It Started with a Kick: Part 1

Miss Lauren Jenson

When Lauren saw Rebecca Mansfield marching across the classroom, her eyes burning with the kind of pure, unadulterated malice only seen in girls in their teens and focusing it on one poor, unsuspecting boy, she knew instinctively she should intervene, and yet felt an overwhelming desire to let events take their course.

Lauren had started her first job as a teacher only a few weeks previous and until now it had been desperately uneventful. But as the fuming young girl came to a halt in front of the object of her fury and swung back her leg, Lauren knew that things were finally about to get interesting.

The boy, Paul Spencer, spotted the threat to his virility only moments before the toe of his classmate's sturdy school shoe struck his testicles.

It was the first time a girl had touched his genitals.

Lauren swore blind she heard the crunch of splitting nut-shell and though she knew that the apparent castration of a doubtless virgin was by far the most heartbreaking thing she would ever witness, her immediate arousal could not be denied as it came with a rush of blood that brought to life certain parts of her body; parts that should definitely remain dormant for a teacher over the course of an average school day.

Feeling her suddenly erect nipples raking against the lacy cup of her bra, she brought both hands to her mouth; feigning the concern she knew she should be feeling for poor Paul, whilst cunningly concealing her grin and erect teats behind her hands and forearms.

As she watched Paul lurch backward with a distressed yelp before flopping lifelessly to the floor, she thought back to the first time she had felt a similar kind of arousal. She was no older than the girls in her class. A boy called Benjamin Maxwell had pushed Sally Daniels so the quick-tempered girl who had many brothers kicked him right up between his legs. Though young Lauren had known the differences between boys and girls, she hadn't realised up until that moment quite how these differences could be exploited.

She looked around the class at the awestruck and amused faces of the girls who surged forward to stare down at the felled boy and realised this might be the first time they had appreciated it too. For her it had been a life-changing moment as, chuckling, the girls' PE teacher had walked over and, without a single word of reproach for indignant Sally Daniels, had cajoled poor Benjamin to his feet, all the time making subtle digs at his state of enfeeblement.

Lauren was struck all of a sudden by the shocking realisation that the teacher's intent all along had been to illustrate to the girls just how thoroughly the boy had been debilitated by the swiftest of kicks from a mere girl just like them. She wanted them to know that they all had the power to do the same!

She looked back at her own girls as they clambered onto desks to get a better look at Paul who appeared to be doing an impression of a performing seal; laid as he was on his belly letting out a series of loud, nauseous howls with hands reaching underneath him and his spine curling backward. Above him towered Rebecca, triumphant.

'What happened here?' demanded Lauren, feigning ignorance. 'Becky, did you do this?' Her voice startled the young girl, who had been so intent on smashing Paul's scrotum that she hadn't even noticed her teacher standing only metres away.

'Miss,' she gushed, suddenly apologetic. 'It was... I was aiming for his leg.'

Perfect, thought Lauren. She looked down at Paul who had now rocked onto his side and was rapidly curling into the foetal position. 'Paul,' she said. 'Did Becky get you in the leg?' The cascade of amused snorts and chuckles from the other girls told her that they all knew exactly where Becky had gotten him. 'Paul,' she repeated, not relenting in her purposely guileless line of questioning. 'Where did she get you?' When Paul's only response was a sorry squeak in-between sobs, she asked while struggling to keep a straight face, 'Was it in your testicles?'

Testicles. That word had always had a strange effect on her. Testicles: a silly little word for silly little organs.

Red-faced, but somehow managing to hold back her mirth, Lauren turned back to Rebecca. 'Becky, do you know how delicate a boy's testicles are?'

'I didn't mean to—'

'Do you know?' repeated Lauren, giving the young girl her best stern look.

'Yes, Miss,' she admitted sadly.

'How delicate?' challenged Lauren, crossing her arms across her visibly poking nipples.

'Miss?' asked Rebecca, unsure of how to answer, but her teacher simply raised her eyebrow expectantly. Seeking an answer, the young girl looked back down at her mewling victim. Still nursing his smashed scrotum, Paul rolled suddenly onto his back and contracted into a tight ball as another bolt of anguish gripped his body.

Lauren watched the girl study his agony. Even accepting that the boy's gonads would be relatively virgin to such pain, she had to admit that it was an impressive achievement for the young girl to have so completely incapacitated him.

'Very delicate?' ventured Rebecca hopefully.

'Very delicate,' repeated Lauren, stressing the superlative as hard as she could, adding, 'And very fragile.'

'What do you mean?' asked Rebecca, her frown knotting as she absorbed the meaning of her teacher's words. 'Like they're easy to break?'

'Well, not break exactly,' said Lauren. She twisted her lips thoughtfully as she said, 'More like...' "Rupture" was the word which immediately sprung to mind, but it sounded too clinical and off-putting for teenage ears. "Split" maybe? she thought. Still pretty graphic. No, she needed a playful, almost comical little word like, '...pop,' she said, smiling. Perfect.

'They can pop?' asked Rebecca suddenly with genuine horror.

Lauren glanced quickly at the faces of the other girls. Most were as shocked as Rebecca at what was a new piece of information to them, but a handful of the more devious girls seemed to appreciate at once the power this newfound knowledge gave them. They looked at one another with wicked grins. The same way young Lauren had looked at her friends when her PE teacher had told her that Sally Daniels' kick had cost Benjamin Maxwell a testicle.

'OMG!' cried Rebecca, snapping Lauren out of her flashback. 'I might have popped Paul!' She knelt quickly and prised apart Paul's legs, holding them open with her knees whilst she tugged at his zipper.

'Becky...' said Lauren; stern, but not too stern to dissuade the concerned young girl from fishing inside her classmate's trousers.

'We have to check,' Rebecca insisted earnestly as she tugged out a handful of pink meat and studied it intently. 'There Miss!' she cried with excitement and relief as she thrust the boy's intact sex organs up at her teacher. 'One, two. See?'

'I see,' said Lauren weakly as she stared for much longer than appropriate at the taboo sight of a pupil's proffered gonads.

'Is he going to be okay?' asked Rebecca, who had no inkling that in wrenching on Paul's testes she was actually causing him much further distress. The other girls watching seemed to notice, however. Either that or their barely contained hysterics were caused by the sight of his penis which had been careless exposed by all the girl's tugging.

'Oh my,' said Lauren when she caught sight of the sorry organ which, for some reason, was the only thing so far she deemed unacceptable for the girls to witness. She stooped quickly and urged Rebecca out from between Paul's legs. Automatically, they snapped back shut to shield his battered boyhood from prying eyes.

'Boys,' said Lauren as she held Rebecca by the shoulders. She looked about the class to see the boys had retreated several paces from the crowd of giggling schoolgirls and were all looking ashen-faced and sickly. She doubted it was the first time they had learned of the vulnerability of male genitalia, but it was probably the first time they had seen the female reaction to it. Poor little things, she thought wryly. 'You two,' she said, pointing at the biggest. 'Help Paul to my office.' Adding out of sheer spite, 'He won't be walking anywhere by himself for a while.'

The boys did as they were told, but Lauren noticed with amusement their unusually stooped and stilted gait as they walked around to the front of the class. Sympathy pains? she thought to herself; giddy at the peculiar sight. That's priceless! The grimacing boys forced a hand under Paul's arms and hauled him unceremoniously to his feet. The abruptness with which he was hoisted vertical caused his unfastened trousers to lose purchase on his waist and end up in a pile around his ankles.

At the sight of a classmate rendered suddenly and hilariously half-naked, the girls lost any notion of restraint, producing phones which they used to capture the inexorable shrivel of his bright pink boyhood.

Lauren looked on, powerless to intervene. She had been moved to rush in and cover him, but the last thing she needed was a photo of her cupping a pupil's cock and balls circulating the school.

'Go!' she told the shocked and horrified boys holding Paul. 'Get him out of here!'

The boys nodded obediently and dragged Paul out of the classroom; the cackles and camera flashes chasing them.

Lauren was left breathless and on the brink of orgasm. Her knickers were soaked to the point of saturation and she was unprepared for Rebecca to ask with genuine concern, 'Will he be okay?'

'What?' she asked weakly before snapping from her reverie to reply with unintentional candour, 'Oh, who cares.' The girl was stunned by the answer and opened her mouth to protest, but Lauren had already turned to address the class. 'Silent reading everybody,' she told them as she hurriedly slipped out of the room.

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