Lara Croft vs The Order of Manhood

Lara Croft vs The Order of Manhood

Contains ball- and cunt-busting, castration (many, some graphic) and big tit themes

Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

Lara Croft bounced the tennis ball on the grass court and narrowed her eyes at her opponent, Sienna Worthing, who rolled her eyes with exasperation.

‘Do you have to be so competitive at everything, Lara?’ she asked.

‘I’m afraid so,’ said Lara before smashing a blistering serve at her friend who shrieked as the ball rocketed through her legs close enough to her pussy to clip her super-micro skirt.

‘Jesus,’ she panted when she opened her eyes. ‘I can see how you do so well against the men’s league.’

‘A win by default is still a win, Sienna,’ said Lara with a playful little smile on her succulent lips.

‘I suppose you can’t play tennis if someone stole your ball,’ said Sienna wryly, taking a fresh Dunlop from her waistband. ‘My serve.’ She threw the ball high and pulled back her racket ready.

‘Oi! Lady Croft,’ yelled a brutish voice, which made Sienna send the ball into the net. ‘Get yer tits out, love!’

‘Ugh,’ groaned Lara. ‘It’s him.’

Him who?’ asked Sienna, suddenly uncomfortable in her tiny skirt; she pulled it lower, but that only showed pubic hair from above rather than below. She cursed forgetting to bring underwear and rushed to the net for a little more protection.

‘The pervert I told you about. The one who ogles me whilst I skinny dip in the conservatory pool then squirts his load up my French doors.’

‘Ew,’ said Sienna with a shudder. ‘The one that you got a restraining order against?’ Lara nodded, prompting Sienna to shout at the trespasser, ‘You’re not allowed to set foot on these grounds so piss off before I set foot on your nuts!’

‘That’s not going to work,’ said Lara with a sigh. ‘He’s too dense to scare off with threats.’

‘Then what do you suggest?’

Lara smiled deviously and began to slowly, sexily peel down her shorts to reveal her full, juicy buttocks, separated and framed to perfection by her tiny black thong.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Sienna, her bright blue eyes widening with alarm.

‘Trust me,’ Lara said, kicking off her shorts and turning to the man.

‘That’s it, love’ said the trespasser, licking his lips. ‘And the rest… Your friend an’ all.’

‘What?’ gasped Sienna, outraged.

‘Do you want to join me?’ Lara asked quietly, without turning. ‘I’ll let you have his right one.’

‘His right what?’ asked Sienna.

‘Nut,’ answered Lara matter-of-factly, hoping to shock her friend.

‘I’ll just watch,’ Sienna said with only slight discomfort; Sienna was a vet and if gelding the odd horse hadn’t made her comfortable with castration, hanging out with Lara certainly had because her buxom friend and employer seemed to attract men in need of a good neutering in their droves. And Lara was always happy to see to their needs.

‘Your loss,’ Lara said with a shrug before raising her voice to yell, ‘So you want to see my tits, do you?’ Without waiting for his reply, she pulled her T-shirt off over her head in such a way that her sports-bra-bound rack was lifted only to flop back down onto her chest with such a gelatinous abandon that it had the man drooling from his mouth and cock at once.

Sienna, watching from behind, was no less blown away. As Lara tossed the T-shirt aside it caused her long, heavy ponytail to flick out to the side before it came back down to slap her audibly on the peachy rear. Down to her thong and matching sports bra, Lara turned at the waist to signal her over with a beckoning finger.

Staring at Lara’s abundant side-boob, Sienna licked her lips and said, ‘What the hell,’ before pulling her T-shirt over her head. Lara watched her long blonde hair fall back down over her white sports bra and smiled.

Shoulder to shoulder the two women slinked over to the chain link fence behind which the man was waiting with erection straining.

‘Well don’t just stand there, big boy,’ said Lara seductively. ‘Get that big old todger of yours out and stick it through the fence so we can have a taste.’ The man could barely believe his luck. His fingers fumbled at his flies for a second before he literally tore them open in frustration.

‘Wow,’ said Sienna with complete honesty. ‘That’s huge.’

‘And she’s an equine vet,’ said Lara, thumbing at her friend. ‘She’s used to seeing horse dicks. So come on, don’t be shy; let her have a taste.’

With as much care as he could manage in such haste, the man fed his stiff length through the chain link and Sienna began to lower her gaping mouth towards it. Lara watched with a smile, but then uncertainty as Sienna’s lips began to close around the shiny, oozing purple head.

‘What are you doing,’ she hissed, tugging Sienna up by the hair.


‘You’re not actually supposed felate him,’ Lara told her angrily.

‘Sorry, I couldn’t help myself; it’s so big. I—’

‘Big? You’re around horse dicks all day—’

‘Oi,’ said the trespasser gesturing impatiently at his cock.

‘One second,’ snapped Lara irritably. She eyed Sienna and said grimly, ‘You control yourself around my horses… right?’ Sienna’s eyes narrowed and her nose scrunched up.

‘Ew! Of course!’

‘Hey,’ yelled the man, snapping his fingers and pointing at his member. ‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’

‘Oh, of course,’ said Lara impassively and with a swift and powerful thrust she slammed the man’s cock back into the fence, mashing it cruelly against the chain link. He called out in pain and surprise, but Lara’s other hand was no less cruel. Her fingers slipped through the fence and around his low hangers before yanking them back through the fence. Only his balls wouldn’t follow, not together, they were too big to fit through the gap side by side, so she had to push one back with her thumb and popped them through one at a time.

‘No wonder you leave so much mess on my windows,’ she commented as she twisted the spunk-filled nuggets sharply. She pushed her thumb against the head of his waning cock and bent it backwards through a link in the fence, scraping his sensitive bell-end against the metal. He shrieked and Lara let go, happy to see that it held itself in place. ‘Sorry about that,’ she apologised. ‘I have nothing against your todger, but they have a tendency to flop around and get in the way while I do this.’ She squeezed his nuts together and watched them compress into a single mass.

‘Yum, looks like a big plum,’ she said. ‘Except for the colour, but that will come.’ She turned to Sienna and found her looking away with arms crossed indignantly.

‘What’s the matter, Sienna?’ Lara asked as she continued to squeeze on the trespasser’s globes. ‘Look, I didn’t mean to insinuate you felated horses.’ Sienna ignored her. ‘Sienna. What’s it going to take?’

‘Both,’ said Sienna abruptly.

‘Both what?’

‘Nuts,’ said Sienna matter-of-factly.

‘Fine,’ said Lara, rolling her eyes. ‘You can have his nuts.’

And, I get to bust you.’

Bust me?’ repeated Lara bewildered. ‘I don’t have any balls.’ Sienna grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back against the fence. Her soft, peachy buttocks enveloped the trapped shaft of the trespasser’s cock and his fat nuts hung down below.

‘Pull his nuts through some more; I want them in your thong.’

‘Seriously?’ squeaked Lara. ‘This is absurd.’

‘If you were a man and you called me a horse-cock-sucker, I’d have crushed your balls in an instant.’

‘Fine, fine,’ said Lara, rolling her eyes. ‘If this is what it takes for you to forgive me.’ She reached under her crotch for the trespasser’s pods which he was struggling fruitlessly to tug back through the fence. Lara’s fingers looped around the back of his orbs firmly.

‘Oh, god,’ he whimpered, unable to see, but recognising Lara’s grip.

Lara jerked forcefully and his entire body slammed into the fence, but still there wasn’t enough slack in his scrotum for her to thread through her thong so she tugged again and again and again, until she had stretched his sack out several inches.

The trespasser’s fingers were wrapped around the fence as he struggled to keep himself standing now that his legs had given way.

‘There,’ said Lara, tapping the plump plums so that they swung side to side from her crotch. ‘I just fail to see how—’ Sienna launched her knee up into her crotch with staggering force. The trespasser’s hefty beans cushioned the blow, but Lara still found her eyes watering as Sienna swung her leg back for another shot.

‘Oh, god,’ Lara whimpered.

The second shot popped a nut. ‘There goes the left nut,’ said Sienna.

‘Actually it was the right,’ Lara corrected through gritted teeth as the trespasser shot a hot load up her back.

‘Did you… feel it?’ asked Sienna wrinkling her nose. Lara nodded, unblinking. ‘Gross.’ And she sent a final knee into Lara’s crotch.

The explosion of the trespasser’s remaining nut sent a ripple through Lara’s stinging flaps. Feeling it, the ending of a man’s manhood between her own legs, so unmistakable, so intimate, Lara dropped to her knees gripped by a powerful orgasm.

Behind her the trespasser fell to the ground, his stretched scrotum whipping back through the chain link with ease now that its contents were slush.

Lara sucked in deep, quivering breaths, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

Sienna watched her, terrified. She couldn’t have imagined that Lara was actually enjoying herself, not after three knees to the cunt. She remembered a horror story she had once read about a woman who had popped her clit whilst horse riding. She couldn’t have…

‘Lara,’ she asked tentatively. ‘Lara?’

‘Oh, god… Oh, god. Yes!

‘Yes?’ said Sienna, suddenly confused. She looked again at Lara and saw that she wasn’t so much clutching at her clit as rubbing it furiously.

‘Oh, god,’ she said in a gasp. She turned away, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and she waited awkwardly for Lara to regain her composure.


‘Hardly seems fair that a knee to the groin causes a man exquisite pain, yet can make a woman cum,’ said Sienna as Lara hobbled along beside her.

‘It wasn’t you kneeing me that did it,’ Lara said pushing open the huge front door to her mansion. ‘It was feeling his balls go pop right against my pussy; almost inside me.’ Sienna found herself imagining the wonderful sensation against her own cunt and she relented.

‘Still, I can’t believe that you got off on it. It was supposed to be a punishment and you enjoy…’ She trailed off, her attention caught by the strapping young man in a suit who was bending to polish the banisters. ‘Who’s that?’

‘My new butler,’ said Lara with a grin as she too gazed upon the butler’s firm rear and the shocking apparent trouser bulge that forced him to stand with legs splayed at all times.

‘David,’ said Lara, announcing her presence. He quickly turned around and bowed courteously.

‘Lady Croft,’ he greeted, his manner impeccable.

‘Now, David,’ said Lara rolling her eyes theatrically. ‘What have I told you about bowing?’ He looked up at her, suddenly uncomfortable. ‘No, no, stay down, but keep your feet firmly together.’ He nodded graciously and then slowly pushed his feet closer whilst his muscular thighs closed around his enormous nuts like a vice. Sienna swore she could hear the sound of his rocks grinding together as his face turned red and his left eye began to twitch.

‘That’s much better,’ said Lara when his legs were all way closed. She stifled a chuckle. ‘Now keep your feet together and stand up straight.’

The butler, nodded and began to straighten only to come to an abrupt halt halfway out of his bow as his balls, still firmly trapped between his thighs, refused to budge leaving him tug painfully on his nut chords.

Sienna gasped. ‘Lara, you bitch,’ she whispered with a giggle. Lara gave her a sideways glance and winked.

‘Come now, David.’

With a final, gut-wrenching tug his balls slipped out from between his legs and to create a stunning bulge in his tight trousers.

‘Very good,’ said Lara, barely containing her amusement. ‘Now take a shower before dinner – I can smell the day’s work on you.’

‘Yes, Lady Croft,’ he squeaked before turning to walk awkwardly up the stairs.

‘And I thought having big tits was a pain,’ Lara said to Sienna as they watch him go. ‘And you should see him get into a car, you think manoeuvring so that you don’t flash your mimsy is a chore, one wrong move and he’ll end up singing soprano.’

Sienna giggled. ‘But is he really as good a butler as Jeeves?’

Lara shuddered. ‘The man had a face like a scrotum.’ She nodded to David who had only just made it to the top of the stairs. ‘Only this chap’s scrotum looks like a scrotum.’

‘Don’t tell me you’ve seen it?’ said Sienna in a gasp.

‘Follow me,’ said Lara, her eyes twinkling with mischief.


Sienna, stood in Lara’s bedroom before a bank of security monitors. Her jaw was hanging open as on three screens the butler stripped down to his boxers.

‘Lara,’ she said in a whisper. Lara shushed her.

‘This is the best bit.’

On the screen titled ‘Money Shot,’ the butler pulled down his shorts and his tightly contained packaged unfurled and flopped out to swing like a meaty pendulum.

‘Fuck me!’ said Sienna in a gasp that sounded more like a request than an exclamation.

‘I bet you want to suck that one,’ said Lara devilishly. ‘You just wait until he lathers it up – I’ve never seen a man take so much care polishing his todger. He gets it hard first so he can scrub every last inch of it, and let me tell you, there are lots of inches to be scrubbed. He even shines each ball individually – they sparkle when he’s through.’

Sienna let out an involuntary girlish giggle which she immediately tried to conceal.

‘Come on,’ said Lara leading her over to the bed. ‘You watch the show – let your hair down a little.’ She gave her a playful wink and turned toward the en suite bathroom.

‘Okay,’ Sienna called after her, only to see Lara present her reddened pussy lips as she slipped off her thong.

‘I’m going in the shower myself,’ said Lara without turning.

‘Uh… Okay,’ said Sienna; staring unblinkingly at her friend as she reached around to lift her sports bra over her head and in doing so, turned just enough for the full, heavy globe of her right tit to come into view. The tit jumped as Lara tossed aide her bra and she happened to glance back. The girls’ eyes met for a moment before Sienna’s head snapped away guiltily.

Lara smiled. ‘You enjoy the show,’ she said again, her perfect rear disappearing into the bathroom.

Once the door was shut, Sienna let out a huge sigh. She slapped her forehead and chuckled to herself. She is such a tease, she thought to herself. When she opened her eyes though, she was shocked to be met by Lara’s perfect front.

Lady Croft’s phenomenal jugs filled the screens that weren’t filled with the showering butler’s prick.

‘She’s even rigged her own shower with cameras?’ Sienna said incredulously, her eyes torn between the gelatinous sway of Lara’s tits and the meaty swing of the butler’s cock.

When the showering pair reached for the soap, Sienna reached for her pussy.

Lara ran the soap around the circumference of her right tit, circling the frothing bar over the huge melon, pushing it aside to wash her deep cleavage and lifting it to wash its full, round underside. The circles dwindled until there was nothing left to soap up but her big, dark nipple. The juicy teat stiffened through the suds.

Sienna worked her own teats beneath her T-shirt.

On the next screen the butler soaped his strong hands, took up the length of his prick and went to work. His right hand slid up and down the length while his left massaged its big, purple head, and pretty quickly they were on the rise. Sienna was mesmerised by the engorging member, but her fingers knew what to do; two held her slick, soft flaps open whilst another rubbed furiously at her stiff, pink clit.

By now the butler was at full mast and Sienna had never beheld such a splendid example of manhood, especially one so highly polished and the butler’s attention was now on polishing his two big marbles to the same impeccable standard.

First he circled the neck of his scrotum with a thumb and forefinger; next he tightened the grip and ran his hand down until his fat orbs were trapped in a nice tight package; finally he soaped up a the very tips of his free fingers and gently, as if cleaning two extremely fragile eggs, he washed his bollocks.

Sienna’s hand was a blur and the wet smack of her knuckles wrapping her cunt hole echoed around the bedroom and just when Sienna was on the brink of orgasm, Lara dropped the soap. Sienna was past caring whether it was on purpose or not, she just watched the scene unfold or rather she watched Lara’s cunt unfold as she ducked down low and pushed her pussy toward the hidden camera until her sweet, swollen lips kissed the screen.

That was more than Sienna could take and she didn’t care who knew.

Lara, still reaching for the soap, smiled proudly.


When she came out of the steamy bathroom, with a towel held loosely around herself, Lara was shocked to find the butler holding Sienna by the neck. When he saw Lara he spun Sienna around so that his body, also wrapped in a towel, was shielded by hers.

‘Where’s the map?’ he barked.

‘The map?’ said Lara.

‘The map to the lost city of the Amazons. Tell me or I break her neck.’

‘Okay, okay!’ said Lara. She looked to Sienna and gave her the tiniest hint of a wink. ‘I suppose you want me to put my hands up?’

‘Er,’ faltered the butler. ‘Sure. Get your hands up.’

Lara smiled and dropped the towel, raising her hands above her head so that her jugs were lifted magnificently.

Temporarily mesmerised, the butler was unprepared when Sienna whipped off his towel and Lara rushed forward and swung her leg between both their thighs toward the swinging meat that had just been exposed.

Sienna braced herself for impact, but by the time it reached her pussy, Lara’s shin had done most of its damage. The grip on her neck tightened for a split second and then slipped away entirely. The butler lost every ounce of his strength and menace. He fell to the floor with a strangled yelp, tears filling his wide, unfocused eyes and his cruel hands clutching urgently at his assaulted plums.

Sienna merely pressed her thighs together and the stinging of her flaps was ended.

Lara hadn’t stopped moving after the bollock-breaking kick, she dived for her bedside cabinet and tossing aside a monstrous dildo, she retrieved a shiny pistol. She pushed Sienna aside and kicked open the butlers legs.

‘Get you hands up,’ she said with a mean grin. The butler’s brow knotted as he fought the powerful urge to cup himself and pulled his hands up beside his head.

‘You’re going to shoot his balls off aren’t you?’ asked Sienna in a whispered.

‘I wouldn’t waste the bullets,’ Lara replied, spinning the pistol around to hold it by the barrel like a hammer. She dropped to her knees between the butlers spread legs and held the pistol threateningly above his nuts which were resting on the marble floor.

‘Who do you work for?’ she growled.

‘I am an apprentice of the Order of Manhood, beyond that I will tell you nothing slut!’

‘Is that so? Well in that case, your order of manhood is about to be reduced by half.’ She hammered down the pistol butt and flattened his left nut. After a second or two it reinflated, but only slightly.

‘Ooo,’ cooed Lara mockingly. ‘Well, it didn’t pop, but it doesn’t look good, does it Sienna?’

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ said Sienna quickly comprehending her role in the scene Lara had manufactured. ‘A good doctor might be able to save it, if it got seen to quickly.’

‘You hear that?’ Lara asked the murderous butler. ‘If you tell us why you’re after the map you might be able to get your nut seen to in time.’

‘Fuck you, bitch,’ the butler squeaked feebly.

‘No,’ said Lara. ‘Fuck you… bitch.’ And with that she hammered his left nut a second time and to the definitive sound of a pop which shook the butler's scrotum and caused him to twitch violently before falling unconscious.

Lara lifted the pistol to see the butt had left in impression in the mush that was the only remnant of a once mighty gonad. She stood up beside Sienna who was biting her bottom lip and wincing sweetly.

‘You want to see something funny?’ Lara asked her. Sienna shrugged bashfully. Lara smiled and slid her bare foot beneath the butler’s ball-bag and jammed her big toe between his arse cheeks with force. Immediately the butler’s thick cock began to twitch in response to the violation; it skipped and flopped about his stomach like a fish out of water, squirting obscene amounts of cum up his torso and across the marble floor.

Oh, my god!’ shrieked Sienna, letting out a shocked giggle. She caught herself and glanced at Lara guiltily; she was grinning devilishly, relishing her friend’s embarrassment. Sienna narrowed her eyes and said, ‘You do enjoy putting me in awkward situations don’t you, Lara?’

‘Do I?’ asked her mischievous friend as she slowly and inelegantly bended to pick up her towel. Sienna’s eyes bulged at the sight of Lara’s purposely bared pussy, but refusing to let Lara have another giggle at her expense she retaliated; her palm met the fleshy, pink flaps of Lara’s exposed pussy with a stinging, wet smack, causing Lara to jump up and shriek with childish glee.

All of a sudden the bedroom door burst from its hinges and there came an ear-splitting boom as it slammed against the hard floor.

Lara clutched the towel to her chest and spun around to take her usual aim at the crotch of the intruder only to find her sights locked on the solid steel codpiece of a fully armoured medieval knight.

‘Who the bloody hell are you?’ Lara demanded as Sienna ducked behind her in terror.

‘I am a knight of the Order of Manhood,’ boomed a voice from within the suit of armour.

‘Well unless you want to end up nutless like your friend here,’ threatened Sienna, gesturing to the butler, ‘I think you better piss off!’

‘You weapon is useless against me.’

‘Is that so?’ asked Lara, squeezing the trigger.

The shot went off, stuck the bugling codpiece in a bright spark and then ricocheted back to knock the pistol clean out of Lara’s hand. The gun clattered across the floor and disappeared under the bed.

‘Bugger,’ said Lara, staring at her empty hand.

The knight laughed loudly and pointed a terrible sword at Lara. ‘I’m going to take great pleasure ruining your insolent cunt!’ he bellowed.

‘With a sword?’ asked Sienna, appalled.

‘No, not with a sword,’ said the knight dismissively. There came a click from within his armour – the sound of a lock disengaging – and all of a sudden the knight’s codpiece swung open to release the tidal wave of hairy pink meat it had been protecting.

As his humongous dick soared and his mighty balls bounced and swayed, Sienna found herself pleading ‘Oh, ruin me first – my cunt’s far more insolent!’ She pushed Lara aside and bended over the bed to present the knight with a cunt that appeared more eager than insolent.

With the knight’s attention on Sienna’s moist offering, Lara took her chance; she whipped out the towel and snapped it solidly against the knight’s dangling fruit.

There came a tremendous creak as the knight’s body tensed within his armour.

Lara dropped, naked, to the floor and reached under the bed for her pistol, but she needn’t have, for Sienna had been prepared to “disarm” the knight all along. From her prostrate position on the floor, Lara watched Sienna swing her leg backward and up in a vicious arcing strike that caught the knight’s codpiece and forced it shut with a gristly crunch.

‘Oh, god,’ Sienna gushed with surprise. ‘I only meant to kick them. Did I just…?’ Not daring to look back for herself she instead looked to Lara who, having not seen anything so delightfully painful in all her years ball-busting, was grimacing.

‘Let’s just say that when his codpiece locked shut… not everything was quite back inside.’ That was far too tempting a description for Sienna. She looked back at her own handiwork.

Ooooo!’ she cooed, spying the veiny, distorted half-globes peeking out from the infinitesimally slight gap where the codpiece met the suit. ‘That looks much worse than zipping yourself up in your flies.’ Lara looked at her with a twinkle in her rich mahogany eyes.

‘Do you want to pop one?’ she asked devilishly. Sienna though about it carefully; eyeing the fit-to-burst orbs whilst unconsciously licking her lips.

‘Not yet,’ she said finally. ‘I’d rather he remained in that agonising limbo for a while longer before we end his suffering.’ She got up from the bed and stepped up to the silently screaming knight who seemed to be stuck, statue-like, unable to dropped to his knees as he so obviously should have.

‘Ruin me will you?’ she growled, idly bouncing the few inches of floppy cock that had also failed to make it inside in time.

Climbing back onto her feet with the pistol in her hand once more, Lara grabbed her silk nightgown and slipped it over her bronzed shoulders. She turned back round to find Sienna, once more, held captive by the butler, only this time he had the knight’s sword to her throat.

‘Oh, not this prick again,’ said Lara wearily.

Sienna closed her eyes before the muzzle flash went off, tensing when she felt the bullet rustle her pussy hairs and screaming out loud in disgust when something warm spattered up her flaps and inner thighs.

‘You’re fired,’ quipped Lara with a crooked smirk as the butler sank away groaning.

‘Oh, har, har,’ groaned Sienna, standing in a wide, uncomfortable stance. ‘Now pass me a bloody tissue or something before I get pregnant off his nut-butter.’

Lara kicked over her towel and Sienna bended awkwardly to reach it.

‘Do you think there’s any more of them out there?’ she asked, dabbing away the thick globs and strings of cum that covered her intimate area.

‘Sure,’ said Lara. She pointed to the bank of monitors showing the other rooms of her mansion. ‘There’s two more waiting for me in my conservatory.’

‘What are you going to do?’

‘I’m going to take a skinny dip, of course. Care to join me?’


The two knights were waiting inside the huge conservatory which housed an indoor pool with diving board. They had hidden themselves behind the two large palms which stood either side of the entrance and had orders to bring down their swords on the heads of anybody trying to flee through the back door.

They had been stood there for almost twenty minutes and were beginning to get bored when they heard soft footsteps heading their way. Their armour creaked as they lifted their swords in anticipation. They had both seen photographs of the lovely Lara and shared the opinion that it was as shame to have to slay her in cold blood without having a little fun with the top-heavy vixen first, but they were professionals, knights of the Order of Manhood and no matter how sizeable their manhood, they didn’t think with it… until their victim entered the conservatory.

First to make an appearance were her mouth-watering melons and it was a full other step before the rest of her passed the threshold, but by then the two knights were smitten. They didn’t even have to communicate the fact; the twin tinny chimes of stiffening cock-meat slapping steel armour said it all.

Lara pretended not to notice the obscene ding of their dongs and head purposefully for the poolside with her silk nightgown fluttering out behind her. The two knights lowered their swords and watched keenly as, reaching the pool’s edge, Lara let the gown slipped from her shoulders. It glided down her back and spilled over the swell of her full, round ass before simply floating away to leave her sumptuous bronzed body at the mercy of the knights’ probing stares. But there was to be no mercy from the knights; their eyes assimilated her every curve as she threw up her arms and prepared to dive.

Out of sight, Lara smiled; baring her tits was fun, but nothing gave her such a perverse thrill as what she was about to do. She bent forward at the waist, lifting and parting her peachy buttocks until her full rear gave way to her glistening pink slit.

For a split-second she held that pose, but then all too quickly for the watching knights she sprung off the poolside and plunged headlong into the steaming, blue waters.

The knights were totally cunt-struck. They whipped open their squeaky cod pieces with and freed their caged monsters, working them lustfully until solid and throbbing with thick veins whilst never once taking their eyes off the pool.

Lara broke the water at the far end and, brushing back the two dark strands of her fringe, she grabbed the poolside and pulled herself out; accustomed to, but always surprised by the sudden tug on her chest as her melons left the buoyancy of the water and their full weight returned.

She slinked over to the diving board and climbed the few steps before crossing the board like it were a catwalk.

Behind the palm trees Lara could hear urgent squeaks, squeaks that became all the more urgent as she began to spring leisurely on the board.

Possessing the impressive tone of an athlete and the simply pornographic attributes of an adolescent fantasy, Lara knew her bouncing made for a pretty spectacular sight, but it was the sound she was most impressed with, as her long ponytail, heavy with water, caused a loud snap as it whipped her fleshy ass with every bounce.

For the knights, however, it was the obvious that impressed; every bounce had a captivating effect on Lara’s voluminous breasts.

As Lara left the board, her heavy tits struggled to keep up; spreading out larger over her lower ribs until they amassed enough energy to spring up her chest and into the air; her big, dark nipples riding steadfast atop the great swells of tit-meat.

And even as she began to fall, her jugs continued to disregard gravity’s pull; rolling up her chest until breaking like gelatinous tidal waves against her collarbones.

The knights watched in orgasmic awe as Lara’s massive melons were sent swinging back down into each other with a fleshy clap; flattening against each other in a mind-blowing embrace.

This was too much for one of the knights and with an audible sput-sput he fired several mighty spurts of man-muck high into the air.

Lara, heard the palm tree rustle as its leaves were spattered with spunk. So soon? she thought with pride. Damn, I’m good! And she dived off the board into the water.

As the spent knight sagged with a long, ecstatic sigh, the other quickly shed his entire suit of armour.

‘What are you doing?’ asked his sweat-soaked, but blissful friend.

‘I’m not wasting mine up a palm tree,’ he replied callously.

‘Oh,’ said his mate, ashamed.

Seeing he had hurt his friend’s feelings the naked knight made him a kind offer: ‘I’ll let you watch if you come hold her down for me.’

‘All right!’ said his friend; his wilting dick soaring once more.

The knights were both bollock-naked by the time Lara surfaced and climbed out of the pool.

Unable to help herself, Lara stared directly ahead into the palms with a sultry, burning gaze before gliding her fingers slowly up the flatness of her stomach until they brushed the underside of her massively protruding breasts and were forced rapidly outward toward the nipples. When her fingers met the stiff nubs, she gripped them devilishly for a moment to lift the whole tit before letting them drop back down to her chest as her hands continued up her neck into her hair. With her jugs still jostling to settle back down she threw her head back and unintentionally whipped her ass with her ponytail. The surprise caused her pussy muscles to contract and force out the water trapped inside. It spilled out over her glistening thighs in a fantastic cascade.

Embarrassed, Lara pulled her legs together and walked quickly over to a sun lounger where she sat down with her back to the knights. She sighed as if exhausted and pretended to sleep.

With his full-to-bursting testicles turning blue, the horny knight saw his chance. He grabbed his colleague and the two men tiptoed quickly toward her; their big, stiff dicks slapping at their stomachs.

Lara heard the ludicrous slapping sound approaching and subtly let her hand drop onto the sun lounger’s adjustment lever. Then, waiting until the slapping was right on top of her, she pulled the lever and pushed herself backward into the lounger which plunged into its fully reclined position catching the ambushing knights’ jutting cocks as it fell. There was a final meaty slap as the knights’ pricks were given an eye-watering crack by the lounger’s wooden frame.

Lara was abruptly horizontal, staring up at the hunched characters above whilst her tits rolled up her chest after her before coming to a rest over either shoulder. She watched the men’s faces twist gradually as the dull pain in their cock grew into delicious, spikes of agony while their vocal chords struggled to find the right noise to emit under the circumstances.

Lara grinned and reached up quite leisurely to take hold of their low-hanging fruit and squeeze.

The men’s vocal chord knew exactly what to do under those circumstances.

‘Lara!’ yelled Sienna, rushing into the conservatory as high-pitched screams rang out.

Lara dropped her head back to see her friend wielding a gol club.

‘Holy…’ Sienna couldn’t believe her eyes. ‘I thought it was you screaming.’ She looked at the two naked knights with a raised eyebrow. ‘How did you manage to…?’

‘You underestimate the male weaknesses,’ said Lara.

‘Weaknesses – do you mean the left and the right?’

‘Not just their balls; their cock is just as much a weakness. Do you think I could have these two by the balls if they hadn’t taken off their armour and delivered them to me on a plate?’

‘They took their own armour off? But, why… Oh, my god! They were going to…’

Lara smiled. ‘That’s right, these boys were going to have their way with me, weren’t you?’ She eased the pressure on their balls just enough to allow them the power of speech.

‘No,’ they squeaked. ‘No, ma’am.’

There was a short silence and then one cried suddenly: ‘He was!’ causing the other to look at him in horror.

‘Is that right?’ asked Lara, looking up at the guilty man.

He looked about uneasily before starting weakly, ‘Well—’

Lara’s fist clenched abruptly and there was a hideously loud crunch. The man sank away spurting the liquid remains of his crushed nuts.

‘And what were you going to do?’ asked Lara, turning straight to the remaining knight who was white as a sheet staring at his twitching, retching friend.

‘Just watch,’ he sobbed. ‘I swear!’

‘I see,’ said Lara. She shrugged. ‘In that case I won’t castrate you.’ The man let out a sob of relief, but Lara hadn’t finished: ‘I’ll watch my friend castrate you instead,’ she added with a mean grin.

Sienna’s hand wrapped around Lara’s to accept his balls gratefully. ‘You make me sick,’ she growled before bearing down with all the strength she could muster.

The knight went up on tiptoes to hit the high notes as his huge bollocks were forced into a large, purple mass inside Sienna’s tiny fist.

‘In fact,’ said Sienna, suddenly letting up on his doomed spuds, ‘Lara, you had to degrade yourself in front this bloke, I imagine.’

‘I did,’ said Lara, sitting up on the lounger; her curiosity piqued.

‘Right, well, he can do the same in front of us. I take it you went on the diving board?’

‘Naturally… Why Sienna, what are you suggesting?’ asked Lara, a huge grin forming.

‘Fetch some of your climbing gear; I want to see this fella bounce for us.’


‘Now bounce,’ ordered Sienna. Beside her Lara clapped gleefully; their roles reversed as for once Sienna played bad cop.

Stood as upright as he could manage, the knight was perched on the edge of the diving board with one end of a short bungee rope fastened around his bloated nuts and the other tied around the board.

‘Please,’ begged the man, as he had been doing the whole time the girls had been engineering his frightening predicament.

Bounce!’ snapped Sienna, really getting off on playing the bitch. Minus her sports bra, Sienna’s nipples were expressing themselves fully through her tight little top and knickerless, her micro skirt did little to prevent her excitement from gathering like dew on her pussy lips before trickling down her inner thighs.

Despondently, the knight did as he was told. He started with small, tentative bounces, but straight away the rope was tugging on his goolies.

Lara’s eyes flitted back and forth between the genitals of the torturer and the tortured. The shimmering tracks of juice which streaked Sienna’s supple inner thigh looked so tasty that Lara wanted to follow them up to the pink, puffy source with her tongue, but at the same time she couldn’t let herself miss a second of the knight’s sublime torment.

‘Higher,’ commanded Sienna and higher he forced himself.

What little give there was in the short length of rope ensured his balls weren’t torn off outright, but that was as far as its goodwill went as with each bounce his nuts were stretched further from his crotch.

Seeing Sienna was completely in control, Lara decided to make the most of it, and hitched her legs apart to allow herself full access to her yearning cunt. Her fingers slid inside up to the knuckle without a trace of resistance and the accumulation of oily juices overflowed from her hole and tickled her ass. Groaning, she took hold of her overabundant left tit and enjoyed the weight of it in her palm whilst her fingers went to work on its engorged nipple.

Through half-closed eyes she watched the elasticised noose jerk the knight’s sack longer whilst at the same time compressing its tender contents into an ever-reducing space until his balls appeared a single vein-webbed orb, ready to explode. His involuntary squeaks and yelps had been coming at the peak of every bounce, but had become longer until they joined up to make a continuous squeal which was music to her ears.

Lara’s fingers plunged ever more deeply and violently inside her hole until all of a sudden she froze, winced and let out a surprised yelp; the kind which came from a pain in an extremely private place.

Sienna turned around instantly and even the knight managed to uncross his eyes for long enough to see her fingers withdraw and bring with them a phallic, golden case four inches long and one inch in diameter.

Lara let out a gasp. ‘I forgot that was up there,’ she said sheepishly.

‘What on earth is it?’ asked Sienna, staring in stunned disgust at the artefact.

‘It contains the map that these bastards are after.’

‘The one to the lost city of the Amazons?’

‘That’s right,’ affirmed Lara. This caused the bouncing knight to issue a startled gasp.

‘The map!’ he squeaked, just before he reached the height of his bounce and was tugged painfully back down.

Give it to me!’ he squeaked, his voice even higher; so intent on the map that he forgot to prepare for landing. His feet missed either side of the board by millimetres and the girls took a sharp intake of breath and watched expectantly as he plummeted, legs kicking wildly, toward the diving board.

His nuts came down with a soft thud followed by reams and reams of scrotum which piled on top before his arse flattened the lot into the board with the perfect cliché of a crunch.

The knight’s wide, bulging eyes blinked several times as if his brain needed time to comprehend what had just happened. Then his jaw dropped, his tongue arched and his vocal chords began to tremble, but before a single, audible sound was released, he toppled forward off the board and hanged himself by the testicles.

The girls’ reactions were of shocked hilarity.

Sienna’s mouth formed an ‘O’ as she watched him fall and come to an abrupt, nut-chord-wrenching halt, but when the bungee chord yanked him bollock-first back up into the underside of the board she burst in to uncontrollably, knicker-wetting fits of giggles. She collapsed onto the sun lounger beside Lara, who, not usually one for girlish giggling, couldn’t help but put her pussy-scented hands to her mouth and chuckle with astonishment.

The two women rolled around screeching and kicking their legs in the air whilst the knight continued to bounce, suspended by his knee-length nut-sack and bloated, purple plums.

‘That was hysterical!’ cried Sienna, catching a breath for the first time in several minutes.

Red faced and streaming tears, Lara shrieked, ‘Did you see his face?

Both crossed their eyes and pursed their lips comically then burst out laughing once more.

Sienna sat up flapping her hands and panting, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t’ breathe,’ through the laughter.

She froze.

‘Where’d he go?’ she asked, suddenly sober and staring at the empty nut-noose swinging on the diving board.

Lara bolted upright and looked around in a panic.

‘He took the map!’

‘How did he manage that? He should be paraplegic by all rights!’

Lara snatched up both her nipples and pressing them tightly in to her chest she leapt to her feet and rushed up stairs.

‘They’re all gone!’ she yelled down.

Sienna rushed into the foyer as Lara came bounding down the stairs still buck-naked, but holding a rifle.

‘They’ll be headed for the lost city.’ She tossed the rifle to Sienna who caught the butt in the left tit. ‘We have to go after them – the fate of all womankind depends on it.’

Sienna sighed, rubbing her melon. ‘If only you would have kept you legs crossed,’ she said sourly.