Ball-busting School Babes

Contains ball-busting

Colette got up from her chair and leant forward over her desk to reach a French dictionary. I was directly behind her and I couldn’t help staring longingly at her perfectly pert ass.

Colette knew she had the sexiest rear in the school, and she went out of her way to make certain everyone else knew it too. The constant bending was one way; the other was wearing leggings so tight that the fabric clung to her every contour. And I mean every contour.

As she stretched further, her fingers brushing the out-of-reach textbook, I was treated to the sight of her tantalising beaver-cleavage. I swallowed hard and felt something else get hard as thoughts of bending her over the desk and ramming my cock into that inviting cleft filled my mind.

I became suddenly aware that I was being watched. Sam, the girl sitting next to me, had noticed my lustful stare.

I quickly looked down at my work, but she whispered in my ear, ‘You dirty pervert.’

Sam was a real bitch, but I had a thing for her big time. She too had a fine arse, but she didn’t seem to now it. She had modest tits, but the fine pair seemed to have a life of their own: constantly jiggling, wobbling and bouncing at her slightest movement. She was a brunette with thick, dark eyebrows shaped so that she appeared forever angry.

She was the kind of girl who would use the tiniest of excuses to turn violent on a boy. This would usually end up with said boy rolling around on the floor clutching his nuts while she mocked him to the amusement of the other girls.

‘What?’ I squeaked guiltily.

‘I saw you looking at her arse.’

‘So?’ I asked, realising there was no call for me to be apologetic.

Sam turned in her seat and my eyes flickered down at her tits as they bounced. She gasped. ‘You perv! I saw that too!’ I gave her my best innocent look, but she was having none of it.

‘If you want to see them, just ask,’ she said, shrugging to send her little tits leaping once more.

‘What?’ I croaked.

‘Just ask,’ she smiled, seductively.

‘All right,’ I said, unconvinced, ‘Show me.’

Sam ran her hand up to her collar and pulled it out. Slowly, she leant forward and I caught my first glimpse of her bra-less, perky baps. While I was mesmerised, she put her hand on my groin, a little lower than my erection on two very tender parts. Before I could do anything her grip tightened and I struggled not to yelp.

‘You saw my pair, now I’m gonna crush yours,’ she said, licking her lips.

She turned back round to face the front of class and whilst continuing to squeeze with all her might. As my nuts were brutally ground together in her clenched fist, my head was on the table and my hands were desperately trying to loosen her grip.

‘Struggle and I’ll squeeze harder,’ she threatened in a sing-song voice. I was urged to keep trying, but as soon as I did, her grip tightened till I was in agony.

My muffled squeals must have alerted Colette because she turned around to see what was happening. She looked at Sam who was sat grinning broadly with one hand under the table. Then she looked at me. I was face down on the desk and my hands were now squeezing the chair to control the pain.

She looked back to Sam quite puzzled. ‘What’s with him?’

‘Let’s just say I’ve got him by the balls,’ said Sam not-so-subtly, before giggling.

‘No way!’ The beautiful blonde gasped. She ducked her head under the table and saw Sam’s hand full of my trouser meat. ‘Sam you bitch!’ This made Sam giggle even more.

‘You wouldn’t say that if you saw the way he ogled your arse when you bent over.’

‘Did he?’ Colette gasped, knowing full well that every boy did. ‘Well squeeze ‘em harder!’ My higher-pitched squeals told her Sam had. ‘You bitch!’ she repeated.

Then everything got a whole lot more painful.

The teacher told us all to get into groups of four for a group conversation. Colette quickly turned her chair round to our desk and began calling frantically to her friend Danielle.

Danielle was the all-round sexiest girl in the school. She had everything you could want in a woman: gorgeous looks, with her red-streaked, brown hair tied back in two tiny pigtails; a stunning figure; a shapely ass; and last, but certainly not least, a humongous set of melons.

She bounded over and dropped herself down beside the beckoning blonde with an apparent disregard for the effect it had on her gigantic jugs and the cocks of every boy in the class.

‘What is it?’ she asked.

‘Look under the table,’ Colette giggled. Danielle peered under and then burst out laughing.

‘Nice one Sam!’ she cheered and while she giggled, I couldn’t help but notice her huge baps jiggle wildly.

‘Hang on!’ said Sam, amazed, ‘He’s managed a hard-on!’

Danielle looked down at me and saw where I was staring. I tried to alter where I was looking, but her immense jugs filled my entire view.

‘Oh, you like them, do you?’ she asked, leaning forward to perched the heavy lumps on the desk so that they were pushed up high and strained against the confines of her clothing.

After looking around for the teacher, she hitched her black pullover up to her armpits, exposing the bulging cotton of her shirt, through which I could see the pink of her nipples.

How a girl with tits so big could manage to be so exuberant without the support of a bra was beyond me, but bra-less she evidently was, so when she slowly began to unbutton the front of her shirt I was reduced to a drooling idiot.

Then there it was-her left breast. It was at least quadruple the size of Sam’s and I think Sam noticed too, because her grip suddenly tightened again. After tucking it away, Danielle swapped seats with Colette and leaned back on her chair.

‘Sam?’ she said.


‘Squeeze them out of your hand so I can put my boot on them.’

‘Okay.’ She smiled. Sam squeezed my balls so they popped out of her hand.

‘Wait. Sam?’ said Colette, eagerly. ‘Get them out of his pants!’ Sam’s smile doubled. She quickly let go of my balls and unzipped my trousers and was delighted to see my swollen pair roll out. She quickly grabbed them again and yanked them further out of my trousers.

‘What do they feel like?’ asked Colette, scrunching up her nose cutely.

‘You’ve never touched a pair?’ gasped Sam. ‘I thought you were popular with all the boys?’

‘I’ve touched balls,’ said Colette defensively, ‘but never after a good crushing.’

‘Well you’ll get your turn.’

‘Just tell me!’ she pleaded, hungrily.

‘Well, they’re hot and hairy and it might be my palms, but something’s wet!’

‘I’ll tell you one thing that’s wet!’ Danielle giggled crudely. She lifted her foot and I felt the cold, hard heel of her shoe against my aching plums. She slowly began adding pressure, twisting her foot slowly.

‘Make, sure you’ve got a good hold!’ Colette giggled without taking her head from under the desk. I felt my plums begin to flatten against her grinding heel and gritted my teeth. For what felt like an eternity Danielle pushed and twisted her boot into my ever-flattening nuts. Then, luckily for my balls, she removed her heel.

‘No use squashing them too quickly.’

‘Yeah,’ giggled Colette, ‘We want some real fun first!’ Colette and Danielle swapped places again.

‘Yank them closer to me,’ Colette ordered. Sam began pulling savagely on my knob-sac. ‘You either pull your chair in or I tear your bollocks off!’

With all the strength I had left in my legs I pulled my chair in. Colette reached under the table and felt them.

‘Wow!’ she gasped, ‘They’re a lot harder than I thought they’d be after all that crushing!’ She violently poked one to watch my reaction. She then grasped round Sam’s fingers and took over hold of my nuts. ‘How far do you think they’ll stretch?’ she said, devilishly. The other two girls shrugged and giggled. Colette began pulling on my nuts with all her might. The other two girls looked under the table.

Suddenly Natalie walked over to see what they were laughing at.

‘What’s so funny?’

The girls stopped laughing immediately. Natalie was not in the group of friends, but she was popular. She had brown hair in a long ponytail and was quite short, but what she lacked in height she more than made up for in cup-size. Somehow she’d always managed to get away without wearing proper uniform. The reason for this is probably because she always came in wearing low-cut tops and push-up bras – not that her doughy knockers needed pushing up. A tight top would usually push them up so that they were almost spilling out. Nat was also the proud owner of the most famous nipples in school. The large nubs could always be seen trying to tear through her top and that was when it was warm – when it got cold she could hang coats on them!

Today she was wearing on of my favourite tops: a small tank top she had left on after PE class, and which she wore obviously bra-less. The top was so small that a portion of the undersides of her huge baps bulged out of it magnificently.

‘Nothing.’ snapped Sam.

‘Well, what’s the matter with, him?’

‘Erm...’ said Sam, her mind racing. ‘He’s—’

‘Caught his nuts in his fly,’ blurted Danielle.

‘Really?’ asked Nat, excitedly.

‘Oh, Danielle!’ Sam huffed and slapped her right bap. ‘You idiot.’

‘Let’s have a look,’ said Nat, bending down. She gasped at what she saw.

‘Don’t tell!’ pleaded Colette, who didn’t even loosen her grasp.

‘Tell?’ laughed Nat, ‘You must be kidding! I want a go!’

I was shocked. I didn’t expect Nat to tell on the tormentors, but I didn’t expect she would be eager to join in my torture. But I soon found out that if you show a pair of balls to any girl, she won’t even think twice before grabbing them and squeezing the spunk out of them. Nat pulled at chair up onto my end of the table and dipped her head under the table to get a closer look.

‘Wow! You’ve really been squeezing ‘em. They’re both red and swollen! I mean I should know I’ve seen enough!’

‘Really?’ Colette gasped. ‘When?’

‘Well, once in drama I "accidentally" trod on this lad I didn’t like. I put my toes right on his balls and squashed them flat against the floor until I swear I felt a pop. He squealed like a pig and everyone looked round and started laughing. I said, "Oops, sorry about that did I hurt you?" and then walked off laughing.’

‘Oh, I love it when they squeal!’ Danielle giggled. ‘Sam make him squeal!’

‘Miss will hear him,’ she replied.

‘Here pass me them,’ smiled Nat. ‘I want some fun.’ Colette passed Nat my throbbing nuts after a final parting squeeze and Nat grabbed them greedily with one hand. With the other hand she pulled her thong to one side and began rubbing her pussy. Danielle’s hand also travelled toward her cunt, but Colette grabbed it and guided it over to her own wet minge. Danielle began rubbing Colette’s pussy from over her tight trousers and Colette moved her hand to Danielle’s fanny and returned the favour. They both closed their eyes and groaned quietly. Danielle’s free hand slipped up her shirt and began massaging her heavy tit.

I could do nothing but stare in agony as Nat fingered herself while increasing pressure on my balls, while her fingers caressed her cunt. I felt like I had to squeal, but I held it back. If I were found getting my balls busted by four girls I’d never live it down. Sam was the only one not fingering herself. She just watched my face as I fought against the intense pain in my balls.

‘Are poor baby,’ she whispered in my ear, before sticking her warm, moist tongue in it.

‘Bitch,’ I grunted.

‘I know.’

She smiled, grabbing Nat’s hand and squeezing it harder round my throbbing nuts.
My vision began getting hazy and my eyes began closing. Nat saw this and quickly let up on my plums and shoved her fishy finger under my nose. I quickly came to my senses.

‘Don’t’ go fainting on us,’ Sam smiled devilishly. Nat let go of my plums and they flopped down into the plastic chair with a soft plink. Even the tiny impact of this caused my balls to scream with agony. I gritted my teeth and fought it and that’s when the teacher came over.

‘Why has your team got five in it?’ she asked.

‘Well,’ started Sam thinking quickly. ‘He’s not feeling to good, so Nat’s helping.’

‘He doesn’t look well, does he?’ she said eyeing me carefully. ‘Take him to the medical room will two of you.’

‘Can’t we all take him?’ asked Nat desperately.

‘It doesn’t take four of you to take him.’

‘He’s dizzy and two of us girls won’t be able to hold him up,’ said Colette, only just sliding her hand from in-between Danielle’s warm thighs.

‘Okay, but hurry back. We’ve got a video to watch.’

‘Yes, Miss,’ the four of them promised. As the teacher turned away, Sam grabbed my swollen nuts and shoved them roughly into my trousers. Without zipping up the flies she and Nat lifted me out of my seat.

The four eager, giggling girls carried me across the classroom, but along the way, my stretched and battered bollocks dropped out of my flies and swung freely for the two girls on the front row to spot. They gasped and giggled hysterically as my glowing red plums bobbled by. The closer and most daring of the two picked up a long metal ruler and whispered in the other girl’s ear. The other girl giggled and nodded. I could only watch and wait for her to swiftly smack it across my exposed nads. It made a loud smack! and I coughed so violently that I though I would vomit.

‘Hurry up and get him to the medical room!’ shouted the teacher from the
back of the class obviously scared I would hurl on her carpet.

‘Yes, Miss!’ Danielle shouted back, before opening the door into my nuts with great force. ‘Oops! Sorry.’ The corner of the door pinned my left plum agonisingly against my leg.

‘Nice one,’ Colette whispered, as Danielle smirked and continued to push the door.

‘Oh, this damn door’s stuck. I think it needs a nut loosening!’ Danielle mocked as she rammed the door a second time into my tortured left plum.

As the cold air hit my balls I prayed they would shrivel up into my trousers, but my sac was stretched too far and they both dangled naked for anyone to see as we crossed the open yard.

At that moment the girls’ football team chose to run out of the changing rooms all kitted up for a game, except for one girl who was pushed out topless, clutching her tits. The other girls had stolen her shirt and pushed her outside for a laugh and were now waving her shirt at her tauntingly. Two girls wearing only their underwear blocked the entrance back into the changing rooms. The girl’s tits weren’t huge, but she barely managed to cover them with both hands, not that she was particularly trying. Until she noticed me.

‘Argh!’ she screamed covering up her bare baps the best she could, but then she saw my nuts. ‘Oh my...! Look at his bollocks!’ The other girls turned and gasped.

Sam laughed and shouted, ‘How about a free kick?’

‘Really?’ asked the girl.

‘All of you,’ Sam answered. ‘Take penalties from there. See if you can nail him.’ The topless girls forgot about covering her tantalisingly erect nipples and grabbed a football off the floor.

‘You know we’re the best team in the league don’t you, Sam?’

‘Yep.’ Sam giggled. ‘Give it all you’ve got!’

The girl pulled back her foot and struck the ball masterfully, which in turn struck me in the balls masterfully. The pain was indescribable. My entire groin burned. I bent in the middle and did my best to enclose my pulsating plums between my legs, but Nat and Colette pulled them apart. Suddenly the other girls were fighting over who was to kick next and eventually it was a free for all. Even the two girls in just their underwear ran back inside to put on their boots. Footballs flew at my tortured nut-sac at an astonishing rate. Each one striking like a ball of concrete, until Sam had to tell them to stop.

‘No more!’ she yelled. ‘His baby-makers are ready to pop.’

‘Fuck me!’ gasped Nat examining them. ‘They’re huge!’ She was right – my plums were so swollen that they strained against my already stretched ball-bag.

‘Swollen more like,’ Sam corrected. ‘If we’re not careful with them he’s not gonna be walking for weeks.’

‘I think we’re past that stage already,’ said Colette taking my scorching sac in her hand. ‘I can’t believe they’re not mush already.’

‘Wow. He’s got balls of steel!’ Danielle joked.

Suddenly a football came flying out of nowhere and bounced up into my hefty plums.

‘Hey!’ Nat yelled. ‘Who did that?’ The topless girl was giggling hysterically. Nat looked at the football on the ground and then the girls jiggling jugs. She kicked the ball with all her might and it sailed into the girl’s knockers with immense force. There was a soft SMACK and the girl screamed and dropped to her knees clutching her battered melons.

‘These are our balls so go find your own to crush!’ Nat cried and with that
they continued to drag me across the yard.

‘The medical rooms that way, isn’t it?’ asked the dim-witted Danielle.

‘Yeah,’ said Sam, ‘but the bike shed is this way and that’s where we’re
taking him.’

‘Why?’ asked Danielle with more proof of her slow mind.

‘For more fun, you dumb bitch,’ answered Nat harshly.

‘Oh, right,’ Danielle said with a smiled. ‘Yes!’

All I could do was groan as they dragged me behind the remote bike shed…