News and updates

25 Jan - Hit a daft mental block with The Coffee Shop 6: Probation so I thought I'd just publish up to where I'm happy with rather than making you wait until I figure it out. I've majorly rewritten the last scene just so you know.

3 Jan - So my Christmas gift this year was the start of a story I couldn't decied on a name for. The main reason was because though it featured the girls of the Coffee Shop heavily, it wasn't necessarily another entry in the Coffee Shop series as I want to focus more on the step-siblings' relationship. Well, I've bitten the bullet and I present The Coffee Shop 6: Probation. I'm still not happy with the name, but it'll do for now and I've added a tiny update to make this post worthwhile.

7 Dec - A quick (well, 2500+ word) update to Whore and Order. I have a really cool idea to turn this into a real who done it so I'm eager to get this knocked out with Balls for a Day being the next I want to finish off.

Welcome to the site


If you're new here, welcome to Jonoffen's ball-busting stories, a huge collection of stories about busty babes busting balls. You can find stories here with a bit of everything: castration, tit-and cunt-busting, but all contain copius amounts of ball-busting by sexy babes with big, bouncy tits. I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

I'd like to suggest you start with Ball-busting School Babes as it was the first story I wrote and introduces several important characters. From there it is up to you, but if you want to get a taste for the stories on this site you might try The Coffee Shop or Defending Lilly's Honour, both of which are my personal favourites and are each the first in their own series.

If you've been following this site for any length of time you'll have realised that I'm useless at finishing stories so I apologise, but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless.


About my stories


Some of these stories are works in production, to be added to as and when I can. If the story is unfinished, the current percentage of work done is shown appended to the title in the story menu. If it says "stalled" then it's pretty unlikely to be finished.

Also, just so you know, all cup sizes given use the British measurements (and apparently a few I made up like EE - whoops).