white mounds and their engorged, red nubs. She pulled her shirt close and stormed off behind a bookcase to cry, but before she could release her emotion, Danielle tapped her on the shoulder.

‘Hi. Did you find him?’

Hermione cleared her throat. ‘He’s over there, but I can’t get his eyes off the computer.’ Danielle squinted at the screen and nodded.

‘Ah, he’s playing WOW. And look at that…’ Hermione examined the screen. He was playing as an extremely buxom elf. ‘No wonder you couldn’t get his attention,’ said Danielle, inadvertently motioning to Hermione’s breasts. ‘Only someone with level 34 double-D chest armour or higher can.’ She lifted her own tits proudly. ‘Luckily I levelled up to a 34 double-E.’

She strolled over to Melvin and leaned over him, resting a soft, heavy tit on his shoulder. Immediately, he stopped clicking at his mouse. Hermione watched with burning envy as Danielle coaxed the geek away from his computer with ease and lead him behind a distant bookshelf. As Melvin stepped behind, Danielle beckoned Hermione over with bristling enthusiasm.

Hermione angrily buttoned her shirt and stomped after her.


‘I want to see what he’s got,’ Hermione said sternly.

Danielle hadn’t noticed Hermione’s sudden coldness towards her; she was too busy anticipating what would happen next. She said to Melvin, ‘Show us your balls.’

‘What?’ Melvin said in a horrified gasp.

‘Show us your balls, Melvin!’

‘But— ’

‘Not your butt, Melvin, your balls. You know the little things you’ve got hanging below your baby dick.’

‘Do as you’re told!’ yelled Hermione, causing Melvin to jump. He nodded submissively and slowly reached for his flies, but there his hand paused. Hermione slapped his face.

Do it!

Danielle looked at her shocked. Hermione simply shrugged and gestured to Melvin’s ball-bag, which he had hurriedly exposed.

‘Wow,’ Danielle gasped on sight of the empty-looking sack. ‘Is there anything in there?’ Hermione grabbed the wrinkled pouch and squeezed, causing Melvin to tense and squeal girlishly.

‘On, yeah – there’s something in there,’ she said with a mean grin. ‘They’re just microscopic. Tell me, Melvin: with balls this pathetic, what gives you the right to ignore my tits just because they’re…not as big as some people’s?’

Danielle suddenly realised why Hermione’s mood had darkened so significantly. ‘You’re tits are amazing,’ she assured Hermione. ‘I wish my nipples were as expressive as yours – mine never get hard enough to notice.’

‘Yeah, well,’ said Hermione, her voice cracking, but her grip still firm on Melvin’s tiny nuts, ‘you don’t need hard nipples for people to notice you exist.’ Danielle was suddenly overcome with compassion; she threw her arms around Hermione from behind and hugged her tightly.

‘I notice you,’ she said softly, whilst undoing the buttons of Hermione’s shirt.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Hermione, as Danielle pulled open her shirt and tugged up her bra to expose her modest set.

‘He’s going to take notice you as well,’ she explained, and Hermione smiled. ‘They always pay attention to the girl that’s got them by the balls.’

It was true, Melvin’s eyes, fear-filled and teary, were none-the-less locked onto Hermione’s proudly bared tits.

‘Oh, so now I’ve got your attention,’ said Hermione. She looked at Danielle. ‘Get his cock out.’ Danielle frowned back questioningly, but obliged, reaching into Melvin’s unzipped flies to grip his bell-end and tug it out into the open.

‘Fatter than I expected,’ Hermione commented and added callously, ‘Still short though.’

‘Wait,’ said Danielle, reaching further inside his trousers, ‘There’s more.’ And she reeled out another four inches of meat and then another tug freed the last few inches. Both girls gasped.

‘Fuck, Melvin, you are a dark horse,’ said Danielle in disbelief.

‘He’s certainly hung like one,’ added Hermione, unable to take her eyes off the snake-like schlong.

‘Danielle,’ she said after a few silent moments of taking in the spectacle, ‘this has given me an idea.’

‘What’s that?’ asked Danielle, entranced.

‘Before I work my magic, I need you to work yours.’

Danielle eyed her quizzically for a second, before asking, ‘Why?’

‘You’ll see,’ Hermione assured her, so the brunette shrugged and happily got down to what she did best.


‘It almost seems cruel taking one so small,’ said Danielle holding the cherry-size gonad to her eye.

‘Put it away, Danielle,’ Hermione said, as they walked toward the gym to meet Miss Ault and claim the last part of their deal.

‘I thought they’d be pinker,’ continued Danielle rolling the stolen nut between her thumb and forefinger.

‘Danielle,’ Hermione said insistently, but it was too late. The school’s headmistress stepped out of a classroom and said:

‘Stop right there, you two.’ The pair froze. ‘What’s that you’ve got there, Danielle?’

‘A…um…sweet,’ she answered unconvincingly.

‘Give it here.’



‘I mean…oh god…’

Danielle popped the diminutive testicle into her mouth and pretended to swallow.

‘That’s it,’ snapped the headmistress. ‘Danielle, you get in here this instant.’ With her focus on Danielle, Hermione was able to fish out the wand and aim it into the room behind the headmistress.

Incendio!’ she said, only to have a boy step into the line of fire. His crotch burst into flame.

‘What did you just say?’ demanded the headmistress.

‘I said, “That boy’s nuts are on fire”!’

The headmistress turned instantly to see the boy patting at the flames both desperately and gingerly. ‘Scott! What did I tell you about carrying matches in your pocket?’ she screamed before knocking him to the floor and delivering several hard stomps to his groin.

Hermione took Danielle’s arm and pulled her away. ‘You didn’t actually swallow it did you, Danielle?’ she pleaded urgently. Danielle spat the nut into her palm in answer.

‘I did tell you to put it away.’

Danielle nodded apologetically and pushed the nut between her doughy tits.

‘Whoa!’ said Hermione. ‘Are you sure they won’t crush it? It’s only small.’

‘It’ll be fine,’ Danielle assured her before adding, ‘As long as you don’t make me run any faster.’

Taking the Biggest Ball

They arrived at the gym breathless and excited. Hermione burst into the boys’ changing rooms to find it empty, dark and cold. She arrowed her eyes and held Danielle back.

‘I don’t like it,’ she said. Hearing her voice, Miss Ault peered out of a locker and hissed. ‘What are you doing in there?’ Hermione asked quietly.

‘I’m hiding from those things,’ she said, her voice trembling with fear. ‘They’re in my office with Brian.’

Hermione ran silently over to the office and ducked down below its window. Peeking inside she saw two dark, swirling figures floating inches above the ground. ‘Dementors,’ she gasped. Sliding to the floor, she moaned dejectedly, ‘They’ve come to stop me.’

‘Who are they?’ asked Danielle; scaring Hermione so much that her clenching pussy almost swallowed the stowed wand completely.

‘Fuck me, Danielle,’ she said, trying to catch her breath.

‘Who is it?’ Danielle repeated impatiently. Then, standing: ‘They won’t stop us getting that nut!’

‘Danielle, no!’ cried Hermione, as her friend stormed into the room. ‘You don’t know what you’re up against!’

The moment Danielle entered the room she knew she had made a huge mistake. The two cloaked figures turned immediately and she saw that neither had faces; the only feature on their blank skull was a hideous, yawning orifice. The horrifying spectres advanced, the closest grabbing Danielle’s shoulders with its cold bony hands and pulling her close to its open mouth.

‘Get off her!’ screamed her Hermione, bursting into the room.

‘Ew! He’s trying to kiss me!’ Danielle cried. She struggled, grabbing the thing by its shoulders as it had her. ‘Get off me you pervert!’

Hermione caught Danielle’s leg jerk in the periphery of her vision and was shocked to hear that a dry crunch followed immediately. The dementor froze, hunched over a little, and then let out an awful, anguished moan, which made the air shudder and Hermione’s clit tingle.

‘What did you do?’ she asked hurriedly; the other dementor had stopped advancing, it was watching its partner sink the floor grasping at unseen achers below its cloak. ‘Danielle,’ she pleaded, hoping and praying that what she thought had happened actually had. ‘What did you do?’

‘I kneed it in the balls,’ Danielle gushed. ‘It’s all I could think to do.’ Hermione found herself laughing and the second dementor seemed to lose its confidence further.

‘I didn’t know they had balls. I never even thought…’ The dementor still able to stand, or more accurately float, lost its nerve completely and made a retreat. ‘Oh, no you don’t!’ yelled Hermione, reaching under its tattered robes to grab two desiccated danglers. Just like its partner before it, and every other male grabbed by the balls, the dementor froze.

‘I know you’ve come here to stop me,’ growled Hermione, ‘but I’m going to finish this spell, do you hear me?’ She squeezed the dried out orbs to the sound of crunching leaves. The dementor nodded quickly and compliantly. ‘Good,’ she said, giving them one last squeeze. ‘Because if you and your friend come back, I’ll crush your bollock to dust. Got it?’ Again, the dementor nodded and, after picking up his friend, vanished.

The room returned to its usual temperature and light flickered back to full.

‘You were amazing,’ said Danielle, jumping on the spot.

‘No, Danielle,’ said Hermione, eyes full of gratitude, ‘you were.’ Danielle blushed and twisted on the spot uncomfortably.

‘I am getting better at it, aren’t I?’

Hermione nodded softly and the pair hugged. They were still hugging when Miss Ault burst into the office wielding a mop. ‘Get away from them, you bastards or I’ll…’ She trailed off seeing the two girls, alone and unharmed. Putting aside the mop sheepishly, she asked, ‘How’d you get rid of them then?’

Danielle pulled away from Hermione’s embrace to explain excitedly. ‘Well, one of them came for me so I just,’ she made a fierce kneeing motion, ‘and so he was all like,’ she clutched her groin and groaned brutishly. ‘And then Hermione grabbed the other by the goolies and told him to fuck off – like in the movies!’

‘I couldn’t have done it without her,’ said Hermione, squeezing Danielle’s arm. ‘I didn’t even know they had balls until she racked them.’

‘Well,’ said Miss Ault, ashamed she had left the two girls to fend off the creatures by themselves, ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t have been more help.’

Bent awkwardly backwards on Miss Ault’s desk, the naked boy, Brian, began to stir; his immense pink nuts hanging low between his limp legs, still showing the bruises from where Mss Ault had sunk her thumbs.

‘You can make yourself useful now,’ said Hermione with a faint grin. ‘Hold him down.’ Miss Ault skipped over to Brian and caught his hands as they instinctively bean to reach down for his sagging balls.

‘Hands off, Brian,’ she said. ‘They don’t belong to you anymore.’ He grunted with pain, fear and confusion. Seeing Danielle, he became frantic.

‘Get her away from me!’ he squealed. ‘She’s got gingivitis!’

‘No need to worry,’ said Miss Ault. ‘Hermione here has the cure for aching balls.’ This seemed to calm him.

‘A partial cure,’ Hermione corrected. ‘I’m only taking the left nut – his right will still ache like a bitch.’ On hearing this, Brian’s struggle began in earnest and Miss Ault couldn’t keep a hold of his powerful arms. She let his hands go and quickly whipped up her sports bra. Leaning over him as she was, her compressed tits returned to their usual full, juicy state, engulfing his head in a spilt second; this seemed to pacify him. His muffled screams trailed off and Miss Ault was able to restrain his weakly flailing arms.

‘Perfect,’ said Hermione, though eyeing Miss Ault’s fantastically large tits enviously. ‘Danielle, would you be so kind as to perform fellatio?’

‘I’d be delighted,’ said Danielle before faltering. ‘You mean suck him off, right?’ She took hold of Brian’s large, but flaccid cock and between her expert stroking and Miss Ault’s fantastic tits, Brian had no choice but to get hard. Once fully erect, Danielle dropped to her knees and took Brian’s impressive member in her mouth.

‘I don’t get it,’ said Miss Ault, as she watched Danielle’s head bob rhythmically. ‘Is this like a last request before you rob him of a nut?’

‘No,’ mumbled Danielle with her mouth full.

‘It’s how we take the nut,’ said Hermione.

Miss Ault grimaced. ‘I hope it’s not going to be too gruesome; I’m squeamish.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Hermione reassured her, ‘there’ll be no visible bloodshed, I promise.’

Danielle had been hungrily slurping away at Brian’s stiff dick for a few minutes when Hermione noticed his sack begin to tighten. ‘He’s close!’ she warned.

Hermione took Brian’s legs and spun him 90 degrees so that he was laid across the desk and Danielle was left sucking him off sideways.

‘Whatever you do, Danielle, keep sucking and don’t lift your head!’

Danielle couldn’t help but nod, but she had a sudden reservation. ‘I just had a thought,’ said Danielle, taking his cock out of her hot mouth for the first time in minutes. ‘Melvin’s nut was tiny, but Brian’s is huge – I’m not sure I can—’ Hermione grabbed Danielle’s head unexpectedly and rammed it back down on Brian’s primed dick while at the same time using it as a handhold to pull herself up onto the desk. The moment her lips slipped back over his swollen, purple head, Brian’s cock pumped powerfully; sucking come from deep down in his nuts. At the same moment, Hermione sent her shoe stomping down on Brian’s lemon-sized left nugget.

There was a crunch and Danielle’s big blue eyes bulged with horror as Brian’s thick cock pumped her mouth full of hot, thick spunk. Brian, silenced up until now by Miss Ault’s all-encompassing breasts, burst from in-between the huge airbags and sang like a professional soprano, causing a trickle of pussy juice to run down Hermione’s smooth inner thigh.

Still impaling Danielle’s head on Brian’s’ prick, Hermione lifted her foot to assess the damage and to her surprise found the assumedly crushed testicle staring back up at her, albeit much wider and flatter. ‘Fuck me,’ she gasped, but impressed or not, she raised her foot for a second stomp. Danielle managed to catch sight of the unbroken nut and, realising that the mouthful she had wasn’t anywhere near the end of the matter, she began desperately shaking her head, but to no avail; another crunch, this time louder and more final, escaped from beneath Hermione’s shoe. Danielle’s cheeks puffed out comically, as yet more pungent goo filled her mouth to the brink.

Slightly miffed that her first stomp hadn’t been enough, Hermione cruelly twisted her foot back and forth and then confidently lifted it once more to examine her handiwork. ‘No fucking way,’ she gasped.

Looking like a raw hamburger, flat and pink, Brian’s left nut remained. Without pause, Hermione literally leapt onto the nut with both feet. There came soft, wet crunch and Hermione felt the nut finally and completely give way.

Brain went limp, as did Danielle, her mouth could hold no more and thick cum dribbled from her lips and down Brian’s madly twitching cock. She felt like swallowing the disgusting mouthful just to get revenge on Hermione, but she didn’t have the stomach for gulping down an entire, liquidized testicle.

Hermione wiped her glistening brow, before reaching inside her glistening pussy for her wand. She let Danielle’s hair go and jumped down off the table, relishing the slight bounce of her own tits.

Danielle was slumped over the desk, held in place by Brian’s futilely dry-pumping knob.

‘Now what?’ asked Miss Ault, breathlessly.

Without a word, Hermione lifted Danielle’s head; it slipped off Brain’s cock easily. Then, circling her wand at Danielle’s bulging cheeks she said, ‘Reparo.’

Slowly the thick globs of spunk running down Danielle’s chin began to slow and then reverse direction, disappearing back inside her mouth. Next, her bloated cheeks began to deflate and after a few seconds of circling her wand, a healthy, pink testicle peeked out from between her lips and rapidly grew in size until it popped out and bounced around on the desktop.

Miss Ault watched with wide eyes as the big nut came to a rest. It was perfect. She reached out to hold it, but Hermione snatched it up protectively. She held the nut out, letting Danielle slip to her knees, and stared at it in wonderment.

‘I did it,’ she gushed.

We did it,’ Danielle growled quietly. Hermione continued to stare at the nut oblivious.

‘Yeah,’ said Miss Ault, suddenly angry. ‘We did it.’ Hermione snapped out of her trance and looked at then both apologetically.

‘I’m…I’m so sorry. You are so right. I could not have done this without you.’ She knelt beside Danielle. ‘Danielle, I’m sorry.’

‘Whatever,’ she snapped. ‘You held my head down. You’re no better than all those boys.’

‘You’re right,’ said Hermione, dropping heavily to her backside. She held up the nut once more, but this time studied unhappily. ‘This spell is worthless without anyone to enjoy it with…Here.’ She offered the nut over to Danielle. ‘Take it, put it with the other and if you ever forgive me—’ Danielle put her finger on Hermione’s lips whilst her other hand wrapped softly around Hermione’s and the nut.

‘I forgive you,’ she said. ‘You’ve a sacrifice for this spell, you lost your cherry for it, so it’s only fair I should make one.’ Hermione smiled at her tearfully. ‘Come on; let’s take these nuts to where we first took a nut together.’ Hermione nodded and the helped each other up.

‘Are you coming?’ Danielle asked Miss Ault as she pushed Brain’s nut between her tits.

‘Nah,’ she answered, resting her heavy, bare baps on Brian’s face. ‘I’ve got a class in ten minutes – thinking of taking them on the diving boards.’ She grinned mischievously.

‘Also, if you’re done with Brain here,’ she pulled a five-iron out from her collection of golf clubs, ‘I think I’ll have a little fun of my own…’ She pulled a large vibrator from her desk drawer and added, ‘In private.’

The two girls giggled, both giving Brian’s’ remain right nut a farewell squeeze before leaving for the bike shed.

Danielle vs Cho

Skipping with barely contained excitement, the pair quickly reached the bike shed.

Rushing behind the shed, the girls were greeted by a sickly sweet voice, ‘Hi, there.’

Hermione gasped with horror when she saw who it was stepping out of the shadow in front of them.

‘Let me introduce myself,’ said Cho, before thrusting her hands at Danielle’s tits with intent.

Unprepared, Danielle was caught by the nipples in a swift and inescapable tweak, which left her too shocked to react when, with a cruel flick of her wrists, Cho twisted the big nubs almost off. Danielle issued a strangled shriek and her young body tensed as Cho applied so much pressure to her sensitive teats that she was sure they would start squirting milk. Hermione could only watch in frozen terror as Cho then stepped in close and pulled upwards on Danielle’s aching nips until her big melons were stretched to chin-height and she was stood on tiptoes.

At that point, Danielle’s legs gave and her captive buds slipped from Cho’s pincher-like grasp as she collapsed, sobbing, to the floor. The final humiliation came when Cho sent a kick so hard into Danielle’s rack that it caused the poor girl’s shirt to burst open and her once proud jugs spilled out onto the cold floor now raw and swollen. Hermione couldn’t take her eyes off Danielle’s tortured tits and so she was taken completely by surprise when Cho’s merciless fingers pinched down on her own nipples – although she was more surprised when they let go an instance later.

‘Pah,’ Cho guffawed, ‘I can’t keep hold of those little teats.’ She grabbed Hermione instead by the throat.

‘Give me the wand, bitch!’

Hermione struggled weakly, but made no move to retrieve the wand.

‘Fine – I’ll take it!’

Cho’s fingers were no less cruel as she roughly parted Hermione’s flaps and plunged inside her, searching desperately for the wand. The experience was nothing like when Danielle had fished out the wand previously. ‘What?’ said Cho, finding nothing. ‘Where is it?’

Suddenly she was grabbed firmly by the neat strip of pubic hair she maintained.

‘Looking for this?’ asked Danielle, jabbing the stubby wand up Cho’s starfish. With that, she pulled Cho away from Hermione and roared: ‘Accio!’

There was a pop like a bottle being uncorked and Cho rocketed forward; minus the pussy hair Danielle had ruthlessly kept hold of. Cho hit the floor and skidded along on her tits until coming to a halt.

Hermione, clutching her minge, watched with a pained smile as Cho clutched at her own, now sore and bare. ‘Thank you,’ she said to Danielle. ‘Are you okay?’

‘I’ll be fine once my nipples stop leaking milk,’ she said, self-consciously pulling together her ruined shirt across her fluid spattered tits.

‘Wait,’ said Hermione. ‘That stuff’s milky, but it’s not milk…’ She slipped her hand inside Danielle’s shirt and then tasted the sticky fluid.

‘Balls,’ she gasped.

‘What is it?’ asked Danielle curiously.

‘Balls,’ Hermione repeated. ‘Cho popped the balls you were saving.’ Danielle gasped.

‘I assumed my big tits would have absorbed the impact!’

She pulled her shirt back open and prised her throbbing puppies apart to reveal a gooey mess where once two bollocks sat snugly. Without pausing, Hermione snatched the wand from Danielle’s hand and aimed at her spunk-soaked funbags. ‘Reparo!’ she ordered and the globs of nut-butter splattered across Danielle’s cleavage reformed back into two bollocks – one smaller than a grape, the other bigger than a plum. It was clear which had made the bulk of the mess.

The nuts hit the floor and rebounded like rubber balls – the smaller taking some catching as it bounced around like a cartoon jumping bean. When they were safely stowed back in Danielle’s cleavage, Hermione’s attention turned back to Cho. ‘I’m going to humiliate her,’ she growled tightening her grip around the wand.

‘Wait,’ said Danielle, catching her wrist. ‘If you really want to humiliate her, I’ve got something even more powerful than a wand.’ With a mean grin, she produced a camera phone.


Danielle had almost every boy in the school’s number and almost every boy in the school’s wallpaper was of her giving them head. Simultaneously all their mobile phones chirped in unison. The students lucky enough to check their messages were treated to the sight of a Chinese girl, naked and waxed bare, spread eagled with the invitation: Free fucks – behind the bike shed.

The response was so fast that Hermione and Danielle barely had time to hide themselves in the bushes before a swarm of boys enveloped the bike shed. Danielle could barely watch what happened next. ‘Ew, even I haven’t had that done to me,’ she said, grimacing. ‘Do we really have to watch this?’

‘I’m not leaving until I’ve seen her take a cock in every hole,’ answered Hermione callously. A few seconds later she announced, ‘Right, we can go.’ Danielle raised an eyebrow.

‘Really, so soon? Shit, I thought they’d play with her tits a little first – those boys are impatient.’

The Spell

Back in the Mr. Richards’ empty history class, far away from the commotion of the bike shed, Hermione and Danielle sat across from each other with legs crossed.

Due to length of both girls’ skirts and the particular way they were sitting, both bared their wide-open pussies to on another. Hermione didn’t mind, she had shared hers with Danielle and many others, willingly or not, several times that day, but until now she had not had a chance to see Danielle’s. So, whilst Danielle struggled to produce Melvin’s tiny nut from her cleavage, Hermione took the opportunity to appreciate her neatly trimmed bush and luscious, pink flesh.

‘Ah, here it is,’ Danielle announced, exhibiting the miniscule nugget and catching Hermione’s eye shoot guiltily away from her pussy. ‘Hey, pervert,’ she teased, sending Hermione red with embarrassment. ‘What’s the matter? Want to touch it?’

‘No,’ cried Hermione, her indignation unconvincing. Danielle giggled playfully. ‘Anyway, be quiet – I’m about to do the spell.’

She took the crumpled piece of parchment from her waistband and unfolded it. Danielle placed the smaller nut beside the gigantic nut and the difference was shockingly apparent.

‘How about I get you wand out?’ Danielle enquired. ‘For old times sake?’ Hermione blushed again, but nodded and Danielle reached out and slipped her fingers deep inside her to retrieve the wand.

‘Thank you,’ said Hermione, once Danielle produced the wooden stub. Danielle just stared at her silently and seductively.

Seeming slightly torn between performing the spell and the confusing feelings she had for Danielle, Hermione looked down at the two nuts and asked, ‘Do you like having big tits, Danielle?’ The question threw the buxom brunette.

‘Yeah, I suppose.’

‘Would you ever want small tits?’

‘No way,’ she answered fervently, before quickly realising her mistake.

‘Then I’ve got to do this,’ growled Hermione angrily. She aimed her wand at the pair of balls on the floor and read from the parchment, ‘Mammarus Protrudem!

Twin lightening bolted zapped from the nuts; the bolt from the smaller nut striking Danielle squarely in the tits, the bolt from the larger nut striking Hermione in the same way. As the electricity continued to flow between the girls, the nuts began to swap size until the large nut had shrivelled down to the size of the small and the small nut had bloated to the size that the large nut once was. Then the lightening stopped.

Both girls were breathless. ‘What…was…that?’ Danielle demanded, but her attention was turned suddenly to her shirt, which had started to feel quiet loose. ‘What the…?’ She looked to Hermione to see the slim blonde’s non-existent tits began to swell rapidly. Hurriedly, she tore Hermione’s shirt open and stared down in amazement at the flesh rising like dough from beneath her tiny bra. Next, she tore open her own shirt to find her tits had deflated several cup sizes and were still shrinking.

‘You’re stealing my tits!’ screamed Danielle, suddenly realising what was happening. Hermione just grinned at her, until she was suddenly and scarily unable to breathe.

‘Help,’ she said in a choked gasp. She clawed ineffectively at the clasp to her bra as tit-meat began to pour out of every side of its undersized cups.

With her emotions in turmoil, Danielle couldn’t stand to watch Hermione in distress. She rushed around and took hold oh her clasp and was about to ping it open when she saw the page of the magic book that Hermione had been reading from. It read:

Breast Enlarging Spell

Ingredients: one pubescent human testicle (small), one pubescent human testicle (large) and one pair of breasts (as big as you desire).

‘You lied to me,’ gasped Danielle, her fingers still on the clasp, but now motionless.

‘I can explain,’ Hermione croaked, as her melons continued to grow and dramatically distort around the strangulating bra.

‘You said we’d rule this school…’ she shook her head in disbelief and stepped back. ‘You just wanted big tits. And now you’ve got them you don’t need me anymore.’

‘I do,’ Hermione mouthed breathlessly, red in the face and white in the tits as circulation became impossible through the suffocating undergarment. Dropping to her knees, Hermione was sure she would black out and asphyxiate whilst Danielle looked on. With all the life left in her, she looked up at Danielle with wide, pleading eyes. Danielle looked back at her, her eyes full of hurt; nevertheless, she flicked open the bra clasp.

There was an explosion of expanding tit-meat and Hermione was knocked backwards whilst the bra rocketed in the opposite direction at speed. She landed on her back and felt the crushing weight of her tits on her ribcage. She rolled onto her side to catch a breath, her fats tits slapping against the floor and each other, sending her dizzy as they filled greedily with blood. She had wanted big, but to Hermione, who had never known more than a modest handful, these new tits felt simply colossal.

‘Danielle,’ she gasped when she had managed to re-inflate her lungs. ‘We will rule this school. Together.’

‘You don’t need me. You got tits now…bigger than mine even.’

‘You tits weren’t the reason I needed you.’

‘Well it certainly wasn’t because of my ball-busting.’

‘Danielle, I could never have done this without you. Who was it who figured out how to fight the dementors? Who was it who fished out my wand when Cho rammed it up me? Who was it who saved me when she was about to get her hands on the wand?’ Danielle softened, unfolding her arms and kneeling beside Hermione.

‘It was you, Danielle.’ She faltered, becoming increasingly upset. ‘And now I realise, it wasn’t big tits I wanted, it was you.’ She reached out, snatched up the two nuts, and immediately crushed them in her hands. The lightening returned, streaming from the mushy remains to each girls’ erect nipples. In seconds, their cup sizes were restored and both girls collapsed beside each other.

‘If it was big tits you wanted Hermione, you only had to ask.’

Hermione knotted her brow cutely. ‘What do you mean?’ she asked.

Danielle pulled open her shirt and slowly slipped it off her shoulders. Whilst Hermione watched wordlessly, she leaned in with her chest and gently offered a nipple to Hermione’s lips.

Confused, but overcome, Hermione accepted the teat and began to suckle gently at first, but then hungrily. She let go of her own tits to hold Danielle’s, desperately trying to contain their impossible volume within her hands. She flicked and twirled her tongue around the tightening circle of Danielle’s areole causing her friend to tip back her head and begin to quietly moan.

‘We’ll rule this school,’ Danielle said in a contented whisper. She hitched up her skirt and pushed Hermione’s head lower. With the blonde’s hot breath on her cunt she murmured, ‘We’ll rule this school.’

The End

Alternate Ending

Breast Enlarging Spell

Ingredients: one pubescent human testicle (small), one pubescent human testicle (large) and one pair of breasts (as big as you desire).

‘You lied to me,’ gasped Danielle, her fingers still on the clasp, but now motionless.

‘I can explain,’ Hermione croaked, as her melons continued to grow and dramatically distort around the strangulating bra.

‘You said we’d rule this school…’ she shook her head in disbelief and stepped back. ‘You just wanted big tits. And now you’ve got them you don’t need me anymore.’

‘I do,’ Hermione mouthed breathlessly.

‘You used me.’

Hermione shook her head, red in the face and white in the tits as circulation became impossible through the suffocating undergarment. Dropping to her knees, Hermione was sure she would black out and asphyxiate whilst Danielle looked on. With all the life left in her, she looked up at Danielle with wide, pleading eyes. Danielle looked back at her, her eyes full of hurt; nevertheless, she flicked open the bra clasp.

There was an explosion of expanding tit-meat and Hermione was knocked backwards whilst the bra rocketed in the opposite direction at speed. She landed on her back and felt the crushing weight of her tits on her ribcage. She rolled onto her side to catch a breath, her fats tits slapping against the floor and each other, sending her dizzy as they filled greedily with blood. She had wanted big, but to Hermione, who had never known more than a modest handful, these new tits felt simply colossal.

‘Danielle,’ she gasped when she had managed to re-inflate her lungs. ‘We will rule this school. Together.’

‘You don’t need me. You got tits now…bigger than mine even.’ She gestured to her jugs. They were the same B-cups that had once made a slight bump in Hermione’s shirt.

‘I do need you.’

Danielle shrugged. ‘Yeah, well maybe I don’t need you,’ she said, buttoning her massively oversized shirt. ‘Maybe having big tits all this time has been a curse.’

She bent down to pick up the abandoned wand and for the first time in years, she wasn’t tugged down further by a pair of heavy, pendulous tits. Smiling she said, ‘I could get used to this.’

‘Sad fact is, Hermione, you could have ruled this school without big tits. You had this wand…and you had friends to help you.

‘Enjoy my tits, ‘cause with them come my title: school slut and all its responsibilities.’ She tapped the tiny wand on her cheek thoughtfully. ‘I wonder if the boys are through with the Cho bitch yet?’ she mused. Pulling out her phone, she took a snap of Hermione lying helpless. ‘See how far big tits get you without the wand.’

‘No, please,’ sobbed Hermione.

‘I think I’ll go watch Miss Ault’s swim class, but first I think I’ll stay here and watch you take a cock in every hole.’ With that, she hit the send button.

Minutes later, Miss Ault was watching her swim class’ pussy-wetting exploits on the diving board, when all of a sudden the boy on the board leap several feet in the air, lost his shorts and then came crunching down on the board bollock-first.

Giggling, and with tears streaming down her cheeks, Miss Ault turned to see Danielle waving back from the stands.

With a deep, piteous moan, the boy tipped forwards off the board and hit the water with a splash.