Contains ball-busting, castration and rape themes.

It was the height of the British summer, which meant that, while it was drizzling with rain outside, indoors it was uncomfortably hot and airless.

Lee was sat in front of his laptop with his uninterested meat clenched in one hand. It had been a fortnight since the highly-sexed stud had moved into his new student flat and still he had no access to the fresh smut he so desperately craved.

With his existing porn collection stale from overuse, the yearning in his spunk-swollen balls had driven him to getting his kicks by spying on the girls with whom he shared the apartment block.

Throwing down his unresponsive prick, he slumped back in his chair and groaned with frustration. At that moment, he heard the front door to the building slam shut and instantly perked up. He lived on the first floor and knew that, apart from the two girls who shared a flat on the ground floor, anyone entering the building would most likely be heading upstairs.

He pulled up his shorts and grabbed his key before heading out onto the landing to wait for them.

The sound rapid footsteps up the stairs gave him a delightful thrill. He turned to his door and made as if his was also just arriving back at his flat also. He hoped it would be Sophie, the blonde student who lived across the landing whose name he'd discovered from going through her mail. He hoped this because Sophie often returned home still dressed in her work uniform which composed of a pair of tiny, bright-orange hot pants and a super-tight, super-low-cut white T-shirt.

Sophie's return was guaranteed to give Lee the erection he so desperately needed, so when a lustrous scarlet ponytail crested the top of the stairs instead, Lee couldn't help but feel disappointed.

The redhead's name was Imogen and she was the eldest daughter of the landlord. She and her younger sister lived upstairs and looked after the building for their dad. He had been introduced to her briefly on the day he moved in, but she had shown very little interest in him then or since.

In fact, as she skipped up the stairs, her usually porcelain-white face flushed and glistening from the light rain, she failed to acknowledge her hunky new tenant once more.

Lee miserably pushed his key into the lock, but something caused him to halt. His perverted sixth-sense urged him to look back at her as she reached the top of the stairs and he didn't regret it.

The girl had obviously been for a run despite the rain. Her soaked Lycra shorts clung to her every crease as she rested her hands on one knee, tipped back her head and lowered herself into a lunge.

Lee's mouth fell open and it wasn't long before his cock was straining skyward as if attempting to close it for him.

Switching legs, the redhead turned her back to him and lunged again. The Lycra clung to her pert and juicy buttocks like shrink wrap.

Lee could barely control his urges. It felt like every atom in his body was vibrating at twice the usual rate and his overburdened testicles ached for release.

But still Imogen wasn't finished stretching. Climbing up from her lunge, she set her feet together and, bending at the hips, she dipped forward to touch her toes.

'Oh god,' cried Lee, his voice quivering orgasmically as he feasted his ravenous eyes on the tastiest camel-toe he had ever seen.

Hurriedly pushing open the door, he literally fell into his flat and kicked the door shut after him. He stripped off his T-shirt and was kicking off his shorts when a knock at the door caused him to fright.

It's her! he thought, jubilant.

Leaping to his feet, he wrenched open the door with boner tenting his boxers only to find it was in fact one of the girls from downstairs. Lucy or Holly, he didn't know which, but she was quite taken aback to by the blond stud's sudden appearance and the nine-inch-long spitting cobra which was rearing furiously up at her through the thin cotton of his underwear.

'Oh,' she said faintly as her eyes locked on his straining schlong. 'Wow.'

He thought to cover himself, but the slender brunette's choice of clothing told him that this was no innocent social call. She wore no shorts or trousers, only a pair of crisp white unisex cotton briefs. A baggy vest went some way to covering her underwear, but it was so low-cut that, for the most part, its straps were the only bits covering her modest, but pert breasts.

'What can I do for you, babe?' Lee asked, with a cocked eyebrow.

'I, um, need help changing a light bulb,' she told him, still distracted.

'Course you do,' he said, grinning. 'After you, babe.'

The brunette was reluctant to turn away, her eyes lingering for as long as possible on his rod, before, finally, she proceeded to lead him down the stairs to her flat.

'I'm Lucy, by the way,' she purred.

'Uh-huh,' grunted Lee, preoccupied with the peachy halves of her ass cheeks which were left uncovered by her briefs and alternately pinched and bobbled with every step she took down the stairs.

Lucy could sense his eyes on her and didn't turn, in case she disturbed his enjoyment of her rear.

By the time they reached her flat, Lee's boner was again raging and his balls throbbing and sore as they strained to contain his pent up seed.

The sound of vacuuming met them as Lucy opened the door and let him in.

'So,' he shouted over the din, 'I take it your friend's home?'

'Holly?' yelled Lucy. 'Yeah. I'll introduce you later.'

The noise stopped suddenly and Lee turned around to be met by another brunette, her hair up in a ponytail gathered so high that it fell forward over one side of her face. She was a little curvier than her flatmate, but much bustier. She wore a plaid shirt, open but for the bottom button, and a sturdy black bra underneath which she filled to the brim.

Having stopped vacuuming to investigate the unfamiliar voice, she still held the hoover by the hose as she stared down at his tenting boxers with shocked amusement.

'Forget introducing me to him,' she said, dismissively. 'Introduce me to his friend.' Her eyes were still fixed on his hard-on.

Lee could hardly believe his luck: two horny sluts hungry for his cock. And when Lucy took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom he assumed all pretence was out the window. He was therefore understandably disheartened when Lucy proceeded to point at a lighting fixture under the bed and tell him, 'That's the bulb that needs changing. Neither of us can reach it.'

'Oh,' said Lee, crushed. Visibly deflated, he climbed on top of the bed as Holly skipped into the room after them joined them, still dragging the hoover after her by the hose.

Lee reached up and unscrewed the blown bulb.

'I knew you'd be able to reach it,' said Lucy, passing him the replacement.

'Well, he does have a good...' she scrutinised his waning, but still erect prick, '...eight-inches on us.'

The grin returned to Lee's face as she realised that even if Lucy was frigid, her busty friend was still a dirty cow. 'Nine,' he corrected her, boastfully.

She purred appreciatively.

'Done,' he announced, after twisting the new bulb into the fitting. 'Now... which of you wants to blow my bulb?'

The girls fell silent and only after a long while did Lucy ask, 'You want us to suck you off for changing a light bulb?' Her tone was incredulous.

Without a trace of shame, Lee simply shrugged. 'Why not?'

'I'll do it,' said Holly, impulsively.

Lee's grin broadened. He knew she would.

'Holly...?' said her shocked friend.

'What?' she asked with a shrug. 'If he wants sucking off, I'll—' her eyes flitted quickly down at the length of hose which she still held in her hand '—suck him off.'

Lucy's eyes lit up at the prospect. A mean smile spread across her lips and she nodded.

Holly stood before him, eyeing the once more solid prick which towered over her. With the salty musk of his balls in her nostrils, she looked up at him. He was smiling back down expectantly.

'So,' said the bubbly brunette, 'you want me to suck you?' Lee didn't answer, he merely smirked. 'Well, don't say you didn't ask for it.' With that Holly thrust the nozzle attachment up the leg hole of Lee's boxers and stomped the vacuum cleaner into life.

The air was instantly sucked from Lee's loose-fitting boxers, and, despite Lee's instinctual attempt to hoist his precious gonads out of danger, they failed to escape the irresistible draw of the nozzle.

His right and lowest-hanging testicle was the first to be caught, but rather than slip painlessly through the aperture lengthwise it wedged itself sideways.

The girls shrieked with delight as, in a distinctive and immediately recognisable fashion, the misogynistic young stud hunched suddenly forward, clutched hold of the source of his anguish and let out a strangled scream.

'You got his balls!' cheered Lucy, jubilant.

Realising the hose had securely affixed itself to Lee's genitalia, Holly let it go and joined her friend in jumped up and down on the spot squealing with girlish glee. Both were oblivious to quite how torturous and possibly ruinous the ordeal taking place inside his boxers actually was as his wedged gonad was forced to fold slowly and agonisingly in on itself until it was finally compact enough to be sucked down the tube with a comical whump!

Lee's left nut was already waiting its turn. Considerably plumper than his right, even being pulled in lengthwise didn't spare it from being forcefully distorted as it passed through the aperture of the nozzle.

Lee fought to remain upright on wobbling legs whilst tugging desperately on the appliance which had swallowed his most precious organs and was currently drawing them deeper down the hose.

'His nuts must be all way to the bag by now!' shrieked Lucy with tears streaking down her rosy cheeks.

As he wrestled with the nozzle, Lee accidentally caused it to catch hold of his boxer shorts. 'Oh no!' he squeaked as the as the ravenous vacuum swallowed any free material to twist his underwear into a tight bunch.

'Look!' cried Holly, focussing Lucy's attention just in time for Lee's boxer shorts to be torn completely off his body and sucked down the hose to leave him standing there naked, semi-erect and with a hoover nozzle gargling violently on his bollocks.

The sight sent the girls into a near-panty-wetting fit of hysterics and the humiliation was too much for Lee to take. He flopped lifelessly onto the bed whilst the hoover continued to noisily bounce his nuts about the inside of the hose.


It was impossible for Lee to contain the entirety of his stretched genitalia as he was escorted out of the girls' flat. He had no idea how long he had been unconscious or how long the girls had left the hoover attached to his scrotum, but it seemed the constant, powerful suction had robbed his nut-sack of the ability to tighten into anything even remotely manageable.

'Okay, there you are,' said Lucy, sliding her shoulder out from under his arm as Holly did the same on the other side.

Lee stumbled forward like a drunk, his bare bum cheeks twitching with every laboured step.

'Oo, I think we really hurt him,' said Holly, wincing as she watched him shuffle slowly down the hall toward the stairs. She looked at Lucy, guiltily.

Lucy's mouth twisted as she considered what she knew her friend to be proposing. She rolled her eyes and said with a sigh 'Okay, fine.'

Holly squeaked with delight and called after Lee, who had just made it to the foot of the stairs. His shame made it hard to look back.

'Oh, Lee-ee,' called Lucy, sweetly.

 Swallowing what remained of his pride, Lee looked back and was surprised to find Lucy had pulled down the front of her vest and Holly had lifted her bra.

'Thank you,' they cooed, grinning broadly as Lee's cock slipped free of his grasp to make obvious his appreciation of their display of gratitude. With a final wicked giggle, the girls slammed the door shut and left him to deal with his raging hard-on.


He had wanted to see to it right there in the hallway, but he was afraid he might be caught. So, with his balls swollen solid and taking on a faint, bluish hue, he hobbled at speed to his door. Only when he tried the handle he realised to his horror that he had neglected to take his keys with him and the door had locked after him.

He was about to slumped to the floor and sob himself to sleep when he recalled that the landlord had told him he left spare keys to the flats with his daughters in case of emergency.

A second arduous stair climb later he was at the door of the second floor flat, debating how best to approach the situation given that his furious erection refused to wane. Covering the threatening appendage the best he could with one hand, he knocked on the door.

He had barely dropped his hand back down to someway cover his freely swinging nuts when the door was pulled opened.

He had expected Imogen, but instead the younger girl, Poppy, answered. Her eyes widened at the sight of his standing there naked and she inhaled a long, deep breath before opening her mouth to scream.

'Please, no!' Lee begged her; holding out his hands to inadvertently expose the entirety of his genitalia.

With a shriek she slammed the door.

'I'm calling my dad!' she yelled from behind the door.

'Please, don't! It's not what you think! I locked myself out of my flat. I just need the key.' He pressed himself against the door. 'Please,' he pleaded, pitifully, 'don't call your dad. I'll do anything.'

There was a long pause before, to his surprise, he felt the door begin to open once more and quickly drew back to covered himself.

The girl peered out at him, eyeing him distrustfully for a moment, before asking tentatively, 'You'll do anything?' He was about to reply when he noticed her eyes creeping down his body to linger upon his shielding hands.

'Oh,' he said, suddenly unable to stop himself from grinning. 'Totally.'

Poppy was just as striking as Imogen, but she still had a little developing to do before her curves would rival her older sister's. Her hair was, if anything, even more luminously scarlet than Imogen's only she wore it shorter so that the curls were tight, springy ringlets which bounced as she looked up at him and asked excitedly, 'Really? Because my friends have all done it and I'm the only one who hasn't.'

'Well,' said Lee cockily, letting his goods swing free, 'let's fix that.'

Poppy gaze dropped once more and she remarked, wide-eyed, 'It's so big and long.'

Assuming she was talking about his penis, Lee ran his hand suggestively up its bulging underside.

She recoiled a little at the display and noticing the teenager's anxiety he told her, 'There's nothing to be scared of, baby.'

Poppy swallowed audibly. 'I'll just go put on my school shoes,' she said as she backed into her flat.

'Put on the socks too!' he called after her, barely able to believe his luck. He had seen her racing down the stairs in those socks and her pleated skirt on the few morning he was up early enough.

When she returned he was blown away. She had put on the whole school uniform.

'Turn around,' she replied. Frowning with uncertainty, Lee looked around to see the wall. 'Okay,' said Lee, nodding. 'Up against the wall. I like it.'

'Spread your legs.'

'Sure,' said Lee, following instructions without a second's thought as to the purpose.

He was buzzing when, finally satisfied, she asked, 'Ready?'

'Oh, I'm ready,' he said.

'Okay. Here it comes.'

'Wait. Here what—' the stiff leather toecap of the schoolgirl's shoe curled under his turgid testicles, catching them flush to smash them uncompromisingly flat against his crotch '—comes?'

The trauma caused a powerful, involuntary ejaculation which sprayed the wall in an arc as he toppled sideways down the stairs.

'Oh my god!' shrieked Poppy; chasing his tumbling body down the stairs until he landed in a naked, spunk-soaked heap at the bottom. 'Are they all right? Do you want me to call my sister? She's a medical student. She can check if I broke anything.'

Pretty sure that Imogen would not be too happy to hear that he had approached and mistakenly propositioned her little sister whilst stark-naked and sporting a raging boner, Lee shook his head vigorously.

'Are you sure?' she pressed. When again his grunted response sounded negative, she said, 'Well, I've got your key here so...' She stepped carefully over him and put the key in his lock. '...I'll just wedge it open and you can go in when you're ready.'

With the side of his head pressed to the floor, Lee became suddenly aware of footsteps coming up the stairs from the ground floor. Terrified it might be Imogen, he pushed himself up on his elbows and dragged his limp lower half towards his door.

'He's not still crying about his balls is he?' asked Lucy, as she and Holly joined Poppy in watching his pathetic escape.

Hearing it was not Imogen, Lee immediately fell back to the floor exhausted.

Holly, who was clutching the shredded remains of his boxer shorts, gazed down at the orbs of red meat which bulged between his sporadically twitching legs and noted, 'They do look pretty swollen all of a sudden.'

Poppy looked at her guiltily. 'He let me kick them,' she told her bashfully.

'Why would he let you do that?' asked Lucy, incredulous.

'Hey, Lucy,' said Holly with a devilish grin. 'Do you think he'd let us?'

'I really think I should call my sister,' said Poppy with concern.

'No!' mumbled Lee, face down in the carpet.

'Well, I'll send her a photo and see what she thinks.'

Before Lee could object, the young girl had kicked apart his legs, crouched down between and snapped a very intimate photograph on her phone.

Holly and Lucy looked at one another and, after a moment's silent deliberation, drew their phones and joined her.

With every mocking click of their camera phones, Lee felt his dignity wither. He had no idea that a more literal withering was also taking place until Lucy was insensitive enough to point it out.

'Ha!' she cried. 'Look at it shrivel! I should video it – it's hilarious!'

The humiliation was enough to drive Lee onward into his flat.

As the door swing shut behind him he heard Poppy complain to the older girls, 'I thought his voice would be squeakier.'

'Oh, Poppy,' said Lucy condescendingly, 'You obviously didn't kick him hard enough.' Then she and Holly burst into a fit of giggles.


Lee woke to an intense ache in his balls. When he looked down he was dismayed to find Imogen smiling back at him.

'Hello, Lee,' she said quite serenely, despite the fact that her hands were firmly gripping each of his precious jewels. She noticed his eyes on the beloved bulging flesh between her fingers.

'Oo,' she cooed, sympathetically. 'She really got you good, didn't she?'

'Please, Imogen,' he said, gulping audibly. 'They're fine.'

'For now,' she said, looking back up at him.

'What do you mean?' he enquired, fearfully.

'Did you know it's possible to twist around a testicle inside the scrotum in such a way that it shrivels up and falls off?' She seemed pleased at his horrified reaction. 'The first you'd know of it is an excruciating, gut-wrenching pain, but by then it would be too late for your poor nuts.'

'Please... don't,' he begged her in a terrified whisper.

She smiled. 'Maybe I already have.' She chuckled wickedly.

Lee let out a distressed sob only for Imogen to really turn nasty. Burying her thumbs deep into his nut-meat, she thrust her face at his and growled, 'If you as much as look at my little sister again I'll cut your fucking bollocks right off!'

Letting out a high-pitched sound like that of a boiling kettle, Lee frantically nodded his acknowledgement in the vain hope that she would let up on his testes.

'Good,' she purred. Then, continuing to gradually increasing the pressure on his distorting sex organs, she told him, 'Now, go to sleep, stud.'

The bright spots before Lee's eyes grew and multiplied until his entire vision was filled with light. And then it got dark.


The next morning Lee was roused from his bed by frantic knocking at his door.

Still half-asleep he stumbled toward the door and pulled it open.

'I need your help,' hissed Sophie, the buxom blonde from across the hall who was wrapped in a short towel and nothing else. 'I don't know how they keep getting in, but...' She trailed off as she glanced fearfully back at the open door of her apartment.

Assuming it was burglars or some other thugs, Lee instinctively picked up the baseball bat he kept by the door for just such situations and crept over to the doorway, fighting his continuing urge to waddle splay-legged.

'Which room?' he whispered as she hid behind him and peeked over his shoulder.

'The bathroom.'

'You stay here,' he told her firmly. 'I'll take care of this.'

With his bat raised, he burst into the bathroom only to find it empty. He looked back at her waiting anxiously on the threshold to the flat and shook his head with bewilderment.

'Up there,' she said pointing at the ceiling above the bath. Lee's perplexity gave way to a relief when he saw what she was pointing at.

'A spider?' he demanded, lowering the bat. 'I thought you meant a burglar or something.'

She crept in after him to whisper, 'Why would a burglar be on my bathroom ceiling?'

Lee rolled his eyes and handed her the baseball bat before stepping up onto the rim of the bath in order to reach the harmless invertebrate.

'Aren't you going to kill it?' she hissed, staring up at him.

'This little fella wouldn't hurt a fly,' told her with a chuckle.

As he was closing his fingers around the unsuspecting arachnid, he became aware of the blonde's hot, shallow breaths on a region on his body which, under normal circumstances, would not be susceptible to such delightful draughts.

In an instant, the previous day's event came flooding back to him and, despite Sophie's apparent acceptance of his nudity, the normally sweet sensation of a girl so close to his manhood suddenly filled him with terror.

'Get away!' he screamed, hurriedly dropping his hands to cover his nuts, but losing his footing on the enamelled bath rim in the process. With a cry he fell backward into the tub.

Seeing the muscle-bound stud felled by what she assumed to be a spider bite to his scrotum, Sophie cried out in horror and flung the baseball bat back over her head so violently that her big breasts almost burst her towel.

Winded and knocked insensible, Lee could only manage a pitiful sob as she brought the bat down between his legs screaming, 'Die!'

The soft splat of wood on flesh echoed off the bathroom tiles as Lee lurched forward to find himself staring deep into the blonde's eyes.

'Did I get it?' she asked, panting breathlessly.

'You got both,' he said in a pained wheeze, before his eyes crossed and he collapsed back into the bath unconscious.


A splash of cold water roused him.

'I am so sorry,' Sophie gushed the moment his eyes blinked open. 'I didn't think how delicate men are down there and I just swung for the spider.' She lifted the bat and added with pride, 'I think I got it though. See?' She touched the wood and her finger drew a thin string of goo. 'It's sticky.'

Lee let out an insensible groan and wished unconsciousness would take him once more.

She dropped the bat and leaned back over the bath tub, the knot in her towel barely holding together as her juicy tits hung down and jiggled as she talked. 'I gave your bits a quick check and they seemed a bit...' She winced. 'I think I should get the girl from upstairs to take look – she's a nurse or something.'

'No!' squeaked Lee, lurching forward to catch her wrist. 'I just need help up.'

'Are you sure?' she asked with concern. 'They look pretty...' She winced again.

'They're fine,' he lied, his voice cracking and higher than usual.

Though unconvinced, she did take his hands and hoisted up onto the edge of the tub; panicking when his dangling cock and balls failed to slide over the rim and became caught beneath him.

'Oo!' she cried, cringing. 'I'll just...' She carefully slipped her finger in behind his thick prick and fished it out from under him. It slid off her finger and slapped heavily against the side of the bath to hang there, looking an impressive, but rather lonely sight without its friends.

'Now I'll just...'

Lee let out a wretched sob as her hand once more went down between his legs and he felt her finger loop around the back of his scrotum.

'I'll be gentle,' she promised him as she began to slowly draw his lengthy sack up through the gap between his crotch and the bath.

To Lee's great relief, first one, then a second testicle popped out. They were bright red and shiny with swelling, but they were at least seemingly intact.

With their delicate extraction a success, Sophie gave a sigh and unthinkingly released his danglers whilst she still held them aloft. The soft, comical plink they made as they bounced off the side of the bath belied the enormity of the pain it brought Lee whose eyes immediately filled with tears.

'Can you walk?' Sophie asked, biting her lip guiltily. She handed him the baseball bat and told him, 'Use this for support.'

With one hand cupping his nuts and the other using the bat as a crutch, Lee waddled slowly out of the flat. He was halfway across the landing when she called after him.

'Lee? I think you forgot something.'

He was pretty sure the baseball bat had been the only thing he had taken in with him so, as he turned back around, he stared at her mystified.

'Your reward,' she explained with a grin as she let her towel fall to the floor.

The unexpected sight of her naked body caused Lee's bollocks to flinch and before his soft prick even had time to stiffen he found himself ejaculating.

Desperate to save himself the humiliation of her seeing him blow his load on the carpet, and with his eyes already rolling into the back of his head, he squeaked urgently, 'Shut the door!'

She frowned at him, surprised and hurt by his rejection. Then her expression hardened and she cried, 'I hope I did smash your bollocks!' before slamming shut the door the moment Lee's floppy cock let loose a sorry deluge of spunk.

He stood there, in a puddle of his own semen, shaking with ripples of pleasure, pain and humiliation for several seconds before taking the few last steps to his door. He didn't even have to test the handle to realise he had once again locked himself out without his key.


'I need the spare key,' he told Poppy when she opened the door.

'Sure,' she said brightly, adding, 'Just let me pop one of your balls first.'

'What?' cried Lee. 'Are you kidding?'

'No. Kelly Freeman said she popped one of Derrick Jacobs' balls and now it's all she ever talks about and all the other girls said they're going to do it and—'

'There's no way I'm letting you pop one of my balls!' he bellowed.

'Well, there's no way you're getting the key,' said Poppy, pouting.

'Move!' growled Lee, before shoving his way past her.

'Hey!' she cried. 'You can't just waddle in like you own the place.'

'Watch me.'

He came to the collection of keys hung on a board and, finding his own, he exclaimed, 'Aha!' Turning with the key raised triumphantly he was met by the, by now familiar, toe of Poppy's shoe. Letting out the shrill squeal of, 'My balls!' he crumbled to the floor.

'Yes!' cried Poppy, pumping her fist. 'You're doing the squeaky voice. Does that mean I popped one of your balls?'

Lee had no way of knowing as he wasn't about to probe his smashed bollocks, but something told him that he better tell her she had, so he nodded.

'Yes!' she cheered again. 'I have to text Kelly. Oh, but she'll want proof!' She ran around behind Lee and squatted down between his legs.

'Open up,' she said, pushing his thighs apart. Lee heard the humiliating snap of the young girl's camera. 'Perfect!' she said, before gasping with horror. 'Oh, no! I think I just sent it to Imogen!'

Lee froze. 'No,' he squeaked hopelessly.

Suddenly the girl's phone went.

'Oh, hi, Imogen,' she said nervously. Lee heard the sound of muffled yelling. 'But he forced his way in with a baseball bat!' Silence, followed by a short sentence. 'Okay,' answered Poppy. 'I'll see you soon.'

She put down the phone and looked guiltily down at Lee. 'I think you're in trouble with my sister,' she told him, biting her bottom lip.

Lee let out a frightened squeal and began to crawl at high speed towards the door.

'Hey, where are you going?' she yelled after him.

She chased him out onto the stairs and watched him attempt to take them crawling, only to end up rolling head over heels until he hit the landing. Unruffled, he picked himself up immediately and lurched for his keyhole.

Poppy watched him disappear inside, noticing as the door swung shut after him that he had neglected to remove the key. Rolling her eyes, she walked down the stairs and retrieved it from the lock; examining it thoughtfully for a while. With shrug she popped it in the pocket of her shorts and skipped back upstairs to wait for her sister.


'Poppy tells me you paid her another visit.'

The voice caused Lee to wake with a start, snapping the binds around his wrists and ankles taut. Imogen smiled down at him from her position kneeling between his forcibly spread legs.

'Imogen!' he said in a panicked gasp.

'Don't tell me you're surprised to see me?' she said, with a raised eyebrow.

He looked left and right at the bindings holding his arms. 'What are you going to do to me?' he asked her, his voice trembling.

'I already told you what I'd do if you went near her again... although, from what Poppy tells me she already did half the job for me.' Her eyes wandered down to his nut-sack which hung down between his legs out of his sight.

'Oo,' she cooed, feigning concern. 'Looks painful. I'd better take a look.' She hunkered down lower and slid her fingers under his precious orbs causing him to wrench desperately at his binds.

'Get off them!' he shrieked pathetically.

'But Lee, I'm training to be a doctor, you'd don't think I'd just let you lie there with a possibly broken bollock do you?' Her eyes twinkled as she looked up at him and began to apply pressure to her handfuls of rubbery flesh.

'Of course in hospital they'd pump you full of painkillers before they started poking around at a mushy baby-maker,' she went on, ignoring his alarm, 'but you're a big tough guy, right Lee? Why else would you wait 'til a young girl is all alone in her flat before forcing your way in with a baseball bat?' She clamped down hard on his big left ball.

Lee's back arched, lifted him high off the mattress whilst he hit a note higher than any time in his life.

Imogen took great pleasure in making him sing soprano: letting his slippery nugget squirm back and forth between her finger and thumb to ensure she pinched every last nerve-ending contained within its gristly outer shell.

'Well, that one seems to be working just fine,' she said, grinning with a dark satisfaction. 'Must be the other one she burst. Let's take a look shall we?' As her fingers wrapped around his throbbing right testicle, Lee imagined the agony that a similar squeeze to a burst bollock would bring.

'No, please, Imogen!' he screamed hysterically. 'All I wanted was the spare key. She wouldn't give it me unless I let her pop a bollock!'

'Oh, I see,' said Imogen, slapping her forehead sarcastically. 'That's why you took the baseball bat – to protect yourself against a mean little schoolgirl.'

'It's true!' he cried. 'She said one of her friends had popped a boy's nut and she was getting all the attention.'

The redhead narrowed her eyes and studied his expression for a time. 'So you let her?' she asked him, her fingers twitching around his nut. 'You let her pop one of your testicles?'

He shook his head, humiliated.

A big smile spread across her beautiful face. 'So despite your muscles and your baseball bat a schoolgirl still managed to smash your bollocks?' She let out a chuckle. 'That little minx.'

'You believe me?'

'Sure,' she said with a shrug. 'It sounds like something she'd do. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give your cracked nut a good squeeze.'

'Oh, god. Nooooo!'

Her delighted laughter filled the room. 'Relax,' she told him, wiping a tear from her eye. 'My sister couldn't pop a bollock if her virginity depended on it.' Adding bitterly, 'More's the pity.'

'So... I still have both nuts?' asked Lee, elated.

'Yeah,' she said dispassionately, before bearing down on both his testicles at once. 'See?'

The binds twanged loudly as Lee's arms and legs flailed frantically and his cries of anguish drowned out her laughter.

Letting up on his plums only after several seconds, Imogen waited for him to settle. His cries almost immediately dwindled to sorry, self-pitying mewls, but it took a while longer for his writhing limbs to settle into weak, sporadic twitches. 'I'm prepared to let your full scrotum be our little secret,' she said giving it a playful pat. 'But Poppy can never know.'

Still sobbing, Lee looked up at her with distress. 'Pretend I lost a nut?' he asked in a squeak.

She nodded. 'The alternative is...' she said, shooting him a big grin, '...you don't pretend.'

Her threat sent Lee very pale indeed and, with a whimper, he told her, 'I'll pretend.'

'Good boy,' she said in a patronising coo. 'Oh, but there is one more condition...'

She released his balls and ran her hand upward over his cock which she had tossed back over his washboard stomach to keep it out of the way. It twitched at her touch.

'What are you doing?' Lee asked with a gulp as she began to stroke his involuntarily stiffening shaft.

'What does it look like?' she asked wickedly as she produced a phone from her back and began to record his debasement for the enjoyment of her fellow classmates, who would be delighted to witness the certain-to-be painful repercussions of a badly busted man brought to orgasm..

'It looks like... rape,' he protested weakly. She smiled at him.

'Do you want me to stop?'

Lee nodded, but could do nothing to subdue the nine solid inches which spoke to the contrary. Imogen continued to grin at him smugly as, resigned to letting her have her way with him, Lee closed his eyes and lowered his head drop into his pillow.

'Okay, girls,' she said for the camera. 'I'm doing this for science, but, god, do I wish I had another hand free!'

Working his thick, lengthy rod was harder work than she had anticipated and the muscles in her dainty hand burned by the time she noticed the telltale signs that her was close to completion.

'Thank, god,' she said with relief when his fat bollocks began to slither up toward his crotch, leaving his limp, empty scrotum where it lay. 'I was this close to resorting to using my mouth.'

Lee's quickening breaths stopped abruptly, his eyes opened wide and a shrill squeal began to build in his throat.

'Oh... here it comes!' squeaked Imogen, struggling to hold the camera steady as Lee's mighty prick bucked urgently in her other hand. She watched with barley-contained glee as the smooth underside of her tormented subject's cock bulged suddenly with the bountiful ejaculate which, only moments later, issued from his shining, purple bell-end in a spectacular geyser of semen which seemed destined to hit the ceiling. Gravity, however, caught up with the sparkling chain of pearls and it was brought back down to earth where it spattered the full length of Lee's tensing torso.

'Holy shit!' shrieked Imogen with delight as Lee curled forward, squealing; his big muscles straining at the binds so hard that the entire bed began to creak with protest. With her fist coated in the slimy results of her experiment, the cruel redhead continued to pump his shaft: determined to wring every last drop of cum out of his painfully bruised bollocks. Her efforts won several more spurts and while they were diminishing in power, the agony they inflicted upon Lee only increased as his smashed testicles churned themselves empty.

Finally relieved of their load, Lee's twitching nuts slumped back down to the mattress and his cock instantly withered.

'Okay,' squeaked Imogen; revelling at the sight of his slime-covered snake flopping in her hand, 'this isn't for science anymore – it's just fucking hilarious!'

Taking a break from her giggles to breathe, she tossed his deflated cock into the puddle of cooling spunk pooled between his abs.

'That was great,' she said, panting as she turned the camera on herself. 'I hope you all learned something. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go fuck myself raw.' With that she ended the video and climbed off the bed; taking one last look at Lee, who was unmoving apart from the sporadic twitches which gripped his tortured body.

'Night, stud,' she whispered. 'Can't wait to do this again.'


A few months later...

Lee had been walking properly for several weeks and despite his emasculating ordeal, he had managed to banish it from his waking mind. His dreams, however, were out of his control and almost every night since he had woken from a fevered sleep, erect, sticky with semen and haunted by girls' mocking giggles.

The knock at the door was unexpected. And when he answered it to find Lucy and Holly beaming back at him he was understandably nervous.

'Trick or treat?' they cooed sweetly.

'We're on our way to a Halloween party,' explained Lucy, who had chosen an outfit which would show off her amazing legs and ass: an 80s-style leotard which she wore without tights.

Big, hair-sprayed hair crushed by a sweatband and baggy ankle warmers finished the look, but it was the poking nipples and pouting camel-toe which made the biggest impression on Lee.

He had barely time to enjoy the sight before Holly caught his attention as she added with a wicked grin, 'But we thought we'd come see if you had a treat for us first.'

Being blessed with a pair of ample breasts, Holly had picked a costume whose sole purpose was to put her assets to use: a corseted vampire. Lee's eyes followed the line of red-dyed syrup which ran from her blood-red lips and had dripped from her chin to the breath-taking mounds of doughy flesh which bulged from the crushing corset.

Either Holly's saucy comment or the dumb expression of Lee's face prompted Lucy to chuckle. The pair had obviously started drinking in preparation for the party.

'Hey, Lee,' she said, brushing his arm. 'Show us your nut.'

'What?' asked Lee, flustered by the improper request and the way she had so purposely not used the plural.

'Please!' begged Holly, bending at the knees. 'Poppy told us she burst one and we've never a seen a guy with only one, have we Lucy.' Her friend shook her head earnestly.

'Look, what Poppy told you is bullshit. You've seen my balls – do you think a schoolgirl could burst one?'

'I dunno – they're pretty delicate from what I've heard,' said Lucy.

'Yeah,' concurred Holly. 'Imogen is always telling us about the guys she gets in the hospital with burst balls. It's nothing to be ashamed of.'

'Well...' said Lucy with a derisive snort.

'Shush, Lucy. Oh, please show us Lee.'

'And it's like you said,' added Lucy, 'it's not like we haven't seen it before.'

'Well, the same could be said for your tits and I don't see you eager to whip them out.'

Confident he had just ended the discussion, he began to close the door, but the girls looked at one another and, after exchanging an unconcerned shrug they each bared their breasts.

Crossing her hands to take hold of the sides of her leotard, Lucy pulled it into a thin strip in the middle of her chest. Her stiff-nippled B-cups slipped out either side. Holly meanwhile shoved her hands down the front of her corset to haul out what little doughy flesh remained trapped inside. She held her soft jugs proudly aloft for him to behold.

'Now your turn,' said Lucy, letting the stretchy fabric spring back to cover her breasts.

Lee swallowed loudly, and then yielded.

With his eyes on Holly as she went about the arduous task of stuffing her nipples back into her corset, he absently unzipped his flies and slipped his fingers inside to fish out one nut after the other. The weight of the two big testes drew out after it the several inches of scrotum which had never contracted after its run in with the girls' vacuum cleaner.

'There,' he said weakly.

The two girls looked down and counted his testicles with a look of mild disappointment.

Lee's mind was still too blown from the girls' unashamed flash to notice the two redheads who came down the staircase behind the brunettes only to stopped abruptly on spotting his fully-laden scrotum.

'He's got both nuts!' cried Poppy, causing him to look up in horror in time to see her turn to her sister and sob inconsolably, 'You lied to me!'

'Poppy, no,' cried Imogen, catching the tearful girl before she could run back up the stairs. 'It's a novelty nut-sack. He's dressed up as a man with two balls.' She shot Lee a look which would have withered his scrotum had it still the capacity to do so and growled, 'Right, Lee?'

Lee gulped and nodded obediently.

'Really?' asked Holly, frowning down at the convincing pink sack. 'It looks pretty real to me.'

'It's not,' said Lee. 'It's rubber.' He noticed Lucy was eyeing him especially dubiously.

'If it's fake you won't mind if I...' Without breaking eye-contact, she swung back her arm then whipped the palm of her hand up into his hanging jewels.

Seeing Poppy watching with interest, Lee fought the overwhelming urge to flinch, grimace and squeal with some measure of success; though he was unable to prevent his eyes from bulging conspicuously.

Lucy seemed impressed by his lack of anguish, if not convinced, but it was Holly who Lee should have been watching because, eager not to miss out on a free nut-shot, she too proceeded to deliver a slap to his danglers, only she made sure to really put her back into it.

Lee's nuts were sent sailing up into the air quite spectacularly and though a yelp did escape his lips, he was somehow able to suppress it before it turned into a full-blown squeal.

'Aw,' complained Holly, whose slap had been hard enough to dislodge both nipples from her corset. 'I hoped they'd squeak.' This caused Lucy to snigger uncontrollably.

Blinking away the tears, Lee gripped the doorframe for support and looked to Poppy. 'See?' he squeaked, through gritted teeth. 'Fake.'

Poppy looked upset and uncertain.

'Tell you what Poppy,' said Imogen, squeezing her little sister's shoulders encouragingly. 'Why don't you go give them a good hard kick – see if you can pop one of his fake nuts like you did his real one?'

'Okay!' cried Poppy, suddenly delighted.

'What? No!' objected Lee, as the giddy teen skipped down the stairs toward him.

'Lee!' snapped Imogen. 'You let her kick them or I'll have to prove they're fake by ripping them off!'

Lee let out a sob and dropped his head submissively.

'Oh, and pretend like it's a real kick to the nuts,' she told him. 'It's funnier for us girls that way.' The brunettes nodded earnestly in agreement.

Lee hadn't witnessed any of Poppy's previous kicks, but as she threw back her leg, he could see why they had been so devastating: the little bitch really put her all into her kicks.

The impact lifted him of the ground and when he came back down his legs folded under him to leave him on his knees, hunched forward, clutching his battered balls whilst heaving violently.

'Oo! Nice one, Poppy!' cheered Lucy, high-fiving the young girl.

'They don't call you “Poppy” for nothing!' enthused Holly, also high-fiving; oblivious to her peeking nips.

The door across the hall opened and Sophie peered out. She was obviously getting ready for work as she had on the T-shirt to her Hooters outfit, but no shorts, only the tights under which it seemed she wore nothing.

'What's going on?' she asked when she saw the familiar sight of Lee cradling his scrotum.

'Oh, look,' said Imogen, snidely, 'Sophie's dressed a slut for Halloween.'

Both Lucy and Holly gasped at her effrontery, but made little attempt to hide their enjoyment of it; snorting a chuckling into their hands.

Visibly upset by their girls' spitefulness, Sophie gave Lee one last, tearful, glance and then slammed the door shut.

The brunettes, Lucy and Holly, immediately stopped even remotely holding back their amusement and their laughter filled the hallway.

'Come on, Poppy,' said Lucy, through the giggles. Taking the young redhead between them, she and Holly led the girl downstairs.

Watching her sister disappear from view, Imogen strolled down the stairs from her flat and across the landing to where Lee knelt groaning nauseously. She and her sister had switched roles for the party: Poppy wore Imogen's hospital scrubs, while Imogen wore her little sister's school uniform.

Sensing her looming over him, he squeaked, 'I think she really broke one this time.'

'Aw, too bad,' she cooed. Then, in a fit of rage, she gripped him by the hair and snapped his head back to growl, 'Trust me you prick – you got off lightly. Because if she'd have found out I lied to her, I'd have fucking hung you by them... In fact, I still might.'

With that she threw down his head and went to join the others still giggling in the lobby.


'Oh,' said Sophie, surprised to find Lee still curled up on his doorstep mewling. She looked about the landing to make sure there wasn't anyone else around and then she walked slowly and tentatively over to where he lay.

Bending down to him, she said softly, 'Listen, Lee, I just wanted to say that I was really sorry to hear what Poppy did to you. I mean, popping one of your nuts...' she put a hand to her considerable chest and said sincerely, 'that's a really shitty thing to do to a guy. And I should know – I've popped my fair share.' Realising how this sounded she added swiftly, 'But they deserved it, obviously.'

She waited awkwardly for some sort of reply, but when none came she bit her lip and tentatively asked the question she had wanted to ask him from the moment she heard about his loss. 'I wondered, now that you only have one, does your... thing still work okay?'

Lee let out a pitiful sob prompting her to feel immediately guilty. Standing quickly, she cleared her throat and said hastily, 'Anyway, I just wanted to say: sorry about your nut.' And with that she hurried down the stairs.


Some time after Sophie's departure, Lee had eventually managed to drag himself to his bed where he immediately fell unconscious.

As usual, his dreams were haunted by the mocking echoes of girls' laughter, only, when he woke with a start, erect, but thankfully unsoiled, he found to his horror that the laughter did not stop.

The terrifying cackles were coming from outside his building. He sat up and looked out of the window. It was dark, but under the orange glow of the street lights he saw Lucy and Holly staggering across the road, carrying between them Poppy.

Poppy's head was lolling back and forth as she giggled hysterically. It was as it lolled backward that her bleary eyes made contact with his and caused him to freeze in terror.

'Look!' she yelled at the top of her lungs. 'It's the one-nut wonder!'

Lucy and Holly looked up and, seeing him, cheered.

'Hey, Lee,' cried Holly, 'hang that big dick of yours out the window and let us climb up and fuck you.'

'Or even better,' shouted Lucy, 'hang your only bollock out and let Poppy splat it like she did the other one!' Her callous words had Lee shrinking away from the window in shame. 'Hey!' she yelled. 'Come back!'

'We'll show you our tits!' cried Holly, prompting Lee to hesitantly reappear at the edge of the window.

Holly had let go of Poppy and was already delving into her corset for her jugs when he peered back out. She lifted one in each hand and began juggling them whilst jeering obnoxiously.

Beside her, Lucy also released Poppy to flash him and the young, intoxicated redhead only barely managed to stay upright on her own. She watched the two brunettes, giggling childishly at their antics until she was taken by the sudden urge to join them. She gripped the bottom of her top and before either Lucy or Holly could stop her, she lifted it up to her chin and beamed up at the gobsmacked young stud with immense pride.

Lee's wide eyes flitted from one sweet nipple to the next; back and forth between the young girl's forbidden pink nubs until Lucy hurriedly wrestled the redhead's top back down, all the time glancing fearfully back over her shoulder.

With Poppy's fantastic young tits concealed once more, Lee's eyes were free to follow the brunette's anxious gaze. They found Imogen glaring up at him from the shadows.

'Fuck,' he cursed.

Then the livid redhead's gaze lowered slightly and her expression became even more furious.

'Oh, please, no,' said Lee in a scared whisper as, slowly, he looked down at his lap to find exactly what he had feared: his rampant hard-on had escaped through his open flies and was soaring skyward for all to see over the window sill.

In a desperate panic he grabbed the stiff shaft and bent it this way and that in an attempt to wrestle it from view, but when he looked back out the window, the street was empty and the sound of rapid footsteps on the stairs caused him to swing around.

'They're coming,' he said in a gasp and, in his desperation, Lee actually found himself grabbing his precious balls and scanning the room for a safe place to hide them. He barely had time to realise the idiocy of that instinct as the sound of the spare key in the lock caused him to freeze.

'No!' he squeaked before doing the only thing he could think to do: throw himself back onto his mattress and pretend to be asleep.

'Go upstairs!' came a bark through the opening door. It was Imogen.

'No! I want to see!' cried Poppy.

'Upstairs, now!'

Lee heard a petulant sob, then heavy footsteps stomping up the stairs. Then, for a long time he heard nothing. The silence was unbearable and against his better judgment, Lee peeked out of one eye to find Imogen, Lucy and Holly looming over him.

The two brunettes' faces were red with mirth at the sight of him laying there, his cock standing stubbornly rigid despite his terror and his balls dangling long and loose from his flies.

Imogen, meanwhile, remained stony-faced as she said dryly, 'Oh, look – he's asleep.' She reached out a hand and curled her fingers around his sagging testicles. 'Let's wake him.'

Lee stomach muscles tensed as he braced himself for agony, but Lucy hissed suddenly, 'Wait!' and gripped Imogen's wrist. The redhead looked at her sharply, demanding an explanation.

'I've always had a fantasy...' she began tantalisingly.

'Go on,' said Imogen, her grip loosening around Lee's plums.

'Well... I've always wanted to have sex with a man... while he's asleep.'

Holly gasped and gave a drunken titter. 'Do it!' she implored. 'Please, Lucy, do it now!'

Imogen's hand released Lee's balls completely and he was pleasantly surprised to find it fell instead on his tenaciously erect cock. Wrapping her fingers around its thick shaft she drew it backward until it stood vertical; an impressive sight for any red-blooded female to behold.

'I don't know,' said Lucy, suddenly coy, though her eyes continued to devour every last inch of Lee's prick with an insatiable hunger. 'Wouldn't it be... you know?'

'Rape?' asked Imogen, making a point of looking back at Lee, who she was fairly sure was watching, to grin wickedly. 'Don't be silly,' she told the brunette with an incredulous chuckle. 'It's only rape if he's unwilling and are you seriously telling me he looks...' she ran her hand up the length of his pole, '...unwilling?'

Lucy gulped audibly and murmured, 'I guess not,' before swiftly peeling herself out of her leotard to stand there naked, but for a sweatband and legwarmers. Imogen felt the involuntary jerk that Lee's prick gave at the sight and she grinned.

'Hop on,' she told Lucy and, with a gleeful squeak, the horny brunette leapt on the bed to straddle the meat monument which Imogen so graciously held aloft whilst she proceeded to lower her glistening fuck-hole onto its fat, shining head.

Through barely parted eyelids, Lee watched as the pink pout between her pert bum-cheeks laid a wonderfully hot kiss on the tip of his cock.

Despite now having unlimited access to all the porn he could need, Lee found himself incapable of maintaining an erection long enough to climax. His only release came at night in the form of humiliating wet dreams and it had been several nights since his last. So, after so long without release, it was all he could do not to blow his load at once over her parting flaps.

Only the memory of the exquisite agony that cumming with busted balls unleashed subdued his urges.

Meanwhile, Lucy was finding herself challenged: Lee's plump purple bell-end was proving to be a worthy adversary for her tight little cunt and she was really having to work to fit it in. Only after much sensual gyrating of her hips, did her lips spread wide enough to allow him entry and, with a whimper of surprise, the brunette proceeded to slide down his shaft several sudden inches before coming to an unexpectedly abrupt stop.

'Oh!' she cried out in pain.

'What is it?' asked Holly, with concern when she saw the look of discomfort on her friend's face.

'Nothing,' lied Lucy, breathlessly. 'For a minute there I didn't think I was going to fit it all in is all.'

'Well, you've not yet,' announced Imogen, suddenly removing the hand which gripped the last few inches of his cock.

Lucy's dropped another painful inch before she caught herself. 'Fuck! I can't take any more,' she cried. 'It won't fit.'

'Don't be so modest,' cooed Imogen. 'I bet there's plenty of room left up there. Besides, your friends are here to give you a helping hand, right Holly?'

Holly nodded earnestly.

'That's... um... sweet, but I really don't think—'

'I know!' interrupted Imogen. She took Holly's hand and led her onto the bed. 'You sit yourself down there and give your friend a bit of encouragement.'

Holly obligingly knelt between Lee's spread legs and looked at her suddenly anxious friend. 'What kind of encouragement?' she asked uncertainly as Imogen walked around behind her.

'Well, you both like getting these out so much,' said Imogen, plunging her hands down the front of her corset without permission to hoist the brunette's big tits out of the garment. 'And it sets such a fine example for my little sister, I must say. I mean, you've already got her flashing her tits like a good little slut. I'm sure it won't be long before she's riding dick like Lucy here.'

As the awful realisation that they had unwittingly angered a genuine bitch sunk in, the brunettes looked at one another with dread.

Leaning over Holly's shoulder, Imogen hissed into her ear menacingly, 'Make a fist.'

'What?' asked the scared girl.

'Make a fist before I make one,' snarled Imogen, her grip tightening around the girl's tits. 'And I promise you won't like what I do with mine.' Holly quickly balled her hand into a tight fist.

'Good girl,' cooed the redhead; letting Holly's big jugs flop unceremoniously over the front of her corset before walking back around to place a hand firmly on Lucy's shoulder to prevent her from escaping. 'Now punch those bollocks.'

Holly looked down at the fat pair of nuts which rested in the crack between Lee's crotch and the mattress. Normally she wouldn't have thought twice about burying her knuckles in the rubbery flesh, but something told her Imogen knew something she didn't.

'I won't ask again,' growled Imogen; her hand darting out to snatch hold of the busty babe's nipple. With a pained yelp, Holly closed her eyes and sent her fist into Lee's bloated bollocks with a fatty splat! Just as Imogen had expected, the assault caused Lee's hips to buck involuntarily and thrust a further inch up inside Lucy's strained cunt.

The slim brunette cried out in pain, much to her friend's distress. She opened her eyes and looked hopefully at Imogen. 'Who told you to stop?' demanded the redhead.

'Imogen please,' begged Lucy. 'It won't fit.'

'Oh, it will,' growled Imogen. 'Holly's going to make it fit, aren't you?' Imogen pinched down hard on the girl's blood-red teat and Holly drove her knuckles deep into Lee's nut-meat a second time. Once again, an involuntary thrust from Lee drove his cock further into Lucy's over-stretched fuck-tunnel.

'Faster!' barked Imogen, spurring Holly on with a cruel twist of her tit.

Over and over the wincing girl rained down punches on Lee's helpless testicles and over and over his hips lurched powerfully skyward to stab poor screaming Lucy deeper.

After almost a minute of a rape which, with both participants unwilling and in agony, now appeared to being going both ways, still the last, thickest inch of Lee's prick refused to penetrate and Imogen was growing impatient.

Lifting Holly's entire F-cup by its delicate teat in order to get her attention, the redhead told her with a stern scowl, 'Harder!' Hearing this, both brunettes began to cry in earnest and at this point even Lee couldn't hold back his anguish and let out a pathetic whimper.

With an apologetic pout of her face, Holly looked her tearful friend in the eyes and pulled back her trembling fist.

'God, no!' whispered Lucy, before, with a cry of exertion and emotion, her best friend twisted at the hips to set her tits swinging and piston her fist into Lee's battered, but stubbornly solid testes.

Lee's balls had nowhere to go but flat.


The pain from the impact was excruciating as Holly's small knuckles buckled the protective shell of his left testicle with enough force to leave behind a lasting dent. Lee's spine arched violently upward, sinking the ruinous last inch of his shaft into Lucy and lifting the wailing brunette clean off the bed.

'My cervix!' she screamed as her legs kicked wildly and her hands gripped at pain she could not reach.

Lee's back remained arched for a long time as his overloaded brain processed the enormity of the testicular trauma, but when he did finally collapse back down on the bed, Imogen seemed satisfied with the ordeal both participants had suffered. She released Lucy's shoulder and let her topple backwards on top of him.

Breathless and with her salt-smelling, trembling fist still raised, Holly stared down in horror at the sight of her friend's pink hole stretched taut around the monstrously thick hilt of Lee's cock.

'Help her off it,' Imogen told her. Holly nodded obediently and rushed around the bed to gently slip her hands under Lucy's arms.

Lucy stared up at her with tear-filled eyes and begged her, 'Slowly.' Her friend nodded sympathetically and ever so tentatively began to drag her off Lee's skewering pole.

Inch by glistening inch, Lee's obscenely engorged shaft slid free of Lucy's stretched pink hole until, with a loud pop! she was free. Immediately, the brunette hitched her knees up, clenched her thighs together and let out a whimper of relief.

The moment Lee's grossly distended cock had slipped out, Imogen lost all interest in the girls. 'Get her out of here,' she told Holly.

With her flatmate providing support, Lucy climbed to her feet and began her tortuous shuffle out of the room. It was a distressing sight, but one Imogen watched dispassionately, even feeling the need to make one last thing clear to them as they passed by.

'I hope it goes without saying that if either of you ever sets a bad example for my little sister again, it'll be something much worse than a cock I have you riding.'

Imogen hadn't put any thought into what form the penis substitute might take before making the threat, but she was happy to see from the look of horror on the girls' faces that their imaginations had done the work for her.

'We won't,' sobbed Holly with dread. 'We swear, don't we Lucy?'

Lucy could only manage a pained squeak of agreement, but Imogen was gracious enough to accept it. 'Good,' she said brightly, before slapping the Holly's arse to get her moving again.

Shutting the bedroom door after them, Imogen turned to Lee who lay lifeless on the bed.

'They're gone, you coward – you can stop pretending to be asleep. Lee? Oh, Lee...?'

She peeled back his eyelid to find his pupil staring resolutely inward. 'Huh,' she said. 'I guess you're really out for the count.'

She looked around the room to make sure they were alone and then slipped her cotton panties down from under her skirt...


Holly's bum cheek still stung from the slap, but she had no choice but to use it to prop open the front door as she guided her friend over its threshold.

'What happened to your clothes?' asked a curious young voice causing both brunettes to look up in terror.

Poppy sat at the bottom of her staircase in her pink pyjamas, her jaw open wide at the sight of the two young women in varying states of undress.

Fortunately, though naked, but for her ankle warmers, Lucy was at least already clutching her pussy. Unfortunately, Holly's reaction to Poppy's presence was to immediately grip one of her big bared breasts in each hand, thereby dropping her friend in the process to leave her sprawled across the landing.

'Shit! Lucy!' cried Holly, on seeing her friend hit the floor. She immediately released her tits to pick Lucy back up.

Similarly alarmed by Lucy's fall, Poppy rushed to lend a helping hand, but Holly waved her back anxiously, inadvertently setting her big tits swinging.

'Did you flash him again?' asked the young girl, mesmerised by the wobbling jugs.

'No!' cried Holly, throwing her forearm across her ample chest to subdue its eye-catching sway. 'No, no, no!' she stressed, adding lamely, 'We're just very drunk.'

'I'm very drunk too!' boasted Poppy, who had been allowed an unprecedented three alcopops and was buzzing more on sugar then alcohol. She gripped the bottom of her pyjama top and whipped it up. 'See?' she asked, shaking her little B-cups enthusiastically.

'Oh, god,' cried Holly. 'We're dead!' She hauled Lucy hauled back to her feet and dragged her hurriedly down the stairs. Poppy watched them from the landing, her top still lifted, until they disappeared from sight around the corner.

Dejected by their reaction, she pulled her top down and turned to go back upstairs. Only she noticed that in her haste, Holly had not made sure to close the door to Lee's flat with enough force to cause it to lock.

Knowing her big sister was still inside and frustrated at being left out, the headstrong young girl quietly let herself in.


Holding onto Lee's still furiously erect cock for support, Imogen lowered herself down into the bed in the space left between his splayed legs. As her bare bum cheeks hovered mere inches above the mattress, she found herself staring at the monstrous nine inches which had been bent backward by her weight. 'Yuck,' she said, grimacing as she stared into its oozing eye. 'How could any girl find that appealing?'

She let it spring back and fell the last few inches to the bed. 'These on the other hand...' she continued, lovingly running her hands down the length of Lee's exceptionally slack scrotum until her palms were filled by his big swollen balls. 'These are what should make girls water at the mouth...' She chuckled and corrected herself, 'Water at the lips.' With that said she isolated a single of Lee's testicles and drew it to her dripping cunt.

The sensation was like a hot, wet kiss on Lee's nut and caused the young man, who had been successfully feigning unconsciousness up until then, to risk peeking. To his dismay, Imogen caught him instantly.

'I fucking knew it,' she growled, her grip tightening around his nuts. Then, to Lee's surprise, she let up on them.

'You know what? Fuck it,' she said. 'It'll be even hotter with you awake to feel it.'

'Feel what?' Lee asked, knowing full well he didn't want to hear the answer.

'Me fucking your balls.'

'What?' he squeaked. 'Is that even possible?'

'Of course it is, but it's not like any man does it willingly,' she said and with a knowing grin added, 'It isn't particularly pleasurable to have your nuts jammed into what is basically a 360 degree vice. Here, I'll show you...'

Despite its slipperiness, Imogen expertly manipulated the egg-sized orb of his left testicle to turn it lengthwise and press it against the hungry opening of her pussy. Lee let out a sob as she pressed her thumb into the sensitive top of his nut to force it through the much smaller aperture of her cunt. After a few seconds of painful protest, it disappeared inside with a pop; her thumb following it in a couple inches to ensure it was lodged deep.

'Need to make space,' she explained with a twinkle in her eye. 'There's another one to go in yet.'

The remaining testicle was turning a fetching shade of purple where Holly's knuckle had irreparably buckled its shell and the mere act of lining it up for entry had Lee thrashing wildly with distress.

'Oh, this is going to be so good,' purred Imogen, her eyelid fluttering at the prospect. She spread her lips and jammed the nut inside her.

Lee let out a high-pitched squeak and jerked forward. 'Oh, god!' he moaned nauseously. 'How can you find this a turn on?'

'How can I not?' she said with a shrug. 'It's only like using love-eggs. Two big, hot, squirming love-eggs. Plus, I can do this.' Her face scrunched with concentration and effort and all of a sudden Lee became aware that the walls around his nuts were contracting.

'Please, no,' he begged in a terrified whisper, but her pussy continued to tighten. 'My balls!' he shrieked, falling back into his pillow to writhe. 'You're crushing them!'

His pathetic screams caused her to giggle and her tensing ended abruptly. 'You know what?' she asked rhetorically. 'I want them in me as far as they'll go. I just need something to... Aha!' She leaned forward and cruelly wrenched his cock downward until it was pointed at her cunt and almost exactly the opposite angle it should have been.

'You're going to snap it off!' cried Lee as her felt the unholy trinity of genital pain with both twig and berries now in agony.

'Stop whinging,' growled Imogen, before pushing herself onto his prick. Lee let out a confused and pained grunt as he felt his left ball suddenly impaled.

'Oh, that's it,' she purred as his cock forced his nuts to slither deep inside her.

To allow gravity and her own lubrication to do most of the work, she lifted herself up on her knees and shuffled forward until she was on top of him as Lucy had been, except facing him.

'How does it feel to be fucking your own balls?' she asked him, wickedly.

'You're insane!' he shrieked.

'No. I'd be insane if I did this...' Staring him deep in the eyes, she planted her hands on either of his hips and spread her legs out wide until she was balancing with near all her weight on his pole.

For every inch of cock that slipped inside her, another inch of nut-sack had to been drawn in after it and though Lee's scrotum was exceptionally long, it was nowhere near the nine inches his cock was so there came the inevitable point at which his sack ran out of slack. This came at coincidentally the exact moment that Imogen ran out of fuck-tunnel.

Lee shrieked out in pain as his cock skewered his balls flat against her cervix.

Imogen cried out in pain also, but hers was tinged heavily with pleasure as, deep inside her, his balls ballooned outwards and stretched her to her limit.

'I can't even imagine what's going on up in there, but it feels amazing!' she said orgasmically, clasping her hands to her midriff.

Lee's hands gripped the edge of the mattress, his knuckles white with tension.

'No wonder Lucy was in agony,' she said. 'It's like being impaled by the thick end of a snooker cue. Thank god I have your nice squishy balls for cushioning.' She set her legs back down on the bed either side him and began to circle her hips.

Within the confines of her cunt, Lee's balls were forced to twist and roll painfully around the head of his cock.

'Please, Imogen. Stop!' he cried in a bloodcurdling shriek. 'You'll pop my balls!'

Suddenly, the door burst open and into the room fell Poppy, having been pressed so hard against it that the catch could no longer bear her weight.

'Poppy?' cried Imogen with alarm. She pulled down on the hem of her short skirt in an attempt to cover the shameful act going on underneath it. Poppy looked up at her; catching a fleeting glimpse up the skirt of the few inches of cock her sister was balanced upon.

'He said balls!' she said accusingly. 'Does he still have both?' Her eyes filled suddenly with tears as she went on to ask, 'Imogen... did you lie to me?'

'No, Poppy of course not,' lied her big sister, whilst gripping every muscle in her cunt and subtly ramming herself repeatedly down on Lee's cock in an attempt to pop one of the offending organs. Lee jerked and squealed beneath her.

'I told all my friends I'd popped a boy's nut and you lied to me!'

'No! I just...'

Lee felt the clench of her pussy ease and her thrusting come to a sudden stop.  With a cry of relief he slumped back into his pillow.

'This other girl,' Imogen went on, her words all of a sudden not desperate, but cold and carefully calculated, 'she popped one nut, right?' Poppy nodded, sniffling. 'Well, how about you go one better?'

'What do you mean?' asked the teenager with a frown.

'Come on Poppy – do the maths.'

The young redhead let out a gasp and leapt onto the bed. Straddling Lee, she dropped down heavily on his chest and gripped her sister's hands. 'You mean... I get to pop both?' Imogen grinned prompting her sister to squeeze her hands with excitement. 'Kelly Freeman is going to be so jealous!'

'You can't pop them!' protested Lee, pathetically. 'They're my balls! I need them!'

'Oh, sure,' said Imogen derisively. She glared over her sister's shoulder down at him and demanded, 'For what? Lusting after schoolgirls? We'd be doing the world a favour.'


'How am going to do it?' asked Poppy, cutting him off.

'However you want, sweetie. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just squeeze them 'til they pop. Or cut them off if you want souvenirs – I bet they'd make pretty little earrings.'

'Ew, gross!' said Poppy with a chuckle.

'What?' asked Imogen, mischievously. She cocked an eyebrow and enquired, 'You don't fancy a fuzzy little purse out of his nut-sack?'

'Yuck! Imogen, shut up! I just want to kick them 'til they burst. That's what Kelly says she did to Derrick and she said it was hilarious.'

Imogen took her little sister by the shoulders and beamed at her proudly. 'Then that's what you'll do,' she said.

'No!' roared Lee, having finally reached breaking point. Tensing his mighty abs he pulled himself upright, flinging Poppy forward off his chest to land in an intimate embrace with her sister who immediately let out a scream of full-blooded anguish as she was driven down a length of cock she hadn't the room to accept.

Having not considered the consequences of his actions, Lee too let out a cry as his cock tried to skewer his balls. Luckily for him, both girls toppled backwards off the end of the bed before it succeeded.

The sound of Imogen's snatch being wrenched from his prick was obscene, but the sound his plums made when they popped out after it was something else.

Lee's juice-slicked monster cock sprang back to punch him in the gut with enough force to leave him winded, but it was nothing compared to the discomfort suffered by Imogen as she hit the floor certain she had been turned inside out; as if the suction caused by his rapid withdrawal had yanked her ovaries out after it.

'Imogen,' cried Poppy, climbing off her distraughtly clutching sister, 'what do I do?'

'Get his balls!' Imogen told her in a furious growl.

Poppy dutifully rushed toward Lee, but was stopped in her tracks when the young man launched himself off the bed at her only to fall short and instinctively grasp at the only thing within reach: her pyjama bottoms.

'He saw my fanny!' screamed Poppy as her pyjamas were pulled down around her ankles and her crimson curls were exposed for the first time in front of a boy. The boy didn't stop to admire them though as, with what little control he had of his legs, he pushed himself toward the exit.

The front door was in sight when, to his dismay, a hand wrapped around his scrotum and brought him to an abrupt halt. 'Get back here, bitch!' snarled Imogen after him, before yanking back hard on his sack.

It was her turn to be dismayed, however, as she found she had lubricated Lee's ball-bag so thoroughly with pussy juice that her hand merely slipped straight off without causing him the slightest injury while she stumbled backward into her sobbing little sister. Unable to believe his luck, Lee surged forward with renewed hope to pull open the front door and slip out onto the landing. With furious curses spurring him on, he tumbled down the stairs until he came to rest on the cool tiles at the bottom.

As he lay there, winded and gasping for breath, he heard the sound of a key in the lock of the building's front door. Realising that escape was his only chance of saving his balls, he picked himself up and stumbled at speed toward the door in a desperate bid at freedom.

Sophie was understandably alarmed to see a man racing toward her from the shadows; his cock horrifyingly engorged, his spunk-swollen balls swinging obscenely. She let out a scream and quite justifiably smashed the flapping organs with her trainer.

Lee hopped up in the air, his body going as stiff and straight as a pole before next turning instantly to jelly the moment his feet hit the floor. Sprawled out on the cold tiles of the lobby, he stared, unblinkingly, at the top-heavy figure silhouetted against the orange streetlight pouring in through the open door.

'You picked the wrong girl to rape tonight,' she growled; kneeling down to take him by the ankles and raise his useless legs up and apart.

'Now normally I'd only take one of your nuts...' she went on, pressing the toe of her right trainer down on his plump left nut, '...but I've had a very bad night.' Lee's squeaked in distress as the toe of her left trainer set down on his right nut and she began to slowly lean forward, transferring the considerable weight she carried in her double-G cups from her heels to his rapidly flattening balls.

'Kiss them goodbye, pervert.'

Lee didn't have enough breath left in him to scream so the sound of his nut-shells creaking under the strain was audible until there came rapid footsteps down the stairs.

Suddenly, a light came on and, half-blinded, Sophie squinted up to see Imogen and Poppy staring back at her in horror.

'What are you doing?' cried Poppy, causing her to look down at her would-be-attacker.

'Lee?' she said in a gasp which filled her lungs and pushed her hefty tits out the inch necessary to shift her weight to a degree unbearable by her victim's much-abused gonads.

With a loud, gristly crunch! Lee's beloved testicles vanished from existence and, left unbalanced by the sudden disappearance, Sophie's feet slipped desperately back and forth on the slimy mush left filling his scrotum to thereby guarantee the complete and utter liquefaction of his precious sex organs.

'My balls!' cried Poppy, distraught as a powerful ripple of agony shook Lee's body.

Knowing exactly what was to come, Imogen caught her sister's shoulder to prevent her from running forward. And luckily so, as, moments later, Lee's obscene erection twitched and bulged and let rip an ejaculation so violent and extensive that it coated entirely his body from the belly-button up in thick and creamy semen.

'Oh, my god!' cried Sophie as she covered her mouth and stared down at him grief-stricken. 'What have I done?'

Only after a long time did she think to step off his scrotum and kneel down to check its contents. The sack of skin spread flat across the tiles did not fill her with hope.

'You're a doctor, right?' she asked, looking up at Imogen who was hugging her weeping sister. 'Do something! Fix them!'

'Oh, sure – I'll just blow down his pee-hole and re-inflate them, you dumb fucking bitch.'

'They could still be in there. Somewhere. You have to check!'

'Fine,' growled the furious redhead. She released her sister and hobbled across the lobby to where Lee lay twitching and mewling and slimy with his own forcibly spilt seed. She then proceeded to raise her heavy boot and stomp down on the empty length of sack.


Sophie recoiled in horror and waited for Lee's certain-to-be-anguished response, but none came.

'See? Nothing left in there,' concluded Imogen, giving her boot a sharp twist to make double sure. This prompted Poppy to shriek with distress and rush up the stairs.

'Oh, fuck,' cried Sophie, hugging Imogen's leg and staring up at her tearfully. 'I thought he was a rapist. I really did. What am I going to do Imogen? I castrated an innocent man. They'll arrest me! I have previous for this sort of thing!'

Though her cunt still burned with excruciating pain, Imogen's mind was as sharp and devious as ever. Seeing that Lee still unfathomably maintained an erection, she smiled and said, 'Here's an idea: just tell them he did rape you.'

'But he didn't...'

Imogen rolled her eyes with despair and, grabbing hold of the neck of Sophie's cotton T-shirt, tore at it over and over until it ripped completely apart down the middle.

The redhead's lips tightened as she laid eyes for the first time on the blonde's jugs. Jugs which she frequently assured herself would be appalling outside of a bra. But the blonde was not wearing a bra beneath her torn T-shirt and to Imogen's dismay, though her breasts did swing apart once freed from their confines, they neither sagged nor spread wide. They were beautiful and that appalled Imogen.

'Imogen!' cried the blonde, clutching her perfect breasts protectively.

'What?' asked Imogen, feigning innocence as her blood boiled. 'We need to make it look convincing and he would obviously have gone for them first,' adding with only barely contained irritation, 'They're just so fucking unbelievable.'

'But even if you ripped all my clothes off they'll know he hadn't done it – they do tests.'

'Well, that leaves you only one option...' said Imogen, struggling to conceal her glee. She glanced sideways at Lee's hideously veiny prick. Sophie's eyes widened at the implication.

'Imogen. I can't.'

Without a word, Imogen reached down and tore the blonde's flimsy hot pants clean off her. So shocked was Sophie at the ease with which she had been stripped that she failed to react in the slightest when the spiteful redhead reached down a second time to plunge her nails into the crotch of her tights.

Imogen's eyes twinkled when the taut material ripped apart and the heat and damp from Sophie's cunt bathed her hand. She ran her finger up the blonde's dripping slit and grinned as it caught on her stiff clit.

'Who are you trying to kid?' she asked; pinching down hard on the sensitive nub to elicit a pained yelp from the powerless girl. 'Ride that dick you fucking whore.'