The Coffee Shop 6: Making the Cut

Luke's Wake Up Call

Luke woke with a sharp pain in the straining erection which tented his sheets like it had every morning since he was thirteen. Bolting upright, he gripped it tightly and sucked in air through his teeth. When he opened his eyes he found his insufferable step-sister is grinning back at him impishly and brandishing the rolled up newspaper with which she just rapped his cock.

'Morning,' she chirped with a chuckle.

'My cock, you little cunt!' Luke whined, trying to ignore her tight body in the little cotton crop top and shorts she wore to bed and instead focus on what a little bitch she was.

Charlotte gasped and said reproachfully, 'Luke! You can't use that word – you know how much my mum hates it! She'd have your bollocks if I told her!'

'Well, go tell her,' Luke grumbled, still rubbing the stinging tip of his hard-on.

'I would, but lucky for you she just left with your dad, but she told me to give you this.' She held out the newspaper.

'She told you to smack my cock?' demanded Luke, gobsmacked.

'No, you idiot,' scoffed Charlotte. 'She arranged a job interview for you. She circled the ad in here. But, now you mention it, she did tell me that I had to make sure you went to it and I believe her exact words were: "Drag him there by the cock if you have to".'

Grudgingly, Luke reached out for the paper, but as he was about to accept he caught the tell-tale twinkle in her eye and tensed instinctively. The paper struck his pole a second time right across the top of the bell-end sending it snapping forward before springing back into his awaiting grasp.

'Ha!' she cried as he gripped himself once more and rolled onto his side to writhe. 'Where did I get you? Was it right on the tip?'

'Yeah!' he growled in fury, jumping to his knees whilst whipping back the covers. Charlotte gasped as the sheets flew away to expose him fully, naked and pressing down on the hilt of his straining shaft to present its fat head for her viewing. 'Take a look yourself, bitch!'

'Luke!' she shrieked, her eyes bulging and locked on his shining, purple head. 'I can't...' The newspaper slipped from her hand and she swallowed automatically. 'I can't believe you.' Then, turning tail abruptly, she fled the room.

With her gone, he inhaled a sharp breath and rubbed gently at his bell-end until the pain gave way to growing pleasure. Stepping off the bed, he peered around his open door to find the hallway empty. Not bothering to close the door, for he was an unashamed exhibitionist, Luke walked over to his full-length mirror and looked himself up and down.

At eighteen he was, by his own estimation, a stud. Tall, muscular and undeniably well-hung – even if the only parts hanging as he admired his reflection were the testicles which had started descending at thirteen and simply failed to stop.

Currently completely relaxed, his scrotum measured its unaided maximum span of seven inches – the same as his cock when limp. The soft, pink sack was hourglass in shape: wide at the top where it met his crotch, then drawing exceptionally narrow in the middle to leave space only for his lengthy cords before ballooning abruptly outward in all directions to accommodate the oversized bollocks that sat at the bottom.

He knew the excessive sag of his sack was an aberration in a man so young, but, secretly, he took perverse enjoyment in the feel of his fat plums knocking against his inner thighs and often he would draw on his cords and take pleasure in the sight of his heavy balls sliding up in his loose sack; a sight reminiscent of a greedy snake swallowing two large chicken's eggs side-by-side.

And it wasn't like the he'd had many wildly negative responses from the girls who had witnessed his extreme low-hangers. Of course there were a couple who reacted with disgust, but the majority seemed to find his immoderate dangling amusing if anything. And Charlotte loved them. To Charlotte they were the funniest things on Earth. She would take any opportunity she could to catch him with them out and seemed to revel in the humiliation she believed she caused him.

She saw his inability to lock doors as an open invitation to enter and he had noticed it was predominantly during or immediately after he had taken one of his famously hot showers that she made her unexpected appearances. To the point where he would now anticipate her entrance and quickly adopt a compromising pose or contort himself in a way which presented his dangling treasures in an embarrassing fashion. This would lead to ridicule and, on occasion, light sexual assault. But a few well-meaning kicks to the plums were nothing if his testicles were, as he believed them to be, the gateway sexual organs that would see her finally craving his cock.

His cock...

He ran his gaze up the ten inches of veiny wood, still stubbornly stiff and throbbing thanks to a combination of raging hormones and the sight of his step-sister in her obscenely close-fitting nightwear.

He pictured her in her crop top, its flimsy material drawn taut and smooth over the modest swells of her breasts only to be stabbed at suddenly by the unmistakeable jutting of her juicy cherry teats. His mind wandered next to her shorts and the way the thin fabric clung to the subtle undulations of her smooth, succulent peach. So many times he had wanted to reach out and take hold of it – feel its warmth and softness against his skin, but he knew if her mother ever found out she would make good on her regularly asserted threat to snip off his bollocks should he ever touch her daughter.

His hand gripped his rod and though his upward strokes caught the still tender rim of his helmet, the pain only made more vivid the image of his step-sister looming over him with her camel-toe, pokies and grin all mocking him wonderfully. He pictured his step-mum standing behind her, noisily flexing a large pair of fabric scissors.

Fuck you, he thought, as he closed his eyes and pumped furiously at his dick whilst imagining reaching to take his step-sister by the tit. Only, the moment her felt the prick of her erect nipple against his palm, his step-mother leapt forward with a feral snarl and the scissors outstretched.

Not before I cum! he thought with panic as the jaws of her scissors closed around his tightening scrotum and threatened to sever the cords before he could let loose. But his step-mum was too fast and before he could squirt he was jolted back to reality with a worryingly convincing agony flaring in his scrotum.

He looked down half expecting to see his severed testicles spilling out onto the floor, but instead he found five pretty painted toenails twinkling as they wiggled playfully up at him.

'Ooo!' enthused Charlotte with satisfaction. 'I got them good, didn't I?'

So preoccupied with her toes was he that he hadn't yet appreciated the number she had done on his poor bollocks. Hurriedly following her leg up to where it met his crotch just above the ankle he found his precious orbs bulging desperately out either side of his thick shaft. His copious loose scrotum had been collected into a repulsive bunch by her rising shin and lay draped languidly around it writhing imperceptibly.

While his mind had been slow to appreciate the situation, the rest of his body was reacting accordingly and Charlotte's confidence in her precision was due to the spasmodic animation of his buttocks which twitched around the shin she had buried so forcefully in-between.

Unable to argue the fact, Luke admitted, 'Yes,' in a pained squeak and then dropped immediately to the floor violently squirting semen in long, thick strings.

Oblivious to his ruined orgasm, Charlotte cheered, 'Yes!' and pumped the air as he curled up on his side in the foetal position she had come to expect. 'That's what you get, you perv! You know you're not allowed to wave your dick at me.' She set her foot down on his side and pushed him roughly. 'And if you aren't ready for your interview in ten minutes I'll do exactly what my mum told me to do and then I'll be the one waving your dick around!'

She meant it as a threat, but it was Luke's wet dream and only served to increase his agony as his sustained squirting drew sperm from the untapped depths of his smashed baby-makers.

Charlotte waited a moment for a response – some bombastic retort about how he'd enjoy her manhandling his cock, but there came nothing but an increase in pitiful mewling. Feeling a swell of pride at her handiwork, she underplayed her interest and peered casually underneath him to bristle with glee at the sight of his reddening bollocks which peeked out from between his tensing buttocks and squirmed with an energy she had never before witnessed. Grinning, she thought of giving them a second hard kick to teach him a lesson about leaving them out unprotected, but she knew her mum was relying on her to get him to his interview and for that he really needed to be able to walk.

'Ten minutes,' she reminded him sternly before leaving to dress.

Hearing the padding of her bare feet grow more distant, Luke fought to suppress the image of her fantastic ass in those indecent little shorts as she walked away, but his libido was too strong and his cock gave a final hard squirt which had his emptied nuts collapsing in on themselves as they strove to suck up the final dregs of his seed.

'My fucking balls,' he groaned as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.


When his pupils finally returned from staring at the back of his skull, Luke realised he had no idea how much of his allotted ten minutes he'd spent insensible. He made to stand, propping himself on his elbow, but as he lifted his hands from his groin long strings of cold semen were drawn after them. He let out a miserably groan. He couldn't let Charlotte find him like that.

He tested his legs, but they were unresponsive; clamped shut around his assaulted testicles to protect them from further injury so powerfully that his muscles were contracted into sporadically twitching slabs of granite.

'Fuck,' he cursed in despair. He stared through his open doorway at the bathroom at the end of the landing. With no other choice remaining, he began to wriggle like a worm towards it, leaving behind him a repulsive trail of slime as he went.

It was with bated breath that he approached Charlotte's bedroom. Desperately trying to keep the noise of his pathetic shuffling to a minimum, he passed the doorway to find the door was slightly ajar. From inside the room he could hear a faint drone which he thought little of until it was accompanied by an orgasmic pant from his step-sister. He froze in his tracks and then hurriedly shuffled closer.

He peered through the gap left by the door and though he moved his head left and right he couldn't find an angle on her bed, but what he could see were her crop top and shorts strewn on the floor. Luke's heart almost exploded at the thought of Charlotte lying naked on the bed masturbating feverishly.

His mind raced. If she were lying back on the bed, back arched with pleasure he would probably get away with pushing open the door to sneak a quick peek at the phenomenal sight of her legs spread, pressing a vibrator to her clit whilst furiously fingering her hole.

Of course, if she weren't laid back and was instead sat upright at the edge of the bed, she would catch him peeking and there would be very little chance of him escaping her wrath in his enfeebled state.

With his cock already stiff and yearning, but his drained and busted balls pleading for mercy he was torn. 'Fuck!' he cursed with frustration as, for the first time in his life, he overruled his libido and crawled on to the bathroom, cursing himself the entire time.

Squeaking across the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, Luke gripped the edge of the bathtub and hauled himself into it before straining up for the button to turn on the shower. Catching the button with a trembling, outstretched fingertip, the shower burst into life to drench him with water so ice cold that he at once found his legs willing to cooperate. Leaping up he turned the dial and groaned with relief as hot water washed over his goose-bumped skin.

He stood there for a time, bathing in the warmth, feeling the tension seep from his scrotum and the muscles in his gut which supported it. With his sack returned to its usual slack state, his swelling balls were allowed the room to squirm without causing one another added discomfort.

'So good,' he murmured, and then reached for the shower gel. He squirted a load in his palm and began to gently lather it in his trimmed pubic hair, widening out to wash the spunk from his belly before pushing his hands lower to carefully run his fingertips down the length of his ball-bag. He cut short the foray southward the moment his fingers met the sudden tender protuberances of his testicles. Leaving them untouched, his hands moved to his cock, but on second thought he decided handling it would be a mistake seeing as how it had only just finished deflating.

With suds running down his legs, he turned himself back towards the shower only to find Charlotte grinning back at him from beside the tub.

'Time's up,' she said snatching hold of his dangling cock. 'Don't say I didn't warn you.' With an almighty tug she urged him out of the bath.

'Charlotte, wait!' he yelped, hastily throwing one leg over the bathtub only for the soap-lathered sole of his foot to simply glance off the tiles slipped unstoppably away from him whilst his other foot lost traction on the tub and slid in the opposite direction.

'Let's go!' demanded Charlotte only for her step-brother's slippery cock to be suddenly wrenched from her grip. With an irritated growl she spun around only to witness him land heavily on the rim of the bath in a fashion that immediately had her eyes lighting up with glee.

'Oh, you didn't!' she cooed as his hefty cock slapped the side of the tub with a meaty thud that echoed off the tile walls. She examined his expression which lay someway between self-loathing and agony and instantly she knew. 'You did!' she cried, pointing at him mockingly. 'You landed on them!'

Dropping to her knees in front of him she lifted his thick sausage to one side and was overjoyed to be greeted by what appeared to be half of one of his testicles stretched to bursting as it was forced to accommodate the entire volume of the whole.

'Where's the other?' she asked herself. 'Here, hold this,' she said, repurposing one of the hands clasped to his groin to hold his cock. Supporting herself on the edge of the bath, she leaned over and peered beneath him to squeal with delight at as she caught sight of the other nut poking out from between his bum cheeks.

'Oh, fuck. This is priceless!' she enthused as she took a step back to once more appreciate the full spectacle. 'You should see you face! In fact...' She produced her phone and took a snap. 'There,' she said turning the screen to him. The photograph was a full body shot – limp, lifted cock and bulging crushed nut included. 'Mum will love that one,' she said as she thumbed the screen to the sound a tweet. 'There.'

Luke couldn't believe it. Overwhelmed, by the pain and violation he felt, he toppled forwards to face-plant the tiles and began to violently dry heave.

'Jesus,' said Charlotte regarding him with distaste. 'I'd better call ahead and tell them you're going to be a bit late to your interview.' After a moment's searching her contacts she dialled the number she had taken down from the advertisement.

'Hi,' she said brightly, 'my step-brother is supposed to be having an interview with you in like, ten minutes, but he just slipped in the shower and crushed his nuts to paste.'

'Charlotte!' he objected with pain and distress raising the pitch of his voice to helium-induced levels.

'Yes, that is him you can hear squealing,' she said before nodding to the response. 'Probably fine, but I'll check.'

Luke expected her to ask him if he was all right, but instead she simply stepped over him and peeled his fingers from around his smashed orbs to report down the phone, 'I'm no expert, but they look solid enough to me.' There was a pause as the voice on the other end of the line said something to cause Charlotte to chuckle. 'Okay,' she said slowly as she splayed two of her fingers before plunging them deep into the backs of Luke's testicles.

Luke had never issued a scream of anguish in his whole life, but there was no mistaking what echoed off the bathroom tiles for anything other than a pure and genuine clamour of woe.

'I know, right?' said Charlotte into the phone as she giggled. 'Okay, well we'll see you in about fifteen minutes. Okay. Bye!'

She tucked the phone into the back pocket of her denim micro shorts and said glibly, 'I just bought you an extra five minutes.' She plucked the towel from the rail and dumped it on him. 'Thank me later.'

From under the towel, Luke watched her go. He heard the telltale pop of her unfastening the button of her shorts and within a few seconds the distant drone of her vibrator returned.


Luke was certain not to keep her waiting a second time. When she reappeared after what sounded to him an earth-shattering orgasm, he was dried and wrapped in the towel.

'I'm ready,' he told her hopefully whilst propping himself up on the sink as his weak knees shook precariously under his weight.

'You're going dressed like that, are you?' she said, sounding slightly disappointed. 'I'll fetch you some clothes.' She returned a few seconds later with a few scraps of fabric.

'My old cycling shorts?' balked Luke, recognising the handful of Lycra.

'It's all I could find,' she lied, tossing him the shorts and a vest, 'and it's a hot day out there so stop complaining.'

He looked at the skin-tight shorts and grimaced. He hadn't worn them in years – since he had been forced to give up cycling altogether for fear that the constant revolving of his thighs would tie his big, loose bollocks in knots.

'What are you waiting for?' demanded Charlotte, impatiently snatching his towel from him to have him hurriedly turning away to clambering into the constrictive garment. 'Let's see you,' she said with giddy anticipation at the prospect of seeing his junk shrink-wrapped. Hesitantly, he turned around to face her and she was delighted to see the Lycra had not let her down.

Luke's genitals were flattened to his groin in the least flattering, but most hilarious way imaginable with the various lengths of meat sent snaking off in different directions before looping back around on themselves when they ran out of places to go. With the space afforded by his copious scrotum, his balls had managed to roll themselves to opposite sides of his groin and tuck themselves in the hollows between his stomach muscles and hip bones.

'Wow!' she said, attempting in vain not to crease up at the sight. 'Perfect!'

Wounded by her derision, Luke miserably pulled on the vest and slipped into the tennis shoes she dropped at his feet as she laughed uncontrollably.

'Can we go?' he asked tersely. Wiping tears from her red cheeks, she nodded, too amused to speak, and turned to leave. 'Wait!' he called after her and when she turned back he dropped his head with shame and confessed, 'I need your help walking there.'

'Oh, Jesus!' she squeaked with mirth, feverishly flapping her hands in front of her face. 'This is too much!'


Luke's Interview

'Hi, my step-brother's here for the interview,' said Charlotte as she slipped out from under his arm and deposited him against the counter.

The young blonde behind the counter turned and yelled back through the door that led to the shop's back rooms, 'He's here!'

'Finally!' came an irritable response.

'Do you want to come through to the back?' the girl asked him, wiping her hands down the front of her apron.

Luke nodded, then, with extreme concentration and effort creasing his brow, he slowly plodded around the counter, always keeping at least one hand on it for support at all times.

The blonde watched him, with a bemused smirk and raised eyebrow. 'Wow,' she said, turning to Charlotte who was watching his laboured progress with a grin. 'When you told us he'd crushed his nuts we didn't think you meant literally.'

'I'm fine,' he declared, glancing sheepishly about the faces of the customers who had looked up at the barista's shocking statement and were now watching him with smirks.

'You sure?' she challenged him playfully. ''Cause you're walking like you popped one.'

'I'm sure,' he snapped angrily.

'I checked like the other girl told me,' said Charlotte with mischievous wink. 'They were both still quite rubbery.'

The two girls shared a giggle, but when the blonde turned to glance back at Luke who had just rounded the counter her mouth fell open. 'Wow,' she said, staring down at his obscenely packaged genitalia. 'I can tell they're healthy from here.'

For the first time in his life, Luke felt the overwhelming urge to shield his impressive bulges from sight, as an exhibitionist he may have been, but the girl seemed less interested in ogling his genitals and more interested in mocking his misfortune for having them.

He needed to take the power back the only way he knew how. 'Oh, they're healthy all right,' he said, pulling up one leg of his shorts until his fat bollock popped out.

'Wow!' said the girl, stunned at the sudden appearance of the plump, pink egg.

'He's not shy either,' explained Charlotte with a chuckle.

'He's perfect,' said the blonde, suddenly excited. She rushed forward to take him by the hand holding up his shorts. The stretched Lycra snapped down trapping his nut outside as she dragged him hurriedly after her. 'You have to meet the others.'

'Wait!' Stop!' he begged, glancing back at Charlotte for assistance only to find her tearing up with laughter.

He was hurried into a dark back room with only one bright lamp which pointed back at him. His natural instinct was to raise his only free hand to shield his eyes, thereby leaving his exposed nut shining under the spotlight. Against the glare she could make out three girls sat on chairs arranged in a semicircle around the spot where he stood. All wore the same aprons as the blonde still gripping his hand and all sat cross-legged and with arms folded impatiently. However, on spotting his hilarious wardrobe malfunction, the girl in the middle let out a loud cackle, only to be immediately silenced by sharp glares from the two either side her.

'It's about fucking time,' grumbled the girl on the left. Luke's eyes had adjusted to the point where he could now make out colour and he noted that she was only brunette in the group.

'Luke, meet my sister, Jamie,' said the grinning blonde who had led him in as she released his hand to sit herself down in the empty chair beside her sibling. 'And Gemma,' she said pointing at the gigantic pair of jiggling breasts attached to a pretty blonde, before finally aiming her finger at the beautiful, but icy blonde on the end. 'And the manager, Judie. Oh! And I'm Lilly,' she finished with a whimsical chuckle.

'Tales of your castration were greatly exaggerated,' said Judie, drolly as she glanced down at his peeking nut.

'Oh, fuck!' cried Luke, covering it immediately. 'I'm so sorry!'

'For what?' asked Jamie with a grin, switching the order of her legs to reveal a fleeting glimpse of pink which Luke refused to believe he had just seen. He looked to the Judie on the end and saw that her legs were similarly bare right up to the point that the short apron obscured them. Gemma, the impossibly busty girl beside her, was just the same and the enormous protuberances which spilled out of either side of her apron were of bare flesh too.

'Holy fuck!' he cried, faltering as his gaze flitted between the girls naked extremities. 'You're... You're all...'

'Naked?' offered Judie. Luke couldn't be sure whether she was angry or it was just her accent, but the look of annoyance she shared with the other girls confirmed which. 'Did your step-mother tell you nothing about job?'

'Um... No,' he admitted sheepishly.

'Jamie?' she said with a despairing sigh and fell back in her seat.

'We're the country's first fully-naked coffee shop,' she told him bitterly. 'Because apparently being bikini baristas wasn't demeaning enough.'

'Seriously?' he asked, stunned.

'We've been told we have to hire a man,' said Lilly, adding, 'So our employers can't be accused of sexism.'

'Your step-mum is a customer,' said Jamie. 'She suggested you would make a passable token stud.'

'She did?' he asked with surprise. 'But I'd have to be naked?'

Again they looked at one another with growing impatience. 'Of course,' growled Judie, only barely keeping her temper in check.

'But she isn't...' he said, gesturing at Lilly who wore a black and white striped T-shirt and short black skirt beneath her apron. His statement sounded more like a hopeful request than a protest and the others looked to Lilly who blushed and put a hand to her chest, before turning their glares on him.

'She's not even eighteen, you pervert!' snapped Jamie lurching out of her seat.

'Jamie!' said Judie, sternly. The brunette stopped in her tracks, but continued to glare at Luke with balled, pumping fists.

'We understand if you don't have balls for job,' said Judie. 'Especially after accident in shower this morning.'

The girls other than Jamie tittered softly.

'I've got the balls,' he asserted with little confidence as something about Jamie's demeanour made him clutch his naked nut out of protection.

'Prove it,' challenged Jamie.

'What?' he asked, shocked. 'You want to see my balls?'

'No,' said Judie bluntly. 'But we do need to be sure you aren't little pussy. Your step-mother seemed to think you'd have no problem letting it all hang out... Unless you're only comfortable exposing yourself in front of your little step-sister...?'

Luke gasped and blushed deeply. 'I don't mind who sees my... stuff,' he told them with discomfort. 'But I get an apron, right?'

Judie rolled her eyes and let out a sigh before nodding to Gemma who retrieved a tightly rolled up slip of material from her cavernous cleavage and passed it to Jamie who unfurled it with a flick of her wrist as she sashayed towards him. The small green apron closer resembled a loincloth than a protective garment and as Luke accepted it and, stunned, placed it over his crotch he balked.

'This is tiny!'

'It protects all the organs that matter. See?' she asked with a impish smirk as she turned her body sideways to allow him a breathtaking view of her naked body in profile. Luke had never seen a body like it. She was like a cartoon of a woman with her ripe, peachy ass, tiny waist and big, juicy side-boob. Luke's jaw dropped and his shorts grew extremely tight.

'Now stop complaining...' she purred, slinking around behind him to unexpectedly take a hold of the waistband of his shorts, '...and get into uniform.' With his tight shorts wrenched suddenly around his ankles, his stiff cock sprung free to flick up the tiny apron to expose his swinging low-hangers, fleetingly, to the girls sat before him.

'Oh, fuck!' he cried, leaning forward to force his cock and the apron down only to unwittingly push his balls back between his legs where Jamie was on her haunches with his shorts in her hands.

'Well, girls...' she said, snatching a tight hold of his scrotum just above the balls and wrenching it up behind him so he was forced to fold forward and expose them to the other girls. 'I think we can all agree that he has the balls all right.'

While Judie simply smirked, the two other girls shrieked and kicked their legs with delight at the sight of his reproductive organs held up like an impressive fishing catch.

'Fuck!' he sobbed, shivering with violation.

'What's the matter, big boy?' purred Jamie as, releasing his nuts, but keeping hold of his shorts, she walked slowly back toward her chair, shamelessly affording him a languorous viewing of her perfect, swaying ass. 'Afraid to flaunt your assets?'

Trying his best to straighten, he squeaked unconvincingly, 'No.'

'Perfect,' said Judie, brightly. 'Now, before we let you out there in front of customers, we need to make sure you can perform some basic tasks. Gemma, what is it you'd like to see him do?'

'Me?' asked the unfeasibly buxom blonde who had, up until that point, contributed nothing but gasps, giggles and squawks. 'Um. Oh, I know! Health and safety. We just had a new coffee machine delivered.' She waggled her finger toward a tall, slim contraption sat on the floor against the back wall. 'I need to see that you know how to pick it up properly.'

'That?' he asked uncertainly as he looked back over his shoulder at the unit which seemed to him quite heavy and difficult for one man to lift.

'Is there a problem?' asked Jamie. 'Me and Lil carried it over there. I would have thought you could manage it on your own...'

'I can,' he snapped, fumbling at his apron strings as he distractedly tried to knot them.

'Then why are you just staring at it?'

Clearing his throat loudly, he flexed his powerful muscles and turned to the machine only to hear what he thought was a snort of laughter from behind him, but when he glanced backward the girls were straight faced; though Gemma's tits were jiggling with considerable animation.

Fuck! he thought as, with a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach, he realised he'd just exposed his bare arse to them.

'Was it me or did his cheeks just blush?' quipped Jamie cruelly, prompting the others to snigger.

In an attempt to avoid further ridicule, he hurried to lift the appliance; widening his stance, he sank into a deep squat.

The laughter this time was definitely not imagined, but with his arms wrapped around the machine he could not look back to see Gemma, Jamie and Lilly folded forward in their seats, laughing uproariously whilst pointing gleefully at his comically swinging bollocks.

'Not with the back,' Judie told him her voice strangely monotone given the other girls' mirth. 'Squat down lower and use your legs.'

'I am,' he told her, sinking lower to expose a couple more inches of scrotum.

'Lower,' Judie urged him with growing desire. Gemma let out a gasp as she noticed her friend's hand hard at work beneath her apron, and, blushing, she averted her gaze. It was by no means the first time she had caught Judie masturbating – it wasn't even her friend's public indecency that embarrassed her – it was the knowledge of what exactly fuelled her friend's frenzied fingering because Gemma was well aware of Judie's lust for super-dangly things.

Luke pushed himself lower until his kneecaps threaten to pop from their sockets and his low-hanging balls tapped the floor. 'I really... don't... think... this is helping!' he wheezed with exertion as the feeble knot he'd tied in his apron strings came loose and the garment fell to the floor.

'What was that?' he asked, panicked by the sound of it hitting the concrete and the sudden cold of the steel against his cock.

Though its removal exposed nothing extra, Gemma's tits went into overdrive at the sight of the apron wafting to the floor, smashing into one another with fleshy slaps so loud that Luke swore he was receiving a round of applause for his show of strength.

'That's it,' said Lilly, wiping a tear from her eye. 'Now just walk it backwards and set it down and you're done.'

Luke gave a whine at the request, but complied with a tiny, tentative backward step which immediately overbalanced the top-heavy machine and had it toppling on top of him. With a shriek he fell backwards, his nuts bouncing off the floor, and in order not to be crushed by the falling machine he let it slip from his grasp. The unwieldy appliance slid down his front and crashed to the floor between his sprawling legs with a deafening metal din that echoed off the bare concrete.

'You fucking idiot!' cried Judie leaping out of her chair to admonish him. She pointed with a pungent, wrinkled finger at the coffee machine nestled snugly between his thighs. 'That cost four grand! I ought to crush your test—!' She recoiled slightly when looming over him she noticed the juicy trail of meat which ran from his crotch only to be pinched flat as it disappeared beneath the heavy unit. A grin broke out across her beautiful face as she said, 'Oh, looks like you beat me to it.'

Her words made the others look at one another with confused frowns and then race excitedly to the scene.

'Holy shit!' cried Lilly, overwhelmed by glee.

'Wow,' said Jamie, her eyes widening as she appreciated his predicament. 'This guy really wants rid of his bollocks!'

Luke's scream had begun in a pitch above the threshold of human to hearing, but, as the girls burst into shameless, hysterical laughter, it fell into audible range and the shock that had paralysed his body gave way to desperate throes of agony as his shoes scraped at the painted concrete and his thighs did their best to crush the brushed steel case of the machine pinning his flattened genitals.

'Oh, no,' said Gemma perturbed by his sudden show of anguish. 'I think he really hurt himself.'

'Really?' asked Jamie drolly as she shielded her ears from his deafening squeals. 'You think?'

Gemma pouted and shot the brunette a sad scowl. 'We should help him,' she said, walking around the back of the unit.

'You don't think you're going to lift that do you?' asked Jamie. 'You won't even get your arms around it with those melons in the way.'

'Actually, I'm going to tip it,' said Gemma with a sneer. 'And if anything these melons will help stop it digging in my ribs. Judie, give me a hand.'

Judie sucked in air through her teeth and clutched her enhanced, but modest breasts. 'I would, but I don't have melons.'

'I'll do it,' said Lilly with a sigh. She plodded around beside Gemma and joined her in grabbing the top front of the machine and pulling it backward so it tipped onto its back edge and released Luke's trapped manhood.

'Drag him out,' growled Gemma; teeth gritted with effort.

Without the greatest of haste, Judie took him by one arm and looked up at Jamie expectantly.

'Do it, Jamie!' he sister urged her. 'This thing's cutting my boobs in two!'

The bitter brunette rolled her eyes and growled, 'Fine,' before taking him by the other arm. Then between them the pair dragged him a couple inches backward before Jamie let him go.

'Is he out?' asked Gemma through gritted teeth.

'He's out,' Jamie confirmed, folding her arms.

'Thank god!' cried Lilly letting the machine go to clutch her aching tits without a word of warning to Gemma who was catapulted after it as it slammed back down to the ground.

Never in any danger of falling on her face, Gemma landed on top of the machine tits-first and the gigantic airbags absorbed the entirety of the impact, ballooning out of the top of her apron to leave her staring down between her squashed melons at the two similarly bulging halves of Luke's testicles which hadn't been quite clear of the machine as it toppled back to rest.

'Oops,' said Jamie before letting out a snigger which caused Gemma to glare at her sharply. She bit her plump bottom lip and said with mock remorse, 'What? I guess he wasn't quite out.' She gave a smug cackle just in time for Charlotte to burst into the room.

'What did he do?' cried Charlotte with a look of concern as she scanned all four girls. She had obviously mistaken Luke's shrill squeals for one of the girls' as she seemed genuinely surprised to see her step-brother gripped by agony and crushed perilously close to castration. Putting her hands to her cheeks she asked, 'What happened?'

As a powerful spasm rippled through Luke's body and sent him flopping to the floor unconscious, Judie placed her hands on her hips and shaking her head with disappointment told the young girl, 'He failed first test.'


'Are you feeling better?' asked Gemma as Luke came round in her arms.

'My balls,' he squeaked.

'I know, you silly thing,' she said smooshing his head into the impossible softness of her bosom. 'We pulled them out from under the coffee machine and you don't have to worry about anything – the machine's fine.' The tear-filled eyes he stared up at her with widened and he let out a pitiful squeak. 'Oh! And your balls are fine too,' she said apologetically, feeling him sag with relief.

He reached for the bulge in his apron only to be caught by the wrist. 'No, no, no,' she told him softly. 'You shouldn't disturb them – it took us forever to tuck them safely back in your shorts.'

'I think I need the hospital,' he said with a sob.

'Don't be silly,' she told him. 'You just need to walk it off. Why don't you take your break early and have a walk around the park? Come on.' After climbing to her feet, she pulled him up after her and to his surprise his legs didn't immediately buckle. 'See?' she asked noticing his astonishment. 'You get some fresh air and I'm sure you'll be right as rain.'

She slipped under his arm and walked him through the kitchen to the back door. 'Just head out of the alley and the park is on your left,' she told him before giving him a gentle shove that sent him stumbling down the steps into the alley. He looked back at her with big, hurt eyes which made her heart ache.

'Just be back here in ten, okay?' she told him guiltily.

He gave a sad nod and then began waddling away, his movements weak and clumsy like a newborn foal. But unlike a newborn foal he didn't get the hang of it after a couple steps.

'This is mean,' said Gemma as Jamie drew alongside her to watch his pitiful departure.

'No it's not,' she said as the others joined them in the doorway. 'Mean would have been cramming his balls back in those ridiculous shorts. We did him a favour.'

'A fucking hilarious favour!' added Lilly with a chuckle.

Shifting uncomfortably, Gemma and asked, 'When do you think he'll realise we cut the crotch out of his shorts?'

'Not until it's too late, I expect,' said Jamie with a smirk.

'What do you mean?' asked Gemma, with unease.

'Well, with the set of danglers he has on him, it's only a matter of time before something unfortunate happens to them, right?'

'You think?' asked Lilly, unexpectedly alarmed by her sister's prediction. She stared after Luke with concern. 'I hope he doesn't go losing them.'

Interpreting the pitiless teens upset for genuine compassion, Gemma put an around her waist to squeeze her comfortingly and concur, 'Me too, Lil.' When Lilly returned the hug only to rest her face on the bulging expanse of side-boob protruding out the side of her apron, Gemma let out a surprised gasp. Clearing her throat she added weakly, 'It would be such a shame.'

'Such a shame!' echoed Lilly earnestly as she nuzzled into the impossible soft tit-meat. 'Because I really want to pop at least one of them myself.'

Gemma stiffened as she realised her stupidity at assuming for even a second that the heartless teenager could feel the slightest empathy for another human being. Closing her eyes sadly, she simply pushed the concerned young girl's face deeper into her tit and sighed.


The entrance to the park was immediately to the left of where the alley joined the street and Luke took Gemma's ridiculous advice without question and headed in an impressive distance given his enfeebled condition until a football rolled onto the path in front of him and halted his progression.

'Pass us the ball, Mister!' cried a young girl prompting him to turn and see a girls' football team watching him expectantly. He looked down at the football at his feet and whimpered. There was barely strength enough in his legs to keep him upright let alone send the ball back to the girls.

'The ball, Mister,' urged another girl, impatiently.

With humiliation burning his cheeks, he simply stepped over the ball and hobbled on his way, trying hard to ignore the frustrated grumbles of the scorned girls. But with their eyes on him he felt suddenly extremely self-conscious about his pathetic hobbling so, stopping at the first bench he found, he fell heavily onto it and let out a loud sigh of relief.

His heavy exhalation caused the young secretary drinking her Milkmaid's coffee on the bench opposite to look up and gasp when she saw what was perched on the edge of the seat between the young man's legs. Yet, despite her short skirt and good looks, Luke was too overcome by pain and humiliation to pay her any mind. He let his head loll over the back of the bench and his legs fall wide open to make a bit of space for his awfully aching gonads.

With the weight of his hefty cock rested on top of them, his bloated balls were forced outward after his departing thighs leaving his limp length to slump forward and hang its fat tip ever-so-slightly over the edge of the seat.

The secretary's mouth fell open as the squished mass of pink meat sprawled into the recognisable, if jaw-droppingly oversized, components of the male reproductive system and unwilling to take her eyes off the one-eyed python which slid into the daylight, the woman fumbled blindly inside her little handbag until her hand reappeared clutching her phone.

Setting his hands down on his thighs, Luke hoped that he might be able to surreptitiously slip them beneath his apron for a quick inspection of the organs causing him such acute pain and nausea. However, when he lifted his head to check the coast was clear to delve he found the woman opposite was still watching him with interest and, on noticing him noticing her, she quickly lowered the phone she had been pointing and looked away, blushing.

Her interest in him, no matter how slight or likely mistaken, caused Luke's libido to immediately go into overdrive. 'Hi,' he said shamelessly. Shocked, she looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

'Uh, hi,' she said, timid and flustered.

With her meekness triggering the predatory instinct in him, Luke went in for the kill. Pushing himself forward on the bench in order to deliver his next line, his cock slid off the edge of the bench like a serpent closing on its prey. His sticky scrotum on the other hand refused to budge, bunching up until he inadvertently rolled his arse over the top of its tender contents to send them squirting through the eye-wateringly tight gap in the wooden slats to escape crushing.

Attributing the unexpected pang of pain to an unfortunate tightening of his shorts as he shifted, he blinked away the sudden welling of tears and was pleased to see that whatever new arrangement his genitals had found their equilibrium in, the sight was impressive enough to draw a sharp intake of air from the astounded young woman.

Just able to make out her nametag, he asked her with confidence, 'Like what you see, Kayla?' The woman looked up at him with shock, and despite the comically raised pitch of his voice, she held his lusting gaze and was suddenly hungry for his cock.

After glancing suddenly left and right along the path, she looked back at him with eyes full of mischief which, given his recent experience with new acquaintances, caused Luke to flinch and close his legs defensively. But when Kayla proceeded to spread her legs and slowly hitch up her skirt he realised she had a different kind of misbehaviour in mind.

Luke watched unable to draw breath as her grey skirt slid up her milky white thighs until exposed the woefully slight strip of lacy material doing what it could to conceal her most intimate part from view.

Well aware of the scant coverage afforded by her underwear, the grinning secretary watched with satisfaction as his limp seven inches began to respond to her display; bulging veins snaking their way along his shaft, lifting and expanding it as they went, flushing his mushroom head a deep purple and swelling it until its skin shone with tumescence. She wanted it in her so bad that suddenly the thong felt more like a barrier than a shelter and she needed out of it at once.

Snapping her legs back together, she hooked her thumbs around its waistband and pushed the gossamer garment off over her feet to sit back up dangling it tantalisingly from one finger. Only then did she become acutely aware of the young girls on the grass behind Luke and, though they were busy with their football practice, she quickly balled the thong up and tossed it to him with a sheepish giggle.

Luke caught the warm lingerie and instinctively pressed it to his nose to inhale a deep, intoxicating breath. But when he opened his eyes that same air escaped his lungs automatically as he witnessed the secretary once more spread her legs. The daylight which rushed in to fill the space left by her parting thighs fell over her blossoming petals and caught on the sweet nectar which coated them to glisten spectacularly.

With his cock at full mast, the upturned slip of material that passed for an apron could no longer cling to its bare shaft and slithered down to bunch at the base. This shedding of the final remnant of clothing signalled its readiness to the cock-hungry secretary who surged from the bench as if a starting pistol had been fired and cleared the wide path in a couple clicks of her high heels.

But before she could leap up into the air and perform a medal-worthy, balls-deep mount of his pole, she was struck in the face by an errant football and knocked dizzy.

'Are you alright?' cried Luke, leaping from his seat only to let out a distraught yelp as he was jerked to an abrupt and near catastrophic stop before even fully upright. Rendered instantly lame by the jolt on his delicate nut-cords, Luke attempted the only thing a man almost separated from his testicles could hope to accomplish: to fall over. But even this he found himself incapable of as his stubbornly solid nuts refused to slip back through the slats to leave him teetering helplessly by his overstretched scrotum.

'Help me!' he wheezed, gripping the dazed secretary's skirt only for his testicles to grudgingly decide they would warp flat enough to pass between the slats and he was sent collapsing to the floor with her skirt still in his hands.

The sudden cold breeze on her wet pussy caused Kayla to shake off her disorientation just in time to see the entirety of the five-a-side football team were now racing toward her screaming sincere, almost tearful apologies. She looked immediately down to find to her dismay that she stood, awaiting the girls' arrival, half-naked and unmistakably aroused. She let out a shriek and in the rush to cover her swollen, dripping cunt, tripped on the skirt bunched around her ankles.

Groaning, Kayla pushed herself up onto her elbows to find the girls, their faces flushed and glistening from exercise, leaning over the back of the bench staring opened mouthed at her similarly flushed and glistening part. She snapped her knees together sharply and stammered, 'Girls, I know what you're thinking...' Luke gave a sudden, nauseous groan and rolled onto his back.

The girls' eyes almost popped out of their heads when they caught sight of his monstrous erection and repulsive, slithering scrotum.

Seeing her skirt clutched in one hand and her thong in the other Kayla shocked herself when she blurted suddenly, 'He's a rapist!'

Unable to speak, Luke stared up at her with tear-filled eyes and gave a pitiful squeak.

'Sorry,' she whispered with an apologetic shrug.

The cry of, 'Get him, girls!' made him look up to find all but one girl, the scowling team captain, had vanished. 'Miss Lineker taught us what to do to rapists!' she growled down at him before the hands of her team mates appeared unexpectedly from under the bench to seize him by his ankles.

'Eeep,' squealed Luke, before he was hauled, screaming, under the bench. Instinctively, he caught the edge of the bench to prevent himself being dragged further and as he looked backward he saw Kayla was reaching out after him. Desperate to be rescued from the girls' clutches, Luke threw out a hand to accept her assistance only for her to instead snatch her skirt back from him and hurriedly begin wriggling into it.

'Bitch!' he squeaked with surprise.

'I said I'm sorry,' she hissed as, on the other side of the bench, irritated by his refusal to let go of the bench, the team captain let fly a textbook penalty kick on his defenceless gonads. The secretary winced at the splat! of laces on nut-flesh and watched, conscious-stricken, as the look of betrayal in Luke's eyes was suddenly replaced by the pupil-constricting, eyeball bulging look of pure agony. 'Oh,' she lamented, 'did they just kick you in your—?' But before she could finish his grip gave and he was jerked under the bench and out of sight leaving her sat on the cold path with her skirt halfway up and her bottom lip bit guiltily.


Dragged by his ankles across the grass to the tiny football nets the girls had set up for their practice, Luke clutched one of his massively swollen nuts in each hand and wailed at the top of his lungs.

'Stop!' barked the team captain, prompting her team mates to come to an abrupt halt in front of the nets. Squatting down between his spread legs, she took hold of one of his fingers in each hand and began prising them from around his bloated left bollock.

'No!' shrieked Luke, delirious with panic at the thought of her getting a hold of his testicle. 'No, please! Let go!'

'Aw, does the rapist want his ball back?' sneered the raven-haired defender mockingly.

'Take a chill pill!' cried the team captain, wrestling the thong from around his bent back fingers. 'I don't want to touch your sweaty nut-sack – I just want to shut you up.' With the thong retrieved, she stepped over him to jam the negligible underwear roughly into his mouth. The lacy fabric stuck to his dry mouth making it impossible to eject.

'There,' she said; pleased with his muffled protests. 'Now bend the sick pervert over the net.'

'Mmph?' cried Luke with dismay as the girls took him under the arms and slung him over the top bar of the goal. The metal bar caught him under the ribs and knocked the wind out of him, making it impossible for him to fight as the girls proceeded to tangle his hands up in the netting.

'Tie his feet too,' instructed the captain. 'Spread them apart. But take his shorts off first.'

'Mmph!' objected Luke, but he was swiftly stripped of his shorts and without the strength in his legs to stop them, his feet were dragged out to either post and ensnared in the net.

'What's the matter?' asked the particularly derisive defender. 'Don't you like it when we strip you and force your legs open like you do your defenceless victims?'

'And I bet he'll have the nerve to complain when I have my way with him too,' said the skinny, blonde striker who was bemused when the other girls gasped and stared at her wide-eyed. 'Ew!' she cried, realising their misunderstanding. 'I didn't mean like that! I'm going to use his balls to beat my keepy-uppy record.'

'Ooh-hoo!' cooed the mousy midfielder with glee.

'Shouldn't be too difficult,' said the captain, setting Luke's nuts swinging with a gentle tap of her toe. 'They're hardly going to hit the floor.'

'Not unless we cut them off,' quipped the defender with a smirk.

'Mmph?' cried Luke with terror.

'Debbie!' cried the captain with revulsion before adding matter-of-factly, 'If anything, we'll pop them.' This prompted the midfielder to giggle with nervous excitement and the striker to square up to her targets.

'This is going to be interesting,' she purred, holding his scrotum aloft on the instep of her football boot so that his heavy nuts drooped down either side. 'I've never kept two balls in the air at once before.' With a playful skip, she replaced her left foot with her right; snapping it powerfully into his falling ball-bag to catch his left nut squarely and launch it skyward while his right continued to fall.

'Meeeep!' cried Luke into his gag; his knees turning inwards in an attempt to draw his legs after them, but his feet were inescapably snared in the netting.

One after the other, Luke's bollocks were propelled high up his scrotum by the perky blonde's boot laces and in no time at all she found the rhythm which allowed her to keep his delicate eggs perpetually airborne.

The other girls watched astounded the repulsive, but mesmerising rise and fall of Luke's fat globes. With his sagging scrotum drawn so narrow in the middle the thin, folded skin was forced to stretch to accommodate each orb's progression. And when, with every kick, the one rising organ met the one falling and the two were obliged to slip ponderously around one another, the vein-snaked skin was stretched so translucent as they that the more attentive of the girls were able to distinguish a hint at the colour of the secret jewels held within.

And though she held her audience captivated, the striker began to tire of torturing her helpless captive in such a monotonous fashion and was keen to show her team mates some of her more impressive moves.

Spinning suddenly around to face them, she continued to keep his nuts aloft with effortlessly vicious back-heels. And when her friends looked up at her, stunned, she simply stifled a faked yawn and spun around to deliver a devastating side-swipe which sent Luke's balls slapping into his inner thigh so hard that they left behind a red mark.

'Ooh!' cried the girls, recoiling as Luke's arse tensed tighter than at any time previous and his entire body began to shake.

'Too easy,' said the striker with a shrug. 'I say we see how good Mister Rapist is at saving penalties.'

'Mmuh-uh! Mmuh-uh!' groaned Luke, too weak to protest as the girls raced each other to the penalty spot.

For many tense seconds he listened to the sound of footsteps on grass and the occasionally stifled giggle. Then he heard the hollow sound of a football being set on down and he knew he had only seconds to spare.

Struggling hysterically against his binds, the best his could manage was to rock the goal very slightly, but the barely perceptible movement of the goal caused a much more pronounced agitation elsewhere.

'Look at his bollocks!' cried the midfielder with an overjoyed cackle and suddenly all the girls where in fits of laughter.

'A tenner if you can hit them!' declared the defender.

'You're on!' accepted the striker and without a second's delay the football was sent sailing into the back of his scrotum with a resounding slap!

'Mmeeeeee-eee-eeep!' squealed Luke into the thong.

The impact spread his nut-sack flat around the football, leaving conspicuous the two huge lumps rolling desperately toward either corner. The ball hit the back of the net as his dick and danglers swung up to strike the top bar he was slumped over. A hollow, metallic clang rang out and Luke fell immediately limp.

'Holy crap!' gushed the striker who had so expertly struck her target. 'Did I burst them with one shot?' She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and upturned it over her head, exposing her white cotton bra and the modest bumps it contained as she threw up her arms in celebration. When she reappeared from under her shirt, she was disappointed to find that the other girls had abandoned her and were now all on their knees watching intently as the man's smashed junk swung wildly to-and-fro. 'Bitches,' she huffed, before sprinting over to join them.

'Well?' she asked, skidding in on her knees. 'Did I splatter them?'

'Nah,' said the defender frowning disappointedly at the stubbornly spherical shapes weighing heavy against the bottom of his bright red scrotum.

'But it looks like you scrambled them a bit,' said the midfielder with a snort as she pointed out the string of spunk stretching lazily from Luke's pee-hole.

'Ooh,' cooed the striker with pride. She reached out and gingerly gave his prick a gently downward stroke which had semen spilling out all over the grass and had the girls tittering with nervous excitement.

The cheeky midfielder reached out next and repeated her friend's stroke to force out a second gush of goo and then suddenly all the girls wanted a turn and in no time at all his cock was stiffening under the grip of three girls at once.

The two girls who hadn't managed to lay claim to his prick supposed quite reasonably that they could expel more liquid if they went straight to the source and set about milking his nut-sack between them like it were a cow's udder.

'Urgh,' groaned Luke as the stimulation began to rouse him from unconsciousness.

'He's waking up!' hissed the striker relinquishing his cock with alarm.

'So what?' snapped the team captain. 'We'll see how he likes being raped.'

'I think he likes it a lot,' said the defender who still gripped his rock-hard shaft. She cringed and said with discomfort, 'I can feel all the veins.'

'Ew!' cried the other girls in unison and they all fell back onto their bums and watched as his stiff cock sprang up to take his apron with it.

'Okay,' said the captain with a nod. 'New plan – we'll just crush his balls. There's no way he'll enjoy that.'

'No,' concurred the midfielder, 'but how do we do it? I mean, do they even just pop like that?'

'Sure,' said the defender. 'They're just like really tough water balloons. You just need to squeeze them really hard and sploosh!' Her overly colourful description made the others grimace. 'Oh, come on!' she said reproachfully. 'He deserves his nuts popped just like Miss Lineker told us.'

'She would be proud of us' said the captain, pushing herself back to her knees. 'If we pop a rapist's nuts...' She looked to the others for support and they nodded back in agreement. 'Okay,' she said, reluctantly taking Luke by his left nut.

'Mmmph,' he moaned hopelessly as she interlocked her fingers and set the heels of her palms against the plumpest point of his incredibly swollen organ.

'And now I just squeeze. I guess...?' she asked. Again the others nodded their accord so she began to slowly apply pressure, grimacing as the orb squirmed about her grip in search of escape.

'Is it working?' asked the striker, crawling forward to get a closer look at the impact her friend was having.

'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' squealed Luke; going up on tip toes as his body began to shake uncontrollably and wiggle his arse in the girls' faces.

'Oh, it's working,' said the defender, drolly.

'Wait,' said the captain suddenly. 'I think I can feel it... It just went really hard... I think I'm almost there...'

'Let me help!' said the striker placing her hands over her friend's. 'We'll do it together,' she enthused. 'And then Debbie and Michelle can do the other!'

The midfielder looked at the raven-haired defender with pure glee in her eyes and nodded enthusiastically. The defender, who never wanted to appear too excited about anything, gave a non-committal shrug, but her twinkling eyes belied her delight.

'Push,' the captain told the striker.

'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' squealed Luke, hysterically jerking his bound limbs.

'It's spilling out of the sides!' growled the striker through gritted teeth.

'Keep going!' urged the captain as a muffled crunch escaped her hands. 'I can feel it giving. It's almost... I think... I think it's cracking!'

'Oh my god!' squealed the midfielder, clutching her own crotch with anticipation. 'I can hear it! I can hear it!'

'Hey!' came an outraged bellow which made the girls and Luke look up sharply.

It was Charlotte; storming across the grass toward them wearing a scowl so fierce it would shrivel even the slackest scrotum, but Luke had never been so happy to see her withering glare. 'What the fuck do you think you're doing?' she roared.

Panicked, the girls looked at one another for direction, then bolted; letting Luke's left nut swing down dented, but unbroken.

Luke fell limp over the goals. 'Pffank-ooh,' sobbed Luke through the thong as Charlotte stopped in front of him and placed her hands on her hips. 'Pffank-ooh!'

'My mum went out of her way to get you this job interview,' she said in a low growl, 'but instead of trying your best you're out here showing off in front of a bunch of girls.' Luke's heart sank as it suddenly dawned on him that her fury on arrival had not been aimed at his assailants at all – she was livid with him! He shook his head frantically. 'She was right,' continued Charlotte, 'you are a useless waste of nut-sack.' She aimed her phone at him and said miserably, 'Just wait 'til she sees this – she'll come down on you twice as heavy as that coffee machine.'

Having finally mustered the saliva to saturate the lacy panties and prevent their sticking to the roof of his mouth, he gave a mighty sputter and ejected them onto the ground at Charlotte's feet. 'It's not like that!' he cried, breathlessly. 'They tied me up!' His step-sister's eyes were wide and twitching slightly at the sight of the thong she naturally assumed belonged to a member of the football team. 'Charlotte...?' he said, flinching at her reaction.

'Those girls were younger than me,' she said without looking at him.

'Oh! No!' he said, realising her mistake. 'That's not... They're not...'

Her expression hardened, her eyes filling with tears as she did finally regard him. Beside himself at the sight of her upset, Luke wrenched at his binds, rocking the goals violently but succeeded in shaking loose only one knot: the one holding up his apron.

Charlotte's tear-filled eyes widened at the sight of his dangling cock and balls and when her tightening grip caused her phone in her hand to let off a flash she recoiled and stared down at the screen. 'You wait 'til Mum sees this!' she screamed at him; holding out the phone so he could see his own humiliating predicament.

'No!' he cried after her as she turned and fled back across the park in tears. 'Charlotte, please don't! This is all a misunderstanding! Charlotte! She'll cut my nuts off!' But she was gone and Luke slumped over the top of the net, defeated. 'I'm fucked,' he sobbed, distraught. 'She's going to cut my fucking nuts off.'

'Who's going to cut your nuts off?' asked Kayla, causing him to crane his neck around with surprise.

'Untie me!' he begged the secretary. 'Please!'

'Look, I don't want to get involved in whatever—'

'Please! You have to help me! If you don't, my step-mum will cut my balls off – I'm not kidding – she has a big pair of fabric scissors and she's done it before!'

'Oh, wow!' she said with surprise and she stared down at his dangling jewels which glowed red from abuse. 'That would be a shame… But I only came over here to apologise for leaving you to those girls and to see if I could make it up to you.'

'You can make it up to me,' he urged her insistently. 'Untie me.'

'Well...' she said seductively as she stepped up to press her crotch against his arse and drape herself over him to squash her ripe tits into his back, 'I was actually thinking we could pick up where we left off.'

Luke sucked in air through gritted teeth as her fingers fell around the hilt of his abused cock and began tugging insistently downward on the soft length. 'I...' he faltered; eager to have her release his battered appendage. 'Sure. Totally. Untie me and I'll call you... in a few days.'

'Hmm,' she purred. 'That doesn't work for me. I want a go on this monster now and besides,' she said, reaching down with her free hand to heft his swollen gonads, 'if what you say is true and your step-mum has her way, you might not have these in a few days and what use would you be to me then?'

'But...' sobbed Luke, as blood began to engorge the flaccid seven inches of meat which ached like it had been subjected to a marathon wanking session after its mistreatment from the girls. 'I really don't think I can.'

'Aw,' she cooed mockingly. 'Did those little girls tire you out?'

'What? No!' he protested in a sorry squeak. 'It wasn't like that!'

'I get it - you like them young,' she said with an unconcerned shrug as she released his cock and began to slide his vest up under his arms leaving him, but for his shoes, entirely exposed. 'But I've got something those little sluts don't...'

Luke tensed as he awaited the new torture that would no doubt follow and Kayla chuckled as she felt his scrotum attempt to pull away from her grasp. 'Don't worry, boy,' she purred, leaning forward to draw her unexpectedly naked nipples up his muscular back. 'It's a nice surprise.' She pressed herself into him, squashing her big jugs wide across his back.

As his knotted muscles were enveloped by the warmth and comforting softness of Kayla's breasts, Luke dared let himself enjoy a moment of pleasure. Feeling his nut-sack go slack in her hand, Kayla grinned and reached once more for his cock. To her delight she found it had thickened to a girth well beyond what her small hand could encompass.

Luke, however, could only sob as his the rapid engorgement of his prick had the dull ache growing deeper and more acute as the blood swelled the abused flesh. 'Please,' he begged her. 'Don't.'

'Don't?' demanded Kayla, suddenly irked. 'Are you turning me down?'

'No,' he assured her hurriedly as he felt her nipples stab furiously into his back. 'It's not like—'

'Are you turning me down?' she roared, incredulous; her grip on his cock and balls tightened automatically.

'No!' he squeaked, desperate to placate her. 'But... you can't make me.'

'Make you?' she spat with fury; her hands clenching instantly to fists around his tender manhood causing Luke to let out a pathetic whimper and jerk desperately at his binds. 'Oh, I can fucking make you, boy!' Carelessly dropping his heavily swollen nuts so they bungeed painfully on their delicate cords, she reached over him and worked his hands free of the net. But before Luke could use them to scoop up his aching nuts, the dangling organs were seized once more and jerked violently backward. 'On your back, bitch!' she snarled.

With his feet bound and his legs splayed wide apart, Kayla's tugging on his nuts had him toppling helplessly backwards. 'No, no, no!' he squeaked, drawing his hand back out from between his legs to reached desperately for the top bar of the goals. 'Noo!' he cried as his grasping barely glanced bar to leave him plummeting backward.

Half-knowing, Kayla refused to let go of his testicles until they were snatched from her grasp. But by this point his stretched scrotum hadn't the time to retract and its rubbery occupants were instead smashed flat under is arse as he hit the ground.

For the second time that day Luke felt the terrifying sensation of his squirming bollocks trapped beneath his own weight, teetering on the brink of rupture.

Luke lay there winded and wriggling his still tangled feet as Kayla stepped between his legs.

'Now,' she said, squatting over him as she pulled back on his erection until it pointed directly up her skirt, 'what were you saying about me not being able to make you fuck me?'

'Please,' sobbed Luke, gripping the grass, 'just let me get my balls out from under me.'

'Nope!' she said with a huge grin. And then she dropped herself onto his aching pole.

'My balls!' Luke bellowed shrilly at the sky as her weight forced his pinned sex organs flatter against the unyielding earth.

'Well, if you're going to make me rape you,' began Kayla as she forced herself lower on his thick shaft, 'you can be damn sure I'm not letting you enjoy it.' And then, having accepted the entirety of his length, she began to bounce heavily, causing Luke's eyeballs to bulge comically with her every impact against his hips.

'Fuck – you are huge!' she moaned, pinching her nipples as she thrust herself down his shaft with increasing abandon.

'My baaaaaalls,' wailed Luke, praying for unconsciousness to take him.

Sadly, Luke remained alert for Kayla's five back-to-back orgasms and the several minutes she sat atop his groin simply catching her breath. And when she did finally lift herself off his long, soft cock, she was surprised and delighted to find not a single drop of his cum gushed out of her.

'Poor bastard,' she cooed disingenuously. 'You didn't even cum.' She burst into girlish laughter.

Luke's only response was a pitiful mewling.

'Oh, well,' she said, buttoning her blouse as she began to walk away, 'give my regards to your step-mother.'


Luke's Second Chance

'Oh,' said Gemma, looking disappointed to open the door some time later to find Luke standing hunched and apologetic on the steps wearing only his apron and clutching protectively at the battered meat which hung beneath. 'You were gone so long that we thought you'd decided not to come back.'

'It's not my fault,' he gushed. 'There were these girls and they... And then this woman...' he faltered, trying to hold back the emotion. Gemma bit her lip as she watched him struggle to hold back the tears.

'Luke,' she said softly, 'you seem like a nice guy. You should really look somewhere else for a job.' She began to shut the door only have Luke thrust out his hand and catch it.

'No!' he squeaked pitifully as he stared up at her. 'You have to give me another chance. You have to!'

'Luke, seriously – this is not the right place for you.'

'Please, Gemma!' he cried, dropping to his knees at her feet; his heavy cock and balls flapping after him to crash noisily into one another. 'You don't understand! I need this job!'

Glancing quickly behind her to ensure none of her colleagues were in the kitchen, Gemma lowered herself onto her knees to pat his muscular shoulder. 'Listen, Luke,' she whispered urgently. 'If you work here, the other girls, they'll keep hurting your balls.'

With teary eyes he looked up at her and squeaked, 'Why?'

His question seemed to bemuse Gemma who took a moment to consider her reply. 'Because it's funny?' she offered with an apologetic shrug. Stopping his sniffles instantly, Luke stared up at her, eyes wide with hurt; causing her to shift uncomfortably. 'I mean, I guess... To some girls,' she continued weakly, adding with a little snort of amusement, 'You have to admit you guys do overreact. And the faces you pull...' She gave an involuntary giggle and then immediately caught herself when she saw the distress her laughter caused him.

'I'm sorry,' she said wrestling control of her grin. 'It's just the eye-crossing thing...? How does a bit of pain in your balls cause that? Random.'

'Gemma,' he said gravely, taking her by the upper arm unexpectedly. Her smile vanished and she looked at him with apprehension. 'If you don't let me work here I won't have balls to get hurt.' He dropped his gaze to the floor and told her, 'My step-mum... She'll...' He choked on the words as his grip on her weakened.

'She'll what?' asked Gemma; her interest piqued by his sudden trepidation.     

'She'll cut them off!' he said with a sob which had his hands dropping to lovingly caress the throbbing organs which hung behind his apron.

Gemma gasped and put a hand to her considerable chest, and for a moment appeared to Luke to be horrified, but slowly her cheeks flushed and bunched as the corners of her mouth crept ever-so-slowly into a huge grin before, finally unable to supress it any longer, she released a tremendous cackle. Luke was shaken to the core as the busty girl covered her mouth and continued to laugh uncontrollably into her hand, all the while staring down at him apologetically.

'I'm sorry,' she said when she finally recovered from her unexpected fit of laughter. 'I'm sorry. It's just... all girls say that. You can't really believe your own step-mum is going to cut off your bollocks!' At this she burst into another fit of giggles which sent tears streaming down her rosy cheeks.

'But...' said Luke, gobsmacked. 'She will! She's done it before!'

'That's funny,' she said through her laughter, 'because they looked pretty attached earlier.'

'Not to me!' he snapped. 'To her ex-husband!' Gemma let out a dismissive snort. 'It's true!' he insisted. 'She told me.'

'What did she tell you?' asked Gemma, rolling her eyes as she wiped the damp from her cheeks.

'Well, I came home one night drunk and she was waiting for me in the kitchen. My step-sister had just told her that I'd...' He faltered.

'That you'd what?' asked Gemma, her smile falling away.

'That I'd shown her my nuts.'

'Ew!' said Gemma, screwing up her pretty face with disgust. 'To your own sister?'

'Step-sister,' he corrected her, 'and it wasn't like that! She sneaked in my room and kicked me in them – I only got them out to check they were all right and she refused to leave!' Gemma eyed him suspiciously, but nodded for him to continue. 'So my step-mum told me if I ever showed them Charlotte again I'd regret it, but, being really drunk, I... I...'

'You what?' asked Gemma, intrigued.

'I pulled them out and shook them at her.'

Gemma gasped. 'And what did she do?'

Luke put his hand over his mouth and tried to hold back the tears as he told her with voice cracking, 'She pulled these big metal scissors from nowhere and slid them around my nuts ready to cut them off.' Gemma's smile vanished and his mention of the scissors gave her a sudden pang of guilt.

Jack... she thought mournfully as she recalled the event only months prior where she herself had held a pair of scissors to an innocent man's scrotum. Of course she had done so with the intention of saving his testicles, but a slip of the blades saw he succeed in quite the opposite. She winced as she recalled the gristly crunch of snipped nut-cord replayed in her head.

'Oh, god...' murmured Gemma, feeling suddenly faint.

'The blades were so cold,' said Luke, blinking away a tear. 'And she just held them there while she told me in graphic detail what she did to her ex-husband.'

Though she was almost certain she would regret asking, Gemma couldn't stop herself. 'What did she do?' she enquired.

Luke swallowed and prepared to recount the nightmarish tale.

'What the fuck is he doing here?' came an irate demand and suddenly Jamie was looming over Gemma and glowering down at Luke. 'You've got some balls showing your face after...' she checked the clock and gasped, '...almost two hours! We gave you ten minutes!'

'But—' said Luke, climbing quickly to his feet to address her.

'But nothing! You failed your probation. You're done! And we'll be having this back,' she growled, tearing the apron from him to leave his red, bloated genitals sagging wretchedly inches from Gemma's face.

'Oh my god!' she screamed, recoiling only to be blocked by Jamie who's crotch and thighs were pressed against her head and shoulders as she leant over to snatch the apron. 'What did those girls do to you?'

Luke let out a gasp and attempted to wrestle the apron back from Jamie who refused to let go, beginning a tug of war which set his grotesquely swollen reproductive organs swinging back and forth to slap Gemma solidly in the tightly scrunched up face.

'Oh god!' she squeaked with distress, sucking in her lips so not to inadvertently taste the salty skin which slapped at her mouth.

'Lilly! Judie!' Jamie yelled back into the shop and, in a flash, the other girls were at the doorway.

'What is he doing here?' asked Judie; her distaste more overt than usual.

Lilly came to her sister's aid: joining her team in the tug of war to see Luke dragged forward onto the step to inadvertently draw the length of his genitals over Gemma's face and leave her smothered.

'Mmph!' cried Gemma from beneath the sticky sack of which had draped itself over her face.

'I just want another chance!' he cried as Jamie tugged harder to cause him to thrust his crotch violently into the trapped blonde.

Judie gave a snort of disgust. 'Why should we?' Judie asked, sounding so disinterested in hearing a response as to render it rhetorical.

'Yeah,' agreed Lilly, through gritted teeth, 'Let's kick his naked nuts out on the street.'

With the salty musk of bollocks in her nostrils, Gemma found herself not at all opposed to Lilly's suggestion. But it was with great reluctance that she slowly reached up to take a firm hold of each of Luke's inflamed testicles.

The girl's watched Luke's eyes go suddenly wide and his pupils contract to a pinpoint as he realised his precious gonads were once more imperilled.

'Sowee,' mumbled Gemma before she gave his precariously anchored reproductive organs an unwittingly excessive downward tug.

Luke's grip on the apron gave instantly and he was sent crashing onto his back to immediately begin writhing with great animation and voicing of anguish. From their vantage at the kitchen doorway, the girls watched, stunned, as he rolled this way and that, his back alternately arching then curling forward and his trainers scraping the concrete as if struggling for a purchase they never found.

Then they burst into laughter.

'Gemma!' cried Jamie with surprise through her mirth. 'What the fuck?'

Hearing their amusement, Gemma clambered to her feet and turned to them with a big, wide-eyed smile as realise she may have stumbled upon a way to save Luke's nuts from his wicked step-mother's scissors. 'We have to keep him!' she insisted earnestly. 'Look how funny he is!'

Judie raised one of her dark eyebrows. 'He is liability,' she said, unconvinced. 'Any boy with even one ball can be funny.'

'But how many boys will let you do this to their balls?' asked Gemma before turning to scan the alley for what she was after.

The girls watched open-mouthed as the busty blonde proceeded to retrieve one of the many loose bricks which littered the alley before holding it at shoulder-height over Luke's defenceless scrotum. Luke's reaction to the sight of the brick was somewhat less understated.

'Gemma!' he shrieked, drawing up his legs and clamping his thighs together protectively.

'Hey!' Gemma grumbled as targets were obstructed. Setting down the brick, she placed a hand on each of his knees and attempted in vain to prise his legs apart. 'Listen,' she hissed with effort, 'if you want the others to give you another chance you need to show them you have a sense of humour. It either that or take your chances with your step-mum and her scissors.'

Instantly Luke's legs fell open and Gemma, who was bearing down on his knees with all her considerably upper body weight was left to plummet face-first into his crotch. Her gasp was followed shortly by a flesh splat! and instinctively Luke's legs came together once more as he lurched forward with a nauseous groan and eyes firmly crossed.

'Ooh!' cheered Lilly with mock-sympathy before clapping her hands and joining the others in hysterical laughter.

Mumbling curses, Gemma lifted herself from Luke's genitalia only to be pulled to a halt when she found his tensing thighs had snapped shut around her hanging tits. She shot him a look if extreme annoyance and growled, 'Open your legs. It's only little a brick. Your bollocks survived a coffee machine for god's sake.'

Blinking with disbelief, Luke did however find himself with little option but to acquiesce. Reluctantly, he parted his legs and freed Gemma's squashed jugs. The blonde let out a sigh of relief and clutched her crushed melons to her chest before once more shooting him a scowl as she angrily snatched up the brick and, after clambering to her feet, suspended the deadly block above his scrotum once more.

'You should close your eyes for this,' she told him coolly and again he followed her reluctantly instruction.

On seeing him close his eyes, Lilly immediately snatched the brick from Gemma's hand and shushed the surprised blonde before scurrying quickly back into the kitchen. The other girls looked at each other in bewilderment, but, when the young blonde reappeared at the doorway bearing one of the shop's huge sacks of coffee beans, they quickly understood the mischievous teen's actions.

Unopened and tightly-packed, the sack weighed significantly more than a single brick and, even when hugged tightly in her arms, Lilly found in necessary to push forward her hips and take some of the weight on her outthrust groin as she waddled toward Gemma and offloaded it on the speechless blonde.

Alarmed by the weight of the bag, Gemma looked to Judie with big, hopeful eyes, but Judie simply stared back at her expectantly. Dejected, Gemma turned to Luke and miserably kicked his legs wider apart before stepping in-between.

'Here it comes,' she announced cheerlessly as she let the bag slip from her grasp.

'Oh, god,' squeaked Luke, unable to bear the torment that ending a split-second later with a resounding thud! as one bean bag met another.

Luke's spine arched violently backward, then flung him upright as he release a bloodcurdling scream of anguish.

'Shit!' cried Lilly as Luke's fingers fumbled desperately about the bottom of the sack for enough purchase to lift it off his flattened gonads. 'I think you split the bag!'

Given the intensity of his ball-pain, Luke sensibly assumed the bag she was referring to was his ball-bag and, looking up to the heavens, he let out a distraught howl. However, moments later his clawing fingers discovered the coffee beans which had escaped the bag to which the teenager had actually been referring. While the girls, with the exception of Gemma, cackled with glee at his distress, Luke began to sink backward, his legs still dancing spasmodically either side the bag which held flat his precious jewels.

'Yeah, look,' said Jamie pointing as she noticed a pressurised bubble of nut-flesh peeking out from the little heap of coffee beans. 'The beans are spilling out.' She and Judie shared a mean cackle, but, on seeing the tantalising little balloon of man-meat, Lilly was transfixed. She stepped forward with purpose and immediately Gemma recognised her dark intent.

Moving quickly, the conscience-stricken blonde gently encouraged the reluctant pink organ back under the crushing weight of the bag with the side of her flip-flop leaving behind only a sliver of empty, wrinkled nut-sack.

This unappealing sight seemed to break the spell over the mesmerised teen and she stopped in her tracks, looking suddenly disappointed.

'See?' said Gemma, hopefully. 'He'll do whatever we say. Can we keep him, please?'

When Judie eventually stopped laughing, she said grudgingly, 'Fine. But funny is not enough – he still has to pass his probation.'

'He will,' promised Gemma, suddenly buoyed and as the other girls turned away and filtered back into the shop, she did a silent little jig to celebrate.

The absence of her flip-flop allowed the escape-intent nut to peek from under the bag once more and spotting the portion of gonad, Gemma crouched down to gently stroke her finger over its compressed flesh and enthuse, 'I saved you little guy; you and your little buddy... wherever he's hiding...'

Jumping up she looked excitedly down at Luke who, completely sapped of strength by the ordeal, lay writhing with little conviction. Beaming him a massive grin she bragged, 'I knew I could get you another chance!' When he failed to show any sign of appreciation her smile faded until, raising her eyebrows expectantly, she demanded, 'Well? Aren't you going to thank me?'

Unblinking, and with his eyes fixedly staring inward, Luke squeaked through clenched teeth, 'Thank... you...'

'You're welcome,' she said, beaming with pride. 'Now,' she said taking a hold of the top corners of the hefty bean sack, 'I'll just get this off your bollocks and...'

'Nooo!' wheezed Luke as she dragged the bag away; mangling his balls against the rough concrete in the process until one after the other they popped out from underneath and slowly re-inflated to something approaching their correct shape.

'Jeez,' she said, wiping her brow. 'You really don't appreciate favours do you? Now, bring this in with you 'cause it's too heavy for me.'

Gripping his crushed balls Luke nodded up at her with tear-filled eyes.

'Er... Now please,' she told him impatiently. 'You've wasted enough time today.'


Waddling into the kitchen after Gemma, bow-legged and with the bean sack hugged to his stomach, Luke was quite relieved to set it down. Only, when he straighten back up minus the sack, the shame of his nudity sank in as the four girls stared back, their gaze following transfixed the swaying of his genitals which were at the same time a sorry and impressive sight to behold.

He was moved to cover himself, but the moment he dropped his hands he was dissuaded by Judie pointedly clearing her throat. 'First thing,' said Judie, 'stop trying to cover yourself – you are naked barista. Show some balls.' Her words caused the sisters to chuckle because if there was one thing Luke did not lack, it was balls.

His testicles had started out that morning their usual large chicken eggs size, but after a morning of eye-watering abuse they had swollen to the size of small apples to make even walking an awkward and potentially painful affair.

Blushing deeply, Luke withdrew his hands and folded his arms uncomfortably to leave it all hang out for their inspection.

Seeing his discomfort, Gemma told him earnestly, 'You've got nothing to be embarrassed about, Luke.'

Spotting an opportunity to make Gemma uncomfortable Lilly asked wickedly, 'What do you mean by that, Gem?'

Gemma looked startled by the mischievous teen's question. Her mouth open and closed without sound a few times before she said weakly, 'Well, I just meant... You know...' She glanced deliberately at his sagging organs, but Lilly feigned incomprehension leaving Gemma to hiss irritably, 'Well, he's not exactly small, is he?'

'Jesus, Gemma,' said Jamie, following her impish sister's lead, 'he's not a piece of meat.'

Gemma opened her mouth to protest, but shrank under their judging gazes.

'It does look like piece of meat,' said Judie with distaste screwing up her beautiful face at his raw, pendulums of flesh. 'We cannot let customers see them like that.'

'Where's his apron?' asked Gemma, looking to Jamie who shrugged with disinterest.

'No, no,' said Judie. 'We can't risk customers catching even glimpse of them in that state. Lilly,' she said, turning to the young blonde, 'do you have your compact?'

'Ooh!' squealed the young girl. 'Make-over!' She rushed to her little backpack and delved inside to produce an array of cosmetics. Hurrying back, she dropped to her knees in front of him and enthused, 'I'm going to make these ugly swingers so pretty!'

Luke stared down with astonishment as the young girl cracked open her compact and first began to dust with foundation the angry length of sausage meat hanging before her without even a trace of embarrassment. The sensation was delicious and as she worked to lay down a solid flesh tone upon the abused flesh of his shaft he closed his eyes and began to purr quietly.

'Oh,' said Lilly as her canvas began to swell before her eyes to the point her she had to shuffle back to not be tapped under the chin. 'Well, that makes my job easier,' she said with a snigger as she brushed the exposed underside of his rising cock.

She ran the soft brush slowly up the bulging belly of Luke's beast and stopped at the point the skin gave way to bulbous, purple glans. She held it there, lifting it slightly to stare into its one eye. 'Hey,' she said, her voice brimming with mischief. 'Do you think he could use a little lipstick on the end?' She pursed her lips and made to plant a big kiss on the fat tip.

'Lilly!' objected her sister.

The teenager scoffed and looked up at the shocked brunette as if she were stupid. 'I'm kidding,' she said drolly, adding with disgust, 'As if.'

Apparently upset at being denied a kiss, Luke's cock issued a single tear of precum. 'Aw don't cry little penis,' she cooed before sharing a giggle with the others. Only Gemma seemed at all shocked.

Lilly looked up at Luke. 'Hold this thing out of the way so can do your bollocks,' she ordered him, prompting the young man to instinctively take his stiffening shaft in his fist. 'Not like that!' she snapped. 'I just powdered that bit! By the bell-end.'

Luke released the shaft of his cock and instead pinched its juicy head tightly, inadvertently squeezing out the droplet of precum until it threatened to drip.

Her eyes widening at the glistening droplet, Lilly growled up at him ominously, 'If you leak a single drop on me I'll pop one of your balls.'

Gulping audibly, Luke hurriedly wiped away `the offending bead of fluid as Lilly went about loading her brush once more with powder.

With its elasticity exhausted by abuse, Luke's scrotum hung lifeless and unresponsive as the giddy teen set about dusting its stretched skin. When she was done with the front she grabbed his thighs and spun him around before ordering him to bend over. Stifling a sob of shame, he complied, feeling his balls slide in-between his thighs to become more easily accessible to her brush.

'Lower!' snapped Lilly; unsatisfied with his proffering.

'Yeah,' said Jamie, below her breath, 'spread those cheeks for us.'

The brunette's vulgarity caused Gemma to blush and she turned crimson when Luke complied with Lilly's command and bent lower until the hand not still unnecessarily gripping his bell-end was propped against his shin.

Struggling not to burst out laughing when his balls slipped free of his thighs to swing comically, Lilly waited for them to settle down before she started applying the foundation in delicate circles over the bulging backs of each testicle, making sure to tickle the backs of his straining nut-cords.

Once more she had him purring.

When she had covered the almost transparent skin stretched around his heavily weighing testicles best she could, Lilly traced the prominent crease up to where the sagging skin joined his perineum. But she didn't stop there; flicking the brush back and forth along his undercarriage until the soft bristles tickled his arsehole and caused him to instinctively clench his cheeks, much to the amusement of the watching girls.

For some reason, this violation served as the final indignity, and when, having finally finished giggling, Lilly spun him around again to present her handiwork to the others, Luke simply bowed his head whilst retaining a hold on the head of his withering cock to allow them to inspect without obstruction.

'Looks... bizarre,' said Jamie after much consideration. 'All one colour like a plastic sex toy.'

'Got it,' said Lilly, excitedly flipping over her compact to reveal the blusher palette. She chose a healthy pink and brushed it over the twin bulges of his testicles until they shone rosy. Next she produced her eye liner and, to the other girl's disgust, drew a big, blue vein along the side of his prick.

'Lilly!' protested Gemma, grimacing as the young girl jumped to her feet. 'Did you have to? It looked nicer without.'

'Right,' said Judie, suddenly business-like in demeanour. She took a large round tray and an egg timer from the worktop and thrust the empty tray into his arms. 'Time for your second test. Follow me.' She beckoned him after her as she exited the kitchen.

Luke followed without question to find himself standing behind the counter in front of a shop full of chattering customers. 'Oh shit!' he squeaked, quickly shielding his naked manhood with the tray and attempting to back into the kitchen only to have his path blocked by Jamie and Lilly.

'You can't make me go out there like this,' he said; not a statement, but a plea.

'Oh, we can,' Jamie whispered in his ear, 'but it would be a shame to have to mess up your make-up so soon.'

After gulping, Luke straighten as much as his excruciating stomach-cramps would allow and, attempting to look as dignified as he could standing naked but for his trainers and a plastic drinks tray, he scanned the shop. 'Wait...' he said after a few seconds. 'They're all... women.'

'Well, durr,' sneered Jamie, stepping out of the doorway to let Gemma through. 'It's the reason we have to do this stupid naked barista thing – we aren't drawing the men we used to.'

'I'm not surprised,' said Gemma sourly. 'The number of them we've—'

'Gemma!' snapped Judie, giving the busty blonde a sharp backhand which sent a ripple through her gigantic right melon.

The girls looked to Luke guiltily, expecting him to enquire as to what they were referring. Instead, he just stared at Gemma's tit until its jiggle had fully subsided. Then, after glancing at each the girls in turn, he cried, 'Hey! Why are none of you naked?'

The girls gasped. Only Jamie had the quick wit to reply, 'Me and Judie are just about to leave on our break. And Gemma, just got back. Didn't you Gemma?'

'Er... yes?' said Gemma uncertainly. When the girls stared back at her expectantly raised eyebrows she assumed she had unwittingly ruined the ruse.

'Well?' Lilly urged her clueless colleague. 'Get into uniform.'

Gemma gasped; finally realising the predicament the cunning sisters had gotten her into. She looked out at the customers, all obliviously drinking and conversing at their tables for the time being. 'Out here?' she asked with distress.

'Yes,' said Judie, sternly.

'You do this every day, Gem,' said Lilly. 'How can you still be embarrassed?'

Growing impatient, Jamie told her, 'We'll help,' and signalled for her sister to follow her lead.

'It's okay,' protested Gemma, as the brunette lifted the apron string over her head and Lilly took hold of the bottom of her tank top. 'Really – I can manage—Oh!'

Luke watched in utter stupefaction as the teenager hiked up Gemma's top and bra, carelessly hoisting up her entangled jugs in the process. As the bra slid higher, it left in its wake seemingly endless tracts of white flesh: the sun-starved undersides of the blonde's humungous breasts. He felt truly blessed to be perhaps one of the only human beings to have laid eyes on the phenomenal sight.

Smothered by her own hoisted milk-makers, Gemma let out a muffled scream as she felt her chest-meat slip free of her upturning bra.

Luke caught only briefest glimpse of each of her salmon pink nipples as one after the other her hefty tits fell from her top to vanish from of sight behind the top portion of her apron which Jamie held raised. But, when each tit broke heavily against her ribcage, he was able to catch a second fleeting glimpse as the soft flesh spread wide to spill momentarily out of either side of the garment.

Pained and winded by the substantial wallop to her ribs Gemma, folded forward and while she wheezed, Lilly made light work of stripping her of her hot pants.

'All done,' she Jamie, grinning as she let go of the apron; purposely neglecting to bother to first hook it back over the blonde's head.

With a yelp, Gemma caught the falling apron front before it had dropped too far and quickly clutched it to her chest. She was still gasping with relief when, without warning, Lilly yanked her hot pants from around her ankles to send her stumbling.

It took all her wits to remain upright whilst still somehow retaining both nipples within the narrow concealment afforded by the apron front. But despite the retention of these two small nubs of dignity, when Gemma saw the young blonde jumped up from the floor, waving her stolen hot pants and looking exceptionally pleased with herself, Gemma felt her blood boil.

Securing the apron string over her head, she advanced on the girl, snarling, 'Now let me help you into uniform.'

Lilly was quite perturbed to have her striped T-shirt and bra suddenly and violently hoisted over her head. The teen's dislodged tits clattered against her chest in full view of Luke who almost toppled over at the sight of such breath-taking puppies.

'She's underage!' cried Jamie, who, always upset to see her sister's beautiful big boobs, came immediately to her aid and yanked the T-shirt back down.

'Oh god!' said Gemma in a gasp as she realised what she had done. She looked sharply at Luke in the hope that he might have had the decency to avert his gaze from a teenager's bared breasts. The erection that had completely overturned the tray held to his groin said otherwise.

Desperate to conceal the undeniable evidence that he had indeed seen Lilly's boobs before the young girl realised and became distressed, Gemma pushed the tray, and the hard-on which had lifted it, down with haste.

Luke let out a howl as the much abused ligaments which held his dick up were cruelly wrenched on.

Ignoring his anguish, Gemma looked back to Jamie and cried, 'His apron! Where's his apron?' Spotting it tucked into the brunette's pocket, she snatch it and releasing the tray to have it instantly spring back up.

Realising there was no way she could cover the entirety of the indecency with the tiny rectangle of material, she cursed and quickly shoved the tray back down and hissed furiously, 'Make it go down.'

'It doesn't work like that,' squeaked Luke miserably.

'Gemma you really went too far this time,' growled Jamie, who held her sobbing sister in a tight embrace.

'He didn't see anything,' Gemma lied hopefully. She turned back to Luke and pushing down hard on the tray growled, 'Did you?'

Luke shook his head diligently, but his discomfort was suddenly elevated when Judie, who had been busily making drinks since the moment she entered the shop, unexpectedly set several down on the tray resting on his battered erection.

'These need taking out to customers,' she told him; ignoring entirely the ongoing drama. She placed several receipts by their respective drinks and continued, 'The receipts have the table numbers on them,' before slamming down the set egg timer on the counter. 'You have two minutes.'

'But...' said Luke, flustered. 'My apron.'

Gemma ducked down to peer under the tray. 'It's soft enough,' she announced; unfurling the apron with a flourish.

'We'll see about that,' Jamie whispered to Lilly, as she withdrew a pair of metal scissors from a drawer and flexed them ominously.

Gemma sheepishly lowered herself to her knees and, taking the apron strings in each hand, bashfully reached around him; the heat from his semi-erect cock on her face as she tied it off behind him.

Unable to see below the drinks-laden tray he held, Luke squeezed his eyes shut and tried to ignore her nervous breath on his member.

'There,' she said, standing. 'You're good to go.'

'One minute forty-five,' Judie declared with impatience. 'Those drinks are already going cold.'

'Shit,' cursed Luke, backing towards the opening in the counter as quickly as his weak legs would allow.

'Oh, before you go out there,' said Jamie causing him to stop and look back. 'There is one last thing...'

When Luke saw her raise the shiny, metal scissors, his weak knees almost gave out. He pictured her thrusting the scissors under the tray and cackling as, with an effortless snip, she sent his balls plummeting to the ground. Nooo! his mind screamed as he imagined himself staggering about on failing legs until he inadvertently stepped on his own severed testicles, crushing them to a slippery paste which sent him crashing to the floor at the feet of the triumphantly howling girls.

However, in reality it was Gemma who had incurred Jamie's wrath and was understandably shocked when the brunette ran the cold steel of the scissors up her back, to snip first the apron string around her waist, then the one around her neck before finally tearing away the garment to leave her totally exposed but for her pink flip-flops.

Too busty to see beyond, the stunned blonde simply stared down at her bared breasts and let out a shocked gasp.

Maybe it was that fact that she was unable to see past her colossal, protruding tits, but it took the stunned blonde a few seconds to grasp the totality of her exposure and react appropriately, giving Luke ample time to soak up her breath-taking nudity.

When she did finally regain the good sense to cover herself, Luke had succeeded in doing what no man had done before him: he had torn his gaze from her miraculous milk-monsters and was gleefully tracing her intimate crease to where it cleft and blossomed from her trimmed golden curls in a luscious set of pouting pink lips.

The thought of him seeing her nipples caused Gemma great distress, but on seeing his eyes fixed much further south than her soft, pink teats she let out a tearful sob and thrust her hands down to shield her most private part from his scrutiny.

With his ogling obstructed, the spell was broken and Luke was suddenly overcome with guilt. He looked up with every intention of apologising profusely for his behaviour, but made it no further than the gigantic globes of flesh which ballooned obscenely from between her crossed arms and looked set to burst if she were to clutch at her pussy any tighter.

'Gemma,' he started weakly, whilst his eyes flitted back and forth between the big pink nubs distending graphically due to the volume of tit-meat pressing on them from behind. He wondered if any moment they might let out a powerful squirt of milk in order to let off some of the pressure, but he didn't find out as with one last humiliated yelp the busty blonde turned to scurry, weeping, out of the kitchen. He watched her peachy ass as she made her retreat. It was only when she was out of view that he releasing just how painfully erect he was and it was only when the remaining girls chuckled and pointed that he realised his aching erection had lifted his apron to expose itself and his dangling balls to anyone whose eye line fell below the tray, like, for example, any and all of the seated customers he was about to serve...

'Now you can go,' Jamie told him with a devilish smirk. Luke stared at her with dread.

'One minute, thirty,' said Judie. 'Disappoint us again and kiss the job goodbye.'

'Chop, chop...' said Jamie, flexing the scissors to send Luke scurrying out from behind the shelter of the counter and into the equally terrifying scene which awaited him on the other side.

To be continued...