The Coffee Shop V: The Hangover

The morning after the night before...

Judie woke with a start, glancing immediately at the alarm clock she had neglected to set. ‘I’m late!’ she said in a startled gasp. She threw back the covers and leapt out of bed only to collapse immediately to the floor as the sudden change in situation set off an incredibly powerful throb which threatened to split her skull.

‘Ugh... My head,’ she groaned as climbed back to her feet and found to her surprise that she was still dressed in her work clothes (a cheap white T-shirt and grey cotton hot pants). Strange, she thought, as she usually slept naked.

A disgruntled moan made her spin around to find Lilly groggily pulling the covers back over herself. She too was still wearing her work clothes, though her T-shirt had become hitched under her armpits to leave her tits hanging uncovered. Lying on her side, the doughy jugs rested precariously one on top of the other as she struggled with the duvet.

Judie recalled the private party she and Gemma had hosted the previous night and let out a groan. ‘Lilly, get up,’ she snapped. ‘We’re late for work!’

Not waiting to hear the young blonde’s inevitable objections, Judie rushed out onto the landing, halting to steady herself on the stairs’ banister, before heading straight for Gemma’s bedroom. She burst in to catch Jamie putting one leg into a fresh pair of Gemma’s thongs.

‘Fuck!’ cried both girls; Jamie covering her slit while Judie shielded her eyes.

‘Where’s Gemma?’ demanded Judie; eager to leave.

‘She’s in the shower,’ growled Jamie, furiously.

Judie cursed. She left Jamie to dress and arrived at the bathroom door; calling inside as loudly as she could without aggravating her migraine. Unsurprisingly, Gemma didn’t hear her feeble calls over the shower and, having tried to give her the courtesy of forewarning, Judie marched right in. Her entrance took Gemma quite by surprise; especially when she began to strip naked.

‘Judie!’ she screamed; covering her pussy with one hand whilst crossing her other arm over her chest in a vain attempt to contain her soapy tits and keep the important parts concealed.

‘We’re late,’ explained Judie as she slipped out of her hot pants. ‘I haven’t got time to wait for you.’ Shocking Gemma further, she then proceeded to step into the shower and nudge the gobsmacked blonde aside as she reached for the shampoo.

Gemma threw up her hands to prevent herself from stumbling face-first into the glass screen which surrounded the shower, but her massive tits met it long before her palms and squashed wide across the glass, cushioning the bump.

Just then Jamie walked in. She was wearing the thong Gemma had lent her and covering her bare breasts. ‘Oh!’ she said as she was met with the sight of Gemma’s naked jugs spread shockingly wide across the otherwise steamy screen. She blinked away her astonishment and asked, ‘Have you seen my bra?’

‘No,’ answered Judie; taking Jamie by surprise.

‘Judie?’ asked the brunette squinting to try and make out through the condensation who had answered.

Judie tilted the showerhead so that its spray washed away the fog and inadvertently exposed Gemma full frontal.

‘Wow,’ remarked Jamie, before bursting into a fit of giggles.

Horrified at her exposure, Gemma screamed only for Lilly to come storming in.

‘Would everyone please keep it down?’ she demanded whilst struggling to fasten her bra. ‘My head is killing is me.’

‘Hey, that’s my bra!’ cried Jamie, snatching it off her sister before anyone noticed just how inadequate her E-cups were at containing her little sister’s F-cup melons.

‘Hey!’ objected Lilly, as she was forced to cover her spilling tits.

As the pair bickered, Gemma, still pinned, immobile, to the shower screen sucked in a deep breath before letting out a deafening scream. ‘Get out, all of you!

The other girls cursed and shielded their delicate ears from the aural assault and, whilst Jamie and Lilly retreated back onto the landing, Judie declared, ‘Okay! I’m finished,’ and leapt out of the shower leaving Gemma once more able to cover herself. ‘Bathroom is all yours,’ she added as she left; snatching Gemma’s only towel as she went.

Hey!’ roared Gemma, indignant and close to meltdown. ‘That’s my towel!’ She jumped out of the shower and raced down the hall after Judie, who, seeing the wildly bouncing milk-monsters pursuing her, screamed with a mixture of terror and glee, and sprinted downstairs with the towel flapping behind her.

When Gemma came bounding down the stairs she was surprised to find Judie had come to a halt at the foot of the staircase; staring absently across the living room. Snatching back her towel, Gemma followed her gaze to see the floor covered by a stain-covered Twister mat and littered with empty wine bottles, pizza boxes and toppled furniture. ‘Wow,’ she said, aghast. ‘We really let loose last night.’

There came a nauseous groan from behind the sofa which caught both girls by surprise. Gemma looked anxiously at Judie and held out the towel for her to take as a way of hinting that she should be the one to investigate. Judie accepted the towel grudgingly and, after wrapping it around herself, crept silently around the couch.

Amongst the debris which lay at the foot of the sofa she found two young men curled in foetal positions. She looked back at Gemma, her brow furrowed with unease, but before she could speak Lilly came bouncing down the stairs and drew up beside her to giggle.

‘I guess we ordered out last night,’ she said cheerily when saw the boys. Gemma and Judie regarded her with bafflement until she pointed at their matching polo shirts which had on them the name of a pizza delivery chain. ‘We do this all the time,’ she said as her sister came down the stairs to join them, ‘don’t we, Jamie?’

Jamie, who was in the middle of fastening her bra, peered over the sofa, saw the delivery boys and grunted in accordance.

‘I don’t follow,’ said Gemma. Suddenly becoming aware once more of her nudity, she tugged the towel back off Judie who let it go without protest.

With her bra fastened, Jamie explained casually, ‘When I can’t be bothered going out to find a victim to ball-bust I call up for a takeaway and get one deliver to my door.’

‘That’s ingenious,’ said Judie in awe.

‘Only, I have no idea what the Twister mat was for,’ said Jamie, looking down at the game mat on which both the boys lay.

‘The mess,’ said Gemma, causing the others to turn to her with raised eyebrows. She was pale and her voice shaky as she explained, ‘I remember saying we should put down plastic before we...’ Her towel fell away as she covered her mouth with both hands; unable to bring herself to finish the sentence.

‘Before we what?’ asked Judie.

Gemma looked at her with genuine horror and hissed, ‘I think we castrated them!’

Gemma’s Flashback

‘I can’t believe I never thought of this!’ gushed Judie as she and Jamie stood either side of the front door chuckling drunkenly.

‘He’s coming!’ announced Lilly who was peering unsubtly through the curtains at the delivery boy walking up the drive.

‘Is he fit?’ asked Jamie before taking another swig of her cheap, sugary alcopop.

‘Not bad – muscular.’

‘Perfect,’ purred Judie, setting her own drink down as the doorbell rang.

On the count of three Judie wrenched the door open and, leaping forward, Jamie knocked the pizza boxes from the unsuspecting young man’s hands and pulled him by his shirt into her rising knee. Though incredibly drunk, Jamie’s ball-busting skills were sharper than ever. Her knee caught his plump bollocks flush and smashed them into his pelvis before they had the chance to slip out of harm’s way.

Overcome by the shock of such an unexpected and devastating trauma, the delivery boy put up no fight as Jamie manoeuvred him into the room and bent him over the dining table.

Whilst Judie slammed the door shut, Jamie tore down the boy’s trousers and slipped her hand between his protectively tensed thighs to take hold of his big, smashed plums. With a sharp tug, she wrenched them back through his tightly shut legs and presented them to the other girls who quickly gathered round with open mouths.

‘Not bad,’ remarked Jamie; bouncing the heavy orbs in her palm. ‘Bigger than I expected.’

‘Much,’ agreed Judie.

‘I can’t wait to hear them pop!’ enthused Lilly, causing Gemma to grimace.

‘Are we really going to do this?’ she asked anxiously. ‘Castrate a perfectly innocent—’

You fucking cunt!’ roared the delivery boy, who had somehow regained enough of his senses to think that launching an attack on the girl holding him by the balls was a good idea. He pushed off the table and slammed his bare arse into Jamie’s face to send her toppling backward; surprise, disgusted, but, nevertheless, unwilling to let go off the precious jewels she held in her hand.

The brash young man let out a shrill squeal as the nauseating, debilitating pain of blunt-force testicle trauma was compounded by the sharp, blinding agony of having his delicate nut-cords yanked on. It was only by the sweat of his nut-sac that he managed to retain his beloved eggs as they slipped one after the other from his attacker’s grasp.

As Jamie hit the floor, Judie and Lilly retreated to a safe distance leaving Gemma to face the brawny youth as he wheeled around blindly with his fist pulled back ready to swing at the first person he saw.

Gemma squeezed her eyes shut and waited to be sent sailing across the room, but when, after a tense few seconds, she was not launched into the air, she dared open her eyes and was surprised and relieved to find that her knee had instinctively buried itself between his legs.

The delivery boy’s fist, though still raised, shook feebly and his bulging eyes began to roll slowly inward as an anguished squeak seeped through his clenched teeth.

‘Nice shot!’ enthused Lilly; rejoining her friend.

Gemma could only grimace in response; her attention on the sensation of his desperately squirming balls atop her knee and the warmth from the long, limp length of cock which lay along thigh. But only when the veiny snake gave an involuntary twitch and let loose as hot, sticky spurt was she moved to give him a timid shove to the chest and send him toppling backward onto the table. His fat, purple head slithered down her thigh leaving behind it a repulsive trail.

‘Well,’ said Judie after the shock had wore off. She picked up the phone. ‘I call for another delivery so we have testicle each.’

‘Yeah, yeah!’ said Lilly, clapping her hands excitedly.

Gemma, who remained breathless and frozen with her knee still hoisted up, quickly excused herself, telling them, ‘I’m going to put down a sheet or something.’ She stared down with disgust at the trail of cum down her thigh and added, ‘I don’t want our carpets ruining.’


‘So that’s where the Twister mat came from,’ she said in conclusion.

Suddenly aware that she had delivered the entire account of her memory standing stark naked, Gemma quickly picked up her towel and wrapped it around herself once more; blushing and apologetic.

‘So we popped a nut each?’ asked Jamie with a frown.

‘Apparently,’ said Judie, giving an indifferent shrug.

‘It’s just I usually leave them a bollock so they’ll still have something to lose if they go blabbing.’

‘Maybe we did leave them both one!’ said Gemma, suddenly buoyed by the possibility. ‘Quick, somebody check!’

Always eager to get her hands on a couple of young men’s scrotums, Lilly rushed forward to assess the damage whilst Gemma watched hopefully. But after completing each intimate examination of the insensible boys’ sacs Lilly turned and announced, ‘No – we emptied both.’

‘Are you sure?’ implored Gemma.

‘Nothing but mush,’ insisted Lilly with a shrug.

Gemma gasped in horror. ‘Well, I didn’t take one!’ she objected. ‘Somebody must have popped two.’

‘Actually,’ said Judie, ‘as I recall we shared them out equally...’

Judie’s Recollection

With the Twister mat covering the carpet beneath which the two delivery boys sat, bound with duct tape to their chairs, the girls took a moment to assess their trouserless catch.

The first delivery boy to have arrived (his nametag had read Grant) was a bit of a brute: square-jawed and muscular, but stocky; not much to look at, but a worthy foe.

The second delivery boy, Tim, was much more attractive, but his appeal did not extend to the contents of his boxer shorts which were quiet a letdown after the pleasant surprise of Grant’s over-developed goods. In fact, when Judie had shoved her hand down the front of his trousers on his arrival, she had described his relatively meagre handful as “sorry excuses for testicles” before squeezing him into unconsciousness by them.

While, in comparison to his colleague, his genitals were a disappointment, Lilly still took great delight in describing them in priapic detail to the other girls who sat on the sofa drinking and watching excitedly as the young blonde bound the boys to chairs with duct-tape.

‘His dick’s, like what, three inches? Cute, but pretty pathetic.’ She flicked it out of the way and moved onto his throbbing nuts. ‘And speaking of pathetic...’ She rested the petite pair against her palm. ‘Even with the swelling they’re hardly bigger than grapes.’

Happy as she was taking stock of Tim’s goods, it was the well-hung Grant which quite literally got her juices flowing. She shuffled back over to where he was bound, spread-legged, and peered between his legs. ‘It’s got to be nine inches long and that’s soft!’ she said of Grant’s cock, overestimating by almost an inch. She took a tentative hold of it by the foreskin and slung the heavy length to one side so that it rested over his thigh and allowed her unobstructed access to his low-hanging, pool-ball-sized plums.

‘Wow,’ she said as she weighed the warm, spunk-laden organs in her palm. ‘I can barely hold them in one hand.’ As if desperate to prove her right, his plump left nut slipped free of her grasp. ‘I get this one,’ she said of the one she still held.

‘And I get the other,’ said Judie; beating a drinking Jamie to claim the remaining bollock.

‘What?’ cried Jamie, spraying her alcopop across the room. ‘This whole thing was my idea. I should get one of the big ones.’

The girls were still bickering over who deserved to take the big bollocks when the boys began to come round and, with the argument getting incredibly intense between Jamie and Lilly, Judie eventually had to concede before fighting broke out. She did, however, have one condition: the sisters had to kiss and make up. Literally.

‘Yuck!’ cried Lilly. ‘I’m not kissing her!’

 ‘Yeah, not a chance,’ agreed Jamie, folding her arms resolutely.

 ‘You want the big testicle or not?’ Judie asked her, raising her dark eyebrow.

Having been in a confrontation with Judie before Jamie knew not to cross her, but she also knew better than to trust her word. Still, she had been left with little choice. Narrowing her eyes at Judie, she reached out, grabbed the back of Lilly’s head and, with a growl, pulled her face to her own and jammed her tongue down her throat.

Lilly resisted at first, but, surprised by the expertise with which Jamie kissed, she relented and, ultimately, succumbed. Jamie, however, distrustful of Judie, was busy ensuring she secured herself one of the big bollocks as, unbeknownst to the young blonde, she was using the embrace as a cover to unclasp her bra and thereby leave vulnerable her sister’s tender titties.

Outwardly though, the kiss was stunning and Gemma, Judie, Grant and Tim watched the spectacle with astonishment. The kiss grew more breathless and amorous with every passing second fuelling the corresponding growth of the boys’ penises.

Without taking her eyes off the saliva-swapping sisters Gemma leaned toward Judie and whispered, ‘I thought they hated each other.’

‘Oh, they do,’ Judie assured her as it became suddenly apparent that what had appeared to be passionate groping was in fact an increasingly violent struggle for dominance over the kiss as Lilly regained her senses and began to fight back.

‘Girls...’ said Gemma anxiously. ‘Let’s not get carried away—’ The pair threw each other to the floor before she could finished her warning.

Against her more athletic, cunning and cruel sister, Lilly stood little chance, but it was with surprising ease that Jamie pinned her little sister and wrenched her unclasped her bra, and T-shirt with it, up over her head. With Lilly blind and her arms tied up in the upturned T-shirt, Jamie was granted unobstructed access to her insufferable little sister’s soft, jiggling titties.  Her eyes glinted as she contemplated the prospect of finally being able to work out the feelings of inadequacy she felt on the very wobbling mounds which had caused them. But as she reached for the pale, doughy flesh, her fingers curled like talons, she was taken by the arms unexpectedly and hauled her off the top of her sister by Gemma and Judie.

‘Get off me!’ she roared, as beneath her Lilly immediately bolted upright and wriggled free of the tangle of her bra and T-shirt. As she tossed the twisted garments aside she looked up at her restrained sister and saw an opportunity to take revenge. Reaching out slowly and menacingly, she took hold of the waistband of Jamie’s hot pants and looked into the brunette’s terrified eyes.

‘Don’t you dare!’ Jamie warned her.

‘Lilly...’ said Judie, dissuasively, but the young blonde simply grinned before tearing the hot pants down around her shrieking sister’s ankles.

You little bitch!’ roared Jamie, before noticing that Lilly’s vengeful fingers had failed to hook around the threadlike strings of her thong. ‘Ha!’ she cried, triumphantly.

Though her little sister had failed to subject her to the humiliation she had intended, Jamie was not about to let the transgression go unpunished. With her arms held and her legs bound by the hot pants wrapped around her ankles, Jamie had only one weapon left in her arsenal, but it was one she was particularly deadly with: her knees.

Quickly dropping forward into a kind of awkward squat, she positioned her bony knees either side of her sister’s big, squishy titties. She lingered there for a fraction of a second, allowing Lilly to appreciate the jeopardy she was in. Then, snapping her knees together with her powerful thighs, Jamie smashed the young blonde’s milk-makers flat with a fatty slap!

It took Lilly a moment to register the pain. Having never suffered anything on the same scale she was understandably overwhelmed and for a time her mouth simply opened and closed without sound as tears began to well in her wide, blue eyes.  When she did finally find the voice to convey her anguish it was, ‘My boobs!’ that she screamed in anguish.

The cry was a release for the grief which had overwhelmed her brain allowing room for no other thought. But now some space had been freed it was retaliation that rushed in to fill it and there was only one course of action as far as she could see: reaching around Jamie, she snatched one of her sister’s beloved buttocks in each hand and sunk her nails deep into the fleshy cheeks.

‘Screw this,’ said Judie, letting go of Jamie’s arm as she cried out and began to thrash once more.

‘Judie!’ cried Gemma after her as she picked up an unopened bottle of wine and took a seat on the sofa to watch the fight. While hurt that she had been abandoned, what upset the buxom blonde even more was the physical injury she received when Jamie’s flailing resulting in her catching a particularly fierce elbow to the tit.

Witnessing the blonde receive presumably painful blow to the milk-mountain, Judie found herself unable to feel any sympathy; Gemma’s boobs were just too dissimilar in scale from her own for her to relate. And, as she watched the bony point bury itself into the dead centre of the busty blonde’s abundant, yielding globe, she couldn’t help but let out a spiteful cackle.

Thankfully, Gemma’s plaint tit-meat was well capable of absorbing the worst of the strike and though Jamie’s elbow had caught her sensitive nipple and driven it deep, her nerve-endings were spread over such a wide area that most escaped untouched. What little pain was generated caused Gemma only momentary discomfort. ‘Ow! My boob,’ she yelped.

Entirely unconcerned with her buxom colleague’s injury, Jamie caught her sister by the hair only to be herself caught by the hair when Lilly relinquished her ass cheeks to instead concentrate on the vulnerable area between her legs.

Having suffered similar treatment, Grant and Tim took great pleasure in the look of intense discomfort on the girl’s face when, all of a sudden, she doubled over, groaning deeply and rolling her bulging eyes up toward the ceiling. ‘My clit!’ she moaned, aggrieved; her instinctively clenching thighs pressing her knees tighter against her Lilly’s jugs until she too was also screaming with agony.

The boys did not get long to enjoy the sight, however, as, infuriated by the siblings’ squabbling and spurred on by the uncomfortable throb of her melon, Gemma marched across the room and seized Grant by his plums; one in each of her comparatively small hands. ‘That’s it!’ she bellowed. ‘I’m taking them both so there’ll be nothing for you two to fight about.’

Grant shrieked through his duct tape gag and strained desperately at his bonds as the busty blonde squeezed with all her womanly might. The pain had a dampening effect on his towering cock which deflated rapidly to topple forward and end up slumped lifelessly over Gemma’s wrist like a meaty bracelet.

‘Yuck,’ she moaned, distractedly flicking it to one side to ensure that the sisters had an unobstructed view of the shiny, red nut-meat she had compressed in her hands.

Tim’s every instinct told him to look away, but his morbid curiosity would not let him take his eyes off the grisly spectacle of his colleague’s impressive manhood crushed to breaking point.

‘No!’ shrieked Lilly; immediately releasing her sister’s hyper-sensitive nub. ‘Don’t crush his plums! We’ll be good! Promise!’

Holding Grant’s nuts at the brink of rupture, Gemma eyed Jamie for her response. It took a few moments for Jamie to regain her composure, such was the viciousness of the pinch she had received from Lilly, but, after wiping the tears from her eyes, she nodded earnestly and said hoarsely, ‘Promise.’

The moment Gemma let go of his balls Grant’s tensed muscles relaxed and he fell instantly limp in his chair. Gemma looked next at Judie whose drunken giggling was causing her to spill wine over herself. ‘Can Jamie please have the big ball instead of you, Judie?’ she asked reasonably.

The blonde shrugged nonchalantly. ‘Whatever,’ she said before taking a big swig of wine and adding, ‘I don’t mind popping raisins.’


Lilly clutched her melons and scowled at her sister growling reproachfully, ‘I thought my boobs felt more sensitive than usual.’

Jamie, who was anxiously checking her ass-cheeks for fingernail marks, simply scoffed.

Judie turned to Gemma and shrugged. ‘See?’ she said. ‘One each. You took the little guy’s.’

‘I couldn’t have,’ protested the busty blonde. ‘I wouldn’t have! He’s completely innocent and I don’t even find castration that funny.’

‘Why do I feel like we’ve had this conversation before...?’ asked Jamie, touching her plump bottom lip thoughtfully. ‘Oo! I remember!’

Jamie’s Memory

‘You’re telling me you took no pleasure in of squeezing the jizz out of his nuts just then?’ asked Jamie, incredulously.

‘No! Why would I?’

‘Why wouldn’t you?’ cried the brunette in despair. ‘Come here,’ she said, beckoning the blonde back over to Grant. Gemma got up and approached her grimacing.

‘Why? What are you going to make me do?’

‘Just take hold of one,’ Jamie told her. ‘Roll it around and get a good feel for it.’

‘Okay,’ said Gemma, uneasy about the request. She took one of his balls between her fingers and began to roll it tentatively.

‘Give it a little squeeze – just to test its resilience.’

Gemma let out an apprehensive moan, but pinched the nut ever so slightly to elicit a squeak from the hulking delivery boy.

‘Tell me what you feel,’ said Jamie.

‘Well, it’s kind of rubbery.’

‘No, not the bollock. What you feel inside.’

‘I dunno... a little grossed out – it’s really squirmy.’

‘Focus, Gemma,’ said Jamie, like some enlightened ball-busting mentor. ‘Give it another squeeze and concentrate on what you feel in your nipples and pussy.’

Gemma pulled a slightly disgusted face, but did as she was told after a stern look from the brunette. ‘Fine,’ she said in a sigh. She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath before pinching his plum once more. He let out an identical squeal.

‘You hear that?’ asked Jamie. ‘And can you feel how he tries to pull away from you. Pathetic. Show him who’s boss – yank him back where to want him.’

Gemma gave his nut a sharp tug and was pleasantly surprised to find that after having drawn away he quickly shuffled his arse towards her again. The other girls studied Gemma’s face closely; awaiting her response. They were delighted to hear her emit an audible purr as she flexed her fingers and caused him squeal an unexpected third and fourth time. The girls looked at one another, smiling; knowing with great familiarity the pleasure she must be feeling.

Gemma was indeed delighting in the control she had over the big, powerful man, and with such minuscule actions. She was midway through a fifth squeeze when she caught herself murmuring appreciatively and gasped with horror. When she opened her eyes and found the others grinning back at her she blushed bright red.

‘Well?’ Lilly asked her eagerly.

‘Nothing,’ lied Gemma after clearing her throat. The other girls simply burst out laughing causing the top heavy blonde to blush deeper.

‘Whatever, Gemma,’ cried Lilly. ‘Your knickers are dripping wet!’

‘Fine!’ exclaimed Gemma; covering the damp crotch of her hot pants self-consciously. ‘I enjoyed it. Happy now?’

Yes!’ enthused the other girls.

‘She finally get’s it!’ cheered Judie, elated.

‘Maybe so,’ said Gemma, irritably. ‘But I’m still not going to pop one. They’ve done nothing wrong.’

‘Nothing wrong?’ snorted Jamie, reproachfully. ‘We’ll see about that.’ She marched over to the pile of clothes they had stripped from the boys and rummaged around in it until she found both the boys’ phones. Keeping the big boy’s for herself she tossed the other to Judie and began to search for incriminating evidence.

‘Now let’s see what photos he’s got on here...’ said Jamie. Almost instantly she cried, ‘I knew it!’ She handed the phone to Gemma and said with a smug grin, ‘Take a look for yourself.’

Gemma gasped at the image of the passed-out-drunk girl with what was recognisably the boy’s length snaking across her forehead. The sight took a moment to sink in. ‘M-maybe it’s his girlfriend...’ she postulated feebly.

‘Keep going,’ Jamie told her with a knowing smile.

Gemma was reluctant to continue the slideshow. It took a little more encouragement from Jamie to thumb the next image onto the screen and it was a similar scenario to the last, only the girl subjected to his uninvited advances was different. As was the girl in the next photo. And the next.

Gemma skipped quickly through the shocking gallery until one photo in particular made her pause and stare intently. There was something about the insensible blonde victim in the photo which seemed familiar to her. It wasn’t the poor girl’s face as that was obscured by the testicles rested in her eye sockets and the thick cock which draped over her nose to perch its bulbous head upon her lips. The things Gemma recognised were the girl’s doughy, young tits, which had been exposed by simply turning up her top and bra. ‘Lilly...?’ she murmured weakly.

‘What is it?’ asked the young blonde.

Gemma turned the screen slowly toward her asking, ‘Have you passed out at any parties lately?’

On seeing the photo, Lilly squeaked with horror. ‘It must have been at Hannah’s sixteenth birthday party!’ she shrieked. She turned on the terrified young man bound to the chair which creaked under the strain of him desperately trying to shut his legs and shield the delicate organs exposed between from her wrath. ‘You filthy pig!’ she roared, rushing forward only to be brought to an unexpected halt when Jamie caught hold of her flowing blonde locks. She screamed out in pain and almost toppled backwards.

‘Let me go!’ she bellowed. ‘I’m going to cut his balls off and rest them in his eye sockets!’

‘One of those balls is mine!’ growled her sister as she reeled her in.

‘Oh, not again,’ whined Gemma, clutching her left tit, which still throbbed dully from the sisters’ last argument. ‘You two promised.’

‘But she’s going to cut his balls off!’ protested Jamie.

‘Cutting them off would be too good for him,’ said Judie, matter-of-factly.

‘Yes! Judie’s right,’ said Gemma; recognising a chance to dissuade Lilly from bloody violence. ‘He needs to suffer and I know just the way!’ With that she raced into the kitchen and, after rummaging through the kitchen cupboards for a while, she returned with a basket full of pegs.

‘Here,’ she said, presenting them to Lilly who was still kicking furiously at the testicles which hung only inches out of the reach of her toes. ‘See how many you can fit on his bollock.’

Lilly’s eyes lit up at the prospect getting to cause her sleep-fiend immeasurable amounts of agony whilst also making a show of it in which she would be the centre of attention for as long as she felt like drawing it out. Seeing she had piqued the young girl’s interest, Gemma nodded for Jamie to release her hair, which Jamie did ever-so warily.

After rubbing the stinging from her scalp, Lilly shook out her blonde locks and accepted the basket. Narrowing her eyes at Grant’s fat plum, she positioned the first peg dead centre of the orb and said, ‘Here goes,’ before letting it snap shut.

Grant’s body shook violently as his plump bollock was pinched in two. His muffled screams filled the room and tears quickly filled his eyes.

‘One,’ counted Lilly as she casually reached into the basket for the next peg, which she proceeded to dither with theatrically for a moment; deliberating over whether to pin it to the very top or bottom of the nut.

‘Screw it,’ she said, taking out a second peg and clamping the pair shut on the topmost and bottommost extremity of Grant’s precious gonad.

Grant's squeals went up by a couple of octaves and the wooden frame of the chair creaked dangerously as his powerful muscles strained against his bonds with all their might.

‘You know...’ said Lilly, pretending to ponder.’ I think I can fit one more on there.’

‘Really?’ asked Jamie, dubious, as Lilly took out another peg. ‘Where?’

‘On the back,’ she told her sister, with a devilish smirk.

‘Of his nut?’ asked Gemma, balking at the eye-watering thought.

As Lilly slowly she rotated his scrotum to expose the bulging back of his nut, she took the opportunity to look up at him and grin. Snorting rapid, panicked breaths through his flared nostrils, Grant shook his head at her in utter dread. ‘Aw, poor thing,’ she cooed as she snapped the peg open and shut menacingly. ‘What’s the matter? Don’t want a nasty peg pinned to your ever-so-sensitive nut-cords?’

Beside Grant, Tim stared, pale and unblinking, at the vicious wooden jaws which Lilly took time to position precisely either side of the delicate knot at the rear of his colleague’s plum.

‘I can’t watch,’ said Gemma; though she was unable to force herself to look away until there came the gristly crunch as Lilly released the peg.

For a short time, Grant remained completely still and silent, but, when the agony worked its way up his pinched cords to grip his stomach, he lurched violently forward, let out a long, nauseous groan and began to retch.

The sickening sound of a nipped epididymis caused Tim to retch also, in sympathy.

‘There,’ said Lilly, happy with her handiwork until she spotted a drip of cum forming on the tip of Grant’s cock. ‘Oh, would you look at that – you’re leaking,’ she said reaching into the peg basket one last time. ‘Let me get that for you.’

‘Oo. Nice!’ remarked Judie with a mean chuckle as Lilly stemmed the flow of semen by crimping his fat bell-end with a final peg.

‘Thank you,’ replied Lilly, turning nonchalantly from her tortured victim to enquire, ‘Did you find anything incriminating on the other guy?’

‘No photos,’ said Judie with disappointment.

‘See?’ Gemma asked Jamie, triumphantly. ‘Not all men are creeps and perverts. We can’t take his balls. It just wouldn’t be fair.’

‘Hold on, Gemma,’ said Jamie, ‘that was just his photos.’ She snatched the phone off Judie and told her, ‘I’ll check his texts.’ Scanning through Tim’s recent messages she quickly stumbled upon a nude self-shot of a girl taken on her phone.

‘Here we go,’ she said. ‘The message reads, “Like what you see?” to which he replied, “Yeah and so will everyone I share it with unless you leave me alone you crazy bitch.”’ She would happily have stopped there having proved her point that he was a jerk, but the girl’s response to his antagonism was too good to not share.

‘Oh my god!’ she said giggling. ‘She sent him another photo.’ Almost unable to contain her excitement she turned the screen so that the others could see the photo of two juicy red grapes skewered by the stiletto heel of a shoe with the message: BIG MISTAKE!!! This is wot im going 2 do 2 ur bollocks! written beneath it.

‘Why are you so happy about a threat to pop his grapes?’ asked Gemma with dismay.

‘Don’t you see?’ Jamie asked her. ‘If we don’t do it someone else will!’

Gemma sighed theatrically. ‘That’s probably just a hollow threat.’

‘That’s no hollow threat, Gem,’ said Lilly in a gasp when she suddenly noticed the name of the message’s sender. ‘It’s from Joanna Chapel. She used to go to my school until she got expelled for cutting off a boy’s nuts with safety scissors.’

‘Oh, god yeah,’ gushed Jamie. ‘I didn’t recognise her without her clothes on – she has a surprising tidy bush for a psycho bitch.’

‘And she... she really did that to a boy?’ asked Gemma, aghast.

‘Oh yeah – she’s crazy,’ affirmed Jamie. ‘I’m talking Katy Perry crazy. The doctor managed to reattach the boy’s nuts so she cut them off again and ran them through a paper shredder!’

‘Oh god!’ cried Gemma as she turned away to retch.

Whilst she was busy Judie raised her eyebrow and asked Lilly, ‘Is that true?’

‘The part with the safety scissor is,’ she told her whilst looking reproachfully at her sister. ‘Jamie made up the last bit up.’

‘So?’ said Jamie with an indifferent shrug. ‘I saw it in a film. I was just trying to sway Gemma onto our side.’

Judie smiled at the cunning brunette, before turning to comfort Gemma. She placed her hand on the busty blonde’s shoulder and said, ‘See? No matter what you do to his testicle it will still be better than whatever that girl will do to it.’

‘Yeah,’ added Jamie, unable to keep a straight face. ‘You’re doing him a favour really.’


‘Oh, god!’ cried Gemma, putting her hands to her mouth with such haste that the ripple it sent through her tits dislodged her towel once more. ‘You tricked me.’ Jamie shrugged without trace of remorse. ‘Oh, god!’ continued Gemma, inconsolable. ‘I might have popped it.’

‘Told you,’ said Judie, similarly unrepentant.

‘Urgh! What is wrong with you, Jamie?’ demanded Lilly with a burst of annoyance so intense and irrational that could only have come from a hormonally-imbalanced teen girl. She was referring to the way her sister was shifting with discomfort whilst pressing her thighs tightly together.

‘Nothing,’ said Jamie, shortly. Before adding sheepishly, ‘It’s embarrassing.’ Lilly’s eye lit up at the prospect.

‘What is it?’ she asked.

‘Well... my pussy aches,’ said her sister bashfully, adding, ‘A lot.’

‘Like someone put a fist up there and tried to arm wrestle?’ asked Judie in such a way that no one could tell if she were being serious or not.

‘Ew!’ cried Gemma, just to cover all bases. ‘What on Earth did you get up to last night, Jamie?’ asked Gemma.

Lilly gave a sudden, unexpected gasp and announced, giddily, ‘I know! It just came to me!’

‘Do I want to know?’ asked Jamie warily.

‘Who cares,’ said Judie. ‘I do.’

Grinning, Lilly took a deep breath and began her excited retelling.

Lilly’s Retelling

‘What is the one thing you have always wanted to do to a testicle?’ Judie asked Gemma as she rolled Tim’s right nut between her fingers. Tim squeaked intermittently, but perspired profusely.

After taking a swig from her bottle of alcopop, the busty blonde barista confessed, ‘It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about.’

‘Seriously?’ cried Lilly stunned.

‘Not even once?’ asked Judie; her eyes narrowed dubiously.

‘Well, what is it you’ve always wanted to do to one?’ Gemma asked her defensively and, for the first time that any of the girls had seen, Judie blushed.

‘Well, I have always wanted to see if I could pop one with just my...’ she pointed southward, adding with uncharacteristic coyness, ‘...pussy.’

Jamie snorted prompting Judie to shoot her a glare. ‘Done it,’ explained the brunette with a shrug.

‘You didn’t pop it you liar!’ objected Lilly, pointing her bottle accusingly at her sister.

‘I totally could have if I’d wanted to,’ asserted Jamie, unfazed.

‘Then why didn’t you?’ challenged her sister with booze-fuelled obnoxiousness. Jamie smiled at her, though her eyes were scowling.

‘Because I’d forgotten to take the pill the night before otherwise I’d have pulped those hairy fuckers like grapes.’

‘Sure you would,’ said Judie, condescendingly.

‘Oh, and you would have?’ challenged Jamie.

Judie gave a noncommittal shrug, but didn’t look at all doubtful. She took a shot of tequila and bragged, ‘I am like iron fist when I clench. Maybe your pussy did not have the grip.’

Jamie gasped with outrage and Lilly couldn’t resist goading her sister. She pursed her lips and sucked in a breath mockingly. Jamie narrowed her eyes. ‘I’ll have you know my pussy grips like a vice.’

‘Is that so?’ asked Judie nonchalantly. ‘Well, in that case, I challenge you to a duel.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Jamie, suddenly ill at ease.

Judie held Tim’s nut aloft and told her, ‘We each put a testicle in pussy and see who makes him sing highest. Gemma can be judge.’

‘But one of those nuts is Gemma’s!’ objected Lilly. ‘I don’t think either of you will pop it, but I doubt she wants either of your stinky juices on it.’

‘Oh, I really don’t mind—’ said Gemma; only to be interrupted by Judie.

‘Good point,’ she said quickly. ‘Let’s say the loser has to suck them both clean.’ She turned to Jamie and enquired with a grin, ‘Okay with you, Jamie?’

Though the thought repulsed her, Jamie couldn’t let on that she was in any way doubtful of her victory. ‘Fine with me,’ she growled, but before she had even finished her sentence, Judie had stripped out of her hot pants and knickers and was beckoning her to join her between Tim’s legs. The sight of Judie’s hairless, pouting pussy only made Jamie even more reluctant to go ahead with it, but, not wanting to look a prude, she slipped out of her hot pants and, left in just her T-shirt, thong and trainers, took her place in front of the half-naked blonde. Judie delighted in her coyness.

‘Not going to take these off,’ she asked, twanging the brunette’s waistband.

Jamie was too concerned with the logistical problem that fitting one not particularly low-hanging scrotum into two separate vaginas posed. ‘Hang on,’ she said. ‘How are we even supposed to do this? His sac might stretch lengthwise, but it won’t stretch much across.’

‘Well, we will just have to stand much closer together,’ said Judie. ‘In fact...’ Before the unsuspecting brunette knew what was happening, Judie dipped down and yanked her thong around her knees. Jamie yelped and rushed to hide the exposed strip of mahogany bush, but, much to everyone’s surprise, rather than flee to a safe distance, Judie instead stepped into either leg hole of the thong to join her and pulled it back up around the pair of them.

The thong’s elastic creaked dangerously as it slipped over the full extent of both girls’ perfect rears, but Judie’s tiny waist meant that when it was pulled all the way up it wasn’t actually too tight of a fit. The real discomfort for Jamie came from the intimate proximity of her nemesis whose unnaturally firm breasts were driven deep into her tender, yielding tit-meat.

‘There,’ said Judie. ‘Nice and snug.’ Jamie’s only response was an irrepressible sob of distress. Distress which only grew when Judie took hold of her wrists, set her hands by her sides and then pressed her bald pussy into hers.

‘Oo – tickly,’ remarked the mischievous blonde, smirking.

It took Jamie a while to regain her senses, such was the violation she felt, but, suddenly quite eager not to spend one more second than necessary bumping uglies with Judie, Jamie reached for the closest of Tim’s nuts in order to get the ordeal over with. Her hand was batted away by Judie before she could grab it. ‘Hey!’ she cried; retracting her hand protectively.

‘Gemma put them inside,’ Judie told her, uncompromisingly; much to the surprise of both Jamie and Gemma.

‘Excuse me?’ the girls cried in unison.

‘To prevent ball-tampering,’ explained Judie. ‘I do not want you causing any damage while you are popping it inside.’

‘As if I would,’ said Jamie, indignant; having been fully intent on softening up his ball with a few surreptitious twists and squeezes before she inserted it.

‘Well I’m not doing it,’ protested Gemma. ‘Make Lilly.’ Lilly’s eyes lit up at the prospect of shoving something up her infuriating sister and she nodded enthusiastically and rushed forward.

‘No way!’ objected Jamie; knowing the deviant pleasure her sister would take in violating her. ‘It’s Gemma or no one.’

‘Come on, Gem,’ Judie coaxed her friend, adding guilefully, ‘It’s no different to popping a big sweetie into our mouths.’ Gemma narrowed her eyes dubiously at Judie, but after a time she sighed with resignation and ever so gingerly took hold of the nut closest to the blonde before coating it in a healthy dose of saliva.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Judie, disgusted.

‘Spitting on it,’ said Gemma, apologetically. ‘I didn’t want to go shoving it up there without lubrication.’

‘I am plenty lubricated already,’ Judie told her, spreading her cunt wide. ‘See?’

Though helpful, the obscene gesture unsettled Gemma and, too embarrassed to bring herself to look into the shocking pinkness, she simply prodded blindly at the hot, damp cleft until Tim’s nut was hungrily sucked from her grasp.

For no other reason than to annoy Jamie, Judie purred loudly as the bollock penetrated her and, with eyelids fluttering, she looked deep into Jamie’s eyes and groaned disingenuously, ‘Feels so good!’

Jamie shot her a scowl straight back and growled, ‘You’re a real bitch.’ This only encouraged Judie to goad her further by grinding her bald pussy against hers suggestively. Disgusted, Jamie took a firm hold of the blonde’s bucking hips and held her steady; tersely ordering Gemma to hurry up without taking her eyes off Judie.

Gemma had to search a little for the other ball as in upturning Tim’s scrotum to get it in Judie she had sent it rolling down into the recess under his flaccid cock. Gently, she coaxed it out of its hidey-hole and rolled it up to the bottom of his sac. She then looked to Jamie for some cooperation. Jamie regarded her dispassionately and growled menacingly, ‘Don’t look.’

Still smarting from the brunette’s elbow to her tit and annoyed by the way she was ordering her around, Gemma surprised herself with an uncharacteristically quick and spiteful retort: ‘I’ve got an internet connection,’ she said, ‘I can see up your pussy any time I want.’

Having been manipulated into a shockingly obscene photo shoot which now appeared in every depraved corner of the internet, Jamie was not at all happy to be reminded of the fact. Not because of the shame she felt about exposing herself, but because it reminded her how easily she had been tricked into it.

She gave Gemma her best scowl, but the other girls’ giggles gave the busty blonde the confidence to add, ‘I wouldn’t clench if I were you, Jamie,’ before jamming Tim's tender testicle up the brunette’s unprepared fuck-hole without even the consideration of spitting on it.

Jamie was left gasping at the unexpected violence of the insertion whilst Gemma brushed the juices from her fingers with a smug grin and strolled back to the sofa.

Though her violation had been painfully abrupt, the thing that really hurt Jamie was the way Judie revelled, as always, in her humiliation. The blonde’s hysterical laughter sent her little tits jiggling wildly and caused her rock-hard teats to rake furiously against Jamie’s soft tit-flesh.

Jamie’s blood boiled and she was milliseconds away from headbutting Judie before tearing free of her thong to kick Gemma repeatedly in the tits. Lilly too while she was at it; the obnoxious little bitch was rolling about the sofa in a wildly exaggerated fit of glee. Fortunately for them, her sudden outburst of violence was interrupted before it began when she became aware of the high-pitched wail escaping the loose duct tape over Tim’s mouth. Realising immediately that, without even meaning to, her fury had tightened her pussy to a degree approaching ruinous for the young man, Jamie stared Judie right in the face and focussed her rage into winning the competition.

Having also become aware of Tim’s audible misery, Judie stopped her somewhat forced laughter and opened her eyes to find Jamie scowling back at her: her teeth gritted, her face red and her entire body shaking violently from the effort she was putting into crushing the spunk out of poor Tim’s pitiful bollock. The feeling of disquiet she felt suddenly was only intensified as Jamie’s nipples begin to stiffen and poke back at her own teats which softened and buckled under the pressure.

By the time Tim’s anguish caught the attention of Gemma and Lilly he was screaming his throat ragged and thrashing about in his chair with the desperation of a man about to lose one of the most precious things in the world to him. Stunned at the sheer level of the delivery boy’s suffering, the two busty blondes leaned forward off the sofa only to recoil almost instantly when there came a loud pop! which had Tim sitting bolt upright; his eyes fit to burst out of their sockets as they slowly rolled inwards and he collapsed unconscious back in his chair.

There was a long period in which the only sounds were Jamie’s laboured breaths, Tim’s sporadic twitches and Gary’s sobs of distress at his colleague’s apparent nut-loss. But despite the fact that the pop said pretty much everything that needed to be said, Jamie couldn’t resist the urge to goad Judie further. ‘Hope you enjoy the taste of my juices, bitch,’ she growled breathlessly. ‘In fact...’ she said slipping her hand between her legs, ‘...let me rustle you up a little taster.’

Judie felt her stomach turn when she heard Jamie’s finger part her slick lips and delve between, but right away the brunette let out a sudden shocked gasp and there came the sound of her plunging her fingers deeper with desperation.

‘What... is it?’ asked Judie; equal parts anxious and excited. Jamie ignored her, so Judie stepped backwards to get a look at what had made her so anxious. This stretched the waistband of Jamie’s thong to its breaking point and with a snap! it fell to the floor allowing everyone a good look at the testicle all had assumed popped, but which had actually been ejected from Jamie’s crushing cunt at the last moment and now dangled pink and shiny with her juices.

‘You didn’t pop it!’ announced Lilly with excitement. ‘It just popped out!’

Possibly having heard the good news, Tim let out a sorry groan as he began to slowly come around. ‘My ball,’ he moaned, prompting Jamie to press back down the duct tape over his mouth and grab the escaped nugget aggressively with the other hand.

‘Hey!’ objected Lilly. ‘That’s Gemma’s!’

‘She can have what’s left!’ growled Jamie.


‘Then what happened?’ asked Gemma, seeing a way out of having had to be the one who popped Tim’s bollock.

‘I don’t remember,’ said Lilly, furrowing her brow. ‘It just goes blank and—’ Lilly was interrupted when there came a firm knock at the front door which caused all the girls to jump with a fright.

‘Who can this be?’ asked Gemma, tightening the knot in her towel self-consciously.

Lilly rushed over to the window and peeled back the curtain cautiously. ‘Shit! It’s a policewoman!’ she hissed as she turned back to the others.

‘What are we going to do?’ squeaked Gemma hysterically.

‘I don’t know, but I’m fairly sure our usual “they tried to rape us” excuse won’t work if they find them gagged and bound in tape,’ hissed Jamie.

‘We need to get rid of evidence!’ cried Judie, bending to grab Tim by the ankle.

‘She’s right,’ concurred Jamie. ‘Lilly, you stall her!’

Gemma quickly took hold of Tim’s other ankle and the two blondes dragged him through the kitchen to eject him naked into the back yard while Jamie was left to deal with the much heavier Grant by herself.

‘Fuck!’ cried the brunette, suddenly noticing that his wrists were taped to the floor. ‘Lilly you have to stall her!’

‘How am I supposed to do that, Jamie?’ cried Lilly as the door handled was pushed down.

‘Just think of something!’ snapped Jamie as she looked about her for a solution to her uncooperative delivery boy problem.

The door opened and fresh air and daylight poured through the doorway and caused Lilly to turn away, squinting. With no ideas forthcoming, Lilly had no choice but to fall back on the diversionary tactic she had learned from all the trite American teen movies she watched; spinning around to face the policewoman, she caught hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and promptly hoisted it to her chin. Her big tits hadn’t even clattered to her chest before she had wondered (and not for the first time) if she needed to come up with a less demeaning way of grabbing someone’s attention.

Unsurprised that flashing her melons was her sister’s go to distraction, Jamie swallowed her distaste and, rather than move Grant’s hulking carcass, simply covered him with the Twister mat.

Gemma (who had lost her towel yet again whilst dragging Tim) and Judie (who was still stark naked and glistening from the shower) reappeared from the kitchen only to be met by the sight of Lilly baring her breasts to an officer of the law. With thoughts of covering their own shame forgotten, they simply stared with open mouths at the sight as, framed by the golden sunlight which filled the doorway, the top-heavy silhouette of the policewoman remained still and silent; apparently awed by the teenager’s exposure.

Only after an impatient hiss from Jamie did Lilly think to check on her sister’s progress and, finding Grant concealed, she quickly retreated behind her big sister and wrestled her T-shirt back over her big jugs.

The girls, all looking guilty as hell, watched in horror as, with the shock of being flashed having worn off, the young policewoman proceeded to stride into the room and scrutinize them one by one through her impenetrably dark aviator shades. ‘What a lovely welcome, girls,’ she said. ‘Thanks.’

When she then turned her attention to the spunk-spattered and suspiciously shifting Twister mat, they tensed further. ‘So what did you do with the boys?’ she asked without looking back at them.

Boys?’ asked Gemma, weakly. ‘What boys?

‘Funny,’ said the policewoman. ‘I suppose they aren’t really boys after what you did to them.’

‘She knows!’ hissed Jamie, terrified.

‘You girls seem on edge,’ remarked the policewoman. ‘I’m not going to tell anyone if that’s what you’re thinking.’

‘You’re not?’ asked Gemma.

So panicked were the girls that, even as their eyes adjusted to the blinding daylight, not one of them managed to appreciate the inappropriateness of the woman’s tiny uniform or the plastic look of her police badge, handcuffs and overflowing breasts.

‘Of course not, Gemma,’ she said with a chuckle. ‘Last night was the most fun I’ve had since school. What with the pricks I have to deal with in my line of work it was great to watch you crush those bollocks.’

‘It was?’ asked Judie, stunned.

A little perturbed by the cold reception she was receiving, the woman began backing toward the front door, saying, ‘Look, I’ve got another stag do to get to so I’ll see you girls later, okay?’ When she reached the door she tried once more for a reaction. She lowered her sunglasses and said, ‘Let’s hope I don’t get the wrong address this time, eh?’

Gemma let out a gasp as she suddenly recognised the girl and understood the situation. ‘She’s a stripper!’ she declared, taking everyone by surprise. The woman in the kinky cop outfit simply raised an eyebrow.

‘She is not policewoman?’ asked Judie.

‘Definitely not,’ Gemma told her confidently. The other girls deflated with relieved sighs. ‘Her name’s Kristal – we used to go to school together.’

‘You and her?’ asked Jamie with a snort of derision. ‘Tell me, Gemma. Was every pupil a busty blonde slut or could anyone go?’ Before Gemma could protest she added wickedly, ‘I only ask because Lilly could use a school where she can excel.’

‘Screw you!’ yelled Lilly, before swiftly pulling down Jamie’s borrowed thong.

As Jamie gasped and hurriedly redressed, Kristal marched over to the quarrelling pair and waved her uncharacteristically floppy truncheon at them asking, ‘Do you two ever stop fighting?’ She then turned to Gemma and enquired with a perplexed frown, ‘And since when were you so comfortable naked?’

Gemma looked down at her nudity and then at Judie’s beside her. She let out a little yelp and covered herself best she could with only two small hands against twin mountains of tit-flesh. Judie meanwhile put both her hands to her temples and massaged them in an attempt to soothe her throbbing head. ‘So you were here last night?’ she asked the stripper.

‘Yeah,’ said the stripper. ‘Can none of you remember? I mean, you were pretty drunk, but still, it was a one hell of a memorable night – we castrated three men for fuck’s sake – how often does that happen?’

‘You’d be surprised,’ said Gemma bitterly.

‘Wait,’ said Jamie, suddenly. ‘Did you say three men?’

Kristal’s Revelation

A knock at the door caused the girls to turn. ‘Did someone order another pizza?’ asked Lilly, but without waiting for an answer she rushed to open it.

She had already turned the handle by the time Gemma called after her, ‘Lilly, no!’ and as the young blonde looked back at her quizzically the door was thrust open energetically.

The girls (even Jamie) winced as they watched Lilly catch the door full in the right tit and be knocked aside with a pained yelp, but before any of them could react in strutted a curvaceous young woman carrying a portable stereo and wearing an obscenely small school uniform; the shirt of which had burst all but one of its buttons in order to accommodate the two gigantic balloons of silicone-swollen flesh which passed for her tits.

At that moment Judie suddenly came to her senses and, letting Tim’s nut slip out of her pussy, raced behind the sofa to leave the Jamie frozen to the spot in front of the approaching intruder.

‘Oh,’ said Kristal on seeing the half-naked and infinitely more attractive brunette standing by the two young men she assumed were her clients. ‘No one told me I’d have competition.’ She set down her stereo on the table heavily and, eyeing Jamie directly, said, ‘Well, I must warn you, honey – I don’t play fair.’ With that she hit the play button of her stereo and, as Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time filled the room at full volume, she marched forward in her incredibly high heels and tore open her overburdened shirt.

Jamie expected to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of supple tit-flesh, but so silicon-bloated were Kristal’s jugs that they remained as high and squashed together as they had been inside her shirt. In fact, their only movement as she advanced aggressively toward Jamie was a slight jostling. Put bluntly, Kristal’s tits could only have appeared more fake if the squeaking sound of two balloons being rubbed together were played the every time she walked.

With a simple shove, Kristal sent Jamie scurrying behind the sofa and took her place in front of the boys. Knowing from experience that it was the girls not the boys that she needed to impress, she kept her eyes trained on the other girls; sparing the boys only cursory glances as she went through the motions of seducing them.

Briefly eyeing their cocks she remarked whilst looking at Grant’s huge, flaccid member, ‘Well, I can see who the lucky man is.’ She paused purposefully for a moment before quipping with a devilish wink, ‘But who’s the one getting married?’

The joke usually got a laugh, but when none came Kristal decided to stick to what she was being paid for. Turning her back on the boys she began to gyrate seductively on the spot; pushing out her ass and slowly raising her short skirt even higher to bare her smooth, round buttocks. As she did so she dipped forward letting her perfectly melon-shaped melons hang down; still perfectly melon-shaped.

Already shaken by the unfamiliar feeling of inadequacy toward another woman’s breasts, Gemma watched how unaffected the stripper’s tits were by gravity and was suddenly and powerfully overcome by the urge to tug on them until they did show signs of sagging. However, before Gemma could attack, Kristal was tackled to the floor by Lilly.

There was no struggle; Kristal’s absurd top-heaviness meant she was toppled easily and within seconds Lilly had her pinned. ‘Look what you did to my tit you bitch!’ she cried whilst shaking out one cup of her bra to eject its doughy contents.

Seeing the poor, and inexplicably familiar, stripper in distress, Gemma found herself moved to help her before things turned really nasty. Cursing her good nature, she restrained Lilly for the second time that night and tossed her onto the sofa where the young blonde quickly tucked away her single exposed tit and sulked.

As Kristal looked upon her saviour her eyes lit up. ‘Gemma?’ she shrieked with surprise. The busty blonde looked down at the prostrate stripper, lost for words. Kristal saw her lack of recognition and took pity. ‘It’s me – Kristal... We went to school together.’

‘Kristal?’ said Gemma, with disbelief as the Kristal she had known had been a flat-chested brunette.

‘Don’t worry – I know I’ve changed a lot since school.’ She jostled her silicone-pumped jugs to graphically illustrate her point. ‘We could be twins now, right?’ she entrusted. Gemma knew she meant no offence, but could not help but feel dissed by the comparison.

‘Wow’ continued Kristal, ‘everyone at school said you’d become a stripper – even the teachers.’

‘I’m not a stripper,’ said Gemma, defensively.

 The girl looked confused for a moment then asked, ‘Then what are you doing here?’

‘What are you doing here?’ countered Gemma.

‘Stripping. What’s it look like? I got a booking for a stag do at this address – 64 Prince’s Street, right?

‘This is Price Street,’ Judie told her.

‘Shit!’ cursed Kristal before looking confused once more. ‘So what are you doing with these guys and... Oh my god! Why has this one got a load of pegs clipped to his bollock?’

Gemma looked at the others for help, but all looked back anxiously expecting her to fabricate an excuse. ‘Um... Well, you see...’ she started unsurely, only to be cut short when Kristal began to chuckle quietly. Gemma frowned. ‘Kristal?’ she asked hesitantly.

‘Sorry, it’s just hilarious,’ said the stripper, suddenly unable to contain her amusement at the vicious sight. ‘He must be in so much pain!’

‘I guess,’ said Gemma, still uncomfortable.

‘Well, yeah,’ said Kristal, giggling, ‘it’s not like any of us would know, right?’ She leaned in to have a close look at the rhythmically throbbing gonad.

‘Poor bloke,’ she said disingenuously. ‘What did he do to deserve it?’

‘He violated me in my sleep,’ Lilly told her.

Kristal stopped laughing abruptly and looked at her. ‘A sleep creep,’ she said. ‘I know the type. You’re going to finish the job, right – squish his ugly fruit into dangleberry jam?’

‘That was the plan,’ said Lilly with a shrug.

Kristal nodded in silence for a while, then without taking her eyes of his tortured ball asked, ‘Can I watch?’

‘Sure,’ said Lilly, brightly, ‘we were just about to start.’


Crouching down in front of Grant, Lilly plucked the pegs from his ball one by one. Every removal caused Grant to twitch and let out a shrill squeal which amused Kristal greatly. Lilly made sure to leave the one on the back until last and when it came off and his oxygen starved testicle was suddenly filled with a rush of blood, every pain receptor in the hyper-sensitive organ fired at once.

Grant lurch forward emitting the high-pitched squeal of a boiling kettle as his entire being tried to curl around the excruciating pain and smother it.

‘Fucking hell,’ remarked Kristal, amazed. ‘You even put one on the back? That’s just mean!’

Lilly remained on her knees before him and watched his near-blue nut turn rapidly purple then red as it filled with fresh blood. The pegs’ jaws had left noticeable dents in the gristly nutshell, bit it eventually returned to an approximation of its original shape if swelling to almost double the size. ‘So,’ said the teen, turning her sister. ‘Who gets to go first?

‘Well, whichever of you goes first you have to let me warm him up for you,’ said Judie, cracking her knuckles in preparation. ‘I want to see how low we can get those big testicles to swing.’

‘You’re a fan of low-hangers?’ asked Kristal with a cocked eyebrow.

‘Who isn’t?’ enthused the blonde.

‘I’m not,’ said Lilly wrinkling her nose in disgust. ‘Unless you’re talking about a low-hanging dick.’

‘I’m talking about both,’ said Kristal, taking off her tiny Hello Kitty backpack and reaching inside for her phone. ‘You two have to see the cock and nut-sack on this guy I work with.’

‘How long is it?’ asked Judie and Lilly in unison.

‘The longest I’ve seen on both accounts. His cock is a twelve incher hard or soft and it hangs about two inches lower than his balls so I reckon they hang about ten inches long.’

‘We could totally get another two inches out of it with a bit of encouragement,’ said Jamie, grinning. Judie gripped her hand.

‘A foot long scrotum,’ she purred, her eyes misting over as she imagined the spectacle.

Passing her phone to Gemma, Kristal told her, ‘Here’s the number for my agency. Ask for the best hung bloke they’ve got. Tell them you’ll pay by the inch.’

Gemma declined, telling her, ‘Count me out – I know where this will lead.’

‘I’ll do it!’ said Lilly, snatching the phone out of the stripper’s hand and, cunningly entering the number into Grant’s phone rather than her own, she did as she had been instructed.

‘He’s on his way!’ she squeaked excitedly after ending the call.

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