Men with overly large testicles often feel that their lives are restricted both physically and emotionally. Testicles can be a source of extreme, humiliating pain, but with overly large testicles the likelihood of this pain is much greater, as is the likelihood of ridicule – especially from the opposite sex who find the male intimate agony particularly hilarious.
Having large testicles can also mean that underwear offering the right support is painfully tight and wearing no underwear or boxer shorts can lead to sagging and accidents when sitting down.

But now there is a solution!

A Testease testicle reduction can free up the scrotal space necessary to give you more self-confidence and the freedom to lead the life you want to live. What’s more, it’s tried and tested and 100% natural.

Testicle Reduction Procedure

A testicle reduction procedure involves reducing the amount of bulk contained within the scrotum by half; employing a technique used by women for millennia, but which has been perfected in the schoolyards of California by professional cheerleaders.

The procedure is so simple that it doesn’t even require a doctor or surgical instruments – it is performed by an attractive, enthusiastic Testease nurse* at your home or workplace. And it’s fast! The average procedure takes only three seconds and the benefits are immediate – you’ll be able to squeeze your newly slimline sac into Speedos right away!

The procedure is carried out without general anesthetic, though a pair of comfortable fluffy handcuffs and ball-gag may be employed for restraint.

Testicle Reduction Recovery

It is advised that you allow for at least one hour of rest after the procedure and have an ice pack on hand. Recovery from the procedure can take anywhere between one week and several months.

Immediate side effects may include violent nausea, loss of consciousness and excruciating pain lasting up to a month. This can be accompanied by temporary paralysis below the waist, a high-pitched voice, immense swelling of the scrotum and remaining testicle, a funny walk and loss of libido.

The procedure is not advised for men with only one testicle or those trying or intending to try for children as the procedure will cause a marked or complete reduction in potency.

The procedure is permanent and irreversible.

*Testease nurses have no medical training, but possess some cheerleading experience.