Don't Mess with Jess

Contains ballbusting, castration (once graphic) and big tit theme.

Author's foreward

Don't Mess with Jess was the winner of Knave's 2013 story competition.
The story has two versions (both found below) which branch at a point halfway through. One version is the finished original, the other is an alternate, unfinished and unpolished version - think of it as behind the scenes bonus.

Unable to sleep, Jess ventured from her room for a glass of warm milk. It was late and the buxom brunette was fairly certain her housemates would be sound asleep as, under the cover of dark, she slipped out onto the landing wearing nothing but a short, satin chemise which proved hopelessly incapable of containing her huge, bouncing breasts as she bounded down the stairs. Stiffened by the chill in the air, her nipples raked uncomfortably against the lacy trim as her boobs pitched violently to momentarily escape the garment's insufficient cups before clattering back down to her chest with a slap!

Her buoyant stride was brought to a sudden halt when her bare foot set down on the cold kitchen tiles. Caught mid-bounce, her irrepressible tits continued forward without her as she withdrew her foot with a gasp and cursed, 'Eep! That's cold!'

She retreated back a few steps with her escaped breasts swinging freely, but before she could think to tuck them away, she noticed a pair of her housemate's freshly laundered woolly socks the radiator. Angora, she remembered being told; incredibly soft and incredibly expensive, and under no circumstance to be borrowed.

She won't even know, she thought blithely as she snatched one of the pretty pink stripy socks from the radiator. It was delightful against her fingertips, but something else as she slipped it over her bare foot. 'Oh,' she said with surprise as the unbelievable softness caressed her skin and enveloped her foot with its warmth.

Eager to repeat the sensation, she quickly plucked the other sock from the radiator and slid her other foot, much more slowly this time, into its velvety opening. Letting out a delighted purr as the heavenly wool brushed her skin, she pushed her foot deeper until her wriggling toes found the end.

'Why didn't I try this sooner?' she asked herself in an orgasmic groan.

Despite her enormous breasts left hanging outside their cups, Jess now considered herself suitably dressed to face the cold tiles and shuffled across the kitchen toward the fridge. As she passed over the tiles, a cruel draft of air probed at her bare pussy with its icy fingers and caused her to realise just how moist she had become at the sensation of slipping on the socks. Blushing deeply, she tried to disregard her sudden embarrassment.

On reaching the fridge she made sure to wrap one arm across her exposed chest to shield her susceptible nipples before she pulled opened the door and was hit by a rush of cold air and blinding light.

Hurriedly, she reached inside to take hold of the bottle of milk she kept in the shelf. It lifted out much easier than she had expected and her mouth fell open when she held it up in the light of the fridge and saw why: despite the passive-aggressive Post-it note reading: "Jess' milk", barely a couple mouthfuls of the white stuff remained of what should have been a full bottle.

Knowing immediately which of her two housemates had stolen it she said in an outraged gasp, 'That thieving...' Jess faltered before deciding the situation was deserving of an uncharacteristic swear, '...bitch!'

She slammed the fridge shut angrily only to come face-to-face with the object of her irritation: her self-centred housemate Cindy, staring back at her from a holiday snap stuck to the fridge door with a magnet. Jess' blood boiled at she glared at the bikini-clad blonde beaming back at her; her pristine white teeth glowing in the moonlight which illuminated the kitchen.

Cindy's body was perfection: toned magnificently from incessant workouts at the gym. The mere sight of the blonde's athletic form irked Jess deeply because, for her, gym workouts were unthinkable thanks to her irrepressible double-G cup breasts whose eye-catching bouncing and noisy clattering never failed to draw a crowd of amused onlookers.

Jess' cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she recalled the humiliation of her final visit which had ended with an upturned sports bra and a blind fumble to turn off a treadmill whilst an audience cheers on her wildly swinging breasts.

Still, whilst she was cursed with a shaming set of tits she was also blessed with a tiny waist and curves in all the right places. And yet this didn't make the sight of her perfect housemate any easier to bear. Not for the first time, she reached angrily for the photograph ready to screw it up, but, as always, something caused her to falter. It was Cindy's boyfriend, Bruno, who stood next to the scorching-hot blonde in just a hopelessly overburdened Speedo.

Jess' hazel eyes wandered a well-travelled route which started at his colossal pecs, drifted down over the glistening undulations of his washboard abs, until, with pupils dilating, came to rest on the obscenely pronounced bulge which stretched the front of his tiny trunks to their limit.

She swallowed and murmured half-heartedly, 'Prick.' Then, noticing the near-empty bottle in her hand once more, she repeated her curse, only this time with true venom.

Bruno was not nice to her at all. In fact, he went out of his way to make her feel bad about herself, or more precisely: her big boobs, in front of his relatively flat-chested girlfriend.

Jess had stared at that tantalising bulge many times previously, but never with such rage coursing through her veins. She didn't know why, but for some reason the stolen milk was the last straw. With Bruno's imposing manhood still her focus, a dark thought caused her lips to curl in a malevolent smile and she looked back at the smugly grinning blonde beside him to growl, 'Let's see how you like it when I steal something of—'

Suddenly, the light on the stairs came on; illuminating the kitchen and causing Jess to jump so violently that her breasts crashed against her collarbones before slapping loudly back together.

'Eep!' she cried, rushing to tuck them into her chemise only to find she still held the near-empty milk bottle in one hand. Quickly, and with tits swinging, she darted over to the kitchen table and set it down before hurriedly thumbing her big nipples back inside their woefully inadequate cups.

'Hello?' called Bruno, who had stopped over for the night.

Gasping, Jess dived beneath the table just in time for the door to the kitchen to open.

'Anyone in here?' she asked cautiously. 'Tits...?'

"Tits" or "Tits McGee" was the cruel nickname he had coined for Jess for obvious reasons; reasons which were only made more obvious as they were squashed wide across her chest by her knees as she squatted under the table.

There was a silent pause as Bruno awaited a response, but when none came, he reached around the doorway and illuminated kitchen with a flick of the light switch.

Bathed in startling light, Jess was certain Bruno would spot her immediately. And as he pushed the door open wider, the sudden draft reminded her of her lack of underwear. Eep! she thought, desperately squeezing her shins together best she could to shield her bared pussy.

Fortunately, Bruno saw only the tabletop as he poked his head around the doorway and gave the kitchen a once over before finally daring to enter.

As she stepped through the doorway Jess understood instantly his caution: he was stark bollock-naked. And, as his bare foot set down on the freezing tiles, she watched through wide, sparkling eye those stark-naked bollocks lurch unexpectedly upward in response to the shock of the cold.

'Fuck me, that's cold!' he said, hopping from one foot to other to set the staggering length of his serpent-like cock swinging. With his monster cock slapping his thighs, he skipped quickly toward the fridge leaving Jess struggling to contain her girlish glee at finally getting one over on her tormentor.

As he pulled open the door, Jess noted that he too shielded his susceptible parts from the cold air... but it wasn't his nipples he covered. She giggled quietly.

Continue with finished original version...

Bruno searched for moment, but didn't find what he was looking for. He slammed the fridge door shut with an irritated grunt and turned back around to say, suddenly triumphant, 'There you are!'

Certain she had been caught in her shameful squat, Jess closed her eyes and awaited her humiliation.

The padding of the stud's bare feet on the tiles grew louder as he approached, as did the ominous countdown being drummed against his thighs by his swinging meat pendulum.

He was on her in a few strides and his abrupt halt sent his dick curling upward toward her wincing face. Its ascent stopped only millimetres short of tapping the tip of her nose, but filled her nostrils with a scent which, to her deep shame, she immediately recognised from handling her housemate's unwashed lingerie.

The embarrassing memory of sniffing her nemesis' knickers caused Jess to open her eyes and confront the thing that had triggered it: Bruno's gargantuan, still swinging prick, which, to her surprise, had not succumbed to the cold of the fridge by even a millimetre and glistened with the source of the familiar odour: Cindy's pussy juices.

Bitch, thought Jess, balling her fist. Let's see how she likes it when I put her boy toy out of commission for a few days...

But before she let fly a nut-busting uppercut, Bruno took a firm hold of the thing he had been craving all along: the near-empty milk bottle Jess had so carelessly left out on the tabletop and which had been the thing he had spotted and not her inelegantly squatting form.

With her fist still clenched and the smell of her nemesis' cunt in her nostrils, Jess listened as he read the Post-it note aloud, 'Jess' milk? What, did she squeeze some out of those big udders?' He let out a big laugh which set his cock and balls jiggling mockingly and caused Jess to look instinctively up at him with fury. She was surprised to find she could see the callous brute through the split in the middle of the table which allowed it to be extended and through the gap she watched him tilt back his head to guzzle the few remaining mouthfuls. Then, with a loud, satisfied gasp, he slammed down the empty bottle.

'And if she complains about me drinking all her milk again I'll be like: "Bitch, suck on a tit".' He burst into laughter, sending his cock jerking up and down and slapping loudly against his big nuts.

Jess was nearly knocked onto her arse by his heartless jibe. She had always assumed Bruno's insults were purely for Cindy's benefit, but she now realised he actually took pleasure in concocting new ways to demean her. And it seemed like the brute had just hit upon a rich new seam of hurtful material with which to insult her.

It had been Jess' intention to bust Bruno's balls badly enough to thoroughly humiliate him and, if possible, put his big dick out of action for a few days thereby robbing Cindy of the obnoxiously noisy sex she loved to keep her housemates awake with, but, as she focused a glare so scorching on his largest nut that it was a wonder it didn't pop like corn, her mind turned to a much harsher act of retribution.

Maybe you'd be nicer to me if I took one of your nuts...

Of course, it wouldn't just be enough to pop it: she had to make a point too and when Bruno turned suddenly and swaggered across the room to where the kitchen towels hung, Jess recognised her chance to make an entrance. She shuffled out from under the table, silently thanks to her socks, and quickly pulled the cups of her chemise back over the important bottom third of her tits. Finally, striking a sexy pose, she waited in the doorway for him to turn.

She was appalled to find that when he did turn back around he was wiping his girlfriend's pussy juices from his dick with the tea towel she used to dry her dishes.

That's it! she thought, struggling not scream it aloud. That just cost you both nuts!

Still wiping his cock, Bruno looked up with a start at Jess who quickly forced a seductive smile. 'Tits?' he cried, quickly covering himself with the tea towel. 'What are you...? How long have you...?'

'Well, well,' said Jess, feigning lust. 'Finally, I catch you naked.'

Her words left Bruno speechless, but his gaze, which had held hers, unblinking, immediately began to wander south, taking in every inch of flesh not concealed by the tiny chemise until they came to rest at her feet.

'Her socks,' he said, his mouth suddenly dry. He tried to swallow. 'You're wearing Cindy's socks.'

Never before had Jess seen him so captivated and given the amount of flesh she had on show it actually offended her that it was her socks, of all things, he was drooling over. But her outrage lasted only a moment as she quickly noticed the way the tea towel had begun to levitate like an obscene magic trick. Her mouth fell open.

'I am,' she answered feebly, before gathering her wits to ask, 'Do you like them?' She raised her leg, keeping her foot demurely downturned whilst seductively wriggling her toes at him.

He swallowed again. 'You shouldn't be wearing them,' he told her without taking his eyes off the proffered instep and delightfully wriggling toes.

'Oh,' she said, pouting sadly. 'Should I take them off?' Reaching down, she leaned slowly forward; her gigantic breasts peeling off her chest to swing suddenly forward, only barely remaining in their cups thanks to their stiff teats catching on the lace trim.

Seeing her big pink teats poke through the lace, Bruno's cock jerked; shaking the tea towel conspicuously.

Not daring to bend any lower, Jess instead began to lift her foot up to her hand.

The sight of her chemise being hitched up her inner thigh, mere millimetres from revealing her pouting pussy lips was too much for Bruno to take and he very nearly came on the spot. And though he held back the mother lode, the tea towel darkened in a small spot at the pinnacle of his erection.

Got you! thought Jess, proudly; though she knew it had mostly been thanks to the socks so she ran her fingers once more over the wondrously soft wool whilst revelling in the hold it gave her over such a powerful stud.

'Mmm, so soft,' she purred; her eyelids fluttering. She looked up at Bruno and enquired playfully, 'Would you like to feel how soft they are?' Bruno appeared frozen, but, very faintly, he nodded. 'Go ahead,' she told him, straightening her leg out toward him.

With an uncharacteristic lack of confidence, Bruno reached slowly out towards her outstretched foot, his trembling fingertips desperate to feel the softness of the wool which danced in the faint breeze. Only the moment he came within touching distance Jess withdrew her leg and shook her head at him.

'Not with your hand,' she chided him softly. 'I don't want your grubby fingers all over the lovely clean wool.'

He looked at her, hurt and confused.

'Hands behind your back,' she told him. Hesitantly he complied. 'Good boy,' she cooed with a smirk. Slowly, she raised her leg and extended it until her toes began to lift the tea towel which lay draped over his enormous erection. A delightful tingle rippled through her pussy as his big, low-hanging balls were unveiled.

She imagined just lunging forward and pinning them flat against the front of the oven he was leaning against; pressing down with her foot until she split them like grapes all down the oven door where she would leave the mess for Cindy to find in the morning. The look of horror she imagined on the blonde's face caused an involuntary gasp of pleasure to escape her lips. She covered it quickly by making the lightest of contact the hilt of Bruno's cock.

Despite the mind-blowing view her raised leg was granting him up her incredibly short chemise, Bruno's eyes never wavered from her angora-clad foot as it drew teasingly slowly up his urgently pulsing erection.

Bruno's cock, nine inches when soft, had swelled into a meat monolith the likes of which Jess had never seen, and, as she continued to expose the wrist-thick monster inch-by-inch, she began to tremble with barely contained arousal.

After eleven inches of revealing nothing but blue-veined shaft, her desire to feast her eyes on the tip was too much and, with an impatient flick of her ankle she sent the tea towel fluttering to the floor. If she had only continued a few more millimetres she would have exposed the rim of his shining purple bell-end which topped off his cock at a staggering twelve inches.

'Sit down,' she told him hungrily; pulling a chair out from under the table. He complied without question.

Taking a seat on the edge of the table, she then began to run her feet up the insides of his legs starting at his bulging calves. By the time she reached his inner thighs he had spread his legs as wide as they would go to allow her unfettered access and was busy shuddering with ecstasy.

Jess stared at his nut-sack which, despite the chill in the air, had spread out to fill the space left by his parting thighs. She watched with awe as his plump bollocks squirmed and rolled with what she assumed was pleasure at her expert teasing. When she reached his crotch, she made sure to lightly brush his fat nuts just to watch their reaction; and she wasn't disappointed. At the touch of the wool his scrotum tightened and his balls seemed to swell and roll with delight.

She imagined herself leaping up off the table to stand directly on top of them; the sensation as they squirmed momentarily beneath her feet before bursting with a muffled pop. She pictured Cindy rushing to her squealing boyfriend's aid only to slip in the nut mush spattered across the tiles.

Taking his rampant cock between her feet she made sure to squeeze it tightly between the soft arches of her feet and curled her toes around to press against the top. A single upward stroke in this manner had Bruno trembling in ecstasy.

'You like that?' she asked, smiling smugly. She found she could apply a great deal of pressure without worry about friction thanks to the impossibly smooth wool which simply glided over his skin. But while her touch was effortless, keeping her legs extended at such an angle was not and soon her thighs and groin muscles were burning from the effort.

A single, shiny droplet of precum was her reward. She watched with pride as it swelled from the tip of his cock, but quickly realised she was still far from making him cum.

'On your knees,' she told him, letting her tired legs fall back to the floor. Bruno hurriedly complied; dropping from the chair to the tiles, leaning back to thrust his raging prick up at her.

'That's better,' she said; raising her feet to stroke at his inner thighs and dangling testicles.

'Such big balls,' she purred, drawing her feet down the neck of his lengthy scrotum until her toes caught on his egg-sized gonads held within. 'So full of cum – I bet you squirt for miles.'

'I do,' he affirmed, trembling at the sensation of warmth and snugness which enveloped his delicate organs.

'Do you think you could you hit my tits from all the way down there?' she enquired with a faint smirk.

Bruno's head snapped forward and his eyes were wide with surprise. When he saw she was serious his attention dropped immediately to her tits; his eyes feasting ravenously on the supple flesh which brimmed from the cups of her chemise. 'Easily,' he said with absolute confidence.

'Easily?' she asked; her tone darkening. 'Now is that because they're so big it'd be like hitting the side of a barn?'

'What?' he asked nervously, as it began to dawn on him the mistake he had made in letting a girl with genuine grievances get a hold of his fragile testicles.

'Or...' she continued; watching the terrible realisation spread across his face as she curled her toes tighter around the orbs he had allowed her to so easily isolate, ' it because they're so droopy you could aim at the floor and still hit them?'

'Jess,' he said, trying to sound stern despite his blatant vulnerability.

'Bruno,' she said, aping his grave tone, before abruptly yanking down hard on his plums with her feet.

Much to Jess' delight the big man shrieked a surprisingly girlish shriek, and while his big hands wrapped around the velvety softness of her ankles, all he could do was grip them tightly as she continued to push down to draw his balls even lower.

Desperate for his testicles to remain attached, Bruno had no choice but to shuffle his knees wider apart and sink after them.

'Ridiculous you call them,' she growled as she relished the sight of him struggling to push his legs wider all the while his scrotum stretched longer. 'Fat. Saggy. Covered in blue veins. Funny... because, from where I'm sitting, that pretty much describes your balls.'

She ceased her unrelenting downward pull, but, keeping a firm hold on his stretched plums, asked him the one question he had not expected to hear: 'Do you want to see them?'

He looked up at her anxiously. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes, but he fingers were already curling around the cups of her chemise. Desperate to see them, but sure she was only tormenting him, he sobbed pitifully, 'I don't know.'

'Well, it certainly looks like you do,' she said, leaning forward to run her hand down the length of his still solid erection. With the other hand she brushed the spaghetti string straps of her chemise off her shoulders.

For what seemed to him like an eternity, Bruno's short, pained breaths were baited as he waited expectantly for the lacy garment to release its hold on the brunette's protuberant breasts and simply fall around her hips. But, despite being no longer conventionally secured, the prick-teasing lingerie refused to relinquish its hold on its wearer's wonderful jugs.

'Stuck,' she remarked, feigning dismay. 'I know...' Raising her arms above her head she began to gently shake her tits side-to-side until her prominent nipples were worked out of the lace trim and the nightie was finally allowed to fall down around her hips.

Impossible as it seemed, Jess' tits appeared even bigger when freed from their cups and Bruno was simply overwhelmed by their size and beauty.

'Fuck,' he said in an exhilarated moan; a fresh droplet of precum swelling from the tip of his bulbous cock head.

'You like?' she asked; subtly pressing them together with her arms.

'They're like... in magazines.'

Jess knew that being compared to some slut in a lads' mag should not have been a compliment, but it was the nicest thing the muscle-bound stud had ever said about her breasts. Still, she wasn't going to let a single, dubious compliment make up for several months of belittling and demeaning.

'You can't put the ones in magazines in your mouth though, can you?' she asked, raising an eyebrow.

He looked up at her; eyes full of hope. 'Can I?'

Leaning forward to let her gigantic jugs dangle freely, she took hold of the back of his head and guided him gently to within inches of her swaying pink nipples. She watched with thinly-veiled disgust as he pursed his lips in preparation for accepting the tasty teats. Then, with his hot breath softening the stiff nub and his puckered lips mere millimetres from contact, she gripped him tightly by the hair and growled furiously, 'Suck on a tit, bitch,' and slapped him powerfully across the cheek with her hefty tits.

The resulting slap! was more satisfying than she could ever have hoped, and yelling, 'Suck on a tit, bitch!' once more, she twisted back the way she came to strike him hard across the opposite cheek.

With the momentum building, even Bruno's thick neck couldn't prevent his head from being snapped left and right by the startlingly violent assault.

'Say something nasty about my tits now!' she roared as she caught him across the cheek once more.

Suddenly the light on the stairs went on and, panicked, Jess buried Bruno's reddening face deep into the impossible softness of her bosom.

'Bruno?' called Cindy from the top of the stairs.

'Mmph!' cried Bruno suddenly, from the depths of her cavernous cleavage.

Panicked, Jess' mind raced for a way to silence him. She cursed her dim-wittedness when she remembered she still held Bruno's testicles between her feet. With a mighty pistoning of her legs, she drove his baby-makers all of the way down into the floor.

Though muffled, there was no mistaking the mixture of agony and nausea in the cry that escaped her cleavage as Bruno had his nut-cords tested to breaking pointed and his balls driven uncompromisingly into the tiles. Any fight left in him evaporated the instant he found himself forced into near full horizontal splits with the balls of Jess' feet pinning his nuts to the tiles.

Feeling him go limp, Jess let his balls slip free of her clutches. They sprung back up to strike his arse with a loud slap which would have had Jess in stitches had she not been so panicked. Jumping up from her chair, she hurriedly tucked her tits away and scanned the kitchen for a place to hide him.

The table! she thought, recalling how successfully she had remained conceal beneath it.

She reached down between Bruno's legs to snatch his throbbing bollocks from his cradling hands and hoist them cruelly backward and up between his bum cheeks. Her urgent tugging left him no choice but to go up on tiptoes and crawl hurriedly alongside as she proceeded to steer him under the table.

With the majority of his body underneath she was about to deliver a swift, blackout-inducing squeeze when she noticed for the second time that night the split down the middle of the table where its two halves could be slid apart. 'I wonder...' she said.

Jess slid one half apart by an inch and yanked up and forward on his bollocks to slip his taut scrotum through the gap left behind. Then, chuckling at her own ingenuity, she deftly snapped the section back into position to elicit a shriek from Bruno whose nut-cords were cruelly nipped between the table halves.

'Bruno, are you in there?' asked Cindy as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

'Quiet!' hissed Jess as she released his balls and found that, though a sliver of scrotum slipped through the gap, the plump, shining orbs could not and remained trapped in place. 'If you make even a squeak I'll—'

'Jess is that you?' asked Cindy as she crossed the living room.

'Fuck!' cursed Jess, hurriedly throwing herself on top of the trapped testicles to hide them from view. The spongy organs felt funny against her asshole as they spread wide and seeped into her nooks and crannies in order to escape rupture.

'Oh,' exclaimed Jess with surprise as one of his fat nuts unexpectedly found its way inside her slick fuck-hole.

Bruno also voiced his surprise as with another shrill squeal, but mistaking the abuse for a taste of what she would do if he made a squeak, the young stud quickly bit his tongue.

'Jess, what the fuck?' demanded Cindy, bursting into the kitchen wet from the shower and wearing just a towel. 'Why didn't you answer me?'

'Sorry, I didn't hear you. I was... singing.'

'Ungh. Is that what you call that high-pitched wailing?' groaned Cindy, rolling her shimmering blue eyes. 'Sounded like a pig being castrated.'

Jess let out an impulsive snort of laughter before catching herself, which caused Cindy, disappointed her insult hadn't offended, to roll her eyes and storm over to the fridge.

Jess watched her open the door and per inside. The wet blonde's short towel hitched up over the crease of her bum-cheek as she went up on tip-toes to peer up onto the top shelf and Jess noticed that, despite still dripping from the shower, she had on a pair of her exquisite cashmere socks. That's when, with a gasp, Jess suddenly remembered she was still wearing a pair of her housemate's socks. She slipped them off with haste and, with nowhere else to hide them, stuffed them into the already overburdened cups of her chemise.

Cindy groaned again and turned away from the fridge. 'Who drank the last of the milk?' she demanded, leaving Jess stunned at her lack of shame.

'That was my milk,' she growled.

Cindy grunted. 'You've got enough milk,' she said, eyeing the overflowing cups of Jess' nightwear pointedly. Her off-the-cuff quip caused her to chuckle and add, 'Why don't you fill me up a bottle?'

Jess' expression hardened. 'Maybe I will,' she said, narrowing her eyes at the dripping blonde.

With a final roll of her eyes, Cindy marched out of the kitchen.

'Hear that, Bruno?' growled Jess when she was sure Cindy was out of earshot. 'You girlfriend wants me to fill a bottle.' She picked up the empty bottle which was sat beside her and studied it for a moment before enquiring, 'How much do you think you have in you?'

'Please, Jess,' he sobbed.

She jumped down off the table and ducked underneath to see for the first time just what a torturous position she had put him in. In order to prevent himself from being hanged by his bollocks, Bruno had to remain on his tiptoes with his arse pushed high into the air, and because his nuts had been pulled back underneath him, he had been forced to bend all the way down after them so he was also propped up on the tips of his fingers.

'Wow,' she remarked with a chuckle. 'Looks painful.'

In reality, of course, she had no idea of his suffering, but nor did she care because she had a new mission: not only was she going to rob Cindy of her stud boyfriend, she was going to make him replace every last drop of milk he had stolen with a different white bodily fluid.

Taking hold of his inexplicably stiff prick with one hand, Jess pushed the top of the bottle around its engorged head and twisted it on until the entirety of his fat purple helmet was squished into the bottle's tight neck.

'There,' she said; confident the bottle would hold. 'Now, where were we? Ah yes.' She climbed out from under the table and sat herself back down on his visibly pulsing pair.

'Nuh-gug-urgh!' he cried as his tender organs were flattened once more.

'What's the matter, Bruno?' she asked, purposefully wriggling side-to-side to force his rubbery balls to slip beneath either bum cheek. 'Don't you like the feel of my bum against your ballsies? How about my pussy?' She slid backwards; his plump orbs spreading her pussy lips wide as she rolled over them.

'Oo,' she said with surprise as one of his nuts sought refuge in her gaping cunt. 'I see you found the hole... Tell you what – if you can cum before I do I'll let you keep your nuts.'

She slipped the socks out from the cups of her chemise, at the same time dislodging her breasts which squashed flat across her thighs as she leant forward to slip the socks back on.

'Have we got a deal?' she asked, curling her legs under the table to take his shaft between her ankles. She crossed her feet over one another to ensure a tight hold and then she began pumping while at the same time she grinded her cunt back-and-forth over his nuts, which lined up, single file, to be mashed by her bush, ground by her clit and gobbled up by her pussy.

'Cum for me, Bruno,' she urged him as she began really riding his balls. Every now and again, one would pop out from between her pussy lips to bulge bright pink before being devoured once more by her ravenous cunt.

Sliding repeatedly over the twin bulges of Bruno's fat balls were the perfect stimulation for Jess' stiff clit. This, plus the knowledge that very soon she was going to reduce those twin bulges to mush, had Jess on the brink of cumming in seconds.

'Fucking cum for me!' she commanded him; beginning to bounce, gently at first, but quickly she was slamming her pussy down onto Bruno's balls like a maniac whilst yanking down forcefully on his dick. 'Cum you fucking prick!'

Bruno's cries were high-pitched and hysterical as he was at once hung and crushed.

'Cum for me! Cum for me! Cum for me!' she chanted as orgasm gripped her and she punctuated every verse with a solid slam which crushed the rubberiness out of Bruno's balls leaving them squishy like sponge.

'Oh... fuck!' she cried, toppling backward to frantically finish herself of with her fingers whilst her massive tits lapped against her collarbones like fleshy waves.

'Oh! Oh! Oh!' she cried, lifting her ass with each orgasmic gasp only to slam it back down on his balls with a fleshy smack!

Gripped by the most mind-blowing orgasm of her young life, Jess imagined the stud's precious nuts pulverised beneath her and, whilst furiously flicked her swollen bean, she grinded her ass in circles to spread his nut-butter out wide across the tabletop.

'Fuck,' she said in an exhausted, but satisfied gasp. Her body, which glistened from head to socks, went limp and only after a long while of regaining her breath did she climbed down off the table to peer beneath. She found Bruno soaked with sweat also. The bottle jammed on the end of his dick, however, was dry but for the few the pitiful droplets which had managed to squeeze through his tightly pinched nut-cords.

'Looks like you lost the bet, Bruno,' she said feigning pity. Then, unable to stop herself from giggling, she quipped, 'And that's not all you're gonna lose...'

Bruno didn't respond. He was in too much shock from the serious and prolonged assault on his testicles and it required every last ounce of strength and concentration to keep himself from collapsing and hanging himself by the bollocks.

His lack of response disappointed Jess, who was still buzzing from her orgasm, so she tugged roughly on his cock to get his attention. 'Hey – I said kiss your balls goodbye, jerk!' When this too failed to get a response, she growled with frustration and she leapt up onto the table.

Standing up on her tiptoes, Jess carefully positioned each of her fluffy heels over the dead centre of Bruno's balls, and, buzzing with excitement, slowly lowered them onto the squishy, bloated sex organs which had no choice but to spill out any direction they could. Pink, shining meat peeked out from under the wool as Jess leaned back, her toes curling slowly backward as she shifted the entirety of her weight onto her heels. Bruno's nut-flesh ballooned out at every angle, crushed wider than she thought possible whilst still remaining whole.

As his testicles were spread further than their resilient shells were capable, an internal alarm bell began to sound in Bruno's head notifying him of their imminent and unavoidable rupture. 'Jess! Please!' he shrieked wildly. 'You can't take my balls!'

The way he emphasised the word "balls" with such reverence only amused Jess. It seemed to him that she should view his comical organs as sacred and their ruin as some kind of atrocity. The notion led her to give a snort of derision, but at the same time his pitiful pleading was once more turning her on.

Halting the gradual shifting of her weight, she closed her eyes and began to twist and tug at her stiff nipples. 'Why can't I take them?' she asked with the terrifying lack of empathy or understanding that most young women have concerning a man and his testicles. 'They're just balls.'

'I need them!' he cried, adding hysterically, 'All I did was say mean things about you!'

Stopping abruptly the tweaking of her engorged teats, Jess scooped up the abundance of squishy flesh and clutched it protectively to her chest. 'All you did?' she growled; feeling her tits swell with resentment beneath her palms. 'You humiliated me because I was more of a woman than your girlfriend! And I can't think of a single way I could humiliate you more than by making you less of a man.' Still gripping her tits she resumed shifting her weight onto his doomed nuts.

'Oh, god!' howled Bruno as his entire body began to shake violently. 'Oh, god!'

'That's it,' growled Jess, 'squeal for me, pig!'

Bruno's shaking caused his sweat-soaked toes to lose traction on the slick tiles and all of a sudden his entire and considerable weight was swinging by his nut-cords. 'My balls!' he bellowed hysterically as his fingertip scrabbled frantically for purchase.

Twisting her heels violently down into his beloved organs, Jess was indescribably satisfied when there came a sudden crack! and she looked down to witness the turgid, shining bubbles beneath her feet deflated rapidly inward, vanishing from sight to leave her heels pinning only his flattened scrotum and the slippery mess within.

Bruno's squeal became ear-splitting as the pain and liquefied remnants of his testicles surged through his snapping nut-cords. And then, as abruptly as his plums had collapsed, he fell silent.

It took Jess long moment to fully absorb what had taken place beneath her feet, but finally she went up on her toes and watched with glee his crushed scrotum be immediately dragged through the crack in the table with a slosh.

There was a thud as Bruno's lifeless body hit the floor, followed by the hollow knock of the plastic bottle against the tiles.

The bottle! she thought; keeping a good hold of her unfettered tits, she leapt down off the table to excitedly retrieve the milk bottle from his deflating cock. It came away with a loud pop! and, brimming with pride, she held it up in front of her wide, sparkling eyes. 'Perfect!' she enthused.


The next morning, Jess sat at the table waiting impatiently for Cindy to make an appearance.

'Good morning,' she chirped when the blonde shuffled into the kitchen rubbing her eyes. She wore a tiny pair of pink cotton shorts, a tiny white tank top and, of course, a fresh pair of lovely socks.

'Urgh,' groaned Cindy. 'Why are you so cheerful? Did they finally make a maternity bra that fits your ridiculous melons?' Proud of coming up with such a withering put-down so early in the morning, she opened the fridge and, seeing a half-filled bottle of milk with a Post-it note on, picked it up without a second thought.

'Hey, that's mine!' objected Jess, weakly; unable to keep herself from smiling.

'Jess, don't be so selfish,' Cindy chided her, before pointing her wagging finger at the brunette's immense tits. 'You can always squeeze a bit more out later.'

'Oh, I doubt that,' said Jess. 'I made pretty sure I squeezed out every last drop.'

Thinking that Jess was simply trying to side-step her clever insult with humour, Cindy scowled with irritation and growled, 'Well, in that case I'll make sure I savour every last drop,' before tipping back the bottle and taking a big gulp.

To Cindy's delight, Jess let out a gasp as she watched the bottle's contents slide down her throat. 'Mmm,' purred the blonde, spitefully.

In fact, so intent on antagonising her infuriatingly buxom housemate was Cindy that she hardly even registered the remarkably thick and slimy consistency of the liquid oozing down her gullet and she was already halfway through her second swig when the bitter aftertaste of the first manifested itself on the back of her tongue.

Instinctively coughing the repulsive mouthful back into the bottle, the next thing which hit her was the pungent, but familiar aroma which escaped the bottle and filled her nostrils.

'Oh, my god,' she said in a nauseous gasp; her mouth still thick with lumpy semen. And, staring in horror at the cloudy slime which seeped back down to the bottom of the bottle, she asked in a quavering gasp, 'Is this...'

'Bruno?' offered Jess breezily. 'Every last drop.'

She jumped up from her seat and casually sauntered over to where the shocked blonde stood trembling and occasionally dry heaving. 'And I when I say "last drop",' whispered Jess into her nemesis' ear, 'I mean ever.'

Jess gave the blonde a smug smirk and turned away just in time to miss her drop the bottle and fall to her hands and knees retching. Grinning from ear-to-ear, Jess didn't look back.

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At that moment into the kitchen stepped Cindy. She had sensibly decided to throw on a little silk dressing down and another pair of her angora socks. 'There you are,' she said as she entered.

Her unexpected entrance caused Bruno to spin around with surprise; obviously terrified for a moment it was someone other than his girlfriend, yet not thinking to cover his gargantuan prick which, having not succumbed to the cold of the fridge by even a millimetre, flailed around to slap heavily against his hip.

Amused by her boyfriend's reaction, Cindy slinked sexily toward him and, smirking, grabbed him roughly by the cock. 'I wondered where you went,' she said as he flinched at her manhandling of his meat. 'I was worried you might have sneaked away to finish yourself off...'

'I wouldn't, babe,' he said weakly as she proceeded to absently work her hand up and down his soft nine inches.

Jess watched with awe as it rapidly engorged; its girth becoming too much for the blonde's small hand to grasp all the way around.

'I know you wouldn't,' said Cindy matter-of-factly. 'Because you know what you'd get if you did.' She let his cock go. It held itself valiantly horizontal whilst she languidly let her hand swing back to her side before propelling it back up to instead seize his sagging nuts.

Bruno's eyes bulged and he let out a pained wheeze as his pink nut-meat spilled from between Cindy's dainty fingers.

'Ungh! Do you have to be so rough, babe?' he grunted.

'I'm only checking how full they are, baby,' she told him sweetly.

'And?' he asked her hopefully.

She loosened her grip to instead cup his heavy balls as if testing their weight. Finding them wanting, she said sadly, 'Hmm, not quite full enough I'm afraid.'

'But you've been teasing me all day – walking around with your sexiest socks on...'

Jess knotted her brow, thinking to herself how odd a thing for him to say that was.

'Well, I could give you what you want,' said Cindy tantalisingly, 'but I'd have to be sure you couldn't cum.' She turned and looked down at the table which had a split down the middle where the two halves could be slid apart to extend the table.

'Oh god,' said Bruno with dread. 'Not that again.'

Jess, who could only see the couple's lower halves had no idea what they were looking at and was spooked when, still holding him by his most tender and tenuously attached organs, Cindy led Bruno over to the table and sat him down on it.

'Can't you just let me cum?' asked Bruno, his voice trembling.

'No,' said Cindy reproachfully. 'You know how much further you squirt when your balls are full to bursting.'

'But it hurts so much,' he squeaked.

'Good,' she said simply. 'I want you aching for me.'

Still wondering what on Earth they were talking about, Jess recoiled with a gasp when the table under which she sheltered split suddenly in two down the middle and light poured over her terrified face.

Luckily, Bruno's wide torso blocked her from Cindy's view as the cruel blonde drew down on his balls to slip his taut scrotum through the gap created between the sliding sections.

'Please, Cindy...' plead Bruno. 'Be gentl—urgh!'

The table slammed shut on the hunk's nut-sack to nip it with an audible squick that had even Jess wincing as she watched his legs begin to jerk violently in response.

'Nuh-gurgh!' he gurgled hysterically as he reached around the edge of the table in a futile attempt to clutch at the source of his anguish.

Grinning wickedly, Cindy pulled a chair out from under the table and positioned in directly in front of her intimately ensnared boyfriend before taking a seat.

'Oops. Was I a little rough, baby?' she cooed mockingly. 'I'll rub them better.'

Raising her sock-clad foot she began to soothingly circle the bulging undersides of his trapped testes with her wonderfully soft instep. After a few second of light buffing the skin stretched tight around his nuts seemed to shine even brighter. Still circling, she asked sweetly, 'Feel better?'

Bruno only groaned weakly.

'I guess it's not your balls you want rubbing, is it?'

Starting at his ankles, the wicked blonde began to run her feet ever-so lightly up the insides of his legs. She took her time, pausing to trace his muscular calves with her toes.

To Jess' surprise, her touch caused a subtle commotion in the tight package of scrotum trapped beneath the table. And Bruno's fat plums only squirmed harder when his girlfriend's feet glided over his inner thighs.

Cindy nudged his legs apart as wide as they would go before taking his rampant cock between her feet.

'You love my feet don't you baby?' she purred as she squeezed the sides of his nice thick cock between the soft arches of her feet and curled her toes around to press against the top.

'Yes,' he croaked absently; too intent on enjoying her expert footwork.

'Tell me what else you love about me,' she told him, catching him off-guard.

'Huh? Oh. Your legs,' he said, offhandedly.

'These old things?' she asked, peeling back her extremely short dressing gown to reveal the few inches of thigh which weren't already exposed. 'Anything else?'

'Your pussy,' he said, suddenly hungry for more.

'My pussy?' she repeated coyly, whilst unfastening the belt around her tiny waist.

Jess watched the shining skin around his rubbery orbs pulled tighter and heard the creak of stretching nut-cord as Bruno forgot his predicament and leaned forward in anticipation.

'Want to see?' Cindy asked him, mischievously.

Jess heard him swallow and could only assume he nodded because, without warning, the blonde pulled open her gown and hitched her legs apart to treat Jess to the perfect view of her proffered snatch.

Bruno let out a blissful groan whilst Jess shielded her eyes from the girl's dripping fuck-hole.

'What else do you love about me?' she asked him once more. Her hands ran up the open front of her silky gown stopping over the half-exposed globes of her small, but perfectly-formed breasts.

 'Your bum,' he said, oblivious to her hint.

Cindy sighed inwardly and said expectantly, 'And?'

'Your... mouth?'

Abruptly, she stopped stroking his cock to demand, 'And?'

There was a tense pause as, suddenly anxious, Bruno wracked his brain for the answer she wanted. 'Your... mind?' he ventured hopefully.

'My tits, you idiot!' she yelled, pulling open her dressing gown to reveal the perky B-cups. 'What? Don't you like them?'

'Of course I like them!' he squeaked apologetically. 'I just forgot—'

'Forgot?' she roared. 'Do I have to thrust them in your face all the time like Tits McGee?'

'No!' cried Bruno.

'I've seen you staring at them Bruno! Do you like them?'

'No! They're ridiculous. And fat. And probably saggy too.'

Jess gasped silently and clutched her boobs in offense as she always did when he ridiculed them, but never before had she been able to see his testicles while he was doing it. Ridiculous, fat and saggy? she thought to herself indignantly. Have you seen your balls?

There was a pause as Cindy seemed to consider what he had said. 'Go on,' she said, her voice curious.

'Well...' he said, hastily concocting a further gibe, '...they're probably covered in big blue veins.'

You're just describing your balls! Jess screamed inwardly as she eyed his throbbing plums.

Cindy let out a giggle. 'I bet they are,' she said, suddenly standing and refastened her little dressing gown.

'Where are you going?' he asked with despair.

'I'm going to take a shower,' she said glibly.

'But—' he began sadly, but he was cut short when Cindy noticed the near-empty bottle which Jess had left out on the tabletop.

'Oh, perfect,' she said, snatching up the bottle. 'Jess' milk,' she read from the pink Post-it. She gave a snort of derision and tore it from the bottle to let it drop to the floor in a crumpled ball. 'Whatever, bitch.'

The casual disregard of Jess' Post-it had the buxom brunette's blood boiling in an instant, but it was nothing compared with the rage she felt when Bruno, desperate to dispel her suspicions about his lust for the brunette's boobs, quipped hatefully, '"Jess' milk"? Do you think she squeezes it from those stupid udders of hers?'

Cindy was already drinking when she heard the joke and she was overcome with delight. Spraying Jess' last mouthfuls of milk across the kitchen she shrieked with laughter.

'I bet she does!' she cried, wiping her dripping lips.

'Hey, babe,' said Bruno, going for gold, 'the next time she bitches about people drinking all her milk, I'll just tell her to suck on a tit.'

'Oh, you totally have to!' she enthused, wiping the spilt milk from her chin. 'Right, I'm going to shower.' she told him. 'But don't think because I'm not here you can play with yourself because if I find you've spilled even a drop of cum I'll make sure you never cum again. Got it, baby?'

'Got it,' said Bruno, gulping. He watched her go, and when he was sure she was out of earshot he put his face in his hands and groaned miserably. When he lifted his head he found Jess kneeling on the floor in front of him and for a moment he couldn't believe his luck. However, when she snarled up at him, 'Suck on this!' and swung a balled fist underneath the table he knew his luck had just got worse.

Probably not to be continued, but you never know...

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