The New School Uniform

Ball-busting School Babes Spin Off

(Contains ball-busting)

Sam and Colette

Sam stood before her the mirror and looked herself up and down impassively.

Knee-high white socks and a grey pleated skirt that covered only her uppermost thigh, the new style school uniform she had been issued was an insult; a grown man’s wet dream.

She stared disdainfully at the portion of her pale white legs that showed between the skirt and crumpled socks. Then she noticed another bit of white flesh: her exposed midriff. She tugged irritable at the white shirt, too short to tuck in and so shockingly transparent that she was almost moved to put on a bra. And as her nipples responded to the tugging of the fabric she growled, ‘Fuck this!’

The skirt fell to the floor and, bending at the hips, Sam pushed the socks down her smooth shins. At that moment, the door behind her swung open.

‘Yikes,’ said Colette, confronted with the sight of Sam’s milky ass cheeks separated by a strip of black thong. ‘You need to get your arse on a sun bed.’

‘Colette!’ shrieked Sam, spinning around to throw one of her balled up socks at her. ‘Don’t you ever knock?’

You never do,’ Colette accused.

This was true. Sam had a habit of bursting in on her friends unannounced, but whilst she regularly caught Danielle and Natalie in wonderfully compromising situations, she had never discovered Colette in anything less than full dress – much to her disappointment.

‘Seriously though, Sam, if you’re going to wear a skirt you’ll need to borrow some of my fake tan.’

Sam threw that other sock at her and began slipping into her trousers.

‘I’m not going to wear a skirt,’ Sam growled. ‘It’s demeaning.’

‘Demeaning?’ said Colette incredulously. ‘You want to take a look at the camel toe you’re flaunting in those trousers.’

Sam looked down at her crotch and was shocked at what she saw: Colette was right; it appeared that over the summer holidays she had blossomed into a woman and as a result her old leggings couldn’t contain her full, round arse and succulent pussy.

‘These fit last year,’ she grumbled.

‘I suppose you’ll be wanting these back then,’ Colette assumed, rolling the balled socks in her hands.

‘Keep them,’ said Sam, slipping her bare feet into sturdy shoes, and, noticing the unfamiliar bumps in her friend’s shirt added, ‘Stuff them down your bra with the others.’ Colette gasped in genuine outrage, putting her hands to her burgeoning chest; squashing them close protectively.

‘You weren’t the only one to blossom over the summer,’ she said, bristling with indignation. Sam allowed Colette to fume until she couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. She burst into wicked laughter only to be assaulted by two hurled socks.

Giggling the pair left for school.


The girls entered the school through the back, through a gap in the bushes behind the science blocks. In the narrow passageway between the two buildings stood a pair of boys smoking a cigarette and generally looking hostile. Spotting Sam emerging from the bushes out of uniform, the boy holding the cigarette tapped the other and motioned towards her. The other boy nodded encouragement.

‘Oi,’ the first yelled, blowing out smoke. ‘Where’s your skirt, eh, Sam? Only boys wear the trousers now – or was I right all along and you’ve got a dick?’

‘Yeah,’ piped up the other, ‘scared of wearing a skirt in case you cock hangs out?’ He hung his arm down limply and swung it side to side like a lengthy appendage.

Both boys seemed undaunted by Sam’s determined approach. Having had the whole of the summer to forget her reputation the morons were taken completely by surprise when Sam’s hands snapped shut around their tender young nuts to leave them hunched, wide-eyed mutes.

‘You know what?’ she growled as both boys sucked in a long, agonised breath. ‘You were right.’ She squeezed down mercilessly, triggering muffled crunches to escape from between her cruel fingers. Feeling their legs giving way, Sam let go of their spuds and let them collapse. She placed her hands on her hips and widened her stance so that her shrink-wrapped cleft was displayed proudly. ‘Not about me having a dick,’ she continued, when she was sure their twitching eyes were on her slit, ‘as you can see.

‘You were right about only boys being allowed to wear trousers.’ She leaned in close. ‘And last time I checked, boys have balls, which you two appear to be missing.’

Without any further instruction, the boys began timidly unbuttoning their flies.

‘My, you are smart little eunuchs,’ said Sam watching them slip out of their trousers. ‘And there I was thinking your brains were all mush.’ She was accepting their trousers when Colette came alongside her, desperate for a piece of the action.

‘Your pants too,’ ordered the beautiful blonde. When Sam raised an eyebrow at her she simply shrugged and asked, ‘Why not?’

Nat and Danielle

‘He fancies you,’ teased Danielle, giving the blushing Natalie a nudge.

‘No he doesn’t,’ she said bashfully.

‘He so does,’ said Danielle and then her eyes lit up. ‘I’m going to ask him.’

‘Ask him what?’ asked Sam, making her and Colette’s presence known. Danielle threw her arms around her best friend with a girlish shriek and Sam was rendered immediately dumb as she felt Danielle’s heavy breasts crush her own budding pair flat. Danielle squeezed her hard for a few moments until she felt Sam’s tits start to push back.

‘Wow, Sam,’ she remarked after releasing her from the busty bear-hug, ‘are you cold?’

Sam looked down at her nipples, which were straining hard enough against her shirt to be clearly discernable in shape, size and colour. She covered them in a sudden and uncharacteristic attack of embarrassment that prompted Nat smile knowingly and suggest, ‘Maybe she’s just pleased to see you.’

Sam shot her a withering glare which the petite brunette countered with a childishly blobbed tongue. The exchange went unnoticed by Danielle who was too busy giggling: ‘I think David fancies, Nat.’

‘Really?’ said Sam her eyes still on Nat. She forced her hands down by her sides despite the fact that her nipples were still poking holes in her shirt.

‘In fact,’ said Danielle with relish. ‘I think he loves her!’

‘Ugh, shut up, Dani,’ said Nat giving her a light backhand across the arm. Sam saw this tell-tale sign and grinned; she’d found a chance to get her own back.

‘Look’s like Nat loves him back,’ she teased.

‘That loser?’ Nat scoffed. ‘I don’t think so.’

‘Really?’ asked Sam coolly. ‘Well, how about we have a little fun with his ballsies?’

Nat, fell unusually silent at the prospect of a bit of ball-busting, but both Danielle and Colette cheered gleefully.

‘I haven’t busted a single bollock all summer,’ confessed Colette. ‘I’ve got a lot of pent up aggression to let out.’ Nat shifted uncomfortably at this and Sam took pleasure in seeing her friend squirm.

‘Oh, don’t worry, Natalie,’ she said devilishly. ‘We’ll be gentle.’


David stared across the yard at Natalie. She was stood with her friends. The cold was doing its usual thing to her nipples, but for the first time David’s eyes were elsewhere; the new school uniform had put more of her than ever on show and he was busy absorbing the sight of her bare thigh.

As he unconsciously rubbed his growing hard-on he wished he had the balls to ask her out.

No, he thought angrily, I do have the balls!

His hand moved lower to clutch his egg-sized nuts for reassurance. The summer had not only been kind to the girls; the combination of hot sun and testosterone had ripened David’s plums into plump, juicy specimens and these, he had convinced himself, were all he needed to finally ask her out.

He gave his nuts a final confidence-boosting squeeze and marched across the yard toward the giggling group. He had only taken a few steps when a familiar pain began to claw at his abdomen and he realised he might have been a little overzealous with the nut squeeze.

His knees went weak, but he was too close and too obviously walking towards the girls to change course so he hobbled over and greeted them only to find his voice was just as lame.

‘Hi,’ he squeaked, causing the girls other than Nat to turn and cross their arms.

‘Jesus,’ said Sam with a wearied scowl. ‘Haven’t your balls dropped by now?’

David felt his nuts shrivel into raisins and suddenly remembered why he had never had the courage to ask Nat out – it the feeling of impotence that overcame him whenever he went near her friends. And no balls, no matter their size, could ever withstand the shrinking sensation of their indifferent scowls.

‘Sam,’ snapped Nat angrily. She softened when she looked back at him and asked, ‘What is it, David?’

‘I… erm… wanted to ask you…’ he faltered. His eyes shot left and right and were met by impatient, disparaging faces. Sam was even tapping her foot. He lost his nerve as he felt his balls shrink to the size of dried peas. ‘…well, to tell you… that you look really nice in your new uniform.’

‘Oh,’ said Nat, disappointed. ‘Thank you.’

The other girls rolled their eyes and Sam groaned before saying, ‘Listen you nut-less freak, Nat’s going to skip biology and have a private lesson with us. She wants to know if you’ll come too?’

David’s heart skipped at the prospect. He glanced at Nat, whose big brown eyes seemed to be trying to tell him something, but before he could decide what exactly he blurted, ‘I’ll come!’

Nat’s heart sank.

‘Let’s go,’ said Sam taking his hand.

Miss Buckley and Nurse Lindsay

Miss Buckley’s heels clicked on the concrete as she frog-marched two hunched and hobbling students toward the nurse’s office. As she watched their pasty white arses she couldn’t help but grin and it was a grin shared by the nurse when she entered with the groaning boys in tow.

‘I’ve been waiting for this,’ said the nurse. Miss Buckley gave her a quizzical look. The nurse, an attractive brunette in her early thirties, ushered the boys toward two plastic chairs. While they limped by the nurse said to the young teacher, ‘You haven’t been here long have you?’

‘Does this happen often?’ asked the surprised blonde, folding her arms underneath the massive bulges in her cashmere pullover.

‘More often than you might—’

There came a pained squeal from behind and the women turned to see one of the half-naked boys lurched forward off the chair, clutching his balls tighter than ever, and land face down on the tiles.

The nurse rolled her eyes. ‘Be more careful when you sit down,’ she chided. Shaking her head in light-hearted despair, she turned back to Miss Buckley who had one hand to her mouth and was desperately trying to suppress a giggle. ‘I give up.’

‘So you see this all the time?’ asked Miss Buckley, quickly clearing her throat and forcing a concerned frown.

‘At the start of the year I’ll get at least five in a day, but it calms down when the boys remember who’s in charge.’

‘And who is in charge.’

The nurse motioned for her to follow. They stepped over the boy writhing on the floor and the nurse lowered herself in front of the other sat groaning. She slapped his knees and slowly he opened his legs and allowed her access to the source of his anguish.

Miss Buckley turned bright red when she saw the nurse take hold of the big, purples plums and examine them so expertly.

‘Looks like the handiwork of a certain Samantha Ward,’ said the nurse, rolling his slightly squishy left nut back and forth, ‘though she doesn’t usually strip them.’ She looked up at the grimacing boy and asked loudly, ‘Who took your trousers?’ The boy just moaned.

Standing, the nurse said, ‘We won’t get the truth out of him as long a he’s got nuts to lose.’

‘He must have really pissed her off,’ said Miss Buckley.

‘Who? Samantha?’ the nurse chuckled. ‘Sam’s been splitting nuts since she was in training bras, not that the poor girl’s out of a training bras yet, but believe me: if he’d have pissed her off these two would be lucky to have a pair of bollocks between them.’

‘Really?’ asked Miss Buckley wide eyed.

‘Oh, yeah. I‘d be surprised if some of the more cocky boys graduate with any at all.’

‘Wow,’ gasped the teacher, her nipples stiffening beneath the cashmere. ‘I could really use this Samantha in my gym class.’

‘Yes, I’m sure the threat of a crushed nut would discourage the boys from calling you “Miss Fuckley”.’

Miss Buckley bushed again; shocked news of the name had travelled so far. ‘Oh, no,’ she said, red-faced. ‘Their latest is “Miss Boobley”.’ She gestured somewhat unnecessarily at her ample rack.

‘Ingenious,’ said the nurse wryly. ‘Well, if you’re serious about instilling a little terror, you can usually find Samantha skipping class with her friends in the old science block.’

‘Thank you,’ said Miss Buckley, and, beaming with excitement, she turned to leave.

‘Oh, just one more thing,’ the nurse called after her. Miss Buckley stopped at the doorway and looked back to see the nurse smiling playfully. ‘If anything were to… happen to one of the boys, you’d be sure to send them my way, right?’

‘Of course,’ said the stiff-nippled teacher, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

A Lesson in Anatomy

Still holding him by the hand, Sam led David inside the unused science classroom. Danielle and Colette followed closely, clucking with excitement whilst Nat brought up the rear; her arms folded so furiously tight that several pounds of doughy tit-meat was forced to swell out over the collar of her shirt.

‘Now class,’ said Sam addressing her mostly giddy students, ‘today we’re going to learn all about the male and female anatomy.’ She looked to David and, restraining a grin, continued, ‘Of course it’s obvious which male we’ll be studying…’

This caused Danielle and Colette to giggle with delight, but Nat’s mood only darkened as she saw Sam’s plan begin to unfold.

‘…but who here has the best example of female anatomy? David, who do you want to see strip?

David’s heart missed a beat. He wanted so badly to see Natalie naked: it was the vision he used more tissues to than any other, but he couldn’t make her strip for him, could he? What would it do for his chances of going out with her?

Sam relished the sight of David struggling with his conscience: his eyes skipping between each girl, always returning to linger upon Nat before darting away guiltily. She watched the crease on Nat’s forehead deepen with every passing second that David failed to choose her.

Beads of sweat began to form on David’s brow as he came to realise that he had been dropped in the middle of a minefield. He couldn’t choose Natalie in case she were humiliated, and he didn’t want to make her feel insecure by choosing a girl she thought more attractive. That meant that choosing Colette was out of the question: the slender blonde was easily the most lusted after girl in school. Danielle too was a no-go thanks to her gigantic jugs: the only to anywhere near rival Natalie’s enormous norks. That left only one option: ‘Sam,’ he blurted anxiously.

‘Me?’ said Sam, feigning surprise. Nat’s jaw dropped. Sam looked her in the eyes and asked vindictively, ‘Who’d have thought it?’

Nat’s blood boiled and her melons rose higher to flatten under her chin.

‘Come on then,’ said Colette, tugging on David’s trousers. ‘Get ’em off.’

David chuckled nervously, whilst his shaking fingers went about unfastening his zipper. The girls held their breaths and leaned in expectantly.

‘Wait!’ cried Nat, suddenly catching his hand. ‘Don’t you think you should wait for Sam to—’

‘For me to what?’ interrupted Sam, causing them all to turn and find her skin-tight trousers already peeled down to the knees.

There went up a collective gasp at the sight of the triangle of short black hair which covered her pelvic mound and went some way to obscuring the crease of her cunt.

Nat was too gob-smacked to respond, but any retort would have been cut short when from between the flies of his trousers burst David’s obscenely engorged member.

Nat recoiled in horror as his soaring rod brushed her hand, but the other girls were delighted.

‘Is that for me?’ asked Sam, cocking her head at the throbbing prick.

David gasped as he tore his eyes from her muff to see himself exposed. He quickly covered his shame only for his trousers to fall away completely.

All the girls burst out laughing, apart from Natalie, who blushed along with David.

‘Don’t be shy,’ said Sam, stepping in close enough to rub her bush against his cupping hands. ‘Put your arms up and we’ll get this shirt off for you.’

Bright red and breathing in short, shallow pants, David’s only response was to roll his eyes into the back of his head.

‘Oh-kay,’ said Sam, cocking an eyebrow towards Colette and Danielle who were struggling to contain their giggles. ‘How about I take my top off first?’

She took hold of the bottom of her shirt with both hands and, making sure to catch David’s attention first, hoisted it quickly and dramatically over her head to ensure her little tits were given the maximum upward momentum and, though an actual bounce was too much to hope for, what tit-meat Sam did have rolled up her chest taking her stiff bullet nipples with it.

The sight of her brazenly erect teats was too much for David to take: he let out a orgasmic groan and blew his load all over his own shielding hands.

‘Ew!’ cried Colette and Danielle in unison as the powerful spurts escaped his fingers to land warm and sticky upon Sam’s bare stomach.

‘Would you look at that,’ said Sam, staring down at the thick globs glistening on her belly. She turned to give Nat a good look. ‘Look’s like he really likes me.’

The expression on the little brunette’s face was priceless. ‘That’s it!’ she roared, storming forward to shove Sam out of the way and David onto the teacher’s desk before grabbing him, much to his surprise, by the right nut.

‘Nat?’ he yelped, reproachfully.

‘What? You’ve had a crush on me for years,’ she growled, bearing down on his delicate egg. ‘It’s about time I reciprocated, don’t you think?’

She turned to Sam and snapped, ‘Grab his other nut.’

Sam raised an eyebrow.

‘Grab his other nut!’

Sam didn’t need telling a third time. She clamped her fingers around his fat left plum, affording it the usual care and consideration. David went immediately stiff and wrapped his spunk-soaked hands around either girl’s wrist.

‘Now, David,’ said Nat, quite pleasantly considering the fact she was gripping him in an incredibly threatening manner, ‘I once overheard you telling your friends you’d give one of your nuts to fuck a certain someone: a girl in this room: a girl that at this very moment has you by the bollock.’ She squeezed on his nut and asked, ‘Do you remember which girl it was?’

David’s lips were sucked into his mouth as he nodded, eyes locked on hers.

‘And?’ barked Sam, subtly increasing the pressure on the ball she held captive until David’s eyes shot to her.

‘David?’ said Nat, unsettled. She coerced his attention back with a sharp downward tug on his nut string.

‘It was you,’ he squeaked hysterically, but his raven-haired tormentor wasn’t about to admit defeat.

‘Me?’ asked Sam, pushing her thumb into David’s left ball so deep that it displaced the orb’s squishy contents and met her forefinger through the other side.

‘Okay!’ David wailed at the top of his lungs. ‘It was you!’

Whilst his left nut was still amazingly still in tact, the squelching sound of permanent damage was unmistakable and Nat’s eyes widened with rage when she realised what she’d have to do to beat Sam at her own game.

‘Tell the truth, David,’ she demanded through gritted teeth, clenching her tiny fist in a desperate attempt to crack his egg. With all four of her fingertips forcing their way into his rubbery plum it was only a matter of time before something inside gave.

There came a muffled crunch and David went instantly cross-eyed. The frantic flailing of his legs stopped and was replaced by sporadic, involuntary twitching.

‘It was you! It was you! It was you!’ he screamed, the pitch of his voice rising like a boiling kettle as the pain enveloped him.

‘It was me!’ yelled Sam, her thumb sinking audibly deeper.

Unable to watch, Danielle put her hands over her eyes.

‘It was me!’ roared Nat, her fist closing tighter.

Girls!’ bellowed an unfamiliar voice which caused them both to freeze. Their heads whipped around to find an astonished blonde in a blue cashmere jumper and short tartan skirt standing in the entrance with her hands on her hips and nipples straining.

Miss Buckley could not believe her eyes. The objects bulging precariously from between each girl’s fingers appeared primed to explode and, when the girls instinctively let go, the crushed globes refused to spring back to shape as she had expected.

Subduing a sympathetic wince, she forced her best disapproving frown and demanded, ‘Explain yourselves, this instant!’ impressing herself with her convincing delivery.

‘He, er…’ said Sam, faltering before remembering the copious globs of man-fat dribbling lazily towards her pussy. Setting her plump bottom lip aquiver, she cried, ‘He tried to rape me!’

‘Really?’ Miss Buckley asked, horrified. She looked to the other girls who in turn looked at one another before nodding emphatically. Nat had little choice but to nod along grudgingly.

The teacher looked genuinely shocked, more so than when she had walked in on an attempted castration, and Sam was certain the dumb blonde had bought her sob-story, but suddenly the teacher’s eyes narrowed suspiciously.

Miss Buckley was trusting, but not stupid. A faint smile spread slowly across her lips.

‘Oh, that’s terrible,’ she said, with little regard for how disingenuous her smirk made that sound.

Nat and Sam each raised an eyebrow.

‘You poor, poor girl,’ said Miss Buckley, walking over to David who was sprawled half-conscious over the desk. Flicking aside his lifeless, oozing prick, she cupped his dangling jewels and found herself impressed by not only the weight, but by the damage the girls had inflicted. ‘Looks like you taught him a valuable lesson though.’

‘I guess,’ said Sam, warily. Miss Buckley turned to her, still holding David’s swelling sac.

‘Do you think I could borrow your teaching skills for one of my classes?’

The girls’ jaws dropped.


Through fluttering eyelids, Nurse Lindsay was shocked to find a young redhead stood over her, clutching her stomach and raising a quizzical eyebrow.

‘Rosie?’ she gasped, quickly sliding her hand out from under her skirt. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I’ve got period cramps, Miss… What were you doing?’

The nurse jumped up from her chair and straightened her skirt, surreptitiously wiping the pungent juices from her fingers. ‘Nothing,’ she lied. Rosie eyed her suspiciously until a particularly painful cramp caused her to grimace and fold.

‘Oh, you poor thing,’ said Nurse Lindsay, wincing in sympathy. ‘You know I’m not allowed to give you any pain-killers.’

‘I know,’ said Rosie, straighten as the pain passed. ‘You always make me feel better though.’

The nurse put a comforting hand on the hunched redhead’s shoulder and smiled warmly. Rosie smiled back, before sniffing the air with distaste.

‘What’s that smell?’

‘Oh. Nothing, honey,’ said Nurse Lindsay, withdrawing her hand to hide the offending digits behind her back.

Another cramp racked the girl’s stomach.

‘I hate being a girl.’

The nurse snorted. ‘I just sent home two boys who’d swap their pain for yours in a flash.’

Rosie gave her a dirty look.

‘Boys don’t know the first thing about pain,’ she snapped crabbily.

‘Really?’ asked Nurse Lindsay, folding her arms. ‘I think you have a few things to learn about boys, honey.’

Right on cue, the door opened and slowly and clumsily, inch by inch David dragged himself inside the office.

As his bare arse crossed the threshold he looked up and groaned piteously, ‘My balls,’ before collapsing completely.

A huge grin spread across the nurse’s face as she turned to the shocked redhead and said, ‘Well, Rosie, it looks like you’re about to get your first lesson in boy pain.’


Nurse Lindsay had David propped up against a wall and was down on her knees handling his damaged goods when Rosie returned with the wheelchair she had been sent for. Her shocked gasp caused the nurse to look up from the boy’s swollen sack.

She found Rosie staring open-mouthed at the sorry-looking organs resting in her cupping palms, but rather than spare the young girl’s blushes, she felt the mischievous urge to shock; isolating each nut between index finger and thumb, she proceeded to draw tight the scrotum until each testis bulged graphically through the stretched, shining skin.

The sight of the obscene orbs was, at once, shocking, repulsive and hilarious for the impressionable teen, who, with cheeks flushing crimson, immediately covered her gaping mouth with both hands.

‘No need to be embarrassed, honey,’ said the nurse with a wicked smile; letting up on David’s nuts to bat away his grasping hands.

Rosie recognised his distress. ‘Is he... okay?’ she asked, her expression a mixture of curiosity and genuine concern.

‘Probably... Well, possibly... Oh, it’s just too hard to tell without a thorough inspection.’

This was a lie: thanks to Sam’s prolific busting, the nurse had examined enough mushy nuts to be able to tell from a cursory prod just how lasting the damage would be, and the outlook for David’s plums was gloomy, but she wasn’t about to let that get in the way of her tutelage of young Rosie.

‘Oh, David,’ she grumbled, batting away David’s hands one last time. ‘Do stop fussing.’

In an almost imperceivable movement she gave a sharp downward tug to his ample swingers and sent him instantly limp.

‘Good boy,’ she cooed. Craning her head around to Rosie she asked, ‘Would you be a dear and start the warm water running in the big sink back there? I’d like to clean him up a little before I inspect him further.’

Rosie nodded absently, but remained stationary; too engrossed in the plight of David’s plums to move away, as, with David subdued, Nurse Lindsay went back to expertly manipulating his fat orbs between her fingers.

It didn’t take a medical diploma to appreciate that the nurse’s fingertips should not have been sinking into his plump eggs with such ease, and yet the inexperienced teenager still felt the need to ask, ‘Should they be that squishy?’

Nurse Lindsay glanced over her shoulder and said reproachfully, ‘I can’t hear any water running.’

‘Oh,’ said Rosie, flushing with embarrassment. She hurriedly turned to leave only to stop after a few steps and look back at David’s danglers.

‘Rosie,’ chided Nurse Lindsay without turning.


She rushed to the sink and spun the dial on the wall. The sudden surge in pressure caused the shower head to buck off its bracket and douse the front of her shirt with freezing water which instantly rendered the cheap material transparent.

When she turned away from the torrent, drenched, blinking and breathless, she was as good as topless. Only her white bra provided concealment, retaining at least the semblance of opacity, but not even this could obscure her young buds once the cold caught hold and stiffened them explicitly.

Her shocked yelp caused the nurse to turn once more from her examination. She caught a fleeting glimpse of the girl’s jutting nips before they were swiftly covered.

Poor thing, thought Nurse Lindsay, wrapping the fingers of a single hand around the neck of David’s loose scrotum so that his smashed testicles bulged out from the top of her fist like big, red radishes. Imagine: these being the first pair of bollocks you ever see.

She couldn’t help but chuckle.

‘Come on, David,’ she said, coaxing the barely-conscious young man to his feet by slowly, imperceptibly lifting upward on his ball-bag until, insensible or not, he had no choice but to follow.

There followed a sudden burst of grunts, groans and whimpers, but within no time at all the young man was upright and alert, and the nurse was able to release his eggs to deposit him into the wheelchair which she kept prepared for such occasions.

The back of the chair had been purposely packed out with enough cushions to ensure that occupants were left only a sliver of seating on which to perch their buttocks, meaning that no sooner had David’s arse touched the seat than it was sliding off, and the only way he could remain seated was to maintain a grip on the chair’s armrests.

Perfect, thought Nurse Lindsay, eyeing his swinging low-hangers as they were left to dangle unprotected over the edge of the seat. Works every time.

She quickly grabbed the wheelchair’s handles and spun it to face the large sink where Rosie stood, gasping and dripping wet.

David’s knuckles turned white as he tried to keep himself from being ejected from the chair; whilst his danglers were thrown violently sideways to smack off one thigh then the other in a deliciously painful pendulum which had Rosie transfixed.

When the wheelchair set off at speed towards the young girl, it was at first with awe that she watched the fat nuggets be flung backward into the underside of the seat. It was only when they swung back suddenly much larger that she realised that the wheelchair was hurtling toward her with nobody in control.

Letting out a girlish shriek of panic, Rosie pulled her ass up onto the rim of the sink and hitched her legs open just in time: the wheelchair came crashing into the corner of the sink with a tremendous crunch! as the soft bits of its occupant met the cold ceramic and brought it to a crushing halt.

David lurched forward and buried his face in-between Rosie’s legs causing her to snap them shut instinctively.

Her small breasts, clearly outlined through the soaking shirt and bra, were hauled up her chest as she drew in a shocked gasp.

David let out a piteous moan, which, whilst smothered by Rosie’s thighs, was focused directly between. His hot breath breezed through her cotton panties, rustled her short, auburn pubic hairs and stimulated her yearning, virginal cooch like nothing she had experienced before.

When Nurse Lindsay appeared, chasing after the run-away wheelchair breathlessly, Rosie’s nipples were once again bullet-like, only this time it wasn’t the cold which had stiffened them.

‘I’m so sorry, Rosie,’ gushed the nurse. ‘I don’t know what happened – it just got away from me.’ She reached down and, grabbing David by the hair, lifted his face out of the gasping teen’s intimate area.

Rosie’s eyes flickered opened only to catch sight of the damp patch which had quickly soaked through her panties. She snapped her legs together with embarrassment.

With a concerned frown, Nurse Lindsay asked, ‘He didn’t hurt you, did he?’ She gave a nod southwards and added unnecessarily, ‘Down there?’

‘No,’ spluttered Rosie, her cheeks flushing. ‘How could he?’

Rosie had just unwittingly played right into the nurse’s hands.

‘How, indeed. Count yourself lucky you don’t have a pair of balls hanging there. A pair of rubbery nuggets packed with nothing but hyper-sensitive nerve-endings and spunk; a pair of fragile little organs which hang by cords so delicate that a slight twist could have them shrivelling up and dropping off.’

Rosie was about to retort with the down sides of a uterus, but then David collapsed back into the wheelchair and she was confronted with the sight of the male genitalia after a high speed collision with ceramics.

All of a sudden her argument seemed weak.

Like the rest of him, David’s scrotum hung limp; as if the beleaguered sac had abandoned any effort to support his heavy nuts, leaving them to twist in the wind by their cords which strained desperately under the weight of his swelling nuts, which were now the size, shape and colour of polished beetroot.

‘Ooo!’ cooed Nurse Lindsay. She looked at Rosie with wide, twinkling eyes. ‘Now tell me that doesn’t look worse than an aching tummy.’

Rosie stared dumb-struck at the bloated balls; a sight which could only turn a young girl one of two ways: lesbian or deviant. The nurse waited for her reaction.

‘But... he’s asleep,’ uttered the redhead. She looked up at the nurse with big, earnest eyes. ‘He can’t feel a thing.’

A large grin spread across the Nurse Lindsay's face.

Deviant, she thought happily.

‘You make a fine point, honey.’

She reached out, curled her middle finger into her thumb and flicked his left nut with all her might. It had the consistency of marshmallow, and when David bolted upright, suddenly, agonisingly conscious, she drew in a sympathetic breath.

‘Is David a nice boy?’ she asked Rosie, guiltily.

The girl nodded, watching the boy’s face contort from shock, to agony before settling somewhere between: pained despair.

‘That’s a shame.’ said the nurse. She gave an upbeat shrug. ‘Oh, well – help me lift him into the sink.’


With David sat in the sink, Nurse Lindsay spread his legs wide apart and stepped between. She took hold of his hands and pulled them away from the aching plums they had been clutching.

‘There, there,’ she comforted as he grumbled nauseously, ‘This is just to make sure you don’t fiddle with your poor ballsies – we don’t want you tying them in knots.’

‘Yeah – they might fall off,’ teased Rosie with childish glee.

David found himself wishing they would. His big nuts had rapidly turned from a big confidence boost to a big liability and he couldn’t help feeling that if their fate was left in the hands of the nurse and her eager assistant that they might end up little more than a big sticky mess.

He pleaded incomprehensibly whilst Nurse Lindsay stuffed his hands down by his sides, making sure they wedged firmly against the sink.

His grief turned Rosie’s smile to a concerned frown and she asked, ‘Might they fall off, Miss?’

‘No, no,’ the nurse assured her. ‘We’ll make sure he keeps his grapes.’

She paused for a moment and a big smile spread across her face before she added devilishly, ‘But I can’t promise they won’t be seedless.’

Rosie didn’t follow, but she grinned happily anyway.

Then Nurse Lindsay took up the shower head and began to circle the warm stream expertly around the shaft of David’s flaccid cock.

Casually, she went on to ask, ‘Do you ever use the shower on your bits, Rosie?’

Tellingly, the young girl flushed bright red.

Nurse Lindsay was touched by her bashfulness and gave a warm smile.

‘Feels nice doesn’t it?’

Rosie gave a tentative nod, and, though quietly mewling, David was also moved to agree as, under the shower’s sensual caress, his pole began to stiffen and his much abused ball-bag relaxed so loose that it looked like a big pink puddle in which his nuts sat rolling conspicuously.

Nurse Lindsay was just glad to have his hose out of the way.

With David purring contentedly, she aimed the steaming spray squarely at his nuts and reached for the shower’s power dial.

‘And it feels even nicer when you turn up the strength, right?’

The redhead agreed with an embarrassed nod.

With a flick of the wrist Nurse Lindsay spun the dial as far as it went, and in a instant what had been a light, soothing shower became a crushing torrent which plastered David’s scrotum across the bottom of the sink and pummelled it entirely free of wrinkles.

Immediately, David’s muscles tensed and his legs, which had hung limply over the sides of the sink, straightened suddenly, and Rosie, caught unawares, was struck squarely in the tit by his foot.

Yelping with shock, Rosie clutched her stinging bosom only to find it wet. Her small boob, tender with youth, had leaked.

‘Oh, honey,’ cooed the nurse, who had spotted the fresh circle of dampness on the girl’s drying shirt. ‘Forget about that. Here,’ she held out the shower head, ‘you take over.’

Rosie, still clutching her breast, looked up with a frown.

‘Really?’ she asked.

‘I insist.’

Rosie accepted the shower head and held it uncomfortably.

‘So I just...?’ She flicked the punishing stream at David’s aching nuts and was surprised when he responded immediately with a high-pitched squeal.

‘It really does hurt him,’ she said in a gasp of realisation. Then, spurred on by her stinging tit, she turned the full wrath of the shower on his balls.

Nurse Lindsay watched with pride as the young redhead seemed to take immense satisfaction in chasing the boy’s bloated spheres around the sink with the pounding jet of water.

At one point she even appeared to have both trapped in a corner of his scrotum, but the swollen orbs proved too slippery, darting away in opposite directions to avoid a pummelling.

Nurse Lindsay caught the frustration in her eyes when it happened. She’d awakened a lust inside the girl. A lust she shared.

The lust to bust, she thought gleefully.

It was only when David’s eyes were beginning to cross that Rosie finally let up on his bollocks.

She let out a wicked cackle and declared, ‘Boys balls are so stupid!’

‘I knew you’d get it eventually,’ said Nurse Lindsay with a sigh of relief. She reached for the shower’s temperature controls and enquired devilishly, ‘Want to see how stupid?’

Rosie nodded enthusiastically and handed the nurse the shower head.

The nurse twisted the dial to freezing and sprayed David in the face, bringing him round gasping.

‘All clean,’ announced Nurse Lindsay, smiling at him warmly.

David only groaned.

‘Oh, crumbs,’ she added. ‘Missed a spot.’ And deftly turned the cold stream on his sac.

Straight away it began to shrink.

Nurse Lindsay watched smugly as the pink satchel shrivelled tight around its soft contents, scooping them up and forcing together in an angry, squirming, shrink-wrapped package.

David’s wide eyes stared down at the spectacle also as, once more, his legs began to twitch involuntarily.

‘My balls!’ she squeaked, barely able to believe that he was being so brutally tortured by his own scrotum. ‘Oh, god, my balls!’

With the skin of his sac contracting unstoppably, David’s plums had little choice but to be forced back inside his body, and so, with two small pops, his ball-bag was suddenly emptied.

My balls!’ shrieked David; passing out believing for sure that they’d popped.

‘I give you the scrotum,’ announced Nurse Lindsay triumphantly. ‘The single most stupid part of the human body.

‘Can you believe that little thing is supposed to protect a male’s precious bollocks? His only point for existing and it’s left dangling in a sac of skin with the protective qualities of a wet paper bag.’

Rosie was far too busy clapping with glee to hear the nurse’s rant.

‘He just popped his own balls!’ she cheered, having also been fooled by the sudden disappearance of his globes.

‘Um, no,’ corrected Nurse Lindsay. ‘They just went up inside him.’

Rosie stared at her in disbelief.

‘They did?’ she asked with disappointment. ‘Can we get them out and... maybe...’ She faltered; biting her bottom lip bashfully.

The nurse waited; enjoying her discomfort.

Twisting her foot about awkwardly, Rosie summoned the courage to finish, ‘Can we pop one, Miss? Can we?’

The nurse smiled warmly.

‘Sorry, honey. He doesn’t deserve it.’

Rosie went into a sulk.

‘But if you’re lucky,’ said Nurse Lindsay, rolling her eyes, ‘Miss Buckley will send over a boy who does any minute now.’

This seemed to cheer the girl.

‘What do we do until then?’ she asked.

‘Well,’ said the nurse tilting her head, ‘there are plenty of things I can teach you about the female body if you’d like.’

Rosie’s eyes lit up.

To Be Continued…