The Charmed Ones

(Contains prolonged fantasy ballbusting and big tit theme)

The three charmed ones were waiting on Phoebe’s huge double bed while above them, on the roof, a TV repairman was readjusting their aerial.

Piper was stood in the middle of the bed listening to the sound of the repairman’s steps echo downward. At her feet Paige was laid on her front propping herself up with her elbows in a way that made her pale and sizable tits spill most of the way out of her tight crimson corset. ‘I’m bored,’ she announced.

‘Yeah,’ agreed Phoebe, who was sat against the bed head hugging a pillow. ‘What’s he doing up there – jerking off?’

No!’ said Piper, looking down at her little sister with disgust. ‘Why would he be doing that?’

‘You didn’t see the way he was checking out my rack?’

‘He was checking out my rack,’ Paige corrected.

Your rack? Why would he be checking out your rack?’

‘Hey, you two. Quieten it down – I’m trying to listen…and besides, he was staring at my ass.’

Paige and Phoebe looked at each other with eyebrows raised and then laughed. Phoebe jumped forward, throwing aside the pillow, and spanked Piper hard on the ass.


‘Hey, will you two stop jumping about?’ shouted Paige, mimicking Piper’s matriarchal tone, then: ‘My jugs are bobbling about like two sailboats full of jello.’

A large, mischievous grin spread across Phoebe’s beautiful face. She quickly stood up and began leaping around so that Paige was bounced violently about the bed.

‘Argh! Stop it! Phoebe! My tits!’ With Paige’s cries spurring her on, Phoebe pushed herself high into the air one last massive bounce that would no doubt have her sister’s baps spilling out of her top comically. Unfortunately for Phoebe, on that final bound it was her tits that exploded from her top with painful consequence. After catching her heavy pair full in the chin, Phoebe collapsed, topless, on top of Paige. The impact squeezed Paige’s pale puppies the rest of the way out of the corset and then both sisters found themselves sprawled half-naked on the bedroom floor.

Paige was face down in Phoebe’s impressive cleavage.

Piper peered over the edge of the bed and shook her head as Paige lifted hers from between her sister’s funbags. ‘You two, grow up.’

Phoebe groaned and looked down at Paige. She smiled. ‘If only that repairman could see us now.’

‘Yeah,’ said Paige. ‘His fat prick would certainly be swelling.’

‘Urgh!’ groaned Piper. ‘You two are disgusting.’

‘I didn’t say anything,’ Phoebe protested. ‘Although it would be nice to see his juicy balls tighten at the sight of my fantastic rack.’

Before Piper could make her distaste vocal, there was a crash, the sound of a large object rolling down the roof and finally a shrill squeal that came from directly outside the bedroom window.

Piper leapt off the bed and raced to the window. She pulled open the curtains and gasped.

‘Has he dropped the aerial?’ asked Paige, rushing to her speechless sister’s side. She too froze.

Hanging there, a metre from the window, by the aerial cable and his naked, stretched scrotum, was the repairman.

‘He better not have.’ Phoebe picked herself up and tucked away her jugs. ‘Or I’ll bust his balls.’

All of a sudden there came the sound of a smaller object sliding down the roof. A weighty wrench clinked as it hit the guttering and then made a mighty squelch as it fell on into the repairman’s trussed and tender testicles.

Paige flinched at the sight; expecting a spatter of pressurised spunk to hit the window momentarily, but no spatter came. The wrench bounced off the swelling gonads leaving nary a dent.

‘Wow.’ Piper was impressed.

So too was Phoebe when she finally came to the window. ‘Oh, my…’ She burst into laughter.

Piper turned to her with a look of astonishment. ‘You think this is funny? A man is out there dangling by the two most prized and incredibly tender parts of his anatomy.’

Phoebe shrugged. ‘Well, when you put it like that then, no, I don’t think it’s funny…I think it’s hilarious!’ She again broke down with hysterics, resting her hands on her thighs to prevent her from falling over as tears ran down her cheeks.

Piper could only shake her head.

‘It is a little bit funny,’ said Paige, turning. ‘Don’t you think?’

Piper looked out at the man’s rapidly swelling, purple veined pair and shuddered. She then looked at his face. He had arrived at the house full of bravado, taking bold glances breastward every given chance; now he seemed unable to uncross his eyes to stare even at Paige’s still bared baps.

Piper stifled a giggle. ‘Of course it’s not funny,’ she said weakly. ‘Now how do we get him down?’

Paige gave her a dismayed look. ‘Do we have to get him down right now?’

‘His nuts are close to bursting! Just look how far his sack’s stretched. We have to get him down now!’

‘Fine,’ said Paige gloomily. ‘We’ll use magic.’

‘What?’ asked Phoebe suddenly composed. ‘We’re not letting him down are we?’ I want to see his nuts go blue and drop off!’

Outside, the repairman’s plums quickly turned blue.

‘Woh!’ cried Piper when she noticed the colour change. She gave Phoebe’s left nipple a swift tweak. ‘Stop thinking about his nuts dropping off!’

‘Ouch.’ Phoebe rubbed her stiff and painful nipple. ‘Why?’

‘’Cause you seem to be having an effect on them.’

‘She’s mentally busting his balls?’ said Paige, derisively crinkling her nose.

‘Yes and…would you put those things away?’ Piper was gesturing at Paige’s pale and bared jugs, still hanging over the front of her corset. As Paige struggled to push the doughy pair back into the tight garment, Piper continued: ‘Just think of his balls—only a little bit though!’

Phoebe rolled her eyes and imagined his danglers.

Instantly a stream of tiles dislodged from the roof and each hammered into the man’s bloated bollocks with a sharp crunch.

‘Oh, God you’re right!’ cried Phoebe, raising her hands to her mouth. Behind her hands a smile formed.

A large crow flapped into sight over the house across the road.

Piper saw it. ‘Phoebe…’ she said threateningly.

The crow seemed to spot the repair man’s meaty morsels and make a beeline for them.

‘Phoebe!’ Piper gave Phoebe’s right nipple an even harder tweak and immediately the crow changed direction away from the chunky nuggets of manhood.

‘We have to get him down before you castrate him, Phoebe, ‘cause as amusing as you think it might be, we already have enough trouble with the police as it is.’

Phoebe groaned.

‘Quicker we get him down, quicker we can inspect the damage,’ said Paige tantalisingly.

‘Oh, yeah!’ squeaked Phoebe. ‘We’ll do a spell!’

‘Good,’ Piper began: ‘While in mid air the line went slack.’

‘And wrapped around his meaty sack,’ added Paige.

Then Phoebe: ‘I beg you on my awesome rack: please don’t let his balls turn black.’

Suddenly the cable snapped and the man fell to earth with a rustle and a thud.

Phoebe punched the air with delight. ‘Yes!’ she said, turning to her sisters to find they were both staring at her with eyebrows raised.

‘What?’ she asked innocently.

‘“I beg you on my awesome rack?”’ Piper repeated sounding unimpressed.

‘It rhymed,’ Phoebe said in her defence. Then a gust of wind from the open window caught her sore nipples, hardening them to the limit. She looked down and gasped – her top had vanished and her massive baps were laid bare. ‘What the—?’

‘That’s what you get when you beg on your “awesome” rack,’ stated Paige. ‘Just try and cover them up.’

Phoebe lifted her hands to her tits only to have them dart away. She tried again and her ample assets simply ducked and dodged around her chest, evading capture each time.

‘I can’t catch them!’ she squeaked.

‘Didn’t think so.’ Paige’s grin was huge. ‘Looks like your rack is in the hands of the gods for a day.’

Phoebe looked distraught. ‘I don’t get it.’

Piper explained: ‘When you begged on something that something becomes the gods’ property for a whole twenty-four hours. So your…’ she rolled her eyes and forced herself to say it, ‘rack is now theirs.’

‘And apparently,’ started Paige; grin widening, ‘they want to show it off.’


‘Not butts,’ interrupted Paige, ‘just boobs.’

‘And balls,’ added Piper, leaning out of the window to see the repairman had landed headfirst in a large bush. His kicking legs and bare, flopping genitals were now pointed straight out into the street where a group of teenage girls had stopped and were now pointing and giggling.

‘We’ve got a problem,’ Piper sighed.

Paige came up beside her and peered out. ‘No we haven’t,’ she said. ‘All we have to do is… Ah-ha.’ With that she left the room and appearing out in the street seconds later.

‘What is she doing?’ asked Phoebe, coming reluctantly to Piper’s side when still trying in vain to cover her tits.

‘I don’t know,’ Piper said with a frown.

As she approached the group, Paige looked up at Piper and mouthed “freeze them”. Piper did so dutifully.

Now that no one would see, Phoebe leant out of the window, her jugs swinging freely, and yelled: ‘What are you doing, Paige?’

‘Simple,’ her sister yelled back and she pointed to a lone boy within the group of girls, whose frozen expression was that of extreme worry. ‘Teenage girls are naturally predisposed to find busted balls hilarious,’ Paige began, walking behind the boy. ‘But when it comes down to it none of them have the stones to bust a pair themselves.’ With that she yanked down the boy’s trousers. His nuts and cock didn’t flop out as they were frozen in place.

Piper suddenly caught on. ‘Unless you give them a perfect opportunity!’

Paige stood back up and winked. ‘Now just one last thing.’ She pinched he girl either side of him roughly on the butt. ‘Perfect,’ she announced. She skipped back into the house and took her place beside Phoebe to watch the how from the window.

Piper unfroze the group.

The two girls leapt forward each with a squeak.

The unlucky boy gave his own squeak when he suddenly found himself standing half naked between two furious schoolgirls. The outcome was inevitable as no girl would have missed the chance to strike such tempting targets let alone a girl who had had her ass pinched. The boy let out a blood-curdling squeal as a knee met each of his nuts and immediately the group of girls’ attentions were turned.

The witches took their opportunity and rushed outside. They lifted the repairman out of the hedge and dragged him inside. Once in the hall, Phoebe let the man’s head go and I hit the floor with a solid thud.

‘What are you doing?’ cried Piper, as her little sister ran back to the door.

‘I’m watching the show.’

‘Oh, me too!’ announced Paige. ‘I want to see my handiwork.’

‘We have to get him to a hospital!’

Paige’s porcelain forehead creased slightly. ‘Can’t we just get Leo to heal them when we’re done?’

‘No! I don’t want him seeing these—’ she pointed at the repairman’s massively bloated balls. ‘He’ll think we did it.’

‘Oh!’ Phoebe called from the doorway. ‘He just got a kick from the cheerleader! His left eye’s twitching – I think we’re a baby-maker down!’

Paige gave a shrug and rushed past Piper to the door. ‘Look at him retching – he’s definitely one short of a full happy-sack.’

Piper sighed dejectedly. She glanced down at the repairman’s purple low-hangers. She gave an irritated grunt and punted the swollen scrotes squarely. From his deep, agony-induced coma the repairman let out a quiet squeak and his eyes crossed further.

‘Oh, that’s it, girl!’ yelled Phoebe, catching Piper’s attention once more. ‘That had to do it.’ She looked at Paige who gave a nod.

‘Definitely – no nut could have withstood being slammed in that hardback encyclopaedia.’

Out on the road, the girls had indeed finished off the boy’s jewel. They picked up their school bags and carried on down the street leaving the squealing boy to scrape his smashed cherries from in-between the pages of his almanac.

‘Poor kid,’ said Paige shutting the door. ‘Right.’ She looked down at the repairman. ‘What do we do with him? I could fetch the encyclopaedia…’

‘Wake him up!’ Phoebe said, clapping excitedly.

‘How would that help, Phebes? It’s not like he’d be able to just walk out of here by himself.’

‘He’ll be lucky to walk again,’ sighted Paige with a smirk.

‘There’s nothing else for it – we have to take him to the hospital.’

‘And how do we explain these bad boys?’ Phoebe gave the man’s left nut a nudge with her toe. Even this resulted in a low mewling noise. ‘Cool,’ she said, wiggling her toe harder into his fat nugget.

‘We just drop him off and no one’s the wiser to how it happened.’

Paige looked doubtful. ‘How do we even get him there? We have no car.’

‘Carry him.’

‘Carry him?’ Paige’s voice was incredulous. ‘Sure. Why don’t we just drag him there by the plums?’

Phoebe tittered and a freak gust of wind knocked a vase into the repairman’s lap. His balls took the brunt of the impact.

‘Phoebe!’ yelled Piper, picking up the vase. ‘You could have broken it!’ She placed it back on the cupboard. ‘Try not to think about his balls when there are expensive things of mine nearby. And you—’ she was looking at Paige ‘—stop putting images in her mind.’

Paige nodded obediently.

‘Now come on – let’s get him some pants.’

‘He’s not stretching any of mine!’ objected Phoebe.

‘That’s a point,’ said Piper thoughtfully. ‘He won’ fit into any of our pants.’

‘A skirt!’ giggled Paige. ‘Let’s put him in a skirt!’

Phoebe clapped her hands. ‘Please can we, Piper?’

‘Okay, but I don’t have any skirts and you two sluts wear belts.’


‘So his fat swingers will be dangling down for all to see. As if a man in a dress isn’t enough to catch peoples’ attention, you want to leave his purple pair to bobble freely?’

‘We could safety pin them to the skirt,’ suggested Paige with a devilish grin.

‘Don’t even think about it,’ warned Piper, one hand securing her vase, the other tweaking Phoebe’s nipple.

‘Ouch, will you stop that! They’re getting sore.’

To Be Continued…