The Ball-breaker


The Break

Traffic had been light on the way to the television studio so Adam had taken the opportunity to practice his pool skills on the table in the studio's kitchen.

'What a surprise – playing with his balls instead of working.'

Adam looked up from the pool balls he had just racked to find his producer, Zoe, smirking at him from the other end of the table whilst chalking up a cue.

'I suppose I'll just have to break them for you,' she said, raising one of her thick eyebrows suggestively.

Though flustered by her thinly veiled threat of sexual assault, Adam swallowed his surprise to retort, 'Well, it is your job, isn't it: breaking my balls?'

Zoe gave a nerdy snort and affirmed, 'Yes, and I take great pleasure in my work,' as she leaned over the table to take her shot.

Zoe was a skinny, but toned thirty-something who usually buried what little femininity she did possess under thick-rimmed glasses, baggy clothing and a pair of heavy boots. Today, however, she had eschewed her characteristically tomboyish attire to instead sport a tartan skirt over thick tights and a close-fitting white blouse and black waistcoat combination. The glasses and knee-high boots remained unchanged.

Her appearance did little for Adam, but her bravado and belittling had his cock swelling down the inner thigh of his jeans; a development that Zoe wouldn't help but ogle as she pretended to line up for the break. 'Hold onto your balls...' she purred and then blasted the cue ball into the others to scatter them impressively. Only when, several seconds later, the balls finally settled, she had failed to sink a single one.

'Wow!' scoffed Adam. 'You are an awful ball-breaker.'

Zoe shot him a playful scowl and rounded the table to grudgingly hold out for the cue for him to take. Adam swaggered toward her and reached out for the cue only to receive it directly to his testicles as the pony-tailed brunette gave it a sharp upward flick.

The blow was extremely light, but Adam reacted instinctively by widening his eyes and letting out a pained wheeze. Delighted by his discomfiture, Zoe burst into gleeful laughter and quipped, 'You were saying?'

The pain and humiliation had Adam, an unashamed masochist, almost blowing his load down his leg and he couldn't resist the temptation to provoke her further to see what she would do. 'I was saying,' he said, straightening defiantly, 'you break like a girl.'

Astonished by his impertinence whilst she still held a pool cue to his bollocks, Zoe's jaw dropped and she stared at him with disbelief. 'You've got a pair on you,' she remarked disapprovingly as she let the thick end of the cue swing away from his crotch. 'That's one too many for my liking...' But before she could whip the end of the cue back up between her chauvinistic colleague's legs the door to the kitchen opened and in walked her fiancé, Jason, a gaffer at the studio. Both Zoe and Adam turned to regard him with dismay.

'You two okay?' he asked, puzzled by their silence.

'Adam was just...' began Zoe, clueless as to how she would end the sentence.

'Admitting defeat,' blurted Adam.

Jason frowned, scanning the table. 'But she hasn't potted a single ball.'

'No, but her break was pretty intimidating,' said Adam as he sheepishly shuffled out of the kitchen, keeping his still raging erection angled out of sight.

Jason watched Adam leave with a quizzically raised eyebrow then looked back to Zoe. 'You want me to fill in for him?'

'No,' she said, forcing a cheery smile as she placed the cue on the table. 'It's fine.' And then, without further word she too exited the kitchen.


The proximity in which Adam and Zoe sat made the rest of the morning extremely uncomfortable as each caught the other making furtive glances across the small office room.

Adam's hard-on didn't wane for a moment so, when lunchtime finally came, he gave a sigh of relief and rose from his seat with the intention of making a hurried retreat to the toilet where he could relieve himself of his sexual tension.

'Adam,' called Zoe as he passed by her desk. He stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn towards her for fear of exposing his perpetual arousal. 'Could you take a look at this for me?'

Gulping, Adam slowly shuffled over to her side and tried his best to focus on the schedule on her monitor. While his attention was on the screen, Zoe peeked out of the corner of her eye at the thick bulge which snaked down Adam's inner thigh and ended at a darkened spot of denim. Reflexively, she licked her lips and became acutely aware of how drenched she had made her own clothing. In fact, if the saturation of her panties were anything to go by, she would leave a visible patch of damp on her chair were she to stand.

Surreptitiously unbuttoning her blouse until she was confident she had exposed her modest cleavage, she asked breathily, 'Does this look good to you?'

Having been entirely unable to concentrate on the spreadsheet in front of him, Adam glanced down at her guiltily only to find her staring up at him with lustful eyes and a bitten bottom lip. His cock gave a perceptible pulse and the spot of damp denim at its tip darkened. Gazing down her blouse all the way to the subtle bulges of pale flesh either side of her sternum, he swallowed and said with a slow nod, 'Looks great.'

'Good,' she said, looking back to her work.

'Good,' said Adam, lingering in order to continue ogling the unprecedented sight of her cleavage.

'Lunch?' asked Jason, appearing at the entrance to the office and causing his fiancé to gasp and clutch the open neck of her blouse together.

'Jason!' she reproached him breathlessly. 'Don't do that.'

'Sorry,' he said, abashed. 'Do you want to get lunch?'

'I'm fine,' she said abruptly, breaking eye contact to look intently at her screen. Adam too feigned preoccupation with the spreadsheet on her monitor.

'Okay,' said Jason, giving a hurt nod. 'I'll leave you two to it.'

'Fuck,' said Zoe in a gasp, once he'd gone. 'We can't do this.' She rose from her seat and pushed by Adam as she made a break for the ladies' room.


Zoe leant over the sink and inhaled deeply and rapidly as she fought not to hyperventilate.

'What are you doing?' she asked herself out loud. She looked up at the mirror and demanded of her reflection, 'Are you crazy?' She gasped when she noticed just how far down her open blouse she could see and immediately set to buttoning up. But before her trembling fingers had been fastened a single button, the door to the ladies' burst open and in marched Adam with a look of dangerous intent.

'Adam!' she cried turning to face him, but before she could say another word his hands grabbed hold of her small breasts and squeezed painfully tight. 'Adam!' she screamed with shock.

As suddenly as he had grabbed her, he released her and took a step back to stand with hands on brazenly outthrust hips.

'What the fuck?' demanded Zoe, clutching her tender tits.

'What are you going to do about it...?' he sneered, adding with a twinkle in his eye: 'Ball-breaker.'

Zoe's jaw dropped for a split-second, before fury caused her teeth to grit. Releasing her jutting breasts, she set her hands on Adam's shoulders and, with a feral cry, hiked her knee up into his invitingly presented bollocks.

Adam's smug expression fell away in an instant and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he sucked in a breath before letting out a long, nauseous wheeze. Zoe continued to grip him, and refused to withdraw her knee from his crotch to let his searching fingers at his smashed sex organs. Only when she felt him began to slide off her knee did she let go of his shoulders to grip the middle finger of each of his hands and bend them backwards in order to prevent him cupping at his balls which she was by no means done with.

'You know I train in Krav-Maga,' she said. 'I can break your balls in fifty different ways without breaking a sweat.' Adam simply looked up at her; his wide eyes filling with tears and his mouth hanging open, incapable of response. 'Unfortunately for you, I prefer the ways that do work up a sweat.' And with that, she unleashed a barrage of lightning fast snap kicks to his defenceless plums to set Adam squealing with full-blooded anguish.

Only when her palms were too slick with perspiration to retain a hold of his fingers, did Zoe let him fall to the floor. She watched, panting with equal mixtures of exertion and exhilaration, as, overwhelmed by agony, Adam alternated between curling into a ball and arching his back whilst his scraping heels squeaked on the tiles.

'My balls,' he howled with grief. 'I think you broke them.'

'You think?' she asked with a chuckle of incredulity. 'I've ruptured a guy's ball through a cup, you fucking retard. Ruptured. He lost it.'

'Oh god,' he sobbed and, to Zoe's surprise, he began fishing his testicles out from his flies.

'Holy shit,' she squeaked with amusement when his big, red, veiny bollocks popped out one after the other to bobble comically between his shaking fingers.

'I can't,' he whimpered. 'Can you?'

Zoe's mood darkened. 'Can I what?' she demanded.

'Check them. Make sure they're all right.'

'Are you...? Are you fucking kidding?' she demanded, astonished by the absurdity of his request. 'If they aren't ruptured do you think I'm about to leave them that way after you groped me?'

'Please,' he begged her; holding out the throbbing eggs in cupped palms for her inspection.

'Oh, my god,' she said, covering her mouth as she clucked with disbelief. 'You fucking idiot.' Incredulous, she dropped down to her haunches beside him and took hold of his swollen plums. They were hot in her hands and defiantly rubbery despite the kicking she had given them.

While disappointed that her assault hadn't caused Adam a rupture, Zoe was also secretly relieved as not only did she actually quite like Adam, but she would be able to continue his punishment for molesting her tits. As she began to sink her fingers into his yielding nut-meat, she watched with glee as Adam's knees drew up and his upper body lifted off the floor as if he were contacting around the source of his anguish.

Out of nowhere, she was rocked by an orgasm so powerful and unexpected that she was unable to hold back the textbook porno cry of ecstasy which erupted from her mouth. Had she not already been flushed deep red in the face by the surprise climax, Zoe would have blushed with mortification.

Orgasms were a deeply private thing, she believed, and no one had ever made her cum without physical stimulation. She gave Adam a sheepish sideways glance, expecting him to be grinning up at her smugly. She scoffed, however, when she found him instead fixated on the warping organs she held pinched between her fingers.

Adams' fingers, meanwhile, scrabbled just north of his compressed baby-makers.

'What are you doing?' asked Zoe, bemused by his desperate fumbling. 'You got a third ball in there you want crushed too?' She sniggered at her own wit until his frantic workings unleashed an obscene tower of pulsing flesh which lurched from his open flies to slap solidly against his tensing stomach.

'Oh,' she said weakly; unable to take her eyes off the cock which, to her, looked so excessively engorged as to be painful. Zoe recoiled suddenly: realising what his erection meant. 'Oh, my fuck,' she cried, releasing his balls and jumping to her feet. 'You're enjoying this!'

With his nuts released, Adam's reflexively tensing muscles instantly relaxed and, to prevent himself flopping onto his back, he propped himself up on shaking arms, leaving his raging cock and dangling balls exposed between brazenly spread legs. 'And so are you,' he said, breathless; his voiced ragged from screaming.

'I know!' she cried, distraught. 'And do you know what that makes this? Cheating.'

'So?' asked Adam with a shrug of genuine indifference.

'So?' demanded Zoe, enraged. 'So...' she repeated, calming abruptly as she connived a devious solution to her problem. 'So one of us is going to have to stop enjoying it.' And with that she stepped down on his sagging scrotum to spread its unfathomably tender contents wide across the floor tiles with the toe of her boot.

With his eyes widening to bulge out of their sockets, Adam let out a hysterical shrieked of anguish as not only were his balls flattened to breaking point, but their delicate cords were stretched well beyond safe limits.

'There we go,' purred Zoe as his cock rapidly deflated to flop down on top of her boot. 'Now I can get back to enjoying myself.' Slipping her hands up the sides of her skirt, she hooked her thumbs over the top of her tights and panties and began to slowly peel them down her thighs. In bending to push them to her knees, she unwittingly placed more weight on her front foot causing Adam's legs to begin flailing wildly as his bollocks let out an audible protest.


'Whoops!' said Zoe, hastily rocking onto her back foot before bursting into laughter. 'Fuck,' she cried, red-faced and cackling with glee. 'I fucking heard that! Did they rupture?' She rolled her ankle and sighed with genuine relief when she felt the two still distinct lumps squirm beneath the toe of her boot. 'I'm sure they'll be fine,' she told him, feigning conviction before sniggering uncontrollably.

Verbal communication was, by then, well beyond Adam whose only utterances were involuntary squeaks, half-strangled by the extreme clenching of his jaw.

A dark, seething vignette had contracted his vision to a pin-prick, but he was still able to make out Zoe slipping her hand back up her skirt as she reached out with the other to take him by the hair.

'Now,' she told him as she drew him closer to throw her skirt over his head, 'be a good little boy and maybe you'll still be a boy when I'm done with you.'

Though profoundly traumatised by the horrific sounds his testicles had made, freshly squeezed testosterone surged through his veins and the moment the scent of the girl's hot sex filled his nostrils, Adam dived face-first into her obligingly spread cunt; locking his lips around her stiff little clit and slurping hungrily at her dripping slit.

'Oh, fuck,' groaned Zoe, appreciatively, as he lapped, ravenously, out of sight beneath her skirt. 'That's it,' she purred. 'Like your balls depend on it.'

The heady mixture of fear, testosterone and Zoe's sweet, sweet juices drove Adam feral with lust. With his cock once again rampant, he slid his hands up the backs of Zoe's thighs and grabbed a hold of her bare ass; sinking his fingers deep into the peachy cheeks as he pressed her succulent cunt into his face.

'You—ah—better not be—uh!—enjoying this—oh!' she threatened insincerely.

So overcome by pleasure was Zoe that it quickly slipped her mind just how perilously close to rupture she held Adam's balls and how little extra pressure from her boot it would take to split them like grapes.

Feeling her weight on his testicles creeping infinitesimally higher with every passing second, Adam made the unfortunate assumption that this was Zoe's way of subtly encouraging him to eat her harder. So, squeezing shut his eyes to stem the welling tears, he redoubled his efforts on her pussy; unaware that her growing orgasm and his imminent castration were intrinsically linked as Zoe's ecstasy drove her unconsciously up on tiptoes.

There came a sudden, gristly crunch from underfoot and Adam's slurping ceased abruptly and his hands fell from her ass to begin to pulling desperately up on her ankle.

Zoe, who had been too caught up in her own building climax to heed the terrifically troubling emission, looked down sharply at the lump she held under her skirt and demanded, 'What the fuck? Get back to work!' And, for good measure, dropped a few extra pounds of her weight onto his bollocks.


This time she heard the sound. And not only that: she felt her footing become suddenly lopsided as one of the organs on which she was supported ceased to offer resistance.

'Oh, shit,' said Zoe in a gasp of horror. 'Did I just...?' She trailed off as a squirt of hot semen splashed her asshole. 'Oh, Adam... I'm so sorry. Adam?'

Understandably distressed by the loss of a treasured testicle, and suddenly expected to support the majority of his producer's weight on just the one ball, Adam became delirious with anguish and began shaking his head hysterically side-to-side, inadvertently strumming Zoe's swollen clit with his nose as he sang soprano into her fuck-hole. 'Oh fuck,' said Zoe as her petering orgasm was instantly reignited. 'Adam, you have to stop!' she cried, pressing his twisting face deep into her folds to still it, but only bringing herself closer to the brink of climax in doing so. 'Adam, you're going to make me... Gah!'

A fresh gush of sweet juices washed over Adam's face. Choking from the drenching, Adam regained his senses enough to shriek into her contracting cunt, 'Please, Zoe!'

His cry of her name caused Zoe's senses to return also. A moment too late.

'Oh, fuck!' she cried, her face twisting and flushing deep red as the most intense orgasm of her life gripped her. With her thick eyebrows arched and knotted high above wide, sparkling eyes and her mouth gaping as far as it would go, she let out a deep, throaty bellow of unashamed, unrestrained ecstasy... and leaned reflexively into his face.

Adam let out a mournful wail which seemed distinct from all the ones that went before.

'I'm—huh!—sorry,' moaned Zoe, her eyelids fluttering. 'I can't—hah!—stop.' A sudden orgasmic convulsion caused her to thrust her cunt at Adam's face and flick her back leg up behind her to leave her balanced entirely upon an organ woefully inadequate to bear such a burden.

Smothered and half-drowned by Zoe's gushing sex, Adam let out a blood-curdling gurgle as his remaining testicle noisily gave way and its contents was forced out in an explosive final ejaculation.

Zoe was far too engrossed in her ecstasy to notice the second round of hot, chunky semen which splashed her twitching asshole, and it wasn't until almost a minute later that the post-orgasm afterglow abated enough for her to realise what she had done. 'Oh, fuck,' she said in a gasp as she hurriedly stepped off Adam's scrotum to reveal the pancaked sack which lay beneath, entirely devoid of its usual cargo.

Automatically releasing Adam's hair to raise her hands to her mouth, she inadvertently left her insensible victim to topple backward; his crushed ball-sack peeling audibly off the tiles to drape limply over his perineum all the way down to his arsehole. She winced at the sound of his skull hitting the tiled floor. 'Adam!' she cried with distress, and rushed to his side to cradle his head. She was shocked to find him still clinging to consciousness.

'My balls,' he squeaked, staring up at her with heart-breaking incomprehension. 'You broke them.'

'I know, but I need you to listen,' she said urgently as she stroked his hair. 'I just want you to know, if you tell anyone what really happened, I'll cut your cock off too.'

Adam's mouth fell open and he stared at her blankly as he struggled to process how anyone could be so callous.

'Adam?' she asked with concern. 'Did you hear me? If Jason finds out about this, I'll feed your dick to my dog.'

'O-okay,' he stammered.

'You're sure?' she asked, eyeing him suspiciously. He nodded weakly. 'Great,' she said with relief, and with that, she let his head slip from her arms to bounce once more off the tiles.

'Okay,' she said to herself breezily, as she pulled up her tights and panties. She gave a contented gasp when her close-fitting panties spread the generous dollops of Adam's nut-butter the length of her undercarriage and forced the warm goo into her every crevice. Suppressing the small orgasm that followed, she smoothed her dress and steadied her breathing. Then, fishing her phone from the pocket of her waistcoat, she stepped over Adam to regard herself in the mirror. She thumbed her phone and while she waited for the call to connect she flicked her fringe from her glistening forehead and smoothed her thick eyebrows.

'Jason, baby, where are you?' she asked brightly. 'I just finished up here with Adam – just scheduling stuff,' she added hastily, 'and I want to spend some time with you. Uh-hu. Okay, see you in five.' She ended the call and, with her alibi secured, skipped out of the ladies' room.


The Lucky Break

Jason held the door allowing his nervous fiancé to enter the studio ahead of him.

She had been relieved to find no ambulance or police car outside the office on her return, but as she passed by the ladies' toilet in which Adam lay viciously neutered she met Michelle, the studio's stunning head of human resources, heading in the opposite direction and knew instinctively that his discovery was imminent.

'Michelle,' she said anxiously, 'can I talk to you?'

'Of course, Zoe,' said the beautiful blonde brightly, but sashaying past her without stopping. 'I'm just on my way to the ladies', but I'll stop by your desk afterwards.'

Zoe opened her mouth to insist, but it was clear that Michelle was already committed to her toilet break so instead she took Jason roughly by the arm and jerked him into a small store room after her. After slamming the door shut behind him, she shoved her surprised fiancé back against it and pounced on him with feigned lust. She pressed her thin lips to his and, placing her hands over his ears, ran her slender fingers through his greasy hair whilst making exaggeratedly satisfied grunts.

Jason was taken aback by her sudden, uncharacteristic passion and was still reeling when a shrill shriek split the air.

Feeling Jason respond to the cry of distress, Zoe panted hungrily, 'Ignore it,' as she set about hurriedly unfastening his jeans.

'It sounded like Michelle,' said Jason, restraining Zoe's wrists and she jerked his cock and nut-sack out of his pants.

'So?' Zoe challenged him, as she stroked frantically at his soft prick.

'She might be in trouble,' he said.

'Oh, I see,' said Zoe, her words dripping with venom and her grip on his genitals tightening beyond pleasurable levels. 'You'd rather be passing toilet roll to some big-titted blonde than get a blowjob off your fiancé.'

'That's not...' wheezed Jason as his face turned red and his neck disappeared into his shoulders.

'You'd rather get a flash of her knickers than get your cum swallowed by your future wife?'

'Please, Zoe. Let go. That's my only ball,' he squeaked in a pitiful appeal for mercy as her intensifying grip threatened to split the solitary testicle.

'Oh, I know,' she assured him contemptuously. 'And how do I know, Jason? Tell me. How?' she demanded, bearing down on his one remaining gonad.

'You took it,' he yelped hurriedly.

That's right,' she purred. 'I took it. Just like I'll take this one if—' A gristly crunch escaped her clenched fist as she miscalculated the pressure she was applying.

'Zoeeeeee!' he squealed as his entire body began to shudder.

Zoe gave a dissatisfied grunt and released his ball just in time. Jason let out a mournful wail and collapsed onto the floor at her feet. 'I don't know why I let you keep it,' she said with disgust as she watched him instantly curl into a ball and begin energetically writhing.

A second shriek from Michelle reminded Zoe why she had been trying to distract Jason in the first place and she slipped out of store room and hurried down the hall to find two male colleagues timidly testing the door to the ladies' toilets. 'Hey!' she bellowed. 'Fuck off, you perverts!' The men stammered flustered apologies and quickly retreated back into their offices.

Pausing at the door, Zoe took a breath and then burst into the ladies' to find Michelle pressed against the wall under the sinks, hyperventilating. Curiously, Adam was nowhere to be seen.

'What... happened?' asked Zoe as she scanned the room distractedly for trace of him.

Too overcome to speak, Michelle, a normally bubbly bleached-blonde, simply pointed a trembling finger at the toilet cubicle directly opposite her. Zoe peered into the cubicle and was relieved to find Adam unconscious and slumped against the toilet bowl; his limp cock oozing cum and his empty sack pancaked flat against the tiles. She turned back to Michelle and gasped with feigned shock.

'He... He...' stammered Michelle. 'He was in there.' Her pretty face twisted in a traumatised grimace. 'Like that.' Then she began to sob.

'Aw,' said Zoe disingenuously; grimacing with discomfort at the outpouring of emotions.

'I had to,' squeaked Michelle, with heart-breaking sincerity. 'He was waiting for me. I had to!'

'Had to?' Zoe repeated, suddenly intrigued. She approached the weeping blonde gingerly, unsure of how best to ask the possibly delicate question. She felt she should probably comfort Michelle, but had no desire to do so. Not only was Zoe's patience with emotional women on a par with that of an eye-rolling misogynist, the envy and resentment she felt around her painfully attractive colleague made grabbing the blonde by her hair a more attractive proposition than stroking it soothingly. Still, she placed her hand on top of Michelle's head and asked softly, 'Had to what, Michelle?'

With her beautiful face bright red and mascara streaking her cheeks, Michelle looked up at Zoe and confessed tearfully, 'I stomped on his balls.' Adding in a distressed whisper, 'I stomped them 'til I couldn't feel them anymore.'

Zoe stared at the blubbering blonde for a long time, her mouth hanging open as she realised that she might be able to pin Adam's castration on her hapless colleague. Catching herself, she recoiled with a gasp of well-acted dismay.

At Zoe's reaction, Michelle grabbed her waistcoat and pulled her close to sob, 'He was waiting for me. He would have raped me. I had no choice!' Overwhelmed by her intensity, Zoe simply nodded blankly, leading Michelle to mistake her lack of concern for scepticism. 'It's true!' she insisted. 'You've seen the way they all look at me!'

Her perfectly-formed colleague's conceit had Zoe's blood boiling immediately and she couldn’t help, but growl bitterly, 'I can't say I have,' as she pulled away from the blonde's clutches and walked into the cubicle where Adam sat slumped against the bowl.

'Of course you have!' insisted Michelle, baffled by the claim. 'They all do it. I catch your Jason ogling my tits all the...' She trailed off as she realised she may have overstepped. 'Zoe...?' she said tentatively. But rather than respond, Zoe crouched down between Adam's splayed and sporadically twitching legs. Alarmed, Michelle hissed, 'What are you doing?'

'Checking what's left,' said Zoe without turning. And though she had no intention of poking around Adam's mush-filled ball-bag, but she did carefully lift his heavy cock by its foreskin and stare with grim amusement into the pink eye weeping its last salty tear.

'Well?' asked Michelle, anxiously. 'Are they...?'

Zoe let the hefty appendage fall back down onto his empty nut-sack and, after the sploshing sound it made, declared curtly, 'You crushed them. Both.'

'Both?' repeated Michelle with a horrified gasp. 'Isn't there anything left?'

Zoe stood abruptly and, without turning, told her, 'Only what you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.' She felt a pang of satisfaction when, behind her, her much-lusted-after colleague let out a sob of acute dismay. Subduing her faint smirk, she turned to enjoy Michelle's upset, only to see the blonde sniff back her tears and straighten unexpectedly.

'No one can know,' she announced soberly.

Frowning, Zoe eyed her with incomprehension. 'But he tried to rape you,' she said.

'I know, but I'm the head of human resources, Zoe. It doesn't look good if I'm going around castrating those resources.' She shook her head with despair. 'How will anyone take my "tolerance in the workplace" initiative seriously after this?'

Zoe couldn't fault her logic and nodded in agreement before catching herself to instead shake her head emphatically. 'But how else will you explain Adam having a sack full of nut-butter?' she demanded. 'You have to tell them he tried to rape you! There's no other—'

Michelle clambered to her feet and, without warning, gripped Zoe again by the waistcoat to ask with an intensity which made the brunette extremely uneasy, 'You're a black belt or something aren't you?'

'Why?' asked Zoe, unable to make eye contact with the beautiful blonde inches from her face.

'They'd believe you could have done this...' she said. 'It would only take you one kick, right?'

Zoe gasped with disbelief at her audacity and demanded with genuine, if hypocritical, outrage, 'Why would I have done this?'

Deflating, Michelle said with a sad nod, 'No, you're right – he'd hardly have been in there waiting to rape you.'

'Wait... What?' demanded Zoe, suddenly incensed. Michelle blanched, realising what she'd just implied, but, as Zoe took hold of her by the shoulders, all she could do was shake her head and splutter with remorse, 'Zoe. That came out—hngh!'

Michelle was used to being pounded pretty hard, but when Zoe's bony knee forcefully plugged the much-admired gap between her instinctively clenching thighs, she was moved to let out an aggrieved sob.

Panting as she soaked in the blonde's long-deserve comeuppance, Zoe soon found herself soaking in something else of hers. She withdrew her knee and saw, to her disgust, a growing wet patch which emanated from her colleague's smashed undercarriage and turned the white cotton shockingly transparent.

'I peed,' squeaked Michelle apologetically as she clutched the sopping crotch of her insanely tight leggings.

Zoe stared down at the wet patch the blonde had made on her tights, but rather than feel disgust, she felt disappointment at the ineffectiveness of her assault which would have been a guaranteed rupture had it been on a man. Through gritted teeth, she said evenly, 'Here's the deal. If you agree to my terms, I'll convince Adam to say he castrated himself by accident.'

Michelle narrowed her eyes and said doubtfully, 'You'll... convince him?'

'Trust me,' said Zoe, finally letting go of the blonde's shoulders. 'I can be very persuasive.'

Choosing her words carefully, Michelle said, 'No disrespect, Zoe, but... I popped his balls. What other leverage is there?'

Zoe glanced back over her shoulder at Adam and answered coolly, 'I can see about seven inches of leverage from here and as useless as it is now, I doubt he's in any hurry to lose it.'

Michelle's blue eyes went wide and she gasped, awed by her colleague's impressive ruthlessness. 'What is it you want?' she asked with a dry mouth.

'I want to choose Adam's replacement.' Michelle looked down at Adam for a moment and then gave a sad nod. 'And I want you to make any complaints you get about me go away.'

'What kind of complaints?' asked Michelle, apprehensively.

Zoe pushed out her bottom lip and shrugged. 'Violent or threatening behaviour, sexual harassment. That sort of thing.'

'Zoe,' said Michelle, carefully, 'I don't think I can.'

'Oh,' said Zoe, nodding. She casually fished her phone from her waistcoat and began dialling.

'What are you doing?' asked Michelle, gulping nervously.

'Ambulance please,' said Zoe into the phone. 'I think my friend has lost his testicles.'

Waving her hands frantically, Michelle hissed, 'I'll do it! Whatever you want!'

'Hmmm,' said Zoe unconvinced. Covering the phone, she said, 'Now that I think about it, I will need one more thing...'

'Anything,' promised Michelle. 'Just...' She gestured for Zoe to end the call.

Zoe put the phone back to her face and said glibly, 'Never mind – he found them.'


The Break Up

Jason was busy gently weeping when he sensed a presence looming over him. He opened his tear-filled eyes and looked up to find his HR manager standing over him looking incredibly busty and also quite troubled.

'What happened, Jason?' she asked with concern. She glanced down at his tenderly cupping hands and enquired, 'Can I see?' Jason blanched and, for a time, stared up at her with shock. 'Please,' she encouraged him softly. 'Let me see what happened.'

Feeling the insistent swell of his cock against his palms, Jason hauled himself to his knees and then, haltingly, opened his hands to let his tumescent cock and bright red bollock hang free.

'Oh, you poor thing,' cooed Michelle. 'Who did this to you?' Her question caused Jason to look up at her with terror and shake his head. 'You can tell me,' she urged him; dropping to her knees heavily in front of him to jolt her big tits into a captivating bounce. 'If you tell me,' she whispered, taking his nut in her hands and caressing it lovingly, 'I can make sure this never happens again.'

Sniffling, Jason closed his eyes and said solemnly, 'It was Zoe.'

Michelle sucked in her luscious lips and nodded sadly. 'I was afraid you'd say that,' she said as she proceeded to tighten her grasp on his solitary bollock.

'Michelle?' he squeaked in distress; looking down at her fist clenching around his aching nut-meat.

'I'm disappointed,' said Zoe, causing Jason to look up with a horrified gasp to find her standing behind Michelle, toying with her engagement ring.

'Zoe,' he said in a remorseful sob.

'I honestly thought it would take more than a few kind words and a pair of big tits to get you to betray me,' she said and gave a bitter snort. 'You can have your ring back.'

'Please, Zoe,' he begged; watching as she slipped the ring off her slender finger and passed it to Michelle, who proceeded to press it against the full underside of his isolated bollock and then begin applying pressure from above with her thumbs.

Though his eyes were on Michelle's sinking thumbs, Jason whimpered, 'Zoe, please don't. Not my ball.'

'Oh, Jason,' cooed Zoe, insincerely. 'Here, this will take you mind off it.' She leaned over Michelle and, to the blonde's consternation, hiked her top and bra in one swift tug.

Jason's mouth fell open as the shocked blonde's hefty tits slipped from their upturned cups to clatter against her chest.

Seeing the look of dumbstruck awe on her ex-fiancés face despite the agony he must have been feeling, Zoe felt herself fill with venomous resentment.

'Zoe!' cried Michelle, aghast.

'What's the matter, slut?' snapped Zoe, jerking back on the blonde's hair to snarl in her ear whilst scornfully jiggling her heavy right breast, 'Doesn't your "biggest admirer" deserve a look before you burst his bollock?'

Wanting her, admittedly somewhat deserved, shaming over with, Michelle rose up on her knees and straightened her arms in preparation for applying maximum pressure to Jason's nut. The shift in posture had her big, soft tits swelling out from between her tensing upper arms, but not even this arresting sight could hold Jason's attention now that castration seemed imminent.

The renewed threat to his remaining reproductive organ spurred Jason to concoct his most inspired scheme for self-preservation since his proposal to Zoe. 'Wait!' he cried; his eyes flitting back and forth between his doomed gonad, Michelle's bulging tits and his smirking ex-fiancé. 'Zoe, let's have a baby!'

Characteristically unshakeable, Zoe was visibly rocked by his unexpected proposition. 'Oh, Jason...' she cooed, softening. 'Let's.' Jason's heart soared as it seemed another ingenious gambit had secured his only testicle a reprieve. 'In fact,' she continued, 'why don't I climb on that throbbing hard-on you got for Michelle's tits and let her crush every last drop of your worthless spunk into me?'

Shaking his head, unable to believe that he had achieved an erection under the circumstances, Jason stammered, 'Zoe, I've not...' only to look down and find to his horror that his cock had indeed betrayed him.

'Pop it,' Zoe told Michelle, contemptuously.

'I really am so sorry about this, Jason,' whispered Michelle before she closed her eyes, sucked in her full lips and plunged both her thumbs into the top of his isolated bollock; warping the nerve-packed organ to the limit of its malleability whilst forcing a repulsive bubble of nut-meat out through the aperture of the ring she held to its underside.

'Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!' he wailed shrilly.

Though she knew it unlikely, Michelle still held out hope that Jason's silly little part would pass through the ring intact, but, with his entire body began to shudder violently, she was moved to join him in mourning its imminent loss by sobbing whilst he squealed.

When an audible crack signalled that Jason's last hope of procreation was moments from being turned inside-out and sprayed over the carpet tiles, Michelle faltered and looked up at Zoe, hopeful the brunette would grant her fiancé a last-minute reprieve. She found Zoe staring back with one of her thick eyebrow raised expectantly. So, despondent, she looked back to Jason, who was steadily emitting a squeal so shrill as to be barely discernible. 'I really am so sorry about this, Jason,' she whispered sincerely, before, with relatively little effort, she forced the rest of his terrifically distorted sex organ through the ring.


Jason had spent three months agonising over which engagement ring to buy Zoe and spent the same in salary on the sapphire encrusted band which he presented to her not four months after she had relieved him of his left nut.

Zoe had grinned knowingly when he had gone down on one knee and held up the ring for her to inspect. 'Do you really think a ring will stop me rupturing your other bollock?' she had asked him with one of her thick eyebrows raised and her thin, pursed lips twisted with amusement. When he had looked up at her with surprise that she had seen so quickly through his ruse, she had let out a scrotum-shrivelling cackle and then, unenthusiastically held out her hand for him.

The intense look of relief on his face when he had slipped the ring over her slim finger had moved her to tears. 'Oh, my god,' she had gushed, having never felt so flattered in her life. 'You really are terrified of me, aren't you?'

Shamed-faced, Jason has looked up at her from his bended knee and simply nodded.

'Aw,' she had cooed, before gripping his wrist to say frostily, 'That's sweet,' and unleash a devastating kick to that sole possibility of reproducing he had sought to protect.


Knowing that Jason believed the band of gold to be a charm which assured the continued survival, if not the well-being, of his only remaining testicle, the irony that it be the very thing to castrate him amused Zoe so greatly that it had become a recurring theme in her regular castration fantasises. So much so that, just as Jason had ensured the ring's fit by slipping it over his sleeping then-girlfriend's slender finger, she had in turn confirmed the ring's lack of fit by placing it against the bottom of his plump testicle while he slept.

So it was with a sexual gratification like she had never experienced, that Zoe watched her fantasy become reality as Michelle's impeccably manicured thumbs pressed her recently ex-fiancé's precious ball through the pitiless aperture of her renounced engagement ring only for it to reappear on the other side in what was surely entirely liquid form.

To Zoe, the sound of a rupturing testicle always took her back to her youth spent practicing castration on grapes and the sound Jason's gonad made as it transitioned through the ring was no different. First came the catastrophic crack of splitting shell followed directly by the sickening squelch of its mushed innards squirting out of the breach.

Though the sound was over in a moment, Zoe's mind was inundated with memories of all the testicles she had ever ruined since her first at the age of seventeen. Shortly thereafter, her tensing pussy was inundated with a gush of fresh juices; purging itself of Adam's nut-butter and creating a powerful aroma of sex. 'Oh, fuck!' she cried as she quickly dropped her skirt and thrust her hand into her tights to pressed down on her swollen clit which her hips were bucking mechanically at the air.

'Oh, fuck!' screamed Michelle in unison as she turned her gorgeous, grimacing face from the salvo of liquidised bollock which erupted from Jason's pulsing cock. But in pulling back her head she inadvertently pushed her ample chest into the firing line. Michelle gritted her teeth as the powerful ejaculation slapped her about the tits to comprehensively coat her bulging underboob with steaming jizz.

Only when the seminal assault had finally abated did the blonde hesitantly open one eye and peer wincingly down over her slimy peaks to find Jason cross-eyed and slack-jawed, teetering on the brink of toppling backward, but held upright by the clutch she retained on his collapsed testicle. Guiltily, she released he ruined organ and allowed him to fall.

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting blonde, the let-up in pressure on the ruptured nut loosed a final, parting shot which she was powerless to evade as it spewed from his waning prick and passed between her separating breasts unimpeded to strike her full in the face.


When Zoe regained her senses after her mind-blowing orgasm, she opened her eyes to find the lenses of her thick-rimmed glasses completely opaque with the musky-scented steam which had escaped her tights. 'Oh, fuck,' she panted as, unwilling to withdraw the hand still delicately working her clit, she instead released the stiff nipple of her left breast to remove her specs to behold the carnage at her feet.

She squinted as her myopic eyes fell upon her former fiancé. He was slumped lifelessly against one side of the tiny store room; his limp cock, lay upturned on his stomach, its single eye oozing glistening goop which pooled in his navel. Hurriedly wiping her glasses on her waistcoat, Zoe quickly replaced them and followed his cock down to its hilt from where a pitiful appendage sagged, wrinkled and flat; resembling a once over-inflated balloon now deflated. Emptied, it hung long, drawn longer by the gold band which slid unimpeded down the slack length of skin. Zoe let out a thrilled gasp as the ring reached the bottom of the sack and, having met not a single hint of obstruction, slipped off entirely to rattle on the polished concrete floor. Feeling a second orgasm building, she looked to Michelle. The blonde's expression was as vacant as Jason's scrotum.

Usually full of life, Michelle's big blue eyes stared straight ahead; dead, bloodshot and ringed with dark circles of smeared eye-liner. Mascara streaked her cheeks, but it was the thick glob of frothy semen which ran eyebrow to chin along the centre of her ashen face that cause Zoe to snigger with delight. Glancing lower, she was further tickled to find that Jason had deposited his final load over the blonde's chest in the form of a glistening necklace which linked the girl's big tits with several viscous ropes.

Zoe's body was already beginning to shake with a second orgasm when the sound of sirens caused her to freeze.

'What's that?' asked Michelle, snapped suddenly from her stupor.

'Oh, that's the police,' said Zoe as she withdrew her saturated hand from her tights and stooped down to retrieve her skirt and engagement ring from the floor.

'But...' sobbed Michelle. 'Who called them?'

'I did,' said Zoe; shooting the blonde a devilish grin before standing to pull up her skirt. 'When I sent you in to fawn over Jason.'

'But why?' squeaked Michelle incomprehension. 'Now we're both screwed!'

Zoe let out a snort as she slicked her ring finger with pussy juice and pushed her engagement band over its bony knuckle. 'Not me,' she said, slowly sinking into a squat beside the bewildered blonde. 'It won't be my footprint they find on Adam's nut-sack, will it Michelle? And whose fingerprints will they find on my poor fiancé's crushed bollock?' She let out a cackle and needled the blonde, 'And which of us is dripping with his nut-butter?'

'No,' said Michelle in a terrified whisper as she realised the brunette was right. 'You can't, Zoe. We had a deal!'

Zoe shot her a wicked grin and then backed halfway out of the store room before letting out a deafening shriek which sent Michelle reeling and brought colleagues scrambling out of nearby offices to see what the commotion was.

'No,' said Michelle, her jaw clenching. 'You won't get away with this. I won't let you.'

'Let me?' cried Zoe in a derisive cackle before her features hardened and she hissed venomously, 'Just try and stop me, you dumb blonde cunt.'

The infinite patience and perpetual even-temper which made Michelle perfect for the role of Human Resources manager, had also meant she had spent her life being walked all over, but never once, not even after the seventh time her boyfriend had cheated on her, had she snapped.

'Help! Help!' shrieked Zoe, theatrically. 'She castrated my Jason! She crushed his beautiful big boll—urk!'

Releasing a feral snarl, Michelle leapt at the unprepared brunette to grip her by the throat and run her into the wall opposite. With her top and bra still bunched up around her clavicle, the sudden coming to a halt had Michelle's big, spunk-swathed tits swinging together with an almighty slap, splashing Zoe's shocked face with her ex-fiancé's cum and giving the blonde an idea. She switched her grip from Zoe's throat to the back of her head and shot the brunette a wicked smirk.

Zoe's eyes widened behind her glasses as she understood Michelle's intent. 'No,' she pleaded; shaking her head best she could, given the grip the blonde had on her hair.

'Suck my big tits, bitch,' growled the taller blonde, before plunging the brunette's face into her cum-soaked cleavage. 'How's Jason's nut-butter taste?'

Out of nowhere, a big, manly hand wrapped around her forearm and tore her hand behind her back with ease. She heard a click and felt a cold ring of steel close around her wrist.

'I'm arresting you on suspicion on sexual assault and grievous bodily harm,' boomed the burly policeman as he effortlessly restrained her other arm behind her back.

As Zoe stumbled back gasping, her face and glasses smeared with her ex-fiancé's last load, the policeman's partner rushed into the store room and froze. 'We've got a man down in here!' she declared. 'Looks like the bitch popped both his bollocks!'

His partner's announcement, caused the policeman to look back over his shoulder with dismay, giving Zoe an opening she couldn't resist. Dropping swiftly to one knee, she arced a solid uppercut around Michelle's full bum and up into the plums of the unsuspecting policeman before immediately falling back against the wall to resume her expertly-acted upset.

'Hngh!' groaned the policeman, going up on tiptoes before dropping heavily to his knees.

Witnessing what she understandably assumed was the result of a resisted arrest, the policeman's partner drew her Taser and bellowed, 'Freeze!'

Panicked, Michelle turned and ran, only to be confronted by the sight the entire studio staring back at her gobsmacked. 'Oh, my god!' she squeaked; the chains of her handcuffs snapping taut as she rushed to cover her bouncing tits only to have the wounded policeman use what little strength he could muster to lunge after her and catch her by the waistband of her leggings.

In a mortifying instant, Michelle was stripped naked before her amassed colleagues, though she only remained bared full frontal for a few fleeting moments as, with her leggings tangling up her ankles, she only managed a few more stumbling steps before she was sent to the floor; her cuffed hands meaning she was unable to avoid a painful landing as her tits absorbed the full impact of the fall.

Face-down on the floor, she blew away the golden locks that had stuck to her spunk-spattered face with a mournful groan for the crushed flesh spilling out from under her ribs. Unable to use her cuffed hands to lift her weight from her pancaked tits, she was instead forced to prop herself up on her forehead whilst she arduously tucked one knee after the other under herself. But while this did relieve her suffering breasts, it also pointed her succulent pussy skyward and presented the policewoman training a Taser on her with an irresistible target.

Straddling her downed partner in order to square up her shot, the policewoman closed one eye and twisted the Taser on its side to line up the weapon's two dart-like electrodes with the sobbing blonde's still damp slit. 'I told you to freeze, bitch,' she growled before squeezing the trigger and unleashing the darts.

Having wiped her ex's seed from her glasses, Zoe replaced them just in time to see the flying electrodes hit their target. To her amazement, the lowermost dart nailed Michelle's clit, quite literally, right on the button, whilst the uppermost whistled down her slightly splayed fuck-tunnel to penetrate her at to some considerable depth.

With Michelle's reproductive system completing the circuit, 50,000 volts were delivered direct to her clitoris and cervix, and the effect was as dramatic as it was unexpected.

To the delight of her astounded, ogling colleagues, the blonde reared up on her knees in front of them and, with eyes crossed and teeth bared, began to convulse in a series of violent jerks and spasms which sent her big tits, rosy from crushing, flailing wildly about her chest whilst her involuntarily bucking hips thrust her twitching bald twat right at them. The whole display was so outrageously indecent that it would have made even the least self-resecting stripper blush with shame. And that was before Michelle and even reached her crescendo as, with her overloaded brain mistaking the signals from her sizzling sex organs for the most intense orgasm of her life, she threw back her head to release a cry of pornographic-intensity before, to the astonishment her crowded co-workers, squirting powerfully across the carpet.

After a few moments of stunned silence, the men let up a raucous cheer as Michelle gave a sigh of exhaustion and collapsed back onto her big pink tits and buried her beautiful face in the carpet.

Having watched the majority of the spectacle with glee, the blonde's orgasmic howl and shocking ejaculation caused Zoe considerable dismay. 'Fuck no!' she roared, scrambling to her feet. 'Don't tell me she enjoyed that?' Baffled, the policewoman could only shrug back at her gobsmacked. Zoe followed the thin wires which ran from the unconscious blonde's still twitching cunt back to the Taser demanded, 'Does that thing have any juice left in it?'

The policewoman noted the blinking power bar and answered cautiously, 'A bit, but I really shouldn’t—'

'She castrated my fiancé,' Zoe growled emphatically. 'And she tried to do the same to your partner – maybe even succeeded.'

The policewoman looked down at her writhing partner and bit her bottom lip guiltily as, with a surreptitious squeeze of the trigger, she let loose a second, much-reduced assault on Michelle's steaming sex.

Zoe watched with grim satisfaction as the blonde's bum cheeks clenched and fucked her waxed crotch rhythmically into the ground until, with a final sad spurt of pussy-juice, she fell still once more.