Ball-busting College Babes

Sequel to Ballbusting School Babes

Contains ballbusting

The whole of my college class had either skived the lesson, or were out researching, leaving me the only person in the classroom. That was until Danielle walked in.

Danielle. The name brought back memories. This Danielle however, was even better looking and, amazingly, even more buxom! She was in the year below me and I fancied the fuck out of her.

She walked over to the old set of drawers in which, thankfully, hers was the bottommost one. This meant that she always had to bend over to reach it. Many a happy moment was spent staring longingly at her shapely behind. Today however I was feeling especially brave and she was wearing an especially low-cut top so I walked over to the light-box on the worktop beside the drawers she was bending at.

I placed my paper on the box and pretended to start tracing, all the while staring down her top as she struggled to open her wide, heavy drawer. I almost passed out when I saw into her top. She was wearing absolutely no bra! Her big, juicy tits swung, bounced and jiggled as she frantically tried to take out her drawer and after a particularly hard tug, her jugs all but spilled out of her top and I saw a generous portion of her left areloa and almost collapsed from shock. She didn't seem to notice my gasp hwoever, so intent was she on pulling open the drawer. I was halfway through a sigh of relief when she looked suddenly up at me and I caused me to freeze mid-exhale.

'Erm, could you help me get this drawer out, please?' she asked helplessly.

'Sure,' I croaked. I bent down quickly, but she didn't stop pulling and the drawer came flying out and slammed into my balls, squashing them flat against my left thigh.
I squealed and dropped onto my side, before rolling onto my back and lifting up my knees.

'Are you okay?' she asked in distress. She dropped onto all fours and my eyes popped out as her tits almost did the same. As she crawled over me the heavy melons hung down and swayed pendulously.

At that moment another first-year girl walked in. Her name was Tina and she was another of my favourites. She had short, spiked, black and pink hair, which echoed her bubbly personality and equally bubbly breasts.

'What happened?' she asked with a smirk. Then she noticed me staring at Danielle's melons. 'He's staring at your tits!'

'What?' asked Danielle, before looking at my guilty face. 'You perv! Is that why you were leaning over me? You were staring down my top!'

'So you smacked him in the balls,' said Tina, impressed.

'No, well, yes, but accidentally. I wish I had have done it on purpose now.'

'Go on, then.' Tina insisted devilishly.

'What?' asked Danielle, 'I can't.'

'Course you can,' said Tina, 'There's only Katie in the other room and I know she'd be up for a little "football"!'

'Okay,' agreed Danielle excitedly, 'Go get her.' I panicked and tried to stand, but Danielle felled me quickly with a sharp jab to the balls. I dropped onto my back and tried to cover them up, but she grabbed my meat roughly.

'This'll teach you to stare at my tits. And I know you saw them because I'm not wearing a bra, you dirty perv!'

Tina and Katie rushed into the room and Katie giggled hysterically.

'Let's see what he's got!' she shouted eagerly. Danielle's eyes lit up and she began unfastening my jeans.

'No,' I groaned weakly.

'Shut it, perv,' she growled, giving my left nut a sharp pinch. Then suddenly my jeans were open and my pink plums were laid bare.

'Hmm,' said Tina thoughtfully. 'Not bad, but we could make 'em bigger! Pull him up.' Danielle struggled to lift me to my feet so Tina had to help, leaving Katie stood in front of me. I looked at her face, not the prettiest of the girls, but still attractive. Her peroxide blonde hair and fine rack made up for it, but then I noticed her shoes. The toes of which were pointed cruelly.

'Oh, fuck,' I gasped quietly, but she still heard.

'You like 'em?' she asked seductively. 'Here. Have 'em.' She sent the toe of one sailing up into my exposed ball-bag. I squealed loudly as the toe nailed my tortured left bollock into my groin.

'Wow!' Danielle gasped. 'Those are accurate. I wonder what my shoes are like.'

'You'll get your turn,' Katie said, 'but I want to nail his right plum too! Ready, boy?' Tina was holding me firm and as Katie pulled back her leg, she straddled my thigh so that when I jumped I'd rub her clit.

The shoe was dead on again. My right marble moulded round the point of her shoe as it was squashed agonisingly against my pelvis. I was lifted off the ground and Tina squealed with delight as I bumped her pussy.

'Do it again,' she pleaded. 'Harder!'

'No,' objected Danielle. 'Any more kicks like that and she'll pop them. I want a turn before they're mushy!' She let Katie grab my arm and she skipped around front.

'Oh, they're nice and juicy now,' she groaned. 'Just like my tits. So you like my juicy tits? I hope seeing them was worth all this pain.' She pulled back her leg then paused. 'Aw, his dick gets in the way. Hang on. I've got it!' She lifted her top up and her massive melons flopped out, leaving me gasping. They were huge and yet so firm! I felt the other girls stiffen with envy.

'These were what you were wanting to see, right?' she asked giving them a
sexy shake. I felt my cock stiffen and suddenly realised what she was doing, but it was too late. With my cock out of the way, she let fly her boot and it smacked painfully into my ‘nads. I almost blacked out immediately.

'Wow!' gasped Tina. 'Good one! He nearly passed out! Let me have a go!' Danielle took my arm and Tina readied herself. I saw she was wearing trainers and was slightly relieved, but not for long as with cheerleader-like skill she kicked up into my throbbing globes.

'Yes!' she screamed as she nailed them both. 'I bust his baby-makers good!'

My flattened balls slowly reinflated and flopped back down, as did my dick.

'Aw, his knob's back down again. Let me get it up!' she pleaded.

'Go for it!' said Danielle.

'I know you stare at my arse,' started Tina. 'I've seen you. Why do think I give it a wiggle now and again.' She turned and wiggled her sexy rear. 'And why do you think I bend over so often?' She spread her legs and bent over until she touched the floor. Her tight trousers crawled in-between her firm, peachy cheeks and she smacked both hands onto them roughly. Slowly she began to peel the trousers down and I saw she hadn't any underwear.

'I just love to go commando. Feel my clit rubbing against my trousers. Mmmm. It feels so good!'

As her trousers were peeled further and further down her fine arse, my dick began rising again, this time I didn't even care. I was too busy watching Tina's striptease. With her trouser all the way down her rounded ass she back up into my groin, taking my cock between her cheeks and rubbing the length of it. Then, abruptly, she pulled her trousers back up and turned back round to face me.

'But I know what you really want to see.' She began pulling down the front of her trousers. I could see her flat, smooth stomach and suddenly, as the top of her finely trimmed minge came into view, Danielle and Katie grabbed a bollock each and began squeezing and pulling in either direction. My sack stretched and my balls were ablaze with pain. My eyes closed and I missed the best bit of the show.

'Aw, did you miss my pussy? What a shame. Drop his nuts,' Tina ordered and when they did she ran up to me and planted her knee into them. As I leant forward exhaling, Tina ran her tongue up the side of my face.

'Going soft on me?' she asked. 'I was just beginning to enjoy myself.' She left me to double over so that my balls were dangerously exposed from the rear. Katie snatched them up greedily and squeezed them with brute force. I had never felt anything like it - my balls were ground against each other so hard I was just waiting for the POP. The world began getting dark, when she let go and I heard heavy shoes running towards me. Danielle had taken a run up from behind to volley me full blast in the ‘nads.

I rolled arse-over-head and landed, sprawled out on the floor barely conscious and who was stood directly in-between my legs, but Tina, with a huge grin on her pretty face. She lifted her foot high above my balls and then slammed it down to earth, squashing my globes between the floor and her trainer. She pressed and pressed and when she-eventually-lifted her foot, I had the Nike tick printed on my nuts! That caused much giggling and the cry, "Just do it!' went up as they all took turns stomping on my swollen plums.

Suddenly Danielle was spooked.

'Quick. Get him up and we'll take him in the toilets, 'cause break's nearly over and they'll all be back.'

I was amazed to think that quarter of an hour had just flown by.

They redressed me roughly and the three of them dragged me out of the room.

For the first time ever I saw not one person walking the corridors between my classroom and the toilets, and then we were there-the girls' loos.

How I survived that day with both nuts in tact is beyond me.