Lilly's Lessons

Lilly's Lessons

From the Sibling Rivalry Series - prequel to Defending Lilly's Honour

Contains ball- and cunt-busting, castration (many) and big tit and slut-shaming themes

Jamie’s Jealousy

‘And I thought her sister had a great rack,’ said Chris to his two friends, as Lilly walked by.

The three of them watched her descend the stairs, enjoying the awesome view of her cleavage that got better with every step she took. Behind them, Lilly’s older sister Jamie, who had overheard Chris' hurtful comparison, bunched her fists and strolled towards them determinedly.

‘Hey, Lilly!’ Chris yelled, unaware of Jamie’s advance. Lilly looked up at the boy apprehensively. ‘Get ’em out for the lads!’

Lilly turned immediately red and rushed down the stairs to her waiting friend.

At the same moment, Jamie thrust her hand down the back of Chris’ trousers, sliding it between and under his arse cheeks to latch onto the bulging sack nestled below. The moment Chris felt the hand encircle his plums he froze only to be reanimated shortly as the hand clenched around them tightly and yanked backwards.

On his surprised squeal, his friends turned to see Jamie grinning back at them with intent.

‘Get back or your mate’s gonna find out what a "great rack" really is.’ She squeezed his nuts harder to show her meaning.

The two boys backed off quickly.

‘Right, Chris,’ growled Jamie. ‘You’re going to go down stairs and apologise to my little sister or you can kiss bye-bye to... this nut.’ She squeezed down hard on his larger, left nugget and enquired, ‘Do you want your little baby nut to spend the rest of its life without its big brother?’

Sweating and sucking in air in stiff gasps, Chris shook his head. ‘Good, then follow my instructions very carefully.’


At the foot of the staircase Lilly was being comforted to her friends oblivious to the fate of her catcaller who at that moment was staggering toward her.

‘Oh, my,’ said Hannah, Lilly’s best friend, as she saw Chris waddling awkwardly down the stairs, hunched over in the middle and swollen in the most tender of places. Lilly turned around and gasped with shock when she saw the boy who had been so crude to her now half-naked and hilariously shrivelled.

‘Lilly,’ he squeaked when he was close enough, ‘I’m sorry for being rude to you.’ He looked up to Jamie who was watching from above, dangling his trousers teasingly and then he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and spread his legs invitingly.

Lilly was shocked.

‘Go on, Lil,’ yelled Jamie in encouragement. ‘Bust his balls!’

‘No, I can’t,’ gushed Lilly, overwhelmed, before rushing out of the stairwell.

Chris opened his eyes and was massively relieved to see the door slam shut behind her. With his legs still spread wide he looked hopefully up to Jamie and said, ‘She didn’t want to bust my balls.’

She didn’t,’ said Hannah, angrily, ‘but I do, you creep.’

Chris braced himself, but nothing could have prepared him for the blinding agony that Hannah’s pointed shoe caused.

Jamie watched Chris’ racking with little pleasure. Even hearing the telltale pop of a rupture wasn’t enough to cheer her: Jamie’s pride had been dented. The realisation that she no longer had the best tits of her siblings, a rank she had held for some years without contention, was devastating, especially as it was her little sister who had taken the title from her.

She would have to do something about it, but she needed an angle on it if she was going to convince her older sister Jill that it wasn’t just jealousy fuelling her campaign against her young sister.


Lilly’s Development

‘You should have seen her at school today,’ Jamie grumbled to her older sister, Jill. ‘She barely had her shirt buttoned. Everyone was staring at her tits. And when I gave her the chance to redeem herself, she just walked away. Honestly, Jill, since she grew those fat titties she’s been nothing but a slut.’

‘Jamie!’ Jill scolded. ‘She hasn’t had them two weeks; she’s still getting used to them. I admit, I’d have expected her to be more embarrassed about them since they developed so fast, but—’

‘Everyone thinks they’re fake,’ Jamie lied.

‘Do they?’ asked Jill, eyeing Jamie suspiciously. ‘Or is that just what you’ve been spreading?’ Jamie bolted upright.

How dare you!

‘For the past week – coincidentally the same length of time her tits have been bigger than yours – you’ve be a complete bitch to her. Are you threatened by them?’

‘By her balloon tits?’ Jamie screeched incredulously.

‘Face it, Jamie; our little sister had better tits than you!’

No she doesn’t!’ Jamie screamed at her sister before dashing out of the room. She stormed upstairs into the bedroom she shared with Lilly and dropped heavily onto the bed, her arms folded protectively over her treasured jugs.

‘Better tits than me,’ she growled. ‘They’re just fatter... Probably stretched-marked to fuck.’ Then, noticing one of Lilly’s brand new bras on the bed opposite, she flew into a jealous rage; ripping out the cups of the garment to leave just the underwire frame.

It was whilst staring at the destroyed bra that an idea formed that brought a devilish grin to her face.

‘Maybe she needs teaching the downsides of big tits,’ she said to herself.


‘We’re going clubbing,’ announced Jamie to Lilly, the moment her little sister entered the door back from an after school class.

‘Clubbing?’ repeated Lilly with excitement, her doughy breasts swelling impressively out of the top of her strained, buttoned down shirt. Lilly quickly saddened when the reality dawned on her.

‘I’ll never get in – I’m too young.’

‘You may be young, Lil,’ Jamie said, stepping in close to her sister, ‘but you’ve got these now!’ She greedily wrapped her hands around her sister’s tits as far as they would go and gave them a good, firm squeeze.

‘Hey! Ow!’ yelped Lilly, prising off Jamie’s fingers as they sunk deep into her tit flesh. ‘Don’t do that – they’re tender.’

‘Sorry,’ said Jamie, when honestly she would have happily popped her balloons right there and then. She grudgingly withdrew her hands and bunching them into fists continued, ‘But they’re so sexy, Lil. I bet you can’t wait to show them off at the clubs. The moment I grew these babies,’ she took hold of her own melons as she had Lilly’s, but found the volume of the handfuls disappointing in comparison. Disparaged she pressed on,‘I put on the tiniest top I could find and went out clubbing, and I got let into every one! And so will you. All thanks to these.’ She resisted the temptation to cop another feel of her sister’s mammoth boobs and simply tapped her lightly on the stiffened nipples instead.

Lilly was astounded; her hands were no longer wrapped defensively around her fat tits, they were instead harnessing the power emanating from deep within. Her large nipples became even more obvious through her thin, white shirt.

Jamie couldn’t help but grin: she had her baby sister hooked and all that was left was to reel her in.

‘Come on, I’ll help you choose your clothes.’ She grabbed Lilly’s hand and led her up the stairs.

Once in their bedroom, Jamie had Lilly stripped down to her bra and panties with little coaxing.

While not overnight, the growth of her sister's tits from a puny B to a whopping F-cup had been exceptional. From a slim, lithe girl the transformation to a buxom, sexy woman had taken under a fortnight and, miraculously, the expansion had happened entirely without stretch mark. One day she was struggling to fit her B-cup, the next she was bursting out of one of Jill’s borrowed double-D-cups and it was only a week before even Jamie’s roomy E-cups couldn’t contain her incredible inflating pair.

Jamie lifted a tiny strip of material from the wardrobe and suggested that Lilly should wear it, knowing full well that Lilly would never fit in the top properly: the insubstantial boob tube would barely have contained her B-cups two weeks earlier.

‘This’ll really show them off!’ insisted Jamie.

‘But…’ Lilly faltered. She too knew it would be near impossible to squeeze into the top, but turning down a chance to party was unthinkable to her young mind and she had little else to wear, as, with such little time in between cup sizes, Lilly had not had time to buy any fitting clothes. Still, she pleaded, ‘Can’t I borrow something of yours, Jamie.’

‘Don’t go coy on me now, Lil. What better to show off your new puppies?’

‘I suppose,’ said Lilly, uncomfortably.

‘Now let’s get your bra off and see you in this boob-tube.’

Lilly reached for the garment, but Jamie held it back purposefully: waiting for her to remove her bra first. Hesitantly, Lilly unclipped her bra and freed her sizeable set, but not before placing a protective arm around them to obscure Jamie’s view of the goods.

This riled Jamie. ‘What’s the matter?’ she snapped venomously. ‘Stretch marks?’

Lilly looked at her sharply and cried, ‘No! I don’t have stretch marks! I moisturised them every day like Jill told me!’

Fucking Jill, thought Jamie sourly, but out loud she merely grunted incredulously.

‘Don’t you believe me?’ asked Lilly. Slowly she slid her arm down her chest enough to expose two vast mounds of flawless tit-meat and a hint of each salmon pink nipple. Jamie couldn’t help but gasp. Her sister’s tits were indeed faultless and Jaime's envy only grew.

She bit her plump bottom lip so hard it might bleed and forced out the words, ‘Wow. They’re… great, Lil.’

She was smiling again when she uttered the next line, ‘I bet your nipples are just fantastic.’

Lilly looked down at her own chest in two minds before cheering, ‘They are! Look!’ She released the pink nubs adding, ‘they’ve almost doubled in size and they’re so sensitive! They’re always stiff!’

‘Don’t think I haven’t noticed,’ said Jamie, her words barely a whisper as she stared in awe at her baby sister’s perfect teats, before they were covered once more.

Lilly’s tits were perfect; just like her own only two cup sizes bigger and two years younger.

Jamie’s blood was boiling when Lilly asked hopefully, ‘Can I see yours?’

Caught off guard, Jamie simply snapped, ‘No,’ and threw the boob tube at her little sister. ‘Put it on while I change.’

Doing as she had been told, Lilly began the arduous and painful process of squeezing herself into the top. With it over her head, several massive downward tugs saw the constrictive garment halfway over her chest, yet her ample tit-meat was still mostly evading capture. Forced into two whitening globes of flesh, it seemed likely her big tits would burst given another tug of the top, but forced to breaking point, her jugs could fight no more and slipped inside with an audible flop.

Lilly sighed with relief and approached the mirror. The struggle had been worth it. The top, many sizes too small, made her already mammoth mammaries look even bigger, squished as they were well out of the top and even out of the bottom of the garment. She was slightly concerned however by the transparency of the top now that it had been stretched so far. Where her melons pressed against the material, the pink circle of areola could clearly be seen against the white of her compressed tit-flesh and at the centre the big nub poked obnoxiously.

‘It’s a bit see-though,’ she said anxiously.

‘Don’t worry – it’s so dark in the clubs that no one will notice.’

Jamie was of course lying; she knew that the abundance of ultraviolet lights would show up Lilly’s white titties a treat. ‘I have the perfect thing to go with that,’ she said pulling out a similarly fashioned ultra-micro skirt.

‘I can’t wear that!’ Lilly cried.

‘Lil, you’ve got the tits, there’s no denying, but you can’t just rely on those, ‘cause, let’s be honest, your face isn’t up to much.’

Lilly gasped. She may have been slightly less attractive than Jamie, whose luscious big lips were every man’s blowjob fantasy, but she was still stunningly good-looking.

‘But you do have a killer ass, Lil – much sexier than mine even,’ she lied.

Upset, but buoyed slightly by Jamie’s admission that her bum was better, Lilly slipped of her trousers and into the tight skirt, which was so low her knickers came up over it.

‘You’ll have to take those off,’ Jamie stated uncompromisingly.

‘And wear nothing?’

‘It’s fashionable. All the other girls are doing it.’

That seemed to enough of a reason for Lilly. She tugged down her cotton knickers and tried to position her skirt for optimum coverage, but no matter how she tried, it either came too low and showed the start of her pubic hair, or too high and put a little pink on display to anyone below waist level. She plumped for the too high positioning and made a note to keep away from midgets.

Jamie meanwhile had opted for a much more practical ensemble: a T-shirt and tight, low jeans.

Lilly, still unaware of Jamie’s resentment, began the lengthy task of applying make-up.


Lilly’s Lesson

Lilly passed by the club’s bouncers without difficulty. They knew she was underage as no girl of legal age ever showed off that much T and A to get into a club, but still, they couldn’t turn her away dressed like that: think of the punters she would draw. They ushered her through the door quickly and once inside the sisters headed to the dance floor and began to dance alluringly. It wasn’t long before they were approached by an admirer.

‘Jamie,’ said a nervous-looking boy in a bad shirt. ‘Would you like to dance?’ Jamie turned to see the boy and rolled her eyes theatrically.

With an exaggerated sigh, she said, ‘Timmy, I might have given you the wrong impression the other night when I let you wank yourself off in front of me, but I only let you because some of the girls thought it would be funny to see you stroking your pathetic, little wand.’


‘Maybe this will clarify things.’

Jamie grabbed his shoulders and drove her knee into his crotch. Lilly winced at the muffled pop that was just audible over the pumping base.

As Jamie slowly withdrew her knee from Timmy’s crushed groin, she screwed up her face and said disappointedly, ‘Oh, Timmy, and there I was thinking you couldn’t be any less of a man.’

With that, she turned away and let the boy collapse to the ground.

‘Jamie,’ said Lilly, not taking her eyes off the hunched, retching figure at her sister’s feet, ‘did you just…?’ She faltered.

Jamie raised her eyebrows expectantly and said, ‘Spit it out.’

‘It sounded like something popped... in his trousers.’

‘Lil, do you know why the floors of these places are so sticky?’


‘It’s because there’s more nut-butter spilled in clubs and bars than in all the schools and mixed-sex sport matches combined.’

Behind her, Timmy threw up.

‘Come on, lil’ sis’, let’s go somewhere less… tragic.’ She put her arm around Lilly and guided her away from the sorry spectacle, which was beginning to draw an excited crowd of teen girls.


‘I hope you learned something about dealing with men back there,’ she said when they got to the next club.

‘Do you think those girls will help him to a hospital?’ Lilly asked hopefully.

Jamie laughed. ‘Oh, yeah,’ she said sarcastically. ‘I’m sure they’ll take good care of him.’ She laughed again and patted her little sister’s shoulder. ‘You are too naïve for words, Lil!’ Lilly looked shocked.

‘They won’t help him?’

‘Would you?’

To Jamie’s dismay, Lilly nodded earnestly.

‘You’re telling me if you saw a guy lying there all pathetic; clutching his balls and sobbing; powerless to stop you, you wouldn’t want to, you know, take a peek?’

‘A peek at what?’

‘The damage. You know, check whether his had a full basket of eggs?’ Lilly stared at her bewildered. ‘A packed satchel? A bulging sack? A complete pair? Come on, Lilly!’ cried Jamie with despair. ‘Wouldn’t you want to see if both his bollocks were still there?’

Lilly gasped and shook her head.

‘Well, those girls will,’ said Jamie with a shrug. ‘They’ll have his pants off by now, for sure and the drunker ones will be poking his nut-sack to see if there’s anything left for them to play with.’

‘There will be something left, won’t there, Jamie?’

‘Who cares?’ yelled Jamie, in despair.

‘Jamie?’ pleaded Lilly.

‘Maybe. I only felt one pop for sure, but if I did leave him one those girls will be having fun with it as we speak.’


‘Yeah. God, Lilly – you look horrified. What’s wrong with you? Isn’t your pussy even a little bit wet at the thought of popping a guy’s nuts?’

‘But he won’t be able to have children.’

‘Oh, Lilly, if you’re that bothered go back and scrape what’s left into a jar for him. In fact, if you’re that bothered go back and rub your cunt in the sticky mess. You’re really putting a downer on my night. We’re supposed to be here to teach you what it’s like having big tits – would you rather I had let him start feeling me up like he wanted? Or you? Would you have wanted his sweaty hands all over your tender tits?’

‘Well, I… I guess not.’

‘Right,’ said Jamie, firmly. ‘Now we’ll find you someone to bust.’

Lilly was primed to object more vehemently that she had ever before, but before she spoke, a hand collided solidly with her bum-cheek. She was still reeling when the man stepped beside her and asked, ‘Can I have a dance with the sexiest babe in the whole club?’

‘Garry?’ cried Jamie with consternation.

It was common knowledge that Garry was hung like a horse. It was also common knowledge that he only pestered the sexiest girl in the club with his gargantuan erection and whenever Jamie was there, he never left her alone: much to the envy of every other girl. Only now he was pointing his weapon at Lilly.

Lilly balked at the sight of his twelve-inch member straining up at her.

‘I’m not interested,’ she said weakly. With a sickening confidence, Garry unzipped his flies and released the beast.

Jamie gasped; she had never seen him so impulsive. He usually softened a girl up with a few drinks before whipping out the big gun: Lilly was obviously special.

Jamie wasn’t going to stand for that. She grabbed Garry’s arm and threw it around her, making sure to plant his hand down on her tit. At the same time, she forced her free hand down the back of his trousers and took a firm hold of his plum-sized nuts.

Garry’s one-eyed monster twitched noticeably and his eyes glazed over slightly.

‘Oh, Garry,’ said Jamie, with girlish excitement. ‘You just can’t keep your hands off me, as usual.’ She squeezed his hand tightly around her breast and giggled girlishly.

‘Lilly, this is Garry. He was just kidding you. He only wants to use this on me,’ she said, taking hold of his thick rod to shake it threateningly. ‘Don’t you, Garry?’ She gave his balls a sharp tug and Garry nodded obediently.

‘I’ve never let him though,’ she lied, ‘have I, Garry?’ This time a hard squeeze had him shaking his head.

Jamie leaned in close and whispered something in his ear that Lilly couldn’t make out and then, in a funny, high-pitched voice, Garry said to Lilly, ‘I’d never seriously want to fuck a girl with such…’ he hesitated for a moment, but abruptly winced and completed the sentence quickly through gritted teeth, ‘…fat, ugly, stupid tits like you!’

Lilly gasped. ‘My tits aren’t…’ she began, but found herself to enraged to finish. She let out an enraged roar and rocketed her shin in-between Garry’s legs.

Jamie cried out along with Garry; pulling her pummelled fingers out of his trousers.

His fat cock slapped against Lilly’s thigh as her shin bone forced his balls flat and as his it bounced back upward it began to spasm violently, sending streams of hot cum up her bare midriff, some reaching as high as the bare tit spilling out from below her boob-tube.

Garry collapsed backward still spurting cum from his rapidly deflating prick leaving Lilly standing victoriously over him.

‘Ow!’ said Jamie, shaking her throbbing fingers.

‘Do you think I got them?’ Lilly asked her breathlessly.

‘Oh. Yeah. Ouch!’ said Jamie covering. She slipped her reddening digits in her pocket ‘His poor bollocks. You got them all right. Glad to see you’ve learned something tonight.’

Lilly smiled and then noticed the crowd forming around them. ‘Let’s see the damage!’ she said, eager to beat them to it.

Jamie smiled with her, surprised to find she was actually feeling genuine pride for her loathsome little sister.

‘Well, Lil, what has come over you?’

She looked at the spunk sprayed up her sister’s stomach and quipped, ‘Well, apart from Garry, I mean.’

Lilly looked down at the sticky mess and grimaced. ‘Ew, he got a bit on my boob! He’s going to pay!’

She knelt down to Garry, now completed surrounded by amused and aroused females.

‘Let’s see what he’s got for me to play with,’ she said, pushing his snake-like schlong to one side to reach inside his trousers. An uproarious cheer went up from the crowd when Lilly reeled two fat, purple plums out into the open. She took a few moments to appreciate exactly what she held in her hands and just how fantastic it made her virgin pussy feel, and then she began to squeeze.

As Jamie watched her young sister sink her thumbs deeper and deeper into Garry’s nut-meat, she felt prouder still, but nevertheless she had to teach her a lesson, even more so after Garry had humiliated her.

Lilly felt her fingers and thumbs meet through the rubbery flesh, yet the orbs refused to rupture.

The crowd were getting restless for a castration. They were chanting, some screaming at her to pop his worthless bollocks and Lilly was getting scared.

‘They won’t pop!’ she cried to her sister.

‘It’s okay,’ said Jamie stepping in, ‘I’ll take it from here.’ Lilly nodded and stepped back.

Jamie planted the pointed toe of her shoe in the centre of Garry’s right nut and with little effort the orb turned white and then, with a soft pop, wasn’t an orb anymore.

‘See?’ she asked. ‘It’s easy.’

For the remaining nut, she got to her knees and took hold of it as Lilly had before her, but instead she used both thumbs together on the one ball.

Garry’s dick began twitching again and when the nut gave, extra thick spunk poured out onto his leg and the crowd went wild. One woman ran forward, snatched up his dribbling hose, and began pumping it ferociously in an attempt to get it hard again. At the sight of this others began rushing forward to get a piece of the action and Jamie and Lilly were soon pushed out of the increasingly aggressive circle.


Lilly’s Humiliation – Part One

‘It can get scary in there,’ said Lilly; readjusting her boob tube as there was more tit squashed out of the bottom of it than out the top.

‘Believe me, Lil, it’s much scarier for the guy,’ Jamie retorted, dryly.

‘Thanks for helping me out,’ said Lilly; embarrassed at her ball-crushing ineptitude.

‘Hey,’ said Jamie, taking hold of Lilly to gave her a hug so tight it left her readjusting her boob tube once more, only this time with more urgency. ‘That’s what big sisters are for.’

‘Now, let’s go to the bar,’ said Jamie, once Lilly had worked the garment back over her nipples. ‘I’ve got one last thing to teach you.’

When they neared the bar, Jamie said, ‘You know why girls get served faster than men at the bar, right?’

‘Because they flaunt their cleavage?’

‘That’s right, but go one step further and you won’t ever have to pay for your drinks, let alone queue for them.’

‘I don’t get what you mean,’ confessed Lilly, as they reached the crowded bar.

‘I’ll show you,’ said Jamie with a wink, and, at the top of her voice, she yelled, ‘Buy my sister a drink and she’ll flash you her tits!’

Suddenly, the bar disappeared beneath a commotion of desperately waved notes as twenty men tried to be the first to buy the young lady a drink.

Lilly tried to back away, but Jamie held her there until the crowd of men engulfed her.

Jamie slipped away while the chants of ‘Show us your tits!’ grew ever more insistent, and couldn’t help but grin at the thought of the crowd overpowering her little sister.

If Lilly came out of that crowd with her top on Jamie would be very surprised, not to mention upset.

A loud cheer went up sooner than Jamie had anticipated; she had expected her sister to hold at least a few seconds more, but then again, she thought, Lilly was a little slut, maybe she had just given it up and was happily being groped by twenty men.

The thought actually made Jamie furious. So, unable to stand the possibility that her sister might be enjoying herself, she stormed back into the crowd just in time to hear a second raucous cheer. To her surprise, the cheer was of female voices.

Shit, thought Jamie, and she pushed her way through the crowd with haste.

At the centre, she found two men curled into foetal positions, retching violently, while towering over them, gripping a bottle of champagne in one hand and the balls of a third man in the other, was her topless little sister. Jamie was gobsmacked.

When Lilly noticed her, she held up the champagne bottle and asked hopefully, ‘How did I do?’

Jamie just nodded; mute with awe.

Lilly grinned happily at her sister’s approval, and then swung a bottle into the last man standing’s ball-bag, retrieving her tube-top from his twitching hand as he fell away sobbing.


Lilly’s Humiliation – Part Two

‘Why couldn’t we stay and take a look at the damage?’ asked Lilly, unhappily, as Jamie dragged her out of the club. ‘I bet I popped every last one of their balls!’

‘’Cause you did it too close to the bar,’ said Jamie, tersely. ‘There would have been bouncers all over you in seconds.’ Lilly sulked quietly until she remembered what was in her hand.

‘Hey, look, I kept the champagne.’ She held the bottle aloft proudly.

‘Good,’ said Jamie, getting an idea, ‘you drink that down and we’ll move on to another club.’ Lilly nodded happily and drank down the entire bottle eagerly while a little trickle ran down her chin and pooled in a fizzing puddle in her cleavage.

‘Damn,’ she said, wiping her chin. ‘I got it all down my tits.’ She giggled dumbly and pulled them apart and watched the puddle splash onto the ground.

‘Never mind,’ said Jamie with a devious grin. ‘That’ll get washed off the next place we go.’ She took Lilly’s hand, bristling at the sound of her big tits slapping back together, and then pulled her across the road and into the rowdiest bar she knew.

‘This is just the place,’ said Jamie looking at the waterproofed stage. She turned to Lilly and said, ‘They’re having a competition here soon. You should enter.’

‘What kind of competition?’ asked Lilly, with a slight slur.

‘You’re handling that champagne well,’ said Jamie, trying to change the subject.

‘I know,’ said Lilly, nodding, but then she screwed up her face. ‘My nipples feel funny though – they’re all tingly,’ she said thrusting them at Jamie. ‘Do they feel funny to you?’

Jamie fought the urge to give her nipples a good hard twist as she took them gently between her thumb and forefinger and said, ‘Hmm, they do feel funny – remember to tell them that when you’re up on stage.’

Lilly frowned, puzzled. ‘Why?’

‘Well, it’s like a beauty competition, but one to see who’s sexiest.’ Her fingers went from gently stroking Lilly’s teats to an aggressive grope of her entire tit. ‘That’s why you’re going to win, you sexy little slut!’

‘Yeah!’ Lilly whooped, blatantly intoxicated. She grabbed her own tits over Jamie’s hands and jiggled them outrageously. ‘I’m sexy!’

‘Now get up there and show them who’s got the biggest tits in here!’ commanded Jamie as the event’s announcer called out for competitors.

Lilly, in her enthusiasm, climbed, literally, onto the stage; neglecting the notice the stairs. The crowd let out an elated cheer as her clumsy ascent presented them all with an unobstructed view of her luscious, pink flaps, and Jamie rushed to take her camera phone from her back pocket and gleefully join the others who were snapping a few X-rated shots of the young girl’s bobbing cunt.

‘You’ll learn, little sister,’ Jamie said to herself; stepping back to take a wide shot which included Lilly’s face. ‘Big tits can get you in big trouble.’ She dropped the photo into a text message to her mother and, the moment she hit send, had an orgasm on the spot.

Once Lilly had struggled to her feet she was handed a white T-shirt and told to put it on, which she did glad of the extra coverage as, for some reason stood up on that stage, she suddenly felt the awful sensation of being exposed. Still, she thought, the crowd seemed to have taken a liking to her almost immediately, especially the ones at the front whose cameras were flashing away madly.

A woman joined Lilly on stage. She accepted a T-shirt and walked by, purposely bumping her.

‘You’re supposed to take your own top off first, you dumb bitch,’ she said with a scowl, before turning her back to the audience, pulling off her own top and replacing it with the T-shirt.

Lilly was shocked and offended; she looked down at Jamie for support.

‘You’ll beat her, she’s just jealous! Take you top off!’

Lilly nodded. Jamie was right; the other girls that had come up on stage, though giggly and bouncing excitedly, just didn’t have the tits to match her, except maybe the jealous bitch to her left, but Lilly was younger and prettier.

Beneath her T-shirt, she drunkenly fought her way out of the boob tube only to have the flimsy band of material snap clean in half. She gasped; her eyes wide with alarm.

‘It’s okay, Lil,’ reassured Jamie, having heard the tear, ‘they let you keep the T-shirt.’ Lilly sighed with relief.

‘My nipples feel tingly!’ she announced, impulsively, and at the top of her lungs before flinging the torn boob tube into the crowd.

‘Sounds like someone wants to go first!’ said the announcer and, moments later, a bucket full of cold, sobering water struck Lilly squarely in the tits.

Her drunkenness vanished instantly and she was left standing on a stage in front of fifty cheering men and women wearing nothing but a shockingly transparent T-shirt and a skirt that, from their angle, acted merely as an awning above her exposed pussy.

Lilly let out a scream and covered herself as a flurry of camera flashes illuminated her sopping body. She looked instinctively down to her big sister to find her snapping away also. ‘Jamie!’ she pleaded with desperation.

Slowly, Jamie looked up at her beaming a big, mean grin. ‘Bet your nipples aren’t tingling anymore,’ she said, smugly.

Lilly was distraught. The other contestants had been similarly drenched and were now standing with their erect nipples pushed out proudly for the crowd to scrutinise. Only Lilly cowered and clutched at herself.

‘For fuck’s sake, Lilly!’ cried Jamie. ‘Shake those fat titties! Don’t you want to win?’

Scared and shivering, Lilly made a wretched attempt to imitate the other girls’ self-degradation.

Jamie whooped and added, ‘It’s all they’re good for!’

Despite her timid tit shaking, when the votes were cast it seemed Lilly had already done enough to make it to the final. As the dejected losers made their way off stage, a small, lubricant-filled paddling pool was brought out. Lilly saw her chance and tried to follow the losers, but someone caught her hair and prevented her escape.

Lilly looked around, half expecting it to be Jamie holding her back so that she could continue her humiliation. Instead, it was the jealous bitch; angry she had been forced to flaunt shamelessly her shaven minge as well as her titanic set of jugs after Lilly had unintentionally raised the bar with a similar display earlier on.

She tugged hard on Lilly’s hair and growled, ‘I’ve never lost this competition and I’m certainly not going to lose it to some schoolgirl slut.’

‘I’m not a slut!’ screamed Lilly spinning around to deliver a devastating knee to the woman’s cunt.

The woman released Lilly’s hair instantly and staggered backwards, putting one foot down in the slime-filled paddling pool. Her stiletto provided no grip on the frictionless goop and her back foot slid away from her forcing her into an uncontrolled splits.

Her pussy hit the floor with a wet smack.

With a gasp, the crowd fell silent, and slowly a deep, pitiable groan began to emanate from the woman.

‘My clit!’ she yelped through clenched teeth. ‘I popped my clit!’

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and, slowly, she toppled sideways to bare her smashed cunt to the gawping crowd who responded to the sight with a mocking moan.

Lilly was breathless. She hadn’t even been sure a knee to the pussy would elicit a flinch, let alone a full-blown blackout, but armed with that knowledge she turned her attention suddenly to Jamie.

Jamie gulped.


Lilly’s Revenge

Jamie tried to back away, but the crowd was pushing forward to examine the busted cunt of woman Lilly had felled. ‘Lilly, please,’ she begged as her little sister towered over her.

Without a word, Lilly thrust down her hands and caught Jamie’s T-shirt to whip it up over her head. Jamie, arms trapped and screams muffled by her upturned T-shirt, struggled for all she was worth, but Lilly simply spun her around to face the audience, who, after being treated to the sight of Jamie’s sumptuous titties, had forgotten entirely about the beaten woman’s bush.

Jamie wriggled frantically, animating her massive boobs to the delight of the crowd, but finally she managed to slip out of the T-shirt, but not before Lilly caught hold of her hair. Wrapping her sister’s mane around her wrist to secure it, Lilly mustered her strength and hauled Jamie partway onto the stage. Jamie’s legs flailed about the audience, but were suddenly caught and restrained.

Both Jamie and Lilly looked down to see who had stepped into the fray.

‘Jill!’ they said in chorus. Jill just looked back at them both sternly and held up a phone with the image of Lilly’s pussy on the glowing screen.

‘Mum let me borrow her phone,’ she explained.

‘Jill help me,’ begged Jamie.

‘Oh, I’ll help you, Jamie.’ She grasped the button of Jamie’s jeans and finished, ‘I’ll help you out of these jeans,’ before popping the button open and tugging powerfully at her already dangerously low waistband.

‘Jill!’ Jamie screamed, desperately trying to fight a losing battle on two fronts as Lilly, delighted at her oldest sister’s enlistment, resumed tugging at her hair. Stretched out in front of the baying crowd, Jamie began to sob as Jill brought matters to a close with a final tug that saw her jeans slip over her hips and off over her ankles.

The crowd exploded into applause.

Letting go of Jamie’s limp legs, Jill balled up her snatched jeans and tossed them to Lilly. ‘Put those on, Lilly,’ she instructed. ‘Jamie can wear your “skirt” back home.’

‘I’ve just got to do last thing,’ said Lilly. Jill noted her reckless expression, but nodded all the same. Lilly hauled Jamie onto stage so that she was sitting, then with a big grin she lifted her own T-shirt and yelled, ‘Whose tits are the best?’

The crowd replied with a resounding ‘Yours!’ and Lilly beamed proudly.

Jill just rolled her eyes.

‘Get those jeans on. And, Jamie, stop crying and put on her skirt, and I don’t care whether you use it as a skirt or bra, but you aren’t putting your T-shirt back on – you’re wearing what’s left of what you sent Lilly down here in.’

Jamie nodded tearfully; feeling so humiliated she wasn’t even bothering to cover herself anymore.

‘And one more thing,’ Jill said, scanning the stage. She set her eyes on the announcer who was and had been as enthralled as any in the crowd at that night’s spectacle.

‘Are you the organiser of this contest?’ asked Jill.

The announcer, suddenly remembering he had a show to wrap up, stepped forward proudly.

‘I am indeed,’ he said into his microphone. He slung his arm around Lilly and disrespectfully stepped right over Jamie to address the audience astride her deflated form. ‘And I’d like to present the winner.’

He squeezed Lilly roughly and said, ‘Why don’t you give them one last flash of those ripe melons?’

‘I’ve got a better idea,’ growled Jill from below. ‘Why don’t you flash us your juicy plums?’

Before he could react or respond, she leapt up, caught a hold of his waistband and simply tore his trousers off to expose the massive erection he was sporting. Though, to Jill’s disappointment, the announcer seemed fine with this: obviously quite proud of his impressive cock and juicy low-hangers.

Jill sighed and said, dejectedly, ‘Come on, Lilly, let’s go.’

‘No, wait,’ said Lilly. ‘I’ve got something to say,’ she address the crowd, ‘I’m not the winner here tonight, my big sister Jill is – she’s the only one who will leave here with any dignity.’

‘You think so?’ asked Jamie, quietly; a faint grin forming on her succulent lips.

Though subdued by shame and humiliation, Jamie’s devious mind had been working full tilt; she thrust her hands in-between the announcer’s wide-open legs and squeezed down on his dangling fruit with all her might: crushing them instantly.

Jill’s eyes widened with horror as she watched the stiff cock that loomed over her begin to twitch, prior to blasting a staggering eruption of spunk into the air above. The hot, sticky goo rained down spattering her face and chest, and spreading itself thick and lumpy over a wide area.

After the initial hit, it was the heat of the stuff that Jill first became aware of, then the pungent, musky stench, and when she opened her mouth to scream: the taste.

Jamie grinned, watching Jill hysterically trying to get the burning muck out of her eyes, until the announcer, whose empty nutshells she still gripped, fell to his knees and blocked her view. She released his collapsed orbs and pushed him off the top of her. He toppled forward off the stage with a thud.

Snatching her crumpled jeans up off the floor she growled to Lilly, ‘I’ll be fucked if you’re wearing these home!’

‘Oh yeah?’ snapped Lilly, suddenly and shockingly aggressive. She snatched hold of the jeans. ‘Try and stop me!’ Her hand swung forward and latched onto Jamie’s pussy, her middle finger slipping easily insider Jamie’s wet hole while her index finger and thumb squeezed down on Jamie’s clit. Jamie let out a strangled squeal and went up on tiptoes.

‘Thanks for bringing me out tonight,’ growled Lilly, squeezing down harder on her sister’s nub to cause another pained squeak. ‘You’ve really taught me a valuable lesson... Shall I show you what it is?’ She tore the jeans out of Jamie’s weakened grip before yelling, ‘It’s this!’ and delivering a final sharp clit tweak which dropped Jamie to the floor with a shriek.

Pulling on the jeans triumphantly, Lilly said to her writhing sister, ‘Well, I’m wearing the jeans home, so it looks like you’ll be fucked…’ She turned to the audience and announced, ‘She’s all yours boys!’

The crowd cheered and rushed the stage as Lilly dropped down beside Jill, still gagging and half-blind.

‘Let’s go.’

‘We can’t leave her to those men,’ said Jill, gesturing to the crowd which was closing in on Jamie.

‘Oh, Jill,’ said Lilly with an indifferent sigh, ‘if you’re that bothered, go up there and make sure they take her only one at a time. In fact, if you’re that bothered, go up there and take a few cocks for her.’ She tugged the T-shirt tighter around her tits and added, ‘You’re really putting a downer on my night,’ before strolling calmly out of the bar.