The Coffee Shop IV: The Milkmaids

The Coffee Shop IV

Gemma took the subway ticket from the machine and, like any buxom blonde wearing clothes too impractical to have pockets, she slipped it between her breasts for easy access; extremely easy access as it happened, all thanks to the super-low-cut scoop neck T-shirt she wore with her gratuitous push-up bra.

Retrieving the ticket to negotiate the barrier, she was still reintroducing it into her ample cleavage when she reached the platform where the usual crowd of businessmen stood transfixed on their Blackberries; too preoccupied to notice her eye-catching actions.

The oblivious businessmen were not the only people on the platform, however: a group of youths loitering nearby caught sight of her inserting the ticket betwixt her doughy jugs and immediately nudged one another; their adolescent libidos instantly raging.

The subway train drew into the station and the inert businessmen suddenly sprang to life; piling into the already packed carriages until every space was filled.

Gemma would have normally waited for the next one, but, aware of the stares she was getting from the increasing rowdy youths, she decided she would squeeze herself into the tiny space left in one of the carriage’s doorways.

With the impatient doors already closing she rushed onboard; leaping in backward so not to smash her breasts into the oblivious men filling the doorway. Unfortunately, the doors came together before she was quite inside and her precariously protruding melons were caught between them.

Gemma let out a startled yelp as her tits were cruelly pinched together by the stiff rubber trim of the unyielding hydraulic doors.

‘Not again,’ she moaned, dejectedly, before asking the carriage at large, ‘Could somebody please open the doors?’

As expected, her request was roundly ignored by the indifferent businessmen, but, unperturbed, she reached for the button herself, only to find that her trapped zeppelins somewhat restricted her movement and meant the button lay frustratingly out of reach.

‘Son of a bitch,’ she was grumbling when an unexpectedly inappropriate sensation caused her to press her face against the window cut out of the door and glare outward.

Unbeknownst to Gemma, the train doors had squished her fat titties in such a way that they had risen almost entirely out of the inadequate cups of her bra and into the open air where her nipples, gradually turning blue from lack of circulation, made far too tempting a proposition to miss for the most daring of the youths.

‘Get your hands off me!’ Gemma growled at the youth gleefully helping himself to her tits behind the safety of the train doors.

‘Okay,’ said the youth, coolly. He released her teats and waggled his fingers at her saying, ‘I could be using these for something else.’

With his friends shouting encouragement, he dropped his hands out of sight and caused Gemma to gasp with indignation by loudly unzipping his flies before burying his face into her soft, squished titties.

Hey!’ she cried as he began to violently tug on his liberated hard-on whilst motorboating her ample jugs with carefree abandon.

By the time the stubborn train doors had begun to, ever-so-grudgingly, part, the youth had worked himself to the brink of squirting and was sucking on Gemma’s left nipple blissfully unaware that, with the doors open, her hand was reaching for his bobbing testicles.

The erect nipple slipped from his mouth as he let out a surprised yelp and opened his eyes to find the pissed off blonde had him firmly by the balls.

‘Oh, fuck,’ he said before Gemma squeezed his plums with all her might.

His bollocks narrowly escaped rupture, however, as once the train doors reached fully open they immediately began to shut, once more prompting Gemma, eager to avoid having her tits tenderised a second time, to press herself back into the mass of fellow commuters whilst keeping a firm hold on his nuts.

The youth shrieked with horror and even Gemma recoiled when the doors came together to trap not only his snatched scrotum, but also his engorged prick; causing its prominent veins to bulge even more obscenely. Realising the trouble she could get into with the train operator for blocking the doors a second time she released his nuts and let them swing down to bounce off the rubber trim.

Peering through the window at the youth’s anguished grimace, Gemma felt a pang of guilt. Rather than reaching for the button which would certainly open the doors, the poor, terror-stricken fool was desperately clawing the millimetre gap between the two doors.

‘Well,’ said Gemma, unsure as to whether he could even hear her through the glass and over his own pitiable squealing, ‘now you can appreciate just how unpleasant it is to get your parts trapped.’ She reached for the button, prepared to free his genitals. ‘I hope you’ve learned your lesson.’

She pressed the button and waited for the doors to part, but they didn’t budge. She hit it again with more urgency and still the doors ignored her.

‘Huh...’ she said, perturbed.

‘This train is departing,’ said the automated announcement. ‘Please stand well clear.’


The train lurched forward with the youth still attached by the entirety of his precious manhood.

Gemma looked out through the window and into the youth’s terror-filled, pleading eyes. ‘Sorry,’ she said, shrugging apologetically.

With the train picking up speed, the youth’s concentration was wrenched away from Gemma and focused solely on keeping pace with his rapidly stretching sex organs. He had no choice but to sidestep as rapidly as he could alongside the carriage, sobbing hysterically as he went.

Gemma’s attention meanwhile was back on his cock, which squeaked comically up and down the rubber trim and remained extraordinarily engorged given the dire situation it was in. But even more hilarious than his squeaking cock was the sight of his spunk-laden balls swinging to-and-fro like a deranged pendulum and smashing painfully off the doors as they did so.

The youth’s sudden blood-curdling scream caused Gemma to look up just in time to see him flip head-over-heels and be despotised headfirst into the one of the platform’s rubbish bins. Open-mouthed with shock, Gemma caught a fleeting glimpse of his upturned, wildly kicking legs sticking out of the receptacle and then he and the platform were left behind.

Regaining her senses, she quickly looked down to discover whether he’d left any of his “valuables” on the train.

There were a few pubic hairs fluttering about, but his privates had apparently escaped intact. She let out a sigh of relief, but froze when she felt a warm wetness seeping through her tiny skirt onto her pussy.

Peering down between her still bared breasts she spotted it: the youth’s stiff dick must have managed to get off a parting shot as it and its low-hanging fruits were pulled through the gap in the doors. Gemma judged the quantity of frothy goo at about two whole testicles’ worth and knew from experience that there was no way to displace that much spunk without his nuts being turned inside out.

 ‘Oh, well,’ she said glumly.


When Gemma arrived at the coffee shop Judie was already setting up the machines.

‘You’ll never guess what happened to me on the subway,’ said Gemma.

Judie turned around to spy the lashings of seminal fluid dripping from Gemma’s skirt and gasped, ‘Oh my god! Gemma, you poor thing!’

‘Oh,’ said Gemma; reminded of the icky mess, ‘I forgot about that. No, I got my boobs trapped in the train doors and lost my ticket! Again!

‘And the... stuff?’ asked Judie, still perturbed by the copious amounts of jizz sprayed up the buxom blonde’s skirt.

‘Long story,’ said Gemma, shrugging as she rounded the counter and quickly slipped out of the soiled skirt.

‘Do you ever wear underwear?’ asked Judie, rolling her eyes at the unexpected sight of Gemma’s neat crop of blonde bush.

‘Oops,’ said Gemma, blushing deeply and covering up. ‘Have you got and spare clothes?’

‘Funny you should ask,’ said Judie, reaching for a box on the counter top.

‘What’s in there?’

‘Head office sent  us a new promotion,’ explained Judie, reaching inside the box to pull out a handful of cheap, cotton T-shirts and hot pants, and arranged them on the counter as Jamie entered the shop with Lilly following breathlessly.

‘Sorry we’re late,’ said Jamie. ‘Lilly decided this morning would be the perfect time to re-sculpt her pubic hair into a lightning bolt.’

‘Jamie!’ protested Lilly. ‘You said we’d tell them we got held up on the subway.’

‘Well, maybe if you hadn’t used up all my waxing strips I would have,’ replied Jamie, tersely.

Judie sighed and said, ‘I would love it if just one morning I didn’t have to hear about anyone else’s pussy,’ she turned to Gemma and added, ‘or boobs.’

Gemma blushed again.

‘Did you hear about the guy who had his cock and balls ripped off by the subway train this morning?’ asked Lilly, bursting with the need to be the first to tell of the news. ‘It’s all over Twitter!’

‘They weren’t ripped off,’ corrected Gemma. She held up her spunk-sodden skirt and added with a grimace, ‘but I’m pretty doubtful what’s left will be much use to him.’

‘Gemma,’ said Judie, aghast, ‘you tell me about your trapped boobs, but not about a guy getting nuts crushed by train?’

Gemma shrugged apologetically. ‘It was an accident – if he hadn’t taken advantage of me while I was so vulnerable he’d still have a full nut-sack... Anyway,’ she continued on a more positive note, ‘maybe now someone will make those doors a bit safer.’ She tossed the skirt in the bin with a cheerful grin.

‘Shit,’ said Jamie, unhappily. ‘I can’t believe it’s only Monday morning and Gemma’s already castrated more men than me – I need to up my game.’

‘Oh, no,’ said Gemma, her eyes suddenly wide with foreboding. ‘This isn’t an excused for another competition – not after the last one.’

‘No, it is not,’ agreed Judie. ‘As much fun as it was, the man from head office is visiting us today so I expect everyone to be on best behaviour. No castrations, ruptures or busting of any kind.’

‘Oh, come on!’ objected Jamie. She stormed toward the gap in the counter.

‘Wait!’ cried Gemma; quickly reaching for a pair of the little cotton hot pants on the counter and slipping into them.

‘What are those?’ asked Jamie, thumbing at the rest of the hot pants and T-shirts spread across the countertop.

‘We have to promote the choices of milk on offer,’ explained Judie. She turned over the T-shirts so that the writing emblazoned across the front could be read.

‘Full-fat, half-fat, low-fat and soya?’ read Lilly aloud.

‘Well, if anyone’s jugs are filled with full-fat milk it is Gemma’s,’ said Judie, lifting out the respective T-shirt and tossing it to the offended blonde.

‘Hey!’ she objected, holding the garment protectively to her sloshing rack.

‘What?’ asked Judie, mischievously.

‘Well, if anyone’s jugs are full of soya milk it’s you,’ said Gemma, lifting out the T-shirt for Judie. ‘It is artificial milk after all.’

Judie clutched her conspicuously spherical tits and gasped with indignation. Gemma was the only one who knew for sure that her tits were fake, but Judie feared that her comment would confirm any suspicions Jamie or Lilly might have. Before she could retort, however, an argument broke out between Jamie and Lilly over who should get the half-fat T-shirt.

Judie realised immediately that it had been a mistake to link the milk’s fat content to cup-size, even jokingly, and, after making a mental to never hire sisters again, she made the decision for them. It was decision swayed greatly in Lilly’s favour due to the fact that Judie didn’t like Jamie so much, and was quite pleased to get the chance to piss her off.

‘Lilly, you get half-fat,’ she announced.

‘Why does she get it?’ demanded Jamie.

Judie smiled and tossed the younger sibling the coveted T-shirt, asking her, ‘How many cup-sizes bigger are you than your sister, Lilly?’

The blonde caught the T-shirt and, beaming a smug grin, leaned in close to her big sister to boast, ‘Two!’

‘Wow,’ said Judie, who enjoyed seizing every possible opportunity to remind the gorgeous brunette of her inadequacies when compared to her little sister. ‘And still growing, no doubt.’ Lilly shrugged whilst beside her Jamie seethed. ‘Anyway,’ said Judie, blithely. ‘Best get changed into our new uniforms.’

While the other girls stripping down to their underwear on the spot, Gemma retreated to the bathroom for some privacy. When she returned she had a perturbed look on her face.

‘Does anyone else think these T-shirts are a bit... see-through?’ she asked.

‘Yeah,’ said Jamie, ‘but then I saw yours and realised they were completely see-through.’

The sheer volume of doughy flesh which Gemma’s T-shirt was trying to contain had a pronounced effect on the opacity of the garment: stretching its cheap, thin fabric until almost entirely transparent. Her astronomic dimensions also had an effect on the coverage the single-size T-shirt provided.

While the cut-off T-shirt just about succeeding in enveloping the full extent of Judie’s modest breasts, for the other girls, blessed as they were with an additional abundance of tit-meat, the tiny T-shirts were simply unable to cope.

‘Well, at least we all wore our bras today,’ said the blonde, upbeat.

Judie and Lilly looked back at her sheepishly.

‘Seriously?’ asked Gemma, noticing the dark circles of the girls’ areolae were shockingly apparent through the stretched material. ‘Judie I can understand, but Lilly? Aren’t you worried about stretch-marks?’

‘Why should I be worried about stretch-marks?’ asked Lilly, naively. ‘Jamie told me going braless helps keep them toned.’

Whilst Jamie bit her lip and looked away guiltily, Judie burst into laughter.

‘You mean it won’t?’ cried Lilly; suddenly realising she had been tricked yet again by her envious sister. Turning to confront Jamie, she demanded, ‘Tell me you weren’t lying about topless jumping-jacks making them firmer?’

Jamie shrugged as Judie shrieked with further delight.

You’ve had me doing twenty every morning!

Judie lost it. Holding her crotch she screamed, ‘I’m going to pee!’

‘It’s not funny, Judie!’ snapped Lilly; cupping her chest protectively. ‘They really hurt my boobs!’

‘Oh, Lilly, you poor thing,’ said Gemma; rubbing the young girl’s arm comfortingly. ‘Ignore these two – they’re just jealous.’

‘Well, fuck them,’ snapped Lilly, lifting her shirt, ‘I’m not wearing this.’

‘Yes, you are,’ insisted Judie; grabbing the blonde’s shirt and pulling it back down over her bared breasts, which were still extremely supple and stretch-free despite her sister’s attempt to make them otherwise. ‘The man from head office will want to see you in it.’

‘I bet he will,’ quipped Jamie.

‘I look stupid, though,’ complained Lilly; covering her nipples self-consciously.

‘Oh, that’s right,’ said Judie; having a recollection. ‘You really had crush on him last time he was here.’

‘No, I didn’t,’ said Lilly, obviously fibbing.

‘Oh, that’s right,’ cried Gemma, sharing a similar recollection. ‘And he really liked you too – and now you’re legal! Maybe he’ll ask you out.’

‘So little sis’ has a boyfriend,’ said Jamie; fighting hard to prevent a devious smile taking hold of her plump, sparkling lips. ‘How sweet.’

‘Whatever!’ huffed Lilly, gripping the bottom of the T-shirt once more. ‘I’m not wearing this fucking T-shirt!’

The T-shirt was over her head when the shop door opened unexpectedly and sent the young blonde ducking behind the counter with a shriek.

‘Who is it?’ she hissed, tugging the T-shirt back down.

‘It’s him,’ whispered Gemma, as the handsome, suited young man strode confidently into the shop.

‘Well, hello,’ said Jamie, quietly impressed as she eyed him up and down. ‘This is going to be fun.’

‘Hi, girls,’ he said approaching the counter. ‘I’m glad I caught you before you opened up.’

‘Hi,’ said Jamie, thrusting her hand toward him. ‘I’m Jamie.’

‘I’m Ted,’ he said, taking her hand and shaking it. ‘Wow, I knew your new uniforms would look good on you, but “good” doesn’t quite cover it.’

Jamie blushed, flattered, but noticed his eyes were not on her, but her little sister who was smiling bashfully back at him. The young blonde had arranged the T-shirt the best she could so that the printed words obscured her areolae, but her pink teats strained arrestingly through the centres of each ‘a’ in half-fat.

Jamie growled and unintentionally squeezed Ted’s hand overly hard.

‘Ow,’ he said withdrawing it quickly.

‘Oh! Sorry,’ she apologised; wishing she’d had hold of a different part of his anatomy.

‘No worries,’ he said, shaking it to get back circulation.

‘I’m here today to give you some exciting news. Marketing has decided out coffee chain needs a complete rebranding. From now on we’ll be known as “Milkmaids Coffee Shops”. We’re taking the brand in a more youthful, sexy direction so we’re looking for a girl to front the new Milkmaid advertising campaign. And I thought: what better place to start looking for that front than here, at my favourite branch?’

The girls looked at one another with opened-mouth excitement.

‘Girls, one of you is going to be famous! One of you is going to be our Milkmaid!

The girls were hopping giddily on the spot when through the front door came another young man in a suit followed by a young woman in cargo shorts and a baggy T-shirt. She had an expensive camera slung around her neck, and was lugging after her two cases full of lighting equipment.

‘Girls, this is Clive, head of marketing. And that’s Helen the photographer. She’s worked for several well-known men’s magazines.’

The girls were impressed, but the feeling clearly wasn’t mutual as Helen inspected each of them impassively. ‘I’ve worked with much worse,’ she said, finally; causing the girls to gasp with indignation. ‘Now where can I set up?’

‘There’s a room in the back which should be big enough,’ said Ted.

The photographer nodded and rudely pushed her way past the shocked girls to get to it.

‘She can be a bit abrasive,’ whispered Ted, apologetically, ‘but she really is the best at what she does.’

‘Wow,’ he said once more; again squarely eyeing Lilly. ‘I can’t get over how good you all look in your uniforms.’

Lilly giggled girlishly, causing Jamie to grind her teeth. If she couldn’t win him from Lilly, she would just have to destroy him.

‘Can I see talk to you a moment, Ted?’ asked Clive, the marketing executive.

The two men walked past the girls and into the back room were Helen was busy unpacking her equipment.

‘Can you believe it?’ asked Lilly, excitedly.

‘If you expect me to be nice to those pricks all day,’ said Jamie, ‘then I need to go get something out of my system.’

‘Who’s the unlucky man?’ asked Judie, watching Jamie leave; her flawless bum cheeks hanging out of the bottom of her hot pants and flexing alternately as she went.

Jamie paused at the door and turned back to say with a shrug, ‘The first one that annoys me. Don’t worry – I won’t be long.’


‘What do you think?’ asked Ted; eager to hear Clive’s opinion.

‘I think nothing says “milk” like a big pair of tits and that blonde has a set to be reckoned with.’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Ted, but his enthusiasm quickly turned to uncertainty. ‘You mean Lilly, right?’

‘The jailbait? No. I mean the one with tits like watermelons.’ Catching the look of disappointment on Ted’s face he added, ‘Don’t get me wrong, underage or not, I’d happily smash that tight gash all day long, but we’re here to sell coffee, Ted – getting our tip wet is secondary.’

Ted shifted uncomfortably.

‘We need an impartial opinion – let’s ask Helen.’

The suited men turned to the young woman hanging a white sheet against the back wall of the room.

‘Hey, Helen,’ said Clive. ‘Which do you think would sell more coffee – the one with the pair of zeppelins or the jailbait?’ He had hoped to make her blush with his crudity, but Helen had become desensitised to obscenity in the short time she had spent as a photographer in the seedy glamour industry.

‘Well,’ she said, without batting an eyelid, ‘nothing sells like an enormous pair of sweater cows...’

‘Told you,’ said Clive; patting Ted in commiseration.

‘But,’ continued Helen, ‘Jailbait is young, dumb and bursting with cum. I’ve seen her type before and they’ll do just about anything you ask them to get their faces on a few posters.’ The two men were openly salivating at the thought when she shrugged and concluded, ‘To be honest though, for me, neither has the wow factor.’

‘Well, if you want a “wow factor”,’ said Clive, ‘then what about the tight body on that other blonde? The Polish one. She has the looks too – those cheekbones and that smouldering stare like she wants to kick you in the nuts.’

‘I imagine she does,’ said Helen, matter-of-factly. ‘It’s just a shame she’s so flat up top.’

‘If you want face, body and a decent-sized tits then what about the brunette?’ suggested Ted. He went on to insist, ‘She has the lot.

‘True,’ said Clive. ‘But I had my heart set on a bubbly, big-titted blonde.’

‘That’s Lilly!’ declared Ted, emphatically.

‘I haven’t got all day,’ complained Helen, having finished setting up for the shoot. ‘You can deliberate over whose chin you want to rest your balls on later, but for now I say we give Jailbait and the brunette a shot and see who wants it more?’

‘Sounds good to me,’ said Clive. Ted nodded in agreement.

‘Well boys, don’t just stand there rubbing your hard-ons. One of you bring the in “lucky” girls and the other start cracking open the champagne – they’ll need to pretty well lubricated for what I’ve got in store for them.’


Jamie had only taken a few steps outside of the shopping centre when she saw the two boys sat on the wall.

‘Perfect,’ she said to herself and headed straight for them.

‘Fuck me,’ gasped the boy with his hood up, whilst pointing out the approaching babe to his friend.

His friend was already glassy-eyed at the sight of the smouldering brunette bouncing towards them. ‘It’s the fit lass who does the sandwiches in that coffee shop,’ he said, drooling.

‘Oh, yeah,’ said the hooded boy, recognising her. ‘She could make a sandwich with me and that big-boobed waitress any time.’

Jamie was irked to hear her sister mentioned and hurt to hear her be the one described as “big-boobed”.

The boys had been talking purposely loud enough for Jamie to overhear, but had not expected her to stop and turn to them. And they wouldn’t have dreamt that she would go on to ask seductively, ‘You want to be in a sandwich?’

After a stunned silence during which both boys’ baggy shorts tented impolitely, the boy in the hoodie gushed, ‘Hell, yeah!’

Jamie grinned and slinked sexily towards him. ‘How about I make you my speciality?’

‘Sure,’ said the boy, gulping audibly as the busty brunette ran her hand up inside the leg of his shorts.

When her searching fingers found his goodies she licked her lips and purred, ‘I just need a couple of ingredients.’

The boy’s eyes bulged suddenly out of their sockets and he leaned forward slightly.

‘Oh, didn’t I mention my speciality is a nut-butter sandwich?’

There was a sickening crunch and the boy let out a high-pitched wail before Jamie stepped out of the way and allowed him to topple forward off the wall. As he lay face down, his knees up by his chest and his hands clutching futilely at the crushed organs they had failed to protect, his friend took flight.

He leapt up onto his feet and tried to make his escape by running along the top of the wall, but Jamie was too quick to react. She grabbed his trailing leg and knocked his other out from under him, bringing down on top of his scrotum.

As he let out a cry and clutched his jewels, Jamie climbed up and straddled the wall as she had forced him to.

‘So you think I’m fit do you?’ she asked him, her eyes sparkling.

He stared at her with tear-filled eyes, unsure as to how he should answer.

She leaned forward, squashing her big breasts together between her upper arms as she did so. ‘Don’t be scared,’ she purred. ‘I just want to know how attractive you think I am compared to say... the big-boobed waitress?’

‘You’re much more attractive,’ he said, his voice trembling and cracking.

‘Oh, aren’t you sweet,’ said Jamie, blushing. ‘Come with me.’


Gemma and Lilly were still chattering with girlish excitement when Jamie threw her helpless victim up against the massive shop window and began to passionately thrust her tongue down his throat.

Judie looked up from the mirror of her compact and asked, ‘Isn’t that Jamie?’

Outside, Jamie wrestled the boy’s hands from his aching nuts and planted them firmly on her tits, gasping urgently, ‘Tell me how big they are!’ She pressed his fingers into her jugs until she felt the doughy flesh begin to resist further compression.

‘Tell me!’ she urged him; pushing his fingers deeper into her tit-flesh until she felt the delicious twinge of pain from her crushed glands.

Your boobs are big!’ cried the boy, desperate to satisfy her.

She let his hands go and was pleased when they stayed there voluntarily. She quickly unzipped his shorts and let them drop to his ankles.

Gemma and Lilly gasped with delight at the sight of the boy’s bare arse pressed up against the glass, and even Judie joined them by the window to get a better look.

Taking a step back, Jamie assessed the boy’s reaction to the feel of her tits.

‘You’re pretty big yourself,’ she said, impressed by the ferocity of his erection. ‘Now, turn around,’ she commanded him.

‘Why?’ asked the boy, hesitating for long enough to frustrate Jamie into spinning him around herself and throwing him once more against the window.

The boy was quite shocked to find three girls staring back at him through the glass with the look of amused disbelief.

‘Oh, shit!’ he cried, when the young blonde waitress noticed his raging boner and pointed it out to the other girls with a shriek of laughter which reverberated through the glass. ‘There are people in there!’

‘Are they watching?’ Jamie asked him; taking a second step back to give herself enough room for what she had been planning all along.

‘Yes!’ he shrieked. He went to pull his shorts back up, but had got no further than dropping his hands to his sides when Jamie drove the flat sole of her shoe in-between his legs with all the power she could muster.

The girls were taken aback by the abruptness and brutality of the kick, which flattened the boy’s dangling nut-sack wide across the glass and obliterated any trace of the fat, pink eggs which had hung so heavy moments earlier.

‘Oh, my god!’ cried Gemma; caught unprepared for the sight of such a graphic yet curiously soundless castration. She stumbled back shaken, but was still watching when, moments later, the boy, whose every muscle had tensed solid; freezing him a state of perpetual agony, gave a powerful shudder and let loose a veritable geyser of thick, lumpy jizz, which soared into the air, depositing itself on the glass in a slimy streak which reached all way up to the full height of the window.

Feeling faint, Gemma had to prop herself up on the edge of a table in order to stay upright, and yet, the innocent young blonde still found herself unable to take her eyes off the ongoing spectacle, as Jamie callously began to circle the sole of her shoe around the boy’s crushed scrotum; ensuring any and all remaining traces of definition were ground to a pulp against the glass.

Only when she was certain she had squeezed out every last drop from the boy’s sac did Jamie withdraw her foot and let him slide down the window, squeaking as he went; his twitching grimace smearing the spunk so liberally splashed up it.

Leaving him to pass out, Jamie entered the shop, pausing to let out a loud sigh of satisfaction.

‘Feel better now?’ asked Judie; the only girl not stunned silent by the episode.

‘Much, thanks,’ said Jamie; her nipples straining though her T-shirt and bra like bullets. ‘He was my second so, Gemma, I’m beating you again.’

Gemma could only shake her head with despair.

Jamie brushed back her fringe and straightened her T-shirt before excusing herself to the bathroom.

‘I need to reapply my lipstick,’ she said, picking up her handbag on the way.

‘Yeah,’ said Lilly, breathily. ‘So do I.’

Quickly, and with the slick sound of wet thighs rubbing together, she walked out of the shop into the kitchen.

Judie turned to Gemma and said with a wry smirk, ‘Make sure you wash all the cucumbers when she comes out.’

‘Hey,’ said Ted, taking the pair by surprise. ‘Where’s Lilly and... er... Amy?’

‘Jamie,’ corrected Judie, as behind her Gemma stood up in an attempt to block his view of the soiled window and the twitching eunuch beyond. ‘And they’re... um...’

‘In the toilet,’ said Gemma, without thinking.

‘Both of them?’ asked Ted, puzzled, whilst Judie turned to scowl at Gemma. ‘Together?’

‘Well, they are sisters,’ said Gemma, giggling uneasily.

Ted’s jaw dropped and remained that way for several seconds until Judie asked, ‘Can we help?’

‘Uh? Oh... I suppose... until they get out.’


‘I thought you were bringing in the brunette and Jailbait?’ said Helen, stood behind her camera ready.

‘They’re in the toilet,’ explained Ted.

‘Together?’ asked Helen. ‘What are they – lezzers? ‘Cause that would work well on a poster.’

‘They’re sisters,’ Ted told her.

‘Even better,’ said Helen. ‘How naughty.’

‘Well, I thought we’d give Gemma and Judie here have a shot while we wait.’

Helen shrugged. ‘Whatever. You two,’ she said, beckoning the two blondes onto the set, ‘you’ve got five minutes to impress me.’

The girls shared an uneasy glance and then began to strike nervous poses.

‘Seriously girls, is the best you’ve got? Where’s the sex? I want you to make love to the camera, in fact, forget that – you, the one with the melons, I want you to titty-fuck this camera. And you,’ she was addressing Judie, ‘you don’t have it up top, but you have it everywhere else – put that tight little ass of yours work!’

While Helen’s encouragement reduced them down to nothing more than a selection of titillating anatomical components, the girls found themselves responding to the debasement as they began to thrust and writhe with growing conviction until the camera flashes stopped a few moments later and Helen stepped out from behind the tripod waving her hands.

‘You. Melons.’ Gemma stopped gyrating and looked at her with wide eyes. ‘The bra hanging out from under the T-shirt look just isn’t working for me.’

Gemma, who could not see the underside of her mountainous rack without the aid of a mirror, had no way of knowing that her T-shirt left exposed not only the underwire section, but also a great deal of the bottom of her enormous cups and was mortified to have it pointed out.

‘This is so embarrassing,’ she gushed, clutching herself.

‘It’s really not,’ said Helen, walking back behind her camera. ‘Just whip it off and we’ll carry on.’

‘Take off my bra?’ Gemma enquired with an anxious frown.

‘Yeah,’ said the photographer placing her hands on her hips expectantly. ‘You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of... have you?’

‘No,’ said Gemma defensively. She looked at Judie for guidance. The blonde shrugged unhelpfully.

With great unease, Gemma slowly reached behind her back and struggled with her bra clasp. It unfastened with unexpected ease and caught her unprepared; flipping up the front of her T-shirt ad exposing her to the camera and three strangers stood behind it.

With lightening reflexes, Helen snapped a sly photograph before Gemma, yelping with embarrassment, tugged her top back down over her bared breasts.

‘Did anyone see anything?’ she asked her open-mouthed audience.

‘See what?’ asked Helen disingenuously. She nudged Ted who shook his head.

‘I didn’t see them,’ he lied, drooling.

Though still uncertain, Gemma continued to slip off her bra whilst Judie watched her, suspicious that the buxom blonde might have purposely flashed her considerable assets to endear herself to the judges.

Once Gemma had the bra off her shoulders she tossed it by the doorway. When she turned back around the three of them were crowded around the camera once more with mouths gaping.

‘It’s not quite right for your campaign,’ Helen whispered, ‘but I know a couple of lads’ mags editors who’d give their left nut for this photo – we might be able to make some real money out of these girls if we see how far they’re prepared to go.’

Neither girl overheard her; they were busy sharing a smile, though Judie’s had no warmth in it at all as she enviously examined Gemma’s braless rack, which hung out almost entirely below the T-shirt in bulbous white globes of flesh. Not that the flesh still contained in the T-shirt looked any less tantalising what with the overloaded fabric being stretched thin as tracing paper to leave her big, pink areolae clearly visible.

‘Cunning,’ said Judie tersely; unable to hold back her anger any longer.

‘What do you mean?’ asked Gemma, puzzled.

Judie didn’t answer. She instead turned her back to the camera and slipped her hot pants down to her ankles, bending purposely at the waist to bare her spreading butt-cheeks to the gobsmacked audience.

‘Nice!’ cooed Helen, snapping away furiously.

Judie casually tossed aside her hot pants and said to Gemma, ‘It is on.’

The girls continued to posed for the camera, though Judie’s competitive ass-flaunting only made Gemma more uncomfortable until she was stood stationary with her arms cross over her breasts.

‘The other one is making Zeppelins self-conscious,’ complained Clive.

‘You’re right,’ agreed Helen.

‘Actually, we have enough ass shots,’ she announced, causing Judie to turn. ‘We just need Melons to stay and retake a few.’

Judie was stunned. ‘But... I...’ She gestured weakly at her bared ass.

Helen shrugged and confirmed, ‘We’re done here.’

‘Splendid work,’ said Clive, rubbing his hands together. ‘I imagine you can go and open up the shop now, yes? There’s no point losing any more custom, am I right, Ted?’

Ted nodded without word.

Having been justifiably confident of her chances, Judie was utterly devastated by her dispassionate dismissal. Shell-shocked, she nodded and shuffled despondently toward the door.

‘Right,’ said Helen, getting back to business, ‘Melons, I need you to put those things to good use.’ She thumbed to Ted and Clive, adding, ‘If these guys aren’t bursting their zippers you’re not doing it right. Got me?’

Gemma looked back to her friend for support, but found she had gone, and, though she didn’t notice it, so was her bra.


Stood in the small corridor which joined all the rooms, Judie remained motionless for a long time.

It was only when she went to put back on her hot pants that and noticed she had picked up Gemma’s bra along with it that she suddenly sprung into life as the sight of the impressive contraption caused her to snap. Dropping the hot pants with disinterest she let out a murderous roar and attempted to tear the garment in two.

However, with the bra being engineered to withstand the immense strain of a bouncing pair of H-cup milk-monsters, it refused to rend, and just as she was about to rip into it with her teeth, the two doors either side of her opened simultaneously and she was left hurriedly hiding the bra behind her back as out stepped Lilly and her sister Jamie; both suspiciously flushed and short of breath.

Both girls recoiled on seeing Judie stood waiting for them.

‘I was just...’ started Lilly, guiltily.

Whilst her little sister faltered, Jamie eyed Judie up and down suspiciously. ‘What’s going on?’ she asked.

‘Gemma is showing true colours,’ said Judie.

‘What, in there?’ cried Lilly. ‘With them? No fair!’

‘Tough titties,’ said Judie, without feeling. ‘Now the pair of you start opening up shop.’

As Judie pushed past Jamie and locked herself in the toilet, the sisters stared at one another with distress.

‘Of course they went for the girl with the biggest tits,’ growled Jamie, bitterly. ‘Fucking men.’

‘But I thought he liked me,’ sobbed Lilly; her eyes welling with tears. Her upset gave Jamie some cheer.

‘There, there, Lil,’ she said, pulling her teary-eyed sister to her bosom. ‘You’re just another big-titted but otherwise unremarkable blonde to him, but don’t you worry, he’s going get what’s coming to him. I’ll make sure of it.’


Inside the bathroom, Judie was again examining Gemma’s massive bra. She held to up to her own chest and stared down at the cups which yawned back at her; not in the slightest bit filled by her modest bumps.

Judie growled and crushed the cups in her hands before tossing the garment into the toilet bowl and callously flushing it away.

When she came out and went through to the kitchen, she noticed the cucumber lying on the worktop. Lilly hadn’t even the shame to hide it back amongst the others after using it. Nor had she had the decency to wash it from the smell of it.

Taking it by what she hoped was the clean end, she marched through to the shop and thrust it toward an unsuspecting Lilly, who pressed herself back against the counter to avoid contact with its pungent tip.

‘Don’t you ever clean up after yourself?’ Judie demanded.

‘Hey, don’t take it out on her,’ yelled Jamie. ‘We’re all just as pissed off with Gemma.’

Judie relented; lowering the threatening vegetable from Lilly’s face. ‘I’m going out,’ she said.

‘What?’ asked Jamie. ‘Why?’

Judie stopped at the door and told her with a shrug, ‘Now I have something to get out of system.’

‘But...’ yelled Lilly after her. ‘Who’ll make the coffees? Judie?’

‘Fuck!’ cursed Jamie. ‘She’s going to beat my score.’


‘She seems a bit shy,’ Ted whispered whilst sneaking a glance at the buxom blonde stood under the bright lights with one arm across her front holding the other, quite obviously uncomfortable.

‘It’s okay,’ Helen assured him. ‘It seems contrary, but it’s always the ones with the biggest tits who are least willing to flaunt them. But trust me boys, they may act like they don’t want to get them out, but give them enough encouragement and they’ll be shaking them just as desperately as the rest.’

She watched the way the men hung on her every word, grinning like idiots and tenting their trousers like a pair of oblivious teenagers. ‘You just wait,’ she told them with a playful wink, ‘I’ll have her out of her top in minutes.’

‘Right, Melons,’ she said, turning to face the unsuspecting blonde, ‘we’ll start with a few exercises to limber you up. If you could just try touching your elbows together behind your back for me, that’d be great.’

Gemma was well practiced at this particular exercise; for some reason, her old high school PE teacher would always make her try and touch elbows before he would even let her put on her PE top. She had once enquired as to why she was the only one doing it and he had told her that it was to do with her overdeveloped pectorals. So it was without question that Gemma pushed her elbows back and began trying to make them meet whilst Helen snapped photos and the two men awed at the sight of her outthrust titties which inched their way out from under her overwhelmed T-shirt.

Gemma persevered with the exercise valiantly, until it became apparent to Helen that no further tit-flesh would escape. With a sigh, the photographer straightened up and said, ‘Okay, great work. Now could you touch your toes for me?’

When Gemma nodded and dutifully folded at the waist, Helen turned to the men and whispered, ‘This never fails.’

After a few seconds Gemma announced, ‘I can’t reach them,’ her words muffled by the upturned tit-meat dangling in her face.

‘That’s fine,’ Helen told her. She turned and winked at the men, adding, ‘Just jump back up.’

Catching the blonde reaching for her chest, she added hastily, ‘No, no. Hands on hips!’

Gemma gripped her hips and, with a groan, hauled herself swiftly upright. There was a fleshy slap as her back-breaking boobs set back down on her chest, but, against all the odds, her nipples had spared themselves exposure by catching on to the hem of T-shirt and preventing it from slipping further upward.

Ted and Clive groaned with frustration.

‘She’s a prick-tease all right,’ hissed Helen; similarly irked.

She took two full milk bottles from her prop bag and walked across the set to hand them to Gemma.

The blonde, unaware that a full half of each areola has slipped from under her T-shirt, accepted the milk bottles and studied them with a furrowed brow.

‘What do you want me to do with these?’ she asked.

‘I want you to look into the camera, give me your biggest smile and then throw your arms up in the air.’

‘Okay,’ said Gemma, uncertainly, as Helen quickly scurried back behind her camera.

The men nudged each other in anticipation of the effect the sudden movement would have on her precariously restrained attire.

‘Ready...’ said Helen. ‘Let’s see those milk-makers!’

Gemma threw her arms up in the air and forced her widest, most toothsome smile as a great undulation rolled up her jugs and caused them to buck the T-shirt entirely.

Oblivious to her sudden toplessness, Gemma held the milk bottles aloft like prized trophies whilst Helen snapped photo after photo of the real prizes.

‘Perfect,’ purred Helen as she picked up her tripod and moved it about the set to capture the busty barista’s nudity from every possible angle before she noticed. ‘Just hold that pose a little longer.’

After quite a lot longer, Gemma’s cheeks were aching from holding a smile, but more disturbing was the growing sensation that she was underdressed:  a sensation she rarely experienced despite the fact that her usual clubwear consisted of hot pants and a pair of braces which, no matter how carefully she aligned them, failed to fully conceal her big, pink areolae.

The feeling that she was somehow overexposed gnawed at her whilst the frenzied camera flashes continued to inundate and disorient her. To escape the assault of light, Gemma dropped her gaze to the floor and couldn’t help but notice that the proud, pink peaks of her breasts seemed terribly apparent through the cotton T-shirt. Blinking away the blinding spots which had accumulated in her vision, she observed them once more and let out a sudden gasp. ‘My boobs!’ she screamed; letting the milk bottles fall.

She covered her tits at the same moment the bottles smashed against the ground and covered her legs in tepid milk.

‘You...’ she began; her eyes and mouth wide open as she tried to process her response. ‘You...’

That was all she could manage before letting out a sob and fleeing the room in tears.


Jamie was passing behind the counter after dropping a sandwich order off at a table when Lilly mistakenly hit the wrong lever on the coffee machine and sprayed her tits with what her sister naturally assumed was boiling water.

Lilly!’ cried Jamie as the young blonde turned to her screaming; the front of her T-shirt sent completely transparent.

The brunette leapt forward and had the T-shirt whipped off over her sister’s head in an instant.

‘Jamie!’ cried Lilly, hurriedly catching her flopping, sopping tits and squeezing them protectively together in a doughy bunch in the middle of her chest.

‘What?’ asked the brunette, breathlessly before realising that the T-shirt she had liberated from her sister was drenched with cold water rather than hot. ‘Oh,’ she said sheepishly. She looked about the shop at the stunned customers and then offered the dripping T-shirt back to her humiliated sister apologetically.

All of a sudden Gemma came rushing into the shop, sobbing and tugging her T-shirt down over her bouncing rack.

‘Thank god,’ declared Jamie, turning to her. ‘Neither of us has a clue how to work this... Gemma? What’s the matter?’

‘They... They...’

‘They what,’ asked Lilly, dropping a wet tit in order to put an arm around her friend.

‘They tricked me and took photos of my boobs!

‘That’s it!’ growled Jamie. She turned to the few customers enjoying the spectacle along with their coffees and yelled, ‘Everybody out!’

She marched out from behind the counter and began chasing them out of their seats until she came to one man who was so besotted with the exposed breast of the dripping young girl behind the counter that he refused to budge when prompted.

‘Move!’ Jamie commanded him impatiently.

‘I'm not finished,’ he said absently; holding up a full coffee. If this weren’t enough to infuriate Jamie, the sight of his boner over her little sister was.

Snatching the coffee cup from his hand, she pulled off the lid and emptied the scalding contents into his lap saying, ‘Now you're finished.’

He let out a shriek of anguish and leapt up out of his seat only to be taken by the collar and marched out of the shop with his hard-boiled balls rattling as he went.

The man had pushed his trousers down around his knees by the time they reached the exit, but it didn’t stop Jamie giving him an almighty shove out of the door. Slamming the door behind him, Jamie casually turned its sign to read CLOSED and walked back to where Gemma stood gobsmacked and Lilly was pulling her wet T-shirt back over her head.

‘You really should be nicer to our customers,’ said Gemma; fresh tears still streaking her cheeks as she stared through the glass door at the half naked man dragging himself tortuously away from the shop with his scaled, slack sac trailing behind him.

‘That’s nothing compared with what I’m going to do to those perverts in there,’ Jamie told her; eliciting a wicked chuckle from Lilly.


Judie had headed straight for her usual hunting ground: the local gym. There, she could always find a plentiful supply of her favourite type of victim: the sexiest meatheads who never failed to come out with some colourful, if monosyllabic, remark upon laying eyes on her sumptuous frame.

Judie’s record in a single visit was six busted, two ruptured and one castrated. This had been on the day the gym had been promoting International Women’s Day as, while the men had taken upon themselves to be extra misogynistic, Judie had taken it upon herself to leave them all childless.

Judie had found that the only downside of targeting such muscle-bound individuals was not their ability to fight back, she was well practiced at felling men three times her size, but the disappointing size of their steroid-shrunken testicles. It always amused Judie that for all their posturing and bluster, the hairless gorillas were invariably smuggling raisons in their Speedos.

She picked up a towel and headed straight for the sauna to take advantage of the effect hot steam had on a scrotum because if there was one thing Judie loved it was a big, swinging sac, even if it were barely filled by a pair of shrivelled grapes.

Having stripped and wrapped herself in the towel, Judie entered the sauna to find a great hulk of a man confidently chatting up two young women. The man was naked but for a towel closer to the size of a washcloth, which he had draped over his lap. She had apparently caught him in the middle of a vulgar magic trick in which he would cause the towel to rise up into the air on command. The girls seemed to be captivated and giggled girlishly throughout the show.

The three of them were so engrossed that Judie’s entrance had gone unnoticed allowing her the freedom to creep opposite the man and sink silently to her knees in order to peek up the his tented towel. When she saw what he was hiding under there she gasped.

He had the biggest balls she had ever seen on a man so massive. Not only that, but his incredibly slack scrotum had been drawn several inches from his crotch by the considerable weight of the spunk-laden eggs hanging within.

While the dangling length of creased, supple sac awed the blonde, the thought of the seemingly endless supply of nut cord his balls must have had seemed inconceivable to her. Curious to see just how low they could go, Judie got up and ladled some water on to the hot stones.

The loud hiss of steam caught the group’s attention and, when she turned to walk to the bench opposite, the sight of her peachy buttocks peeking out from beneath her short towel held it.

Knowing from experience that all eyes would be on her perfect rear, when Judie reached the bench she spun around suddenly, cast off the towel and sat her naked self down. Finally, and only because she was feeling particularly naughty, Judie hitched her legs wide apart and presented them her most intimate aspect.

The three strangers took a sharp intake of breath as her pursed pussy lips began to leisurely unfold before them to reveal the luscious pink flesh within.

‘Hey, slut,’ objected the lightly-freckled strawberry-blonde. ‘Nobody wants to see your nasty beaver.’

‘Yeah!’ her busty friend chimed in. ‘Shut your legs, skank – you’re stinking up the place.’

Judie simply smiled back at them. Then, turning to the man, she asked, ‘How about you, big boy? Do you mind?’

Suddenly aware he was being addressed, the man looked up with a dopey expression and asked, ‘Huh?’

In any event, a verbal response was entirely superfluous: the way his towel had suddenly raised high above his crotch was obvious enough an answer for all three girls.

‘Hey!’ protested the strawberry-blonde; taking offence at the extent of his arousal, which had failed to reach such heights when she was the focus of his attention.

Without even looking at them, he gestured vaguely toward the exit and told them, ‘Fuck off.’

The strawberry- blonde gasped; hurt at his blunt dismissal. Then, filled with a sudden rage, she glared spitefully at his soaring erection and tried to concoct a way in which she could deflate the granite-hard rod. Her method became immediately clear when she noticed his big plums dangling susceptibly from under the towel.

Gripped suddenly by the bollocks, the brute was understandably shocked, but, rather than simply submit like a most men, the brute had no qualms about injuring a female and, taking her roughly by the hair, he hurled her to the floor.

Fortunately for him, his sweaty nuts slipped from the girl’s grasp before she hit the tiles and sprawled inelegantly; her towel flying open to leave her spread-legged and exposed.

The man pulled his towel off his lap and flung it aside as he took a single menacing step toward her.

‘You’ll pay for that,’ he growled, before, out of nowhere, the blonde’s buxom friend leapt on his back; rather embarrassingly jolting her floppy tits out of her towel to leave them draped either side of the big man’s neck. Her surprise attack did at least give the blonde the opportunity to deliver a kick up from the ground which struck his low-hanging nuts and sent them sailing up into the air.

Ungh!’ groaned the man; his eyes watering and his impressive six-pack contracting as the pain ripped through his guts, yet, instead of clutching his assaulted bollocks, the brute chose to seized the brunette’s fat titties before proceeding to cruelly twist them as far as they would go. The brunette’s ample jugs were put through a full rotation before it even started to crease and in the meantime the strawberry-blonde had gritted her teeth and set to kicking the spunk out of his wildly swinging orbs.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, the man retaliated by twisting her friend’s jugs even further until their bright red, scrunched flesh was bulging from his grasp, fit to burst.

Reaching new heights of tit-tormented agony, the brunette beseeched her friend, ‘Do something!’

Realising that her snap kicks were never going to do the damage necessary to fell him, the strawberry-blonde shuffled forward and wrapped her hands around his scrotum, prompting an immediate gasp from the big man. She looked up and found him staring at her with wide, terrified eyes.

She shot him a mean smile and said, ‘Timber, bitch,’ before giving his sac an almighty downward tug which certainly put Judie’s theory that men had unlimited lengths of nut cords to the test, stretched as they were, though only momentarily, down to his knees.

While the elastic skin quickly returned to a more manageable length, the sudden overwhelming agony turned the brutes legs to jelly and had them sliding out from underneath him in opposite directions.

The strawberry-blonde realised her mistake in being directly under the toppling giant, but all she could do was shrieked and roll onto her front to protect herself as his bare arse came crashing down on top of her and pinned her to the floor.

When she dared to open her eyes, she found that her adversary’s genitals were draped over the top of her head; his meaty balls dangling mockingly before her eyes, sticky against the bridge of her nose.

‘Get him off me!’ she shrieked.

Responding to her friend pleas, the buxom brunette dropped down off the back of the brute and, clutching her drooping lengths of sore, sorry-looking tit, she circled around cautiously.

Her towel, which remained barely fastened at all, finally slipped away completely, allowing Judie to scrutinise her full frontal. She grimaced.

The brunette’s tits may have been stretched and swollen from the brutal mistreatment at the hands of the brute, but it was clear to Judie that they had never been the ripe melons that Judie was accustomed to: having worked so long with three girls who had all broken through the double-D ceiling and come through the other side firm, full and flawless.

She did have to concede, however, that if the brunette’s tits had been scooped up and stuffed into a bra they would have probably filled one of Gemma’s, but left hanging unfettered they were as long and comically floppy as the brute’s sprawling scrotum. Judie couldn’t help but snigger at the hilarious dangling appendages.

Unaware that she was being judged so unfavourably, the brunette crept towards the cross-eyed brute who sat atop her friend hesitantly, halting before she got too close. Taking another step closer, she cautiously held out her hand and waved it in front of his purple face.

‘I think you broke him,’ she whispered to the blonde.

‘They look like they’d still work to me,’ said the blonde glumly, as she stared up at her friend unable to see beyond the dangling balls.

‘Not those – I mean it’s like you broke his brain.’

Unfortunately she had spoken too soon and without warning the brute’s hands shot out to seize her hanging tits in a crushing clinch before wrenching them powerfully downward.

Looking out from under the man’s repulsively squirming nuts, the strawberry-blonde watched with horror as her friend was yanked after her jugs to solidly chin the tiles and be knocked insensible.

‘Oh, god!’ cried the blonde; knowing the fight was lost as slowly his balls began to slip out of her vision, through her hair and down the back of her neck as he began to shuffle his way down along her back to help himself to his prize: her hairless pink treasure.

‘Please,’ she sobbed, when her legs were pulled apart effortlessly and she felt the heat from his genitals on her own. ‘Be gentle,’ she implored him, weeping.

‘Not a chance, you little bitch,’ he told her whilst using her ass cheeks for support as he lined himself up for entry. ‘I’m going to split you in half.’

She screamed and squirmed against him, but couldn’t escape the fat head of his cock which parted her trembling lips and entered her.

‘That’s far enough!’ growled Judie; stamping his trailing balls into the tiles to prevent him from violating the girl another inch.

Garrgh!’ he roared with a mixture of intense pain and frustration.

‘Quiet you!’ Judie told him sternly; giving his nuts a sharp twist that sent his legs into an uncontrollable jig and caused his fingers to dig deep into the strawberry-blonde’s ass cheeks to send her springing forwards with a yelp.

Having escaped penetration, she rolled onto her back to look up at Judie with wide, grateful eyes. ‘Thank you!’ she gushed. ‘He was going to rape me.’ Judie regarded her dispassionately.

‘And I should have let him,’ she said, prompting the strawberry-blonde to gasp at her heartlessness.

‘You started it,’ Judie went on. ‘If you grab a man by his eggs you have to have the conviction to crack the shells. Like so...’

She singled out the larger of the brute’s nuts and, after steadying the squirming orb beneath her heel, she stomped down whilst swiftly twisting her ankle to crush it against the tiles with a crunch.

With his bollock obliterated, the brute arched his back and ejaculated violently; spraying his lumpy load in a line that ran up the middle of the strawberry-blonde’s prostrate body, starting at her gaping cunt and ending at her gasping mouth.

Both the man and the blonde remained frozen for a short time after the event: the man because his muscles were gripped by spasms brought on by the overwhelming agony, the blonde because she was unable to process the revolting ordeal which she had just been subjected to.

The brute was the first to reanimate; his eyes rolled inwards and, with a nauseous, grief-stricken groan, his body went limp and he collapsed to the floor with a wet thud. The girl followed shortly; spitting out a mouthful of jizz and screaming at the top of her lungs.

Her scream roused her friend who, in her confused state, grabbed a towel and tried to help by dabbing heavily at the cum splashed over the blonde’s pussy.

‘You’re rubbing it in!’ shrieked the strawberry-blonde, pushing her away.

Judie rolled her eyes at the performance as she wrapped herself in her towel and scooped up another ladleful of water.

‘I’m going to leave you girls the other nut to practice on,’ she said, walking over to where the brute lay twitching with the brimming ladle held out in front. ‘Time for round two,’ she said with a wicked smile; pouring the cold water over the brute’s head to bring him round with start.

The strawberry-blonde and her floppy-titted friend could only gasp with horror and embrace one another as, too insensible to appreciate the severity of the ball-busting which had incapacitated him, the brute immediately tried to stand only to find that his legs were incapable of taking his weight. Hunched and with legs wobbling dramatically beneath him, he managed to remain upright for a couple seconds until, with a nauseous groan, he crumpled back down onto his knees defeated.

‘My bollocks,’ he moaned as the sickening pain began to reassert its hold on his foggy brain. He clutched at his dangling sac and found it lighter than usual. He looked up at the girls, his eyes wide with distress. They stared back at him, fearful of his reaction.

‘My bollock!’ he squeaked with heart-breaking anguish. His fingers probed desperately about his lengthy scrotum until he made the awful realisation. ‘You crushed one of my bollocks, you... you bitches!’

‘It wasn’t us,’ sobbed the brunette.

‘I’m going to kill you!’ he bellowed with such sudden ferocity that the girls shrieked and clung onto one another for dear life.

‘Oh, god!’ they cried as he shuffled feebly towards them with his huge hands outstretched ready to grab them.

‘Christ,’ said Judie with a sigh. ‘Here.’ She tossed the ladle which landed in the blonde’s lap. ‘It might come in useful.’


Jamie and Lilly burst into the back room of the coffee shop to find Clive depositing a balled up and dripping sheet full of shattered glass into the bin.

Before either girl could ask what the hell had happened, Helen spotted them and cried, ‘Finally! It’s about time the real talent arrived.’

Jamie was primed to explode, but faltered when she heard this. ‘Wait... What do you mean?’ she asked, curious.

‘Well,’ said Helen; happy one of them had taken the bait, ‘we took a few snaps of the other girls, but you didn’t think either of them were ever seriously in the running do you?’

‘That’s right,’ said Clive, taking his cue. ‘Not when they had you two as competition.’

‘Girls,’ said Ted. He walked quickly across the room holding out two fizzing champagne flutes which he forced into their hands. ‘One of you lucky ladies is going to be our Milkmaid: the face of the entire campaign!’

‘Really?’ gasped Lilly. Quickly handing her glass to Jamie, she then leapt into Ted’s arms and hugged him squealing excitedly, ‘What do we have to do?’

Whilst Ted looked back at Clive with glee, Jamie narrowed her eyes at her insufferable little sister, knowing at once that she would have to pull out all the stops if she were going to win the judges’ votes. She looked down at the two glasses of bubbly in her hands and then downed them, bitterly, one after the other.


Judie peered around the wall dividing the male shower room from the changing room and spied her prey. He was all alone and completely unsuspecting: a tall, lean blond quite unlike the muscle-bound behemoths she usually preyed on at the gym; Judie’s type in fact, but it wasn’t sex she was interested in today, it was beating Jamie’s nut-popping score.

Unaware of Judie’s dark intentions toward his testicles, Boris slipped his jogging bottoms down over his well muscled legs and set his swinger free as he began rummaging through his rucksack for his Speedos.

Hearing the padding of wet feet, he looked up and was stunned to find the most breathtakingly beautiful blonde he had ever laid eyes on step out of the showers nonchalantly drying her hair on a towel despite her complete nudity.

With his own nakedness forgotten, he simply watched, open-mouthed, as every neuron in his brain excitedly relayed the sight to his dick and balls which were quickly swollen with lust for her perfectly-perky tits and hairless, dripping cunt.

By the time the inattentive blonde spotted him his cock was at full mast. With an outraged scream of, ‘Pervert!’ she dropped her towel and covered herself sloppily, leaving much exposed.

Boris was overwhelmed and simply held up his hands in an attempt to hush her.

‘This is female changing room!’ she cried, in an eastern European accent. ‘Get out! Security! Security!

Boris shook his head in desperation; almost certain he was in the right changing room. Almost.

Suddenly uncertain, he panicked and backed quickly toward the exit leaving behind all of his clothing. Only when he reached the door did he halt and reconsider, but when the furious blonde made a sudden charge for him, screaming and lashing out with sharp nails, his thoughts went to self-preservation and he slipped outside and slammed the door shut behind.

Judie chuckled to herself. Works every time, she thought. She had used this tactic many times with the same result. And if previous experience was anything to in by he would quickly realise he hadn’t been in the wrong changing room after all and return full of bluster and indignation and calling her enough rude words to justify her taking of both his testes. At least she hoped he would: she had a competition to win after all.

As he pulled the door shut behind him Boris was presented with the sign affixed to its back which read GENTLEMEN.

‘Fucking bitch!’ he yelled, only to receive a sharp shocked gasp which seemed to come from all around him. He turned quickly to find himself surrounded by a large group of schoolgirls off to their gymnastics class. He began to apologise for his language, but their wide-eyed southward stares reminded of his nudity. 

The girls were elated by the sight of his big, swinging cock. Their teacher, however, was not and pushed aside the giggling teens to blast him square in the naked nuts with her plimsoll.

Letting out a strangled cry, Boris clutched his smashed nuts and retreated back into the changing room.

Judie was surprised at how quickly the man returned, but his attitude and the language he used was exactly what she had hoped for.

‘You thick cunt!’ he bellowed as he slammed the door shut behind him. ‘This is the men’s changing room!’

‘Then what are you doing in here, nutless?’ she asked dryly.

‘Nutless?’ Boris squeaked incensed. He lifted his dick to give her a good look at his throbbing, pink low hangers. ‘Do I look nutless, bitch?’

‘Not yet,’ said Judie with a smile.

‘You smug little whore,’ he growled, marching towards her with menace. ‘I’m going to wipe that smile off your—’ He was stopped in his tracks by a short, sharp snap from Judie’s towel.

 ‘Oo!’ cooed Judie; genuinely surprised at the precision of her shot which had struck his left nut and set his scrotum spinning until it had wrapped around itself several times over.

The strike felt like a knife to the gut and caused his entire body to tense instantly; strangling the automatic cry of anguish before it even passed his lips.

Judie was too busy watching his ball-bag as it proceeded to twist in the opposite direction to appreciate the tears welling in Boris’ shock-widened eyes, but she did notice that his shaking hands inching their way slowly towards the source of her amusement.

‘Hands off,’ she told him, whipping the towel at his scrotum a second time, and again it struck the nerve-packed left organ only.

Boris fell away as if a trapped door had suddenly opened up beneath him. Landing on his knees, he found himself staring straight at her mockingly pouting pussy lips. and it didn’t take long for him to covert the impervious flaps enviously.

‘Now,’ she said, ‘I give you ten seconds to leave with your nuts intact.’

This immediately drew Boris’ attention from her flaps. He started up at her with dismay.

‘ Ten...’ she said purposefully.

In a blind panic, Boris shuffled around on the spot, but the moment his back was turned Judie placed her foot on his back and pushed him onto his hands so that he was forced to crawl at speed with his bollocks bouncing back and forth off his flopping cock and alternately flexing thighs, making for an irresistible target to Judie whose bust-lust was running wild.

Chasing after him, she threw back her towel for a third time and, with a whip-crack, caught him square in the bobbing sac.

As if shot with a tranquiliser dart, Boris’ arms and legs gave out from beneath him in an instant. His semiconscious body slid across the tiles squeaking as it went and his fat plums were dragged from underneath his to remain trapped out in the open with nowhere to shelter them from Judie’s cold gaze.

Calmly stood astride her fallen prey, Judie stared down at her prize: the bright red orbs which squirmed with understandable anxiousness.

She placed the ball of her bare foot on top of his plump left nut. It responded just like every other male gonad unfortunate enough to find itself at her mercy: at first it slipped around the scrotum, mocking its pursuer with its agility, but the moment it found itself pinned it became immediately terrified, and then came the desperate squirming as the pressure squeezed its salty contents into a single shifting bubble.

She had known a lot of girls to whom the slipperiness of a man’s testicles was an annoyance; the impatient type, like Lilly, who demanded the instant gratification of the pop! without any of the struggle. Sure, Lilly was an eager little nut-crusher, but Judie couldn’t help but despair at the young girl’s insistence that she could pop both nuts at once, and her irritation when, inevitably, one would escape destruction at the last moment.

As if on cue, the man’s cowardly right nut abandoned its partner and slipped to safety causing Judie to grin. As far as she was concerned it was the wiliness of the little organs that made them such exciting prey. If they were easy to pop then where would be the sport?

Leaning in, she gradually increased the pressure on the doomed left nugget whilst compensating for its constant shifting beneath her foot with subtle twists of her ankle.

When it became apparent to the testicle that there was no escaping its demise, it simply gave up trying and fell deathly still.

Judie loved this part: the feel of a man’s precious jewel teetering on the brink of rupture. It did wonderful things to her pussy so she liked to draw it out for as long as possible.

Out of the blue, the man managed to squeak, ‘Why?’ and catch her quite by surprise.

‘Why?’ repeated Judie as if it were obvious. ‘Because I have completion to win.’

His impertinence had killed the buzz in her minge so, with an irritated grunt, she crushed his fat baby-maker into the tiles. The solid orb gave way instantly, spreading out wide and soft beneath her foot.

Boris’ spine curled backward and his legs floundered about as the white-hot agony consumed him.

Knowing she had only seconds before he passed out, Judie quickly she sought out his remaining nut, but before she could pin down the evasive little egg there came a resounding knock on the door.

‘Police!’ announced a furious woman’s voice.

Judie gasped with horror and immediately retreated back into the showers without stopping for her towel. The door burst open the moment she threw herself behind the wall.

Peering out, breathless, she saw a young female constable enter with what looked like a gymnast in tow. The pair came to an abrupt halt when they came across the naked man sprawled out in front of them mewling pitifully.

‘This must be the culprit,’ said the policewomen with a wry smile on her face.

‘Yeah,’ confirmed the gymnastics teacher, furiously, ‘that’s the pervert who exposes himself to young girls.’

‘Looks like your kick did the job,’ said the young constable; nudging the insensible man with the toes of her boot. ‘You wearing steel toe-capped plimsolls ’cause I think you gave him a sex change?’

The teacher let out an amused snort only to be startled when there came a ripple of half-stifled giggles from behind her. The teacher turned to find a few of her students peering around the door.

‘Girls!’ she snapped. ‘Get out!’

All the giggling faces quickly vanished to leave only one girl looking in. She frowned unsurely at her teacher and asked ‘Miss, did you kick his dick off?’

‘Of course not,’ scoffed the teacher.

‘But the police lady said you “gave him a sex change”.’

The teacher turned to the constable and rolled her eyes with despair.

‘Girls,’ said the cop, prompting the faces to reappear slowly from behind the door to, ‘I think you need to learn a few things about men.’ The teacher regarded her quizzically, but didn’t object as the girls surged into the room and arranged themselves in a tittering semicircle around the twitching man.

‘You see girls,’ began the police woman, ‘right now you probably think the most important part of a man is his dick,’ this prompted a few titters amongst the girls, ‘but give it a few more years – a few more uninvited gropes – and you’ll soon come to realise the most important parts of a man are his bollocks.’

With all eyes on her, she crouched down between Boris’ legs and began to prod his sac.

‘What are you doing?’ asked the teacher; still unsure of where the constable’s lecture would ultimately lead and uneasy about such an intimate examination it being conducted in front of her impressionable students.

‘A little detective work,’ said the constable with a smile.

‘And...?’ asked the teacher; unsure she actually wanted to hear the answer.

‘Well... there’s one left, but it’s a bit mushy.’ She looked up at the teacher and asked with a grin, ‘Want to finish it off?’

‘What? Seriously?’ balked the teacher. ‘I couldn’t.’

‘Sure you could. I imagine it’s pretty useless now anyway – the doctors will probably have to cut it off anyway,’ said the constable, stepping out of the way to allow the teacher access. ‘You’ll be saving them a job and you’ll be teaching him and the girls a valuable lesson about the true cost of crime.’

‘That’s my testicle,’ growled Judie quietly.

The teacher thought about the proposition for a moment. The looks on the faces of her pupils implored her to do it.

‘Well, if it’s already mushy I suppose it’s okay,’ she said with a shrug and stepped in-between Boris’ legs.

The schoolgirls, all dressed in their skin-tight leotards, leaned forward and held their breaths expectantly as their teacher located and trapped the man’s remaining plum under her plimsoll.

‘Okay,’ she said, signalling she was ready. ‘I’ve always wanted to do this.’

‘That’s my testicle!’ screamed Judie, launching herself into the room without thinking.

Finding herself confronted by several shocked schoolgirls, their teacher and, not to mention, an officer of the law, Judie became suddenly acutely aware of her nudity and of how suspicious her dramatic statement must seem. Thinking fast, she came up with the only plausible explanation.

‘That pervert flashed his cock at me too!’

She raced forward and barged the speechless teacher out of the way to stomp solidly and repeatedly Boris’ last nut until it burst with a satisfying pop! which had the young girls giggling hysterically and the police woman nodding her approval. Only the teacher regarded her with any animosity as she had had her heart set on being the one to crush his plum.

‘Well,’ said Judie, breathless and bristling with pride at her accomplishment. She smoothed back her fringe backed away from Boris and the girls. ‘That will teach him.’ She turned and walked quickly and awkwardly back toward the shower room, barely able to contain the orgasm which had tightened her cunt like a clenched fist.

The moment she was out of view she pinched her furiously erect nipples and let the waves of pure pleasure wash over her.

As the schoolgirls pushed forward to survey the flattened remains of a once impressive pair of balls, a resounding moan of intense female satisfaction spilled out from the showers and filled the changing room for several long seconds.

Only when the moan and the subsequent blissful panting had died away did the teacher complain bitterly, ‘That was my orgasm.’

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