Flat 2: Split

Flat 2: The Split

It was a cold, grey November morning and Mark was gingerly making his way to the week's first lecture after the most traumatic night of his life: a torturous break-up with his fiery-tempered girlfriend, Charlotte.

He was sure that no man on Earth had suffered more than he had that weekend, but as he shuffled awkwardly past two classmates in the corridor of the teaching hospital he overheard one, a pretty brunette called Kitty, whisper excitedly to her friend, 'Did you hear about the guy they brought in at the weekend?'

The other girl, a stunning redhead who Mark had spent all the previous year lusting after despite already being in a relationship, gave the brunette a knowing smirk and said, 'Let me guess... castrated?'

Mark froze on the spot. That word. It sent chills down his spine and sent his awfully throbbing testicles into a panic; every squirm of which he became suddenly hyper-conscious of.

'Brutally!' emphasised Kitty. 'Crushed flat! Not a trace left behind.'

Mark felt his stomach turn and felt immediately nauseous. He propped himself against the wall and tried to regain his composure whilst his massively swollen testicles caused him further torment by desperately attempting to squeeze themselves up into his body.

'Wait...' continued Kitty, narrowing her eyes at the smirking redhead. 'How did you know?'

Imogen gave the giddy brunette a grin, but it vanished to be replaced by a suspicious glare when she noticed Mark loitering within earshot. Mark felt her eyes on him; certain her keen female intuition had sensed the fear causing his scrotum to crawl, and when Kitty turned her attention on him also, the discomfort became too much to bear and, hobbling comically, he impelled himself onwards to the lecture hall.

'Looks like more than one guy got his nuts flattened at the weekend,' he heard Imogen quip dryly. Her perceptiveness terrified him and the sound of Kitty's mocking giggles chased him down the corridor.

When he reached the lecture hall, Mark's cheeks were burning and tears were clouding his vision. He was passing through the doorway when he was unexpectedly confronted by another girl, a striking raven-haired girl called Alice who was a close friend of his now ex-girlfriend. Mark, not a usually a timid man, pressed himself back against the door jamb and let out a gasp.

'Hello, Mark,' she said, her words dripping with venom. She pressed herself up against him, her gigantic jugs squashing against his chest and her hand falling lightly over his bulging crotch. 'How are your bollocks?' His only response was a pitiful, terrified squeak.

'Charlotte told me that the break-up was extremely painful for you and that you and her might not have been the only thing that split that night... Maybe I should check you out.' She tugged down his zipper and slipped her fingers into the confines of his jeans. Mark let out another squeak when she found the objects she was searching for.

'Shit,' she said, her eyes twinkling. 'That's some swelling – feels like at least triple their usual size.' Her apparent familiarity with the usual size of his testicles distressed Mark almost as much as the lack of delicacy with which she measured them and he looked at her sharply.

'Oh,' she said, recognising his concern. 'Catherine was always kind enough to share your pathetic dick pics with me so I'm well aware that these plump bollocks are the only impressive things in here and sadly,' she said, her grip on his bloated balls tightening to eye-watering severity, 'I can't let you keep them.' She singled out his fat left nut and, seeming to know she would struggle to pierce its rubber shell, she instead focused the sinking of her fingernails into the knot at the back as with her other hand she covered his mouth.

'Are you two lovebirds going to loiter in my doorway all day or come in?' asked the lecturer, who neither student had noticed had been watching them from inside the classroom.

'Miss Shetty,' Alice said in a gasp which pressed her big, soft tits wider across Marks chest. Her fingers immediately ceased their cracking of Mark's treasured egg to instead grip them securely. 'We didn't see you there.'

The lecturer, an attractive Indian in her early thirties who looked like she had stepped straight out of a Bollywood film and into a doctor's coat, glanced down at the girl's delving hand and smirked. 'Luckily for you today's lecture involves some intimate examination so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you were just practicing.'

Alice stared at her blankly for a few seconds before saying uncertainly, 'Thank you?'

'Take a seat,' said Miss Shetty, rolling her eyes.

Alice looked back at Mark whose mouth she still covered. Her eyes narrowed once more. 'Keep quiet,' she growled, 'and I might let you keep one. Got it?' Mark nodded vigorously. 'Good,' she said. 'Now stay close.'

Mark found he had very little choice in the matter as she turned away from him and took a step into the classroom without relinquishing his scrotum. He watched with wide eyes as her hand reappeared from his flies still gripping his monstrously inflamed gonads. He gasped and looked to Miss Shetty who he was certain would see, but Alice made sure to position herself alongside him such that her body obscured her cruel grasp from the lecturer's view. So, forced to shuffle hurriedly after her with hips outthrust, Mark was led by the balls to a row of seats near the back of the class.

'Good boy,' Alice cooed when he collapsed into the seat beside her. 'Now, where were we?'

Mark let out a pitiful sob as she began to once more sink her fingers into the delicate workings at the back of his left testicle, only this time she did so much more gradually and he noticed from the corner of his eye her free hand slip down the front of the baggy pyjama bottoms she wore despite the chill in the air. 'Mmm,' she purred as she found the object she was searching for.

With the class about to begin, the other students began to file into the class. The first through the door were Imogen and Kitty. They were deep in animated discussion, but when they saw Mark they fell suddenly silent. Mark thought about calling out, but he doubted they would make it to him before Alice split his nut in two and the last thing he wanted beautiful Imogen to witness was his humiliating castration. And so he resigned himself to the slow and excruciating loss of a testicle, hoping against hope that his silence would buy him the right to keep the other. The girls watched him with bemusement as he curled his lips back over his teeth and bit down whilst his face turned red and the tendons in his neck strained, but, with more classmates entering and backing up behind them, they shared a baffled chuckle and took their seats.

'Now boys and girls,' said Miss Shetty at volume. 'Some of you may have heard about a certain admittance we had at the weekend.' This caused no small amount of excitement and giggling from the majority female class. Smirking, the lecturer continued, 'I was lucky enough to be doctor attending to a young man... if you could still call him that...' Again there were more girlish chuckles. '...who had suffered the terribly painful loss of both testicles.' This drew excited gasps from the few girls who hadn't heard the news and uneasy exchanges between the handful of young men in the class.

'He was a rapist,' Miss Shetty felt the need to add, 'so it was only what he deserved, but it has inspired me to focus your next coursework paper entirely on those two curious little organs he was so rightly robbed of.'

While the girls exchanged excited whispers and bounced in their seats, the boys remained deathly silent and shrank away. Only Mark remained bolt upright as his every muscle was tensed to the point where he shook imperceptibly. Beside him, Alice sat slumped in her seat with her eyes closed, drawing deep, quavering breaths whilst her big tits heaved up and down, raking her bullet nipples against the thin cotton of her tank top.

'If I told you boys that it was possible to increase the size of your testicles considerably in just one week how many of you would believe me?'

The boys narrowed their eyes at her sceptically, and though Mark could have corroborated the lecturer's bold claim and even provided unarguable evidence, he was preoccupied with more pressing matters.

'Well,' continued Miss Shetty, 'for the next week we are going to investigate just how much of an increase is possible and you boys are going to be our subjects or testees, if you'll excuse the pun.' She chuckled at her own wit then said, 'Boys I'll need you to distribute yourselves one per group of girls, that way they'll all have access to the... necessary equipment.'

The class suddenly erupted into cries of boy's names as the girls leapt from their seats and descended on the cowering males in a desperate attempt to stake their claim on a set of testicles.

The pain and nausea from his steadily cracking nut occupied Mark's every thought, making it impossible to concentrate on such inconsequentialities, but his attention was wrestled briefly from his imminent rupture when Imogen bounded excitedly across the class towards him with a look a delight on her beautiful face.

'Mark!' she cried, only to gasp suddenly when she came to a halt beside him. 'Alice!' she cried again, only this time with horror. 'Stop! We need those!' Her exclamation caused Alice to startle and immediately relinquish Mark's bloated balls and her own swollen clitoris.

'Fuck!' she gasped, reflexively wiping her slick fingers on her big left tit to turn the fabric dark. 'I wasn't doing anything!' she protested as, with a deep groan of relief, Mark collapsed face-first into the back of the chair in front.

'Holy shit!' cried Kitty, who drew up beside Imogen. She put her hand to her mouth, but was unable to stifle the chuckle which escaped. 'Look at the size of them!' she enthused as she watched Mark's big hands struggled to envelop his bloated balls.

'They were like that when I found them' said Alice, earnestly. 'Don't tell Miss Shetty.'

'Tell Miss Shetty?' repeated Imogen as if the girl was thick. 'Of course we're not going to tell Miss Shetty – didn't you hear what our coursework is?' Alice stared at her blankly.

'We have to make a boy's balls as big as we can,' hissed Kitty.

'And we just found ourselves a pair of prize winners,' said Imogen with a smirk.

'Now,' shouted Miss Shetty, having waited patiently for the twelve girls to settled into equal groups around the class' four boys. 'If this is to be a credible scientific study I'll first need to take some starting measurements. So boys...' she said as she spun around the box which had sat on her desk unopened for every class previous. Lifting the lid, she presented to the class its unusual contents: a range of ceramic orchidometer beads which ran from grape to goose egg in size. '...it's time to report for measurement.'

'Shit!' hissed Imogen. 'We can't let her measure his balls now. She has to think we made them that big!' She grabbed her insensible study partner by the hair and shoved his head down into Alice's humid lap so that he was out of sight.

Miss Shetty looked around the class expectantly, but the three other boys still capable of standing were unsurprisingly reticent.

'Boys,' she said, producing a pair of steel callipers which she proceeded to snap the vicious pincers of menacingly. She picked back up the callipers and snapped them sharply. 'The last one of you up here gets measured with these.'

The collective gasp of both sexes was audible as each imagined the things such torturous-looking implements could do to a pair of squishy nuts. Suddenly eager to be at the front of the queue for measurement, the young men quickly scurried to the front of the class and fell in line by her desk.

First in line was Quentin, the brightest of the boys, but a pathetic physical specimen. Second was John, a solid performer academically and good looking, but always lacking the confidence necessary to be a hit with the girls. Finally, last in line and looking incredibly anxious was Devlin, the class stud. When he noticed that Mark wasn't in the line did his spirits lifted considerably.

'Let's go, Quentin,' said Miss Shetty, beckoning him over. She caught the fearfully glance he gave the boys behind him and cooed, 'Don't worry – I'll be gentle.' Her grin said otherwise.

Shuffling forward, the young man came to a stop in front of his lecturer who proceeded to stare at him for a time before growing impatient. 'Please take out your testicles, Quentin,' she said with a weary sigh. 'They're not going to measure themselves.'

Quentin looked out at the sea of wide-eyed and silently buzzing girls and then anxiously back at his lecturer.

Miss Shetty rolled her eyes. 'They're just testicles,' she told him matter-of-factly; holding her open palm under his crotch expectantly. 'We're all grownups here.'

'But...' he protested weakly.

'I thought this might happen,' said Miss Shetty with a sigh. 'Well, it looks like next week's class on breast examinations is cancelled. If you boys won't cooperate then I don't see why the girls should be forced to.' She looked purposely to the girl with the biggest breasts in the class and asked, 'Wouldn't you agree, Alice?'

Alice, who was still erect with arousal immediately understood her role in the exchange and answered, 'Yes, Miss Shetty. Why should we show our goods if the boys are too pussy.'

'Indeed,' affirmed the lecturer, looking back at Quentin who was once more scanning the all-girl audience only this time, and it didn't take a mind-reader to see, whilst imagining each and everyone one of them topless and proffering their supple flesh for his inspection.  

Taking a large gulp, he unzipped his flies and gingerly fished his scrotum out into view.

The girls' mouths fell open, but not a single sound left them. The uncomfortable silence lasted for several seconds before, squinting down at the hanging sack, Miss Shetty asked, 'Is that both of them?'

Her blatant disappointment caused Quentin's cheeks to burn with shame and he glanced sidelong at his classmates to find them sniggering and staring back with eyes that twinkled with the unprovoked and mirthful malice that only women can muster.

The young man's humiliation was further compounded when his scrotum began to respond to the shame, but it was only when several girls pointed excitedly that he looked down to see it rapidly withering to a sorry walnut.

'Where do they think they're going?' asked Miss Shetty rhetorically as she pulled on a thin latex glove and took a firm hold of them before they could retreat back into his trousers.

Reaching inside the box of beads, Miss Shetty lifted out one at the small end of the scale and proceeded to rolling it in her hand thoughtfully whilst her other hand did the same out with the contents of his scrotum.

'Left,' she announced, setting the ceramic bollock down on the desk to allow the girls a good look at the pathetic sight which bobbled about the tabletop comically.

'Wow,' she said after a few seconds of palpating Qunetin's right testicle. 'And that was the big one.' She reached in the box and picked out a bead even smaller than the last and set it down beside the other still rocking orb. Whilst most of the girls guffawed at the sight of the puny pair, it had finally struck the girls in his group that his sorry organs were the basis of their next coursework grade and therefore no laughing matter.

'For fuck's sake!' moaned Katherine dejectedly, as beside her Debra and Susie let out frustrated groans.

'Next,' announced Miss Shetty; releasing Quentin's shrivelled sack.

Dropping down off of his tip-toes, Quentin hurriedly tucked his withered pouch away before shuffling shame-faced back to his disgruntled group. While they regarded their pitiful male specimen with contempt, Lindsey, Erin and Neve watched hopefully as John stepped up to their lecturer, unzipped his trousers and reluctantly unloaded his goods into Miss Shetty's waiting hand. Sadly, the volume of the organs rested in their lecturer's palm was just as pathetic and the girls' hopes were dashed.

'I suppose this explains your lack of confidence with girls,' said Miss Shetty before snapping her hand shut around his balls so unexpectedly that he instinctively clasped his hands over his assailant's clenched fist and let out a frightened yelp. For the girls still in the mood for comedy, his girlish reaction triggered a bout of wantonly spiteful laughter.

After some unenthusiastic probing two more small beads were set down beside the first pair and the blushing boy was sent on his way to receive a similarly cool reception from his unimpressed group.

Devlin, the final young man in line was swaggered over to his lecturer with his usual bravado and, rather than shrinking from the gaze of the watching girls as he unzipped his jeans, he turned to face them.

'Here they come, girls,' said Danica, nudging her friends who stared open-mouthed as his flies parted and the juiciest pink flesh they had ever laid eyes on spilled forth in a deluge which only came to a halt almost halfway to his knees and so jarred by the sudden stop, swung and jostled obscenely for several seconds before finally coming to a rest.

His excessively lengthy cock came as no surprise to Imogen, Alice or Kitty who, being amongst the most attractive girls in the class, had been proposition by it countless times at parties with Kitty, on one occasion, having shamefully succumbed to it. But none of the girls had ever laid eyes on what dangled beneath.

'Son of a bitch,' said Imogen. She glanced down at Marks nuts. Though they were much bigger there was every chance they were already at the limit of what they could swell to, whereas Devlin's could easily stand to be doubled, if not tripled in size.

Miss Shetty didn't waste another second and, batting his snake-like cock aside, snatched up his heavy gonads to weigh them with a hungry look in her eyes. Unlike the boys before him, Devlin barely flinched at her grip on his delicate fruit. In fact, her manhandling only served to accelerate the rate at which his serpent was growing.

'Well now, Devlin,' she purred as she rolled each large egg individually. 'This explains a lot about your behaviour. Very impressive. I can only imagine how much more impressive they'll be at the end of the experiment.' She glanced at Danica with a grin.

Danica, who had made a beeline for Devlin the moment she had heard testicle size was a factor, clapped her hands gleefully. 'We're going to win!' she told her friends as Miss Shetty reached into her box and hefted two orbs the size of large chicken's eggs. 'That bitch Imogen doesn't stand a chance.'

After much consideration and rolling of orbs ceramic and flesh, Miss Shetty set the pottery pair down on the desk with such a resounding thud that the other paltry beads were sent rolling off the edge of the desk to clatter insignificantly about the floor. Only the girls in Devlin's group chuckled, the other simply glared resentfully at their miserable excuses for men.

After parting squeeze Miss Shetty let out a sad sigh and released Devlin's hairless plums.

'Right,' she said reaching for the callipers, 'where's the last one?' She looked about the class with puzzlement. 'Where's Mark? He was here a moment ago.'

'Oh, he had to leave,' answered Imogen. 'Urgently. He... um...'

'He caught his bell-end in his zip,' said Kitty, coming to her friend's aid. 'Nipped him right across the rim. Real nasty.'

'That does sound nasty,' said Miss Shetty, without a trace of sympathy, 'but how am I expected to measure him if he's not here?'

'Miss, this isn't fair!' said Danica, standing up from her seat. 'This could just be an excuse to have him put his balls in ice and shrink them down before you measure them.'

'Hey, screw you!' cried Imogen, also leaping from her seat. 'We're not cheaters!'

'Girls, I'm sorry, but Danica has a point. I might have to fail you outright if you don't—'

'Miss!' said Alice, suddenly holding up her phone. She handed it Imogen on account of her having to keep Mark's face buried in her lap to muffle his groaning. 'This should be all you need.'

Imogen's eyes went wide when she caught sight of the screen. 'That should do it,' she agreed, giving Kitty a quick glimpse before rushing to the front of the class to show Miss Shetty.

'What's this?' she asked, accepting the phone. 'A photograph? Oh. Oh! I see.'

'Will it do?' asked Imogen hopefully.

'Sorry girls, there are no metrics in this photo – nothing I can use to judge their scale against.'

'Yes there is!' announced Alice from the back of the class. 'His dick! It's six inches long. You can measure it yourself when you next measure his balls.'

'Hmm,' said the lecturer, nodding as she ran her eyes up and down the photograph. 'I suppose I can allow it, but I will need a copy of this as evidence.'

'Done!' said Imogen, snatching back the phone.

'Oh, and you might want to give that phone a wipe,' added Miss Shetty, waggling her fingers guiltily. 'A bit salty I should imagine.'

Imogen grimaced and held the phone far out in front of her as she returned to Alice and Kitty. Alice accepted it without fuss, quipping with as she too waggled her fingers, 'It was covered in ball sweat before she touched it.'

'Okay girls and boys,' said Miss Shetty as she packed away all her orchidometer set one by one, 'there are many methods to increase the size of a man's testicles. It's completely up to you which you use. Some are easier than others. Do your research and impress me. We'll meet back here on Thursday for a mid-week weigh-in.' She slammed shut the box. 'Dismissed.'

The girls in the class sprung to their feet as one, dragging after them their reluctant males. Only Imogen, Alice and Kitty stayed put as it was necessary to keep Mark hidden from sight until the class had emptied. They caught snippets of conversation as the various groups filtered out.

'I don't know what your problem is, Quentin,' said Katherine to the ashen-faced test subject she dragged after her, 'your balls are tiny – we'll be doing you a favour.'

The next group was similarly bemused by their subject's lack of enthusiasm. 'Trust me, John, we'll easily double the size of them,' enthused Lindsey.

'Triple even,' added Erin.

'Just think,' enthused Neve, 'you could have normal-sized balls!'

The last group to leave was Danica's. She and her cronies sauntered toward Imogen's group with a smug-looking Devlin draping his arms around them.

'Too bad about Mark's bell-end,' said Danica, feigning a grimace. 'Especially after what everyone is saying his girlfriend did to his bollocks.'

Her friends laughed. Devlin, not in on the joke, snorted half-heartedly.

'Seriously though Imogen, good luck 'cause even if you do manage to scrape what's left of them off Charlotte's bathroom tiles it won't be enough to beat these...' With a brazen tug of Devlin's zipper she sent his monster plums spilling out once more for all to see.

Rather than be upset by such a violation, Devlin's grin broadened and he subtly tilted his hips up to present his gargantuan organs at their most impressive angle.

'Oh yeah?' cried Kitty before unleashing a demolishing kick to Devlin's dangling eggs. 'I could beat those all day long!'

Devlin let out a wounded cry and would have crumbled if not for the girls supporting him.

'Kitty!' cried Imogen, pulling her back before she could unleash another kick to his swinging bollocks. 'What are you doing?' she hissed.

'Ooh, good shot!' enthused Danica. 'Those ought to swell up nice. Thanks, losers.'adroom carret.st flopped out his massive bollocks for all to see, 'and Chuckling, she and her friends dragged Devlin out of the classroom, neglecting quite purposely to tuck him back into his trousers.

'Bitch!' growled Imogen. 'I'll show her.'

'See that you do,' said Miss Shetty, causing Imogen to yelp with fright. The beautiful Indian smiled. 'I expect big things from you, Imogen. Big things.' And with that she left.

Imogen turned sharply to look at Alice and Kitty. 'You two go. I'll sort Mark out.'

'I can handle him,' objected Alice, rising from her seat to let Mark's head slam back down on the wooden seat.

'Let me guess – if he doesn't cooperate you'll crush his bollocks?'

'Exactly,' snarled Alice, stepping in close to press her intimidating jugs against Imogen's altogether less substantial chest.

'We need those bollocks you dumb slut and he'll know it too,' growled Imogen, unfazed by the colossal weight bearing down on her. This seemed to unnerve Alice.

'Fine,' she growled, finally. 'Do it your way. But once the project is over, his balls are mine.'

'We'll see about that,' said Imogen with a fearless smile. 'I've still got a little sister I owe a castration.'

Alice let out a snarl and stormed away leaving Kitty to enthuse, 'Holy shit, Imogen! That was so hot! I thought she was going to try and smother you between her tits.'

'Ew,' said Imogen with a grimace. 'Get out of here, Kitty. I want him to see a friendly face when he comes to and you have a habit of saying some inappropriate things.'

'Whatever,' said Kitty with a grin as she began backing out of the classroom. 'You just want those big balls to yourself for a while. Send me pictures!'

Imogen rolled her eyes and sat down beside him and placing Mark's head in her warm lap. 'Oh, Mark,' she said, reaching over to stroke his horrifically distended nuts. 'You are going to make a young girl I know very happy.'

To be continued...