Lilly's First Time

(Contains ball- and tit-busting)

Lilly and Hannah were having a sleepover so they could watch the fight together. They were both big fans of wrestling and tonight their two favourite female fighters went up against each other in a ‘Bra and Panties’ bout.

The girls were lying in front of the television on their stomachs, propped up on elbows so not to squash their tender, budding breasts. Bathed in the flickering glow of the television they kicked their sock-clad feet in the air idly and watched the build up to the match.

‘Good-night, you two,’ said Lilly’s older sister, Jamie, as she walked through the lounge carrying a glass of milk and wearing just an unfastened nightgown and a pair of panties.

Both Lilly and Hannah looked up to return the farewell, but only Hannah kept watching as her best friend’s sister left the room for bed.

‘How do you think your sisters boobs got so big?’ she asked when she was sure Jamie was gone.

‘Probably all the milk she drinks,’ reasoned Lilly with a shrug. ‘It’s got to go somewhere.’

‘I wish I had her boobs,’ Hannah sighed, still staring at the door.

‘I might soon!’ said Lilly, rolling onto her side in a sudden burst of excitement. ‘Jamie says she had her growth spurt at my age.’ Hannah mirrored her enthusiasm and rolled to face her.


Lilly nodded proudly as Hannah came over all coy. Shifting awkwardly, she asked without eye contact, ‘Have you seen them?’

Lilly frowned. ‘Jamie’s boobs? A few times,’ she confessed.

‘What are they like?’

Hannah propped herself up on one elbow and waited eagerly for Lilly’s response.

Lilly thought about it for a moment and shrugged. ‘They’re like mine,’ she said finally, ‘but bigger.’

Hannah’s eyes were twinkling when she asked, ‘Do you think yours will grow as big as hers?’ Lilly shrugged again and looked down at the modest rack making a bump in her tight little T-shirt. Hannah looked at her own, similarly-sized bumps. ‘Imagine,’ she said putting her hands over them as if holding a huge pair. She jumped up to her knees and leaned forward to smack Lilly around the face with her imaginary rack.

‘Pow! Pow!’

Lilly shrieked with glee and leapt up wielding her own set of make-believe mammaries. The two swung their chests from side to side and slapped their pretend puppies against each other, giggling all the while until Hannah’s eyes lit up and she announced, ‘I’ve got a great idea! Let’s call Derrick and Steve over and they can watch us have a bra and panties match!’

‘Yeah!’ said Lilly, nodding. ‘That would be so funny! They’ll both be drooling like idiots.’ She picked up her mobile and aimed it at Hannah. ‘Take your top off,’ she instructed.

Hannah hesitated a moment, giggling, then pulled up her T-shirt to reveal a cream bra with pink lace trims which, filled to the brim with her ice-cream white breasts, reminded Lilly of two sundaes – right down to the cherries which peeked out over the cups as she tugged the T-shirt off over her head.

Lilly giggled with delight and took a snap before Hannah realised her rosy red teats were snagged on the fancy lace. She shrieked with embarrassment and popped them back in before bursting into laughter.

‘Let me take one of you now,’ she said, snatching the phone from her friend.

Lilly took a deep breathe and tried to contain her childish excitement. She knew she was still a girl, but as she grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and raised it over her head she had never felt more of a woman. With her view obscured beneath the upturned T-shirt she felt a tingle run through her as she pictured what she was exposing to Hannah and a pointed camera: she had on a simple white cotton bra; plain, practical, but also quite transparent. Hannah would no doubt be eyeing the dark circles as she had eyed hers.

She tossed aside the T-shirt brushed the dirty blonde hair out of her face. Hannah raised the phone and took aim. ‘Hold on,’ said Lilly, pushing her shoulders forward to force her petite breasts into a cleavage.


Hannah took the photograph and then typed a quick message of invitation. ‘One for Derrick… and one for Steve. I told them to be here in ten minutes.’

‘We better get this place ready then,’ said Lilly with a grin.


Lilly opened the front door to the already salivating boys. She shushed them and pointed upstairs to where her sister was sleeping. The boys nodded comprehension and, taking the boys by the hand, the girls led them into the lounge where they had arranged the three sofas into a makeshift wrestling ring with the wall making the fourth side.

Lilly led Steve to one sofa and Hannah led Derrick to the opposite. Then, having put on their nightgowns just for this moment, they pulled the sashes from around their tiny waists and let the gowns fall to the floor.

The boys gasped in unison.

Derrick’s love of girls in sexy lingerie was satisfied by Hannah in her matching set. The expensive balcony bra she wore was a piece of art rather than a practical garment. Its insubstantial half cups were crafted with complete disregard for the breasts they were supposed to contain. So much so that they refused to provide any coverage beyond the absolute minimum, which meant whenever Hannah’s tits bounced, no matter how politely, she was left thumbing her nipples back inside the scant cups.

Her ensemble was so mind-blowing that Derrick didn’t even notice the out-of-place rugby socks she wore with it. Steve, on the other hand, had eyes only for Lilly’s socks.

Despite the underwear that Lilly wore being shockingly transparent, Steve couldn’t help but be captivated by her footwear: she wore pink-and-green-striped cashmere from knee to toe, and Steve had never seen anything so wondrously feminine in all his life.

Lilly noticed him looking and wiggled her toes playfully. ‘You like my socks?’ she asked bashfully. Steve nodded dumbly. Lilly giggled; she had heard of fetishes, but this was the first time she had been the object of one and she was determined to make the most of it.

She put her foot on his thigh knowing full well the camel-toe she would expose, but confident his focus wouldn’t move from her sock.

‘Go on,’ she said. ‘Feel how thick and soft they are.’

Gulping, Steve reached out. He shivered with elation as his hand and stroked her soft calf. Being inexperienced in such situations, Lilly couldn’t help but blush at the sudden rise in his trousers, but she didn’t balk; instead she felt a wicked urge to go further. She slid her foot between his legs and ran her instep up his inner thigh, but before she could caress his nuts with her toes, she was set upon by Hannah who had taken the opportunity to sneak up behind her opponent and pinch her ass cheeks fiendishly.

Lilly shrieked and unintentionally jabbed her big toe into Steve’s left ball. Through the thick sock Lilly couldn’t feel how close to popping Steve’s plum had been. In fact, as she spun around to face Hannah she didn’t even notice Steve hunch over and clutch himself distraughtly.

‘Hannah!’ gasped Lilly with girlish surprise, as behind her Steve’s eyes rolled into his head. She rubbed her stinging cheeks and went red faced with embarrassment.

Hannah chuckled, also oblivious to Steve’s plight and dragged her friend into the centre of the ring to say, ‘Hey, Lil.’

‘Yeah?’ asked Lilly, noticing the stir that Hannah had caused in Derrick’s pants.

‘How about we let the boys wrestle too?’

‘Girl v boy tag team?’ Lilly suggested with a smile.

‘What’d you say Derrick?’ Hannah asked.

Derrick looked at the girls before him: one wearing a bra that barely contained her, the other a bra that barely concealed her. He nodded.

‘Right,’ said Hannah, hands on hips, ‘you better start stripping then because this is an underwear only match,’ her eyes twinkled as she looked at Derrick’s tented crotch and added playfully, ‘unless you hadn’t noticed.’

Derrick undressed hurriedly as did Steve who was desperate to keep his humiliating injury hidden. When both boys were stripped down to just their boxer shorts, the girls took the opportunity to get their own back; each staring blatantly at their opponent’s tented boxers.

‘I’m going first,’ Derrick announced. He got no argument from Steve who was grateful for the time to recover.

Hannah looked at Lilly and giggled excitedly and Lilly knew that was her queue to exit the ring. She stepped onto the couch, cocked her leg over its back and, swivelling on her pussy, swung over her other leg to drop down behind it. Steve did the same, albeit swivelling backwards onto his arse so as not to mash his jewels into the sofa’s wooden frame.

With Lilly’s feet hidden behind the sofa, Steve’s eyes went to Hannah’s. She was wearing socks of the exact same type as Lilly only hers were striped pink and blue, and rather than pulled up her shins like Lilly’s, hers were gathered down around her slender ankles in a cute bunch.

With the ring cleared, Derrick cracked his knuckles confidently and advanced on Hannah, who, instantly unsettled, let out a playful shriek and backed off to the left.

Derrick turned on the spot and made a menacing lunge which elicited a further yelp from Hannah. Derrick grinned; she was helpless. He went in for the kill. But so did Hannah.

Her hands shot out and pinched his nipples as hard as her delicate fingers could. Derrick yelped in shock. His hands reach out for her nipples, but he hesitated; she was a girl, he couldn’t tweak her nipples, what if he hurt them?

His hands instead found her hips and, with a grunt, he tossed her to the floor with ease. Nipples stinging, but unperturbed, he dropped his knees onto her shoulders to pin her and restrict her arms. Hannah kicked her legs uselessly as Derrick looked down at her reddening face between his thighs.

‘Hannah,’ he said quietly. ‘Oh, Hannah.’ Hannah stopped squirming and looked up at him. ‘I’ve got a surprise for you,’ he said, popping his nuts out of his boxer flies one by bulbous one before tugging out after them enough scrotum to let them dangle menacingly. Hannah gasped at his looming junk and Lilly covered her mouth with shock at the sight.

Derrick sat himself down on Hannah’s forehead and leaned forward until the pink and hairy orbs were within millimetres of Hannah’s face.

‘Derrick,’ cried Lilly, as the boy’s yucky nuts hung dangerously close to her friend’s face, ‘that’s gross!’ Derrick ignored her, taking pleasure in gyrating his hips to cause his big nuts to sway pendulously before Hannah’s eyes.

For her part, Hannah was both terrified and entranced by the swinging meat. While she had never before seen a pair of nuts, she had heard Lilly’s older sister Jamie talk of boys and their “little grapes” so she couldn’t help but be impressed by the size of the plums dangling with intent above her. She giggled uneasily as Derrick began to lower his sack threateningly, but when it became clear it wasn’t just a threat she became panicked, but she was powerless to do anything but squeal as the clammy warmth of his pods bathed her eyelids. She was grateful at least that the underside of his balls seemed curiously hairless – the tickle of wiry pubes would have sent her over the edge.

Finally, Derrick could tease no longer and he lowered his nuts the final few millimetres. The sticky skin of his scrotum wrapped around the bridge of Hannah’s nose and his heavy balls, rolling around within, set down either side in the depressions of her eye sockets.

Hannah screamed with a strange mixture of fear and glee as she felt his globes continue to move against her eyes.

‘Wooo!’ hooted Steve, unable to believe what he was seeing.

‘Ew!’ cried Lilly, barely able to bring herself to look.

‘Oh, yeah!’ bragged Derrick. ‘How do they feel?’

Hannah’s feet were again kicking into the air and Steve’s interest was captured once more, but this time he was horny again – the pain in his ball a distant throb compared to the intense pulsing of his cock. ‘Hannah,’ he called, taking a hard gulp. ‘Can you grab his head with your feet?’

‘What the fuck, man?’ cried Derrick, his attention snapping from Hannah who, sensing her chance, threw her feet up and around Derrick’s head to catch him firmly behind the jaw with her ankles.

Steve imagined the feel of those soft, bunched socks around his face and it felt good – much better than it actually felt for Derrick who was pulled forward onto his hands. His knees slipped off Hannah’s shoulders and she quickly reached up to seize his nipples, whilst still holding his head firmly between her feet.

‘Not again!’ screamed Derrick as the pain in his chest reignited.

Hannah opened her eyes and blinked away the damp and stickiness before her focus returned and her gaze was met once more by Derrick’s dangling fruit, but now she was free.

‘Hey, Derrick,’ she said, giving him a moment before aping: ‘How do they feel?’

Her head shot forward into Derrick’s awaiting testicles and collided with a fleshy smack that had Lilly covering her mouth with both hands in disingenuous concern. She leaned forward over the couch and waited, nipples stiffening expectantly, for his reaction.

Having never received a full-blooded blow to the nuts, Derrick was unprepared for the wave of shock, pain and debilitation that was about to wash over him.

The flattening of his nuts pancake-thin did not bring the immediate agony he had expected. In fact, it wasn’t until Hannah withdrew her forehead from his crotch and allowed a little blood back into his nuts that the pain in his balls ignited; scorching up his nut-chords like the flame up a fuse wire until it reached the dynamite of nerve endings in his groin and exploded. The searing pain tore through his abdomen causing his dick to jerk violently and every other muscle in his body to tense solid, fixing him to the spot.

Steve winced as his friend’s head jolted backward and a strangled yelp escaped his lips. The throbbing pain in his own ball reignited in sympathy.

Then suddenly, to everyone’s surprise (even his own), Derrick was up on his feet and hobbling toward the safety of his side of the ring; with one hand clutching his burning bollocks and the other desperately extended for his wrestling partner to tag.

Hannah, who had been enjoying such intimate proximity to Derrick’s busted balls, was shocked to see them vanish before she was through inspecting them.

With indignation pumping through her veins, she thrust her hand out after him and caught his comically bobbling low-hangers in a grip so firm that it almost ripped them off their chords and brought Derrick crashing back down to the ground when he was mere inches from tagging Steve.

Releasing his nuts immediately, Hannah’s hands were next gripping the waistband of Derrick’s boxers. Looking back to seek the encouragement of her friend, Lilly, she then began ripping them down around his legs. It took a single tug to bare Derrick’s arse, much to the delight of Lilly who shrieked in the background, and in just one more tug Derrick was left naked.

Hannah skipped back to her side of the ring waving her trophy proudly and the two girls exchanged hugs and giggles whilst Steve struggled to haul Derrick’s limp body over the back of the couch.

‘Did you see his dick?’ asked Lilly excitedly.

‘No,’ said Hannah sadly. ‘Just his yucky balls…’ She raised an eyebrow. ‘Maybe you can do better?’

‘Oh, yeah,’ gasped Lilly, her eyes twinkling, ‘it’s my turn!’

‘Good luck,’ said Hannah, giving her friend a pinch on the bum as she climbed over the couch. ‘Oh, and remember: you’re allowed to nipple-cripple him, but he’s not allowed to do it back!’

‘Why not?’ asked Lilly as she dropped into the ring.

‘Durr,’ scoffed Hannah, ‘’cause we’re girls.’

Lilly grinned and nodded before rushing over to grab Steve by the arm as he struggled to drag his sweaty, naked friend out of the ring without touching anything gross.

‘Come on,’ Lilly urged him, pulling him away from Derrick who was left halfway over the couch with his bare arse up in the air.

‘I don’t know,’ said Steve anxiously. He looked down at his groaning friend. ‘Derrick looks pretty hurt.’

‘He’s just playing,’ said Lilly, unconcerned. She quickly slung Derrick’s legs over the couch and let him drop to the floor in a crumpled, wretched heap. ‘Now, are you going to stay behind there and rub Derrick’s ballsies better, or…’ she lifted her foot and circled it enticingly, ‘…are you going to come wrestle me?’

Steve gulped at the sight of her teasing, sock-clad foot.

‘I promise I’ll only fight with my fee-eet.’

That did it: instantly persuaded, Steve threw a leg over the sofa. The soft flesh between his legs came down on the cold wooden frame and, without pause to consider why the frame felt suddenly lumpy beneath him, he swung his trailing leg over the couch.

A muffled crunch alerted him to fact that he had managed to sit himself down on a single, small testicle. He froze and stiffened; unsure as for what to do. Beneath him, his nut squirmed back and forth, like a trapped air bubble searching for escape.

Seeing him halt, and assuming he was having second thoughts, Lilly tugged on him once more, causing a shift in Steve’s weight and a second muffled crunch which this time she heard. Looking quickly at his face, Lilly recognising the pained, panicked look as one of ball-pain, but what she couldn’t work out was exactly how he had managed to do himself such a mischief. Then came the first occurrence of her budding female intuition.

Narrowing her eyes uncertainly, she asked, ‘Did you just… sit on your own balls?’

‘Just… one,’ managed Steve in a high, girlish squeak, which caused a huge grin spread across Lilly’s face, and from the other side of the ring came a sudden, mocking ‘Ha!’ as Hannah comprehended the hilarity of the situation.

For both girls, Steve’s predicament, balancing precariously on a fit-to-burst testicle, sparked an unfamiliar sensation in a very private place.

Lilly, desperate to enhance the sensation, grabbed Steve’s legs, thereby ensuring that his entire weight be upon his nut before she then yanked him forward as hard as she could.

Steve’s perineum slid over his trapped plum, mangling it brutally against the wooden frame and then, suddenly, it vanished, having popped out into the safety of his arse crack.

The abrupt disappearance of the hard lump beneath him and the sudden all-consuming pain that gripped him as his bollock sprung back into shape was enough to convince Steve he’d just lost a plum. He let out a woeful whimper and flopped onto the floor at Lilly’s feet.

Just a whimper? thought Lilly, bitterly disappointed by his lack of reaction. According to her big sister Jamie, balls had a tendency of slipped out of harms way when you least wanted them to, but this did nothing to help the fact that the wonderful sensation in her pussy had gone away.

Curled up in a tight ball, Steve was giving her very little access to the parts she needed to bring the sensation back.

‘Get up,’ snapped Lilly, nudging Steve with her foot, but Steve was too busy counting his testicles to be ordered around.

‘Oh, Steve,’ she cooed; changing tact. ‘Did you hurt yourself between the legs?’ She ran the soft cashmere of her sock over his urgently clutching hands. The sensational touch of her foot caused his trembling muscles to relax.

‘Do you want me to rub you better?’ she asked, smiling as she recognised her way in.

Steve nodded and shifted his hands aside enough to allow Lilly to stroke freely at his cock, whilst keeping his fingers wrapped firmly around his cherished orbs. Lilly huffed; he wasn’t going to give them up easily.

She circled around his soft dick with the ball of her foot and asked sweetly, ‘Feel good?’ She needn’t have; she could feel the limp worm beneath the sole of her foot begin to grow and stiffen in response to her kneading. This caused Lilly’s own sex organs to respond unexpectedly.

As she worked at Steve’s cock she became very aware of the stirring in her panties. She could feel her pussy growing hot and almost hear her pubic hairs rustling against the cotton as her cunt-lips swelled and parted. Lilly felt mortified that Hannah would see her expanding camel-toe and know she was enjoying playing with Steve’s dick, but she didn’t want to stop. So squeezing her thighs together, she continued; unaware that her arousal was having much more obvious results elsewhere: Hannah watched with a knowing grin as Lilly’s areole darkened beneath the transparent cotton cups through which her blood-flushed nipples were desperately trying to burst.

With Steve at full mast and her own cunt close to dripping, Lilly ran her foot down his stomach and slipped her toe under the waistband of his boxers to peel them back over the shiny, purple head of his solid prick.

The girls shared a shocked giggle at the sight of their first cock, and the growing throb in Lilly’s cunt drove her to push his waistband lower and expose him completely.

Steve would have protested had her wonderfully soft sock not brushed the length of his veiny shaft as it went.

Pulling the waistband down over Steve’s balls, Lilly hooked it under his sac and released it. The elastic contracted, bunching his nuts up in to a tight, pink package that made the shape and size of his nuts apparent. Covering her mouth, Lilly looked back at Hannah who was also struggling to remain silent as she giggled hysterically. They were half the size of Derrick’s: little grapes indeed.

‘Well?’ mouthed Lilly to her friend. Hannah looked at Steve’s face, eyes closed, smiling contently, then once more at his hilariously tiny balls. She put out her hand and gave Lilly an uncompromising thumbs down.

With a huge grin on her face, Lilly lifted her foot high above Steve’s nuts.

‘Oh, Ste-eve,’ she said, prompting him to open his eyes for just long enough to appreciate the terrible event which was about to befall him.

I give in!’ he shrieked, moments before Lilly’s heel flattened his young plums with a loud, fleshy smack.


Lilly couldn’t see the spectacle beneath her sock, but Hannah watched with wide eyes as his balls turned from barely discernable lumps in his scrotum to bulging, white orbs under the crushing weight of Lilly’s heel.

‘Ooo!’ she groaned, and promptly slumped over the sofa giggling hysterically.

For her part, Lilly was enjoying the return of the tingling sensation in her pussy. She couldn’t believe how easily she had broken a boy’s idiotic pride – all it had taken was a light-hearted stomp!

All of a sudden she realised her heel was still pressed firmly into his yielding nuggets. For a moment she contemplated leaning forward with her weight, just a little, to see what his reaction was. The tingling in her cunt begged her for more and unable to resist the powerful new urge, she leaned in little by little; feeling his wilting cock give way to two rubber lumps trapped either side.

Steve groaned. His heels dug into the carpet. His eyes rolled back into his head as Lilly continued to increase her weight on his splitting gonads.

‘It can’t hurt that much, you big crybaby,’ cried Hannah, inexperienced enough to believe he was overreacting.

It does!’ Steve enthused. And then he began to sob.

The boy’s blubbering snapped Lilly out of her trance. Sudden aware of what she had done, she stepped off his nuts guiltily, at which point Steve quickly grabbed his aching pair and curled into a tight ball.

The girls looked at one another in utter disbelief, before Hannah again burst into uproarious laughter. ‘Boys are pathetic!’ she cried, through the mocking chuckles. ‘You couldn’t even beat two girls!’ At this, Lilly’s mouth began to upturn slightly, but before she could join her friend in laughter a hand shot up from behind the sofa opposite and gripped the frame silencing the pair of them. Both turned to watch as, with an enraged growl, Derrick pulled himself upright. He was pale and sweating, but his eyes were narrowed and his teeth clenched.

‘He doesn’t give in,’ he roared, ‘and we aren’t beaten!’

‘If you weren’t beaten…’ said Lilly, reaching down to swiftly slip off Steve’s boxers completely, ‘…why are you the only ones naked?’ She skipped across the ring and jumped onto the couch over which Hannah was leaning; her stiff balcony bra tilting to leave her perky breasts to fend for themselves.

‘We… We…’ said Derrick, desperately racking his brains for an excuse as his eyes flitted back and for between her cherry-like nipples. ‘We were just going easy on you!’

Lilly grinned and leaned in to whisper something in Hannah’s ear. The brunette giggled and nodded in enthusiastic agreement that had her little tits skipping.

‘Well,’ said Lilly, straddling the couch as she climbed over to stand with her friend, ‘we didn’t ask for any special treatment, so to even things out…’ Both girls ducked behind the sofa and popped up moments later holding their own underwear. ‘We’ll fight without our panties.’ They tossed the flimsy garments into the centre of the ring.

Up until that moment, Derrick had been vehemently set against a rematch, but seeing the panties float into the ring, and imagining the two girls’ young pussies, he blurted, ‘We’ll do it!’

‘No, we won’t!’ cried Steve, from his enfeebled ball on the floor.

Derrick looked down at his pathetic friend and sighed. Rather than risking further injury by climbing the couch, he instead made his way around it using it for support. With one hand trying to contain his flopping privates, he stepped into the ring at the corner where the two sofas met. Dropping to his knees beside his sorry excuse for a tag-team partner, he whispered, ‘I know how we can beat them.’

‘I don’t care.’

Derrick let out a furious growl and snatched up the girls’ panties. They were damp to the touch. He grinned and shoved them into Steve’s face. ‘You smell that?’ he asked in a hissed whisper. ‘Sweet, virgin pussy, and it’s ours for the taking.’

‘How?’ asked Steve, sounding infinitely less sorry for himself.

‘Their tits,’ said Derrick; his eyes glowing deviously. ‘My brother says that all you have to is grab a girl by the milk-makers and she’ll do anything you tell them.’ Steve stared at him with glazed eyes as the possibilities filled his head and quelled the awful ache in his balls.

‘Let’s do it,’ he said finally.

‘Oh, boys,’ said Lilly sweetly. With the boys watching, the girls sexily sashayed to either end of the couch until they were each a single, tantalising step from revealing their naked lower halves.

In a cunningly choreographed movement they each lifted a leg and put it out in plain sight. Then, they ran their fingertips from the toe of their socks, up their smooth shin and along their supple thighs until their fingers disappeared back behind the sofa in a rustling of pubes. At that point, in chorus, the girls let out a moan of pure, pornographic ecstasy.

The boys, rising to their feet, gave up even trying to conceal their expanding genitalia and simply stood in awe; their arms hanging limply by their side.

With the boys where they wanted, Lilly and Hannah shared one last grin and then together they stepped out from behind the sofa.


‘You…’ murmured Derrick, his voice trembling with heart-breaking disappointment. ‘You can’t do that.’

The girls stepped into the ring dressed in bras, socks and the boys’ stolen boxer shorts.

‘And what are you going to do about it?’ asked Lilly, hands on hips before him.

‘You know, I think these must be Steve’s, Lilly,’ said Hannah, snapping the waistband of her shorts. She then looked Steve dead in the eyes and added with relish: ‘There a little tight at the crotch.’

The girls snorted with laughter; bristling with their newfound power. But Hannah’s mocking pushed Steve over the edge, and in an instant he had tackled her to the ground and was furiously struggling to push his hands inside the rigid cups of her bra.

Both Lilly and Derrick looked on in astonishment, until Derrick realised he was wasting an opportunity.

Lunging forwards, his big hands fell over the slight bumps of Lilly’s boobs and closed around them. Lilly screamed as his fingers dug into her tender tit-meat and bunched it cruelly. Forced by the blinding pain, to her knees, she was suddenly confronted by Derrick rapidly rising monster.

Staring into its single, oozing eye with horror, Lilly reached instinctively for the obvious. She wrapped both hands around his low-hanging fruit and bore down with all her might. It was then Derrick’s turn to scream, as his nerve-packed nuggets were ground viciously together.

Lilly felt his grip weaken immediately and she grinned up at him. But her face contorted into a pained grimaced as Derrick focused himself through the agony and redoubled his efforts to crush her little titties.

Unluckily for him, however, intensifying the pressure on the barely-handful-sized lumps revealed a terrifying upshot: the harder he squeezed, the more her tit-meat was able to slip from his grasp. Lilly on the other hand had no problem keeping hold of his nuts applying every last pound of pressure her tiny hands could muster.

For a few excruciating seconds the pair maintained their death-grips, each praying the other would break first and, as far as Lilly could tell, Derrick would be breaking very soon indeed; one way, or another. Her confident, superior grin returned.

However, whilst the bulk of Lilly’s tender flesh continued to slip from Derrick’s grasp, his fingers were beginning to close around the stiff, pink teats which had slid out from under her bra.

As Lilly’s intuition told her that Derrick’s nuts were about to give, her opponent’s fingertips slipped on her smooth areoles to come together around her nipples in a devastating pinch. The cocky grin gave was to an agonised grimace, as fine jets of milk erupted from the pinched teats and sprayed Derrick’s thighs.

Letting out a whimper much like Steve’s, her hands released Derrick’s splitting grapes and went straight to her injured nipples.

Derrick let he fall onto her back and grateful of the reprieve his nuts had just received, he dropped to his knees on top of Lilly and rasped, ‘Go for the nipples.’

Steve didn’t needed telling twice; yanking Hannah’s down bra, he was greeted by two delicious cherries, rocking slightly on her flattened-out puppies.

‘You can’t!’ yelled Hannah, her big brown eyes wide and glistening. ‘We’re girls!’

Ignoring her feeble protest, he reached out with excitedly wiggling fingers and pinched the tantalising teats between his thumbs as hard as he could. Hannah instantly bucked beneath him. Her angelic features screwed up and her thick eyebrows arched as the intensity of the pain took her by surprise.

‘Get off!’ she cried; her legs kicking and her weak hands prying at his fingers.

‘Hey, Derrick,’ said Steve, with a big grin. ‘Wanna take our pants back?’

Perched on top of Lilly’s writhing body, Derrick looked terrible; pale, hunched and dripping in sweat. But on hearing Steve’s suggestion, his weary eyes lit up.

Despite the girls’ pain, both Lilly and Hannah fell deathly silent as they suddenly comprehended the gravity of their situation: pinned and pant-less, what was to stop the boys going further? When the boys’ hands slid down their flat stomachs and gripped the waistband of their boxer shorts their silence turned to panicked screams.

As Derrick’s fingers slipped under the waistband of his stolen boxers, they brushed lightly against Lilly’s pussy hairs. The sensation drove him wild. Pushing his hand further he made to grab Lilly’s young cunt, but at that moment he felt his own privates be seized. Beside him, Steve let out a startled yelp similar to the one escaping his lips.

‘Don’t you know you should never nipple cripple a lady?’ growled an unfamiliar voice dripping with venom. ‘’Cause chances are,’ it continued, ‘they’ll cripple you back.’

Both boys reared up on their knees and squealed in unison as the hands between their legs, well practiced in the ways of ending testicles, forced a thumb deep into the back of their nuts.

‘No, wait,’ Lilly pleaded, but her saviour was in no mood to be lenient.

Having been woken from a particularly erotic dream by the squeals of her irritating little sister and equally irksome little friend, Jamie had stormed downstairs expecting to find, as she often did, the pair in some sort of clinch that bordered on the obscene. Only this time, instead of a predictably lesbian embrace, she was instead faced with the wholly heterosexual sight of two naked males forcing themselves atop the hopeless pair.

‘We were just wrestling,’ came Lilly’s stock explanation, to which Jamie’s response was as usual: a cocked eyebrow.

‘We were!’ enthused Lilly.

‘Well, why weren’t you winning?’ asked Jamie.

The girls’ bottoms lips swelled sadly and they shrugged.

‘Right,’ huffed Jamie, grudgingly releasing her crushing grip on the boys’ nuts, ‘looks like I’m going to have to teach you girls a thing or two about wrestling.’ She brushed her hands as the boys toppled sideways into identically crumpled and sobbing heaps.

Lilly and Hannah looked at one another and beamed, clapping their hands excitedly; much to Jamie’s exasperation.

‘Come on,’ she said. ‘Tell me a little about these two perverts.’

To Be Continued…