Defending Lilly's Honour

Defending Lilly's Honour

Contains ball-busting, castration and big tit themes

Jill’s Wrath – Part One

Jill growled angrily.

‘What’s up now?’ Brad asked wearily from the bed.

Jill turned around from the mirror and pulled on the front of her never-before-worn top. ‘Look at this,’ she said, letting go the fabric so that it fell in baggy folds over her breasts. ‘She’s worn it and stretched it before I’ve even had a chance to go out in it.’

‘Who’s worn it?’

‘Guess?’ She put her hands up inside the top and pushed out the stretched areas to replicate a large set of tits. ‘Lilly of course – she’s always nicking my clothes and stretching them out with her big…’ she trailed off, but already Brad’s cock was twitching with the though of his girlfriend’s little sister and her massive rack.

‘I swear,’ she said, turning back to the mirror, ‘if I see her in another of my tops I’ll tear it off her.’

‘Come on, you always say that.’

‘No this time I will, I swear!’

An idea formed quickly in Brad’s head…


‘…and she just looks amazing in it,’ said Brad concluding his elaborate description of Jill’s just purchased teeny, tiny cotton top.

‘Wow,’ said Lilly. ‘That sounds gorgeous. How much was it?’

Brad smiled; he knew all he had to do was mention the price and the slender teen would be diving straight into Jill’s wardrobe. ‘Oh, about seventy quid,’ he exaggerated.

‘Wow.’ Brad could see the thought of wearing such an expensive garment taking hold of the sixteen-year-old’s materialistic brain. ‘Do you think it would look good on me?’ she asked finally.

Brad pretended to deliberate (with an excuse to ogle Lilly’s fantastic body he took his time and savoured the experience). He said finally, ‘Well, yeah, but Jill would kill you for wearing it.’

That settled it. Lilly was headed for Jill’s room instantly.

‘What were you two talking about?’ asked Jill returning from the kitchen.

‘Oh, nothing,’ Brad said, making himself comfortable for the show.

Seconds later there were heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Jill was in Brad’s arms on the sofa when Lilly burst into the lounge and almost out of Jill’s low cut top. Jill’s eyes widened and so did Brad’s when he caught a load of Lilly’s abundant, jiggling cleavage. He felt his girlfriend tense as she too laid eyes on the magnificent spectacle. Jill’s teeth clenched firmly and she issued a low growl.

Lilly didn’t read the warning signals, so enthusiastic about showing off the snug fitting top. She said, oblivious, ‘What do you think?’ and then performed a tantalising twirl that left her gelatinous jugs swaying.

Jill’s blood boiled.

Lilly tugged at the material around her tightly packed in melons and added: ‘It’s a bit tight.’

That did it. ‘Tight?’ roared Jill. ‘Well, why don’t we stretch it out for you, eh?’ Springing from the sofa and out of Brad’s purposely-loose grasp, she grabbed the top and pulled it out at the chest so that Lilly’s jugs all but spilled free.

‘Jill!’ cried Lilly in horror.

‘Thieving bitch!’ Jill now grabbed the bottom of the top and yanked upward roughly. ‘Give it back!’

Brad took a sharp intake of breath as the top was lifted swiftly up to reveal the full, rounded underside of Lilly’s big breasts, but there the top’s removal was halted when Lilly caught a hold and fought back desperately.

‘Jill!’ she cried desperately. ‘I’m not wearing a bra!’

‘Tough titties!’ Jill yelled; pulling harder until the appearance of her sister’s salmon pink nipples seemed imminent.

Brad held his breath and prayed, but it wasn’t to be. Lilly struggled valiantly and managed to turn mostly away from Brad before the top was completely stripped off over her head. All Brad saw was the ample swell of flesh that was the side of Lilly’s right breast before she wrapped her arms around her abundant chest and made for the exit in tears.

‘Aren’t they your joggers too?’ Brad announced hopefully, pointing to Lilly’s tracksuit bottoms.

‘Yes, they are!’ Jill growled and before her little sister could make it out of the room, she caught her waistband and yanked downward. So unprepared for this was Lilly that she simply fell forward and completely out of the baggy trousers.

Brad managed to catch sight of her peachy ass for a brief moment before she fell out of the room and scurried away. He leapt from the couch to the doorway in time to see through the gaps in the banister her naked form racing up the stairs and then she was gone.

Left extremely excited, Brad couldn’t help feeling ultimately disappointed. He was desperate to see Lilly’s nipples; Jill’s were perfect specimens, but he had always craved them on a bigger model and Lilly outsized her by many cup sizes.

He sighed and slumped into the sofa, his throbbing hard-on still trying to force its way out of his jeans.

‘Little bitch,’ said Jill breathing heavily, she looked miserably at the stretched top. ‘Didn’t have a bra on – no wonder she stretches them out: her fat tits bouncing about.’

Brad wasn’t listening; he was too dejected. Jill stared at the top some more and then threw it aside with distaste. The pair sat silently with arms folded, both too infuriated to speak, but each for very different reasons.

Jamie’s Plan

Upstairs, Jamie, Jill’s sister, the 18-year-old middle child, was surprised to see Lilly burst into their shared room bawling her eyes out and completely naked.

Not expecting to find her sister there, Lilly had stopped covering her baps and instead her hands covered her red and tear-drenched face. When she saw Jamie staring bewildered, but impressed at her bounding rack she quickly turned away and her sobs turned to heart-rending wails.

‘What happened?’ asked Jamie catching her shoulder. Feeling the warm touch, Lilly turned around and hugged Jamie tightly.

‘Jill—pulled—my—top—off—in—front—of—Brad,’ she said between sobs.

‘There, there,’ comforted Jamie; strangely enjoying the sensation of Lilly’s soft puppies squashing tightly against her own ample pair. ‘Why did Jill pull your top off in front of Brad?’

‘Because—she said—I’d—stolen it!

Instantly Jamie felt guilty. Only the day before she had “borrowed” Jill’s brand new top and done a pretty good job of stretching it out with her E-cup duo and a padded bra. ‘Poor thing,’ she said.

‘I only wore it because Brad said it would look good on me and then he told her to pull my trousers down.’

‘Did he now?’ Jamie growled. She did not like Brad; hadn’t since, while dancing with him at her father’s wedding celebration, he “accidentally” stepped on the hem of her strapless dress before twirling her. She looked at Lilly suddenly.

‘Did he see anything… Your tits?’

Lilly shrugged. ‘He might have caught a glimpse. Why?’

‘Haven’t you noticed the way he stares at them? I used to catch him looking at mine all the time… until Dad’s party.’

Lilly managed a snigger through the tears. ‘When your tits flopped out I thought they were going to take out the buffet.’ Jamie frowned, self-consciously covering her abundant chest. Lilly detected her embarrassment and stopped laughing. ‘So you think he wants to see my boobs?’

‘Desperately,’ said Jamie plainly. ‘But if he only caught a glimpse he’ll be even more desperate now.’

Lilly looked to her big sister who had a look of intense concentration. ‘What do we do?’

Jamie smiled. ‘We use it to our advantage of course.’ Lilly looked worried so Jamie hugged her once more. ‘Don’t worry – we’ll get our own back on him my buxom, baby sister.’


The next morning Jill had gotten up early to go to the hairdressers leaving Brad in bed. He lazed there under the warm covers for an hour before deciding it was time to get up and have some breakfast.

Pulling on some moth-eaten boxers he wandered down stairs not expecting to find anyone around. He tried the bathroom door and it was locked. He heard the shower running inside. Thinking he could easily get some breakfast before whoever it was came out, he strolled through the lounge toward the kitchen. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Jamie inside.

She was stood in front of the fridge with her back to him. And what a back. She was wearing a long T-shirt that wasn’t quite long enough to conceal her firm, round, perfect behind. The lower halves of her peachy buttocks peeked out from under the T-shirt and as she leaned into the back of the fridge she revealed that there was a dental floss-like thong hidden between, protecting her modesty which would otherwise have been on display.

Suddenly she shut the fridge door and turned around.

Brad gasped inwardly; he imagined the boner that must have been straining at his boxers as Jamie looked at him. He quickly turned to leave.

‘Brad,’ Jamie called after him, ‘Could you open this jar for me?’

Brad stopped at the doorway out of the lounge. If he left now he would just confirm what she might have just caught a glimpse of. He turned slowly back around, scooping a newspaper to hold out in front.

‘It’s a bit stuck,’ she explained, waving the jar. The wave caused her unencumbered funbags to jostle about underneath her baggy tee and her nipples were impressively erect thanks to the cold of the fridge. Brad couldn’t resist.

He march over to her and accepted the jar in one hand. Instinctively he passed her the paper.

Jamie subdued a satisfied smile when she caught sight of his massively tented pants.

Brad quickly realised that he was exposed and deftly turned away to undo the jar. When he turned back around he found Jamie had disposed of the paper.

‘It was yesterday’s,’ she explained with a smile. ‘Would you like some toast?’

‘I’m fine,’ Brad said and made to leave only to come face-to-face with a wet and semi-naked Lilly. A small white towel was wrapped loosely around the fullest extent of her rack, just above nipple level. The fluffy towel ended a way above the knee.

‘Morning, Brad,’ she said cheerfully; seeming to having forgotten about yesterday’s humiliating events.

Brad forced a smile and tried his best to cover the huge bulge in his boxers with casually clasped hands.

‘Are you having breakfast?’ she asked.

‘No,’ answered Jamie on his behalf, ‘He’s not hungry.’

‘Oh, good,’ said Lilly with an excited smile, ‘then can we all play the game I was telling you about last night, Jamie?’

Brad looked to Jamie who seemed not too enthused by the thought of the game.

‘I don’t know,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to get Brad into any trouble with Jill.’

‘He won’t get in trouble,’ Lilly said, all but jumping on the spot with excitement. ‘Jill won’t be back for ages.’

‘What’s the game?’ asked Brad, instantly fascinated.

‘It’s poker, but the losers of each game have to do whatever the winner tells them,’ said Lilly.

Whatever the winner tells them?’ Brad asked hopefully.

‘Anything.’ Lilly grinned, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

Being a not-too-shabby poker player, Brad imagined have both Lilly and her sister naked and performing debauched sexual acts for him within a few games.

‘Anything within reason,’ said Jamie, immediately putting a kibosh on the whole “debauched sexual acts”; Brad knew what an awful prude Jamie was. ‘It’s childish,’ she continued. ‘And you’re not even any good at poker, Lilly.’

Brad almost did a jig. ‘Well, I suppose it’s harmless fun and I have got some time to burn, so let’s play.’

Jamie set the jam jar down on the counter and pushed her hair back from her pretty face, lifting the T-shirt up to show a flash of thong-clad groin in the process. ‘Okay,’ she said with reservation. ‘We’ll play.’

‘Yes,’ cheered Lilly and Brad felt his cock stiffen in anticipation.

A Harmless Game of Poker

They sat on the floor in the lounge, Brad sitting quickly to try to get a sneaky look up Lilly’s towel, but she was being especially demure. She tucked the towel as she carefully knelt down and crossed her legs strategically so as not to expose her just washed pussy. Jamie on the other hand was being uncharacteristically blasé. With Lilly seated and the chance of towel slippage gone, Brad had turned his attention to her older sister and he was thoroughly rewarded.

Jamie didn’t bother tucking her long T-shirt as she lowered herself to the floor. She sat crossed-legged and began to shuffle the cards she had picked up along the way. The T-shirt fell across her thighs leaving her tantalising camel’s toe on display and the crossing of her legs only exacerbated matters seeing as how her legs were open so wide. Brad’s gaze was fixed on the smooth, mounds of slightly darker flesh that sat either side of the slender slip of thong. As far as he could see she was waxed bare.

Brad was astounded at her carefree nature, but as it happened, Jamie had never had any time for modesty; her body was perfect and demanded to be shown off. Unlike Lilly who looked as though she could do with a night’s sleep and a good meal inside her, Jamie was tall and lean, yet curvy and her firm skin was lightly sun-kissed contrasting with Lil’s drug-chick white flesh. While her little sister’s double-D jugs looked oversized on her slender form, Jamie’s D’s fit her perfectly, finishing off the package nicely.

Purposely not to pulling the long T-shirt over her knees, Jamie continued to shuffle the cards. Brad’s eye’s never once left her thong-clad snatch allowing her to sort the cards exactly how she wanted. She dealt the fixed cards and exchanged a knowing smile with Lilly.

‘Oh, no!’ said Lilly, in feigned dismay. She looked down at Brad’s royal flush. ‘You won. What do you want us to do?’

A myriad of suggestions sprung into Brad’s mind, but in the end, he chickened out of all of them, plumping instead to test the waters. ‘Kiss,’ he said, knowing that the outcome of this dare would be a good gauge of how up for it the sisters were. If they simply pecked each other on the cheek he would know not to expect much from the game, whereas is they went at it with tongues then the game could well be an interesting one.

Lilly rolled her eyes. ‘Boys are so predictable.’

‘Tame, tame, tame,’ sighed Jamie. ‘You could have made us do anything and you say “kiss”? You really need to be more adventurous.’

‘And specific,’ added Lilly. ‘For instance, kiss could have meant this…’ She pecked Jamie on the cheek. ‘…Or it could have meant this…’ Sidling up close to Jamie, she ran her fingers up her body, over the heavy swelling of her breast and into her long, brown hair. She then pulled her sister into a lustful kiss involving darting, wrestling tongues, nibbled lips and much abandoned groping. Brad’s boxers could hardly contain him. A whole minute later, when they finally came up for air, Brad’s balls were aching for release.

‘Right,’ he said, preparing to issue Lilly’s task, ‘now you take off—’

‘Whoa!’ objected Jamie. ‘That’s your lot. We kissed.’


‘No buts. If you’d have said “Jamie, kiss Lilly”, then fair enough, but you just said “kiss” so your go’s over.’

‘My deal,’ said Lilly, snatching up the cards before Brad could protest further.

‘Now remember what I told you,’ said Jamie, with a smile. Brad assumed she was reminding her little sister off shuffling techniques, but that wasn’t the case. Lilly nodded to her sister and then began to yawn, pushing her arms up and back causing her massive tits to be pushed dangerously out of her towel. Right then and there, Brad swore he caught his first glimpse of the pink of Lilly’s areola.

Brad disappeared into his own thoughts as Lilly blatantly fixed the cards: this time in her sister’s favour.

‘Oh, wow!’ gasped Jamie, putting down a pair of kings. ‘Did I win?’

‘I guess so,’ said Brad with a puzzled frown.

‘Well done!’ said Lilly, clapping excitedly. ‘What’s Brad gotta do?’ Jamie looked at her sharply. ‘I mean, what have we gotta do?’

‘I don’t know… Oh, I’ve got it: Brad you take your boxers off—’

What? No way! You said anything within reason.’

‘Yeah, but the only one I meant was that you don’t get to see my pussy.’

‘Well, we’re going to have agree to some more.’

‘Fine, but only one each. Mine is still no pussy.’

‘Right then, no cock.’

‘No pussy either,’ said Lilly.

‘That’s settled, now can we all shake on this and if anyone breaks their promise there will be consequences.’ They all shook hands and agreed, though Brad couldn’t think what the consequences could be.

‘Now, Brad,’ said Jamie. ‘Take your boxers off.’

‘What? We just agreed—’

‘No cock. I know.’ She slipped off one of her tiny ankle socks and threw it him. ‘You can cover it with this – I want to see your balls.’

‘But,’ Brad spluttered; his mind raced. They’d got him. ‘I won’t,’ he said finally.

‘You will or I’ll tell Jill that you’ve been walking around all morning with a hard-on over her two little sisters.’

Brad recoiled. ‘You wouldn’t.’

‘I told you: consequences. Now come on – I showed you my pair, you show me yours.’

Lilly clapped her hands and cheered, ‘Get ’em out for the girls!’ This caught her sister’s attention.

‘And Lilly,’ continued Jamie, with a smile. ‘You’re going to suck on them.’

Lilly’s eye widened with horror. ‘But Jamie—’

‘You suck his baby-makers or I tell Mum that you’re the reason she got thrush.’


‘Don’t play dumb, Lil – I caught you with her vibrator… and god knows you never wash anything—’

‘So!’ Lilly objected.

‘So? So I did notice which hole it was sticking out of, you filthy minx.’

Lilly gasped and after a moment’s contemplation, she agreed almost tearfully to Jamie’s terms: ‘I’ll suck his nuts.’

Brad was at a quandary. In order to get his balls sucked by his biggest fantasy, he had to first get them out in front of Jamie, who he had always suspected didn’t particularly like him. And accepted wisdom is that girls that don’ like you have a nasty tendency to want to separate you from your balls. Of course, if he didn’t get his balls out and Jamie told, Jill would no doubt separate him from his jewels… or would she? No. Jill would surely believe him over her sisters, or even if she was convinced she would forgive him…

Jamie could read his mind. ‘Has Jill ever told you what happened to her last boyfriend, Brad? She caught him checking the size on one of Lilly’s bras.’

‘Oh,’ said Lilly suddenly animated. ‘Was he the one she… With her stilettos?’

‘No. That was the one before: the one who sniffed my dirty knickers. The last one she did with her bare hands…’ She made as if squeezing two small objects. ‘…Pop!

Brad gulped and quickly pushed the sock under his boxers over his cock and stood up to pull them down carefully. The sock barely covered his soft member and he couldn’t imagine what it would cover once Lilly began sucking.

Jamie could. She smiled.

Although the sight of the hairy pair should have disgusted her, seeing as she was about to suck then, Lilly couldn’t help but smile also. Their plan was coming together – except for the fact that it seemed her sister had now turned against her; ball-sucking was not in the plan.

‘Don’t just stare at them, Lil,’ Jamie ordered. ‘Open wide.’

Lilly knelt at Brad’s feet and, with hands on her bare thighs; she leant forward and opened her mouth tentatively. Her hot breath on Brad’s plums had his nut-sack loosening instantly. His heavy danglers dropped an inch and straight into Lilly’s awaiting mouth. The moment the orbs touched her tongue she gagged and pulled away, taking them with her. Brad thrust his hips after her as she almost tore off his cherries. Luckily for him, Lilly coughed them out, but then followed through and head-butted them squarely.

‘What was that?’ asked Jamie, with tears of laughter running down her cheeks as she watched Brad clutch his precious ’nads and fold in the middle. Lilly meanwhile gagged.

‘I’ve never done it before,’ Lilly cried through the coughing. ‘I’ve never had anything so hairy in my mouth and they’re so big and dangly. It’s gross.’

‘Well you’re going to have to get used to it, Lil,’ said Jamie, wiping her eyes, ‘cause they’re going back in. I want Brad moaning with pleasure not agony.’ This was a lie.

‘My balls,’ Brad murmured.

‘Yeah, yeah,’ sighed Jamie. ‘Heard it all before.’ She had. Many, many times. ‘Stop being a girl and get those little marbles back into Lil’s mouth so she can suck them properly – a girl’s got to learn sometime.’

With effort and this time more cautiously, Brad offered up his nuts once more. Lilly picked a hair from her tongue and eyed the pair once more.

‘All I have to do is suck them, right?’

‘Right,’ affirmed Jamie.

With a nod, Lilly opened her mouth and simply lunged at Brad’s dangling fruit. Catching them in her gaping jaws she sucked down as hard and fast as she could.

The sensation was not pleasing, much like dangling your balls into powerful vacuum cleaner with teeth. Brad barely remained standing whilst it seemed Lilly was attempting to swallow his plums right down and when she did spit the pair out he crumpled to the floor and began moaning.

‘Well, Lil, you certain sucked them.’ Jamie looked at Brad’s pathetic form. ‘Wouldn’t you agree, Brad?’

‘My balls,’ was all he could manage in reply.

‘Yeah, I thought so.’ Jamie chuckled. ‘Next game.’

‘I don’t want to play,’ moaned Brad and it looked as though he was attempting to crawl away.

‘You’ll have to handle this,’ whispered Jamie, giving her little sister a wink. Lilly winked back and crawled over to where Brad was making his slow, feeble escape.

‘I’m sorry, Brad,’ she said innocently, her hand stroking his inner thigh. ‘I didn’t mean to hurt, you. I’ve never sucked balls before – you’re my first. Please stay and play—Whoops!’ Suddenly her towel came loose and fell almost away. She caught it just in time to clutch it to her tits, but it was enough to keep Brad in the game.

Lilly’s Turn

The cards were already fixed when Brad was able to sit upright again, and it was Lilly’s turn to win.

‘Aces are good, right?’ she asked, putting down three.

Brad let out a deep, pitiable moan.

‘What are you groaning for? I’ve got such a good one for you! When we were playing last night, Barry made me shove a bottle up my pussy,’ Brad’s ears pricked up instantly, as did his prick, ‘so to get my revenge I made him shove both his nuts into the bottle—it was hilarious!’

‘So he had to squeeze his plums through the bottle neck?’


‘That’s genius!’ Jamie squealed slapping her thighs. ‘Shame we haven’t got a bottle.’

‘Never mind,’ said Lilly with a shrug. Brad sighed with relief. ‘He can shove his nuts through this instead.’ Brad looked down in horror to see she was slipping off her chunky thumb ring.

‘I’ll never fit my nuts through that!’ he gasped.

‘Oh, don’t flatter yourself,’ said Jamie with an evil grin.

‘Yeah, Barry’s balls were nice and fat and he managed. You’ve got it easy.’

Brad looked down at his balls conscious that they weren’t the biggest examples.

‘How old is Barry?’ Jamie asked; just to rub it in.

‘My age,’ Lilly said, shrugging again.

‘Hear that, Brad? Three years younger than you and he’s still packing bigger apples in his satchel.’ Jamie was relishing it and to Brad it felt as if his balls had shrunken smaller still and that was before Lilly added:

‘And his are still growing.’

Brad became aware that his nut-sack was tightening with shame.

‘Better fit your balls through the ring,’ said Jamie, noticing also, ‘while you can still find them.’ She and Lilly shared a giggle, and, humiliated, Brad accepted the ring.

With the ring in his left hand, Brad took hold of his right nut and began to push it through the impossibly small gap, never realising that while it may be excruciating to get it through, it would be neigh-on-impossible to get it back out.

He was in trouble long before his nut was halfway through. He urged the orb through the ring as gently as he possible could, but still tears were beginning to well in his eyes. Jamie and Lilly watched with baited breath as his right plum warped and changed colour under the pressure of his pressing thumb, until finally the globe popped out the other side of the cheap plastic band.

Brad collapsed backward in a heap and brought his knees up to his chest, leaving his nut-sack hanging exposed and vulnerable above his arsehole. Lilly couldn’t help herself, she reached over and took the aching nut between her finger and thumb and squeezed with the wicked disregard of the teenager she was.

Brad let out a shrill shriek and fell onto his side in a tight ball.

‘Lilly!’ Jamie growled, slapping her sister’s arm.

‘What?’ asked Lilly with mock-naivety. Then quickly her angelic face twisted into a snarl. ‘And what gives you the right to tell me off after what you just made me do, eh? Just wait until he gets his other nut through the ring: have I’ve got a forfeit for you.’

‘Lilly,’ Jamie sounded instantly shocked and desperate. She leaned in close so that Brad wouldn’t hear. ‘I only made you do that so he would get his balls out. You saw him – he was about to back out completely.’ Lilly just smiled cruelly. ‘What are you going to make me do?’

Lilly turned to Brad and snapped, ‘Brad! Stop being a pussy and get your other nut in there, now!’ At her command, Brad reached between his legs and took careful hold of his bigger, left plum. ‘Sit up, you pathetic worm!’ Lilly was really getting into it. Unconsciously, her hand had slipped down and under her towel and was now subtly rubbing her stiff clit. She bit her bottom lip.

With a quiet moan, Brad pulled himself onto his knees and braced himself for the final push. It had taken great effort and caused him great pain to force his right nut through the ring; he looked through half-shut, teary ears down at his left nut as he rolled it between his fingers and assessed its size. It was as big as his right and then half again. He gave an awful groan and the girls swore they could see what remained of his dignity and fight seep physically out from him.

Knitting his sweaty brow, Brad opted against the slowly, slowly approach he had taken with the right nut and with one concerted effort, forced his left nugget through the ring.

The pop was audible. His scrunched eyes opened suddenly to bulge from his head and even Jamie and Lilly panicked for a spilt-second – but only for a split-second as, when a high-pitched squeal began to leak from Brad’s open mouth, the girls burst suddenly into a fit of giggles. As they rolled about on the carpet, Brad remained frozen like a statue; his rigid muscles not allowing him to collapse as his brain recommended.

Tears streamed down all three of their faces, but again Lilly was not slow to see her chance to cop a feel. She thrust out her hand and caught hold of Brad’s ring-constricted scrotum expecting to find only one occupant, but was surprised to find that two remained.

‘Holy fuck!’ she gasped. ‘He still has both bollocks!’

‘Bollocks!’ said Jamie incredulously. ‘There’s no way – you heard that pop.’

‘Feel for yourself,’ Lilly’s eyes were wide and honest. Jamie leaned forward and with a sceptical frown, snatched Brad’s goods for herself.

‘Fuck me,’ she gasped after pressing her thumb into each orb and finding them both appropriately solid. She looked up past Brad’s sock-covered, floppy member and impressively tensed stomach muscles to his agony-wracked face. ‘He seems to think he popped one.’

‘Well,’ said Lilly with a shrug and a grin, ‘Why don’t you give him the good news?’

Jamie’s beautiful, plump lips stretched into the biggest, meanest grin that Lilly had ever seen, and then her thumb bore down on Brad’s defenceless left plum.

Instantly Brad was reanimated. He lurched forward and then slowly, slowly sank forward into Jamie’s awaiting bosom.

The high-pitched squeal that had continued to escape from his mouth was replaced by a wretched groan and the sound of bubbling spit from deep within his throat, then as his face buried into his girlfriend’s sister’s generous cleavage he was all but silent.

Jamie lifted him by the hair and let go of his swelling marble to watch his red, throbbing nut-sack swung back and forth like a meaty pendulum. She observed the swinging meat for over a minute, entranced by the hypotonic motion, then as the ballooning ball-bag came to a rest she turned back to see Lilly; her hand a blur beneath her towel, reaching the peak of a ground-shaking orgasm.

It took the three of them several minutes to recover enough for Lilly to issue Jamie’s forfeit and, several times, both had denied Brad’s desperate requests to quit the game.

‘Jamie,’ Lilly said with a smile, ‘I want you to take Brad’s fat bollocks…’ she let the tension build, ‘…and stick them up your cunt.’

‘What?’ screamed Jamie and Brad simultaneously.

‘No fucking way!’

‘Yes way. I’ve got a tale about you that Mum wouldn’t be too happy to hear.’

‘You have nothing.’ Jamie said incredulously.

‘Really? Then why exactly did her old boyfriend Steve leave her without so much as a goodbye.’

‘You don’t know why,’ said Jamie, unconvinced.

‘Well, I should imagine it’s hard to say goodbye with your nuts knocked up into your throat.’ Jamie gasped. ‘You used to sneak in from school to watch him showering, I used to catch you at it all the time, then, one day, he must have caught you at it himself, so you caved in his balls.’


‘How do I know? Easy. When I came home from school later he was still curled up on the bathroom floor clutching a purple nut-sack and you were upstairs frigging yourself silly.’

Jamie was distraught. She looked down at Brad’s rapidly inflating dangleberries and then, with desperation, back at her little sister. ‘Please, Lil. I don’t want to—’

‘And if I remember rightly it happened during your rock chick phase… Oh, those poor bollocks never stood a chance against your Doc Martins.’ Lilly narrowed her eyes. ‘Tell me, did you pop them both with just a kick or did you get stuck in with your boot when he was down?’

‘I didn’t pop both,’ Jamie asserted with near-hysterical zeal. ‘I checked. Don’t tell Mum.’

‘Now how should I phrase it? “Mum, Jamie busted your favourite bit of cock’s balls so bad he crawled off and never came back” or “Mum, your darling daughter got caught knob-watching so popped Steve’s jewels all over your lino. ’

Okay!’ yelled Jamie. ‘I’ll do it.’ She was doing well to hold back the tears; Brad on the other hand didn’t even try.

‘Please, not my balls. Anything. Leave my balls alone.’

Lilly rolled her eyes. ‘Cheer up, Brad, it’s your shuffle next. You never know you might win one and then maybe your balls will get a rest.’ She stifled a chuckled.

‘Lil,’ said Jamie, suddenly sounding quite confident, ‘how exactly am I to get them up their without him or you seeing my pussy? They’re the rules remember.’

‘I know,’ said Lilly impatiently. ‘But it’s up to you to keep it covered… Oh, and’ —she leaned in close to whisper— ‘so you just don’t fake the whole thing: when his balls are in there, take away both your hands and make him squeal.’

Jamie didn’t follow.

‘Come on sis’, use your imagination. Give him a good, hard squeeze with that tight little cooch of yours.’

Jamie was amazed; she had never thought her baby sister capable of such vindictiveness. She nodded sadly and then looked over at Brad. He was a sorry state: sweat-soaked and pale through pain, terror and humiliation. His balls were even worse. Angry red globes bulging with veins, they seemed to be swelling by the second, which meant that Jamie had no time to waste contemplating logistics. She pushed herself across the carpet to him and, grabbing his ankle, flipped him onto his side. She then slid in-between his legs until their groins bumped with painful consequences for the male half of the coupling. Jamie then took hold of Brad’s nuts and gave them a sharp squeeze to get his attention.

‘If you look at my minge I’ll crush your balls flat in my hand, I swear, Brad! Understand?’

He nodded compliantly and then looked away, though thoughts of getting a sneaky peek had fought their way through the pain to the front of his mind. Maybe while Jamie was concentrating on the awkward insertion.

Jamie gave one last pleading look at Lilly, but to no avail. Checking Brad was looking away, Jamie pulled aside her thong and began the tricky procedure.

Her pussy lips were sealed tight with revulsion, but luckily, were still extremely moist from the arousing events of the past half hour. Parting her slick flaps, Jamie did as Brad had done previously and began with the smaller nut first. As soon as the orb was pressed against her hole she knew she was in trouble – it was too fat. She squashed it between her fingers in an effort to make it a more comfortable shape. The adjustments didn’t make matters any more comfortable for Brad however. His teeth were bared suddenly and any thoughts of spying Jamie’s cunt were forgotten as his brain was awash with ball-pain. Lilly was lapping it up.

‘Go on, Brad: look at Jamie’s pussy. Just take a peek.’

‘Shut up, Lil!’ said Jamie through gritted teeth.

‘Brad, just take a look at her tight, pink, dripping hole.’

‘You do, Brad and your nuts are history.’ To make sure he understood completely, she squeezed his right plum to near-breaking point and was surprised to feel the nut disappear from her grip with a wet pop.

‘That had to be a rupture!’ Lilly cheered, but from the look of discomfort on Jamie’s face, she was wrong. The swelling ’nad had simply slipped under the pressure of Jamie’s grip to fire at speed up her awaiting hole.

‘Is it up there?’ asked Lilly desperately curious. Biting her bottom lip, Jamie nodded. A single tear ran down her cheek. ‘Oh, what’s it feel like?’

Instantly, Jamie’s free hand caught hold of Lilly’s soft left tit and squeezed like hell. Lilly let out a strangled whimper and fell onto her side clutching her aching melon.

In truth, it hadn’t felt that painful; the wiry hair that covered Brad’s scrotum meant it did feel exceedingly scratchy against her sensitive, pink flesh, but Jamie just didn’t feel like describing it to Lilly in words.

Deciding she couldn’t go through with it, Jamie reached down to withdraw Brad’s bollock, only have the other rammed unceremoniously into her by her furious sister. Jamie screamed as the fat nugget stretched her cunt lips apart and rocketed inside, knocking the other nut deeper within, but her screams were drowned out by the high-pitched wail that erupted from deep within Brad. The terrible howl was so intense that actually seemed to originate all the way from his mistreated balls.

Not that either Jamie or Lilly cared; a catfight was underway.

After violating two people with one stone, Lilly leapt on top of Jamie and continued the abuse by grabbing hold of her sister’s quivering jugs and squeezing them cruelly.

The pain caused Jamie’s muscles to contract, sucking Brad’s nuts deeper into her pussy until even Lilly’s thumb ring disappeared, painfully inside. Lilly’s cruel hands twisted Jamie’s tits this way and that as she fought to stay astride her older sister and Jamie’s pussy muscles reacted in the only way they knew how: by clamping down on Brad’s happy-sack with vice-like force.

Fighting back, Jamie grabbed Lilly’s hair and jerked her this way and that causing her towel to fall away, but Lilly’s grasp was firm around her sister’s supple tit-flesh.

That’s when Jamie realised that there was only one thing left for it.

With Lilly’s hair firmly in hand, she clenched every muscle she had beneath her waist harder than she ever had before.

Brad had several immediate reactions to this: he let out a squeal, crossed his eyes and wished himself dead, but the reaction that Jamie took advantage of was his urge to sit abruptly upright and clutch his ball-bag. As he did, Jamie rammed her little sister’s head back into his face. The impact hurt Brad more, but Lilly was sufficiently stunned for Jamie to roll and pin.

With the catfight nearing its climax and adrenaline pumping, neither participant had noticed that thanks to Jamie’s brilliant reversal, Brad’s nuts had been twisted an entire 180 degrees inside of her. It was the straw that broke the camel’s bollocks as far as Brad was concerned. He passed out.

The Girls’ Mistake

When he came round, he found himself propped up against the sofa as he had been before the last forfeit. His legs were spread eagle and his stretched, swollen, slightly distorted nuts were laid out on the carpet before him; Lilly’s ring still encircling his sack. Beside the throbbing pair, was a hand of cards. He sighed wretchedly.

‘Final round,’ said Jamie, he words dripping with venom. She was scowling at Lilly who was scowling back with equal malice.

‘Winner takes both,’ agreed Lilly, prompting Brad to question:


‘I meant all. Winner takes all.’

‘What is it we’re playing for?’ The sisters hadn’t given him eye contact since he came round, but suddenly their eyes were on him and the specific part of him they were eyeing made Brad extremely uncomfortable.

‘We’re playing for whatever we want,’ said Jamie. ‘Whoever wins gets to choose the final forfeits.’

‘Let’s play,’ said Lilly. Jamie and Lilly picked up their cards, their eyes keenly scanned their hands, Brad’s eyes simply tried to focus.

His pain had become a strangely dulled sensation replaced by the acute awareness of every influence on his testicles. For instance, he could feel the pulsing of blood around his massive orbs; to the point where he swore you could see them visibly throb. He could feel the carpet, soft as it was, pressing unevenly into the back of his nuts under their own weight. Most worryingly, he could feel the stress that the swelling was putting on his plums; they felt like water balloons filled to bursting point.

‘Do you want to keep them or not?’ asked Jamie, apparently nodding at his jewels.

‘Yes,’ he gasped in horror. ‘Please…’ Then he noticed she was looking slightly to the left of his danglers, at his cards. With a great relief, he picked them up and inspected them. ‘I’ll swap two.’ To his astonishment, he picked up two aces.

Next Lilly took two cards. ‘Wait,’ she said, staring with dismay at the new cards. ‘This isn’t right.’ It had been agreed by both sisters that the round be fixed so that Lilly won, but Jamie had altered the cards at the last minute so that she herself would win... or so she had thought.

‘What do you mean?’ asked Jamie with a faint smile.

Lilly noticed Brad was looked at her with a trace of suspicion. ‘Oh, nothing.’ Then with an anxious urgency: ‘Jamie, swap your cards.’ Jamie swapped two also.

‘Uh-oh,’ she said. She looked at Lilly and then the both of them looked at Brad.

‘Let’s see them then,’ Brad said with a smile. The girls put down their terrible hands. ‘I didn’t mean your cards.’ Brad grinned.

‘You stupid bitch,’ Lilly muttered.

‘What did you just call me?’ snapped Jamie.

‘Girls, girls. Now I know both your dirty little secrets so don’t try to get out of this. Now, let me make sure I do this right: Lilly, you take off your towel. Jamie you take off your T-shirt and thong.’

‘But what about our—?’ began Jamie.

‘Pussies?’ finished Brad, his sock-clad schlong inflating and the five-inch length of scrotum below beginning to tighten. ‘Tell you what, you’ve got a spare sock, Jamie and Lilly,’ he eyed her towel-cloaked form lecherously, ‘you can have this one.’ He pulled off the soft, cotton ankle sock covering his dick with purposeful languor as though unveiling a fantastic prize. What he put on display did capture both girls’ attention though. Both started at the stiff monument of manliness with awe and the slightest trace of fear.

‘But his balls were so small,’ gasped Lilly before the musky-smelling sock hit her square in the face.

‘So,’ said Brad, obscenely stroking his solid cock, ‘who’s first?’ His eyes were on Lilly, but as she put a hand on the knot of her towel, Jamie reached across and stopped her.

‘I’ll go first,’ she said selflessly.

‘You don’t have to,’ said Lilly.

‘He’s seen mine already.’ Lilly nodded and looked away as Jamie took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted it over her head to reveal the fantastic treasures she hid beneath.

Brad was surprised how blown away he was by the awesome pair. He had seen them some months ago at a party when he had purposefully stepped on Jamie’s dress and twirled her. He thought back to how the dress had corkscrewed down the swell of her tits before passing the point of no return and simply falling to the ground, leaving her spinning; baps flopping wildly, wearing only a silky G-string in front of a gawking crowd of family and friends.

As dick-stiffening as it had been, his view of her melons had been compromised slightly by the sheer degree of their gelatinous jiggling and the speed at which she covered up afterwards.

Now his view was completely unobstructed, he could take in the sheer size and perfection of her funbags. Jamie tossed the T-shirt aside, removed her sock and climbed to her feet. Turning so that her full, round rear filled Brad’s vision; she began slowly and carefully peeling off her thong.

Brad could hardly stop himself from cumming – and he knew the best was still to come.

The thong hit the floor and Jamie delicately kicked it aside; making sure her legs didn’t part far enough to show the real goods. She placed the sock over her exposed slit and turned back around to kneel on the floor with infinitely more care and modesty than she had used at the start of the game.

‘There,’ she said finally and she closed her eyes and let Brad absorb her every curve. She was perfect, but Brad was too much of a tit man settle for second best. Gripping his meat tightly, he composed himself best he could and looked to his girlfriend’s baby sister. Lilly looked mortified. She looked at her ball-busting big sister, naked and defeated before Brad’s throbbing cock and balls.

‘You said he wouldn’t get to see them,’ she whimpered to Jamie.

‘I’m sorry,’ her sister said sorrowfully.

Biting her bottom lip and unable to maintain eye contact with Brad, Lilly took hold of the knot in her towel and loosened it off. The by now dry towel fell away from her back and ass, but Lilly maintained her hold on the front corner, denying Brad the sight of her massive breasts for a few more agonising seconds before finally…

The back door slammed shut. Lilly’s eyes widened and she pulled the towel to her chest.

Jill was back!

Jill’s Wrath – Part Two

It took Brad just a second more to realise what was going on, but by that time both Jamie and Lilly had bolted for the stairs.

Brad tried to stand, but his legs were still too weak from the considerable ball-torture he had received over the past hour or so. His eyes filled with panic. He scoured his immediate area for some form of clothing, his boxers, even a sock would have done right then.

Jill entered the room. ‘Hey,’ she greeted chirpily, not noticing his nakedness behind the couch. ‘You like my hair?’

‘Er, sure.’

‘What are you doing still undressed?’

‘I was…’

‘Oh, look at that,’ Jill said, spotting Jamie’s thong. She marched over the tiny undergarment and picked it up. ‘I bet this is Lilly. She always leaves her—’ She turned around and froze instantly. Her eyes locked onto her boyfriend’s battered, bloated happy-sack.

‘What the fuck?’

‘I can explain,’ Brad said pitifully. ‘I, er, sat on them.’

‘Really?’ said Jill bitterly, ‘then how exactly did Lilly’s ring get round your nut-sack?’

‘This isn’t Lilly’s—’ he looked down at the ring and noticed for the first time that her baby sister’s name was clearly etched into the ring. ‘Ah,’ he said, right before he felt Jill’s foot stomp down on his helpless ’nads.

The pain that his brain had been doing so well to block returned tenfold as Jill’s leather sole all but flattened his balls into the carpet. The ring around his scrotum didn’t help matters; keeping his usually evasive marbles trapped in a tight pouch with nowhere to go.

‘You fucking pig!’ Jill growled, twisting her foot so that his pancaked balls had no choice but to roll with it. She waved the juice-soaked thong in his face accusingly. ‘I ought to crush your worthless cherries right now.’

‘Ought to?’ Jamie repeated to herself, as she peered through the crack in the door. She turned to Lilly. ‘She’s not going to do it. He has to pay!’

‘But what can we—?’ started Lilly, but before she could finish the question Jamie shoved her through the doorway – minus her towel and it was then that Brad saw what he had been so desperate to see for so long now. His cock hardened of its own accord; he could do nothing to stop it and though he tried, he just couldn’t take his eyes off Lilly’s perfectly huge and bouncing rack.

‘You bastard,’ Jill growled and, as Brad’s testicles collapsed with a sickening crunch, he came harder and more powerfully than ever before as two bollocks-worth of spunk erupted high enough and arced far enough to coat Lilly’s fat titties with the mother load of gentleman’s goo.

Brad passed out with a smile.

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