Lilly's Favourite Commercial

(Contains ballbusting)

Brad came wandering into the room wearing only his white, fluffy towel. He spotted Lilly and her friend sat on the couch and immediately tensed his considerable muscles. ‘Someone’s been in that bathroom hours,’ he complained as a way to announce his entrance.

‘I’ll bet it’s Jamie,’ said Lilly without even looking away from the television, ‘she’s always diddling herself with the showerhead.’ She burst into laughter, but stopped after her friend, Hannah, tapped her on the arm. Hannah, whose eyes were locked on Brad’s rippling chest, silently urged Lilly to turn and take a look.

‘She does?’ asked Brad, his voice cracking slightly. Lilly and Hannah looked at each other with a grin. Behind the couch, out of sight, Hannah put her hand to her crotch, extended a finger and then pointed it slowly into the air. Right away Lilly understood what she wanted her to do.

‘Yeah,’ she said, turning right round to Brad. She rested her big tits on top of the couch and then slid down a little so that they were squished up into plump orbs, ‘she’s always at it – if you put your ear up against the door you can hear her moaning.’ Beside her, Hannah gave an orgasmic groan, which caused her to giggle. Brad didn’t notice his mind was elsewhere. He didn’t even notice his cock straining at the towel until it pulled loose the knot and fell away.

The girls gasped as the towel fell only to hang from Brad’s hard-on and keep concealed his goods. Brad quickly fastened the towel once more; adjusting himself to make sure his dick wouldn’t cause any more problems. He apologised and hurriedly made his exit, only to be halted when Lilly called after him: ‘Brad, come back.’ He looked back to see Lilly and Hannah make a small space for him on the couch. Unable to avoid temptation, Brad followed his cock like a diving rod to the spot between the girls.

He sat there for a while, pretending to watch television with two hot, young bodies pressed up against him. He sat there with his dick unshakably stiff against his stomach, and a warm, yearning sensation growing within his loosely hanging bollocks.

‘Hey, Lilly, it’s that hilarious advert!’ announced Hannah, pointing the remote at the TV and thumbing up the volume. The sudden shout caused Brad to snap out of his happy place and his attention was drawn to the television screen on which both Hannah and Lilly were both now fixated.

The commercial had begun, the scene was set in a nightclub and a greasy lothario with an improbably large lunchbox was attempting to impress two babes drinking chilled champagne at a table.

The lothario’s chat-up lines hadn’t worked so he was now trying to woo the babes with a spot of flamenco dancing. The babes, quickly bored of this display nodded at one another – each seeming to know by telepathy the other’s intent – and with a mischievous grin they proceeded to slide two ice cubes off the edge of the table towards the lothario’s madly tapping feet.

Both Lilly and Hannah were leaning forward expectantly, their tits pendulous, nipples straining through the thin fabric of their crop tops.

Without really showing the logistics if how it happened, the man slipped on the ice and was suddenly and dramatically forced into ‘the splits,’ whereupon his tight trousers tore implausibly in two, leaving his posing-pouch-clad package to bounce graphically into the floor with, what to Brad sounded, a ludicrous CRUNCH!

Immediately, almost instinctively, Lilly and Hannah’s lips formed the perfect ‘O’ of shared pain, mirroring exactly the babes as the advert cut back to show their reactions to the lothario’s painful ‘accident’. Only the girl’s imperceptibly jiggling breasts gave away their stifled chuckles. That was until the commercial cut back to the lothario’s expression – an exaggerated grimace of anguish and agony – then the girls were unable to conceal their glee anymore and burst into a fit of giggles. And, when the advert zoomed in on the lothario’s hands extending slowly down to clutch at his obscene bulge of aching leopard print, the girls couldn’t breathe for laughing.

The babes in the commercial giggled and high-fived before the point of the advert was made clear – a new beverage – but the girls were beyond noticing; both in hysterics with tears were streaming down their rosy cheeks.

By now, Brad was extremely uncomfortable; the advert had highlighted the two extremely vulnerable parts of his anatomy, which were hanging naked beneath only a short, loose towel. If either girl decided they wanted to recreate a similar scene for their amusement, they would only have to reach up the towel a few inches and grab a hold of his fat eggs.

‘That advert’s so funny!’ Lilly enthused through her laughter. She clutched her tight cotton shorts at the crotch and groaned much to Hannah’s amusement. She grabbed her own crotch and squeaked, ‘My balls!’ causing Lilly to throw her head back and shriek with glee. ‘You do it! You do it!’ she giggled to Brad.

‘No,’ he said bluntly.

‘Come on – it’ll look funnier coming from a man!’ she pleaded.

Brad stood abruptly, causing the girls laughter to cease.

‘Why won’t you do it?’ Lilly asked, seeming offended.

‘I’m going in the shower.’

‘I bet I can make him do it,’ said Hannah sending Brad into a blind panic. Hannah’s hand shot out and caught hold of his nuts through the towel. His right nut managed to slip free almost immediately, but Hannah redoubled her grip on his unfortunate left nut and tugged it cruelly only to have it slip away as well leaving her holding his towel.

Brad fought to keep his balance, but as his towel was wrenched from him, he was sent backward stumbling backwards into the glass coffee table.

The rim of the table caught him behind the knee causing him to fall awkwardly into a sitting position and the momentum of falling suddenly backward had sent his loose nuts swinging underneath him. He hit the table with a CRUNCH only slightly less comical than the one in the advert.

Lilly and Hannah, both still holding the snatched towel, repeated the first step of seeing a man bust his balls – the mocking ‘O’ and, though desperate to disprove the advert, Brad found his hands creeping downward to the source of the blinding pain. His fingers brushed through his pubic hair and around the side of his cock, which was laid flat on the table seeping slightly. They were searching desperately for trace of his tortured testicles. He found none; his fingers followed his scrotum, which led under his crotch. Brad could only imagine what sate its contents were in, trapped as they were beneath his weight. Hannah, however, didn’t need to imagine.

While Lilly did as she had done before and burst into hysterical laughter, Hannah dived below the table and stared up at the sight pressed graphically across the glass. She exclaimed, ‘Look how squished his bollocks are!’ and though he should have been feeling anger and humiliation, Brad could only feel relief that she had still used the plural…that and agonising ball-pain.

‘What do they look like?’ Lilly asked, suddenly captivated.

‘Come see,’ urged Hannah, not taking her eyes off the spectacle

‘No…’ she said scrunching up her nose, ‘… Is it gross?’

‘No, it’s hilarious! They’re all big and flat…and…well, okay – they’re gross, but you should see! It’s so funny!’

‘And sexy by the looks of things,’ said Lilly gesturing at Hannah’s camel toe which was showing signs of dampness.

Hannah blushed. ‘Shut up,’ she said embarrassed. With a mischievous grin, Lilly leapt from the couch and onto Brad’s lap.

Hannah let out an orgasmic yelp as Brad’s plums double in size across the glass, seeping almost like liquid between his arse cheeks.

Brad just let out a yelp.

‘Oh, Lil, they look like they’re about to pop!’ Hannah said in a moan. Lilly looked back to see her damp crotch now had a hand working at it.


‘Yeah, just a little more and I swear they’ll burst like water balloons.’

‘Hmm,’ said Lilly. ‘Then I’ll see what I can do.’ She straddled Brad’s hips, and lifted her arse high above his lap. She paused to look at Brad, who was screaming into her cleavage, and let him enjoy the moment before slamming her arse heavily into his lap.

To Be Continued…