Elliot and Carla's Adventure

(Contains ball-busting and casual castration)

Elliot was sipping a cup of hot coffee when Carla pounced from behind the nurses’ station counter. ‘Elliot!’ she hissed suddenly causing the blonde to empty the steaming cup down her front and as the scalding liquid met her delicate tit flesh she screamed:

‘My boobs! My boobs!’ and began flapping her arms hysterically.

Calmly, Carla reached over the counter and whipped the soaked top up over Elliot’s head, only to her surprise, and the delight of the men in the hallway, Elliot had neglected to put on a bra that morning.

Carla!’ she shrieked, wrapping her arms round her steaming, pink tits.

‘I-I’m sorry,’ the shocked Latina stammered.

‘Give me your top!’ Elliot hissed insistently.

‘What? No!’

‘You just ruined my scrubs and flashed me to half the hospital. Give me your top before I take it!’ Elliot’s eyes burned into Carla’s.

‘But…your puppies,’ she said, having just thought up an excellent defence, ‘they’re scolded – you should have them bandaged.’

Elliot looked down at her smarting sandbags and moaned, ‘But it’s only really the nipples that got burned.’

‘Well, I got just the thing!’ announced Carla. She picked up a handful of plasters and applied them over the blonde’s nubs. ‘There you go. Now let them air.’


‘Trust me,’ Carla insisted. ‘I’m a nurse.’

Elliot looked down at the dressing: four plasters, two per nipple, overlapped to make a rough cross that only slightly concealed her salmon pink nipples. ‘I can’t walk around like this.’

‘You don’t have to,’ Carla said with a smile. ‘I came to tell you that you have a consult in room five.’ She motioned Elliot closer and whispered excitedly, ‘You’re gonna wet yourself when you see what happened to him!’ She walked around the counter and as she passed by Elliot, added, ‘His cheerleader girlfriend racked him so hard one went up inside him.’ She burst into a fit of giggles, slapped Elliot on the bare back and began walking quickly away.

Elliot watched disappear with a look of confusion.

‘Racked him?’ she called after the nurse. ‘What’s that mean? Hey!’ But Carla was gone and Elliot, suddenly aware that she was still very much topless, made an embarrassed dash for the consultation room.

She burst in with jugs bouncing wildly and slammed the door behind her. Her patient, sat spread-eagle with a bag of ice on his nut-sack greeted her with an erection. She gasped in horror.

‘Are you a nurse?’ he asked wide-eyed and with the high-pitched voice of a schoolgirl. Elliot managed to prise her eyes off the impressive hard-on he was sporting and cleared her throat.

‘I’m a cocktor,’ she said. ‘I mean dicktor. Damn it! Doctor, I’m a doctor.’

‘Like a stripper doctor?’ he asked never once returning the courtesy of averting his chest-high gaze.

‘No,’ said Elliot, examining the back of the door for a white coat. When she found none she turned back to him and finished, ‘I’m a real doctor.’

‘Now let’s see what’s wrong with you?’

She picked up an X-ray and studied it, desperately trying to stop herself from taking sly glances at his boner through the transparent sheet. ‘Hmm,’ she said unconvincingly. ‘Very interesting.’

Suddenly though, she distinguished a very recognisable shape on the X-ray which made her gasp. ‘Oh, my,’ she said, staring at the single oval. Her eyes flitted down to the patient’s ice-packed happy-sack.

‘What is it?’ the jock squeaked anxiously.

‘I don’t know how to tell you this,’ she said staring at the X-ray’s lone ovular object, ‘but I think you’ve lost one of your baby-makers.’

‘What?’ he asked in a terrified whisper.

‘Baby-maker, it’s the medical word we use instead of testicle.’

I know what you mean!’ he squeaked, overcome. ‘But I was told it had just been knocked up inside me, not… lost.’

‘Oh,’ said Elliot looking quickly back at the X-ray. Her eyes scanned the sheet and found another, larger, oval in the teen’s abdomen, which she had previous taken to be his bladder, such was the size.

‘Found it!’ she cheered and jumped excitedly on the spot.

‘You have?’

‘Yep, it was there all along. You’re cured.’

‘Cured? I was told you’d get it back down for me. They said if you can’t, I have to have surgery.’

‘Oh… right. Sure.’

Elliot looked down at the ice bag with apprehension. She didn’t want to imagine what disgusting, shrivelled sight waited for her behind it, but grudgingly she took hold of it and put it to one side. The purple, half-filled ball-bag stared back at her, quickly expanding as it began to warm back up. Elliot repressed the urge to shudder.

Taking a pair of gloves from the receptacle, she stretched them and turned back around to her patient only to have the dusty gloves slip from her grasp and strike his only externally remaining plum with a snap.

The jock let out a shrill squeal, causing Elliot to reel in fright. Her back foot slipped from under her with a squeak and suddenly she was up in the air, pirouetting backward, her battered, white sneaker arcing upwards to meet the jock’s poor plum dead on.

Elliot’s bare back met the cold tiles and she bolted upright in a flash to find herself intimately close the jock’s massively distorted sack. She grimaced as it peeled away from his crotch and flopped down with a slosh – completely devoid of shape or contents. She started at it a moment until a shadow fell across her.

Like a great, felled tree, the jock’s once proud cock plummeted, flaccid, towards her and slapped her solidly across the face, leaving behind it a slimy trail that ran down her forehead, across her eyes and over her left cheek before curving back to coat her pursed lips. The big purple head came to rest, perched on her chin, still leaking.

Elliot screamed.

She leapt up and ran back and forth across the room rubbing at her face with the backs of her forearms. It her hysteria, Elliot toppled a heavy lamp, which came crashing down into the jock’s lap.

There was a popping sound followed by a splosh and the jock’s nut-sack bounced as a sudden weight tugged it down.

Elliot stopped shrieking and with one open eye, she stared sidelong at the restocked scrotum. Approaching the unconscious jock cautiously, she reached out and took hold of the huge ball now filling the sack. She could feel the remains of the other nut sloshing around at the bottom of the satchel, but she couldn’t help, but feel satisfaction.

‘I got it out!’

She let the nut go and did a goofy victory dance, pumping her arms and walking in circles.

‘Oh, I got to tell Carla!’

As she skipped through the doorway she bumped tits with a tall, athletic blonde.

‘Oh, sorry,’ apologised Elliot, wiping a glob of nut-butter from her brow.

The blonde eyed her irritably. ‘Do you know if a guy came in here, a jock?’


‘Had one of his nuts kicked up into his throat.’

‘I got it out!’ cheered Elliot, almost uncontrollably.

‘Excuse me?’ asked the teen, severely unimpressed.

‘I popped it right out there.’

‘His nut?’

‘Well round here we call them baby-makers.’

‘Ugh!’ groaned the blonde, then, just as tersely: ‘Can I see him? I’m his girlfriend.’

‘Sure, go ahead,’ said Elliot, with a beaming smile, ‘and say hello to his rescued baby-maker while you’re in there.’

‘Don’t worry,’ said the cheerleader disappearing inside, ‘I will.’

Stilling beaming obliviously, Elliot danced over to Carla to boast: ‘I got it ow-out.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘His baby-maker – I popped it right back out…’ her smile disappeared briefly, ‘…I did accidentally squish the other one, but—’

Carla’s eyes lit up. ‘“Accidentally”, accidentally?’ Elliot didn’t follow. ‘You know, the old: “I was stood on his bed changing a light bulb and I stepped back and POP! What do you know; I flattened his cojones.”’

‘That was the excuse you gave last week!’ gasped Elliot. ‘You said it was accidental.’

‘Sure – accidentally on purpose.’ Carla gave Elliot a mischievous wink, but guessed from the blonde’s gaping mouth that she was shocked. ‘I take it that you squishing his egg was really an accident.’

‘Of course.’

Carla shrugged unhappily. ‘Well, look on the bright side: you popped your first cherry – you’re no longer a ball-bust virgin. Way to go, white girl.’

‘A what? Ew. Carla, I came to ask you if you wanted to see how I got his other baby-maker out, but frankly—’

‘’Kay, okay,’ sighed Carla. ‘I’ll come see.’

Elliot gave an excited squeak and pulled Carla after her.

‘Tah-daa!’ said Elliot presenting the jock’s scrotum proudly.

Carla looked closely. Her brow creased. ‘Elliot there’s nothing in here.’ She prodded the sack with a squelch. ‘’cept mush.’

‘Oh no. Has it gone back up?’

Elliot poked the sack desperately.

‘No, I’d say there were two ‘nads worth of nut-butter in there,’ said Carla.

‘How did this happen? His girlfriend was in here looking after him.’

Carla raised eyebrow an eyebrow. ‘His girlfriend? You let his girlfriend in here? The cheerleader?’


‘The one that put the nut up inside him in the first place.’

‘She did?’

‘I told you!’

‘You said something about her racking” him, whatever that means…’

‘Elliot you dumb…’ she struggled not to swear, ‘…blonde. I can’t believe you don’t know what racking means. Didn’t you go to school?’

‘An all girl school,’ Elliot said, flapping her hands hysterically.

‘Never mind,’ said Carla, calming. ‘We can make this look like an accident, but you have to promise to let me teach you everything you need to know about breaking balls. Deal?’

Elliot nodded. ‘Deal,’ she squeaked tearfully.

‘Don’t worry,’ said Carla, touching Elliot’s shoulder. ‘It’s going to be fun.’

To Be Continued…