Callie Learns Consequences

Contains female punishment only

Hugh snapped the cold steel cuff tight around her wrist and twisted it behind her back. Gripping her shoulder with the other hand, he pushed her to her knees and forced her to bend over the bed until her face was pressed into the hard mattress.

'Please,' begged Callie. 'What did I do?'

Hugh ignored her; grabbing her free arm and bend that behind her back also. He snapped the other cuff shut around her wrist to secure her and then climbed onto the bed. Straddling her, he leaned slowly in, brushing aside her long blonde hair to growl into her ear, 'So you think it's funny to pretend to dump me do you, babe?'

Callie gasped, recalling the event he was referring to. But it was so long ago. They'd been on so many sweet and wonderful dates since. 'Please baby,' she said her voice trembling, 'I was just—'

'Angry?' he snapped, grabbing her by the hair and pulling back her head so his lips were against her ear, his hot breath on her cheek. 'I'll show you angry, bitch. You think you can fuck with me? You think you have that fucking power? I own you slut. You need to remember that.'

He threw her head down into the mattress and climbed off her trembling, naked body.

'What are you going to do?' she asked, daring not to look back.

'I'm going to remind you,' he said simply. 'Look what I bought for you, baby.' He squatted beside the bed and held a stiff leather paddle out so she could see it. 'Tell me what it says,' he told her.

'Bitch,' she read from the paddle.

'And tell me why I bought this one.'

'Because I'm a bitch,' she said, closing her eyes and almost bursting into tears.

'That's right,' he said standing. 'But don't worry, baby – I'm going to beat the bitch right out of you.'

Callie opened her eyes wide when suddenly a pretty pink ball gag was pushed into her mouth and fastened behind her head. 'Mmph!' she protested.

'Don't worry babe – I'm going to start gentle,' he said, giving her a peck on the cheek before vanishing from sight behind her.

Callie bit down on the gag and closed her eyes in preparation for what she expected to be a light spank, but Hugh had other ideas. Grinning, he pulled back the paddle and struck her across her beautiful round cheeks without the slightest clemency.

Callie immediately bolted upright, shrieking into her gag whilst trying to climb onto the bed and scurry toward the top, away from Hugh's punishment. Instantly Hugh was on her. He grabbed the solid grip between the cuffs and pushed down with the other hand on her lower back, pinning her against the bed and preventing her escaping.

'Oh-ho… sorry, baby,' he said, laughing as he hooked his arm under her hips and wrenched her back down the bed so that her knees were on the floor once more. He pressed his solid erection into her stinging cheeks as he leaned over her to whisper, 'I lied about starting gentle.' He chuckled again as he stood.

'Now, I'm going to spell out exactly what you are, babe. And if you try and get away, I'll just have to start again. Understand?'

Callie simply sobbed into her gag so he struck her ass again and bellowed, 'Do you understand?'

Letting out a shrill squeal barely muffled by the gag, she rose up on her toes and nodded feverishly. Hugh shoved her arse back down and said smugly, 'Good girl.'

Crying and shaking, Callie awaited his next strike.

'Give me a B!' he said, swinging the paddle to strike her in time with the end of the sentence.

Callie screamed into her gag, but fought the urge to flee. Merely raising up one her toes and twisting her hips this way and that. Hugh pushed her hips back down into the mattress and held them there until she stopped struggling, at which point he stepped back and prepared his second strike.

'Give me an I!' he said smugly slapping her reddening arse with a solid strike.

This time Callie could not fight the urge to bolt. She leapt forward and scurried up the bed using her shoulders and knees until Hugh's strong arm wrapped around her thighs and pulled them powerfully back. She landed heavily on the mattress, her tits squashing beneath her before being pulled painfully up under her collarbones as she was dragged back down the bed.

Hugh grabbed the grip between the cuffs once more and pounced onto top of her, crushing her into the unyielding mattress. 'I told you to stay still, bitch!' he barked. 'Now I have to start again.'

Entirely pinned, Callie could barely even shake her head to beseech him not to continue, but her tears caught his eye. 'Oh, baby,' he said, softening. 'You know this is for your own good, don't you?'

Callie didn't hear the question. She was too overcome by grief and anguish.

'Don't you?' Hugh demanded, grabbing her roughly by the hair. She nodded frantically. 'Good girl,' he said softly. He leaned in to peck a tear from her cheekbone then climbed off her.

'Where was I?' he mused as he picked up the paddle once more. He stared at her ass and noticed the letters from the paddle beginning to glow bright red across her cheeks and could resist dropping to his knees to grip her stinging cheeks and bury his face between them, running his nose and tongue over the wet pink slit between. Her cunt quivered beneath his lips. He sank his fingers into her tender fleshy cheeks causing her to writhe against his face as he lapped at her flowing juices.

Having taken his fill, he stood once more and bellowing, 'B!' he struck her. 'I!' followed. Then 'T!' and though Callie jumped and writhed she took her punishment admirably. He barely had to restrain her at all.

'C!' he said as the resounding slap! of leather of flesh echoed about the room. 'H!'

Callie took her final spank and, after tensing instinctively, fell limp against the mattress, sobbing with relief.

'Nearly done,' said Hugh, making her inhale sharply. He could see the dread in her beautiful, blue tear-filled eyes. Nearly done? she was thinking. But you've already spelled out what I am – a bitch!

'I need you to be in no doubt who's in control baby,' he told her. 'Spread your legs.'

He heard her inhale sharply through the sniffles and smiled. 'Do it,' he ordered. She shook her head, not in defiance, but imploring him. 'Spread them,' he said coldly.

Hesitantly she shuffled her knees very slightly apart. 'Wider,' he told her and she complied. 'Wider,' he growled low and hungry. Sobbing hopelessly, she pushed her knees out as far as they would go, knowing exactly what she was exposing to him.

'Good girl,' he growled, adjusting his grip on the paddle as he eyed her gaping, dripping cunt.

'One last spank and this will all be over,' he told her, pulling back his arm.

Exhausted and broken, Callie hadn't even the energy to brace herself against his final, heartless strike. She lay lifeless on the bed and awaited the punishment she knew would hurt more than anything she had ever suffered in her life.

With a huge grin Hugh pulled back the paddle and swung it up between Callie's spread legs. The paddle landed first on her pussy lips with a loud wet smack! before immediately curling around her pubic mound to smash her stiff little clit against the bone beneath.

The pain took a few seconds to settle in, but when it did it was pure agony. Callie reared up on the bed, straining against her cuffs, her glowing red ass cheeks twitching with the word BITCH stamped all across them. Then, overwhelmed, she fell back onto the bed close to unconscious.

Slowly she felt Hugh's warmth on her ass cheeks. His soft tongue on her stinging, inflamed pussy. Slowly, but surely the intense pain began to ebb away and, as her muscles relaxed, Hugh lifted her off the bed and set her down on her knees in front of him. He removed the ball gag and she gasped and swallowed whilst he held her from toppling over.

'Who owns you?' he asked, raising her chin so she met his gaze.

'You, sir,' she said in a sob.

Unzipping his trousers she watched his cock spring up and his balls swing free. Automatically she opened her mouth.

Hugh looked down at her with a soft, loving smile and took hold of his cock and balls, deciding which she deserved first. He chose his balls and popped them one after the other into her hot wet mouth.

'That's right,' he said in a contented sigh as she worked his balls with her tongue and he stroked her soft hair. 'Suck them my good little slut.'